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Classic rental shower hidden cam tube porn
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Sorry it took so long for part 2 but I hope you like it "Oh Gabe. fuck me, fuck me hard!" Teddy moan "Oh Teddy I love you so much" Gabe said. Teddy opens her eyes from her wet dream of seducing her little brother Gabe. She fell asleep after fantasizing about her plans last night and now it's a brand new day and she got of bed with a smile because her plan was about to commence. As she got out of bed Teddy got dress and took her car keys to go shopping to find the sexiest bra and thong for her plans.

It's been an hour and Teddy bought what she needed for tonight. Mean while Gabe was at a friends house and Teddy was at the mall shopping and dad had to work again PJ and Amy (his mother) where in her room fucking hard and fast. "Oh fuck! Pj mmmmm harder!!!! FUCK MY PUSSY HARDER!!!" Amy screamed, Pj was beside his mother on the bed slamming his mothers pussy harder and faster driving both of them crazy.

"Oh mom I'm going to cum!! Aaahh!" PJ moan. He looked into his mothers eyes and she looked back then while they were fucking they kissed each other hard with aggressive passion. Not like mother and son but as lustful lovers. Pj moan again " I'm about to cum!!!!" "CUM INSIDE BABY MAMA WANTS YOUR CHILD AHHHH!!!!!!" with those words coming out of his mothers mouth PJ came so deep inside his mother that it splashed out of her pussy and on to her bed mixing it with her juice.

Pj collapse on the bed and started panting and Amy exhausted but manage to get off the bed and then got on top of her son and started sucking PJ's cock. Pj started moaning from his mother good cock sucking skills "Oh mom I might have gotten you pregnant! What are we going to do?" as Amy sucked her sons cock she looked up at him and started thinking then an idea hit her.

She took her sons cock out "Well I guess I'm going to have to seduce your father but that won't be too hard I mean once he gets a day off I'll seduce him" Amy said to her son with a smile. "When does he get a day off?" asked pj "I think in a week? I'll ask him when he gets back" Amy said, she then went back on sucking her sons cock: she slowly started licking his shaft up then slowly coming back down, then started sucking on his balls while stroking his 10inch cock hard and fast.

Pj was starting to feel another load coming soon "oh mom I'm Cummings again", Amy went back on sucking the head of his cock and started fast making her head bob up and down. Pj couldnt hold back any longer and cum hard and deep in his mothers throat making her chock and gag, Amy had trouble swallowing but she manage to take it all and she was finally satisfy. "Ok let's get clean before everyone gets home" Amy said to her son while still licking cum off her lips.

"Ok mom" said pj then they started cleaning themselves and got dress as pj headed down stairs Teddy walked in with a mall bag in her hand.

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"Hey Teddy" said pj as he head towards the kitchen "Hey pj, is Gabe home?" "no not yet he'll be home soon though why?" pj asked curious. Teddy had to think on getting her older brother and mother out of the house and she had a great idea. "Well I promise Gabe and his friends a fun day with their older sisters but I can't do that while you and mom are here in the house" Teddy lied.

Pj was thinking why a brother sister fun day? "Can I come?" asked Pj, "Oooh sorry it's only a little brother and older sister thing so yea you can't come" Teddy lied again. Pj was disappointed but he just let go "Ok well I'll be at emits house to hang out" "ok take your time then" said Teddy and after that Pj got his jacket and keys then left to emits, Teddy smiled and thought (One down two to go). Amy came down stairs with Charlie in her arms "Hey Teddy did pj left?" asked Amy "Yea he went to emits house to hang so he won't be back for a while, anyways what are you and dad up to?" asked Teddy.

"I don't know I'll ask him if he wants to spend time together tonight". Just then Bob walked in "Hey honey how was work?" Amy asked. "It was good and I'm not even that tired oh and I got the weekends off this week for working hard" said bob, "thats great so how about me and you spend together alone this weekend?" asked Amy.

Bob was excited yet concern "that sounds great but who's going to watch the kids?" thats when Teddy volunteer "I'll do it!". Bob and Amy looked at their daughter surprised "really? Are you sure, don't you have any plans this weekend?" Amy asked. "I'm sure mom and no I don't have plans so I don't mind watching Gabe and Charlie ok, and besides if anything goes wrong I'll call you for emergency ok" Amy and Bob looked at each other and agree and both said ok.

Amy and Bob were packing for their weekend get away while Teddy was in her room trying out her new sexy outfit she bought to seduce her little brother in. Teddy heard a door slam upstairs "Mom, Dad I'm home!" it was Gabe's voice and Teddy got a tingle in her stomach that was both exciting and happy she also felt her pussy getting wet and her heart was beating fast just thinking that tonights the night for her plans to come to life.


Amy and Bob finished packing and as soon as they where heading down stairs Gabe walked in from the front door and he saw his parents with suit cases "Hey mom, dad where are you going?" asked Gabe "Oh hey sweetie me and your father are just going out for the weekend just the two of us so Teddy's in charge of the house".

Gabe was happy yet confuse "What about Pj?" "Oh Pj is at emits house for the weekend so it's only you, Charlie and Teddy". Gabe had no problem with that, lately he's been thinking of Teddy all day and he even dreamed of fucking Teddy. Amy went near the down stairs door to yell so Teddy could hear her "Teddy honey we're leaving ok, Gabe just got home and I already made him a sandwich so no need to cook for him, oh and I'll leave 50$ on the counter so you can oder pizza ok bye!" "Ok bye mom!" Teddy yelled back and as soon as Amy heard that her and Bob left.

Teddy heard the car leave and she headed up stairs with her sexy outfit still in her mall bag, she thought she would look sexier after a shower. She saw Gabe on the coach watching tv, Teddy sneaked quietly upstairs to the bathroom making sure Gabe doesn't hear her, as soon as she got to the shower she put her bag on the sink and stripped down naked and took a good bath and she made sure she smelled like strawberries. Teddy finally finish showering and put on her new pink Lacey bra and underwear and put on her new sexy see through pink negligee and her last touch to make her hair messy wet.

She wiped away the fog from the mirror and saw how sexy she looked very sexy that it will make any guy melt. Gabe was down stairs watching tv while eating the sandwich his mother made, he still couldn't stop thinking of Teddy's naked body when he saw her masturbate even when watching his favorite program.

All he wants is to fuck Teddy really badly "Hey Gabe what do you think of my new out fit?" Gabe thought he was going to see a regular go out clothes but once he turned and saw his sister in a very sexy outfit he was dead wrong his sister was wearing a see threw nighty with pink bra and panties and her skin was a little wet and she was also dripping wet, his eyes went wide open and he felt his dick became instantly hard. Teddy smiled at her little brother, just seeing his reaction was making her wet "So what do you think?

Do I look hot?". Gabe just nodded yes with out saying anything, Teddy walked to the couch and sat next to her brother on the couch and slowly ran her index on her chest while biting her lower lip thinking on what to say. "Gabe you need to know something" Gabe couldn't stop looking at his sexy sister, his cock was so hard it started to stretch from his jeans that he's try to not show it. Teddy looked down at Gabe's hard on without him knowing then she looked at him and saw he has a blank face.

"Gabe are you listening?, I have to tell you something" Gabe looked his sister in her eyes and said ok. "Yesterday I accedently walked by your room and saw you. masturbating", Gabe was shock to hear that and that he might be in trouble. "Did you hear anything?" Gabe asked, "Yes I did, how could you think of me like that your own sister" Gabe was scared.

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"are you going to tell mom and dad" Gabe ask scared, "No I won't not unless you do me a favor" Teddy said while biting her lower lip and slowly caressing her breast. "What's the favor?" Gabe asked and he can here his heart beating in his chest. Teddy looked him in the eyes and said the two magic words that makes any horny boy heart jump "Fuck me".

Gabe was shocked to hear her say that, then Teddy got up from the coach and turned around and push her butt up "Isn't this what you wanted little brother?" Gabe was just stunned by what he sees and what his sister said all he can do was nod yes. Teddy looked back and smiled "Gabe touch it" "are you sure?" Gabe asked, "Of course silly and don't worry on what to do I'll instruct you ok".

"Ok" is all Gabe could say. Gabe slowly reached for Teddy's ass, in his mind it felt so far away but he finally touched her ass its what he fantasies about every time he masturbated about to her.


Teddy moaned with pleasure but Gabe flinched "Am I hurting you?" asked Gabe, "No your doing good little brother, you see when a woman moans it means she's enjoying the mans touch". Gabe realize how much he loves his sister and he just slowly removed her underwear down and placed his face on her ass and started licking it.

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Teddy felt Gabe's toung in her ass and was quite surprised that Gabe knew what to do and it felt wonderful to her, better then Spencer's spit finger.

Teddy clench her fist on the coach, biting her lower lip then she moan out loud "Oh Gabe! That feels so good. mmmm. your a natural little brother. oh fuck" Gabe kept licking and sucking on her ass then he slowly inserted his finger in her wet juicy pussy. "Oh fuck Gabe I'm close!" Teddy moan, Gabe has been watching porn ever sense he saw his sister masturbating and now he knows what to do, he started fingering his sisters pussy faster while licking deeper in her ass.

"Oh UH UH UH UH OOOOHHH FUUUUCCCKKK!!!!!!" Teddy yelled then cum all over Gabe's chin and chest and she had a hard time moving from that maximum intense orgasm.

Teddy got up from the couch after having her best orgasm "Ok Gabe that was incredible, how'd you know what to do?" Teddy asked.

"Easy when I saw you masturbate I wanted to learn how to please a girl so I watched a lot of porn and who would have thought you be one of the girls" Gabe explain.

Teddy was surprise to hear him say that "Now let's finish up" Gabe said as he got off the couch and remove his shirt and pulled his pants and boxers down and showing Teddy his 8 1/2 inch cock. Teddy realize for some reason his cock got bigger then last time. Gabe walked closer to Teddy and grabbed her removed her pink negligee and then her bra, then he saw her beautiful 36c perky tits with her hard nipples sticking out.

Gabe held her hips and moved her on the couch to lie down on then he spread her legs then he lowered his cock near her pussy lips and slowly moved closer. "Gabe please just put in" begged Teddy, "I want to savor the moment" Gabe said, he went inside her slowly and it felt incredible to him and its going to feel even better with Teddy as Gabe goes in deeper and deeper until his cock is all the way in. "Oh Gabe your bigger then Spencer oooh fuck!".

Gabe couldn't say a word so let his body do the talking by moving his hips in and out of his sister at first he went slow and steady then he started picking up the pace and started pounding Teddy's pussy harder.


"OOH. FUCK!!!!! MMMM HARDER GABE HARDER!!! THIS FEELS SOO GOOD!!!" Gabe began slamming his pelvis to her mount making them slap each other like his balls hitting her ass. "AH AH AH UH UH UH OHH FUCK!" Teddy kept moaning and screaming, Teddy tried not to claw Gabe's back because he is still a kid and won't like the pain so she claw the couch cushions while trying to hold her moans but couldn't "AAAH OH FUCK!!!!". Gabe couldn't hold back and moan out loud "OH FUCK TEDDY YOUR SO TIGHT IM GOING TO PEE WHITE GOO!!!" Teddy new what he meant by white goo he meant cum but Gabe didn't know what it meant also Teddy didn't care if he came inside her cause she's on the pill.

So Teddy wrapped her leg around Gabe's hips and put her hands on his ass "DO IT GABE CUM INSIDE ME RELEASE YOUR WHITE GOO INSIDE ME LITTLE BROTHER" Gabe couldn't control himself any more and came inside his big sister. Teddy's eyes were wide open as she felt his cum shoot inside her deep and at he same time she started cumming herself and her eyes role to the back of her head as her orgasm was better then before when she was masturbating "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!" Teddy screamed to the top of her lungs and Gabe collapse on top of his big sister panting, he could hear his sisters heart beat fast. "That. felt. incredible Teddy. can we. do this again?" Gabe asked, while Teddy was panting she thought that she didn't want Spencer anymore but only just her little brother so she answer while panting ".Yes."

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