Very Old Granny Gets Destroyed

Very Old Granny Gets Destroyed
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Hi, my name is Lacey, but my friends just call me Lace. I am almost 20 years old, one month and two days away, LOL, so I have to have my older friends buy my drinks when we go clubbing. I have a pretty average body, smallish tits, Dammit, LOL, and slender frame. I look okay in a bikini, but envy my friends that have really nice jugs and tight butts.


I have a steady boyfriend, Ben, who I love for a variety of reasons. He's like most guys, great when its just the two of us, but a real butt head when he's around a bunch of other guys. He treats me like a queen when we are alone. He has an amazing tongue that makes my upper lip sweat when he goes down on me.

His cock is actually above average, but not a monster. He cums way too fast, but that's just guys I think. Most of my GF's have the same issue. I usually finish the job after he falls asleep or alone in the shower where I can use my toys to get my cookies. I love him for a lot more than sex, but I wish that part of our lives was better. I work as a personal hair stylist and beauty adviser. I have a regular network of clients who rely on me to present them to the world looking their best.

I get a lot of referrals from my regulars and occasionally will get a call from someone who has found me through my early advertising on Craigslist. I don't have to advertise any more because I am just about at a maximum of people that I have time to do well. It takes time and thought to make someone look awesome, but, when my clients need to look their absolute best, that is what I give them.

This story is about one of those chance encounters that reshapes one's entire life. Linda called me asking if I had time to do her hair and advise her about makeup for a job interview. I checked and because of a very random cancellation from one of my regulars I was able to accommodate her.

She gave me the address, a very nice house in a gated community that overlooked the bay. Very nice digs, was my first thought as I pulled down her winding driveway.

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I have to admit, my mind was on how much I could charge her, more than on what I could do for her to make her look her best. I rang the bell and was greeted by a very petite, very young Asian girl who led me inside. She turned and told me that Linda would be there shortly.

I was disappointed that the girl who answered the door wasn't the client. A comb out and very little make up would have had her looking fabulous. Then I met Linda. She was tall, her body was amazing. Her hair was long, straight, naturally raven black, and as shiny as could be.

I thought, the hair will be a breeze. Her face was gorgeous, perfect teeth and mouth, long slender nose, eyes as blue as a summer sky and cheekbones that screamed goddess. I was actually intimidated. How was I going to improve on that look. Linda looked me up and down as she greeted me. She was very down to earth, friendly, and easy to talk to. Her smile was magic. She said that she had a job interview with a women's magazine she had been trying to join for a couple of years, but had never advanced to the interview process until about two weeks ago.

She explained that she was a free lance writer who was published quite a bit under a pseudonym. She was most interested in this full time position because it was with one of the leading Lesbian publishers in America. I blushed at that, but figured it was none of my business why she wanted the fluff and buff, mine was simply to make her look beautiful.

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For her, that would be absolutely no problem. As I set up my station, she continued to talk about her career and how and when she came to realize that she was a lesbian. I listened with casual interest, one learns to tune out most of the chatter from clients as it sometimes causes distraction. I was able to listen to her a little more than usual because there was little that I had to do to make her look amazing. That's when she surprised the hell out of me. "Make me look as butch as possible." she said.

I was stopped in my tracks. If anyone would have stood this woman in a line up with ten other women and asked me to pick out the Lesbian, she would have been my last pick. She looked so feminine and gorgeous, I would have thought that she would have wanted to use that look to secure the job.

She explained that the woman she was interviewing with was very feminine and soft. She preferred dykes, with butchy looks. I sighed deeply. She asked what was wrong, and I told her that I felt like I was about to take a paint roller to the Mona Lisa. She laughed loudly at that and told me that one thing she had learned was six weeks forgives any beauty mistake she has ever made.

She said she didn't want to cut off her hair, just part it in the middle, tone down her more feminine features and make her a bit plainer looker. As I began I told her that from the neck up, no problem, but her breasts, which were magnificent, would be a problem. She giggled at that.

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"They are completely natural", she said "38 C, no enhancements, jiggle like jello, and I have been told, taste delicious." My eyes wandered to her tits, no bra, standing out like they were made of granite, nipples erect, aureoles swollen like they had just been sucked. I have to admit, I was a bit turned on by them. As we worked on making her look like a dyke, we discussed each others lives. She told me that she crossed over while attending college. She had been seduced by a female professor who had a reputation for converting sweet innocent girls from the Midwest into flaming lesbians in two to three visits.

She smiled when she told me it took only one for her. The prof held parties at her home regularly to match up her converts and had a fairly large stable of young pussy to choose from. She said that she and another girl fell in love and left school to become wives together.

They moved to Boston and later to Coastal New Hampshire where they were together until her partner inherited a fortune from her father and left her for a new life in Upstate Oregon. They never spoke to each other after that. The only reason I listened was it passed the time quickly and I was trying to be polite. It was then that she reached in and planted a kiss on my lips.

I was as shocked as I was surprised. The kiss was both soft and forceful. Because I wasn't expecting it she was able to completely catch me off guard, so I was semi accepting when her lips touched mine. I have to admit that being so close to her tits for all that time had made me a little horney.

She had pulled her tee shirt off and was sitting there bare breasted while I worked on her hair. The kiss was actually nice. I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would. When she came in for more I was accepting and ready this time to return the pleasure.

Her tongue began to softly massage mine. I wa hooked. I thought about when Ben kissed me. It was like being hit by a car each time. He forced his will on me. This was so different. It was more than consensual, it was cooperative. She sucked on my tongue and I returned that and added a nibble on her lips which she returned. I was breathless. When we parted to look at one another, I must have been bright red with both embarrassment and excitement.

She smiled the cutest smile. "Sorry," she giggled "Just couldn't resist another second." "No problem," was my reply and with that I went in for another kiss. We made out for several minutes. She asked if I had ever kissed a girl before and I admitted to having a very brief and disastrous encounter in college with a room mate who was chubby and had acne.

We both laughed. She admitted that there were a few of those in her past. It was a nice ice breaker.

She offered her tits for me to feel and suck. I spent several minutes licking the nipples. They were really hard.

"Bite them" she said "You can't hurt me, I have very sensitive nipples." I did as she asked and as I did she slid her hand down the front of my slacks. I wore slacks like medical scrubs because on most jobs I got as much make up on me as I did on the client.

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I wore these because they could easily be changed between appointments. Her fingers reached my vulva. She stroked my pussy lips, spreading them as she pinched my clitoris hard. I swooned.

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"Oh wow" I exclaimed "Too much of that and you'll have a mess to deal with." "Do you squirt?" she asked "Not exactly, gush is more accurate." I explained. She continued to stroke me with her fingers as she kissed the back of my neck and the side of my face. I was very busy sucking and enjoying her luscious tits. "Wanna fuck?" The question was so pedestrian, so casually presented there was only one possible answer.

"Sure." I said raising my mouth off her tit just long enough to answer. We both helped each other out of our clothes. I was a little embarrassed about the size of my own tits, but Linda put me at ease immediately by taking one almost completely into her mouth and tonguing my nipple until my pussy was about to explode.

She asked me to re-position myself so we were in the sixty nine position. I did and she buried her face in my pussy. I have a trimmed bush. I do not shave or wax, because Ben likes the feel of my cunt on his cock and face. Linda did, too. We lay there, each discovering the others sex. Linda began to relentlessly lick, suck and bite my pussy, clit and labia. I went wild. I had never had anyone make me feel so completely helpless or needy in my life.

I wanted to pull away, but at the same time needed to push my pussy into her face and pump it against her wonderful mouth and tongue. I came. It was a combination of panic and relief as her tongue and fingers touched my g-spot and clit at the precise moment that my body surrendered to pleasure. I was breathless. Linda crawled up my body kissing every thing along the way. I ask her if she had cum.


She said she did not, but I would be given another chance. We lay panting and sweating when Ing, her personal assistant stuck her head around the door. I was a little startled by her voice.

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"LGBT just called to say Ms. Winters would not be able to see you this evening, she has an urgent need to be in the city, and won't return until late, very late, tomorrow." The PA stood there looking totally edible in her very short shorts and halter top. "Ing, come in." Linda called to her "This is Ing, she is my personal assistant and fuck buddy." They both laughed at the comment. "I'm afraid she has a lot of those." Ing smiled "I do like variety." Linda added "Ing meet Lacey.

Lacey is here to make me look more like a butch than a bitch." "Oh my," Ing said "You have your work cut out for you." causing everyone to laugh out loud. "Hey," Ing said "I want to join the fun here." Linda pulled the petite girl over to the sofa where she was reclining. She told her that I was a "virgin" and that they could have some real fun with me if she wanted to. Ing was delighted with the prospect of getting her mouth and hands on a newby.

I watched the two women getting into position to rock my world. Ing crawled between my already spread thighs, and Linda took up position with her head above my tits. They descended together, two amazing tongues and mouths licking and sucking me into a frenzy. Ing was masterful as her small but incredibly strong tongue dug deep into my pussy. She nibbled and licked her way to places I didn't know existed. She had me panting and wriggling my hips to position my cunt so she had maximum impact on her target.

I couldn't believe how deep she was licking me. I swear it felt like her tongue was eight inches long. She had two fingers buried deep up my ass, as well. Linda was licking and sucking my nipples and aureole with such expertise that every touch caused my pussy to spasm.

I reached out with my own mouth to grasp her nipple which was right in front of my face. I sucked as hard as I could. I had one hand on the back of Ing's head and the other wrapped around the soft melon of Linda's tit. I was going crazy with pleasure.


As if by surprise, my body threw the switch that put me into full orgasm mode and I began to convulse under the amazing mouths of these two fabulous women. Ing was sucking as hard as she could on my clit, bringing me beyond the threshold of my orgasm and over the top.

Linda moved from my tits and positioned herself so her pussy was directly above my mouth. I plunged my tongue as deeply as possible into that beautiful ho wet tunnel of pleasure. I sucked and tongue fucked her as hard and fast as I could manage, while trying to maintain full contact with the wonderful mouth that was bringing me so much pleasure. Linda bucked forward as I hit my target and pumped her hips as she ground her gorgeous full bush into my face.

Ing was now running her tongue in long flat licks from the bottom to the top of my pussy. I was still convulsing under her tongue when Linda moaned deeply as she spewed her juices all over my face and tongue. She shuddered as she hit the height of her orgasm. Her pussy fell wetly onto my face. Ing continued to lap my pussy as I came down from the apex. of my orgasm. We all lay quietly for several minutes, catching our collective breath and experiencing our individual cool down moments.

Ing was the first to sit up. "That was tasty" she said, to which we all laughed. I leaned over and kissed her on her puffy lips. She tasted amazing. "Wow, that sure tastes good." I said "I know, I love to taste of fresh pussy." she answered I continued to kiss her as Linda began kissing my cunt again. "Ing needs a good fucking." she said as she reached into a drawer of the table next to the sofa. She pilled out a long plastic cock which was attached to a strap-on harness."Do you want to do the honors?" she asked looking directly at me.

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I didn't hesitate to grab the big tool and begin to strap it on. I looked at Ing and began to stroke the big cock with my hand, jerking off like I had seen my boy friend do many times.

"How do you want this? I asked her as she slithered into a position that made fucking her possible. "Just fuck me like you were a guy taking control of his woman." she said. Her ass was raised above the sofa as if to be offered to me.

I got onto my knees. I had never worn anything like this magnificent toy before, but I was so turned on and in the mood to return the favor to my little Asian lover, I could hardly breathe. I first buried my face between her thighs licking her bush and slit. I sucked her clit hard causing her to yelp like a puppy. I moved into position and virtually rammed the entire length of the rubber dick deep into her twat in one fluid move. She was so wet that it was no problem.

She pumped her hips back against my thrusts. Linda lay fingering herself as she watched me fucking her baby. I picked up speed and became like an animal in my approach.

I wanted to fuck her so hard that she passed out. I thrust each time, drawing the cock nearly completely out of her tight little cunt and then thrust back in with all the power I could manage.

Ing was babbling with pleasure. She went from screaming to laughing out loud as I made her reach orgasm time after time. She was panting, swearing, and at one point grabbed Linda's pussy hand and began sucking it like a cock.

I had her completely under my power and I had no intention of releasing her. When she finally collapsed from under me in a liquid pool of thoroughly fucked female, I bent down and kissed her lips and face to let her know that I loved her and really enjoyed my first adventure with a strap-on. We all fell asleep, exhausted from our playtime. When I woke, it was almost midnight. "Oh fuck, " I said " Ben has no fucking idea where I am." I checked my cell phone to see if he had called.

Nothing. Not one fucking call from the man who is supposed to love me and should be at least a little concerned about me. "The mother-fucker." I spat out. Linda looked at me quizzically. "What's up, precious?" she asked. She was still naked and I have to admit that she was smtill turning me on. Ing was still asleep, her tiny small body laying nude a few feet from my head.

Linda crawled over and kissed her on the pussy and turned toward me and smiled. " I love this little Thai monkey." she said "She has been such a wonderful friend and fuck buddy.

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I can depend on her for a fuck any time of the day or night. She once visited me in the hospital and sucked my pussy while I was hooked up to a bunch of silly-assed machines." Her laughetr aroused the beautiful Asian flower. "What the fuck is so funny? Ing asked and Linda and I burst out laughing. "Would it be possible for me to spend the night?

I asked to which both girls agreed immediately. "Don't bother getting dressed they both shouted and we all fell into each others arms looking forward to a wonderful night of fun and adventure. To be continued.