Adorable beauty is showing off her stretched narrow honey pot in closeup

Adorable beauty is showing off her stretched narrow honey pot in closeup
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First Published: 08 May 2016 Lisa Simpson Lost, found and finally fucked By Adam M43, g16yo, size Synopsys: Lisa Simpson wakes up at 7 am excited today is the day she gets to go to capitol city alone, she ends up lost in little Haiti Willie finds her and fucks her in his truck on the way back to Springfield. Characters: Lisa, Bart Marge Homer, Groundskeeper Willie, Market Seller. Locations: Simpson house, Willie's Shack at school Capitol City.


Little Haiti, Food Market Lisa Simpson wakes up at 7 am excited today is the day she gets to go to capitol city alone, she ends up lost in little Haiti Willie finds her and fucks her in his truck on the way back to Springfield.

Lisa: Yawns as she wakes up she gets up and looks out her window, oh a cloudy day oh well that doesn't matter. Lisa gets dressed and heads downstairs for breakfast. Homer and Bart are already eating bacon and eggs Lisa gets her usual healthy cereal and low fat milk Lisa Good Morning Mum Marge: Good morning Sweetie are you looking forward to your trip to Capitol City today?

Lisa: Yes Mum I am looking forward to going to Capitol City Bart: Mum why does Lisa get to go to Capitol City by herself?

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Marge: Lisa has just gotten her 30th 'A' in school so we have awarded her with a trip to Capitol City by herself. Bart: (grumbles) quietly it's not fair Homer: well boy if you were better at school then you could go to but you hardly get better than D- Bart: I try Homer: Are you sure you don't want daddy to drive you sweetheart.

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Lisa: No dad I am looking forward to going by bus for the first time by myself Marge: ok sweetie if anything happens call and we will come and get you ok Lisa: Yes Mum Lisa walks outside and gets on the bus to Capitol City. Willie wakes up naked as always in his dilapidated shack at school Willie: Och and stretches then strokes his 12inch cock, looks like it might be a wet day today (little does he know just how wet it will be pun intended).

I have to go into the city today to get my supplies and visit my friend for my special herbs, good thing I built my truck with an extended cab and a canopy on the back so the supplies don't get wet.

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(He is buying grass seeds and flower seeds and more sand for the sandpit that Linus keeps pissing in also food supplies for his cooking). Lisa enters Capitol City and gets off the bus. Lisa wanders around looking at all the wonderful things in Capitol City and not paying attention to where she is going ends up getting lost.

Willie is driving towards Capitol city little does he know he will soon encounter Lisa Simpson Lost in Little Haiti. Lisa is lost in Capitol City's Little Haiti Capitol City's version of Haiti. Lisa: Looks around startled where am I? Little Haiti Man: you look lost little girl Lisa screams at the sudden sound of a voice and runs away Willie is now in Capitol City collecting the supplies he needs for the school (grass seed flower seeds and more sand for the sand pit that Linus keeps throwing up in).

Willie: Och I must visit that man and get my special herbs. Willie heads to the man's place to get his herbs, Little Haiti Food Seller: Willie my man so good to see you again Willie: Och Aye I need me special herbs Little Haiti Food Seller: Willie what herbs, spices and food do you need this time I am sure I have all you need Willie: I am making Haggis and Lorne sausage square so I need salt, stock, onions, sausage casings, suet and sheep heart lungs and liver.

For the sausages I need 1lb minced beef (hamburger), 1lb pork sausage, 6 ounces fresh bread crumbs, ground coriander, black pepper and nutmeg Food Seller: Sure Willie I have got all you need. While Willie stands there waiting Lisa runs into him and gets knocked to the ground Willie surprised at the impact looks around then at the ground and sees Lisa sprawled out on the ground her dress hiked up he can see her tight white panties and a slight camel toe he looks towards her face and notices she has a nice small set of tits growing.

Lisa: Huh?

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Willie: Lisa are you alright? Lisa: Willie? Willie: Yes Lisa it's me Groundskeeper Willie Lisa: Willie what are you doing here where am I? Willie: Lisa you are in Little Haiti and I am here buying food to make my haggis and spicy breakfast sausage, what are you doing here?

Lisa: I was in Capitol City walking around looking at all the things here and now I am lost thank goodness I bumped into you a scary man spoke to me and I screamed and ran away. Willie: yes you are lucky that you ran into me literally this is no place for a little girl to be in. Lisa: Oh Willie what am I going to do I want to go home? Willie: It's ok Lisa I will take you back to Springfield when I am shopping I won't be much longer. Lisa: Thank you Willie Willie: No Problem Lisa Little Haiti Man: (quietly to Willie: Man she is a hot little bitch I would love to get into her panties) Willie: (I know what you mean I am going to try to get into them myself on the way home) Little Haiti Man: let me know how you go and maybe you will share her with me?


Willie: Maybe Willie: Lisa I have everything I need now so let's go! Lisa: Yes Willie. Willie and Lisa Walk back towards Willie's Truck, while they are walking Willie keeps getting peeks at her small tits and his cock grows bigger and harder.

Lisa and Willie arrive at his truck and Willie loads the back of it and Lisa notices the bulge in his pants and she starts to get a little wet at the sight of such a large cock. Willie unlocks the truck and opens to door for Lisa as Lisa climbs up into the truck her ass rubs against Willie's crouch and she feels his cock get even bigger and harder as it approaches its full 12 inches.

Willie feels Lisa's ass brush against his hard cock and they moan let out a quiet moan at the contact. After Willie has helped Lisa in and he closes her door and slowly walks around to his door and gets in slowly. They drive out and start to head back to Springfield. While they are driving Lisa notices Willie's cock get even bigger and harder. Lisa: MMM Willie sure has a big cock and I'm getting so wet just looking at it. Willie: Och Lisa is looking at my huge cock I wonder if she is getting wet Little does he know just yet how wet Lisa Simpson is getting she is wetter than she has ever been in her short life, As they drive Lisa continues to look at the bulge in Willie's Pants.

Lisa: Willie? Willie: Yes Lisa Lisa: Can you pull over please I need to go to the bathroom? Willie: Och aye Lisa I will pull over just up ahead and you can go behind those bushes Lisa: Thankyou Willie Willie: No Problem Lisa Willie Pulls the truck off the road and comes to a stop, Lisa opens her door and starts to slide out as she does Willie sees how wet the back of her panties have gotten his cock reaches its full 12 inches. Willie: Och Damn Lisa's Panties are soaking wet I can't wait to taste that little pussy of hers.

As Lisa turns to close the door behind her she looks up and sees Willie looking at her and she smiles at him, Lisa Glances down and sees Willie's cock at full sizes she thinks to herself (Lisa: Oh My god he is fucking huge I wonder just how big it is).

Willie watches Lisa go behind the bushes. Lisa turns around lifts her dress and pulls off her wet panties and squats down to pee, Little does Lisa know Willie can see her through a gap in the bushes.

Willie watches as Lisa lifts her dress and sees her take off her panties as she squats down to pee Willie can see her naked little ass and see her golden stream of piss. Lisa finishes and doesn't put her panties back on as they are too wet to wear. Willie sees that Lisa hasn't put her panties back on and she stands up her dress falls covering her naked ass, Lisa heads back around the bushes and goes back to the truck, Willie looks away as she comes around the bushes he doesn't want her to know he saw her peeing, as Lisa climbs into the truck the wind blows and lifts her dress up so that Willie can see the tiny little slit of her pussy and he moans.

Willie: God Damn Little Bitch has no panties on now and I just saw her wet little pussy I have to get a taste and more of her soon, The sky gets darker as thunderclouds roll in and it starts to rain heavily and Willie's Wipers are starting to struggle to clear the water from the windscreen.

Willie: Lisa we have to pull over somewhere I am having trouble seeing where we are going the rain is too heavy and the wiper's can't keep up. Lisa: Yes Willie the sky is pitch Black and I can hear and see how heavy the rain is where shall we stop until it clears? Willie: I know of a place just ahead with lots of trees that will provide us with some cover from the rain but we will need to get in the back to be more comfortable and it means getting our clothes wet as we get into the back of the car though, Lisa: ok Willie They drive a little further down the road to the turn off down a little dirt track good thing his truck was 4wd as the track was just mud by the time they got there, Willie pulled the truck up under the trees they provided little cover from the heavy rain after turning the truck off Lisa and Willie open their doors and run around to the back of the truck Willie opens the back and lifts Lisa up gently brushing his fingertips across her pussy, Lisa shudders at the contact on her 12yo pussy.

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Willie quickly climbs in after Lisa and closer the tailgate door closing them off from the rain although they are wet by the time they get in. There in the back of the truck they are both panting after the short run the back of the truck luckily Willie Had thought to build the Canopy high enough that he can sit up in it and not have to crouch down and that he had a few towels in there as well so they can dry off a bit.

Lisa: Willie My Dress is saturated and I am cold and wet Willie: Lisa you will need to take it off to dry out Lisa: I I I am not w-w-w-wearing any panties Willie: I will not look at you Lisa I will turn away and you wrap a towel around you, Lisa: thankyou Willie Willie turns away but he can see Lisa's reflection in the glass and watches as she lifts her dress he can see her small tits while her dress is briefly cover her head Willie groans and Lisa hears him and knows he can see her small tits and it excites her that he enjoys them even though they are small (only a small b Cup no need for a bra yet) Willie continues to watch Lisa as she quickly drops her dress and wraps a towel around her body and uses another to dry her hair.

Lisa: Willie I am all done you can turn around now so he does Willie: I am wet as well so you will need to turn around so I can get undressed Lisa: Ok Willie I will turn around for you Lisa turns around but she can see his reflection in the glass and she watches him take his shirt of first then Willie has to lift up a bit to slide his pants down so Lisa watches and sees his naked ass then catches a glimpse of his hard cock.

Lisa: MMM he is so had and big I bet he is around 10inches at least Willie hears Lisa Moan and he knows she has seen his had cock and he smiles knowing she has seen his hard cock and his naked ass. Willie has wrapped a towel around his waist and turned around Willie: Lisa I am covered up now you can turn around now Lisa: Thankyou Willie. Time goes by slowly as the storm continues to pelt the car with rain. Lisa: Willie I am still cold and I can't get warm Willie: Och Lisa come here and I will warm you up Lisa gets up shyly and moves over to Willie, she sits near Willie Willie: Lisa you will need to come closer I can't warm you up properly that far away Lisa moves closer, Willie: sit on my lap Lisa I will cuddle you to warm you up Lisa Moves onto Willie's lap and she sits down she can feel his cock rub against the towel Lisa: Willie I can't get comfortable something is poking me in the back Willie: Umm that's me Lisa Lisa: You?

Willie: Um Yes Lisa: It feels hard Willie: Um Yes it is hard Lisa Moves off his lap Lisa: Can I see it please Willie Willie: Och little girls aren't meant to see grown men naked Lisa: Why not?

Willie: It's not right and it's against the law Lisa: There is no one here except us and I won't tell anyone. Willie: Umm you have to promise not to tell anyone especially your mum and dad I could get into serious trouble Lisa: I promise not to tell anyone it's our secret ok Willie: Um Ok Lisa but I want to see you too Lisa: Um Ok, both at the same time is better yes Willie: Och Yes Lisa same time Lisa: Ok They both slowly lower their towels and see each other naked for the first time.

Lisa: Wow Willie your cock is so big and hard can I touch it? Willie: Och aye Lisa you can touch it be careful with my balls they are very sensitive and can hurt badly so don't squeeze to hard ok Lisa: Ok Willie Lisa reaches out and gently touches his cock Lisa: Wow It's so hard and soft at the same time Willie: Stroke you hand up und down and squeeze gently Lisa: Like this Willie? Willie: Yes just Like that Lisa Lisa gently squeezes his cock and slides her hand up and down Lisa: Damn you're huge Willie, How big are you?


Willie: 12 inches Lisa Lisa: Wow that huge you are bigger than normal yes? Willie: Yes I am on the larger side most are around 6 inches Lisa: MMM feels so warm to and thick too how thick is it?

Willie: 4inch around Lisa: Wow Willie: Give it a lick and suck Lisa like you would with a popsicle Lisa licks his cock then puts in her mouth Willie: Try taking it a bit deeper try not to go to deep as you will choke, Lisa slides more inches in now she has 4 inches in her mouth and she doesn't choke so she takes another 2 inches and she has 6 inches in her mouth and it just touches the back of her throat but she doesn't choke.

Willie: Och Lisa you have 6 inches in your mouth and your not choking why? Lisa: I don't know Willie I have never had anything this big in my mouth, Willie: I think you can take more in your mouth just relax your throat and swallow Lisa slides more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat soon she has all 12 inches in her throat Willie: Wow Lisa no one has ever taken all my cock and you have taken it all Lisa pulls off his cock Lisa: Really no one has ever taken all of your 12 inches before?

Willie Och no Lisa no one has ever done that for me thankyou Lisa smiles and slides all 12 inches back into her throat and licks the underside as she sucks and she cradles his balls in her hand gently rolling and squeezing them Willie: Och Lisa I'm going to come you can swallow it or you can spit it out or I can squirt it on your tummy and breasts Lisa: Mumbles swallow Willie: Och Lisa I'm Cumming swallow my hot sticky load, Willie shoots down her throat 3 shots then 6 shot of cum then a further 4 shots Lisa pulls his cock out of her throat Lisa: Wow that was a lot of cum you shot down my throat and yummy I like the taste of your cum very sticky and very hot.

Willie: Och wow Lisa that was amazing Lisa: Yes it was amazing I'm Glad I could do that for you Willie Willie: Me too Lisa Me too Willie: Now I would like to do something for you Lisa: What?

Willie: Lay down and lift your legs open for me Lisa lays down and spreads her legs, Willie moves closer Lisa: What are you doing? Willie: I'm going to eat your pussy Lisa Lisa: Eat me?

Willie Yes I am going to lick and suck on your pussy and make you cum Lisa: Oh Ok Willie leans down and gives her pussy a lick Lisa: Wow that feels great Willie do it again Willie licks her pussy again Lisa: Oh My god keep doing it Willie licks he pussy again Willie: Lisa hold your pussy open for me Lisa opens her pussy for Willie and Willie licks her pussy from bottom to top Lisa: Wow that felt awesome what was that?

Willie: Tha was your clit Lisa Lisa: My Clit? Willie: Och aye Lisa your clit or clitoris Lisa: My Clitoris Willie: Aye this little bump at tha top gives great pleasure like this( Willie licks her clit) Lisa: Oh My God Keep doing that Willie Willie: If you think that felt good try this (Willie sucks on her clit) Lisa: Screams Willie keep doing that and you will make me cum Willie keeps sucking her clit while her pushes a finger into her pussy Willie: Oh so tight and wet Lisa: Oh Willie what was that Willie: That is your cherry or hymen Lisa: My Cherry Willie: Och aye your cherry means your still a virgin I can break it with my finger or my cock Lisa: isn't your cock too big to fit in me I'm only small Willie: You will stretch so do you want me to break it with my finger or my cock?

Lisa: Um Your cock please Willie: Ok Lisa this will hurt the first time then it will get better I promise you and I will stop if it hurts too much ok Lisa: Ok Willie Willie: Now since you are already wet I won't need any lubrication Lisa: Lubrication? Willie: Och lubrication makes it easier to slide my cock into you since you are soaking wet I won't need any just lay there and I will be as gentle as I can ok Lisa: OK Willie Lines his cock up and slowly pushes into Lisa's tight little pussy Lisa: Oh god Willie: Lisa are you ok?

Lisa: Yes I'm Ok just a bit full Willie: Yes you are Lisa now I'm at your cherry are you ready for me to break through? Lisa: Yes Willie: Ok Lisa I will go slowly tell me to stop if it's too much Lisa: Ok Willie Willie slowly pushes deeper and hit her cherry again Willie: This is it Lisa are you sure you want to do this?

Lisa: Yes I'm sure Willie: Ok here I go Willie pushes hard and pops her cherry Lisa: oh Fuck it hurts Willie Please stop Willie stops pushing Willie: Are you ok Lisa? Lisa: Yes I just need a few minutes I have never had anything that big in there I feel so stuffed Willie: let me know when you want to continue Lisa: I'm ok now Willie you can go deeper just go slowly Willie pushes deeper Lisa now has 7 inches in her Lisa is puffing Oh god damn your huge Willie, Willie: Yes I am Lisa do you want any more?

Lisa: Yes just remember to go slowly Willie: Aye Lisa Willie slowly pushes forward sliding another 2 inches now she has 9 inches in her Willie: Lisa you have 9 inches of me in you do you want the last 3 Lisa: Yes Willie Willie goes slow as the last 3 inches slide into Lisa's pussy Willie: Lisa you have all of me inside you how do you feel Lisa: like someone has shoved a baseball bat up inside me you are so long and fat Willie slowly starts to thrusts in and out Lisa moaning OH so good Willie, Willie goes a little faster, How does it feel Lisa Oh Keep going faster Willie and harder Willie picks up speed as he thrusts harder and deeper in to Lisa's 16yo Pussy Lisa: Oh yeah Keep going Willie I'm Going to Cum Willie thrusts harder and faster his balls slapping her ass harder and harder till Lisa screams Lisa: OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING WILLIE Willie: I'm about to come to Lisa do you want me to cum inside you or pull out Lisa: Inside me please Willie I'm too young to get pregnant Willie: OH Lisa I'm Cumming in your Pussy Lisa Lisa: OH GOD I'm Cumming again Willie Willie cums deep inside Lisa as Lisa cums again Lisa: WOW Willie that was amazing Willie: Och aye Lisa It was amazing Willie slowly slides out of Lisa as he does a river of cum pours out of her stretched pussy Lisa: Willie so much come is coming out Willie: Och yes it is Lisa Because you are stretched open don't worry your young so it will close up again soon until then here put this towel under you to catch any cum Lisa lifts up and pulls the towel under her.

Willie cuddles up next to Lisa and pulls a blanket over them Willie: That storm seems to be getting worse Lisa we will have to stay here for the night until it passes Lisa: I'm too tired to move anyway Willie I don't Mind if we stay here tonight Willie: Ok Lisa Willie leans down and gives Lisa her first kiss Lisa: Hmm my first fuck and kiss I hope we can keep doing this Willie I will even come to your shack after school just to see you I don't want to stop this Willie: Me too Lisa I love fucking you.

They cuddle up again and drift off to sleep Like this Story Then Give me feedback Kind regards Adam