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Author's Note: Thanks for waiting patiently here is Chapter 8! Supernatural Nation: The Beginning of the End He ran through the forest at a speed that would have awed any human who had caught sight of him, but no human saw him as he raced through the trees. Jumping over fallen trees and dodging low hanging branches he ran not daring to slow as the insane laughter of the monster followed him. All of his guards had died on the creature's blood soaked talons and he knew if it caught him he would be next.

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He knew it was behind him, close behind him, but he could not hear it as it moved through the forest in a silence only broken by its laughter at his feeble attempts to elude it.

It was playing with him, herding him through the woods, and he realized it but every time he tried to turn from the path it wanted him on wolves made of flame attacked him until he retreated and headed back down the desired path. After he was moving once again they would fade back into the trees as if made of mist. He burst from the trees and into a clearing with several burned out building and a big metal cage.

He recognized the clearing immediately and his gaze locked on the cage, and he ran for it. Anthony watched from the edge of the clearing, still hidden in the shadows of the trees as Reed Logan ran to the cage. He jumped inside and slammed the door on the cage, the cage he had locked so many defenseless Were-women in.

Anthony looked down at his glowing hands, his bones showed through clearly, like cooling rock in a stream of lava. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he was going to do and accepting that it would probably haunt him forever.

Exhaling slowly he stepped from the tree line and Reed's head snapped to face him and his gaze locked on Anthony. Gone was the arrogance and self-assurance of the leader of werewolves who took what they wanted.

Seeing his strongest fighters burst into a bloody mist or turn inside out with a thought had stripped him of his delusions of supremacy.

Now he screamed when he saw Anthony and curled into a ball in the center of the cage floor and began to weep and plead. "Please don't kill me," he begged. "How many women have begged for you not to hurt them in that cage? Why? Should your pleas be given anymore consideration then theirs," Anthony demanded as he stopped in front of the cage.

Reed continued to babble but Anthony tuned him out and instead focused on the cage. He concentrated on it and the metal took on a waxy sheen before tendrils rose out of the metal forming into cords.

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They shot out and wrapping around each of Reed's limbs pulling my eagle spread up into the exact center of the cage, he hung suspended by the cords his feet unable reach the ground. He began to scream wordless and shrilly as his skin rippled and Anthony clenched his jaw against the desire to just kill the man and be done with it. He refocused on his power pulsing down the wires and into Reed's body and he forced the other man to change and with the crunching of bone on bone Reed became his wolf.

He howled in pain at the rapid unwanted change and then again when the wires let him go and dropped him to the floor of the cage. He got unsteadily to his feet and snarled at Anthony menacingly but dropped back to the ground as his skin rippled again.

He howled, only stopping to breathe so he could howl again at the pain consuming him. His skin parted and pulled free of his body with a sucking sound as it ripped free and then the power filled him again forcing him to shift back to human with a violent wrenching of his bones.

The cords once again suspended him only this time they clutched his muscles and unprotected nerves, he shriek and prayed, in his head, to die. A single cord wrapped around his forehead like a crown and pulled his head back so he was looking up toward the roof of the cage.

The metal of the roof started to melt forming a single dripping strand of metal as thick as a man's wrist, and it slowly lowered toward his face. The tip of the strand sprouted several cords that pried his mouth open and the strand began to force its way into his mouth.

It looked like liquid metal but it was as solid as a metal pole and he choked on it as it forced itself down his throat and into his stomach. As his vision dimmed from lack of oxygen he felt a churning in his stomach. The single strand split into a thousand separate razor sharp cords and pulled apart cutting through him.

Anthony grabbed the now whole wolf skin and with a thought sent himself far away. He appeared in the living room of his apartments at the hotel and stumbled sideways.

He trembled as the images of the last half an hour beat away inside his mind. He fell to his knees and struggled not to puke with the horror of what he had just done. "Anthony," Risa called in alarm from the doorway she had just entered from. She froze as he looked up into her eyes and she saw the pain and horror in his.

He finally began to lose his battle against his stomach and she rushed to his side as he dropped the skin to the floor and rushed to the bathroom. She sat beside him as he emptied his stomach into the toilet, rubbing his back. He rolled onto his side and let the mercy of unconsciousness take him into oblivion.

Risa sat his head in her lap confused and concerned. Wanting to understand, to help him, she let her mind flow into his through his defenses and into his thoughts. Her own stomach clenched in rebellion as she watched the events replay again and again in his mind.

His actions tormented even his sleep, with a kiss to his closed eyes she willed the memory down deeper. She didn't try to erase it only to lessen its emotional effect on Anthony. As she worked his restlessness lessened but didn't fade entirely. When she had done all she could she cleaned him up and then she shifted to her feet and lifted him into her arms. She took him to bed and tucked him in next to Megan and Liz. She headed out into the living room and stood staring down at the skin of the man who had forced Anthony to destroy a piece of his humanity.

She bent lifted the skin, folding it, and placed it on the coffee table before leaning over to the phone.

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The guests would be departing back to their home to prepare for The Unveiling. They would be readying their peoples to begin making nice with the humans or to retreat into the underwater retreat that neared its completion with several thousand goblins working day and night to finish it.

She dialed Anya and Sonya's room and waited as the phone rang. "Hello," a sleepy voice asked after five rings. "This is Risa we need you to come up to our room in the morning before you leave." "We have to catch the early flight home that's why we already said our goodbyes," Sonya asked. "I have something for you from Anthony. It is rather important if you want to get it tonight then I'll wait up for you.

I have to wait for housekeeping anyway," she offered. "Alright we'll be up in a few minutes," Sonya said irritated. Risa hung up with her and then called down to the front desk to send housekeeping to clean up the mess Anthony had made. Housekeeping sent up a young woman after only a few minutes and she began cleaning up the mess in the bathroom where Anthony didn't quite make it on time. Sonya, Anya, and one of their bodyguards arrived just as the cleaning woman was finishing her task.

"Thank you," Risa said to the young woman tipping her several hundred for her trouble. The woman looked at the money in her hand in wide eyed shock as Risa ushered her from the room and closed the door behind her.

She turned to face Sonya and Anya her face grim as they observed her. "Is someone sick," Anya asked and sniffed the air. "Not exactly," Risa said her voice tense. She wasn't angry at the two of them but she was angry that Anthony was suffering. She walked pasted them to the table and grabbed the folded fur pelt and trust it out towards Sonya. Sonya looked confused until her hand touched the fur and she took a deep breath scenting the fur.

Her head snapped up to look into Risa's eyes and her hand trembled before she gripped the fur and pulled it from Risa's grasp letting it fall open. Anya gasped as she stared at the perfect wolf hide hanging limply from her mother's grasp. "Reed Logan," Anya said staring at the limp fur form. "Where is Anthony, we should thank him," she said turning to face Risa. "I put him to bed. He. isn't doing well," Risa explained motioning to the wet spot on the floor.

"What's wrong with him," Sonya asked suspiciously. Risa looked at her silently for a moment before she reached out a hand, slowly, allowing her plenty of time to pull her face away.

Sonya didn't move and her eyes closed as Risa allowed Anthony's memories of the night to slip into her. Her eyes flew open and sadness shone from them as her ice blue eyes stared back into Risa's black eyes. "I'm sorry," she said. "So am I, this was all I wanted. Lock the door on your way out," Risa said and turned back to the bedroom. "What is it what happened," Anya demanded not having shared the visions Risa had shared with her mother. "Anthony didn't. his actions taken on our behalf tonight sickened him," Sonya explained.

Anya looked confused for a few seconds then her eyes flicked to the hallway leading to the bathroom, where the scent of sickness wafted from, and then lit upon the wolf skin and sadness filled them. "I see," she said and turned, heading for the door. Sonya followed after her gathering the pelt and folding it into her arms.

Anthony woke in the morning warm and surrounded by his loved ones and pushed the memories of last night away. What was done was done and he couldn't change it even if he wanted to. He smiled looking down at Risa who was lying between his legs her head pillowed on his stomach as she slept. He relaxed back into the mattress and buried his fingers in her thick hair and massaged her scalp slowly. She moaned in pleasure as she began to rise to consciousness. She wiggled against him causing his morning wood to move in between her breasts which were squished against him.

She murmured and pushed her face into the naked skin of his stomach, nuzzling him. She looked up at him her sleepy expression turning to a happy one as he continued to work her skull between his fingers. "Good morning love," he said softly so as not to wake the others. He tugged light and she slowly rose to her hands and knees and crawled up his body dragging hers along his as she went.

He closed his eyes savoring the feeling of her on him as she moved. Sasha stirred next to them and they froze but she settled back into sleep and Risa continued until her face was even with his. "You are so beautiful," he told her. Her lips trembled and she softly pressed her mouth to his.

Reaching back she grabbed his twitching erection and positioned him without breaking the tender kiss. He grunted as she slowly slid down to envelope him. Once she was fully seated on top of him she pulled back and sat up driving him a little deeper.

She looked into his eyes and slowly lifted herself a few inches before lowering her hips and twisting them at the same time. Anthony groaned at the feeling and she put a hand over his mouth to keep him quite. "Quite or I stop," she said leaning down so her face was right in front of his face.

He nodded as her breath feathered across his heated skin. She returned to her seated position and began her slow sensuous ride once more. Anthony had to bite his cheek to keep from crying out when she began to rhythmically clench her muscles, milking him. She tortured him with this slow ride as he fought the urge to grab her hips and pound his body into hers. Thirty minutes later he was sweating profusely and was close to the edge. The bed had shifted several times as the others had woken and were watching in fascination as Risa tortured him.

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Kylie had moved over to behind Risa and straddled his legs behind her pressing up against her back. Risa moaned as Kylie began to knead her breasts from behind and to kiss the back of her neck. The sight of the one twin touching the other caused Anthony to harden even more inside of Risa and she glanced at his eyes, which were locked on Kylie's mouth on her skin. Risa smiled lovingly at him before she reached back over her shoulder with one hand gripped Kylie by her hair. She looked into his eyes as she pulled Kylie's face over her shoulder.

She turned her head and kissed her twin deeply their tongues dancing erotically. Anthony clenched his jaw so hard his teeth hurt to keep from crying out. He twitched violently inside of her and Risa smiled into Kylie's mouth. "Cum for me, cum in me," Risa told him breaking from her lip lock with Kylie who returned to playing with her breasts. Anthony was sweating and breathing heavily from the effort to control himself.

He opened up the links between himself and all of the girls. Their eyes widened and their hands dropped between their legs as sexual ecstasy flooded their bodies. Risa and Anthony, who were feeling each other's pleasure as was well as their own, both cried out. Risa's head dropped back and she let loose a howl of pleasure as her orgasm erupted and her pleasure dragged Anthony's from him. The others echoed their pleasured scream as they writhed on the bed beside them.

He fired his cum into her buried as deeply as their bodies would allow. Risa collapsed forward onto his chest panting with Kylie lying on her back pressing her deliciously into Anthony's body. Anthony reached over Risa's body and gripped Kylie's hair in the same way Risa had and pulled her face down to his to kissed her roughly.

She moaned into his mouth her hips pressing forward driving Risa harder against him. Risa moaned, Anthony grunted, and Kylie who was still revved up from the shared orgasm she screamed into his mouth as she exploded in ecstasy again at the shared feelings. Some of the others groaned with her but Anthony wasn't sure if they had cum again or if they had only felt the pleasure of Kylie's release.

They were both panting and he held the two of them in his arms as they settled down. When he had softened enough to slip from Risa's body she made a noise if displeasure and Anthony could feel their mixed juices drip from her onto his skin.

"Time for a shower," he said.

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They made no move to get up and after a few minutes he grinned and rolled to the side dumping them both on top of Sasha who squawked in surprise at finding herself underneath two naked and squirming Djinn. Anthony laughed and jumped up heading for the bathroom as the girls laughingly chased after them. He hopped into the shower stall and they piled in after him.

The shower stall was very large and had two shower heads facing the center of the stall. But even with how large the stall was it was over packed with female flesh as the sixth one squeezed in. The others, seeing how tightly they were packed into the shower, laughed and piled into the large tub. It was less of a tub and more of a Jacuzzi.

Liz was in front of Anthony her breasts were crushed against his chest. The girls all squealed in protest when he turned on the water and an initial blast of cold water shot out. It quickly turned warm and they began washing each other and Anthony. Liz spread soap over the front of her body as Cassie soaped up her back.

Once she was all soapy she pressed he body against Anthony's washing his by using her own as a wash cloth. He groaned in pleasure as the others saw what she was doing and mimicked her. Soon he was the center of a writhing mass of soapy female flesh and his erection was once more throbbing and pointing out in front of him.

Liz feeling it poking at her stomach turned and after some pushing managed to bend over in front of him. He wasted no time in sliding inside of her. "No fair," Cassie said with a pout then a wicked smile spread across her lips. She moved in front of Liz who had been braced against the wall.

Liz had to wrap her arms around Cassie's hips to maintain her balance and Cassie leaned back against the wall forcing her pussy into Liz's face. Cassie moaned as Liz apparently took the hint and began to lick. Megan, who was next to Anthony, grabbed his arm and pulled his hand between her thighs. Holding his hand in position she began rocking against his fingers as they worked themselves in and out of her.

This continued until fourteen voices cried out in shared release. The group in the shower couldn't even collapse they were packed so tightly into the shower. After they had recovered and stop leaning so heavily on each other they washed, rinsed, and dried each other off.

"What is the plan for today," Liz asked as they dressed. "Today Eliza and I are going to make bodies for the elementals. Tomorrow we will attempt to merge them with the vessels. Then we will be waiting until the UN meeting so we can crash that and reveal our existence. Then depending on the humans reaction to us we will either retreat to the underwater dome and the space station or we will begin assimilation into the human world," Anthony explained.

Liz nodded her understanding and they packed their things and checked out before climbing into the cars. The drive home was short and uneventful but parked in front of their house was a black SUV.

Anthony could see the men inside watching as they got out of the cars and headed inside. The men remained inside the SUV and made no move to get out as they passed. "Let's get to work," Anthony told Eliza, who nodded and followed him into the basement.

The day passed slowly as they worked Sar-Rah stopped them at lunch and they ate with everyone before returning back to their work. Finally as darkness began to fill the sky they came up stairs.


They fell exhaustedly into bed lying against each other and slept soundly until the next morning after everyone else had already risen for breakfast. They rose and joined the others as they sat down to eat French toast and bacon. "Liz after breakfast we need you to summon the elementals.

Their bodies are ready," Anthony said after a few bites of his bacon. Liz nodded her understanding and excitement filled her eyes at the prospect of performing more magic. After everyone was done eating they moved the table and Liz drew the summoning ritual once more. "Terra, aer, ignis, aqua pacto dicam vos in consummationem nostrum," she said in a power filled voice. With a thunderous clap of sound the elements appeared floating inside the circle she had used to summon them.

Liz sagged as the magic left her but she had a joyous smile on her face. Anthony walked forward and broke the circle before leading the elementals down into the lab. In Eliza's office were four medical tables that had sprung up out of the floor with a thought from her.

On each of the tables was a female body, chest rising and falling with breath but asleep. The four bodies were physically identical in every way except for their skin tone. One had white skin, one blue, one green, and one red skinned. They were exactly five feet tall with breasts that were large for their smaller builds but not overly big. All of them had black hair and each had been magically enhanced to be extremely fertile. "All you have to do is settle into the bodies. They were made using my blood so they should accept you with no problem.

My only warning is this if you join with them; they will be your bodies forever. You can return to your original forms like you are now but they must be kept safe. If they are destroyed you will not be able to be given another body and your chances at procreating will be lost," Anthony warned.

The elementals hovered over the bodies before water sank down into the motionless blue body. They all watched in fascination as it sank down out of sight and the body convulsed once before sitting bolt upright suddenly. "How odd," the water elemental said, looking down at her hands and flexed her fingers. Her voice remained the same and her eyes were completely the same sea green as when Liz had channeled the entity.

With Water's successful possession of the body the others sank into their respective new forms. Soon all of them were sitting trying to adjust themselves to their new senses. "Alright Liz and Eliza will help you get dressed, try to stay inside those bodies as much as possible," Anthony told them, Liz and Eliza who had been watching the spectacle from behind him stepped forward to help them stand.

"How long until we can conceive with these bodies," the water elemental asked as she stood unsteadily, using Liz for support. "Wait a couple of weeks for everything to settle then you can try.


With the enchantments we used you should become pregnant immediately," he told her. She nodded and when none of the others asked anything he left the room, with a massive erection from watching four nude females move around while clinging to two of his wives. He had made them as close to his idea of perfectly beautiful as he could so they had ended up looking like a mixture between Liz and Sar-Rah with the exception of the skin color.

He headed up stairs looking through the house until he found Jessica watching TV with Megan, Wolf, and Kylie. "Jessica, we need to go to the club to clear up some business," he told her and Megan popped to her feet with a smile. Sasha came into the room behind him and wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Are you leaving," she asked. He nodded and she let him go before pulling him around by the arm.

"We haven't gotten much time alone together," she told him sadly. He studied her face knowing she was right and he grabbed her arm. "You're coming with us," he told her. "But it is my turn to cook with Risa," she protested weakly. "Don't worry about it, I'll go help her," Kylie said and flipped off the TV before heading for the kitchen. Anthony grabbed her and thanked her with a kiss as she passed and then he led the others out to the car.

"Megan, you and wolf are up front with Jess," he told her. She grinned lovingly at him and followed his directions letting Wolf hop into the car before she clambered in. He walked to the back door and with a thought changed reality to suit his desires as he opened the door for Sasha. The car seemed the same from the outside but after she sat down she stiffened in surprise.

He closed the door before she could say anything and walked around to the other side. He sat down and pulled the door shut behind him.

The inside of the car was now like a spacious limo wide enough for a single bed that filled the space just in front of their seat. Before they could begin he pulled out his phone and made a call. "Hi Jenny, we are on our way to the club. I need you to have our lawyer there and have your assistant manager, Tina, there as well," he told her once she agreed he flipped the phone closed. He looked at Sasha who was sitting on the edge of the bed now her knees only inches from his. He let his desire for her show in his eyes and she shiver in excitement.

He leaned forward and unsnapped the button of her jeans and began tugging them down her hips.


She bit her lower lip and lifted her hips while leaning back on her arms to let him wiggle them down her body. The jeans were so tight that her panties were dragged along with them half way down her thighs. He left them there, keeping her legs pinned closed, and sat back easily lifting her into his lap.

He turned her so she was sitting her back to his chest, with erection tapped between their bodies. "What are you doing," she asked but he didn't reply.

Instead he reached under her and ran his fingers over her slit. She gasped in surprised pleasure and ground her ass back on him. He could feel her wet and ready so he gripped her hips and lifted her. His cock fell forward, once her weight no long confined it, into position he slowly lowered her. After a little maneuvering he had the tip lodged in her entrance and he began to thrust upward.

With her legs clamped tightly together her already tight pussy fought her forward movement. He gripped her tighter and applied more pressure and her mouth dropped open in a silent scream of delight when he slid inside. He could feel every twitch of her insides against his cock as she writhed on him. "We don't have much time," he whispered in to her ear.

His tongue shot out and flicked her lobe and she shuddered milking him with her pussy. His forehead fell to her shoulder and her groaned. "You're going to love this," Anthony said and held up his hand where she could see it. Little pink electrical flashes ran the length of his index finger. She looked at it with confusion but when he reach under her and touch her clit with his finger she convulsed. She screamed and began lifting herself by bracing her arms on his thighs and then slamming down as hard as she could.

She came after the first thrust but didn't stop moving, which gave Anthony some difficulty in keeping his finger in position but he managed. She came again and again as she rode him until with a grunt he wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled down hard as he thrust upward, impaling her fully on him, and began to cum.

She quivered on him as he filled her and he kissed the back of her neck lovingly before lifting her off of him. She whimpered at the stimulation as he slid free but lay unmoving when he set her on the bed in front of him. "Are you okay," he asked with concern when after a few minutes she didn't react. "I think you killed me," she replied with a grown. He chuckled at her and began pulling her clothes back into place. Not two minutes after they had finished straightening themselves, the car pulled to a stop.

Anthony willed the car back to normal as they exited into to parking lot of The Eternal Night. Anthony led the others into the building through the side entrance, and smiled when he was nearly knocked off his feet by a small blonde missile. "Anthony," Kira squealed in delight as she hugged him.

He grunted at the pressure that her tiny arm exerted, it would have snapped a normal person in two. "Lovely Kira, how are you," Anthony asked and lifted her into his arms after steadying himself on his feet.

"I'm good, all packed for the move to the water place," she said and lay her head down on his shoulder while wrapping her arms around his neck.

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"That's good, where is Jenny," he asked. "In her office with some old guy and Tina," she replied. "How do like Tina," Anthony asked and started walking, headed for Jenny's office. "A lot even though she knows I am a vampire she still brings me candy and gives me hugs," Kira answered with obvious affection in her voice. "That's good," he said and rubbed his free hand up and down her back and they traversed the rest of the way in silent companionship.

"Come," Jenny called when they arrived and knocked on the door. They walked in to find Jenny sitting at her desk with Tina in a chair in front of it while the lawyer sat on the couch. Anthony sent the lawyer to sleep with a thought and closed the door once everyone was inside.

"Alright we need to discuss something before we need the lawyer," Anthony said cutting right to business. He took the other chair and summoned a few more for the others. Tina's eyes widened in awe at the display of power but she didn't look surprised. "Tell me about you Tina," he said after Kira arranged herself into a comfortable position on his lap and began to doze off.

"Uh well I am single, no kids, and my favorite color is purple," she said in confusion. "Your parents," he asked her and she got a sad look in her eye. "My mother died when I was little and my father.," she paused as emotion choked her. "My father is in the hospital. Cancer," she explained. He studied her and gently stroked his hand down Kira's back.

"What would you give to see your father healthy and set for however long he lives," Anthony asked her. "Anything," she answered staring intently into his eyes. "Alright then the deal is this; I sign this club and all of my other property over to you, and heal your father. In return you give us absolute loyalty; I want you to sell technology to the world claiming you invented it. Advanced technology at dirt cheap rates that will improve the world, this isn't about profit," Anthony said.

She studied him for a moment before speaking. "What do you get out of this? Jenny told me of your plans and we both know that humankind's reaction is ninety percent certain to be aggressive towards you," Tina asked. "True we will almost certainly have to flee to world but that is being taken care of as we speak, the problem is what comes after. Eventually humanity will discover a way to travel through space quickly, and we will once again be within their reach.

If most of their technology is power by Djinn magic, then in the event they decide to attack us we could just pull the plug," Anthony explained. "Alright I'll do it," Tina said after a moment of thought. "Fantastic where is your father being treated," he asked with a grin and pulled out his cell phone. When she gave him the address he called Liz and told her to take Kylie to go heal the man. "Love you," he said and hung up before turning back to Tina.

The lawyer woke with a start when Anthony released the power that was keeping him asleep. Four hours later Anthony signed the last paper with a relieved sigh and sat back. The lawyer scooped up the documents and crammed them into his briefcase before biding them farewell and departing. "So now I'm rich huh," Tina asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, don't spend it all in one place," Anthony said and she chuckled. "So what invention will I be selling," she asked curiously. "First is a generator that will power and entire city, several machines that will clean up pollution, car that doesn't need gas, and cures to most illnesses. All of the inventions will we encased and if the case is opened the insides will vaporize into steam. This will allow us to keep others from duplicating the technology while still letting them use it. The cars will have to be checked once every five years to fix the wear and tear but you'll have to set up a factory where that can be done for free.

Like I said before this isn't about profit, we want the technology to spread into every aspect of human life so that our magic because something that cannot be done without," Anthony explained. "Okay," Tina agreed. "Alright with that done we need to get going," he said and handed the still sleeping Kira to Jenny.

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The other followed him from the office, Wolf's nails clicking against the floor. Back at home, Liz and Kylie where still not back yet, Sar-Rah made subs Anthony snagged one while he sought out Galina in the Goblin barracks. He found her going over some plans with one of the engineers, who she sent on his way when she saw Anthony.

"How goes the progress with everything," he asked. "The space station is ready for launch they even managed to add two larger living compartments that should house around a hundred people each.


The undersea dome is behind schedule though; even with all of the man power they are having trouble holding the panels in place for anchoring. Do to the lack of light down there amount other things. Did you have to decide at to place the retreat at the bottom of the Marianas Trench and not only that but you want the dome to extend a third for the way down the trench, that over five hundred miles of dome in only a couple of week and they are just barely past the halfway point," Galina reported.

"If they didn't have to move the plates into place, only anchor them, could they do it in time," he asked her. She tapped a finger against her lips in thought before speaking. "With all of the clans help we could do it in under a day if they didn't have to position the plates." "Good, coordinate everything with the other queens and tomorrow we will finish the dome," he replied and bent down and kissed her, running his tongue over her fangs.

"See you tomorrow my love," he said after standing. "Tease," Galina mockingly grumped as he headed off and he laughed. Anthony trudged tiredly up the stairs and fell into bed tiredly and was softly snoring minutes later.

The smell of frying bacon brought him awake the next morning and he stretched being careful not to disturb Megan who was curled against his back.

Moving carefully he slid out of the bed without waking her and headed for the bathroom. After he finished he headed for the kitchen, to find Eliza. He walked into the kitchen and paused at seeing it had been magically expanded along with the table that now sat well over a dozen women. They ate and talked and laughed all except for the four elementals that ate but remained silent watching the activity around them.

It was the fire elemental that noticed him first and turned her head to look at him. "Morning," he said and received a nod from the fire elemental and a chorus of greetings from the rest of the girls. "The other clans have already begun working; Eliza transported them to the submersible hanger this morning. We are ready to start after you eat breakfast," Galina said and delicately place a bite of pancake into her mouth.

"Alright," Anthony said and sat and began loading a plate with eggs and bacon and a few pancakes. "Working on what," Liz asked curiously just as Megan shuffled still half asleep into the kitchen. Anthony's hand shot out and dragged her into his lap when she tried to walk past him. When she opened her mouth to protest he stuck a piece of bacon in. She grumbled around the bacon as she chewed but shifted to a more comfortable position and leaned back against him. "The underwater haven as fallen behind schedule due to a lack of foresight on my part so I am going to help them finish it up today," Anthony explained and ate a bite of egg that Megan offered him from his plate.

"Can we go with you," Liz asked excitedly. "Sure," he answered with a shrugged. They all began talking animatedly about going and the water elemental looked a little happy about the prospect. The fire elemental didn't look pleased at all and had a pout on her face. "What's wrong, Fira," Anthony asked her. "Fira," she questioned. "Yes, Fira, Aqua, Terra, and Tempest," he explained pointing to each in turn. "What's wrong," he repeated.

"I can't go along with you all," she answered. "Why not," Anthony asked confused. "Fire and water don't mix well," she explained slowly as if he were hard of hearing. "So your body is for all intents and purposes a human body and they don't have a problem with water. Plus no one is going in the water where we are going until Eliza and I setup a pressure dampening spell. If you were to go into the water the pressure would crush your body like a tin can under foot," Anthony explained and Fira nodded.

After breakfast they all got ready and then met in the living room and Eliza transported them to the underwater staging area for submersibles. The girls and Anthony studied the dome of clear glass overhead but couldn't see anything pass the wall of inky water on the other side. Anthony looked around and was impressed with Eliza work.

The dome was maybe fifteen hundred feet wide and maybe half that in length. There was a fifty foot wide platform, which they were standing on, that ran along the back wall of the dome. The rest of the floor of the room was an open square of water leading outside. From the platform extended several hundred piers a foot or two wide and tied along both sides of each pier were submersibles.

There were thousands of them and they looked on in awe as goblins piled into each one and sank beneath the surface of the water. "Those submersibles are only built for one human sized occupant we won't all fit in one," Galina explained.

"I could expand one so we'd fit but I have a better idea," Anthony said and moved towards one of the piers that was empty at the moment. He walked to the edge and looked down into the water and could see the floor of the ocean fifty feet below, and was impressed that Eliza had the forethought to anchor the dome in the trench wall allowing the submersibles room to maneuver.

He concentrated and the sand below began to swirl and rise forming an underwater dust tornado. It rose forming a disk of sand large enough for all of them to easily longue around.

Once it was big enough he let the other sand fall back and heated the sand circle to melting and magically removed the impurities. When he finished he had a glass disk of perfect clarity. He stepped onto it and motioned for the others to follow. Once everyone was on the circle, the surface of which was pitted for traction, it began to sink. The water didn't rush in at them held back by an invisible bubble of power. "It's really dark," Megan said and moved closer to Anthony.

"Yeah, we're gone have to fix that before we can get to work," he replied and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Several comfortable couches popped into existence, one right behind Anthony, and he sat without looking back at it. He closed his eyes and let his power reach out and extend without holding it back.

It flooded out like a tidal wave sweeping down to the far side of the trench near sixteen hundred miles away in the space of a few heart beat and extending even farther. He flexed his will and a massive light strip appeared on each wall and flicker to life bathing the bottom of the trench as far as the eye could see in light.

Many oddly shaped fish and other wild life darted upward into the gloom that still existed overhead. He could feel the panels of the dome that Eliza had created through magic and the goblin had laid out on the floor of the ocean blow the spot where they would be anchored into place. Anthony flexed his will again the panels, nearly three hundred miles of magically form glass rose into the air simultaneously. The seven other Djinn in the bubble shivered as the massive amount of power he was using prickled along their skin.

As soon as the plate were firmly in place the fleet of submersibles swarmed forward anchoring, welding and sealing before moving onto the next section and repeating. They were extremely efficient and Anthony bubble followed them as they moved forward at a good pace. "What are those symbols," Sasha asked pointing down through the floor.

The panels of the dome had silvery symbols etched inside them and they glittered in the light. "It is the warding spell that Anthony and I created. It will stop the effect of the pressure from reaching inside the dome. It will also keep the panels from cracking or being destroyed.

Plus it will clean any build up that form on the panel, such as algae. Once the panels are all in place the spell with activate and the silver symbols will vanish," Eliza explained. They continued like this the rest of the day and into the night as they closed on midnight the goblin workers sealed the last panel into place and with a flash the silver symbols vanished.

Only Anthony, Eliza, and Liz saw though since the others were all asleep. Anthony retracted his power and bent double with his hands on his knees breathing deeply as his entire body tremble from the strain of having used so much power for so long, even though it had become less work the closer they got to the end since he didn't have to support the already anchors panels. "Are you okay," Liz asked concerned and moved over to his side.

"Fine, that was just a lot of work," he said and collapsed back on to the couch jostling Megan but she didn't wake. "Eliza, I'll take Risa, Liz, and Kylie with me to the UN tomorrow. I want you to take the others and make the inside of the dome livable. We'll need food, trees, lodging, electricity and anything else you can think of," Anthony said. "Of course," Eliza said and moved them all back to the house.

All of those sleeping appeared in bed and Anthony and Liz stripped and joined them on the bed and quickly fell asleep. Eliza, who wasn't tired, having napped while Anthony was working, went down into the lab to work.