Rachel Starr Fucks Her Boss For Promotion

Rachel Starr Fucks Her Boss For Promotion
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My story starts back in 2013 i had a cousin peggy that lived a county over. We talked on the phone a lot after I hooked her up with a friend. He lied to her a lot about coming to see her.

So she would text me asking about Tony and crying about him lying to her.

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At this time I was traveling around the country for my job and was going text from her crying about him so I text her back and said fuck him if he doesn't want your pussy I'll come see you when I get back from newyork and lick the lips off of it.

My boss and best friend was on the job with me.


I showed him the messages and told him that was going on and he looked at me and said the best blowjob I ever had was from your cousin and started laughing.

I looked at him and said different cousin. He replied I know just wanted to brag about Rebecca sucking me for some money to buy heroin but if you snag her share with your buddy. I got you Bob. So I get a message back that said you are crazy LOL so I sent back a dick pic. I don't have a foot long cock but I have 9 and it is almost 3 inches around and I know how to use it want to fuck for hours and not cum do some heroin.

Want to cum so hard that you get lite headed switch to meth or x. Picture sent to her and I get a response holy shit you want to destroy my little pussy and asshole with that I don't know.

I looked at Bob and said hook line and sinker ha ha ha. He says quite lying call her up on speaker phone and let's see. I hit the call button and she picks up and I said how can I destroy your pussy with this little thing I got.

The camera adds 10 inches It won't hurt you. All she keeps saying is you are crazy. So I said how long has it been since you got fucked really good. She said it had been almost a year since she had sex and 3 years since she had a good dicking. I was like damn girl I'm going to get you high and fuck every hole you have. At this time I am still testing the waters so I start asking for her pussy's resume what have you done what would you like to try and where is your limit at.

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She was damaged so I knew I could do what I wished to her SCORE. We talked the rest of the trip back from newyork. I went home and blew her off cause I had a old lady that I lived with but wasn't faithful to. She had a problem with me not going to bed for a few weeks at a time and while she was sleeping I was smoking meth by the oz. And fucking everything that I could get my dick in.

When you have a nice size bag of meth on you at all times pussy attacks you. Well about 8 months later I stop by my mom's house and she tells me that peggy is moving in with them. I'm tweaked when she told me this and all I'm thinking is well I got to backup all the shit I talked now.

So she moves in and i stop by and get them high 2 or 3 times a week when I'm in town I try to get peggy away with me and my mom is greedy and there is no way in hell she is going to get a hit more than her.

She acted like peggy was a little kid they told her where she was allowed to go no one was allowed to stay the night and she paid half of the bills. So I call peggy at about 2 in the morning and asked her if she wanted to smoke a boat. She said she couldn't cause my mom and her husband was asleep. I said I got Rachel's car (my old lady) and she won't be awake till 5:30to go to work.

She said they would lock the door on her if she left. I said go out the back door and be quite if they lock you out beat the door down and make them get up and let you in.

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She was still scared but wanted the buzz so I said I'll be there in 10 minutes be outside if not I'll get them up and smoke without you. I pulled up and there she was ready to go. She gets in the car and quickly asked where the boat is guess she's been tricked before.

I pointed at the center console and she said is that real.


That's the biggest bag I have ever seen. I looked at her and said no I carry around a bag of sugar all the time dumbass. Let me get outside of town and I'll get this boat floating. So I pull out on the street and turn at the red light and she has my drugs in her hand and turns the dome lights on as I drive through town at 2:30 in the morning a wanted felon for drug possession. She has the bag up by the light showing it to anyone that looked that way when we passed the only cop working my window was down so I stuck my arm out and waved.

I had been wanted for 2 years in a little town and only one cop in the county even knew my name and I wanted to keep it that way. So when a cop passed me I would wave and laugh at them when they waved back and went on. Me waving distracted him enough that he didn't see my fed case size bag that this dumb bitch is showing the world.

I hit the light and said I would have beaten you close to death before I made them catch me probably kill me cause I'm out there today.

We hit the highway and leave out of town I pull in my driveway and fix up a boat and pull out. I call my uncle down the road and said that I needed to come out and use the upstairs. He said it's too early and hell no. I was like ok fuck you. So there was a dead end road I n the middle of nowhere that had a field that I parked in and turned out the lights and shutdown the car.

Turned on the dome light and started smoking. By this time i am horny as hell decide that peggy will get me off she just doesn't know it yet. So the boat is gone and she is asking for more so I'm like slow down we will smoke another one in a minute I got to get out and stretch my legs.

I get out and she does too. I walk to the back of the car she is leaning against it talking to me begging for a boat to take home with her. I said you got money she said no so I'm thinking about the porn I watched before I picked her up.

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Cousin forced to fuck. I'm a bit of a hillbilly porn star and i know I got enough meth to keep her from going to the cop's and say I raped her which was about to happen. I get my dope and put some in a foil for her. I set it on the trunk and as soon as she grabbed for it I pushed her against the car and bent her over held her down and said there is what you want now I'm going to get what I want!!!!

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I grabbed her pants and pulled them down to her ankles took my knee and spread her legs apart. She had no panties on. My cock was rock hard and there was a lot of precum in my boxers. I drop my pants and shove my dick in her. The thrill of rapeing her was such a thrill that I was ready to blow when I got the head in. But I held back with everything I had an pounded her pussy till it got sore which only took about 3 minutes before I gaped her out a little.

She was screaming with pleasure and i could not hold back anymore so I grabbed her by the hair and turned her around and put her on her knees and pushed my cock in her mouth and as soon as I did I had the most intense orgasem I have ever felt in my life.

I cumed so much that she could not swallow fast enough and choked and had cum hanging out of her nose down her chin and I was still shooting so I pulled out and shoot the rest on the tail lights of the car. She finished choking and swallowed the cum cause I made her. Peggy looks at me with her pants still down and said how many girls have you raped ?

I said none they all give me that pussy. You wanted this dick so it's not rape. She looked at me and said yes it was and do you know why ? Cause I have always wanted a man to take my pussy and fuck me like a whore. When she said that I instantly got hard again so I grabbed her slammed her on to the trunk again and spit on my dick and shoved it up her ass