Um retardado se matando com uma batata palha

Um retardado se matando com uma batata palha
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Okay, this is the second draft and extension of my first story that I posted on the site a couple of months ago. I apologise for the delay in my writing an I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I lay awake on my bed deep into the Friday night staring at the ceiling. Today had been a hard day for me, I'm a 17-year-old who has always found it hard to fit in at school but today had been particularly bad.

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Fear of what the following week would bring for me had kept me awake for hours and self-pity had only made it worse. Just before I closed my eyes to finally sleep I whispered futilely "I wish things could be easier" So be it Ignoring the whispered response as a feature of exhaustion I closed my eyes and drifted off.

I would soon learn that the response had been all too real. Saturday's sunlight poured gloriously through the window tearing me from my much needed sleep. Slowly I opened my eyes and hauled myself groggily from my bed.

I felt unsteady on my feet and immediately knew that something was weird. Looking down I was shocked to see my view of my feet completely blocked by a pair of large breasts.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" but instead of my own voice as I expected, the voice that formed the words was much more delicate and of a higher pitch. Thinking that I must still be partially asleep I stumbled out of my room and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Instead of my own slightly nerdy self peering back I was instead greeted by the eyes of an incredibly attractive 17-year-old girl.

She had a pale face with voluptuous lips and brown olive-shaped eyes, her nose sat delicately on her face and her brow (although currently creased with confusion) seemed jovial and light hearted.

Smooth black hair cascaded over her dainty shoulders and lay on her large, firm breasts. Her body seemed athletic and her slight waist gave way to rounded hips supported by firm buttocks. Her legs were long and well toned and finished admirably her beautifully proportioned body.

My sleep addled eyes finally raised from their caressing of her body and rested once again on her face. Her brow furrowed slightly as I began to doubt that this had in fact ever been a dream. An expression of absolute horror and shock weighed down her gorgeous features as I realised what was going on. Somehow instead of residing in the body of a scrawny guy (the body I had grown-up in), I was now in the body of a teenage bombshell.

The girl's eyes flew wide open- I mean my eyes flew wide open- as my hand flew to my crotch. My dick was gone. My one pride and joy had disappeared from my life.

Instead there was nothingness. Well not quite nothingness, my fingers found the puckered lips of a teenage pussy. Jumping from horror to joy faster than a roadrunner on steroids my hand dove inside my boxers for a closer feel. Jolts of electricity ran through my body as my fingers brushed the exposed skin.

I tore my clothes from my body, revealing the gently toned snow white body underneath.

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My tits- MY tits- stood firm and round in the cool air, the nipples already standing proud at the centre of the dark areolas that were such a sharp contrast to the pale white sea surrounding them. Tentatively I brought my fingers down to the lips of my pussy and began to gently massage my clit as I caressed my firm breasts with the other hand. My body immediately reacted and my fingers became wet as my juices started to flow, without a moments hesitation I inserted one of my fingers.

Fireworks went off in my head and my breath caught in my throat as I began to finger-fuck the tight pussy that I now called my own. Heat spread across my body and I pinched my erect nipple as I became numb with pleasure, my now soaking fingers were working furiously on my pussy and I started to feel a totally new sensation begin to build. Finally in an eruption of juices I reached my orgasm.

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My entire body bucked with the intensity that I had never felt as a man and I could not prevent a loud moan of pleasure from escaping my lips. A sharp knocking at the bathroom door tore me back to reality. "Alex, are you okay in there" Shit, my sister was home. I currently lived at home with my 19 year-old-sister and my mum who was 39.

My dad had left us when I was very young, and recently our family had fallen into hard times as my mum was struggling to support us all. My sister usually works Saturday morning so I had never even considered that she would be home and now I've got myself into a totally fucked up situation. How could I even try to explain something that I didn't even understand myself?

"Alexandra, can you answer me? I'm really starting to get worried. Stop pissing around" Jesus, she's going to open the door that I stupidly left unlocked (I'm actually starting to consider that I might deserve landing myself in these situations). What the fuck am I going to do? Did she just call me pyjamas that I had so rabidly torn from my new body I walked back through to my room, surely there must be some clue to what had happened. As soon as I walked my bedroom something caught my eye.

What appeared to be a note of some kind was lying on my bedside table. On closer inspection I found it to be an onyx black piece of what seemed to be paper.

Carefully picking it up I began to read the words that were eerily moving across the paper. In the dead of the night you asked and we answered.

You have been granted a second life, one in which you will no longer be treated as an outcast. This is my gift to you. But this gift does not come without a price, we may ask many tasks of you. For I am Legion, and we are many. Barely had I finished reading the note before a searing pain tore into my thigh. The pain was short but fierce and I grew alarmed as the smell of burning flesh drifted deep into my nostrils.

My vision immediately flew to my thigh were the pain had originated. "What the fuck?" Branded into my right thigh just below the hip was the word LEGIO. My mind struggled to understand what was happening. *<>* After an uncomfortable but uneventful breakfast with my sister I decided to leave the house and do something to distract myself.

Entirely unbidden the thought of a trip to do some shopping popped into my head. With no real alternative that I could think of I headed down to the city centre. I decided to buy some new clothes to suit my body and headed into a lingerie shop to find some underwear. After selecting a rather skimpy black lace bra and a matching pair of panties I walked over to the changing rooms to try them on.

Smiling shyly at the shop assistant I entered a booth. Immediately I faced the same problem that I had had this morning. I couldn't for the life of me get the bra on. "Excuse me? Are you okay in there?" The shop assistant queried from behind the door. "Would you like any help?" Shit.


The assistant had obviously hear my audible struggles and she was now seriously offering to enter the booth and help me. Seeing no alternative I replied.

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"Yes, please. I'm having a little bit of a problem" I answered nervously in my still unfamiliar voice. "Okay, I'm coming in" And in came the assistant. She was a woman in her early twenties and was stunningly gorgeous. She had long brunette hair with large breasts and ample hips. I couldn't help but blush and I felt my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth with nerves. Luckily she quickly saw the problem and I didn't even need to say a word. Positioning herself behind me she quickly began to resolve the issue.

As she moved to connect the clasp of the bra I felt a sudden chill come over my body. My first gift and our first curse come together now and are bestowed upon you. Whomsoever makes contact with your skin will feel an overwhelming sense of lust and they will be unable to resist the carnal pleasure that you represent.

I have spoken and our word is a law onto you. The whispered words echoed in my ears as I felt the assistant's hand brush ever so slightly across my shoulder. She gasped loudly and her breathing became heavy. Suddenly the hands that had only moments before finally connected the bra suddenly tore at it in a rabid urge to remove my clothing. Stumbling under the sudden strength of the woman I found myself on the ground with her body weighing heavily upon mine.

Her eyes were wide with passion and desire and I surrendered myself to the moment. Pulling her face close to mine I enveloped her soft lips readily darting my tongue greedily into her mouth.

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As we held each other in that passionate kiss our hands tore at each other's clothing, discarding the thin skin that prevented our writhing bodies from coming together. Our hands and fingers explored one another's bodies seeking pleasure in the warmth and softness of our skin. My hands welcomingly found themselves on her breasts and I massaged her nipples gently between my fingertips. As my hands had found her breasts so did her mouth find my own. Electricity and sheer pleasure shot through my body as she took my sensitive nipples into her mouth and began to gently suck them.

Her mouth did not linger long however and she began to move down my body and towards my mound, showering my skin with kisses as she went. Eventually she found herself at my slit and didn't hesitate before moving her tongue between my soaking wet lips and drinking my juices with relish. The pleasure that I felt now was like nothing I had ever felt before, it was all encompassing and I could do nothing but buck my hips in an attempt to gain ever more sensation.

I could see her head moving between my thighs as the pleasure built up and exploded in a glorious tidal wave of feeling. Exhausted I collapsed and lay panting upon the floor of the cubicle but she wasn't finished yet.

Positioning herself so that her wet pussy hovered just above my face she continued to work magic with her tongue. I grabbed her hips and pulled her glory down towards my face.

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I encased her with my mouth and experimentally inserted my tongue between her folds. Her salty taster drove me deeper and I began to suck on her erect clit as our moans rose to a crescendo. The intense feeling returned to my body as we each drove one another to our simultaneous climaxes. She exploded alongside me and I felt her thighs clamp together against my head with the pleasure of the moment. Exhausted we fell apart and lay beside one another breathing heavily.

I realised now that this body and the powers they came with it would lead me to experience a great many things. I do plan to continue Alex's story but it depends entirely on feedback from readers.

I apologise for any spelling or grammar mistakes but I hope you enjoyed it none the less. Thanks for reading.