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Sexually starved babe fucks herself doggy style and rubs the pussy
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"Why is today so slow?" I thought to myself standing in front of my class teaching about various historical figures and events. "That's right, he's here right now." I thought shooting a glare over to a man watching as I taught. You see, I'm a first time teacher.

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This group of students are the first ones I've ever taught and it was maybe two months since I had started teaching. Since this was my first try at teaching a class, they'd send in some 70 year old stiff to watch from time to time. He'd criticize me after each class saying how I should focus more on empowering them or how I was too lenient when someone broke a rule, and I'd be forced to follow his will while he was around or else I feared I'd get in trouble some how.

My own teaching method was more fun than this and it at least seemed my students enjoyed it. They at least usually paid attention more.

It was on this day that I was thankful for his 'advice'. As I droned on and on in a monotone voice that even made it hard for even me to stay awake, I noticed as a few of the kids in the back of the classroom whispering. I didn't mind personally if the kids did this from time to time, but to give a good impression to the 70 year old coot, I told the group to settle down and pay attention. It worked too easily as he nodded in approval. Of course, like all sixteen year olds, they'd use other means to communicate.

Note passing in this day and age was non-existent it seemed as I watched the group pull out cell phones. Though there was a strict policy against them being on, but I always allowed it because I went with the logic of if there was an emergency, they'd want to know then.

So long as they were on silent and made no noise with them, I had no problems.

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However, one student must have forgotten this and after reading something from a friend, she replied with a very loud *BEEP* as she pressed the number on her phone.

Everyone turned to her including the man watching me. Being still rusty with names, I looked down a list I had with student names and their pictures next to them.

To try and find a place where both the man and the girl would be happy, I said to her, "Please turn your phone off, Caitlin, and pay attention." Knowing full well she'd just turn it to silent. I looked at the man from the corner of my eye and felt my self shiver as he stood and walked to me. He only did this when I made a huge mistake and I kept thinking "Fuck!" in my head over and over. He leaned in to me and whispered in my ear something that no one could hear but me.

"Okay," I mumbled back to him then looked towards the girl who's face was rather red still from being caught. "Caitlin," I said with obvious resentment for the old man, "Please bring me your phone.

You can have it back at the end of the class." The girl walked up under the snickers and giggles of her classmates and with reluctance handed over the phone. She quickly headed back to her seat her face flushed with embarrassment while her friends made fun of her. My droning made the thirty minutes of class seem like several hours, but it was all to make this 70 year old shirt happy.

When it finally ended, everyone quickly left the class while Caitlin trailed the group last. She walked up to my desk, my hand already pulling the phone from my desk. I handed it to her and said, "Don't do it again." As she walked to the door. The old man stopped her. "Wait!" he said with a voice that sounded like it should just die already. He looked to me. "I haven't seen how you handle discipline yet and this is a good opportunity." He smiled making me think he was a sadist in an earlier life.

He didn't have to tell me what to do, I could read it on his face. "Fine," I said looking to Caitlin. "You've got detention after school, Caitlin. Two hours of it." I hated giving detention. As a student, I hated it for wasting my time, as a teacher, I hated how it cut in to my little personal time that I had left after grading papers and homework. Caitlin cursed under her breath at the old man as she left. The rest of the day went by just as that class did.

I droned on and on putting my students to sleep, barely keeping a single line of thought. Finally, the bell rang signaling the end of the school day. Three thirty never felt so sweet. Finally I could go home!

Well, I wanted to until I remembered the detention I was forced to give. My mood became rather fowl. A few minutes after the bell rang, the old man asked about what I was going to do for Caitlin's detention. I said I'd just teach her what I went over in class then make her do homework, then would probably go over how her breaking the rules wastes both our times. He nodded in approval and a few moments later, Caitlin entered. Not saying a word I watched as she shouted profanities at the old guy with her eyes.

"Take a seat, Caitlin," I said as she did so, her skirt fluttered as she sat. "Since you weren't paying attention in my class, I'll have to make you sit through my class again." And thus I began my droning again. Thankfully, it wasn't as long as it was the first time.

I was about halfway in to my talk about Caligula when the old man stopped me. "I'm sorry for interrupting," he said standing. "I completely forgot about a conference I needed to go to." The old man started for the door.

"You're doing good right now with this. Keep it up for the rest of the time." With a speed that no old man should have, he bolted from the room.

I sighed and sat down in my chair looking at Caitlin. "I'm sorry for this. You know I don't like giving detentions." I looked at the clock and noticed only a half an hour had passed. Caitlin smiled, "Well, does that mean I can leave now early?" I laughed really wanting to leave as well.

"Sorry, Caitlin, but we gotta make it official. Besides, chances are that old guy forgot something and could be back at any time. By the way, have you called your parents yet telling them you'll be late? I'd hate if you got in trouble because of me." She gave a small laugh. "Yeah, but they think I'm with friends.

Don't tell them, please!" "Don't worry, I won't." I said with a smile. I mean, what really was the point? Her grades were good in the class and she turned in all her homework, so I found no reason why her parents should know.

I looked at my watch. "Well, if you need to kill time, just do your homework or whatever until 5:30" I said starting on a stack of tests I had yet to grade. And hour later I looked at my watch to realize only 15 minutes had passed. "Fuck!" I shouted accidentally. "I didn't think teachers were allowed to swear in front of students." I looked up and saw Caitlin balancing a few things on her desk. "Well, I can't help it always. Normally grading papers goes a lot faster when I'm at home." I laughed watching her.

At first I was watching her balance things, but felt my eyes drift to her body as she sat at the desk. I never noticed before, but she was quite the girl. Her eyes shined a soft blue which seemed to stand out even more to her slightly pale, but beautiful skin. I watched as she bit her light pink lips trying to balance a pencil on end.

The blonde pigtails she had her hair in flowed down and over her perfect looking chest. My eyes drifted to under the desk to her feet. Though I'm no foot guy, I must say, she had the prettiest feet I've ever seen, perfectly cleaned and maintain to show off. My eyes began wandering up her smooth looking, model-like legs. Before long, my eyes found there way to her skirt. Her legs were closed just enough that it denied my eyes access to what I wanted. But as if on cue, her legs opened slightly taking my breath away.

Almost nothing was left to the imagination as I saw a pair of black near-transparent panties hug tightly to her body. "Having fun?" Caitlin's voice snapped me back in to reality. "Wha-?" I panicked slightly, my face felt hot. The words jumbled in my mouth until I finally spat out, "I-I don't know what you mean. I was just. thinking about something relating to work!" "Me?" I noticed Caitlin had a huge grin on her face while she licked her lips.

Her hand slid down, then back up her body tracing her curves while my eyes followed. I watched as her hand slid down further, then under her desk to the edge of her skirt. Slowly, she pushed down on it, covering what she had shown me, and pulled back showing more of her legs.

Had I been a more responsible teacher, I suppose, I'd had looked another direction. But what sane teacher couldn't watch as such a beauty teased more and more. But she was teasing me!

And several people would know that's not a good idea to do. When I'm teased too much, I tend to lose what I'd loosely call my morals, the things that kept me 'decent'. Not to mention, by this point there was little blood now flowing to my brain. I was lost in another trance, my mind drifting when I heard a digital clicking noise that snapped me out of it again.

I looked up to see my student laughing, holding her phone in her hand aimed at me. "You're an awesome teacher, really, but you're way to easy!" she laughed taking another picture with her phone's camera smirking. "Can't wait until my friends hear about this!" I don't know what happened at that point in my mind Perhaps something snapped, or maybe it was out of fear, but I wasn't about to let her get away with what she did unpunished.

My eyes glared a certain heat that seemed to silence her in an instant. Slowly, I rose to my feet and walked toward her. As I approached her, she slunk back in to her seat. I approached her desk the slammed my hands down with a rather hard bang.

I stared deep in to Caitlin's eyes, those eyes that caught my attention and said with a low growl, "Like teasing? We'll see if you like the fruits of your 'labor' " I pushed myself from her desk and walked to the door of the class room.

With a quick glance down the halls, I saw no one coming and shut the door and locked it from the inside. I pulled the blinds closed and made my way back to Caitlin's chair.

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"My lesson for today, Caitlin:" I said in a slightly dark tone, "Things you shouldn't do to your teachers. Lesson 1: teasing them." Grabbing her by her wrist, I pulled her from her chair roughly causing a whimper of pain to drift from her. I pulled her to the front of the room where the whiteboard was kept and forced a marker in to her hand.

"Now write!" I demanded. "Wr-write w-what?" Caitlin said, her voice trembling. My eyes burned in to her. "Wr-write wh-what?" I repeated half mockingly. "You know what to write! Write exactly what you are! I want you to write 'I am a dirty little tease' enough times to fill that bored." Her eyes widened due to the request coming from me.

"Wh-what?!" she said in awe. I grabbed her hand and forced it to the bored, at the time not caring of the whimpers of pain coming from her. Slowly, but surely, I forced her to write out each word as light tears rolled from her eyes by now. Finally, when the phrase was written, I let go of her hand then pointed at the board. "Now write that enough times to fill this board." A thought briefly flashed through my head.

"Or else I'll punish you another way," I said with a slightly sadistic grin. The seriousness of my voice, or the thought of the consequence, must have motivated Caitlin. With a shaky hand she began to write. Unfortunately for me, she was a fast writer, too fast for me to enjoy the moment. Within a few minutes, the entire white board was nearly full. I grinned as she neared the end of the board. By the time she had gotten to the last 'tease', tears flowed freely from her eyes.

Right as she made her final 'e', I took the eraser and erased half of all she wrote. "You're not done yet, naughty tease." I laughed. Caitlin dropped the marker and fell to her knees. Her hands covered her face as a garbled mess of words came from her mouth. "Please, no more! I'm sorry!" She difficulty said. I wasn't about to let tears sway me. I grabbed her wrist and brought her to her feet again and stared in to her watery eyes. "You brought this upon yourself!" I grinned.

"And it looks like you'd rather receive the alternate punishment." She questioned what I was going to do to her, but I made no effort to respond hoping the silence would scare her in a way. With her body limp in reluctance, I finally managed to drag her to my desk.

I let her body fall on to it, her ass stood straight out while her chest fell against the desk top. I pressed my arm in to her back, pinning her to it. A thought of what I may do cause her to start fighting. But, a few moment later, her body went limp again as if in defeat, but I knew better. Her mouth opened to scream, but my hand was quick to cover it.

I partially laid on to of her so I could have a free hand. I knew she could feel as my hand slid under her skirt and grab a hold of her panties.

And I knew she could feel as in one strong pull, I ripped them completely off of her.

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Muffled cries came from around my hand. "Please! No, not that!" were some of the few barely understandable words that drifted from her. I laughed, my mind clearly not what it normally was.

"'That' isn't a bad idea, I'll keep it in mind," I said with glee. "But 'that' isn't what I was going to do." My hand grabbed the edge of her skirt and lifted it revealing her bare bottom as I slid off to her side and moved the hand on her mouth back to pinning her.

I glanced over her rather fantastic ass and rubbed my hand across it. Caitlin whimpered in protest but never fought nor attempted to scream. Though her legs remained tightly closed, as I glanced over naked flesh, I could see part of a bare pussy.

I merely grinned as I finally began my punishment. My hand rubbed a few more soothing circles before *SMACK!* My hand slapped her cheek hard causing her to wince in pain. *SMACK!* I did it again. I spanked her several more times before I glanced up to her side-turned face.

The tears had stopped and now she was biting her lip slightly while her face was flushed slightly red. Another spank revealed what I thought as a barely audible moan of pleasure drifted from her lips. My eyes drifted from her face to her red bottom. I spanked her again causing another soft moan. Slowly, my eyes drifted down a bit more. To my pleasure, but partial dismay, I notice a small glistening trail flow lightly down her gorgeous legs. Upon slapping her ass again, I leaned over and whispered, "Quit enjoying this so much." Her face turned an even deeper red.

My mind was racing the short laps that it had as my pants felt exceedingly tight at the sight before my eyes. A massive grin adorned my face. It was becoming even harder to control myself knowing this sixteen year old girl, who had countless boys obviously drooling over her, was being turned on by my "punishment".

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My hand rubbed across her red cheek and squeezed it once. When no protest came from her, I spanked her again before rubbing and squeezing more.

In my mind, either Caitlin enjoyed it, or realized there was no point in fighting. The soft moans proved to me it was the first thought. It wasn't my original intention what happened next, but it was as if I was a different person at the time.

My hand seemed to have a mind of it's own and slowly rubbed down from Caitlin's butt and rested just under it on her leg. Again, I leaned over and whispered in to her ear, this time saying "Ready for more 'punishment'?" I ask, a bit of lust in my voice this time.

Without waiting for a response, my hand drifted between her legs as she generously spread them. "Eager are we?" I said with a chuckle as my hand past through the wetness that flowed down her legs. Somewhat bold of me, but by this point, what wasn't, I kissed her cheek and whispered "Good girl." As my hand rubbed around her leg, my lips drifted from her cheek to her neck and kissed lightly up and down it.

My lips parted as I bit her once, then again, harder though. On one of my bites, I felt her body slightly shudder in delight and after a few more bites. After a few more bites, I found the location tat made her shudder, a spot just between her shoulder and neck.

I bit harder down on the location which made her moan softly. As my bite became harder, it seemed to turn her on more, or at the very least, make her moan louder, as my teeth sank deeper in to her neck. As my bite continued, I felt as Caitlin's hand found it's way to the back of my head to pull me harder on to the spot.

With a little difficulty, I finally pulled myself from the bite and Caitlin's clutch, her moans became hard gasps. Meanwhile, my hand moved from her leg and brushed lightly against her wetness trying to learn all it could about this girl's sensitive areas. My fingers traced gently around her wet pussy lips occasionally slightly in to her. More soft moans told me to continue further as my fingers found their way to her ever sensitive clit.

In softly, teasing circles, my fingers rubbed against the sensitive button. Moans became louder as her body shook from my touch. After rubbing several almost antagonizing, teasing circles, I moved my hand back to her entrance and slowly started to push a finger in to her. She mumbled something, but I cared not for what it was as my finger pressed deep in to her.

Caitlin winced slightly and bit her lip harder to silence herself. When My finger was deep in to her, I kept it there for but a moment before withdrawing it to the tip. Then, I pressed back in to her and pulled out again. Each push in to her, I wiggled my finger inside her. She bit her lip harder as I increased my pace, wiggling my finger faster, more randomly. I decided one wasn't enough for her so I slid a second finger in which probed as deep as the first.

I bit the beauty's neck again as my two fingers explored her. As I pulled from the bite, I glanced to her face and noticed she was bleeding slightly from biting her lip so hard. My lips drifted to her ear and suckled on it slightly before whisper, "It's okay, let it out. Moan for me." Nothing could describe the pleasure I felt as Caitlin gave in and let out a loud moan. My fingers increased in speed again as I slid them in and out of her, this time more harder.

With a slight twist of my wrist, my thumb found her clit and rubbed against it as my fingers wiggled faster. It brought me more pleasure as her hips began to thrust back against my hand, trying to get my fingers more.

Something told me she was close to a climax, but I wasn't about to let her have it. As I felt the heat of her body increase rapidly, I pulled my fingers from her before she could experience bliss.

A whimper of disappointment drifted from her as her hips thrust back trying to find my fingers. By this point, however, my fingers made their way to my mouth for me to taste the girl.

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Such a wonderful taste it was as I licked my fingers clean. Caitlin let out a grunt telling me to continue more but it only amused me. I smiled as I whispered back in to her ear, "This is suppose to be a punishment, why should I pleasure you?" I loosened my hold I had on her then pulled her from my desk while turning her around then pushing her down to her knees.

She looked up at me and as our eyes met, mine told her exactly what to do. She resisted, pretending to fumble with the zipper to my pants, but anyone could tell her resistance was all an act at this point. After a few moments, she finally unzipped my pants and rather quickly pulled them down along with my underwear. As my hardness sprang free, Caitlin's hand slid around me and began to stroke.

She started out slow, almost unsure about what to do, but began to move her hand faster, slightly squeezing each time her hand arrived at the base of my dick showing she knew a lot more than she let on. Her other hand slid up my thigh and cupped my balls before squeezing them slightly. As she continued to stroke, I pushed my hips to match her movements. Her hand moved up and down me faster now. Each time she brought it to the head, her thumb would lightly rub before her hand would slide back down.

She added a movement as her hand twisted slightly with each stroke. I looked down to her eyes which fixated themselves on my throbbing cock as it moved between her hands. With what looked like hunger to me, her eyes refused to move from anything but what she was 'working' on. "Go on," I said with a brad smile.

Caitlin's eyes shifted in embarrassment but locked back on to what she wanted. Her hand's motion slowed as she stuck out the tip of her tongue.

It was as if she was intentionally being shy, as if she knew I always liked the shy girl 'look' and damn it was cute. Slowly, her head moved closer until the tip of her tongue met my cock. It made me coo and shudder softly, something she picked up on with a grin. Slowly, teasingly, her tongue began to lick.

She started licking just the tip of my dick first, but soon, my entire cock was pleased as it felt her tongue slide over every inch of it. Caitlin's hand softly squeezed as her tongue slithered around my cock, tasting it.

As she licked back up to the top, her tongue would flick at my cock's head sending a shiver up my spine. I like it way too much. as she licked a few more times, her hand moved again, stroking me as her tongue licked me. She then pulled her head back and looked up at me with a most seductive smile and devious grin.

Her hand stroked me a few more times before stopping again and squeezing on me lightly. Almost as if mocking me, she giggle, "Oh please no more punishment!" I thrust my hips at her telling her what I wanted, and before I knew it, I felt as the warmth of her lips engulfed my cock. Her lips rested on the head as I felt a light suction while her tongue swirled around in her mouth for an added feeling.

I couldn't help but thrust forward and was rewarded with her mouth taking most of my cock in. A moan drifted from my mouth as she began to suck. Her head pulled up from my cock, then pushed back down as far as she could go. Her tongue slithered around me while her hand began pumping at what couldn't fit in her mouth. As Caitlin sucked, her head began to bob faster, her tongue moved more erratically. She softly moaned as she sucked giving yet another wonderful feeling to me.

Whether intentional or not, she let out sucking and slurping noises which added more pleasure to the wonderful blowjob she was giving As she sucked me harder and faster, making me moan more, a surprise shook us both. My phone on my desk rang.


She quickly ignored it, and continued to suck but I could see on the name of the person who was calling. That old coot.

"C-Caitlin" I moaned in pleasure, "H-hold on for a second. I need to answer the phone!" She ignored me and instead increased her pace her tongue moved more wildly. The little tease, she was going to make me talk on the phone while she sucked me! She won this round as I picked up the phone and shakily said "H-Hello?" I had no idea what was being told to me and merely said "Uh-huh" trying my hardest not to moan while Caitlin tried her hardest to make me.

She sucked harder, and faster, taking me deeper than she wished to, but she wanted me to moan at any cost. Her head moved to the top of my dick and sucked hard on the tip as her tongue wiggle fast and hard against it.

Her hand stroked me quickly, milking me, doing anything it could to make me moan and if she had continued, she would have succeeded. Thankfully for me, the phone call ended at the same moment I let out a loud moan. "Damn!" she said with a final suck as I pulled the naughty sixteen year old from me and brought her to her feet.

"You naughty, naughty girl!" I said breathing hard and heavy. "I'll have to punish you again!" I spun her around again and bent her over my desk.

Without a second warning, I spanked her again, harder than I had ever before. Why I looked at the clock I'll never know, but the fact remained her 'detention' was near over. I would have kept her longer, but any later than 5:30 and janitors would show up. So, in a breathless tone, I said, "Since your detention's almost over, I figure I should finish your 'punishment now'." Caitlin looked back at me and with a grin.

"Well, I wonder what your final 'punishment will be?" She said sarcastically thrusting her hips back at me. "I haven't a clue!" she added sticking her tongue at me. "Well, you're about to find out!" I grinned as I positioned myself behind her while lifting her skirt up so it wouldn't fall down.

To my delight, she was still just as wet as when my fingers left her and I gladly lined myself up. I teasingly rubbed my cock against her entrance causing her to moan softly. Her hips pressed back, telling me she wanted it now and I gladly gave her what she desired. With one long, hard thrust, I slid completely in to my student and slammed hard against her.


The force moved my desk slightly while it cause Caitlin to moan loudly. I held myself in her for a moment, letting myself feel her, and to let her do the same to me. Slowly, I withdrew myself back to my cock's head. "Get ready, Caitlin," I said before slamming back in to her hard and fast. I rested a hand on Caitlin's hips as I pulled from her and thrust hard and fast back in to her. I repeated the motion, each time my hand on her hip would pull her harder on to me.

Her pussy grabbed and milked at me, wanting me more and more, wanting me harder and faster, wanting me deeper, and I gladly obliged. My pace increased as well as the power of my thrusts, each one in to her lifting her off her feet slightly and moving my desk more.

She looked back at me and bit her lip as moans came from her. "P-please spank me more!" She said as she ground her hips against mine with each of my thrusts.

I spanked her once with my free hand. "I'll do more than that," I said with each deep thrust. My hand on her hip slid up her back to her hair. The pig tails it was in were now coming undone loosening some of her hair.

Using what was free, I grabbed a handful of Caitlin's hair and pulled on it as I continued my thrusts. Our hips now made audible slapping noises as I slammed as hard and deep in to her as I could. My hand spanked her again, and again as I pulled harder on her hair, using it to thrust harder in to her.

As I continued, louder moans filled the classroom from both of us. How much longer I could keep up my pace I had no idea, but I wasn't about to stop either. I spanked her a few more times before my hand slid around her hips to between her legs. As I continued my thrusts and hair pulling, my hand found its way to Caitlin's clit and rubbed around it.

Slowly at first, my fingers rubbed up and down on her clit as I thrust and ground against her wonderful pussy. My fingers changed motions and rubbed roughly, but gently, in fast circles on her sensitive bud. It had the effect I desired as she moaned, "Oh fuck!" several times while throwing her head to the sides. I bent over, remembering the spot on her neck that made her moan and bit hard on it as I pulled against her hair and rubbed quickly on her clit.

My body was on the edge as she let out a moan that became a loud scream of pleasure. Her whole body shook as a powerful orgasm shot through her body. Her pussy spasm violently against my thrusting cock sending me over the edge. With a few final thrusts in to her, I moaned in unison with her and thrust deeply as I came harder than I had ever before in to her. Several shots filled her as I thrust continuously through our climaxes before collapsing on top of her.

After a few moments rest, I breathlessly pulled from her, my cum slid out of her while a few soft moans drifted from her mouth. I nibbled lightly on her neck causing her to groan for just a little longer. Her hand wrapped around my head and pulled me to her lips for a rough, deep kiss which I thoroughly enjoyed. As I pulled from the kiss, I brought her to her feet. "Well, would you look at that," I said looking at the clock. "I've kept you ten minutes longer than I said I would." We both breathlessly laughed as we made ourselves more 'decent'.

"Well, I better get home then before my parents freak out," Caitlin said, slightly wobbly as she grabbed her things. As she headed to the door, I said "Hold it! You forgot your panties!" She laughed and unlocked the door and pushed it open before smiling at me and saying, "Well, you kind of tore them up, so there's not much use for them." With that, she left the classroom. After a wonderful night of sleep, and little work due to thoughts of my day, the next day came.

It was another dull day being watched by the old guy until my class with Caitlin came. As she walked in to the room, she saw the old guy, gave him a nasty look, then grinned at me and took her seat. About half way through my droning about some dead person, I heard a very loud *BEEP* Everyone in the class including me and the old guy looked back at Caitlin, who's face had gone red. I was barely able to hold my smile back as I said, "You know Caitlin, no phones on in class, bring it to me and you can get it after your detention after school.

As well as have the lesson over again." Obviously with faked reluctance, she walked up to the front of the class and handed me her phone. As I took her phone, I her another very loud *BEEP*.

Again, everyone turned their heads to the back of the classroom at another girl. I looked at my student roster and with some dismay that I couldn't have Caitlin again, said, "Joanne? Yes, you, come bring your phone to me, you can get it in detention later." As the girl handed me her phone she grinned deviously. Curiously, I glanced over to Caitlin who gave me a wink. Before they took their seats, Caitlin whispered, "We'll both look forward to detention today." The End.