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Best teen amateur blowjob
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My first sexual encounter happened between my sister's friend and I. It was the summer before ninth grade. My sister, Mary, isn't a looker in any sense of the word. She was overweight, had no tits, and had no difference between her ass and her thighs. Earin, on the other hand, was very different.

She was thin, had small-but-perky tits, and a nice round ass. She was 11. I was 14. Every time she came over with her 8 year old brother, he and I always ended up tussling on the floor with Earin and Mary.

During these scuffles, I would "accidentaly" grab her tits, or rub my crotch against her ass. One time I managed to grope between her legs. This continued until August. Earin was spending the night. Mary managed to get herself grounded. My mom almost made Earin go home, but Mary begged her not to punish Earin for something she did. My mom relented and let Earin stay, but Mary was confined to her bedroom. I decided to make my move. I hid behind the shower curtain in my shared bathroom.

And I waited. I jolted awake as the bathroom door clicked shut. I waited until I heard the lock click before I breathed. I heard a zipper and the sound of fabric against skin. I peeked around the shower curtain and almost shouted with glee. It was Earin. I had deliberately waited until I knew my parents would be in bed.

I jerked aside the shower curtain. "Surprise!" Earin jumped and hurriedly covered up her hairless vag. "Dray!" She gasped. "What are you doing?" I grinned. "Earin, I think it's time you learned how to please a man." I pulled down my pants and boxers, exposing my 5 inch hard-on. Earin's eyes widened. "You want me to play with your penis?

Ew!" I couldn't help but grin at her innocence. "Your'e going to play with my penis, and stick it in your mouth, and I'm gonna put it in your vagina!" The look on her face was pure horror. I knelt down. "Earin," I said in a soothing voice. "I'm going to make you feel really good, but it will hurt for a few minutes." Without waiting for her to respond, I pulled her hand covering her crotch away and gently probed her virgin pussy with my free hand.

She shivered, then gasped as my finger pierced her hymen. I felt the hot blood drip down my digit. Earin looked at me with suspicion. "Was it supposed to bleed?" I nodded. "Yes, Earin. That was the pain I told you about.

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Let's clean you up." I pulled her pants and panties down all the way and slipped them off her smooth legs. I removed her shirt. Her nipples were hard. Earin looked at me inquisitively. I picked her up and ran cold water over her vagina from the bathroom sink. She shivered. "Stop that Dray! That's cold!" "Stop whining," I said teasingly. "This will clean the blood out of your vagina." A thought struck me. "You like learning new words?" She nodded.

"I'll teach you some new words. Instead of 'penis', I want you to call it 'dick' or 'cock'. Instead of 'vagina', you will call it a 'pussy', a 'slit', or a 'vag'. 'Having sex' is called 'fucking'." She gasped. "You just swore!" I hung my head. "Earin, saying 'fuck' is okay if you're having sex, alright? Just listen. When I put my peinis in your mouth, it's called a 'blowjob'.

When you rub it with your hands, it's a 'handjob'. Your breasts are 'tits' and your butt is an 'ass' Get it?" She grinned and nodded. "Got it!" "Good. Now give me a handjob." She sat on the sink and didn't move.

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"Give me a handjob," I repeated. "No," Earin said obstinately. "You said I would feel good. I won't play with your pe-- I mean, dick, until you make me feel good." I stared at her. She stared back. FInally, I relented. "Fine. We'll have it your way." I picked her up and sat her on the toilet seat, with her sweet slit hanging just over the edge. I kneld down and started tongue-fucking her pussy. I reached up and massaged her tits with my hands, tweaking her nipples occasionaly.

She shivered and moaned. I started sucking on her engorged clit. She bit her lip and tilted her head back. Her heavy breathing told me she was close to orgasm.

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I pinched her nipples and sucked on her clit faster than before. Earin squealed and bucked. Her pussy gushed with juices. She panted. "Omigod, Dray! That felt so good!" I stood up and guided her to her knees. "Now it's your turn to pleasure me now. Handjob, please." She wrapped her hands around my 5-incher. Her hands barely covered my dick. "Whoops," I told her.

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"I forgot: spit on my cock first, then rub up and down." She followed my instructions. Pretty soon I was in teenage handjob heaven. Her small fingers were as soft as silk. For a virgin, she was amazing with her hands, twisting them, alternating the pressure, varying her speed. I pulled her hands off my cock, and I swear she looked disappointed.


"Earin, pretty soon, I will orgasm. When I do, my dick is gonna shoot white sticky stuff called cum. If it gets on you, don't freak out.


It will wash right off after we're done. Now it's time for a blowjob. Stick my cock in your mouth." She took my cock into her warm orifice. I palmed the back of her head gently, gradually making her go deeper and deeper.

"It's okay to use your tongue," I told her. Earin complied, moving her tongue all over the head of my rod, even playing with the urethra. She pulled her head off my dick, spit trailing on her chin. "Like that?" I nodded. "This time, try to put as much in your mouth as possible." She followed my command to the letter, fitting four inches in her mouth, touching the top of her throat. I moaned as her tongue continued its work. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. "Unhh. Earin." I murmured. "I'm going to cum down your throat.

Put my cock all the way in." I grasped her head and held it all the way to the base of my cock. As soon as my glans slipped into her throat, I came. I shot rope after rope of hot cum down in her warm esophagus. I kept her nose against my pubic hair until I was done cumming.

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I extracted my limp cock from her mouth. "Dray? Why did your balls twitch when you came?" "Semen, or cum, starts in the balls. It travels up the cock and out the pee-hole." "Can I see you cum next time? And play with your balls?" "Earin, you will see me cum next time, 'cause I'm gonna pull out of your pussy before I cum.

You can play with my balls right now." Earin took my balls in one of her hands and rubbed my wet cock with the other. Her efforts earned her a half-hard cock in return. She seemed disappointed. I told her to get on her hands and knees. I rested my cock between her firm ass cheeks. "Get ready Earin. I'm about to fuck you." I slipped my cock into her tight, wet vag.

She gasped. I pulled it out halfway, then rammed it back in. Her ass jiggled with each thrust. I grabbed her ass with one hand and used my other to play with her clit.

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I could feel her vaginal muscles clench as she neared orgasm. I pulled out when she came. I wanted her to ride me. I layed down on the floor and impaled her on my cock. Earin leaned forward and tenatively kissed me. I grabbed her head and kissed her hard. I didn't stop fucking her though. I kept her ass right on a bouncin on my rod. Her cunt really was tight. I finally had to end the kiss so I could breathe. I popped Earin off my rod and came on her thigh. She picked up the cum on her finger and tasted it.

"Yuck!" I turned on the tap in the bathtub and waited for it to get warm. While we waited, I laid down on the floor. "Earin, this position is called a 69. I will lick your pussy and you will give me a blowjob." She lowered her hairless slit down over my face.

I dove right in, licking and kissing and sucking with reckless abandon. I searched for her g-spot with my tongue. She shivered when I found it. I kept at it, not stopping until her juices splattered my face.

I then proceded to stand up and hop in the bath. I pulled Earin in with me. After I closed the curtain, I opened the shower valve and let the hot water run over my body. I pulled Earin close and started kissing her.

My cock rubbed up against her groin, barely grazing her clit. My hands reached around and played with her ass cheeks. She moaned and pressed her tits against my chest. I slipped a finger in her asshole. I heard a short gasp, a little squeal, and a grunt all in the same sound as I started my rectal fingering. I couldn't take it anymore. I forced Earin down on her knees and poked my cock at her face.

She got the message. Her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. One of her hands jerked the shaft while the other ventured down and started to rub her pussy. As I've said before, Earin was a natural at the art of fellatio.

I knew my orgasm was approaching fast. I grabbed her head and started skullfucking her. As soon as I started to cum, I pulled out and came on her face. Just as quickly, the cum was washed off her face by the shower. I stood her up and pulled her close. We spent half an hour just standing there, holding eachother. It wasn't a moment of passion, just close companionship. After the shower, we dried and put our clothes back on.

We went our separate ways and went to sleep. The next morning, when I was in the bathroom, naked and about to get in the shower, i heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" "It's me, Earin." "Hm. Come on in." She walked in the door. I really couldn't help my erection flaring up. Her pajama top was sheer white.

She had neglected to wear a bra, so I could just pick out her hard nipples showing through. She wore leggings that were tight in the crotch. I could see the outline of her labia straining against the fabric, along with a wet spot. Earin locked the door behind her and began stripping.

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My cock grew harder with every inch of skin that was exposed. As soon as she was nude, she got on her hands and knees. "C'mon Dray! I want you inside of me." I knelt behind her and eased my cock into her wet vag.

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I then collapsed on top of her, forcing her onto the ground. I kept thrusting my cock back in and out, in and out. As soon as I knew I would cum, I pulled out and jizzed all over her ass. Earin looked back at me teasingly. "That's all?" "Not even close honey." I flipped her over onto her back and rotated my body so my crotch was over her face.

I dropped my body and dove my face into her hairless cunt. I did everything i could to make her orgasm. I sucked on her clit, fingered her, probed for her g-spot, etc. She sucked on my cock with all the skill of a pornstar.

I tried not to cum until after she did. As soon as she came, violently bucking, i squirted my seed on her face. We cleaned up and dressed.

Every time she came to our house after that, we would fuck at least once. I ended up marrying her 14 years later. She still sucks cock like a pro. I just hope our son doesn't learn that.