Rihanna rimes playing naked twister

Rihanna rimes playing naked twister
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It was a beautiful evening and after dinner I went to the cliffs overlooking the beach, to sit and gaze at the rippling waters of the evening sunset. Just sitting there in the darkness which was fast approaching and feeling the rest of me at ease with myself, it was hard to believe that anyhting else was more important.

My hair was in my face and some of it had even penetrated inside of me, that is the little ones and as I moved a little bit, the hairs would move with me which in turn started to make me tremble a bit. I knew what I wanted and was sending messages to the rest of my body that the mood was fast approaching for some exquisite sensations to happen.

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It was not long before my answer came, yes it would feel good and my companion turned to her friend and whispered something in his ear. I too wanted her friend to come and visit and play with me again, just like the many times over the past. We were good friends and had spent a lot of good times together locked in an embrace that niether of us wanted to break.

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Because of the eager anticipation of what was to come, it did not take me long to start in motion the rippling sensations up and down inside of me.

My mouth started to fill with the sweet sugar of myself and soon I felt my companion shift a little and lie down beside so as to allow me to expose myself to the starlight night sky, it was heaven gazing up, my lips were parted and I yearned for the first sensation that I knew was coming.

At first the long fingers of my companions friend introduced themselves to the tender skin around my hair, just caressing in a circular motion and then up and down, of course by this time my yearning had reached fever pitch and my beard was glistening with little drops of sugar.

My friends the Fingers had sensed the change and now as I opened my lips to recieve Fingers, exquisite sensations eminated from the opening deep inside. I hungrily sucked in not one but all four, which by this time were sliding in and out, touching that magic spot just inside my mouth and then reaching inside of me to touch another secret spot, which when touched sent uncontrollable spasms up and down my body and the sweetness of me was pouring forth like a raging torrent.

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I did not want it to end, but knew deep down that the most exquisite sensation was yet to come. I sensed rather than felt my best friend nearby and knew by the way that our friend was positioning himself that I was soon to be the object of his visit.

It was hard to see very much, with all those fingers in my mouth, but I could sense from the aroma and the glistening head that was sending messages "leave some for me Fingers".

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Fingers did not want to leave, and I don't blame them, I did not want them to leave, but then I did want my best friend with me now and I was fully enflamed by the constant motion of Fingers that could either to straight or could flex, or one would slip out and slide between my cheeks to my other part which was salivating at the prospect, one of the fingers did leave my mouth and was gently probing and my other mouth was slack in anticipation of recieving a visitor as well.

Oh what bliss, I was totally encompased by the whole beauty. I was gasping for air by this time and I gave a little cry when Fingers left me, but immediately I felt my best friend coming to visit, at first just his head came against my mouth and I tasted his sugar which had a salty taste to it and he tasted mine which was sweet.


His head went up and down playing with me, and I was loving every minute. I would thrust forward and try and devour him, but no, that was not to be the case. All I wanted to do was to allow my muscles to pull him in and feel the hardness of his being up against the slippery tissues of my inside. Of course by this time he had already drunk in some of my explosions and was becoming more intoxicated by the moment, at last I felt thathe was ready to come inside of me and allowed me to coax him in gently with my movements, he did not have to push because I was in command now and that is how he likes me for that matter, after a little bit I would stop and just lie there with part of him the way in, massaging him with my muscles, playing with the underside of his head, it was a beautiful sight, my innermost reaches of my mouth were glistening with sugar and salivating in the thought of having my friend totally in because we all knew what would happen, and YES it was coming slowly but surely, the WHOLE PENIS WAS INSIDE OF ME, he moved moved and down in and out, but as if some unspoken command stopped and my muscles up and down inside of me took command.


At first each muscle in turn closed around him and probed and searched for all the indentations so that when the time came the grip would be sure. Also to find his muscles so that my muscles could work in harmony to produce the best explosion. For a while we just lay there, each in his and her own bliss of feeling possessed.

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But deep down inside of me was an uncontrollable force building up demanding satisfaction, so reluctantly I started to exercise my muscles up and down the length of my friend, squeezing here and there, but my friend was a master of control and I had to work hard to send the message down inside of him that I wanted the food that was mine to have and kept me going until the next time.

It was like a drug that I had to have many times, my juices were pouring out of me by this time down through the forest and between my cheeks, I felt his fingers caressing me and knew that the ultimate this evening was about to happen and I eagerly opened myself for him, at first just one and then tow and then three and four, moving around and in and out, I was alive and bucking, the sensations were exploding all around me, my muscles were gripping his penis in a strangle hold and my back door tightened on his fingers, as the middle finger touched the secret spot deep inside of me, my friend was at his peak as well and the exquisite ripplings began deep down, surging and surging outwards.

Iwanted to draw him in deeper his testicles as well I wanted him all, my juices and orgasms were huge and then I went over the edge into sure bliss. Later I woke up, with gentle evening breezes wafting over me and I felt lonley because my friend had gone, but no his friend was there instead, his mouth up against my mouth, his tongue gently probing and drinking up all the sugar of us both, gently with his tongue he soothed my enflamed parts and drank all the time of hisOh what a way to end a perfect evening, I was in absolute bliss and knew that whatever happened that this evening would never fade from my memory, and I knew that I could take anything until the next time.