Hookah blowjob with cumshot in mouth

Hookah blowjob with cumshot in mouth
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I woke up the next morning and saw that I was alone. It wasn't early by any means, but I'd assumed Steve would still be asleep next to me. I sat up on the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes.

I stood and took a few steps. I figured after the night before, walking would be a little painful, but it didn't really bother me a bit. I opened Steves door and walked outside. I didn't even bother to put clothes on.

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Hell, I'd fucked both of them. Nothing they hadn't seen before. The party room was empty and there was still no trace of Steve. I went to go ask Steph if she knew where he'd run off to, but I had to stop just outside her door.

"Mmmm. Oh my God!" I heard Steph say. Was I about to walk in on Steph pleasuring herself? Maybe she'd let me help. Oh God, I hope she lets me help. I opened her door as quietly and as little as possible.

I was shocked. Steph was getting pleasure.just not from herself. She was leaned back, bracing herself with her arms, and riding a long, tan cock. I found Steve. "Steve.Steve.STEVE!" She screamed. Steve pulled his little sister (by 45 minutes) down on on his chest and wrapped his arms around her.

He slammed his hips as hard as he could up into Stephs pussy and back down again. "Oh Steph." he shouted. "Fuck me, Steve." She answered. Steve bent his head down and took a nipple into his mouth. "Ohhhh." Steph moaned. Steve grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up and down and up and down. "Oh shit. I'm cumming Steve!" Steph shouted. "Fuckin'.me too!" he yelled.

The two tan bodies squirmed and shook as they reached their climax. Breathing hard, Steph leaned up and kissed her big brother passionately. "I love you, Steve." She said. "I love you too, sis." he said.

They laid there for a moment and Steph said something about getting a shower. They stood and kissed some more. "Alright. I'll see you in a bit." Steve said. Shit. I was still watching. I ran over and sat on the couch. Steve walked out, still bare assed. "Hey." I said. "Hey, man. When'd you get up?" He asked, fearing he'd been caught. "Eh.a little bit ago." I said smiling. "I couldn't find you." "My room." Steve said.

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I followed Steve into his room and he shut the door. "Well.you were right." he said. "That's some sweet, sweet pussy." We laughed for a moment.

"So how much did you hear?" he asked. "Not as much as I seen." I said. Steve laughed.

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"Fuckin' stalker." he said. "Dude.I'm not gonna lie. That was fucking hott." I said. "Yeah?" he asked. "Look!" I said, pointing at my erection. "Need me to take care of that?" Steve asked. "Nah. It's cool." I said. Steve looked somewhat disappointed.

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"So how'd you do it?" I asked. "Alright" Steve started. "I couldn't sleep for shit last night after you told me that Steph wanted me. I kept thinking about it and I was still so fucking horny. By the way.you don't wake up for blowjobs, ya fuck. Anyhow, you were still sleeping so I went out there to watch the tube. Steph was just coming downstairs in these panties and a tank top.

I laid down on the couch and acted like I was asleep. She came over to me and was like "Steve. Wake up. Go to your room." I told her she wasn't my boss and she's like "Where are your clothes?" I told her to quit acting like she didn't like it. She told me she wasn't acting and she grabbed me by the cock. Grabbed me by the fucking cock! She pulled me into her room and that was that." "Damn, man." I said.

"Yeah. She's a fuckin' animal." Steve said. Steve bowed his head and smiled. He was so proud of himself. "Ah, fuck." He said. "Great day, great day. By the way, she said you were a great fuck." "Well, she seemed to like you just as much." I said.

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Steve and I high fived and agreed we needed a shower. "Let's get one." he said. We walked in the bathroom and showered together. I wish I could say we did something sexual, but really, it was just a shower. We got out and dried off. Steve walked in his room and grabbed a pair of shorts. "Fuck it." he said. "The A/C feels good. Besides, everybody's already fucked each other. No surprises." I followed suit and Steve and I walked out and sat on the couch.

We watched TV for a few minutes when Stephs door opened. Steph came walking out in the panties and tank top Steve had been talking about. She stood in front of us, our cocks saluting her. "What's going on, boys?

Am I interrupting something?" She asked. "Nope." Steve answered. "Alright then." Steph smiled. She sat down between us. Steve and I looked at each other. He winked at me. He put his hand on her left thigh and squeezed. I did the same with her right. "Now, boys" she said, "Haven't you had enough?" "Not enough of you." Steve said.

Steph smiled and stood up. "I know what you can do with a girl. But what you can you do with each other?" She asked. "Everything." I said. "Oh really? How about I watch you to jerk each other?" She said. Steve and I looked at each other and shrugged. We grabbed each others dicks and started stroking. "Mmm.

Yummy." Steph said. "Now, why don't you go a little further?" Sure. Steve leaned over and sucked my cock for a few seconds. I leaned over and gave his a few sucks. "Anything else?" Steve asked. "Mmm. I'm hotttt." Steph said. She got down on her knees between us and grabbed a cock in each hand.

She started pumping us slowly. Steve and I each grabbed a side of her tank top and yanked it off. Steph leaned down and took my cock into her mouth.

Heaven. After a few minutes, she switched and took her brother into her mouth. Seizing the opportunity, I got down off the couch and started to pull down her panties. Finally, we were all naked. I reached down and fingered her. She was already wet. This was gonna be easy. I lifted my cousin onto the couch and lined myself up. I pushed against her pussy and entered with ease. I started pumping fast and furious. I was here to set the pace.

Steph was moaning, causing Steves dick to vibrate in her mouth.

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"Oh shit." Steve said in ecstacy. After a few minutes, Steve and I switched positions. Steve penetrated her pussy, and her tongue lashed my cock. Steve had a crazed look in his eyes. It was understandable. How many gallons of cum had Steph caused him?

Steve exited her pussy and started stroking himself. I laid myself down and Steph came up to me. She spread her legs over my head and I stuck my tongue in to tast our threesome. I felt like my dick was in an air tunnel. I looked down and saw I was now in Steves gentle mouth.

Steph turned around and then it was Steve who was laying down. She straddled his crotch and planted herself down. I moved over a little and lined myself up for a different entry; the ass. My cock was already slippery and I figured, no problem. No problem was right. I slid in and started pumping. Steph was getting tag teamed. Steve and I got our thrusts in synch. We were pounding Steph like tomorrow would never come.

Of course, by this time, we didn't care if it did or not. Like a pack of fire crackers, we all popped. "FUCK!" Yelled Steve. "Ohhhh!" Yelled Steph.

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"Shit." I moaned. I exited Steph and laid back. I was exhauted. Steph laid on Steve and they began to kiss. "You know." I said. "I really don't visit often enough." We all laughed and sat there, catching our breath. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I think this concludes "Family Ties."