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Diaries of a Soldier - Welcome to Korea When my plane finally landed I was done. We had taken off from Seattle and 20 something hours later I was now standing at Osan Air Force Base South Korea. I was accompanied by about 200 other soldiers, but I didn't know anyone. We were all in transition, on our way to our new overseas duty stations. Me, I was a young 20 year old just going with the flow of this military machine.

In the last few months I had completed Basic Training in Oklahoma at Fort Sill, then to Fort Leonard Wood Missouri for more training. I received my orders about a month earlier that I would be going to Korea. At first I was disappointed, I had wanted to go to Hawaii or at least stay in the Continental US.

But the idea of Korea grew on me, not that I had much of a choice in the matter. Our cattle drivers moved all of us soldiers along, we give them our names and orders, they give us numbers and tell us to wait.

Hurry up and wait.

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Once all of us soldiers were broken down into smaller groups sorted by where on the Korean peninsula your unit is located we were done for this first day, after such a long plane ride pity was shown.

About 25 other soldiers and I were taken onto a bus and drove to a hotel so we could get some sleep. It was about a 45 minute drive from Osan Air Base to Yongsan Garrison in Seoul. I looked out the windows eyes wide taking it all in.

Though there wasn't much to take in, signs I couldn't read outside of small shacks I probable wouldn't have wanted to go into if I had had the chance. But as we moved into the city, Seoul was alive. I enjoyed this excitement with a few other guys I had become buddy buddy with on the plane.

We were in a new world together for the very first time. Seoul is truly the city that never sleeps, always moving. Faces coming and going, in a huge city with unreadable signs for a ungraspable language. We drove onto the American Base, Yongsan. We drove to the Red Dragon Hotel to get our rooms and some needed sleep. The hotel we soon found out was completely full and for a few moments there the alternative was going to be us all on cots sleeping in a gym.

But I guess some smart individual came up with a better idea. "The hotel is full so were going to take you all to a off post hotel, the Itaewon Hotel less then 5 minutes down the road." A soldier announced to the bus "They are going to make us go off post?" The kid sitting next to me said "Man it's fucking better then cots on a basketball court." As we drove off post we again took it all in, but with the anticipation this time of knowing we were soon to be released to our own devices.

The first thing I noticed was most of the signs in the city district Itaewon were English. "This is Itaewon," The soldier in charge of our group standing at the front told us. "It's called the Strip, the Vill, or Downtown by most of us soldiers. This is where most of your money will be spent. Cheep clothes, cheep food and drinking is what you'll find in Itaewon." "Sounds good to me." I joked to the kid next to me "You are all going to be staying at the Itaewon Hotel." The Soldier at the front of the bus continued.

"Soldiers that haven't gone to their final units are usually not aloud to go off post to save us the hassle of you getting into any trouble. But for some reason you are all going to Itaewon. I've been instructed to give you your safety breafing and to let you know any trouble found tonight by any of you will be dealt with quickly and harshly. Your place of duty is your rooms, go to sleep. Wake up is at 0500 in the morning, I expect everyone in the lobby waiting for the bus by 0530 so we can be back on Garrison at 0600.

I can not tell you not to go out into Itaewon tonight. But what I can tell you is nobody regardless of rank is to drink any alcohol tonight. Curfew is at 0300 in the morning, if you are still out at this point Military Police will arrest you. Just go to your rooms and sleep." The bus stopped outside of a big hotel. In big English letters it read Itaewon Hotel. The soldier at the front of the bus continued his breafing. "So this is it as you can see, The Itaewon Hotel. I'm going to call 2 names at a time, you 2 are roommates for the night.

Come up and sign for your room keys, get your bags and go to your room. I recommend you stay there, it is 2100 now you need your sleep. I will only say this once, stay off of Hooker Hill. So OK PFC Jennings and Private Moore come get your keys." I think all of our ears shot up at that last comment.

My name was finally called so I got my key and went upstairs. I was starving so I knew I had to go out to find some food, plus I mean I was a 20 year old in a different Country for the very first time, of course I was going to go out. My roommate wasn't up for anything so I left on my own. I had seen a McDonald's a few blocks down from the Hotel so I started in that direction. It felt a little comforting walking into the McDonald's I remember, something familiar I guess.

I got my food and went back out to the streets eating as I walked, eyes wide. Koreans left and right filled the sidewalks selling this and that. They would yell broken English at me to get get my attention, "Cheep suits," "Get your Bling here man," or "Very good stuff." My awe of this new land I was in was broken by an American voice. "What's up man you look lost?" I turned to see a familiar face, not that I knew him but he was American.

Blue jeans, hoody, backwards Red Sox hat and all. "No I'm not lost." I said. "Just wandering. I'm at the Itaewon Hotel, I just got in Country less then 3 hours ago and they put us up at the hotel." "Damn! First night in Country and they got you guys in Itaewon. That's fucked up." "Why is that so fucked up?" I asked "There's just a lot going on here, and you need someone to show you around at first." "Yeah well the only guidance they gave us was if we did go out, no drinking and stay off Hooker Hill, where ever that is." "Oh you want to know I'll show you.

Come on." "No they said not to go there." I was a little nervous "No don't worry man, the Hill has a lot of good bars on it. You can go there, you just can't get seen in the Hooker Bars." "Oh, fuck it then show me." I said. "My names John by the way" "I'm Bret." Hooker Hill was close by, about a 5 minute walk.

My new guide took me to the bottom of the hill and we looked up. It really was just this back ally going uphill, the kind of ally you walk around if you have a choice. Little shops and bars ran up the hill on both sides and every shop had a girl or more in front of it sitting and waiting. "Well come on man, your not gonna get laid standing at the bottom of the hill." Bret joked and we began the slow walk up the hill. "Hey baby! How you doing?" Girls would say.

"Come in here and I'll take care of you both," "Good times, I give you good times." All I could think of was the hooker scene from Full Metal Jacket as I walked the hill, so I couldn't help myself. "You gonna love me long time baby?" I asked a Hooker "Oh yes Daddy I love you long time. I suck you fuck you long time." "Fucking classic!" I laughed to Bret "Yup welcome to Korea." Some girl's English was better then others.

But they were all sexy as fuck. The Bars names were enticing all to themselves, bars with names like, The Joy Bar, Pleasure Palace, or Happy Endings. I wanted to go into them all. At the top of the bar was Polly's Kettle House.

"Let's go in here and I'll buy you your first Kettle of Soju." Bret suggested "Fuck it sure," I said. "I wasn't supposed to come to Hooker Hill anyways so fuck it might as well have some drinks too." A beautiful waitress brought us a big Kettle they called it, of Kool-aid and Soju (like Japanese Soki). "So this is your Soju experience. It's like your initiation to Korea your unit will give you" Bret said. "You might be having it sooner then anyone else that's come to Korea ever has.

Less then 4 hours in Country and your on top of Hooker Hill drinking Soju. That's got to be some kind of record." "That's how I roll," I joked, "Thanks for the tour." Raising my glass to cheers him. We sat there and drank 2 more kettles before Bret started to sound uneasy. "I got to get back to the Garrison soon, you didn't drink to much did you? Can you find your way back to the Hotel?" "I'll be fine man." I said, confident in my drunkenness "Ok man good, I'm gonna leave then, you can finish that Kettle.

And welcome to Korea brother maybe I'll see you around" I thanked him for his help and the tour, then we parted ways. I sat back down after Bret left realizing how drunk I was when I stood up to say goodbye.

Wow I thought this Soju stuff really sneaks up on you, but I'm sure the 20 hour plane ride didn't help. This place was boring with no company so I took my Kettle and went outside to sit at the patio tables. Outside I was right in the middle of the action of Hooker Hill, girls everywhere.

Beautiful Oriental girls dressed in whatever will help them sell themselves better, so they were pretty much wearing nothing. Across the ally from my table there was a beautiful Korean girl sitting by herself on a stool outside the Joy Bar. We kept making eye contact but she played me slow.

She continued to shoot me enticing little looks, giggling to herself like I was embarrassing her or something with my obvious interest in her.

She was short probable only 5 foot even, she looked young.


Long black hair, perfect skin, with a completely sexy smile, your typical Asian Porn star. She was dressed in a tube top that let her breasts spill over, she didn't have much but she showed it off well, a large A or small B cup probable. Her ass was covered by a very small mini skirt that tried to show off as much leg as she could being so short. I finally waved her to come sit with me, which made her giggle. But she smiled got up shut her bar door and walked over.

I stood and poured her a glass of Soju and asked her to sit with me. She did. "Hello, I'm John. Do you speak english?" I asked handing her a glass "Yes, little bit. My names Hang but call me Joy" She replied "Well tonight is my first night in Korea Joy from the Joy Bar." "Welcome then." She giggled "Thank you, it's been pretty good so far. But my friend left me and I'm drunk, I'm not supposed to be drinking right now either." "Your bad then." She laughed I couldn't get over how young she looked, so I just asked.

"And how old are you Joy?" "17" She answered. Holy shit I thought "Well will you help me finish this Soju?" I asked her "I can't stay away from my bar." She said.

"You take drinks in my bar and we drink." "Ok." I said fast and drunk without thinking. Joy stood and held out her hand for me, with the other she took the Kettle of Soju. She lead me across the ally and opened the door to her bar. She asked me to come in and quickly shut the door behind us locking it.


The Joy bar wasn't even a bar, there was only one big booth and a very small bar selection. She motioned me to sit at the booth and I did. Sitting I took the last gulp of my drink and put the empty glass down. Without hesitation Joy refilled my glass and placed it back down on the table. "Please join me." I motioned for her to sit across the booth from me but she poured herself a glass and sat down right next to me.

She looked into my eyes and raised her glass. "Thank you for the drink" She said as I raised my glass to hers. "Your welcome." Joy took a small sip from her glass and set it down.

She inched closer to me until she was almost on top of me, leaned in and kissed me. "Well now that's a very nice welcome." I set my drink down next to hers pulled her to me and she straddled my lap. "Wow your sexy." I said looking up at her, she leaned down and kissed me again pushing her tongue into my mouth this time. I took her in my arms and we made out for a few minutes. Joy slowly pulled her lips from mine and looked down at me.

"You have money?" "Yes I have some money." She smiled as I said this "How much you have, tell me." She bounced up and down as she said this lightly grinding her hips. "I have a few dollars, how much do I need." "I give you love for 100 dollars." I had well over 100 bucks but I figure I could talk her down. "I only have 60 dollars," I said, she looked disappointed but she bounced faster on my now hard cock dry fucking me.

"You think I cost 60 dollar? I more then that, I fuck good for 100 dollar." "Can I see what I'm buying?" I joked trying to pull her tube top down. To my drunken surprise she let me and I freed her tinny tits.

They were beautiful, small but firm. Her nipples were tinny too, I wanted to suck them. She smiled as my eyes went wide at the revealing of her small breasts, she leaned down and kissed me again, harder this time still dry humping my swollen cock.

"You see I more then 60 dollars, how much you have?" "I really only have 75 dollars." I reached into my pocket and pulled out 4 20 dollar bills handing it to her. "Ok, 80 I guess. Is this enough?" She took the money and smiled.

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"Yes I welcome you to Korea with good fuck. You get undressed now" She slid off my lap and went behind the bar out of my sight to put the money away somewhere. So I did as I was told and began to undress. I was down to my boxers when she come back, she was in only a short skirt type robe and put 3 condoms on the table in front of me and told me to sit down.

"No condom when I suck, condom when fuck." She said and reached down to my boxers and pulled them off. My cock sprang to attention and she instantly took my 7" in her hand, kneeling down to mouth level with my hard cock "You so big, I cannot take all in mouth." "Yeah fucking right!" I said drunkenly.

"You know your slut ass can take 7". I'm sure you've taken more then that." I reached for her head and guided it to my cock and she took it in her mouth. She sucked slowly at first working the head. But then quickly went to work taking my entire 7"down her throat, fucking my cock with her face. "Fuck yeah Joy. You gonna suck that dick long time?" I laughed to myself as I said it and all Joy replied was a "MMHhhmmm," with my cock down her throat.

Joy looked up at me with my dick in her mouth, her eyes were so sexy. She was my first Asian. Her perfect skin and jet black hair really made her eyes beam as she sucked my dick. I wanted to fuck her, I wanted my first Asian pussy. "God Joy you suck dick so good. Why don't you show me how you fuck now." She looked at me and took my cock out of her mouth letting it rest on her cheek. "You want my pussy?" "Fuck yeah slut I want your pussy!" She stood over me as I continued to just sit there waiting for what's next.

She looked down at me and let her robe fall to the floor. Her body was the most perfect thing I had ever seen. Her yellowish complection waiting for me to devour it.

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She was so exotic to me, my first Asian. Her pussy was hidden though by her untrimmed bush. The one downfall I would later discover, not many Asian woman shave down there, a custom I had grown used to with my State side woman. She then reached for a condom and opened it, I watched eyes wide as she kneelled back down and rolled the condom onto my saliva drenched cock. She looked at me the entire time she did this and then stood over me once more.

I watched as she moved, straddling my lap again. I couldn't take my eyes off hers, those eyes were so new and exciting to me. She lined your pussy up with my prick and let herself hover over it for a second rubbing her wet pussy lips on the head of my cock. Then she slowly began to lower herself onto me.

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I watched as she slid down every inch of my hard prick until she finally rested at the base of it and all I could see were our pubs entangled together.

I looked up at her, she down at me then she began riding. There's something to be said about a hooker's fucking. This is what they do for a living, they want you out fast to get on to the next guys, but they still want you to come back too. They are good at what they do.

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I had paid for her services so I felt there wasn't much I had to do. Watching Joy ride me, there wasn't much I needed to do! With every bounce she slammed your pussy down on my cock. Her tinny tits bounced to our rhythm, I pulled her in close and took them in my mouth. I was in Heaven. "Welcome to Korea" I thought. "Your a good slut Joy. Fuck that dick like a good Asian slut." "You like Korean pussy?" She asked not stopping her fucking for a second "Fuck yeah I love Asian pussy now, your my first!" "I first Asian?" She laughed and fucked hard.

"I take your Asian virginity good." She turned it on now, grinding her hips onto my cock faster. I think the idea of her being my first Asian had turned her on. "You almost make me cumming" Joy yelled out Fuck I thought. This slut teen hooker is gonna cum on me, I thought that was hot. "You like that American dick slut?" "I love American dick in my pussy!

I love your big dick in my pussy!" She wrapped her arms around my head throwing her tits in my face and fucked for all she was worth. I could feel the cum ready to explode from my balls and I held off as long as I could. "Joy fuck harder, I'm gonna cum!" "Cum baby!

Cum in my tight Asian pussy!" That was all I needed to hear and I let go of the biggest load in her. "FUCK YEAH BITCH!!" I Yelled. "I'M CUMMING, KEEP MOVING YOUR TIGHT PUSSY DON'T STOP!" Shot after shot of hot cum filled the condom wrapped around my dick.

"I feel your warm cum." Joy said as she slowed to a light grind looking down at me. "You almost make me cum too. You are very good fuck, maybe next time I cum too." She raised her pussy up my semi hard cock and let it slip out of her. "You want to cum?" I asked "No," She laughed "Maybe next guy.

Get dressed now I make you drink" Then she disappeared behind the bar again. I got dressed and sat back down. Joy came back a minute later, now again in her short skirt and tube top with 2 shot glasses of some clear liquid and handed me one.

"What's this?" I asked taking a smell "Soju." She said with a smile. "In Korea we drink straight, no Kettle. Welcome to Korea." She raised her glass, so I raised mine to hers and we tossed it back. "We have to go outside now, please come see me again." She kissed me and led me to the door.

We walked out onto the hill and she took her seat on her stool again. I looked at her once more and said Thank you. "I hope see you again." Is all she said and turned her attention to some other guys coming up the hill. "She's good." I said to the guys as I walked down the hill. I wanted to get away from the Hill, I felt I had pressed my luck and it was time to go back to the Hotel. So I backtracked the best I could but had to ask someone where the Itaewon Hotel was, it wasn't hard to find once I was pointed in the right direction.

Shortly after I finally climbed into my bed, my roommate fast asleep. I thought to myself how different my stories of Korea will be then this guys, and today was only the first day of my year in Korea.