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Nathaly Cherie In Deepthroat cures sweet Czech babe
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He swiftly grabbed me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Jeremy put me down!!!" I screamed, beating my fists into his solid back. Although he called me fat quite frequently, he seemed to have no problem throwing my 135 pounds around with ease. At 22 years old, and 250 pounds of solid muscle I would think no different. "Shut up fatty." He mocked me calmly, continuing to walk down the hall towards the bedroom. I started to tear up. "Fucking put me down asshole!!!" I flailed and kicked my legs until I felt him swing his body around and my head smash into the doorway of the bathroom.

My body went limp.

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When I came to, I was on his king sized bed completely stripped down to my red and gray striped panties. Jeremy's large body was on top of mine, groping and kissing my small breasts. I panicked and started crying at what I saw. He looked up quickly. "Shut the fuck up you little tease.

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How would your husband like it if he knew you flashed these tits at me?" My face felt hot with anger. "You've got some fucking nerve Jeremy!" I yelled.

"You better fucking stop this right now!" He sat up on his knees and slammed his open palm across my left cheek and started undoing his pants. Fire flew across my face from the sharp sting of his slap, and tears started flowing.

"Keep your goddamn mouth closed bitch." I held my face where the presence of the slap was still felt clearly. The sound echoed in my ears. He moved down in between my legs and put his whole mouth around my clothed pussy. Tracing with his tongue my slit from the outside. It made my whole body tingle. He hooked two fingers in the sides of my panties and slid them down my legs, staring me right in the eyes. I bit my lip nervously.


There was something about him that was so attractive. But he was my brother in law, my husband's blood, and an asshole at that. I could never give him the satisfaction of having me. I glared at him thinking about his sense of entitlement and kicked him in the chest once my panties were all the way off.

He barely moved but was a little taken aback by the action. I took this as my opportunity to get out of there. I hopped off the bed and ran towards the door but my feet were lifted effortlessly off the ground as he wrapped his strong forearm around my waist and threw me back on the bed. I felt utterly helpless.

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With one hand he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard cock. It stood straight out, and made my mouth drop open at the size. I had occasionally wondered how big he was, and here it was in front of me. It appeared to be just a bit shorter than my forearm, and pretty damn thick.

I shook my head in disbelief, my mouth still slightly agape. He smiled smugly at my reaction and before I knew it he had taken a fistful of my long hair and pulled my body up with it. I grabbed the hand that had my hair and tried to pull his fingers out of their tight grip. "Owwie please! Please!" He had pulled my face inches away from his cock and took his other hand and smacked me in the face with his big cock, I couldn't have guessed how much force there would be in that, but it hurt pretty badly.


He laughed and smacked me with it again, my face was red hot with embarrassment, and I cried out when it hit me. This time he cut my cry short with about half of his cock shoved to the back of my throat, making me choke hard. "Mmm yeah choke on my big dick you fuckin slut." I gagged and came close to throwing up as he pumped quickly in and out of my throat, before pulling out. He was harder than ever and his pulsating cock sent an electric shock of fear through my heart for some reason.

He grabbed it with his large hand and stroked it up and down, my hair still in his other fist. I turned my face away as much as possible. "Heh, that was fun, but nows the best part. The part you've been waiting for." He licked his thick lips, as if remembering the taste from the outside of my panties. "Jeremy no… please don't, I'm sorry, it was wrong of me to show you my boobs, you taught me a lesson, I won't do it ever again!" All the while he had let go of my hair and shoved me back into a laying position.

"I wanna see your face when I cum inside of you." He said in an unusually deep voice. The words shot through me like a bullet to the heart. "YOU CAN'T!!!!" I screamed, "I can't get pregnant by you Jeremy pleaseeee&hellip." The floodgates holding my tears back officially gave way and I started bawling as I felt the huge head of his cock press against my tight entrance.

I might have been married, but I was still a teen, and still had a small teenage body to go along. "God it hurtssss please stop!!" I pushed my hands into his chest trying to no avail to get him off of me. "Alright alright, I'll give you a little lube, just so you don't tear." He got off of me and in between my legs.

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I was confused, where was the lube? At that moment he spit on my pussy, and looked up at me smiling. "Fuckin little cunt. Thought I was gonna do something other than spit on you?" I was thoroughly embarrassed as his warm saliva ran down my small butt crack down to my butthole. I turned my face from him in shame as he got back up on the bed and rubbed his cock head in the spit all along my entire slit, and roughly popped the thick head in my pussy.

I clenched my teeth, but couldn't stop the moan that escaped as he pushed in further. My pussy accidentally pulsated around him, making him moan as well.

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How could I not clench around him? He filled me entirely, pushing my body to the maximum. "FUCK I can't get in all the way!" He said angrily. He started pounding in and out of me, making me cry out. My pussy lubricated itself at the idea of him completely dominating me. But at the same time I was praying my husband James would walk in at any moment. Not that he could physically do anything.

Jeremy over powered him in any match, he was way bigger than my husband. After a good few minutes of fucking me hard, he put his forearm down on my upper chest, restricting my airflow. I panicked at not being able to breathe as well, my body tightened up entirely, including around his long thick cock, and my hands clawed at his forearm.

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His face was distorted in my vision from all the tears. "Jeremy&hellip.Jeremy." I kept repeating his name in a desperate attempt to get his attention. "Fuck, fuck yeah, I'm getting close you fuckin slut." He bit his lower lip and stared me right in the eyes as I felt his body tense completely and felt the warm wet spurts of his hot cum shooting up inside of me.

Shame washed over me entirely as my body convulsed underneath him, my small pussy squeezing every last drop inside of me completely on accident. He moaned loudly every time I clenched around him. "Fuckkk.


Oh my goddd…" He pulled out slowly, and I heard the door open. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I heard James's distinct voice shouting at the top of his lungs as Jeremy's cock left a sticky string of cum between us. He tucked himself back in his boxers and buttoned up his pants, glancing uncaringly back at James.

"What the fuck are you fucking doing!!?" He shoved Jeremy, who laughed his classic laugh, and said "Dude fuckin calm down, told you she's just a slut." He looked over at me and made a kissy face and pushed James out of his way, slamming the door behind him. I lay there shaking and crying, Jeremy's cum running out of me and onto the sheets, completely used. My pussy was still convulsing to get back to its original size after being stretched out.

James obviously didn't know what to think, even though I was clearly in shock and terribly upset, he still left the room and ran out after Jeremy.

Two and a half weeks later I still hadn't gotten my period. I spent the day crying as I bought a cheap pregnancy test from the dollar store. I knew the result even without the test, but James insisted I buy it. Jeremy had already left to go back home a couple states away. He had only been visiting. He left us to decide what to do on our own.