Teencurves hot slave leia fucked by gamer nerd

Teencurves hot slave leia fucked by gamer nerd
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Amanda wiped her face and began to put on her top as we walked back to the campground.

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"Leave the bra off, " I said, "no more bras for you, got it?" . "Okay" she replied. SMACK!! I slapped her hard accrosed the face "When I give you an order you say yes Jr., you got that you worthless little slut?".

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"Yes Jr. " she cried sobbing.


"Now get up and get cleaned up, when we get back if anybody asks we're together now, and we're goin straight to my tent, got it?" "Yes Jr." "good girl" i said We walked through the camp, but pretty much everybody was asleep at that hour, so we went straight to my tent uninterrupted.

When we got inside and lay down together I asked her again, "you liked that didnt you?" "Yes, i just didnt want to seem like a slut, but you were too rough" "Well baby, you are a slut, MY slut, thats how its gonna be in bed, but thats private, dont worry, k?" "okay, but I really dont think i'm ready to go any farther than that" "Oh yeah? I think I'll decide how far you're ready to go" I pulled her on top of me and gripped her tight little jailbait ass, pulling her against my stiffening cock.

I ran my hands up her sides to her face and pulled her down for a kiss, her lips tasted so good, even though she was bruised from earlier. I moved down her neck to her collarbone kissing her slowly lower and lower, i reached up and pulled her top over her head, showiing off her tiny, round tits.

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I gently squeezed them both with my hands, rubbing my thumb over the nipples. I moved my mouth down to take one, licking it, gently sucking it. She began to moan, and rock back and forth on me. I flipped her over on her back and kissed my way down her flat little belly to her fly when i moved to unzip her she grabbed me.

"I told you im not ready yet, Jr." "I told you I'd decide when you were ready, besides, all that moanin and rockin you're ready baby" "No Jr., I'm just not" Thats when I lost my temper again, I flipped her over and pulled her back by the hair "OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "yeah thats right you cockteasin little slut, dont ever tell me no" I yanked her shorts down to her kness and jammed a finger in her pussy.

It came out dripping wet.

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"You're not ready huh you little bitch, feels ready to me" I pushed her forward and yanked her shorts the rest of the way off. She tried to wriggle away, but I was too stong and pulled her back by the hair again.I could see her little pink pussy looking back at me.

As I held her hair with one hand I parted her pussy with the other. "Jr.

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please, I'm a virgin, not like this" "So you want it then" "Not like this" "tell me you want it" "I do but--SMACK!!!!! I smacked her right on her beautiful little pussy "OOOOHHHHHHHH" she almost came right there, I' reached up and began to rub her clit "tell me you want it!" "I, II want it" "Whats the magic word Amanda?" "Please Jr., please give it to me" "okay baby" I rolled her over and put her calves up on my shoulders, stuck just the head of my cock in.

God she was soo tight, i could have broke my dick, except she was wet as can be, dripping out all over my sleeping bag. I wiggled it around a bit, to get her used to it, then SLAM!

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Drove my cock all the way in, I felt her cherry bust, and she cried out as blood began to run out, I started pumping her slow at first, so she could catch her breath, then faster a little bit at a time. "You like that baby?" ""Oh yes, it feels so good now" " Good baby, I knew you were ready" I started pumping her faster now, then harder, I was trying to drive her hot little ass right through the ground.

She was panting in time to my thrusts now, I was mesmerized by the site of her little tits boucing on her chest. Finally she gripped the bag, and thrashed her head from side to side as she came, making grunting noises. The sight just drove me over the edge, and I dumped my whole load in her fresh little box. I rolled over so my cock was still in her, going soft, her on top. I didnt want out of her.

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"wow" she said, "I thought it would hurt and suck, but it only hurt for a few seconds" "Well it's gonna hurt some, but thats all it should hurt" After that we got our clothes on and hopped in my Camaro to take her to clean up, I went in and went to sleep while she bathed.

All this went on for a few week, we were having a good old time, when i overhead a conversation between her and her friends