Fat guys having gay sex with teen boys He slowly teased himself and

Fat guys having gay sex with teen boys He slowly teased himself and
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Chapter 2 Posting the first chapter of this adventure was a real eye-opener for me. When I started posting pictures of Suzi on the slut-wife site last year, I expected that I'd get email and maybe a few offers from men who wanted to meet up with us.

I was right and we've made six trips since last November. Four across the country (New York, California, and Las Vegas twice) and two to Europe (Germany both times). And that's not counting all the locals who've driven up to Chicago to have get a piece of my wife.

When that story hit the Internet, though, it was a whole new ball game. Questions stated coming in ten and twenty a day, sometimes more. It's a real turn on for me, let me tell you. I have her read the emails to me while I stroke my cock, watching her face as she wonders which ones I'll reply to and which ones I'll ignore.

Honestly, I don't plan to ignore any of you, you'll all hear back from me eventually. It's just that there isn't enough time and money for us to meet up with every one of you. So, I'm keeping track of the most interesting offers. Especially the ones who are willing to foot the bill for travel. Mostly weekend travel. I'm not rich and I only get four weeks of vacation a year.

Let me get you up to date on Suzi. I wrote chapter one about a month ago (late May). Since then, we've kept a pretty normal schedule: we both work Monday thru Friday then we spend the weekend playing.

Most week nights, we have a couple of the neighbors over. It's our way of keeping the peace. It all started at a poker game back in November. We were on the fourth or fifth round of beers and a couple of the guys started talking about their wives. Randy joked that his wife Stephanie asked about the cars she saw parked outside our house every night. I made some lame joke and laughed it off.

I wanted to see how far they would go. A few hands later, Ed made a crack about how Suzi didn't seem to want to hang out with other wives. "Keeping her for yourself, eh, Tony?" he asked me, then took a drink from his Bud. "No, Ed, actually it's just the opposite," I said. The other guys got quiet. Ed put down the drink and stared at me. "How's that?" "I said, I'm not keeping her to myself," I said calmly.

I took a sip of my scotch. "I share her." "What the hell does that mean?" Randy growled. "You know, share. Like when I let you use my snow blower last winter." Randy chuckled nervously. I looked directly at him.

"You like her? You know, my wife?" He didn't say anything. "I mean, you know, her tits and ass?" Randy stammered and I could swear he bushed a little. "I mean, would you like to fuck my wife?" I paused for just a second. "Up the ass?" The men all sat frozen, staring at either me or their drinks or the floor. Calmly, I reached into my jacket pocket and took out an envelope.

I looked from Ed to Randy to Joey, watching their eyes as I opened the envelope and pulled out a stack of photographs. I spread them across the green felt card table. Suzi in lace bra and panties. Suzi in leather hotpants and nothing else.

Suzi naked, tanned and oiled up. Suzi on her knees, ass high and pointed at the camera, her hands spreading her cheeks. Suzi on her knees between two men, smiling and holding their cocks in her hands, her face sprayed with their cum.

"Uh.Tony.uh." Ed stammered. Randy was the first to get his composure. "You're not just showing off, are you?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Nope. Not at all. Open invitation gentlemen. One at a time or all at once.

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You let me know." They started breathing again, fingering the photographs, turning them, poring over them. "So, we playing poker here or what?" That was the beginning of the weekly rotation. We made an evening of it. My wife would dress up and cook dinner for me and whoever's turn it was to fuck her that night. She'd serve us silently, then clean the table and head dutifully to the bedroom.

On Monday night, she tag-teamed Ed and Joey. They were both single and young and took turns fucking her ass for hours and hours. Sometimes, they'd start while she was still doing the dinner dishes and not finish until the middle of the Late show. Tuesday mornings were hard for her, she was exhausted and sore but, being an obedient wife, she knew her duties.

Breakfast was always at seven and she was always scrubbed, made up, and in her simple, accessible uniform by then.

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Tuesday night was usually Ronny and Rick with their corsets, posture collar and whatever other gear they saw online and bought to try out on my wife. Rick had graduated from the blowjobs he was paying for before and now paid an extra ten dollars a pop to shoot his load into my wife's ass. Ronny, as always, seemed like he could stay hard forever.


By the time Suzi woke up on Wednesday mornings, she was walking bowlegged and still dripping. Sometimes I got up early just to follow her around and watch her stagger through the house, hand against the wall to keep her balance. Ronny's cock wrecked her and we all knew it.

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I would have let him fuck her for free if he'd asked, but he always threw his fifty dollars on the table when he came by and who was I to complain? Wednesday and Thursday nights were up for grabs, whichever of the neighbors wanted her could have her for free. Like I said, it was a way to keep the peace. The last thing I wanted was judgmental neighbors making trouble for us.

If nobody signed up to fuck her, I'd hit one of the guys who responded to the websites or the story and pick up a little cash that way. Her life was a non-stop marathon of ass-fucking.

She never complained, mainly because she loved it too. --- A few weekends ago was a special treat for my little slut wife. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I wanted to spend it in the park reading. I put on a simple pair of khaki's and a light shirt, my wife wore a sinfully-short sundress with nothing underneath and sandals.

The sandals had straps that laced up the leg and above the knee. They looked either incredibly sexy or ridiculous depending on your taste. She and I thought they made her look ridiculous, which was perfect. She stared out the day already terribly self-conscious and embarrassed.

I sat on a bench and made her kneel on the ground beside me, ass on her heels, hands on her knees. I read for a while, looking up every now and then to smile at a person or a couple who walked by. Once or twice, I stroked her head while someone stared, puzzled and curious. She knew what they were thinking and so did I. She flushed red. I knew the embarrassment made her pussy wet.

I ran my hand over her chest, felt her stiff nipples and smiled. I wanted to touch her, feel her wetness, make her cum right there in the park, but I had to be patient. Time for that later. At one point, I saw her move her head just slightly. I looked around and saw what had caught her eye. Four college-aged kids were paying lawn frisbee.

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All four were shirtless and wearing white shorts, their bodies tanned and sweaty, muscles rippling under smooth skin. She tried not to let on but it was too late. I'd seen her interest.


I stood up. "Hey!" The one nearest me looked over. He held up his hand to his friends and they waved back, throwing the disc among the three of them now. "Yeah, hi," he said, walking closer. I eyed him up. About 6'1, very athletic with short hair and classic good looks. I held out my hand. "Tony." "Dominick, nice to meet you," he said, shaking my hand with a strong, firm grip. Still shaking, I tilted my head toward Suzi.

"My wife wants to fuck you," I said. Dominick stopped, his hand still firmly gripping mine but his arm frozen in place. "I'm sorry, what?" he asked, a little dazed.

I motioned to Suzi. "She's been watching you play and it seems to have turned her on. Isn't that right dear?" She stood up and walked over to us. Her face was flushed but her eyes were eager. I let go of Dominick's hand and ran a finger quickly over his belly. It came away dripping with his sweat. I held it up and Suzi leaned forward, her eyes locked on his, and sucked my finger clean. "F.uuuuck," he muttered. "You interested?" I asked. "Uh, hell yeah," he said. A big grin broke across his face.

"I'll go get my clothes." "No," I said. I looked around. There was a public bathroom up the hill, behind a grove of trees. I nodded toward it. "Take her up there." He stared at me with disbelief. "Have her do anything you want, but if you fuck her, you have to fuck her up the ass. Is that all right?" He nodded without speaking. I looked at my watch.

"You've got fifteen minutes." Dominick took my wife's hand and led her up toward the building. It was a typical park bathroom - concrete with three stalls and four urinals. I stood guard at the door while he took her inside.

"Stay where I can see you," I said. Dominick stood there for a second looking at her. "Go ahead. Anything you want. The rougher the better." Dominick smiled, then grabbed my wife by the hair and pulled hard. "You're going to clean my shithole, then I'm going to fuck your ass until you can't walk." He pushed her to her knees and turned around, slid his shorts and underwear down around his ankles, then grabbed her hair and ground her face between his ass cheeks.

"Get to work, bitch," he growled. I watched as my wife brought her hands up and opened his ass cheeks then started licking all the way from his balls to the small of his back and back again. When he was soaking wet, she opened him wider and started lightly rimming his asshole with the tip of her tongue.

His cock got stiff and he moaned. She reached up with one hand and started stroking him. He ground his ass back into her face. I could hear her slurping and gasping for breath. Then, I saw her pull her head back slightly. I knew what she was going to do. His moan told me I was right. One of my wife's skills was the ability to make her tongue thin and pointed and push it well over three inches up into his asshole. She was fucking him up the ass with her tongue, the slow, wet noises echoing off the tile walls of the bathroom.

Dominick was squatting, opening wider now, fucking backward against my wife's tongue. After about five minutes, he turned around and shoved his cock deep into her mouth. She slurped and sucked until he was soaking wet and stiff. "Get on your knees, bitch," he said finally. My wife turned around and knelt on the floor, instinctively pulling her dress up around her waist. Dominick roughly shoved his cock deep into her ass with one stroke, listening to her moan, then started pile-driving in and out, hard and fast.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard. "Come on, bitch, you fucking pig, come on, whore, squeeze my cock with your ass," he kept talking as he fucked her harder and faster. I saw her cum once then again, her ass clenching on his cock, the smile on his face bigger and bigger each time she moaned. I watched his face and saw his eyes starting to drift off and knew he was about to cum. He jerked his cock out of her ass and spun her around, shoved it deep into her mouth and shot his load into her throat, some gushing out her mouth, some bubbling out her nose but most of it going straight into her belly.

When his body stopped spasming, she pulled his cock out and started licking it, cleaning her ass off of his cock, his balls, and his pubes. She savored the taste and begged him to do it again. He smiled and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

He turned her around and plunged even deeper into her ass than before. She moaned and pressed her face to the cool tiles while he reamed her, opening her wider than ever before, fucking her deeper than she could remember. When he felt close again, he told her and she spun around herself this time, eager to clean her ass off his cock, eager to feel his cum in her mouth and on her tongue and down her throat.

I saw movement outside the bathroom and motioned for them to finish up. Suzi slurped eagerly between his legs, cleaning every last bit of herself off of him, then got up and stumbled toward the door. She could barely walk, his cock her pounded her so deep and hard she had to walk with her feet wide apart so she wouldn't lose her balance.

"I hope we'll see you again, Dominick," I said, handing him a card. "Call anytime. Twenty five dollars and you can do that any time you want to." I smiled and patted his back, sweaty and flushed. "Tell your friends." --- I mentioned last time that Suzi kept a day job but I didn't really talk about it. She's had four different jobs since March. She doesn't last long at them. I doubt she ever will. In fact, I'm positive. Figuring out humiliating ways to get her fired is some of the most fun I've had with her.

Her last job was fast food. She'd show up a few minutes before ten o'clock, her uniform freshly washed and pressed, face made up and all smiles. She busted her ass till noon, took a mandatory ten minute break, then dazzled everyone with how easily she handled the lunch rush.

She worked quickly and efficiently, was always pleasant to the customers and her co-workers loved her. At exactly two-thirty, she would punch out, say goodbye to everyone, then head home to start on my dinner. She always showered and scrubbed before I came home, to make sure she didn't smell like french fry grease and onions.

I didn't start in on her for two full weeks. The store manager kept offering her more hours, asked her if she would help train the new kids, put her up for Employee of the Month. She was pleasant and agreeable but said that the hours weren't negotiable. She had obligations at home.

They understood and said that the door was always open. When her third Monday rolled around, I figured it was time for her to start her descent. Sunday night in bed, I explained my plan to her. She was so eager to get started she stayed up all night, just so she would be a little dull and clearly exhausted.

In the morning, I went into the basement and got her uniform. On Friday night, I'd wrapped it tightly between two towels and several pair of her dirty panties. I left it behind the water heater, letting the smells saturate the fabric. When I unrolled the towels my eyes watered, the whole room smelled of cunt. I brought the outfit upstairs and she put it on, her hands trembling. She gagged from the stench but knew not to complain. I had her put on her makeup extra-heavy and a pair of her three inch spike heels completed the costume.

I wrapped her in a smelly blanket from the garage and headed off to work, leaving her two more hours to ripen before her shift started. I plugged in her big Hitachi vibrator for her and told her to fuck herself non-stop until she left at nine-thirty. I wish I could have been there at ten when she walked in but I couldn't get away. I solicited some help from Dominick though. He and three of his friends went by after the lunch rush and reported back to me.

She was at the counter but everyone stared. Nobody who worked there talked to her and by the time I got home that night, she was visibly agitated. "Well?" I asked, taking a cold beer from the fridge. She didn't say anything, just kept stirring the pot. "I was right wasn't I? Nobody said anything. They just stared and whispered." She nodded, her face red, her eyes watering.

The doorbell rang. Suzi put the wooden spoon on a small plate and went to answer it. I listened while Ed and Joey came in and started right in on her. "How's the hole?" "Did it have a busy weekend? I hope it's not all stretched out like last week." "Yeah, you should do some ass exercises when you know you're going to have company after a busy weekend." "Drippy tonight?

You know, lots of cum running down your legs?" They kept it up while they followed her into the kitchen. I gave them a nod. She went back to the stove, took the lid off the pot and stirred the sauce. I took another drink, watched her for a few minutes.

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Ed and Joey poured themselves glasses of ice water from the fridge. "So, Suzi, did Dominick come by?" She nodded. "Did he fuck you?" She shook her head. "Maybe he's shy. Tomorrow when he comes by, ask him if he wants to fuck you. Ask him if him and his friends want to fuck you." She nodded, still stirring. When dinner time came, Ed and Joey heaped the pasta on their plates and had Suzi make sure their wine glasses were always full.

When she wasn't serving, they had her stand leaning against the wall, face forward, legs open wide. They'd pelt her with pieces of breadstick or croutons, watching them bounce off her ass and thighs. Each time they needed more wine, she poured it, then they had her kneel and eat the bits of food off the floor while they laughed and teased her.

After dinner, they went right to work on her ass. They were excited, had been talking for two weeks about how they both wanted to fuck her ass at the same time and tonight was the night. Ed started out, flat on his back while she sucked him slick, then slid his cock deep into her ass. Then, she sucked Joey. His cock was thinner and longer, it made sense for him to go in second. She sucked him a long time, riding Ed slowly, hoping he'd cum and she could buy time for another week.

She worked his balls with her fingers, rimmed Joey's cockhead, hoping he'd unload in her mouth. After about ten minutes, Joey grabbed her hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth. "We know what you're up to, whore." He slapped her face hard, leaned closer and smiled. "You were gonna make me cum in your mouth, weren't you?" He pulled her hair harder, her eyes watered. "How about Eddie? You squeezing his cock with your asshole?

Hmmm? You're a good little ass fucker, aren't you? A real pro. All ass all the time." He saw her eyes glaze, this was turning her on. "You really are a sick fucking bitch," he sneered, still holding her hair tight but now moving around behind her on the bed.

"Open up," he said. She opened her knees further, tried to relax her ass as he pressed his cock against Ed's then against her asshole. I heard her start to moan "Oh no, oh no, oh no." as Joey rubbed his cockhead between her ass cheeks. He froze in position, reached a hand between his legs, and gave a push. My wife screamed and shook her head wildly, "no, stop! Please!" Joey moved his hips slowly and she twisted and threw her head harder, "No, I can't, no, pleas.ARRRRRRHHHHHH!" Her muscle must have relaxed because I watched Joey slide his cock all the way to the base in one long stroke.

He moaned loud, then leaned forward toward Ed. "Ready?" My wife shook her head, trembling, crying now, and I watched her body go tense and frozen as the two men's asses rocked, they pulled their cocks halfway out of her tight ass, then plunged in hard and deep. She went crazy then and fucked them back as hard as they were fucking her. I saw her body go stiff, then limp, then stiff again as she ground her cunt against Ed's crotch, trying to find an orgasm for herself.

She started humping fast and hard now, muttering something I couldn't make out that turned into "harder, you fucks, assholes, harder, come on, fuck me, fuck.AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR" as she came and clenched then came again. They fucked her like that for twenty minutes, both cocks pushing in and out in rhythm, my wife's voice a constant moan of pleasure and pain, until Ed said he couldn't hold it anymore and the two of them shot their wads into my wife's asshole. When they were done, Joey collapsed on the bed beside Ed and Suzi immediately went to work, her head bobbing up and down between their legs, licking and sucking and slurping, cleaning them thoroughly, their cocks and balls, their bellies and thighs, her tongue working non-stop over their flesh and hairy crotches.

I watched her as she moved, her asshole gaping, her hand between her legs rubbing herself, trying to cum again. As soon as she finished cleaning both of them, she started in begging them to do it again. Both of them, deeper, harder, faster. She licked and sucked at their cocks until they were both stiff and this time, she guided them both in with her hand, doing all the work this time while they lay there smiling and watching my wife sliding her wet ass up and down on their twin shafts.


She came over and over, grunting and moaning like an animal. --- The next day, I took twenty dollars each from Dominick and his three friends and followed them to the restaurant where my wife was working the lunch shift. I hung back, close enough to hear what was going on but far enough not to be part of it. There was a long line of people ordering and waiting and my wife was doing her best.

The looks on their faces when they saw her and smelled her were devastating. I hadn't let her sleep for the second night in a row and didn't let her wash up after fucking Ed and Joey. On top of that, her clothes had aged another day.

She looked and smelled like a walking crotch. While I was there, several people cancelled their orders, some changed lines so someone else could wait on them, one man looked like he was going to throw up. I watched my wife's face through all of this.

When I arrived, eleven-thirty, she was still trying her best to keep up a smile and a light attitude. But by eleven-forty five she looked haggard and tired and was moving slowly. Just before break time came at noon, Dominick and his friends came in. She asked them what they wanted to order but Dominick just stood there staring. "Isn't there something else you want to ask me?" he said, standing with his arms crossed and an intense look on his face.

My wife was silent. He leaned forward and asked again, louder. "Mrs. M--- isn't here something you want to ask me?" Suzi looked nervous now. The shift manager came up behind her, made a foul face, and asked "Is everything all right?" Suzi stammered quickly, "yes, yes, sir." "Well?" Dominick asked. The manager gave him a strange look, then looked back at my wife. He shook his head. "You can play games on your own time, Susan." She started to say something but looked my way and pressed her lips shut.

"Why don't you take your break now?" the manager said. It wasn't a question. Suzi staggered out from behind the counter and went to Dominick's little group. They surrounded her and started walking toward the back hallway where the bathrooms and storage rooms were. I got up and followed, watching the manager. His eyes were following them too. The five of them went into a supply room at the end of the hall and I went back to the manager.

"What's with her?" I asked, sucking the straw in my drink. "I'm sorry, what?" the manager asked, professional all the way. "She asked me yesterday if I wanted to go back into the stock room with her." I watched his face, a mixture of confusion and anger.

"What are you running here?" That was enough. I knew it would be, could tell by his attitude and the way he stood. He motioned for one of the others to watch the register then stormed through the restaurant and down the hall into the stock room where he found my wife on her knees, uniform bunched up around her waist, with one cock up her ass and another in her mouth. She looked up at him with panic but he didn't say anything. He just stood there and let Dominick and his friend finish fucking her, the shame and humiliation washing over her in waves.

When they were finished, she stood up and pulled up her pants, pulled down and smoothed her uniform top. "It looks like there are two more of them," the manager said. "You're not going to ignore the other two, are you?" She started sobbing, her face flushed red. "It looks like you like it up the ass, is that right?" he sneered. "I've heard about ass whores like you. And you come in here stinking the place up, probably having a good laugh at the rest of us, just trying to keep down a decent job.

How much are they paying you to fuck you up the ass, you whore?" He was angry now, his face contorted and red, his voice loud. "Come on, fuck them!

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Go on!" He stormed closer, looming over her. "In fact, here, let's make it nicer." He started tearing at her clothes, pulled off her bra and panties, pushed her to the floor, straddled her backward and pulled her ass cheeks open. "Come on, either one of you, let's go, look at that tight little pink puckered thing there, wouldn't you like to shove your cock up there?" My wife's face was buried in her clothes, she was sobbing out loud, her body shaking, while another of the men knelt behind her and rammed his cock deep into her ass.

When he was done, the manager got up and pushed her over with his toe. She rolled onto her back, her legs falling open automatically. He was undoing his belt, unzipping his pants, then he was on her, tilting her hips so his cock went deep into her ass while he fucked her face to face, swearing at her the whole time and spitting in her face until he finally came then got off of her, shook the residual drops of cum onto her face and told us to be out of there in ten minutes of he'd call the police.