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Russian babe fucked hard and jizzed on
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Sandy leads a pretty plain life, if she's honest. Up at 6:15 with the rising sun, Sandy sips French Roast while Lady conducts her morning business. By 7:30 she was presentable enough for her career as an accounting manager at an IT company. Her looks wasn't her first concern. She was on pace to take over the VP position if she stayed on course. The couple years she had with Oliver, the owner of the company, was exciting and memorable.

She had thought that he was THE ONE for a while. But, eventually, like most couples, they grew apart. They remained friends, and, amazingly enough, it has not affected their professional relationship.

Sandy enjoyed the little pleasures in life: weekend breakfasts with Barb and Jess, watching her tomatoes and beans grow in her little balcony garden, visiting Mum and Dad in the desert and her brother's family by the beach. As the years go by, get-togethers got trickier because of kids and husband commitments. She understood that; she wasn't really bothered by it. Sandy wished she had more dates and more time; perhaps both. But, all in all, she was pretty content.

But on a night like tonight when she saw Liam and those girls, the spark inside started a wildfire she was all too familiar with but scarcely understood. Sandy met him on the day moving into the building. It was quite an accomplishment to be in this building considering the prestige and money of the neighborhood. Imagine the surprise when she saw this tall and chisel-jawed half-Asian kid coming down the stairs offering help with her heavy boxes. He appeared so quickly that she was caught off guard and upon laying eyes on this unusual sight, she was lost for words.

After a few moments to recover her composure she smiled and accepted his help. She invited him to dinner afterwards, but the boy had to rush to an evening class. Classy, considerate and intelligent, she thought. Later that night she had her first fantasy about the boy next door. Once her desires were satiated, she looked at the vents and wondered if Liam heard her moans and pleas.

Sandy liked living here in this concierge building. She enjoyed the poolside cabanas where she laid out her work and herself on warm weekends. She took great joy talking to Shane and Marla, an old couple of mysterious age who sprinkled ageless wisdom; wanted to not, timely or not. Then there are the homeowners' association hens she used as sanity check.

More than most, she loved Brandon and Maria on the 9th floor and their rowdy kids. In her younger days she longed for a man like Brandon who provided the security and love for his family.

As the years passed, she'd learned to trust only herself. A personality flaw perhaps, but hard knocked lessons are hard to forget. As for the boy next door, she'd see him occasionally on her way in or out and were almost always fascinated by her own teenage-girl reaction. Two weeks after they first met they rode up the elevator together. She was coming home with an arm-load of home work. He was back from school and gym. She felt shy and uncomfortably shuffled her feet. When he caught her sneaking peeks, she opened her mouth to say hello, and when she subconsciously brushed her hair her bag fell, spilling the contents everywhere.

He helped gathering her thing and his musty manly scent sent her to delirium. Sandy forgot all about her homework until her fingers and bed sheet got a good soaking from a sweaty session. Even now she chuckles when recounting those precious minutes when her primal instincts took over her being.

A self she had not allowed in the open for the sake of professional success. Sandy worked late tonight preparing year end audits. When the clock arms formed a right angle she finally forced herself to pack up for the day. Work will be here waiting for you in the morning, go home, Sandy, she told herself. Somewhere deep another voice chimed in, what do you have to go home to?

You missed the chance when you broke up with Oliver. She thought about this for a few seconds, then shut her briefcase and her other voice. She wasn't really hungry when her building shone in her headlights, but she picked up a cold sandwich from Rashi at the corner store anyway.

Lousy selection tonight, she thought. The cooler had only this lame tuna salad and some grilled veggie sandwiches wrapped snuggly in cellophane. Or maybe you've been here way too often and way too late, her other voice said. Sandy simply shrugged in response. She knew she was way too late in way too many things in life. As Sandy dragged herself towards her door, loud giggles came from down the hall as the north elevator door opened.

It was Liam, gorgeous and quaffed as ever. She felt an urge to brush her hair and straighten her clothes. She had just enough time to run a hand thru her hair when the fit of giggles came close.

She straightened herself and pretended to not notice the approaching young people. God, he looked good! The classic black suit made him look almost too elegant for his age. He was accompanied by two girls, a pretty red head she has seen a few times these past weeks and a taller blonde. The giggles continued as they came up the hall. When Liam saw Sandy he flashed an apologetic look as if embarrassed by the two bimbos. No, that's not fair, the red head seemed so sensible, she must be drunk or otherwise preoccupied.

'Hi, Ms. Hernandez', Liam's deep voice stirred her insides, she liked it. She perked up, 'Hi, Liam! I told you to call me Sandy!' She voice came out higher than she wanted to.

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He apologized with a smile and introduced the bimbos. The red head is Danielle, what an exotic name to match the hot girl! She caught herself staring and quickly turned her head. From the corner of her eyes she saw a sly smile rising from Danielle's lips. The girls held hands as Liam opened the door to usher them in. It's not hard to imagine what they would be up to tonight, Sandy thought.

…and me with my cold tuna melt. She looked at the soggy sandwich and sighed. The blonde hearty laugh rang loudly from behind Liam's door. Sandy closed her own door and stood for a moment. Why don't I have that life? Did I miss my chance? Where have the years gone? Just because I remember Carter and the Shah doesn't mean game over, does it?


Lady came up to greet her mistress. Usually, Sandy looks forward to coming home to her fur ball, but tonight, she only lightly hugged her then set her on a tall stool near the kitchen.

Lady objected with a small whine. She's hungry and desperately in need of a good scratch behind the ears! Sandy paid no mind to Lady. She mindlessly dropped her keys and purse walked over to the full length mirror in her bedroom.

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Sandy's jet black hair stopped at her shoulders; she got that from her Japanese mother. Her Asian gene also gave her these dark almond eyes. Coupled with her Mexican dark skin she had an exotic look that attracted admirers even to this day. She looked at herself: dark rimmed glasses, dark fitted gray suit, matching pencil skirt with shapely calves and shiny patent heels. She gained a few pounds these past few years since Oliver, but she still had great curves.

Everything about her looks oozed the confidence of a senior executive. She took off her white blouse, unhooked her oversized but comfortable bra and cupped her breasts. Oliver had always loved my boobs, they must be ok, right? She had never been secure about her looks.

She ran her hands over her tummy and stopped before unzipped the skirt. Her nice round butt was the one thing she was always glad she had. What little bit of Mexican blood in her must have all gone to giving her this only physical asset. She let the skirt drop to the ground to reveal a pair of granny knickers.

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She can barely look at those big ugly white things. She turned this way and that in front of the mirror sizing herself up. What did the new girl in HR have that she didn't? Why is she always surrounded by guys? Oh, that's right, youthful vibrancy, that's the magic bullet, ain't it? From her bedroom vent came faint whispers of the carnal pleasures next door. She pressed her ears on the wall to hear Liam's rhythmic grunts. God, that Liam is gorgeous. Sandy closed her eyes to imagine what he was doing to the girls.

Her clitoris felt a tingle as her fingers, unbeknownst to her conscious mind, gave it a tickle. Her slit was already moist from the excitement. As her fingers lightly run up and down her lips and the heavy tuft of pubic hair, she wondered if the girls next door were shaved. That's the new thing, right, to look like prepubescent younglings? She laid down on her bed and ran her hands over her body with the soft tenderness Liam no doubt uses on his women.

She thought of Oliver and how his tongue gave her endless pleasure. He provided nice breaks during those late night strategic meetings. They use to giggle like teenagers in heat as they dramatically sweep paperwork off the conference table. Only they'd stop before anything actually fell off the table knowing they'd have to pick them all up again after.

She's now reminiscing how Oliver sat her on the cold granite table top, hike up her skirt and pleasured her until she squealed and begged for him to put his manhood in her.

Her bushy womanhood would be completely mashed in a lotion of cum, saliva and sweat. He held her ankles over his shoulders and rocked back and forth until she can't take it anymore and scream for him to speed up so his thick rod could deliver the final, sweet explosion.

Her fingers rubbed faster and faster, the moisture from within made the rubbing deliciously silky. Sandy felt her bush becoming mushy from her potion. She tugged on a big handful and thought of shaving it off just to try it. She turned over and rocked her hips to grind against her fingers. She gingerly inserted a finger in her hole. It darted in and out with ease making sloppy sound. She imagined Liam entering her from behind stretching her under-used woman parts.

Oh, that pure face, that sexy body!

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She inserted two more fingers to feel the stretch. She rubbed her nipples that sent shivers on her spine. From the vent she heard both girls screaming. She joined in, fuck me, Liam, fuck me harder! She reached in her night table and took out her last resort. On days like this when the wildfire can't be quenched by a rub down, she relied on the rubber souvenir from sin city to relief the pain. She remained on her knees and stared at the 8 incher.

What if Liam really is that big?

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She closed her eyes, leaned down and cupped her mouth over the pinkish rubber. She didn't like way her mouth stretched. She felt dirty and whore-ish. Sorry Liam honey. Instead, she rocked her hips rubbed it along her slit. From her throat came an involuntary growl of pure, unexpected pleasure. Her body twitched from the erotic sensation of her bead being rubbed by the Liam-substitute.

Her hands held firm to the base of the thing, she put it close to her hole and lowered herself onto it. Oh Liam, you're gonna make me cum! Sandy screamed. She threw her head back, sending her glasses flying across the bed. She kept lowering herself until the thickness filled her completely.

She raised herself slow to feel the synthetic veins rubbing her hole inside and out. Her felt delirious as she felt every curve and crevice of her toy. She bounced faster as she got used to the girth. She freed up both hand so she can please herself even more.

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With one hand she pinched and tugged her nipples, with the other she did the same to her clit. Her fingers opened the hood exposing her bead to the cold air and her red finger nails flicked the bead until her juices ran down the length of the dildo. She continued to rock and bounce while her fingers pinched and tugged on her clit.

She looks down at the plastic tool, it was glistening in the low light of the room, pink and silky. Pink, the color of the red head's string bikini showing thru from under her short dress.

Silky, the feel of her skin. Sandy's mind's eye remembered the little sexy smirk from the red head. What's her name, Danielle? Sandy remembered how sultry she looked: the short white dress hugged an hourglass form, she could barely see the shade of her fire red panties.

Sandy's hand involuntarily moved faster against her clit. Her thighs are starting to burn from bouncing on the dildo, and all she thought was how amazing it would be if Danielle was here to share this moment. Sandy felt a familiar storm gathering around her lean stomach. She concentrated on Danielle; her legs were long and shapely. Those dark red heels clicked loudly against her beating heart. Sandy couldn't see Danielle's hand very well, but the sight of two women holding hands sent erotic tingles all over her body.

And those lips! Those full, moist and luscious lips! She wondered what it'd feel like to kiss and love them. If she had a chance, she would caress every part of that woman to show how precious the girl is.


I bet she's soft all over, those perky breasts and full butt… It was the fantasy of loving intimacy with another woman that finally brought Sandy her sweet reward. Her orgasm wasn't an explosive one, but intense and satisfying. When was the last time she actually shivered afterwards?

She remembered, it was the night she first met Liam. As she lay breathless, she wondered out loud, Danielle, who are you? **** Hi, everyone, thanks for reading.

This was fun peeking at Liam's neighbor. I will def return to Danielle, and looking forward to explore the love triangle.