Two teenage bffs lick each others muffs masturbation brunette

Two teenage bffs lick each others muffs masturbation brunette
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It was Thanks Giving. My girlfriend's family invited me over to their house to celebrate. Since it's my first time going there, I decided to go all out and bought a lot of things for her family. Yes, it's an attempt on my part to impress my girlfriend's parents but what the heck right? Though I didn't really remember all the things I bought them, I did remember buying them a bottle of champagne and four six-packs. I heard from my girlfriend that her father was quite the drinker.

While the man did not always drink, when he did he can down twelve cans of beer like they're water. Or so my girlfriend said. Jimmy, my girlfriend's father, was very excited to see all the stuff I'd gotten them, especially the booze. His wife, my girlfriend's mother, didn't share her husband's enthusiasm. She gave me a slightly disapproving look when she greeted me at the door. "He's going to get drunk." she had said.

"If he passed out, you are carrying him." "Don't worry, Mrs. Palmer." I remember giving her a playful smile. Erica Palmer, my girlfriend's mother, had a lot of things in common with her daughter. For one, she has the same shade of blonde hair as my girlfriend does. Her nose is sharp along the bridge but round at the tip. Her eyes are emerald green like her daughter' and she has full lips that a man would love to kiss. She had the same height and built as her daughter and from the back, she looked almost like her.

Erica is an astoundingly similar carbon copy of Rachel, my girlfriend. No, wait. Actually, it's the other way around but you get the point. The reason why I'm describing her is because all that's going to happen has everything to do with that. Anyways, I took a seat at the table and talked to Rachel's father. The man had a slightly porky frame, with a beer belly and the unfaltering interest for football. Since I played a bit when I was in high school, we had a common topic to talk about during the dinner.

During the meal, beers were served and champagne was poured into tall glasses. We all drank a lot then. Rachel, being the worst drinker among us all, was the first to give up. She held her hands up as she wobbled her way upstairs to her bedroom. The next to give up was Erica.

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She was giggling as she sauntered off, telling us boys to not stay up too late. Rachel's father did not heed his wife's advice as he kept me with him till way past midnight, talking nonstop about football.

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It took him another two hours, and three more cans of beer to finally have him keel over. While I am a strong drinker and can hold my alcohol really well, I did not come out of there unscathed. I was feeling really tipsy and the floor seemed to be moving underneath my feet more than I'd ever felt.

Regardless, I still had enough bodily control to actually haul the man up. Going up the stairs to the bedroom with him semi-unconscious was inconceivably impossible, especially not with me being so tipsy.


So, I went for the next best thing. I dropped the man on the couch and laid my jacket over him. Then, I went up to find my girlfriend's room.

You have to remember that this is my first time coming over to my girlfriend's house. I'd never been to her room ever so I wasn't sure which door leads to her room. I tried the closest door and found a bathroom behind it. Then, I tried the next one. Voila, there she was, laying on her side, facing away from me. Or so I thought. She was wearing only a camisole and her undies. She was not covering herself with the blanket so her half-naked body was in full view for me to see.

My eyes lingered perversely on her round ass. Then, it went to the bare shoulders that begged to be touched. Her hair fell to the side and revealed her deliciously kissable neck. My cock grew hard and before I knew it, it had become unbearably painful being trapped inside my pants.

I closed the door, the light from the hallway no longer illuminating the woman I thought was my girlfriend. It didn't matter to me then. I had seen my girlfriend plenty enough to know how she looked like even in the dark. Or so I thought! No longer able to contain my libido, I pulled my pants and briefs down. My hard cock sprang out and stood rigidly like a freaking flag pole.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and then climbed on top of the bed. "Hey, baby girl." I cooed as I massaged her shoulder.

She seemed to arouse slightly from her sleep before letting out what sounded like a pleasured gasp. Taking the sound she made as a sign of approval, I moved in on her. I rolled her to her back and then straddled her stomach.

She didn't push me away and instead moaned as if she had wanted me to do more than just massaging her shoulder.

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A smile crept along my face. My hands slipped down her shoulders and along her waists before sliding back up under her singlet and cupping her soft warm breasts. She squirmed against my touch and began to breath heavily. I could barely make out her captivating green eyes under the pale moon light that filtered through the blinds.

Pleading. Her eyes were pleading for me to do more. I squeezed and kneaded her full breasts. My fingers played with her obviously erected nipples. Soon, no longer able to tolerate the fabric between her and me, I pulled her camisole over her head. Her silky hair spilled over the pillow she's sleeping on.

I bent down and took one of her nipples into my mouth. At the same time, my fingers ensured the other one was given the same amount of attention.


Moans and yelps punctuated the sultry silence of the room. Once her nipple had been thoroughly tongued, I went to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

A minute of lapping her slit was all it took to have the woman under me wordlessly begging in soft velvety gasps. "Do you like that?" I breathed into her ear and felt her head nodded."Let's get you wet." I slid down her body. Along the way, I planted kisses on her smooth stomach at every single inch until I reached her navel. Then, I peeled her undies away, revealing a sweet smelling pussy with quite a bit of a bush on it. I was confused at that moment, wondering how my girlfriend was able to regrow her pubes so quickly, but my contemplation was stopped by the sensual plea coming from the top.

"Please." she mewled. I pushed her luscious creamy thighs apart to have access over her womanhood and then nuzzled her slit with my nose. I took a deep breath, taking in her musky scent. With my fingers peeling her labia to the side, I began kissing her pussy.

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It started with a series of light pecks. Gradually, the kissing intensified until it was a full-blown make out session. My tongue pushed into her wet salty opening. I pushed it as deep as I could go before licking her inside in a come-hither motion. I could feel the ridges of her g-spot as I glided the tip of my tongue along the roof of pussy. My lips suckling on her soft pussy lips, making sure none of her girly juice was wasted.

She moaned and cried in utter pleasure. I could tell she covered her mouth with her hands as the sweet noise coming out of her sounded muffled. Her attempt to keep herself quiet only made me want to make her cry louder.

I plunged two fingers into her pussy. Her pussy took my fingers without a problem.

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And she was soaking wet. If the wetness coating my fingers wasn't a clue enough to tell me that she's enjoying this, the constant contraction of her pussy while I finger-fucked her surely was.

I was pretty satisfied with the level of moisture her pussy was generating and decided it was time to give the deserving pussy something thicker.

I climbed back up to her, my lips went straight for hers. She yelped in shock but quickly relaxed back. Her mouth slowly parted and my tongue took hers. She tasted phenomenal, perhaps way better than she ever was. There's a slight vanilla scent clinging to her hair. Not the usual scented shampoo Rachel would use but I didn't give too much thought about it. I was simply too intoxicated by her lips to give a rat's ass about some shampoo scent. Then, I felt her grab my cock. She stroked me a couple of times before moving my tip until it was right at the entrance of her pussy.

Without releasing from the kiss, I pushed my hips against hers. I immediately felt the opening of her pussy rimmed around the tip of my cock. There was barely any resistance. Her pussy widened and widened until it completely engulfed the head of my cock. I let out a shivering groan. With one hand behind her neck and the other raked into her blond hair, I pushed forward. My shaft sank into her like a well greased plunger.

I pushed into her all the way to the hilt. I shivered at the sensation of her warm pussy engulfing my entire cock. I managed to stop myself as I wanted to give her some time to adjust. It wasn't long as I simply couldn't wait.

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It had felt heavenly and I needed more. I moved my hips back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her. Her rather tight pussy sucked and milked me splendidly.


I pulled myself away from the kiss and we both gasped in the much needed air. Propping myself up on my elbows, I began to thrust hard.

The sound of wet flesh slapping wet flesh echoed in the room. I held on to her tighter, holding her still as my cock drove into her deeply. She gasped and mewled, groaned and moaned.

Each thrust sent her further and further up until the headboard stopped her. Soon, I felt the familiar sensation around my balls. The tightness, the swelling - indicating the proximity of my impending release. I thrust faster, coaxing her pussy to milk me harder. The soft flesh of her womanhood tightened around me as if it had wanted me to cum, to splash it with my white seeds.

Then, a sudden rush of fluid surged through my urethra. My balls tightened and my body tensed. A low groan escaped my throat. My cock twitched violently inside her pussy as pulse of cum shot out from my cock.

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The tightening of her pussy around my creaming shaft told me that she too was having an orgasm. She hugged me tighter and her legs wrapped around my butt. She let out a feminine cry as her body trembled.

I lost all of my strength in that instant and collapsed on top of her. She kept holding me tight as if she'd feared I'd pull out. We stayed together like that for a while until the aftershock of our powerful orgasm slowly subsided.

I rolled onto my back and breathed a sigh of utter satisfaction. God, I had never had such a great sex with Rachel before. I slid my arm under her and pulled her to me. The last thing I remembered before falling asleep was me spooning her. When morning came and the bright sunlight washed through the blinds, the horrible truth was finally revealed. I heard a loud scream coming from my side and I jerked to a wake. To my utter horror, I saw my girlfriend's mother, Erica, clutching the blanket around her naked body, looking like a doe caught in the headlight.

"What the hell!" we both snapped as we sprang away from each other. I went too far back until I dropped onto the floor. "Why are you here?" I asked, while hiding behind the bed. "The same question I want to ask you." she stuttered. Her face was very pale. "I thought this is Rachel's room." I looked around and instantly realized how much of an idiot I was.

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The room was obviously the master bedroom from the way it was furnished. "This is my room." the woman cried. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Palmer. I'm really sorry." I picked up my clothes and darted out of the room. I dressed up as quickly as I could and went down to the living room. Fortunately, Mr. Palmer was still at the same place where I'd left him.

I went straight to the table, grabbed the bottle of champagne that had warmed, and took a couple of swings. "Fuck fuck fuck." I muttered to myself. I could never image myself screwing up to such a catastrophic degree. Before I planned to stick a knife into my heart to spare myself from the guilt and fear, Erica came down. She was dressed with the same clothes she wore yesterday and she went straight to me.

"This never happened." she hissed with tears in her eyes. Then, she went on clearing up the table and pretended as if everything was normal. Rachel came down an hour later and Mr. Palmer woke up around the same time. Erica by then had cleared up the mess we've made yesterday and had prepared brunch.

"Where did you sleep last night?" my girlfriend asked curiously, yawning away her grogginess. I could feel the burning gaze of Erica as if she's trying to will me not the say the truth.

I wouldn't, of course. "I slept on the floor." I gestured at the carpet. "You poor thing. You should have slept with me." she rubbed my face. "I didn't know where your room is." I said guiltily.

That Christmas was the worst Christmas of my life. Erica and I were never on the same friendly terms anymore from that day onward. My only wish from Santa was that Rachel will never find out what really happened on Thanksgiving night.