Milf anal and big cock bj cum make me squirt for extra credit

Milf anal and big cock bj cum make me squirt for extra credit
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Please comment, If you will. I enjoy all criticism, good or bad. Enjoy. 2:45 am Derrick layed silently in his unkempt twin sized bed. His legs and arms flayed in every direction as he let out a deep, long sigh.

It had been two months since he'd seen his dad. Last time he came over was only for about a half-hour so he didn't really get to spend as much time as Derrick would like him to.

But he did sincerely appreciate the time his dad squeezes out from his busy schedule. About four months after he split up with his mom and moved out, he got a good position as a car salesman at the used Auto-mall. Derrick's dad, Aaron, had a million dollar smile and a wonderful, outspoken personality that would coax any gullible young lady into a car sale. He had smooth dark hair and charming brown eyes.

His skin was also dark, and usually had a little stubble growing under his chin. He was extremely good looking and always dressed smartly. Even at the pool, Derrick had noticed, his body was really toned and muscular.

Seeing his dad ascend out of the pool, with a dripping wet, sun-kissed bod made Derrick look away almost blushing. He really missed the time he used to spend with his dad. He missed HIM. So much to the point where Derrick would tear up, and sob with his face in his hands. He especially missed sitting with him, watching movies.

Probably their favorite past-time. They'd flop on the couch, flip on a favorite show of theirs and just enjoy the silence and bond they felt with each other. Derrick could sometimes see, out of the corner of his eye, his dad slowly start to fall asleep.

His chest would gradually fall up and down to the rhythm of every long, deep breath. He was a beautiful man, with strong arms that sometimes Derrick wished he could just fall asleep wrapped up tight between them. Derrick was almost 16, and had already become strongly aware of his sexuality. He was a homosexual. He was very close to his dad, but not close enough to reveal such an astonishing and precious secret. One instance, almost right before his parents separated,Derrick lounged with his dad and watched some comedy that he had chosen for them that evening.

Aaron liked to be comfortable around the house, so he usually walked around without a shirt on. His rock hard abs were nothing to be ashamed about. He had on black boxer-like shorts that reached almost to his knees. His small, muscular ass could clearly be seen through the thin material, and Derrick couldn't help but stare. His dad looked amazing. And yummy. His dick would sort of lean to the left, the head penetrating the soft cloth a little.

He popped open a can of cola and sat on the couch, rather close to Derrick. He swooped his arm over his shoulders and squeezed him playfully. "So, what movie you got for us tonight?" He said with a handsome half-smile.

Derrick cleared his throat and said with a loud voice that surprised even himself, "UHHH, well. I thought maybe Shaun of the dead or something. I dunno. What do you feel like, dad?" "Yeah, sure. Pop it in, D." Aaron's voice was deep and soft. Another great quality he had.

Derrick quickly lifted off the couch and put the movie in, returning to the previous spot he sat at, maybe a few inches farther from his dad this time. Derrick felt so good around his father, and so accepted. Aaron treated him as an adult, unlike his mother, Becca, who was constantly baby-ing him, and treating him like a child. The movie started and in no time, Aaron's eyes slowly came to a close.

His arm was still up as if it were around Derrick's shoulders revealing a bush of underarm hair. His other hand held the empty cola can, while his legs were crossed at the ankles like they usually were. He had fallen into a deep sleep after about twenty minutes. Derrick stared. And stared. He looked like an angel, his perfect muscular chest, covered with just a thin layer of dark hair was at a peaceful breathing pace. Derrick looked him up and down, over and over again. He had inherited his dads colors, from his hair, to his skin.

He wasn't nearly as beautiful though. The movie played on as Derricks eyes met with the bulge that peeked up from under his dad's underwear. The material was thin and limpy enough to show the exact shape of his cock.

The size seemed perfect, he wondered what it looked like when it was completely hard. The thought made Derricks heart beat quicken. Aaron moaned something, startling Derrick.

He quickly moved his eyes back to the tv. His mind was crowded with wrong, dirty thoughts of things he wanted to do to his father. Right then and there. It was horrible, just the idea of being madly in love with a family member, Derrick knew that. But with another MALE family member, it was all so fucked up.

He could never explain to anyone exactly how he felt: How this passionate lust he felt for his own father clouded up his brain almost every second of every day. How every time they'd have a conversation, Derrick couldn't help but smile at how adorable his dad was. How he wanked off basically every day to the thought of touching and playing with his dads rock hard prick.

Just as Derricks mind wandered off and a confused, worried daze swept over his face, his father stirred. "What's wrong, D?" Aaron finished off with a tired sigh. Derrick jumped to the sound of his fathers whisper, "What?" He shrugged, "Ya look mad or somethin'." Derrick shifted his direction away from his father, placing a pillow over the huge boner that had been aroused by viewing his father's figure.

"Uh." Aaron set the soda can on the floor, reached for the remote, and muted the movie. His body movements were gentle, yet strong. "You don't talk to much anymore." He scooted closer to Derrick as he sat back, with a concerned look. Derrick let out a soft sigh, "It's nothing." "Bullshit" He grinned. "Really, dad." Derrick did everything he could not to make eye contact, he felt he was on the verge of tears.

Aaron placed his warm hand on Derrick's shoulder, he carelessly shrugged it off. Even though his very touch made his stomach turn with emotion.

"Come on, D. Tell me. I'm all ears." At that moment, Derrick had never wanted more in his young life just to wrap his dad in his arms and passionately kiss him, mouth to mouth. He stuttered, "W-well, I guess it's just.


You and mom." A dark, sad look suddenly jerked at Aaron's face. "I'm sorry. I know it's hard. Things just haven't worked out they way I wanted between us, ya know?" Derrick nodded. He didn't know what to say. He knew the reason he gave his dad for his sadness was untrue and actually silly.

He was glad they were splitting up. He was too good for her, anyway. He didn't want his dad to think he was troubled over this situation at all, but it was the quickest excuse he could think of at that moment.

His dad patted him on the thigh, closest to his crotch. This sent a wave of intense sensation throughout his body, he was really turned on. And his cock was so hard, begging for attention from his dad. Aaron got up, grabbed his empty can and walked out of the room. Derrick had never felt so in love. His dad was so simple-minded yet so incredibly intelligent, he's everything Derrick would ever want in a man. He removed the pillow to reveal his now throbbing monster of a cock, still hidden beneath his sweat pants.

It was completely hard, and Derrick couldn't help but rub the tip a bit. It felt so fucking good. He wanted to continue, but he knew his dad would be back any second. He returned the pillow, and turned up the movies volume.

Moments like these were painful reminders of what lead up to the days ahead. As Derrick stared up to the dark ceiling, almost 3:10 in the morning now, a sudden powerful tiredness swept over his body.

He closed his eyes and pictured his dads face, inches from his. His warm breath and body musk so sweet, and wonderful. He then fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. 11:30 am "Get up, lazy ass" Derricks brother of 17, Skyler, mumbled as he slapped a pillow on his head.

Derrick shot up and glared at his brother. "Haha, good morning." Skyler said with a chuckle as he slapped him again with the same pillow. Derrick, still half asleep, tried his best to block the blows, but all he could yell out was, "Fuck off!" Skyler started for the door, and on his way out, mooned him.

His ass wasn't really attractive, kind of chubby. Derrick didn't mind it, but yelled out after him, "That's sick!" Skyler poked his head back in and watched as his brother got some clothes on, "Aaron's coming over today." He finished the sentence with a raised eyebrow. Derrick and him didn't have the same dad, and skyler didn't get along too well with Aaron.

Derrick's stopped in his tracks. His breathing seemed to stop too, ".what? Today?" Skyler smirked, "Yeah, mom said he wants to take you out for the day or some shit." Derrick couldn't believe his ears.

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It had been so long. He thought maybe his dad had forgotten all about him. He stood there in silence, looking at Skyler with a blank stare, "You're sure.?" Skyler rolled his eyes and left. Derrick for a few moments couldn't move, the numb pain that he felt when his dad left him, came back full blow.

He suddenly looked into the body mirror behind him and stared deep into his own dark, lifeless eyes. Could he ever make Aaron love him the way he used to? Not just as a son, but as a lover? He shifted the lock of dark brown hair that positioned itself on his forehead behind his left ear and sighed. Today was going to be interesting. 4:33 pm A sound knock boomed on the door. Derrick rushed to answer it, "I got it, mom!" He took one deep breath before opening.

He slowly pushed the door aside, and was almost overcome with excited joy. His dad stood there, with his usual handsome half-smile he put on. But when he realized it was Derrick, it soon turned into a sad, apologetic frown. Aaron looked down, ashamed to look into his own sons eyes, "Hey.


Derrick." Derrick took one step outside and closed the door behind him, not taking his eyes of his dads face. They were only inches apart, and the burning desire he felt for his dad had never been so strong, ".I missed you, dad." Aaron still hadn't looked up. It was silent for a few moments.

He was much taller than Derrick, by about four inches. Aaron's hair had grown some, covering his ears and forehead a bit. Derrick stepped even closer, slowly slipping his hand on his dads cheek.

He came just two inches away, still no eye contact. He placed a small and gentle kiss on the tip of his dads nose, still tenderly holding his face. Nothing was said, yet the connection they felt between them was strong enough to say a thousand words. They understood each other without saying a thing. Derrick moved his hands to his dads shoulders, slowly rubbing from his neck, to his chest, "Let's go." As they got into Aaron's car, still, not a word had been said.

Yet, both of then knew that a million things were rushing through each others minds. They drove off, not knowing exactly where to go.

They knew that being alone was what they needed. They drove no where imparticular for about an hour.

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Still, very silent. Derrick had asked his dad about his job and such, and Aaron asked about school and grades. But after they gave up on small talk, Derrick laid his head back on the seat and thought about the first time he had ever touched and made love to his father.

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It was a usual Monday night. Derrick had finished his algebra homework, and was working up an appetite. He bounded down the stairs to the kitchen to find his parents arguing as usual, probably over something unimportant. He sighed and opened up the fridge. "You know, Aaron. I don't give a damn about what you think anymore!

You're so immature." His mother spat out as she stormed out of the kitchen and stomped up the stairs. Aaron was dressed in usual house-apparel, shirtless with soft pajama pants.

He looked really exhausted, and leaned up against the counter behind Derrick. "Did you finish that homework?" Derrick continued to rummage through the fridge. "Yup." Aaron picked up the cordless phone and poked Derricks side with the antenna, "Onions and extra mushrooms." He smiled and winked slightly.

Derrick grinned, "Haha, can I get some buffalo wings?" "Anything you want, honey." Aaron made his way towards the family room tv. "Ask Skyler what he wants." "He's at his girlfriend's." Derrick said, searching for Papa Murphy's through the phone book. "Well, I guess it's just you and me tonight, huh D?" Derrick paused for a moment, "and mom?" Aaron smirked, "She's got some date tonight, apparently." "Oh." Derrick placed his order in, and started cleaning up the kitchen counter a bit.

Strong footsteps came down the stairs and his mom came over and pecked a little kiss on Derricks cheek. She was wearing a small Dark red dress, that barely covered her big ass. Her blonde hair came down her back, an her face was covered with dark makeup.

Her high heels looked sexy but really uncomfortable, Derrick thought. "Hey, you look good." "I hope so, I got a hot date." "So I've heard." She glanced at Aaron who was sitting on the couch flipping through channels, "Well anyway, I'll be back really late." She left, and it was silent. Derrick looked at the back of his dads head, who was facing the opposite direction towards the tv.

"Have fun, Becca." His dad murmured. 45 minutes later the pizza finally arrived. Derrick and his dad had a fun time eating and laughing together. They watched a Lakers-Magic game. It was getting late. Derrick started to pick up a little. Aaron watched Derrick intently. His demeanor had changed completely after the game was over. After picking up, Derrick headed up stairs to get ready for bed.

Aaron hesitated, "Uh, hey, where ya goin'?" Derrick stopped mid-stairs, "Getting ready for bed, it's 11:30. I got school." "Oh. Okay" About fifteen minutes had past, and Derrick was all ready to jump in bed. He went back downstairs to say goodnight. He quietly walked down the steps, stopping at the base.

The tv was still on, and his father looked as though he was asleep. But his hand was moving. He was rubbing his crotch. Derrick couldn't believe it. Well, actually, he could. But he couldn't believe he was watching it. Aaron shifted his weight on the couch and proceeded to unbottun the hole for his dick. He was facing the other direction, and had no idea his son was in the same room at that moment.

He let out a little moan, and mumbled a name Derrick couldn't quite make out. He slowly pulled out his warm cock, it looked about 7 or eight inches. Uncut. Most beautiful dick Derrick had ever beheld. It was really red, and veiny. And it looked so rock hard. He wondered how long his dad had had a boner this evening, since they'd been alone. Derricks thoughts ran wild. He quickly gained composure and decided to make his way up the stairs, in order not to embarrass his dad.

Just then Aaron looked over his shoulder, "Derrick." His heart stopped. He slowly turned around and said with a light voice, "Yeah, dad." "Come here." Derrick couldn't think, "Well, I--" "Derrick. Come here." He made his way to the center of the living room.

They gazed at each other for a moment. "Spying on me?" "What? No!" Derrick shouted. "I saw your reflection in the tv." Derrick looked away in shame. His heart pounded harder and faster. "Sit here." He patted the couch coushin right next to him. Derrick sat in silence. Crickets could be heard outside, and the tv payed on low volume.

Aaron placed his warm hand once again on Derricks shoulder. Making his way down his arm. Derrick suddenly became emotional, "Dad, I." "Remember watching that movie the other day?" Derrick looked at Aaron, puzzled. "Uh, yeah?" "I wasn't sleeping." Aarons red hard cock was still poking out of his pants hole. It looked as though it was throbbing. Derrick looked away, "What do you mean." "I was pretending. I knew you were staring at me." his voice was soft, and not condescending what-so-ever.

Derrick choked up. "Why were you staring at me, D?" Derrick looked at his dark eyes, so concentrated, and beautiful. "Tell me, son." He hesitated, "Cause. You're gorgeous." His words trailed off, And so did his train of thought. Aaron scooted closer to Derrick, so that there legs were touching. "I think you're beautiful too." He whispered gently in his sons ear. Derrick turned towards his father and no sooner, Aaron placed a small kiss on Derricks lips. "You make me feel weird. In a good way" Derrick cursed himself for the horrible use of words.

He's never been with a guy before, he was feeling a little out of sorts. His dad let out a thick, dry laugh that made Derrick smile, then blush. Aaron once again kissed Derricks lips lightly. It tastes amazing. It was warm, and wet And his dad continued to kiss his mouth, not using his tongue yet. He placed his hand on Derrick's cheek to gain more control and add more passion, but suddenly Derrick shot up from the couch.

Aaron stared, "What's wrong? You don't like it?" His son shook his head, "Are you kidding me? I've been waiting for this. For like ever." "Me too." Derrick was shocked, "Oh, dad." An intense sadness came over him. Aaron got up and came close to Derrick, their foreheads just brushing against each other. The sound of his dads breathing made him weak at the knees.

They stood there, in the silence and darkness. Aaron's cock was burning from the pleasure he got from rubbing it against his sons leg.

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They suddenly engulfed each other in a passionate kiss that sent Derrick off the deep end. He fell limp in his dads strong arms, an using their tongues explored each other mouths. It was so hot. The orgasmic feeling of their bodies strongly rubbing up against each other was beyond words. They picked up speed and started making out. It got really fast, and Derrick started peeling his dads pants off. He had no underwear.

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God, he was so fucking gorgeous. He let his hands venture over his dads shoulders to his back and finally came to his muscular round butt. He gave it a squeeze. It was amazing. He moaned as he let his son touch and feel his tense body.

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"Relax." Derrick whispered. "It's been awhile." He led his dad to the couch and sat him down. Derrick took off his own clothes, loosely folded them an threw them on the coffee table. "Wow, you've been workin' out." Aaron said as he examined his sons naked body. Derrick suddenly blushed.

"Turn around, let me see that ass." He turned for his dad and felt him grab both cheeks hard. He spanked him a few times.

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It was a little embarrassing, but right now he'd do anything for his dad. He continued to fondle with his ass, and Derrick said, "I didn't know you were into guys, dad." Aaron ignored that comment, he was so fucking horny.

He'd had a boner ever since Becca left. He turned him around and set him on his lap, so their crotches were touching.

They stared and were lost into each others eyes. Derrick slowly started moving his hips back and forth so their rock hard cocks were rubbing hard. His dads dick was leaking a good amount of precum, so it was fairly wet.

Aaron moaned, "Ahhh, that feels so fucking gooood." "Yeah?" Derrick moved faster and harder, while his hands rested on his dads hard tits.

"Yeah, faster. Ahhh.shit." Derrick got off his dad and leaned over the couch so his face was right in Aaron's crotch. The smell was amazing, and he brushed his lips up against the bush around his balls. "Mmm." his dad moaned and ran his hand through his sons soft hair. "It smells good." "Wait until you taste it." Derrick licked up his dads long shaft. Up and down. Making sure to get all of it wet.

It was shiny and red. Without hands, he slowly swallowed the cock until it was all in. Aaron lost his breath, "Oh my god!" He circled his tongue around the head, to tease a little. Lightly brushing the pee hole with the tip of his tongue. Aaron's eyes were closed as he layed back and enjoyed the absolute pleasure he was getting from his sons virgin mouth.

Derrick suddenly grabbed the base of his cock and jerked him off really fast. He smashed the cock up his mouth and worked it with his soft lips. In and out. It filled up his mouth completely, even made him gag once or twice.

He was moving quickly now, sucking and slurping up every drip of precum that made it's way out. "Oh my god. Oh fuck! I'm gonna cuuuum." Derrick stopped abruptly and smirked, "Oh no you don't." He leaned more forward and kissed his dad pushing his tongue in, making him taste his own juices.

"Please, give me more." "Nah, it's my turn." Derrick stood up and his cock basically leaped into position. It was a bit bigger than his dads, thinner too.

It was cut, but still a good looking dick. "Well, let's see what you can do." Aaron couldn't believe the tone of voice Derrick had, it was seductive and sexy. He wanted to taste him. He didn't hesitate to stick it all in and just suck. He was fast, and sucked him so hard. Derrick moaned with pleasure, "Ahhh. Yeah. Play with my balls, dad." Aaron took both of Derricks huge balls in his right hand.

They were hot and full of creamy cum. "Oh god, I'm gonna burst. Faster!" Aaron jerked him off Fast and hard while he set the head on the tip of his tongue, "Fill her up." Derrick, his head lost in a cloud of ecstasy, took a deep breath in and a huge wave of a burning orgasm shot through his cock.

"Ahhh, fuck yes!" Ropes of hot gooey cum shot all over his dads face. Missing his mouth completely. It came out with such force and it was the longest orgasm he had ever had. He was breathing hard and his dick was still oozing cum from little orgasm aftershocks.

It was a huge load. And his dad started wiping it up off his own face with his middle finger and licking it off. He swiped up a good amount and put it in his sons mouth.

Derrick had never tasted his own cum before. It was salty and good. "God, I'm so horny." His dad mumbled as he flopped back on the couch. He looked up at Derrick who was still in shock of how good that was, "D?" He looked at his dad, exhausted, "Yeah." "Can I.fuck you?" Aaron's face turned red, and looked away.

Derrick chuckled and sat on his dads lap, grinning. "Wait, I'll go get a condom." He started to lean forward, but Derrick pushed him back.

He pushed up a little to make room for his dads cock to stand up straight. He pressed it against his crack a few times before letting the tip in. Fuck!

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His cock was so hot. He pushed down slowly, wanting to get all of it in. Not once did the thought of what they were doing was wrong, they were in love. It was finally all in, and Aaron could feel his sons hole squeezing tight around his dick. It felt amazing. "Oh god, this ain't gonna take long." Aaron moaned as his son bounced up and down on his throbbing prick.

"Oh dad! It's so tight!" Aaron's body threw back into a climax he'd never experienced before. His cock erupted inside Derricks tight ass hole. Wave after wave of ecstatic fire-like pulses made him almost yell with pleasure. He grabbed his sons ass cheeks as his brain went into a daze and felt as though he'd fainted. It was so intense, it felt incredible. Derrick was still sitting on his dick looking down at his dad with a half-smile,"You really filled me up." He slowly pulled of his dads cock and a stream of hot oozing cum leaked out and dripped all over his dads still hard cock.

His dad moaned, "Oh, that's so hot." He got down on his knees an licked up all the cum that escaped. He cleaned it till it shone.

His dad sat there, eyes closed, breathing deeply, "You're gonna make me hard again." Derrick smiled, leaned forward and kissed his dad straight on the lips, "You dad--" he kissed him again, "are one amazing person." He got up and collected his clothes. "Hey where ya goin'?" Aaron asked with dissapointment. "I have school, handsome." he rushed over and kissed him again.

They laughed and Aaron held him one last time. "God, I love you." he sighed. "Goodnight." They kissed yet again, and Derrick headed up stairs to his room. He would never forget that night, it was etched in his heart. He still feels the same burning desire for his dad now as he did that night. But it broke his heart to think that Aaron didnt share the mutual feelings anymore.

It killed him inside. As they sit in the car, driving to god knows where, Derrick almost smiles to the thought of him and his dad still having a chance. Or did they?