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Boys medical gay sex video and full naked physical exam first time I
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Jackie: the day after Guy met with Henry Mulligan And here I am with Daddy Smitty, my son, Grandpa and about a dozen of the nastiest pieces of work to ever crawl out of the underbelly of the Union at my ex's house.

Why, because Guy has a plan. I just pray his plan will get me something in the way of a real vacation and not some halfway house crap. John is helping his half sister Connie, she's a cute little girl, pack a bag while the 'happy couple' have a quiet debate on listening to the biker ex girlfriend mother of his first child.

"Who the fuck does she think she is telling us we need to pack and leave," my ex's wife whispers with anger at her husband. "She has a way out for us," Amanda the wife is told by Steven," And honestly I'm not sure what you have a problem with." "I don't know maybe the 'Hells Angels' out in our front yard to escort us to our 'vacation'," I can hear her quotes on the word.

"They're there for our protection and they're a respectable motorcycle club," Steven is trying really hard to take the helping hand but his wife is being a cunt. "I don't like this, I don't like her being here and telling us what to do," Amanda says pacing the floor upset. "I can understand that but I don't like it when you're being made to squeal like a pig as some asshole and his buddy take turns teaming up on your ass while I'm duct taped to a chair," Steven spits just loud enough that I can hear but the kids can't," Now get to packing or I swear to god I will leave your ass here and take Constance and John on vacation without you." I duck out of sight as Amanda blows right past me heading to the back of the house and hopefully to pack.

I peek in on Steven who looks beat down, he's still a little heavy set for a 5'11" man but I remember when he used to make me feel special. Granted I remember when Guy made me feel so turned on from wanting to kick his ass that I could cream my panties right now but memories are funny like that right.

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I leave my ex to his worries and figure it's girl talk time. "What do you want," Amanda asks as I step into her bedroom and close the door behind me.

"Just to talk if that's okay," I tell her being nice. "Well since my husband's balls seem to be in your purse… you do have a purse? I'm just wondering if your bull dyke or something," Amanda insults fall flat on me. "I can have one if that makes you feel better. Listen I really am here to help, I'm not looking to step on anyone's toes," I start but Amanda cuts me off.

"You've been trying to get back with Steven since you found out he was happy. When he went back with his family and got through college you were fucking bikers and raising that bastard child," Amanda spits and I'm getting mad," You come in here barking orders and trying to run my family." "I don't personally give a fuck about any sort of contact with Steven you stupid bitch.

You want the truth? The only reason I allow his ass to see John is because I'm being nice. Not for you to gloat about how perfect your life is when compared to mine. And if you want to do a comparison of fucked up life I'm not the one who is enjoying getting fucked by multiple men while my husband is forced to sit and watch it you sick bitch," I'm pissed and calling her on her shit.

"You fucking biker whore," Amanda growls and that's it. Two hits, one right hand to her fucking face and her fucking body hitting the floor in the bed room.

That hurt my god damn hand but it was fucking worth it when I hear the kids outside the door and go into Mommy mode. I sit Amanda up against the bed and talk to the children in the hall.

"Hey guys, having fun," I ask the kids quietly. "Mom we heard a noise," John asks me with Constance behind him a little nervous. "Oh Connie's mom was moving some luggage and dropped it. John make sure Connie and her bag is in the car. I think you two need to ride with your father while the mommies ride up in my van," I explain to my son who is off to tell his father the plans.

I wait a minute for the kids to inform Steven what is going on and watch him come out of the kitchen to talk to me. "You and Amanda are going to come in the same car," Steven asks confused. "Yep," I keep my reply short. "And she's alright with this," Steven asks and I nod," She's not too fond of you." "Well this is a good time for us to bury the hatchet. Just give us some time to talk and we'll be fine," I tell Steven who nods but is very unsure of what I'm saying.

I let the kids and my ex step outside as I head back into the room where Amanda is now sitting on her bed holding her jaw. "You hit me," She says and I scoff. "No shit bitch, don't call me a whore. Your husband knocked me up long before he ever met you and then he curbed my ass. I was homeless for months while carrying John; one person came and saved me. He got me the family that is standing out front right now and I'm here helping the father of my child because it's either this or he steps in front of a car or eats a bullet," I inform Amanda who doesn't quite believe me.

"That's bullshit," She tells me and I cut her off. "Constance is a good kid, she is and so is John. They're a lot better than their father and that comes from you and me so either we get together and let my friend fix this situation so you don't end up being a complete whore into Constance's teen years," I tell Amanda who looks at me skeptically.

"I am not a whore," Amanda says standing her ground. "And neither am I so I won't make comments about you being stuffed on your marital bed and you don't say a word about me and bikers," I tell her and she reluctantly nods. "Well you are hanging out with bikers," she points out nodding to my jacket and patches. "They're my family and if you haven't taken a good look around my family is pretty fucking big," I say leaving the bedroom.

With kids in the car and me driving Amanda in the van we're heading off to see how good this ranch is that Guy set up for our time in protection/vacation. It's in Oklahoma which is going to be a bit of a drive but talking a little bit with Amanda makes it interesting when she asks me an interesting question. "So what would have happened if I fought you in the bedroom after you hit me," Amanda asks curious.

"Nothing because you went down hard and fast," I tell her and laugh a little. "No I mean what would you have done to me since I haven't ever been in a fight before," Amanda asks and I think for a second. "Well you've been abused by men more than a bit recently. I would have made sure you didn't feel shit in comparison," I tell her and she looks at me like she wants details," I would have fisted your ass and vagina till you vomited, shit and pissed yourself before blacking out." "What the fuck," She exclaims," Where the fuck do you get an idea like that." "I'm related to bikers, when we fuck people up we do it big," I tell her and we both laugh a little, her just a bit more nervous than me.

Guy: Three Days later Mr. Furino is a bit of a narcissist to say the least and his friends seem to be less 'family' men and more goons he met. I go down the list that Ben and Jun have formulated and read up on the three compatriots.

First one is Mr. Joshua McClintic, former high school football player that couldn't make college happen with his mediocre skills so he turned to a more heavy handed form of work. At 6'3" and well into the late two hundred pound range his two ex wives can talk about his fist fighting skills and I figure he's going to be one that I will delegate out just because I hate assholes like him too much.

My next file is for Scott Pork the Third; I read the name three times and almost call Jun to see if he's fucking with me. Second child to a small agribusiness that works out of a majority of the state and he has an older brother, Scott Pork the Second. Rolling fits are involved as I have to read the name through the file.

The Second is the one that is groomed to take over the business and handles the traveling while the Third spends money and generally embarrasses himself in small ways. About 5'10" I laugh at the fact that the two main friends of Lou are taller than he is. Add to the height he's not very in shape and with the listing of cosmetic work he's had done including plugs for his brown hair and Botox I can honestly say I actually think I might have some fun with this shit bag.

Last on the list is James Duncan Michaels, the only one with any sort of color he followed Leo out from New Jersey and has been doing bitch work ever since.

He hasn't been involved in anything major which kind of makes him an innocent but after having Isaac do some work getting me patterns and hot spots I figure I can make an exception. We get a secure room set up and I start to run down the what where and when. I get all the way through and find that Isaac and Ben have their hands up like they want to ask me a question or say something.

"Guys this isn't school," I state and Isaac is the one to speak up.


"Are you sure we have to take out the James guy? I mean he's not really a part of it all and sending him to jail or removing him altogether is kind of cruel just because he stuck to the wrong person when he came out here," Isaac says and Ben nods in agreement. "Guy I'm not saying we don't personally take care of each of these fucks but the low man on the totem pole," Ben remarks and I almost chuckle at the native reference," like he's one of the original perpetrators is a bit much even for us." "Well what do you two Einsteins think would be best, just letting him run around and possibly open us up to scrutiny," I ask and both of them want to defend their point.

"Well maybe send him away," Ben suggest and Isaac goes better. "Turn him, let him help with setting up the rest," Isaac says and I'm not sure which would be better of the bad ideas.

Discussion ensues and the biggest thing I have been able to decide is that we'll be starting with Mr. Michaels and that I will have some face time with him.

Isaac: Two evenings later It pretty much sucks being the only brother on the team and now I got to grab a brother form the street so that Guy and Wilma can have a conversation with him. He's not really that good at picking up on women, three bars and no takers when I figure I should just grab him in the parking lot. It's not difficult to hide in a parking lot in Texas when you dress in dark clothes and have dark skin but popping a light bulb in the parking lot to give me extra shadows helps.

Waiting is a nightmare, I'm outside in Texas in the dark and there isn't shit to do but wait till he strikes out again. I actually hope he finds a girl so that I can let the guy have a decent night before Guy probably fucks his life up. Finally I see him come out of the bar; he's not too drunk as he walks over to his car.

I let him get to the door and move to get behind him when he turns and looks right at me a bit surprised. "Really man?!

Really you gonna jack the only other black man on the block," He asks me and I'm confused. "Wait, jack you what," I ask confused.

"You're walking around in the dark and figure the best person to jack in the bar is the only other brother? Don't you have love for your brothers man," He asks a little agitated and I'm more confused.

"Hey I'm not here to mug you," I tell him put off. "Why the fuck would you be out here, in Texas, creeping on the only other brother in the quarter mile," He asks and I'm done talking. I pull the pistol I was packing out and shoot him once in the chest leaving a dart sticking out. He's shocked and I reload the round as he panics. "Man, you shot me? What the fuck did yu shoo meeee wifffff&hellip.," he starts but drops to the pavement slurring his words.

I grab his keys and pick him up off the ground pulling my hood off and start to drag him when a couple people come out of the bar and see us.

I quickly pocket the dart and address them. "Some help please? My friend here is too drunk and called me to pick him up but he's passed out," I ask a little desperate. Two men actually pick him up and put him in the backseat of my car before shaking my hand to tell me I'm doing the right thing by taking care of a friend. I want to die of laughter. I exit the parking lot and head off to the meeting point wondering if Guy is going to hurt Mr. James Michaels.

Guy: A couple hours later Abandoned factory, check. Isolated location, check. Man bound and secured to the floor naked with his genitals exposed and his legs spread, check. Yep I'm either at work or this is the next Hostel movie. Wilma is next to me with a bag and a wooden mallet, I do admire her creativity. I see to the other objects in the room, a chair and a file sitting on the chair. Ben made sure that it was set up before heading on lookout and now I sit and wait for Mr.

Michaels to wake up. Wilma takes walnuts out of the bag and begins breaking them on the hard concrete floor while sitting cross legged. We must be sitting for at least a half hour as I'm reading the file on Mr. Michaels when he begins to moan and I wait for him to look up before speaking. "Hello Mr. Michaels, you don't know me but let's not let that get in the way of our dealings here today. First off I had to gag you because every time someone wakes up in this position they," I am speaking right as he begins to scream into his gag," scream.

Go ahead and get it out of your system if you need to." CRACK! Another walnut down and Wilma has a small pile of dead and destroyed walnuts all over the floor but it looks like she's running out of walnuts. James looks around a little bit and finally notices Wilma sitting in between his legs in jean shorts and a tank top with a hard wooden mallet. He begins to panic but the screaming stops which helps.

"James I need you to focus on me. That's right just keep looking at me while," I get his attention as another CRACK! walnut is crushed," As I said you don't know me but I'm here to take care of business. Can we talk business?" He nods his head and I step up and remove the gag from his mouth. He adjusts his jaw a little and looks at me with mild defiance. "My boss is going to fuck you up," James informs me and I laugh a little.

"James he doesn't know you're here. Worst of all he wouldn't care if he did. You're his stooge and he doesn't even demand any real loyalty yet here you are just giving it up like a cheerleader at prom," I tell him laughing as another CRACK! walnut dies. "Leo is my boss and my friend…," James begins again but I cut him off. "He doesn't even care that you haven't been answering your phone let along do any of the bullshit tasks he has for you.

What would your mother say," I ask him as CRACK! another walnut dies," I mean she's still alive back in New Jersey helping to pay your bills out here while you run around looking for the brass ring that you think is in Leo's pocket." "He actually hopes it's around Leo's cock," Wilma says interjecting in the conversation," You do know he's gay right?" "Really?

James are you a homosexual," I ask and James just glares at me," James you're naked on a concrete floor at an undisclosed location. If you can't be honest here where can you be honest?" "Yes," he replies a little relieved and CRACK! another walnut dies. "James you want that brass ring don't you. I mean growing up in Trenton, all the hard bodied Guido running around and there you are the lone black man.

No respect and when Leo is put out west where he can't embarrass himself or the families he claims love him you just follow along hoping he'll do right by you.

How many years has it been," I ask him plainly. "Four years but he does pay me," James tries to counter but I'm here to shed light. "He barely pays you and as for a criminal he's not even important enough to have the police keep a real eye on him.

He is delusional if he thinks he's ever going to run anything real in this world," I state CRACK!

she's got to stop that sooner or later," Now the reason you're here is because of what Mr. Furino and his friends have done I now have to deal with them. They have hurt someone's family and would continue to do so except for one thing." "What one thing," James asks confused as Wilma moves fast and gets right in his face. "You are talking with an angel; he's a real god damn angel with fire and death at his fingertips. He burns out people like your boss because it is what is right in the world.

You want to be in the fire," Wilma asks putting the mallet under his chin. "Sit in your spot now," I order Wilma who slowly backs down," I'm sorry she's a little enthusiastic about what I do." "So what do you do," James asks and I smile.

"I handle business; Leo is my new business along with his boys. That includes you unless you want to make a deal right here and now," I offer from my seat. "Let me guess, help you or you'll kill me," James asks and I laugh as CRACK!

god damn it Wilma. "No James, you help me and I help you. If I wanted you dead you'd be dead, if I wanted you to suffer you would suffer," I start as he jumps in. "I'm naked on a floor while a woman busts walnuts with a hammer and you monologue how horrible my life is. How is that not suffering," James is getting a little excited.

"Because Mr. Michaels I'm not having her use the mallet on your toes," I say it and Wilma grabs his foot," Let him go." Wilma releases him and destroys another walnut.

I look at a few more facts in the file and then close it. "So here's the deal, I know people with real power. Not Leonard Furino's bullshit of thinking he's in charge just because he has some money and once worked for a family back east. I can put you under them to do some real work on things that actually matter AND make you some money," I offer James as he shifts a little on the floor.

"What do I have to do," He asks as Wilma actually stops midswing from crushing another walnut. "You are going to help me, you are going to put yourself in places with Leo and his friends and then I am going to take care of them," I tell him with a cold resolve. "Are you going to kill them," James asks. I laugh, Wilma laughs, my new friend on the other hand doesn't. He sits in uncomfortable awkward quiet while Wilma and I laugh.

When we finally calm down from our laugh I figure he deserves an answer. "Only if I'm feeling charitable. Otherwise they will have to live with what is done," I inform James who looks at me scared. I have Wilma untie James and I help him up before walking him into another area where his clothing and new phone is.

I see him looking at it funny considering it's a major upgrade from his last device. "So we're going to have you taken back to your car, you will go home and sleep and in a day or so I will call you and until them I want you next to Leo the entire time," I explain and he has to ask.

"Okay but what am I waiting for," James had to ask. "For me to call, I have a plan.

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You don't need to know the plan because your part in it is small yet vital. When it's all over you will be put into contact with people who will take care of you both in business and finance," I tell him and he nods.

I have Ben take him back to his car and as I'm standing in the basement quietly I think of my next few moves. A push here, a bait there, a switch there but I have one nagging thing that comes back into my head. "Wilma! What the fuck was with the walnuts," I ask heading out to the vehicle with her and Isaac who are waiting. "What about the walnuts," Wilma replies confused. "What the hell other than scaring him were you doing?

I thought you were going to eat them or something," I ask as we get in the car. "I wasn't trying to scare him; someone has to feed the rats in there.

Besides I hate walnuts and smashing them is fun," Wilma tells me with a happy look. I remind myself that she's still crazy as we head back to our lodging aka Mom's house. Wilma is still crawling the walls but Isaac and I are tired and head to our rooms to relax. Sleep comes and next morning I'm up and awake working out with my team except for Wilma who finally went to sleep sometime in the early morning. I'm going over basics and I send everyone off to handle some minor logistics while I head into town to visit my stepsister Bethany.

Least of all the kids she's the one with the low profile but again owning several night clubs in the state do allow her some leniency on the popularity scale. Personally I can admire her drive to not be that cheerleader that didn't do anything with herself. Buzzing into her club is easy since I'm there at eight in the morning with fresh coffee and croissants. Bethany lets me in herself in a silk robe and covering her eyes from the Texas sun and I follow her up to the third floor or as we like to call it, the loft over a great party.

Bethany takes a seat on her couch and considering her whole place has no walls other than the four holding the ceiling up, you can see every room from the entry door that only she has the code and keys to. "So what brings you around so early that I have only five hours of sleep in me," Bethany asks shaking her blonde hair out as I set up her coffee.

"I need to ask my sister for a favor," I tell her and she shakes her head. "No, no favors this early. And I know a bribe when I see one, all coffee and fresh croissants and sweaty man smell," Bethany states in a slightly grumpy tone. "Okay well what do you want since it's your place," I ask and pull the coffee back putting it on the cup holder.

"I don't usually like man sweat so I want a shower and I want someone to hold so before I go back to sleep," She informs me in a tired grumpy tone. I put the coffee in the microwave and the croissants on the counter before turning to see Beth walking across the loft towards the bathroom and glass case shower stripping off the robe and her panties as she goes.

I make it a point to watch every woman that is naked around me, I'm kind of a man and that is what we do. Bethany is no exception and from her high school days she's filled out a lot, her ass is a bit bigger, her breasts are definitely bigger, I can see light workout equipment in front of her TV.

Her hair is naturally black, like her father and siblings but she dyes it blonde because that's who she is. However I can see roots now when years earlier she never let them show. The shower comes on and I start to let her shower when she gives me a look and I strip down to join her. It's a nice warm shower with more of us actually helping to wash each other as opposed to fooling around. Done and dried off she pulls on her panties and I pull on boxer briefs before being dragged to bed and 'forced' to cuddle my step sister as she falls back asleep.

Big thing about me is while I don't usually like to sleep if I'm in a bed with nothing to do I will fall asleep for a nap. I figure I've been out for a couple hours when Bethany stirs from the sound of a buzzer, probably her doorbell. I roll over as she pulls herself from bed and after pulling on some jeans and a blouse she heads out the door to greet whoever is here.

I give her a couple minutes and when she doesn't come back I decide to throw on my jeans and boots while carrying my shirt to go see what's happening. "So we're looking at another potential three day blow out so does anyone need to have their shift changed before we start," I hear Bethany asking her employees.

"No I figure most of us are good here," A deep voice answers and I can almost see her going down a checklist. "I got the numbers from the other clubs and if we keep people coming in and the door cover high with the drinks low we'll be profiting all summer which means medical is still for everyone on the business," Beth says and the group claps a little and seems generally happy as I round the staircase to see about fifteen people," So restock is coming in today if anyone wants a couple hours to help me get it unloaded." "I'll stay if he keeps his shirt off and helps," a blonde woman, bit older than I, says and all the ladies are pointing.

Bethany turns to see me and laughs a little with her girls before reining them in. "No he's not here to help out and should probably dress himself before we discuss business," Beth says and now I'm smiling.

"I have no clue where it goes anyway but I'll help and stay shirtless if they help," I state and a few of the women perk up. My stepsister is shaking her head but she's got seven volunteers from the women where the men are electing to head home before their shifts. It's maybe an hour of me shirtless before the delivery arrives and I do most of the heavy lifting bringing the boxes in and opening the ones Beth points out so the girls can restock. Whole thing takes less than an hour and most of the girls are giggling and talking among themselves as I work, I just smile and let them have their fun.

Two bars stocked one at either end of the building and a smaller third bar on the second half floor of the VIP area. I get it all done and some of the ladies leave since it's about noon and lunch time leaving myself, Beth and only three other women. "I can't believe you actually did all that with no shirt on," the older blonde says and I chuckle. "I could have done it with no pants too but that would make taking the delivery a little awkward," I joke and the ladies laugh, even Bethany.

"You got dirty again," Bethany points out and I shrug. "Just get me a wet rag and I'll wipe off," I tell her and she hands one to me. "Okay Boss we gotta know, where have you been keeping him," a curvy black woman asks. "Oh he's my brother," She informs them then corrects," The other brother, the less famous one." Bethany wets a cloth in the sink and hands it to me; I did somehow get box dust on me. I start to wipe off as I'm asked questions. "So you're the other brother, the mystery man," the black woman asks.

"Yes and you are," I ask to get the name Carla. The blonde woman is Mona, and the third woman is Kayla, a striking bronzed skinned woman with a bit of shyness. I continue cleaning off as the questions abound. "So you came here to discuss business with your sister and ended up shirtless," Mona asks curious. "Well I was sweaty and needed a shower so she had me shower," I inform the ladies leaving out the whole sleeping in our underwear.

"Yes well that must have been horrible to watch," Carla jokes and all the women laugh, Kayla a little softer than the others.

Bethany pulls me aside to have the women check all bar stock and prepping for tonight and tomorrow being Friday. She's got her business face on and even heats up the coffee in her microwave drinking one in her loft as I sit down and put my shirt on.

"Okay so you wanted something earlier and now I can talk about it," Beth asks and I nod. "I need to have a little control of your door tomorrow night," my words immediately gain a negative response on Beth's face," It's only four guys at the most." "Yeah four assholes that I'm guessing are either going to try to deal drugs in my club or be complete dicks to my staff," Beth counters and I concede the point. "Yes they probably will but I need to put them out in the open and when they get into trouble I promise there will be back up in force to take care of the situation," I tell my stepsister who seems to doubt me.

"But until them I lose prime real estate for good paying customers while you let how many," She asks and I hold up four fingers," Four assholes drink and harass my customers." "Well if they are banned after tomorrow night it'll be the least of their worries," I tell her and she just shakes her head at me. "Okay what do I get out of it and don't tell me you helped with your shirt off you were doing that for the ladies and you know it," Beth jokes and I agree with a shrug. "What do you want, you keep to yourself so much that it worries the family," I tell her and she frowns at me.

"I'm not doing enough for the family is my problem. I got all this money to open clubs and now I'm barely making a profit compared to you and my sister let alone my brother and his political career," Beth says and I nod quietly," I'm hoping to get some money put in the pot so that I can feel like a full member of the club." "You are, we love this.

You have no idea how proud Mom is that you made all this from scratch and just kept building," I tell her and she counters. "You did the same thing with your business and you have made a shit ton," she says but I don't stop. "I have five wives and a list of connections that I tapped to get my business up and running," I state for the record," You took money and built with no other help, that is hard and whether you want to believe it or not I do respect you for that." "Well I need to contribute to the pot soon cause I feel like I'm failing the family," I want to counter but she cuts me off," its how I feel not something you can change." "Okay well what do you want," I ask and she thinks for a moment.

"I want you to turn on that alpha male woman pleasing charm and screw the holy crap into one of my bartenders," Beth says and I actually feel a bit surprised. "A bartender? Not you," I ask and she laughs. "I'm good for now but maybe next visit if I'm not super busy or working on my next ex boyfriend," She chuckles and I laugh a little with her," No it's Kayla, she's getting a divorce from a real shit head and I need you to get her back on her charm." "Okay so take her and romance her or what," I ask and she laughs again.

"You have no idea how badly she needs a man right now, she would have cleaned you with her tongue earlier had she thought you were interested.

So I want you to be interested and take her home today, then I want you to fuck the life back into her or I'm going to have to fire her," I give my sister a shocked look and she shoots it down," I've had complaints that she's a downer and in the VIP you want happy people, not depressed ones." I agree, mostly because I'm a little interested in Bethany setting up someone with me for a fling than any other reason. We head down stairs and rejoin the ladies who have all their stations set up when Bethany informs Kayla that I'll be giving her a ride home and back to work for her shift in the VIP room tending the bar.

Ever see a woman who doesn't know what to do when she's handed a good opportunity well this is it. I walk Kayla out to my mother's car as she doesn't own one herself and drive her back towards her home with the turn by turn directions she gives me.

While we drive I take note of the bronze woman, probably Indian by her skin tone and thick black hair but it's short and not long like Lajita's. Also she's about 5'7" and curvy but I'm pretty sure she's almost my age with no real wrinkles in her skin.

The biggest thing figure wise is she has an almost straight figure with a little curve for her hips and breasts from the front but the side profile give me D cup breasts and an ass with more jiggle than firmness. We arrive at a smallish apartment complex that is facing the street and I park where she points and when I shut the engine off she gives me an odd look.

"What are you doing," She asks confused. "I'm shutting the car off, I was told to give you a ride back to work when your shift starts so I can either wait here or come inside," I make it a point to leave out the option of me leaving. "Oh, you don't have to," Kayla says and I stop her.

"You know my sister, she's got her brain set on me keeping an eye out for you so here I am," I tell her and she nods lightly. I'm invited up to her apartment and once inside I can see she didn't go for much in the divorce. There is a couple wicker chairs and an older coffee table in the living room with a makeshift bookshelf. I am wondering if she even has a bed as she gains my attention. "I can make some tea for you if you like," Kayla asks and I nod. As she steps out I take a look at her books and see a few that I've read.

I almost smile as Mom's tutelage is coming back to me in spades from my days courting Rachael. I pull one book out and proceed to take a look at the words; I've read the book before. I hear Kayla come back to the room and set down the tea before noticing the book. "I'm sorry I don't normally have company," Kayla says noting the book I'm holding.

"Oh I didn't know you were married," I tell her flipping through the pages. "I'm not married," She states a little quietly and I smile. "Okay so aside from the decent but not great ring on your left hand, the dog eared pages of this relationship book on the troubled waters of marriage and the sparse home furnishings I'd say it your divorce is already filed," I state as she looks at me a little stunned," I'm going to guess that you filed because you wanted out fast?" "Yes," is her simple reply.

"You know my sister didn't send me over because you need a ride to work tonight," I state and she looks a little shocked. "But then why are you here," I get the question and it tells me way too much about her marriage. I sit down on the small loveseat, the only decently padded furnishing in the living room and Kayla joins me but at the other end. I watch her make and pour tea and take a sip before trying to figure out why I'm here.

"I'm here to remind you that you're a woman Kayla," I tell her and watch her nearly spit her tea. "What, what does that even mean," She asks and I feel like flirting is something she didn't get a lot of.

"Oh my god woman have you never been with a man," I ask almost sure the answer is no. "Yes, I was with my husband. Our wedding night and honeymoon were nice. He had me bend over while he made sure to do his duty and get me pregnant then he would go out drinking while I waited in the room reading," I almost want to die at her honeymoon description. "Are you fucking serious," I ask now pretty sure the answer is yes. "Well not many people have sex for recreation, it's not like it's enjoyable.

The enjoyment comes from a simple loving relationship where your partner is there for you in an emotional and spiritual way," I know the book she's quoting and I want to die. "I read the same book and she's talking about sex, sex can be an emotional and spiritual moment," I tell her then have to ask," Why are you getting a divorce?" "My ex husband said that I was the reason we weren't having babies.

Then I caught him having sex with one of his co workers and when I asked him he said she was there to have our babies. I was tested and I'm fertile but he doesn't think so. We argued and when he wouldn't stop trying to impregnate her I took a picture on my phone and my parents found me a lawyer," She informs me and I look at the shitty apartment. "And you mean to tell me that your soon to be ex left you with almost nothing," I ask hoping she says no.

"Well I took what I needed and have been furnishing it with my checks from work," She says and I almost want to die of shock. "What about the fact that he's a cheating asshole," I state kind of loudly.

"I don't care about those things; they were all paid for with his job money anyway. I just wanted out and hopefully I can find a husband who has a working penis so I can be a mother," She says and I am almost at my limit. "Can I simply ask if you are taking birth control," I get the words out and she nods," And were you taking it the entire time?" "No I only started taking it after I found out he was trying to get another woman pregnant," She states and I take her tea cup and put it down.

Place the hands gently on the face, close my eyes lean in and kiss her slowly. Great instructions from my wives on some of the finer nuances of women, and they will hear about this later but I'm working on some super vengeance for Kayla right now and need to focus on her.

If she was shocked before when my tongue gently parts her lips she's shocked to all hell. It takes almost a minute before she warms up and I help move her arms around me so she can hold on.

I move her inner leg up on the couch and gently slide her down so that she's lying on her back with me over top of her. Her lips are full and she's really not used to being intimate so I'm taking it slowly.

I move from her lips to her neck and feel her arch her back and gasp for air just a little before my hand up the loose knit top she's wearing and squeeze what is definitely a D cup. "Those are for the baby," Kayla states and I am fucking quick to stop that shit. "Babies come to women who don't have sex with eunuchs," I state and she looks at me a little shocked," Now strip down I plan to do things to you that you only heard about in the break room at work." I pull off of her and take my shirt off and stand up to get my jeans off before closing her blinds, no audience needed yet.

I turn back to see the most retro bra and panties I have ever had the privilege/horror to witness. I stand Kayla up and turn her away from me before undoing the near half dozen clasps on the granny bra when she suddenly becomes nervous again and noting this I lean in and kiss her neck lightly. From nervous to calm to actually backing into me in less than fifteen seconds, I turn her back around and kiss her before sitting down on the couch and separating my legs as she realizes that I'm completely naked.

Amazingly that's not the biggest surprise for her. "What is that," Kayla asks looking straight at my 'best friend'," Is that your penis?" "Yes now get on your knees and I'm going to have you do something to me," I tell her and she gets down on her knees but I have to listen to more questions.

"But is there something wrong with it? I mean medically," She asks and I almost laugh and cry," I mean it's too big." "Yes it's not being played with by you," I tell her and taking her hand let her fingers wrap around the shaft," Now just move that up and down a little while putting the end of it in your mouth." She's a little unsure but her touch is gentle if not timid but when her thick lips get around my head I actually moan as she begins to rub her tongue around my head.

"You've never done this before," I ask and get a mouthful of 'no'," Well that is great form Kayla now keep doing that till I'm fully hard." Gentle stroking and a natural tongue have me moaning a little as I get harder from Kayla's probably first blowjob. I look at the brown eyed woman as her lips work a little bit more of me into her mouth and she's moaning now as I finally think she's getting excited.

I'm finally hard and gently stop Kayla even though now she looks a little disappointed that I did, maybe we'll do that later but now it's her turn. I stand up and have her sit down on the couch before taking off her panties and spreading her legs. I kiss her again taking time to keep her relaxed before working my way down her body, her D breasts have dark brown nipples that are harder than they probably ever been and when I suck on one she moans and I feel her hand hold my head in place.

I give them a little bit of extra attention before moving lower. I can feel her start breathing heavy as she tries to speak. "Wait a minute; you're not supposed to put your face down there. That's where your," Is as far as she can get when my tongue begins to run circles around her clit," holy Jesus balls." Do I laugh, no but I will later for that one. She's mostly unshaven so working my way past the hairs is easy as I found her clit thanks to years of experience with women.

I take my time gently working my tongue up and down Kayla's slit as she gasps and moans at every single new sensation. Her wetness is not on the super gushing side but she's moist and when I begin to push a finger in she tenses up past the first knuckle.

Slowly and delicately I work my finger in and out of her sweet hole making sure she's on the edge of her seat in more ways than one. I hear whimpering and moaning as I flick my tongue faster and she almost rips the hair out of my head with her hands to stop me but I don't move letting her whine in bliss.

I slow down and let her relax before moving in between and lining up my cock with her sweet pussy. "Bed," is the first word she blurts out realizing what is coming next," I want a bed and I want you to be very gentle." I stand and help her up as she slowly walks me to her room, like everything else it's sparsely decorated with a full size mattress. Smaller than I'm used to but it'll do the job for two as I watch her move into position on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed.

I move her up further so that we're both on the bed with me on my knees behind her. It takes a moment of rubbing my head against her slit before I feel she's ready and slowly I press into Kayla. I watch her head lower to the bed as she gasps at the shock, I push further and she groans out my name. "Oh Guy I feel so full, you're so deep in me," I almost laugh as I push another inch in," Oh god there's more?" "Just past the halfway point Kayla," I tell her and she looks back at me wide eyed," You want the rest now?" She's nervous but nods yes anyway and I continue to push myself deep until I'm resting against her ass and can feel her shake a little with me inside her.

I slowly start to back up and move when she decides to shock me again. "You're moving? Why," she asks gasping. "Because this is how I get you and me off," I tell her honestly wanting to beat her ex," Didn't your former husband move?" "No he said that I was to work on to him so that my body would be ready for his seed," she tells me and I now know that I will beat this man.

I back up only half way before pushing back in, gripping Kayla's hips gently and feeling her warm folds hold my cock. I'm taking a slow rhythm but for her it's mind blowing as I see her clutching the pillow under her head. I speed up a little but still keep it gentle for her as I feel her shudder and start backing into me this time with a little fire of her own, it makes me smile.

I take my time and think about what to do next with the hot little woman when she gets a little louder and I try to encourage her. "Kayla are you cumming," I ask and she nods quickly biting her lip," I want to hear you say it Kayla." "I'm cumming," I barely hear her and speed up a little," I'm cumming." "Louder Kayla, make me believe it," I tell her and she throws her head back.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," She repeats it over and over like a mantra. I feel her start to shake and clamp down a little hard on me, I don't stop pushing into Kayla and she stops speaking favoring a light yelp then a low groan before collapsing forward off of me and onto the bed. I'm a little amped up myself when I get that big idea, the one that makes something good and turns it amazing.

I hop off the bed quickly and rush to the living room looking around quickly before finding her phone, it's a smart phone thank god, and head back to see Kayla still on the bed breathing heavy. "Why do you have my phone," she asks and I smile. "We're making a movie," I tell her and she looks at me funny," It's for you and I'm not done yet. Look at me? Don't you want some more?" Kayla shifts her body and is now lying on her back with her legs spread; I pull up pillows to put under her head.

I push inside her sitting on my knees and pull up the video record on her phone. I hold it over where it can see her and begin thrusting hard and deep. Kayla isn't fully come down from her last orgasm but she's pulling her own legs up so that I can get into her deeper, it's all instinct now and I'm giving it to her good and fast as I start recording.

"Kayla did your husband fuck you like this," I ask her and she shakes her head," talk to the camera babe." "He didn't move and I never saw his penis unless he was in the shower," Kayla says as I use one hand to hold her hips. "Was his cock as big as this one," I ask again making sure the shot is good.

"No it was maybe half of yours," She moans looking down," I can see it going into me." "Now I'm going to cum soon Kayla, would you like me to do it inside you," I ask and she nods yes as I buck into her harder.

I move a pillow on the bed and prop up the phone so it can see before lowering my body onto Kayla's. She wraps her legs around mine and her arms grip my back as I buck into Kayla hard and fast. We kiss again but this one is all mouth and tongue before she breaks it moaning I can feel my orgasm building and when I begin to cum she moans like she's done this before, all in front of the camera.

"Oh god it's hot, it's so hot in me and your still cumming. Keep pumping it in me it's so warm and good," Kayla moans and I smile as I take a moment for myself. Complete and utter success getting her to find her sex drive but totally worth it to me as I pull back and off of her taking the phone in my hand, slowly I back up till I fall out of Kayla and even she looks at her own pussy.

As my cum begins to dribble out she has to make the best comment ever. "Oh my god, look at all of you, I never had that much in me when Zach and I had sex," Kayla says probably not realizing how amazing that one line was. I stop the video and look through her directory to find Zach's number and send him the video before closing the phone.

Leather chaps twink I slowly maneuvered myself and carefully wedged

I lead the glowing with ecstasy woman to her bathroom where we clean up a little before settling down on her bed to talk. I discover that she was an orphan, raised by some foster parents in Minnesota and homeschooled. I explain that the books on her shelf, Lajita's books are all about sex and she looks at me as thought I just made the connection for her. We laugh a little but I'm on alert when I hear the front door of the small apartment get kicked in.

"Kayla, you bitch where the fuck are you," I hear a man yell out through the small apartment. I step out of the bedroom and wait half way down the hall as he comes into view. Caucasian male, early thirties and a five beer minimum belly with early graying hair that is done in the classic 'I'm balding but hip' pony tail and at about 5'11" I have no bad feelings about what is going to happen next.

"You asshole where is she," He growls at me and I smile. "Relaxing after a couple orgasms, you need to leave she didn't invite you and kicking the door in is breaking and entering," I inform him but he's mad and not thinking. "She's my wife you son of a bitch," He states like I'd care.

"Actually she's your soon to be ex wife and you were cheating on her you erectile dysfunction ass clown. One warning or it's going to be three hits and a ride in the back of a cop car for you," I tell him and I'm ready. Yeah he rushes me like he's going to running punch me and that's my opening. I step forward fast and give him a straight shot to the nose stopping all forward momentum; I shift my hands grabbing his striking hand and now possibly broken nose palming his face and drive his head against the corner of the wall at the opening of the hallway.

I let him hit the ground and Zach is groaning as I stand over him naked and more than a little disappointed when I hear a gasp behind me. I turn and move to Kayla taking her in my arms to calm her down. "I thought he hurt you," she says and giggles a little. "Now you know the difference," I tell her and she looks at me funny," Real man, fake man." She laughs a little and at my prompting contacts the police and an ambulance for her soon to be ex-husband.

The official statement is an easy one considering the obvious signs of forced entry and the fact that she didn't invite him there. I actually am not even put in cuffs for a change, a nice change but I almost thought I was going to have to make a call to get out of the situation.

The officers tell me that it was good I showed restraint, I almost laugh, as I subdued him with no major injury. I hear about his broken nose and concussion before everyone leaves and I make a call to Jun to get someone over fast to repair Kayla's door since she has to leave for work in a few hours. We dressed a long time ago but I did almost feel like giving my statement while wearing a towel, kind of a dominance thing.

Kayla explains how them met through a dating service and I ask her what site but she tells me about the phone number and I almost want to die she's so unaware of the world. Almost an hour before her shift and its late afternoon when she asks me a question. "Do I get to keep the video," Kayla asks and I nod," Well that is nice of you. Is it true you're married?" "Yes I am to five very special women. Chapter eighteen," I ask and she nods," That's about us.

Lajita and I went to high school together." I get some serious fan girling from Kayla and promise that if Lajita comes to town she will get a personal sit down and autograph. It's with smiles and Kayla feeling better that I relax and we go over the books Lajita wrote and I explain what she didn't understand. It's only a couple hours before I have to drive her to Bethany's club for her shift but she has me pick out her outfit so that she looks happier.

It takes us a bit but I have the wives help me with what to have her wear, they love helping, and once it's settled Kayla and I are in the car to the club. It's the early evening when door opens and Thursday night is like the soft start to the weekend, I learn this as I sit with my sister as she goes into explaining her business to me. She's got a radio and I can see a resemblance in what we both do as she micro manages smaller situations like I do when working.

I actually leave what information Bethany needs to help me tomorrow with her before heading out. I check in with my people and send off a message to bring my inside man up to speed on his job and where I want him to bring my quarry. I spend that night and the next day insuring preparation is complete and getting players into position when before heading over to the club. I always liked the name of Bethany's place, Oasis Nights, its catchy and sounds mysterious. I am in a suit with no tie tonight as I'm going to look the part of someone having fun.

I meet my personal guests there, a friend of mine and his fiancé before showing them inside. It's busy night but us getting past and heading to the VIP area is quick and easy as the happy couple are enjoying themselves while I wait.

It's maybe nine in the evening and while I'm on duty my friends with me aren't and I get to watch them dance and carry on as I get word that my quarry is on site. I see them move in, Leo and his band of merry men, I use the term men loosely. Leonard and Scott are in what I can only guess are their clubbing clothes aka leisure suits with big collars and bright colors. James is in a simple suit and looks to be almost enjoying himself when I see Joshua the goon in jeans, cowboy boots and a tank top with a trucker hat.

They take a booth and order their drinks as I settle in for an interesting night. It takes a while before any of them are moving around the dance floor but when they get the word there is a booth ready for them in the VIP area from James I see them give him some moderate level of appreciation before saying something to sour his mood. My friends and I are on one side enjoying ourselves with Kayla tending the bar as the goon squad joins us taking their booth at the other end.

They're laughing and partying as I get my groups next round of drinks I just happen to end up at the bar with Leo. I place my order with Kayla who is happy to help when she nods behind me and I turn to see a winning situation. Leo's muscle putting cocaine on the table and snorting it up in plain view almost makes my life too easy. "Hey doll, listen we need champagne at least three bottles of it and we need it as soon as that sweet ass of yours can deliver them okay," Leo asks not noticing me.

I watch him turn and head back before stopping and looking back at me, take the drinks I ordered and move quietly to my seat before he says something. "Hey I remember you, you were out at the farm the other day trying to take my business," He asks right in front of my friends. "I was there to make a deal, you declined in your own way and that was ended," I state turning my attention to my friends.

"Hey asshole I'm not done talking with you," Leo says stepping forward. My friends back down with the wife getting on her cell phone for something while I address Leo standing up from my seat. "Mr. Furino walk away, for your own sake and save some face," I tell him and watch him laugh at me. "I'll slap ya silly ya little bitch," Leo threatens when our party is interrupted.

"Excuse me is there a problem here," I hear Bethany ask dressed in a sleek black number and heels. "Oh baby where have ya been, I could get a couple drinks from you any night of the week," Leo says turning on the lack of charm. "No you couldn't, James are these your friends or are you on your own tonight," Bethany asks James who holds his hands up like he's surrendering," Well you sir and your two friends are out." The security guys are right there to politely escort Leo, James and Scott out of the building.

I follow just to watch as Leo threatens to buy the club and kick everyone of their asses out of a job. They get out the doors just in time to walk into three police cars with lights going and weapons. I watch as they are separated and searched then the 'amazing' happens, Josh has a vial of cocaine on him and he is cuffed and has his rights read to him for use and possession. Leo is more than a little pissed.

"Nobody said anythin' about him usin' nuttin'," Leo yells at the cops as one of my guests steps forward and shows her badge. "Sir I sat there in that club and watch your associate snort three lines of cocaine in public view, my husband has it in a video on his camera phone.

I suggest you contact some legal counsel for your friend because it's going to be a couple days before he is allowed out of a jail cell," Nancy tells Leo before addressing her officers with instructions. I watch James exit the club to tell Leo and Scott that he paid the tab when they throw it in his face that this whole thing is his fault and proceed to get into Scott's car and leave him there.

I smile at Nancy and head back inside leaving the scene behind me and we rejoin her and her husband who is a little relieved that the festivities are over. Good thing for me I know that the party is just getting started. Desmond: Two hours later The cot is hard, the blanket under my head itches and the one covering me smells like fabric softener and urine.

Yes I'm in a jail cell. It's hard to stay comfortable and wait but after being in here for a few hours waiting. I honestly don't think this will work but I'm not paid to think, I leave that to Guy while I do what he needs me to. I can hear people talking; I can hear the faucet in the cell dripping but the best noise I can hear is the door to the area opening up and someone being brought in. I relax, I am calm and the world is at peace.

I have a new bunk mate and by the sounds of him he's bigger than average. I still lie on the cot 'sleeping' and wait. "Can't even get a cell to myself I have to get one with a drunk. Hey asshole, you awake," He asks me but I don't move. I can hear him looking around, I know what he's looking for since we're in the cell with the central air vent pointed right at it and the preset temperature is forty degrees.

He even lifts his mattress only to find no blanket for himself. I feel him nudge me and I groan at him something unintelligible when he speaks. "Give me my blanket. It's fucking freezing in here," Josh says to me and I ignore him. I feel a quick tug and the blanket is off of me. Now I figure it's time to address the poor bastard. "I was here first, the blankets are mine," I inform him starting to get up from the bed.

"Prison rules, I take it and you like it. Shut up before I make you my bitch too," he informs me not paying attention. I stand up and see he's facing away from me checking his side of the cell. He's big, not huge, I've got three inches on him and I'm in my bare feet, jean shorts and nothing else.

I don't need anything else considering his gym days are fewer than his time parenting the three kids he has with two women. I tap him on the shoulder and he turns to see my face, he smirks at me.

"Something you wanna say big boy," He sneers dropping the blanket. "Prison rules," I reply. He shoves me back maybe half an inch and I hear nothing in the surrounding area, no talking, no central air, just the dripping of the faucet.

I step back in his face and he throws a body shot, I am unimpressed and he does it again before looking at my face. I grab him by the throat with my left and ram my right into his ribs twice. I can hear him trying to breath, a new noise for the room as I raise my fist up and smash him in the face. First punch stuns him, second draws blood, third loosens teeth, fourth I see blood coming from his mouth, and finally I bend him down and bring my knee into his face and hear his nose crunch before dropping him to the floor of the cell.

He's slightly aware of what is happening; good this wouldn't feel right to me if he was unconscious. I move over him and grab the dirty blonde hair on his head holding it up and when he fully sees me I smash him in the mouth again.

That punch knocked out a tooth, the next one I know a molar or two left his mouth and he's barely able to defend himself. I stand up and grab the blanket winding it up into a tight wrap and hook it around his neck before dragging him over to the toilet.

Jail fact, toilets don't have water in them unless you flush and then it drains completely. Our shared toilet however is full, I clogged it earlier with our pillow cases before removing the pillows altogether. Joshua is gasping for air and when he sees the water he tries to hold his face out but my foot on the back of his head while holding the neck choker I made push him down to his ears.

Struggling, panicking, fear and finally I let him up for air which he gasps for as I lean him backwards and use a free hand to hammer his ribs. He clutches his side and I put him right back into the toilet. I see him struggle and I have no sympathy, this isn't torture this is justice. Only Guy knows the reason I went to work for him, a lot of the crew think he approached me and they're wrong I went to him.

I hurt people, it's what I do but with Guy I hurt the right people. I release the neck wrap and punch Josh in the kidney watching him fall out of the toilet coughing and gasping for air.

I like the confusion, he wants air because he was drowning but breathing hurts from bruised ribs and general torso pain. I watch as he begins to crawl away before kicking him in the side.

I watch him crawl away from me scared and in pain a foot or two before dragging him by the leg back to me and pin him down with my knee in his back.

"Stop&hellip. Please&hellip. Stop&hellip.," Joshua begs me with blood dripping out of his mouth. "Did Michelle beg you to stop? Did Tania? They did didn't they. Did you stop when they begged you to," I ask and hear his sob of fear. Do I enjoy this, not as much as my sister would but a little bit. I stand up taking my knee off his back and watch him try to crawl under the bed.

I drag him back to the toilet by his hair and watch him grab hold of the sides to keep me from pushing his face in the water. Old trick, I grab his ankles and pull back fast which has his body go in the air for a split moment before slamming down to the concrete cell floor. A thud followed by a groan that turns into more pained sobbing. I stalk him as he crawls away again this time wrapping his body around the base of the toilet to protect himself.

It's almost sad to me but I pull him off with cries of mercy and stand him up to see me. I raise my fist one last time and hit him so hard I tear his 'muscle' sleeveless shirt. He hits the floor like a dead body, I check and sure enough he's not dead. I put him on the bed and cover him with the blankets before walking up to the cell door and taking a key out of my pocket unlock it and step out.

Down the hall and out the opposite door from the one he came in from and I'm immediately shown to a van by a man in a suit with a badge and off into the night without a word. Ben is driving, I like Ben, he doesn't speak unless he needs to and I sit quietly thinking on what the next move will be. No cameras, no log statement as to my presence in the cell, evidence is being wiped as we speak by one of Guy's connections.

We're back at the house and I am greeted by woman who causes me some apprehension, Guy's mother. "You are hurt mister," she states and I have to let her take a look at me in the kitchen. She holds up my hand and removes a tooth from under the skin in between my knuckles, I honestly didn't feel it.

I don't usually feel the strikes I land on a target but this is new, she bandages it and gives me the tooth to hold onto in case I need it. I pause with it and head up to the room my sister is residing in while working on what she is doing. I quietly enter her room to see her looking at masks, I know what she asked for from Guy and he gave it to her but she will be alone in this and without immediate back up and I'm not allowed there at all.

I move behind her and place a hand on her shoulder which causes her to pause. "You don't usually touch me first, what happened," Wilma asks quietly. I take the tooth and put it in her hand, I watch as she quietly observes it with wonder and an odd fascination.

She moves from her spot at the desk and goes to her bag before putting it inside a small plastic baggie she was keeping. "When did you decide to start taking souvenirs," Wilma asks before seeing my hand and turning angry," Who tended to you? Who touched you instead of me?" "Guy's mother," I quietly reply and she calms down a lot. "Well she's okay but we have to talk about something," she says sitting down in her chair as I take a seat on the bed," You need to give me a timeline." "For what," I ask not fully understanding the question.

"When are we having a baby," Wilma asks and I sigh, it's not easy for me dealing with her. "I don't know, I still have a lot of things I'm working on," I inform Wilma. "Like fucking what? You bought a house and all you do is cut wood in that work shop and hammer things all day," Wilma says a little upset with me and my answer.

"Remember the hole in the kitchen floor the first year, then you went away with Guy to work and came back with it fixed," I ask her and she nods," I built the support and fixed the floor." "You redid the kitchen," Wilma asks a little shocked.

"Yes, while you're in your room working on ways to get me to give you a baby I've been rebuilding our home," I tell her a bit agitated with her now," You keep walking around dressing like a whore while I'm trying to build something for the first time in my life." "You've been doing all the repairs around the house? When the hell did you learn to build anything," Wilma asks with a healthy level of doubt. "Jail, they teach you trade skills in jail and considering I spent more time in jail than you did in the asylum I learned a few things.

I had to buy books and watch videos so I knew what I was doing and didn't build something that would break when you stepped on it," I inform my half sister not happy with having to explain myself. "Why didn't you tell me you were rebuilding the house," Wilma asks now trying to calm us both down. "Because you didn't care. All you ever thought of is 'I want a baby'. That's it and nothing else, not where did the new floor come from or when did anyone make sure we had windows in the kitchen.

Just big brother fuck me and get me pregnant," I raise my voice and stand up as Wilma cowers a little. I am mad but she's my sister and I love her, more than she has thought over the past few years. I leave her room heading to my own, the walk is right next door and I don't slam it but people will know I closed it. I strip down and put some shorts on before settling into bed for sleep. I have been asleep for two hours when the guard comes around to check, he's late they're supposed to be by every hour.

I wake up enough to remember that I'm not in jail and there is no guard but my door opens all the same. I reach over and turn to lamp on to see Wilma closing the door, wearing long pajama bottoms and a baggy t shirt. These are foreign clothes for her, I know pretty much everything she has for clothes and this doesn't fit her need for tight and revealing wear and besides that Wilma sleeps nude. She walks up to the bed, it's a decent sized full queen bed that I got since I'm bigger than everyone else and she is standing next to it.

"Can I sleep in here with you please," Wilma asks quietly, she never asks. I nod and she crawls in next to me as I reach over and cut the light. It's quiet and nearly pitch black as she shuffles around in the bed trying to get comfortable while I lie on my back and listen. Jail you sleep on your back unless you're someone's bitch, then you sleep on your side so your bunk mate can get up next to you.

I was a bitch for about six months then I beat my cellmate and earned an additional year inside, that was how I missed my twenty first birthday outside in the world.

Wilma is still shifting around till I put my arm under her head as she is facing away and roll her over so that she's resting her head against my chest. I can feel her hand on my stomach, she's nervous, the girl who looks forward to Guy's wife Katy binding her up for a day and making her recite the rules they put in place over here so she doesn't run wild on the world is nervous about touching me. "You do love me right," Wilma asks and I can feel her shake.

"Yes I do," I tell her quietly kissing the top of her head. "Do you want to have a family with me," Wilma asks and that question is the one that I never thought she'd ask. "Yes I do, I love you and I can't think of you as my sister when I want you," I tell her and she looks confused.

"That's because you're a dummy, don't get hung up on a label. Besides our father was an asshole," Wilma says cuddling in tight," So we finish the house then we make a baby?" "No, we go home and we make love. Then we work on the house and make love at night. When the house is done we get married," I say the words and she actually looks at me with disbelief, I can tell even in the dark," Then when we are married I will get you pregnant and we'll have a baby." "I want two babies, boy and a girl," Wilma informs me kissing my chest.

"Okay, we'll go for two," I tell her and she relaxes. "Can we fool around tonight," She asks a little hopeful.

"We're working; no sex while working unless Katy says it's okay. Remember what happened with Stuart," I remind her and she becomes a little upset," Besides I know we have very different things we like in bed." "Oh I want to have this conversation. Do you like anal? Like when you were in jail? Or are you into choking?

Would you beat a guy up in a bar then have sex with me all hopped up on adrenaline? How about gagging me during a blowjob? Not many people can do that and since we're going to be married I figure that is one thing you like to do," Wilma is all over the place with questions and I can only think of my favorite thing. "I like it when a woman is on top," I tell her and she is up and staring at me resting on her elbow. "You're a submissive, I didn't even think about that," She starts and I correct her.

"No I mean I like a woman when she is physically on top of me," I tell her and now she understands.

"Well you like other things too right, like hard fucking and pressure play," She asks and I have no clue what she's talking about. "I don't know what that last one is. I don't understand why choking is a fun thing either. I did some stuff with my mouth once or twice and a woman did it to me a couple times and that was fun but other than that I just like a woman on top," I tell her and she settles down against my chest again.

"We have a lot of work to do to get you so that you can get me off. I mean I understand vanilla sex somewhat but brother there are some great things we are going to try," Wilma informs me cuddling up again. "No Anal," I tell her and I can feel the argument starting in her when I shut it down," I love you; you do not put it in the ass of someone if you love them. That is how you establish who is the bitch and who isn't." "I'd be your bitch if you asked," Wilma jokes and I shake my head.

I pull her face up once and give her a kiss on the lips, Wilma is shocked by it considering we've never kissed before. She moves up me a little and continues the kiss for a few moments and I feel her lick my lips before settling back down. I relax and hope sleep comes where I don't wake up and feel like I'm in jail again, I didn't have a bitch in jail and waking up with that thought would be weird.

Stuart: Saturday Afternoon in California after the beating at the jail Guy is off on some job in Texas that Jun has informed me is without pay and since it is he doesn't want to spend more than he needs to so I'm living off my regular allowance.

I think about that for ten seconds and realize that my work life fucking rules and I have a nice new car and better hardware than the school along with a charge card to spend on myself and others if I need to. Biggest thing I am looking forward to is spring break, it's coming in April and this being March I am wondering if I'll be working or if I can work out some sort of vacation with Guy and a budget.

Question is where would I go? I'm eating a chicken Caesar salad with ranch because I don't like the original dressing they name the salad after. I have been in the gym a bit more often than I was because I have no dates, Robin is leaving me in the friend zone so and aside from a couple casual dates I don't have anything serious brewing when I get blindsided.

"Hey there Stuart," I hear from my right and almost don't recognize the voice. I turn my head and there is Stephanie, still the attractive blonde teacher's assistant only today I see her in jeans and a blouse as opposed to the skirts and knit tops from last year. I don't stand to greet her, that would imply some sort of familiarity I don't feel we have.

"Hello Ms. Volence," I use her last name and that says more about how I feel than anything. "Too afraid to call me by my first name or are you trying to make a statement in five words or less," she asks and I don't even bother to look at her again. "No, I was being formal. You are a teacher's assistant and I am a student. There should be a level of decorum between us," I state as she moves in front of my table so that I can see her.

"I was worried about you last year. Tried to get in touch with you but according to Richard you were busy when you came back. Then when I tried to see you he told me it'd be best if I didn't come back because you were past everything that happened," Steph says now sitting down. "And I am, you took his advice because I haven't heard from you since what would have been our first date," I state reminding her without bringing up the sex she and Richard were having.

"Well that was as much my fault as yours," Steph informs me and I give her the 'what the fuck' look," Well I wasn't trying to screw your roommate when I went there, I was trying to get it out of my system before I put you first and only." "And I'm still not understanding how it's my fault in any way," I ask putting down my fork as she sits across from me.

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"Well you walked away; you didn't even try to tell me that you were hurt and give me a chance to make it right. Yeah I screwed up and hurt you but if you gave me the chance I would have spent all the time from then till now making things right," Steph says with a real honesty, like she actually believes this. "Well as interesting as that fantasy is life isn't coulda, woulda shoulda.

There is what happened and I'm a lot better now than I was when we saw each other last year," I state being plain and honest. "I can see that, you slimmed down and got some money coming in.

I also heard you have been fooling around with a couple different women on campus but aren't into anything serious. So I'm guessing you're trying to make up for lost time," Stephanie is trying to analyze me, I've had better do that already. "I don't need to make up for lost time. I was a scared and lazy not to mention fat waste. I got an internship, it turned into a job and they are paying for me now. I got pretty much all I need right now including some real friends," I admit it does feel good to not lie to myself about having a good life.

"Well then if things are so good and we've gone this whole conversation so far without you calling me a whore or a cunt maybe we should get something to eat tonight," Steph says more than asks me. "You think I want to go out and get dinner with you," I ask her and she nods.

"Well its either you and I go out to dinner and talk, maybe catch up or I go back to my place alone and you go do what you do now that you're this new you," Stephanie says with a slight smile.

"You sure you don't want me to come by so you can sneak in with Richard and get another 'one last time' out of the way," I ask and she sours at my words. "When I said that was our last time it was, he hasn't been with me since then. Oh and if you think I've been holding a candle for you since the start of the year think again. I've been out and I've had my fair share of decent men just like you've done all your playing with the girls on campus," Steph says with a anger I haven't seen," I saw you and figured we could do worse than sitting alone and maybe we were ready for each other this time.

Now are we going to get some dinner later or not?" "Yes, I'll pick you up at your place around seven," I tell her and she is a little surprised by my answer. "Well I have the car, why don't I pick you up at your room around seven," Stephanie counters.

"I will pick you up at your place at seven," I tell her and she agrees. We say goodbye and I watch her leave; I'm going on a date with Stephanie. I think she hurt me worst of all last year but now here she is telling me I didn't give her a chance to make things better.

I don't really care about what she wanted to do then, I care about not being on the computer or in the gym for the second time today. It's been my ritual to work out when I have nothing to do and while it's good I'm getting a little bored with it.

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I actually think about Guy and his job. He's in Texas, that much I know and he's doing it at cost to himself. Must be a mercy mission, I feel happy for the people he's helping. Gwen: Friday before Noon All that brother of mine has to do is just ask me to keep an eye on people while he's taking care of shit, instead he has to send me money like I won't do it if he doesn't.

I met the families on the first day and I already like this Jackie girl and her boy. This guy Steven and his wife Amanda are a little too jittery for my liking, the keep looking around like some boogey man is going to snatch them away or something while their daughter barely notices thanks to the power of girls around horses. The last family has too many people staring, mostly because we don't get many Indian folk around here but I will say they are polite and friendly.

It took me a day or so to figure out the Indian family was here for Steven and Amanda, well mostly the wife. I let the two wives have their sit downs so they can talk out whatever is bothering Amanda but I get the feeling that my baby brother and this Lajita have been fooling around or were doing something before but that's just my big sister instincts.

I miss not growing up with that boy. All the things I used to dream up that we would do together, bike riding and me telling him not to go kissing girls with fewer teeth than him. I spoke to Desmond and he says he has a problem that he'd like taken care of over in the hog pens and I figure it's time to get the men folk up and doing something other than sitting around and feeling left out.

It takes me all of two minutes to find them both watching Jackie play with the children while they stand around not getting dirty. "Hey Steve and Dalip," I think I said his name right," Come one we got work that needs doing." The both of them look at each other funny before coming to me and I already know they are thinking of how to get out of it.

"Listen Ms. Donnelly I am a licensed veterinarian, I could easily take care of any animal problems you've been having on the farm. I even brought my bag with me," Steven tells me and I now understand why Guy sent him up here. "Well that's great and we do have an animal problem, you two are going to want to get some sleep now because I'm gonna wake you up this evening and we're gonna do some hunting," I tell the two men who actually get pale at the thought.

The women are still talking as I get back into the house, I hear them mention sex and get as far away from that conversation as I can. My sex life consists of a guy I meet once every other week and I don't need to explain it to people. I settle down and pull the curtains on my window to sleep till sundown. I'm up and moving pulling my boots on and getting my pack together.

I check in with Dalip and Steven to see they grabbed their jackets, finally some smarts from educated men. We head out to the barn and Elmer is waiting for me.

Elmer's been working farms since he was a boy and when his went belly up he had nothing, now he works for me and does a damn good job which is why I pay him well and let him run most things with a seasoned hand. He's got a couple double barrels out for the boys but it's my rifle that is in his hands. "Ms. Gwen I don't like you being out to handle wild animals," Elmer says in that kindly old tone.

"Elmer if I can't take out coyotes on the farm I should just sell it off and go live in the city," I joke but the sweet man is serious and worried about me.

I watch him take care of the men showing them how to load their shotguns and making sure they don't shoot themselves. I head towards Mr. Devin's half of the land and in the direction of the chicken coops.

I can hear the men folk catch up when Steven decides to ask a question. "So why are we out hunting coyotes," the veterinarian asks keeping pace. "Chickens feed about a third of the working hands on this farm either by sale or by eggs and meat.

We've had more than a couple get killed and dragged off in the night, coyotes are funny like that. So the two of you are going to wait inside a coop each and when you see a coyote come in you shoot it," I give the two their marching orders and not one of them is manning up. "Ms. Donnelly I have never handled a weapon before and I don't think I can do this," Dalip says and I turn on him fast.

"Dalip reach into those jeans of yours and find your balls. I'm going to be on the roof watching the front," I point to Devin's house," You are going into the box with the chickens and you will defend those god damn chickens or so help me god I will take a testicle." I never thought Indian men could get so pale but he musters up some courage and I show them to the two biggest coops and make sure they're out of sight so they can wait for the coyotes.

I head back to Mr. Devin's house and Mrs. Masha is right there to welcome me with a hug and show me the new baby boy, Demitri. She loves her Russian names and since Devin doesn't care I just settle in with the thermos of coffee and put my ass up on the roof. It's a pretty sunset to watch and I see the two men folk peek out of their hiding spots, probably to talk about how scared they are of coyotes or if they ever seen one before.

I'm hoping they see one tonight, tired of Mr. Devin going over numbers every time a couple go missing. Hours of not seeing anything from my perch on the roof and a recently relieved need to pee let me check the time to see it's almost two in the morning when I hear voices, like people yelling before a shotgun goes off.

I grab my rifle and check the scope only to get that sinking feeling when I see Dalip standing and a pair of boots with the rest of the body blocked by another coop. I'm down the ladder and running with my revolver in hand and my rifle slung when I round the corner and see three men, Dalip holding the shotgun, some man I've never seen before on the ground bleeding from his upper body and Steven holding his hands on the blood.

"Gwen I this man has been shot," Steve says getting my attention. "I shot the thief," Dalip says shocked and if I'm not mistaken a little proud. "Well what the hell do you want me to do," I ask hurrying to Steven. "I need a flat surface, tell Amanda that I need my brown bag and I'll need vodka," he tells me and I have to pause. "I'll get some hands to help move him," I tell the man stepping past Dalip and pulling him after me. It's a fast move getting Devin up and having him radio a couple men and then radio Elmer to get Steven's wife up from her bed.

I watch as men carry the thief into the house, he's kind of rugged looking but getting pale as they set him on the kitchen table.

Steven's wife has his bag when he starts pulling out medical tools and barking orders. "I need towels and where is that vodka," Steven asks quickly. "I only keep whiskey in the house," I tell him about to leave for it when I hear Mrs. Masha. I watch her produce a bottle of what I hope is vodka but since I don't speak Russian I can only guess. Devin radios Elmer to call the police and an ambulance while the rest of us hold down the man while Steven pours alcohol into the bleeding shoulder and chest.

I got no problem with blood but watching as he picks out pieces of metal from the chicken thief is a bit unsettling. The ambulance arrives as Steven is packing the wound and explaining to the medics what he's done so the doctors can do more to help.

Everything quiets down as Devin, Dalip, Steven and I all give statements. Devin reveals that the thief was a man he turned down for a job, bad feeling about him Devin says and I don't question it when the Indian man shoots someone it's got to be on point since they're so peaceful. I walk the men back to my house with Amanda, interesting thing about Amanda and Steven. For a married couple they haven't been touching, they don't hold hands, they don't kiss, hell I don't think they sleep in the same bed.

I don't pry too much mind you but it's a little odd. We get in and Dalip is speaking with his wife in their language as they head into their room but I catch Steven as Amanda leaves to head back to bed alone. "Hey what is with you two," I ask and he shakes his head," I know my brother sent you up here for your protection but really.

There is something funny with the married couple when they don't touch." "It's complicated, she&hellip. Amanda&hellip. Well she…," He tries to say and I get it.

"She's been cheatin," I ask and he nods," But she loves you and you don't know what to do about it." "I thought about killing myself," he tells me and I have to slap the man," What the hell!" "I've seen that little girl of yours, don't ever let me hear about you killing yourself when you got that sweet little girl running around," I snap at him quietly," Jesus you probably made sure that man made it to the hospital tonight.

So you're here so you two can find a way back or something." "We're just here to keep away while someone gets us out of a problem," he says and I have to laugh. "You mean my brother is down there kicking shit on your behalf and you can't even try to fix your wife's cheating heart or are these two things one in the same," I ask and Steven nods," Well damn boy I can only tell you that when the horse bucks you off you either get back on or buy a car." I leave him with that as I meet Elmer and he puts the weapons away.

Next morning the couples are having a late breakfast but I do see Amanda and Steven closer and touching, now to figure out how to get the four of them on horses. Wilma: Monday in Texas at an undisclosed location He's vanilla, I've heard of it but I can't believe my brother, the love of my life is almost completely vanilla. I spoke with Mistress Katy and she said that if I ever wanted to have the baby I want I need to have the family too.

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It does seem nice, brother building the house, then we marry, will I have to wear a dress? I think it'd be easier just to have the baby but Mistress Katy says that I'm being selfish, like when she has me upside down and leaves the machine on for hours, I just cum when I can and I need to wait. Well simple sex, I can do simple sex right? I mean it's not impossible is it? I get the signal from Isaac that my party has arrived and I stand to greet the men.

One is my brother and the other is Mr. Scott Pork the Second. Scott loves my look and I actually see Desmond a little shocked since I'm wearing a sleeveless red dress, high heels and Guy made sure that I had my hair and makeup done. Not make up that I prefer mind you but Guy knows best. Mr. Pork is a little bit overweight; I almost giggle at the term piggy, but keep it to myself as I greet my guests.

"Well it's wonderful to see a new bull in the barn," I tell the men with a smile. "Ms. Lilith this is my friend Scott. We were talking in a bar and he's kinda like me," My big brother is acting all shy," He has trouble with other people's rules." "Oh so you're a man of your own not one that takes the world's regulations and just quietly sits by," I ask Scott who wants to lick honey off my chest, mental note find out brother's favorite sweet.

"Yes Ma'am, some people don't like to let me express my needs when I'm paying for it," Scott informs me and I laugh. "Tonight expression will be my foremost concern, now one thing just to save us both a lot of time and trouble later," I state pulling out the release forms," Gentlemen read and sign, this excludes you from any action given or taken against you while you are here.

The taboo is limited only by the imagination." I watch my brother stare at me like I'm doing something wrong but he scribbles something on the paper, he didn't need to. Scott has signed and is anticipating a night of great things; Guy says it better than I do. I take Scott first since he's the only client here and lead him to his room.

There is a harness for suspension and it'll keep someone as big as my brother from getting out easily, along with it are toys of various shapes and functions from fuzzy handcuffs to bamboo switches for spanking. I motion for Mr. Pork the Third to strip down which he does and I don't feel too bad for some women, he's about average for most men and has an erection already and nobody has stripped down and offered to fuck him yet.

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I produce a glass of water and a simple white pill. "What is this for," He asks taking both. "Viagra is weak, more than four hour erection. You came here for a four hour orgasm," My words have him almost panting in excitement as he takes the pill and drinks the water. "I'm ready so when do we start," he asks and I take the glass and step back. "Girls your guest is ready," I say loud enough that the other rooms adjoining this one can hear.

The term is Blitzkrieg, when you assault someone so fast and from so many angles that they can't even figure out which direction to defend themselves from. There are four doors to the room and I'm in front of one as the other three open and nine women in rough work clothes, like farm clothing come rushing out of the rooms and begin to subdue Mr. Pork. I hear him demand to know what is going on, then for them to stop as they slap his flesh with hands and I think I saw a riding crop, it takes them a bit but finally they lower the harness and begin to secure his struggling form.

First the arms, then the head and torso after, finally the legs before lifting him up off the ground. The ladies want to start right now but I give them pause stepping up to Mr. Pork. "What are you doing," He asks confused," I didn't pay for this." "You didn't pay at all Scott, you came in here and signed a release form allowing NAY requesting that things be done to and by you so that legally you were held unaccountable because it was consenting.

That was less than five minutes ago or did you forget," I ask him and he is more than a little shaken by my words.


"I haven't done anything to them," He tells me and I smile. "Dynasty Escorts, Classy Times, Professional Engagements, Big Gold Jim, Sweet Caroline's ladies," I list names of escort services and pimps he's used," You paid everyone of them to let you abuse and hurt women? They did what they did to bring pleasure to people's lives and you just wanted to hurt them." "They were paid," He says and I slap him.

"They were paid to provide you with a sexual release and you decided to work in some sort of punishment fantasy by performing cruel acts on the ladies. Now there will be no charges filed by the women or their employers, nor will there be any further ramifications. First up may I have Amy," I ask and one of the women steps forward.

They look at each other and he doesn't recognize her, big mistake. Amy is a dyed blonde woman that spent a couple days in the hospital after her encounter with Mr. Pork. I hand off a pair of MMA gloves to Amy and Mr. Pork begins to believe that he can somehow steel himself to what is coming next. Amy is mad and it shows in her punches, one or two good shots to the pectorals before she settles in for knocking him around with a couple good swings.

I stop Amy and check my guest, he's going to have a black eye by the looks of it but this is just the warm up. I bring forward the next girl; a spry little woman names Lucy with black hair but longer than mine. Her I hand off a pair of clamps and a couple weights and while she does that I let another woman take a mild electric wand before returning to my spot to stand. I patiently watch as Lucy makes sure the first clamp is secured to Scott's scrotum while the other is actually hooked to some of his belly fat.

I am actually waiting for the clamp on his stomach to give out so that all the weight will be on the scrotum, maybe half a pound right now but it's the third woman, Jenny who begins to shock Scott by poking him with the end of her wand. It's light and he jumps as much as he can and the yelps of pain fill the room, personally I'm mildly amused as about a full pound of weight is now on Scott's chain between his testicles and stomach when finally one gives and the shock of the full weight gives us the first scream of the night.

"Nine women down Mr. Pork and we already got you to scream. Do you remember when they made you scream?

Do you remember when they begged," I ask him and he cries a little," They remember Scott, it's on their minds every time they think this time they'll be able to go to work and it'll be okay." It's an hour before I figure we should turn up the pain a little with Mr. Pork the Third as the ladies have all taken turns punching him, shocking him or taking a riding crop or flog to his body.

One thing I don't allow is any serious damage to his genitals, that is for something special later. I make sure each girl has a piece of bamboo in hand and with instruction each one in turn takes their time giving him a lash. Interesting fact about bamboo, it's the strongest soft wood on the planet and with enough force it can cause bleeding as I show one lady where to swing and she draws blood on the bottom of Scott's foot.

As soon as they all see the blood I give each woman one more lash to draw blood and recommend that they focus on his feet. I can imagine the discomfort of having to relearn to walk after tonight but I'm letting him off light in comparison to the one woman who has been more than a little patient with me.

I give her the nod and poor Gene, the one who lost her husband because she had to reveal how she was saving money, she didn't even sleep with the men she was their date only.

She leaves the room only to return with something that I found and begged Guy to get for me, a portable milking machine. The sight of it confuses Scott but as soon as one of the ends goes around his penis he begins to panic. "Scott we could have you bleed a little bit to show your sorry to the ladies but I'm going to give you one chance before I turn the machine on and we discover how long five minutes is," I tell Scott calmly pulling Gene in front of him," If you can tell me who she is and what you did to her you are free to go." "They never use their real names," Scott says afraid.

"Then tell her what you did, admit it right now and you walk otherwise I get cream with my coffee," I tell him with an absolutely wicked smile.

"Ummm, I hit her. I kept her in my room and slapped her during sex," Scott says and I shake my head as Gene takes over. "You were to take me home but you decided on a scenic drive you asshole. You took me to a park at night and when I wouldn't fuck you and got out of the car you chased me down and fucked me in the ass," Gene spits taking off hat and showing me her brown shoulder length hair," You held me down and you fucked me.

My husband found out when I couldn't have sex with him and he left me. I lost everything you piece of shit." And with that Gene turns the machine on and the fun begins. I watch in amazement as Scott cries screams and at one point I think he actually came hard as his eyes rolled into the back of his head before the five minutes were up. I thank all the girls and tell them to see the big man on their way out before unhooking Scott from the machine.

His penis is swollen and more purple than it should be but it looks like it'll live to fuck another day. I grab exit the room and see Gene sitting in a chair talking with my brother. "I need to change but could you call the boys to take care of our friend in the next room," I ask Desmond who nods. I'm back in clothing that is a lot more me, cargo pants on my hips and a tank top with no bra. I'm pulling my boots on when Gene pokes her head in and I smile at her.

"Feels wonderful doesn't it," I tell her and she shrugs," What's wrong?" I take care to see she's older than us all, probably in her late thirties but still a good looking woman if she wasn't so sad.

She has her envelope of money, I made sure all the ladies time was profitable and fun out of my own money, Guy recommended it and it feels good. Gene takes a seat and I let her find her words. "You help with all of this but you can keep the money, it won't get me my life back," She says a little sad and putting a big fucking damper on the mood.

"You need the money," I try to tell her and she shakes her head at me. "I needed money when we were married but now I just don't care anymore. I don't get to see my kids that much and he's moved on," Gene says and I feel bad now when my brother pokes his head in. "Gene he didn't move on, he's miserable," my big brother says sitting down," We had a talk&hellip.

Well our boss had a talk with him. Times were still tough and he made your husband Bill an offer. Bill is going to be at your house tonight waiting for you, this time he'll be a bit more understanding but you need to be honest with him and no more dating." "Unless he takes you out obviously," I tell Gene while wanting to rip my brother's pants off.

Ben and Isaac arrive as we're watching Gene leave, they are there for clean up so Desmond and I clear out of their way. We're driving back when he looks at me and smiles. "Simple life, just work to complicate things," He tells me like it's a mantra.

"Well that's great but we're getting a contractor and some people to help with house repairs," I tell him and he gives me a funny look," Hey if we're doing it your way we're doing it a little faster than four weeks for a hole in the floor.

I want to be married and popping out kids before I'm thirty." He laughs, my brother actually laughs with me. Things are looking better and maybe vanilla isn't so bad if I can just get some chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Guy: Right Now I have Jun update us on comms as I'm in town and my team was out working. The medical prognosis was good for Mr. Pork the Third as they were able to save his penis, granted it'll be weeks before an erection or walking won't cause him pain. I'd cry a river but considering all the women and the couple that I am putting back together because Desmond said it was the right thing to do I figure more good deeds from shitty people is a good thing.

I can close the file on that one for a later date if needed. Back at my mother's house I catch the happy couple quietly talking and Wilma trying to explain to her brother how she feels while he comforts her. I think about how close they are then I think about how I am now with my family. I figure it's good enough for them so when they need to make it all legal I'll help make it all legal. I'm back at the house and mother is there waiting for me with Mr.

Delauter, when I say waiting I mean sitting in the TV room relaxing and talking as we return. I get a hug and a kiss from Mom before turning in and taking a night to relax. The next couple of days I keep up with how my old friend Leo is doing through updates from James. Leo visited both his friends in the hospital but he's still not seeing what is happening, thank god. The day they see it coming I'll probably have to step up my skills and get a little more subtle with my actions.

I set the final pieces in motion to handle the situation with Leo by sending simple message to James with where I'm sitting as I'm outside dressed in one of my suits and enjoying something super organic and not tasting like pure ass. I must be out for an hour when a car pulls up, an old school Cadillac with white wall tires, and Leo removes himself from the passenger side and makes his way over to me.

"You mudda-fucka you I oughta hit you right now," Leo growls at me and I look up from my drink address him. "And why is it that you think this is needed," I ask mockingly confused. "All my work, all my jobs are gone. That fuck Mulligan pulled all my work and the only problem my business has had is you," Leo growls at me. "And I'm not a part of Mulligan's business so explain to me why you are coming to me with it," I ask still smirking. "You, you're going to fix this.

Call him on your phone and fix this right now or I swear to god," Leo begins but I cut him off standing up. "You'll what? I'm curious what you will do to me," I ask as Leo begins to lose some of his nerve," Let me give you some advice, when you've been green lit in a city that you don't own or even operate any real business out of you might want to leave.

Leave very quickly and don't bother to pack." I see him pull the small pistol from the waist of his slacks and put it to my stomach, still not very impressed. I let him guide me to the car and now the two of us are sitting in the back seat with James as Leo tells him where to take me. We're on the road for about ten minutes when I figure it's time to talk.

"So where are the rest of the Mickey Mouse Club," I ask Leo and he looks at me funny. "I don't need them to handle a little shit like you," Leo informs me and I smile. "Really, well how much do you know about me? I mean really know about me," I ask Leo who looks at me perplexed," See you've been living under some misconceptions.

I'm educated as you can tell since I use big words that you might not fully understand. I'm also someone who has money, which should be apparent with my dress." "Yeah some rich kid mudda-fucka thinking he can play wise guy," Leo spits and I laugh. "I love how you keep clinging to this mentality that because you once saw some real Mafioso handle business or grew up around real men who did real work you could just wear some suits and they'd let you in.

That is your dream, my dreams are simple ones," I tell him looking out the window. "What do you dream about asshole," Leo asks and I smile. "I dream about a world where people like me feed on people like you," I tell him turning my gaze towards him," That is a very nice pistol Leo, get that today?" "What," Leo asks before looking at where we are," Jamie where da fuck are we?" I watch Jamie shut the car off and turn around pointing a pistol of his own at Leo with his left hand.

Leo is confused and wants to speak but I move faster than his brain. I snatch the pistol out of his hand and bring the edge of my hand into his throat cutting off the air flow temporarily. Leo clutches his neck and I hear James step out of the car and opening the door Leo falls backwards to the alley.

I exit the vehicle and move to assist James as we walk his former boss into one of the buildings. It's an old machine shop and I find everything I requested waiting for me, a chair and a roll of duct tape. James keeps his boss in place as I man handle Leo into the chair and proceed to make sure he's taped in place and not going anywhere. "James, I never knew you were left handed," I say gagging Leo," We have that in common." "Better thinkers sir, also better athletes," James says lowering the weapon.

"Statistics James, those are statistics. Let's call in the rest of this so we can get you to your job interview," I tell the man who is on the phone I gave him to Jun. Leo is trying to speak but a rag duct taped into his mouth prevents that as I send James out of the room and figure I need to let Leo know who I really am. "I just wanted to do business. Sell me the debt, leave the family alone and walk away. It's was supposed to be a quick transaction where we both walked away happy.

But then you slapped me, fair to say that was pretty much everything I needed to come after you but you called out the man you're working under, working under as a courtesy to someone back east, that you'll take him down. That's a threat and in Texas they take that very seriously.

Mr. Mulligan didn't even ask me if I wanted the contract on you, he gave it to me to keep things peaceful," I explain removing my nine millimeter from the holster," Now we're here. And here isn't where I originally planned for us to be but that's life." I can hear people talking and head in the direction to see Steven and his wife.

Both see me and the weapon in my hand and I have to greet them warmly. "Steven it's been far too long, and this must be your lovely wife," I pause for the name extending my hand.

"Amanda," the woman says and I shake her hand in earnest. "Amanda, I lovely name for a lovely woman. James could you see to Isaac as I know Ben is keeping an eye out on the world," I extend to my temporary employee," Come with me I have something to present you with." I walk them a short way back to Leo who is still stuck to his seat with anticipation, and duct tape. Steven's face is one of grim determination while his wife Amanda has a look of mild horror. I stand next to Leo and remove the tape and gag so that he can breathe and speak.

"Now let's begin shall we. Steven you took out a loan so that you could start up your veterinary clinic from Leo, Leo gave you the money then a year later decided to add his own interest correct," I ask Steven. "Yes, that's when it started," Steve answers me. "And Amanda that was when Leo began using you for some not so willing sexual fantasies, correct," I ask the wife who pauses," Amanda?" "Yes, he kept coming over when Steven wasn't home.

Then he'd bring friends by and they'd," I watch her choke a little on the words. "Amanda the yes is all I need to hear but thank you. Now what amazes me is that you actually have no debt so to speak," my words have the two of them look at me stunned," A year ago Leo here bought it himself and as of almost two weeks time all his business in the city has been cleared out. His associates are currently residing in a hospital.

So now we come to the real problem that would be you Leo." "Let me da fuck out of this chair you piece of shit," Leo spits at me and I sigh. "See Leo is a marked man and no matter what happens here today Leo is going to be disposed of in a manner fitting all real trash of the world. I however believe in dispensing karmic justice when I work, Steven has seen my mercy first hand and lived to tell the tale," I tell the couple as she looks at her husband," He didn't tell you because he's scared of me.

He might not have been the bravest man in the world Amanda but your husband is pretty smart, he never makes the same mistake twice." "What do you mean same mistake twice," She asks and I sigh. "He got Jackie pregnant and then went on and on about how she should get an abortion and even tried forcing her to do it. Don't give him that look he was young and not thinking clearly," I stop Amanda from turning on her husband," I warned him that if he ever did anything like that again I'd find him and guess what?" "I stuck by you when you got pregnant and I was scared because I didn't think I was ready.

You kept telling me that I needed to accept responsibility and I did. I had no good choice in the matter but I loved you and went with the best option," I see Steven tell his wife as she learns some of the history she never knew.

"Cry me a fucking river. So what are you gonna do about me shit head," Leo asks me turning his gaze my direction," What you're going to make me listen to this shit all day till I cry out I'm sorry, fuck you. She loved it when I fucked her, when we were screwing around and that little fuck wasn't there she was into it and loved every minute.

My boys and I took her in every way and she was begging for more even as the little hubby watched." "No Leo, I'm not going to make you listen anymore because this situation ends in the same way no matter what is said here today. Steven I'm giving you control again," I hold the pistol out to him," It doesn't matter how at this point, Leo is going to die today and I'm giving you the gun." Steven takes hold of the pistol and I step back as he looks at it before pointing it at Leo, Leo is waiting as are we all but I can see Steven is torn.

He's a decent guy, on his way to becoming a good one but now he's stuck in the can I really do this. I watch, his wife watches, even Leo watches as he uses two hands and I'm fairly certain if he pulls the trigger he'll hit Leo in the chest. We're waiting when Leonard Furino begins to laugh at Steven.

I hope it sends him over but Steven lowers the weapon then sets it down on the ground. I pull him away for a moment to pep talk him. "Steven I know you are scared of me but this is all for you and your family that includes my godson John. This man spent a year treating you like crap and thought he was," I'm talking when gunfire rings out. We both turn and watch as Amanda puts all ten rounds into Leo in an impressively inaccurate display, he has bullets in his shoulders, a couple in his gut, one or two in the leg as the gun clicks with no rounds.

I walk up to Amanda and take the pistol from her ejecting the magazine and reload a full one before handing it back to her. She steadies herself and proceeds to put pretty much every bullet on target in the torso from five feet now as she's moved closer. Steven is stunned and finally I hear the gun click a final time and check Leo. No pulse in the neck and blood all over the floor as I call out to Isaac who returns and I take the weapon from Amanda and hand it to him before telling him to call in Ben and clean up the mess, I also direct him to give Mulligan something to remember Leo by and turn back to the happy couple as Amanda and Steven are standing quietly facing each other.

I'm treated to a mauling of a more erotic nature as Amanda throws herself at Steven and they hold and kiss each other with a passion. "I want you right now, I want to come off birth control and have another baby," Amanda says in between kisses.

"Honey we're kinda exposed here," Steven counters quietly. "I'll make love to my husband on the floor god dammit," Amanda growls and I have to intervene. "As amazing as that sounds you two still have a week of vacation left and we have to clean this up," I explain ushering the happy couple out to their ride, a Union van," You two enjoy each other and please keep it in your pants and skirt until you get back." Off they go and I get the green light from Isaac that we'll be good here as I turn my attention to James who is shifting his weight nervously.

"I need to go home, let's go take care of Leo's car and then we'll discuss you," I tell James who nods lightly. I give him directions as our journey takes us to one of Carlos's business, a chop shop with a dealership front.

We pull in and immediately I'm we're watched like hawks and I see a couple guys with side arms until I step out and call for Carlos. The skinny Latino never has done wonders setting himself up with more than a few contacts and even does some legitimate work with real shops.

Our greeting involves more Spanish speaking than I do at home before I turn his attention to the car. "What can you give me for it," I ask and he looks it over.

"A lot of reworking been done here but original parts and resorted seats help. Paint sucks, who did you get this off of," He asks looking at the car and not me. "A dead man, he didn't need it anymore," I state and Carlos looks at me funny," What I need is to set my friend here up with something that is functional and decent." He shows me a couple things that are way to high end for James as we look around but I stop at one and smile.

A red two door BMW, the decal says it's a 318is. Carlos sees me looking at it and chuckles. "James ever drive a BMW before," I ask plainly. "No sir," he responds looking at the car, its red. "Carlos even trade," I ask and Carlos smiles. It takes about a half an hour to get the paperwork put through and we drive out of the shop in his new car.

I look at James who is smiling the whole time and even put the sun roof back before directing him to my Mother's home. He is a little more impressed now that we're here and I get him inside for his interview. My mother goes over her charitable works and how she's got her hands on many different things when she shows him the spot she wants him to manage. I let them talk about ideas and pay while relaxing and packing my bag.

It'll take Ben and Isaac some time to fully clean up being so local and mercifully I'll be home sometime this evening if everything goes right. I return down stairs to find my mother and James discussing some art classes to help youth express themselves when she turns her attention to me. I get my hug and threat to visit as soon as possible from mother before James and I head to the airport. It's a quiet drive and finally half way there he decides to speak.

"Guy why did you do that today," he asks me and I shrug at the girth of the answers I can have to the question," You took me to your mother's home and you got me a job, a much better and legal job than I had with Leo and you got me my own car. Why do all that when I'm just the nobody?" "Because everyone is a nobody until someone makes them somebody," my words are cryptic but he gets the meaning," You didn't do anything, you tried and you were loyal without reason. Now go be loyal with a reason." "You're not bi are you," He asks me and I laugh shaking my head no," yeah I thought not." We laugh about it as he drops me off at the airport and I contact Jun to make sure he has eyes and ears on James.

I like to keep tabs just in case but in Mom's backyard there are acres of people who will handle one person for me if needed.

I get through the security check and find out I'm in first class again and relax focusing on the idea of coming home to my family. I board and as I'm switching my phone to airplane mode I see a call coming in from Imelda.

"Hello sexy wife," I greet her when she cuts me off. "Your ass better be on a motherfucking plane and on the way home because it just turned to shit here," Imelda tells me and I sit down to figure out what is happening.

"I'm on the plane but we haven't taken off yet," I tell her keeping my calm. "No you need to take that shit over or something, Katy's water just broke," Imelda growls at me over the phone. And my world has stopped, I get some basics and tell her that I'm coming as fast as I can but all that's out of my control. The total flight time is two hours, labor could take more than that but given my luck I'll land and be a father and bastard. The bastard comes from being the first time I miss the birth of one of my children and Katy has good memory on these things.

I don't even feel the tension of take off or even acknowledge the stewardess offer me a beverage or some snacks. Two plus hours feels like eternity and I'm out the check area at light speed when my phone I see a message from Imelda that my bike is waiting for me, she left me a bike when I have a shoulder bag carry on with clothes. To hell with waiting I find Black Sunshine sitting in the short term parking structure and put my helmet on the secure my bag on my back before ripping my way from Tacoma to Olympia.

Total drive time is usually an hour but I feel like I'm moving at light speed weaving in and out of traffic as I pull into the parking structure for the hospital and run. I don't use the elevator as it will take too long but I do check floor directory to make sure I'm heading to the maternity ward.

I get on the floor when I hear the scream. "DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME YOU ASSHOLES! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING WITHOUT MY HUSBAND HERE AND THAT'S FINAL SO SHUT UP AND STOP TELLING ME TO FUCKING PUSH," I can hear Katy from the stairs, god I love her. I pass the rest of my wives on the way in and hand off my bag to Imelda who gives me the 'good husband' look.

I push past the doctor who wants to ask me questions when I address Katy who is sweating and trying to keep it together. "So did someone order a husband on rush notice," I joke as I get to her side. She grabs my hand and almost breaks it as a contraction hits. I hold her hand back and when it comes down the doctor begins to give Katy her instruction.

"You just make sure you don't drop my baby or I'll rip your heart out of your fucking chest," She threatens the doctor who actually pauses. "Katy look at me," I get her focus on me," it's coming soon; it's going to be time to push now." The doctor agrees and we spend another half an hour going through the motions when the miracle occurs and once again I'm a daddy.

I let the doctor's work and take care of business while I heap acres of praise on my wife. She's exhausted and a little out of it but snaps to fully aware when they hand her a little bundle in a little black blanket, Momma Katy's choice. "Oh my god look at…," Katy checks and smiles," Look at our boy. He's going to be a strong one just like his daddy." "He's beautiful just like his mommy," I tell her kissing her head and stepping out of the room quickly.

I get the rest of the wives and call Mom to let her know what happened which leaves me explaining that I didn't know till I was on the plane or I would have brought her with me. I wouldn't have but I don't tell her that. The kids get to see their new brother as do the rest of my wives while I wait for my parents and Liz with Kyle to show up.

I keep myself out of the new baby rotation and take care of the paper work involved, there is plenty when a new life comes into the world and I smile as I get to the birth certificate and fill in the blank. The wives take the children and my suit home, I changed into my regular clothes, and now I'm back in the room with Katy, Mom and Dad. "You made another beautiful boy," Mom tells me holding my new son. "I give Katy all the credit on this one," I tell Mom moving to sit down next to my tired and wired wife.

"Honey where is the paperwork," Katy asks and I shrug," Guy the birth certificate, we need to name our son." "I kind of did that already," I tell my wife who gives me a skeptical look. "Son I think you should have discussed the name with your wife before doing that," my Dad tells me and I counter him quickly.

"I named our son Neal," I tell my father, the original Neal. "Katy you need to forgive my son on this one," Dad says immediately going to bat for me," He's just trying to pick a good name." "He picked a great name Dad, what is the middle name," She asks and I smile. "Neal Owen Donnelly," I tell her the full name and she relaxes.

Hours later I'm sitting in a chair next to my wife watching her sleep and breathe while holding my son. He's a ball of fight as I see him scrunch his face up plenty of times and he struggles a little, a fighter just like his mommy. I think back and figure today is one of those days that I get to chalk up in the win box, help a family, remove a piece of shit from the planet and meet my new son. Definitely a good day. Stuart: Same Night So here I am with Stephanie in my car heading home from dinner out.

This being our third date I am kind of unsure what she's expecting as we pull up in front of her house. We dressed nice with me in slacks and button up dress shirt and Steph going her traditional long skirt and blouse. She adjusts her glasses and I figure we're missing something in the way or conversation. "So I'm glad you had a good time tonight," I say breaking the silence.

"I did, these dates have been really good," Steph replies with a pause," Want to walk me up?" I nod and we exit my car and make the walk up to her apartment in the quiet. She's on the first floor and when we stop at her door I let her get it unlocked before she turns and plants a big kiss on me. Stephanie was always soft and curvy but now she's soft and curvy pressed against me and I can taste her lip gloss as I kiss her back hard, pressing her against the door.

She's holding me tight when I have to stop, I break the kiss and she looks at me confused. "Stuart it's time," Steph asks and I don't feel it. "It's too soon for me," I tell her and she gives me an upset look.

"We've had five dates," she starts but I cut her off. "Three dates. You coming to find me when I'm eating lunch on my own is not a date," I correct her and she sighs at me. "We have had three really good dates, I'm right here. I like you and I want more, I know you like me I could feel it," it's a little crude but I get the reference," Why is it too soon for you?" "You knew when everything between us was ready it would be right, correct," I ask and Stephanie nods," I thought the same thing almost a year ago.

I waited and waited and then when I figured we'd be ready you were having sex with someone else." "I explained that already and I'm sorry," Stephanie says and I stop her. "I am not ready; it still hurts me too much to just jump in. I need to figure out how I feel before doing something that shows more commitment than I'm ready for," I tell Stephanie who is crestfallen.

"But it's sex, we can have sex. It'll be good and it can help," She says quietly and I almost feel bad. "I'm not telling you to wait for me, I'm just not ready," I say giving her a hug and a quick kiss.

The quick kiss turns into a longer kiss before I have to break it. I slowly step away with a smile. I get to the end of the walk up and Stephanie calls to me. "I'm ready and waiting when you change your mind," She calls and I give her a friendly smile and wave. I'm in my car and heading home with a shit eating grin. Yeah she's ready, hell I know I'm ready to get me some long overdue sex but I'm going to do it on my terms. I won't be dragged into her bed because she might be a great lay and maybe, it's a long shot for me right now, maybe something more.

All in all I think my day has been better than Guy's.