Amateur bbw lässt sich leise runter

Amateur bbw lässt sich leise runter
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If was there right now I would come up behind you very quietly and slide my arms around you so they were right under your tits. Slowly I would pull your hair aside and begin lightly sucking on your earlobes and kissing behind your ears. As you leaned your head to the side and breathed out I would kiss down your neck and shoulders while letting my hands reach for those amazing tits through your shirt and begin squeezing them waiting for your nipples to get hard.

As you begin to moan I would slide your shirt up over your head expecting to find your bra but since you are home relaxed I find nothing between my hands and your beautiful perfect tits.

You would turn around and I would take a nipple in my mouth so I can lick and suck untill it was hard enough to cut glass as you hold my head against your chest. I would then switch to the other side, all the time holding and squeezing your breast. As I am doing this I would notice your breathing has changed and your hand has moved.

I glance down and see you have slid your hand under the waist of your pants and are desperately touching yourself trying to reach what you hope will be the first of many orgasms. I pull your hand back and begin sucking the sweet juices off of your fingers.

The taste of your wet pussy is enough to drive any man into a lust filled frenzy. Wanting more I go back to your nipples and begin to slowly lick my way to between your tits to the deep valley between them. Then slowly down your stomach stopping only to plant little kisses on your belly button. As I work my way down to your cunt your breathing increases and you let out a soft moan.

I slide your pants down and get my first look at your smooth pussy.

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It is beautiful. Soft, inviting with a drop of wetness already forming indicating how much you want this. You have tried to deny your passion and lust but realize now how badly you want and need this.

I lick around the edges listening to your breathing increase even more as your heart begins to beat faster.


I slip a finger inside and find out you are tighter and wetter than I could have imagined. Slowly I slide my tongue inside and make a long slow stroke to see how you really taste. It is amazing and makes me want you even more if that is even possible. I continue to lick deeper as your body begins to get into it your moans get louder and your breaths get shorter.

Your legs stiffen and you grab my hair forcing my tongue to go deeper.

I take your clit between my lips and suck as it fills with blood and becomes sensitive to my touch. My tongue makes little butterfly strokes and fast tiny little circles trying to bring you over the edge. Your moans become screams and your body starts to shake as I finally make you cum for the first time.

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As the feeling slowly fades you think to yourself "hopefully the first of many" and I have every desire to see that there will be more. After your body has relaxed a bit I return to your clit licking and sucking but only long enough to reignite the lust in your eyes. You have other plans for now as you lay me on my back and climb on top. Lowering your dripping slit back to my lips you quickly open my pants and slide them down getting your first look at me.

I stop and look hoping to see your expression but it is to quick. Did I see a grin before you take the tip into your mouth? Slowly you slide your lips down the length feeling it get harder as you engulf it. Before I get lost in the pleasure of your mouth I return to you with my tongue.

We continue to work on one another desperatly trying to get the other off first. My tongue fucking your pussy and licking your clit, your mouth taking me as far as you can, deep throating all of me to the base while sliding your tongue along the underside of my cum fill jewels and softly rubbing my thighs. As I feel myself getting close I try to pull my dick from your mouth. I want to feel myself inside you before I cum.

You are like a child with a popsicle holding my ass pulling me deeper into your throat refusing to let go. Finally you release me with a whimper and I roll you onto your back. I crawl up and place the tip of my rock hard dick at the lips of your pussy ready to slowly enter you.

You look me in the eyes and say you need it all inside you. Grabbing my thighs once again you pull me into you and raise your ass at the same time. I slam into you with animal hunger until our bodies touch. We both stop and enjoy the feeling. For me it is a tight, warm and wet sensation that most men never have the good fortune to feel.

You feel the fullness and satisfaction that even woman desires as the first ripples of another orgasm begins to overcome you. Once I am completely inside you we pause and enjoy this feeling of pure lust. How long have we both wanted this? Days, weeks, months? We both know in this moment it was two long and it was a mistake denying ourselves of this pleasure.


Two people wanting nothing more than to feel the pure lust that only unconditional desire can bring. No love, no commitment, no strings.


Just uncensored lust. I slowly pull back till just the tip is inside you hearing the sound of disappointment slip from your lips. It quickly changes to moans of pleasure as I slide back inside. Over and over I repeat the process.

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Faster and harder with each stroke as I hear your moans turn to screams. FUCK ME!! You scream. HARDER, HARDER!! I feel like I am no longer in control. You are getting close once again.

I feel your pussy tighten up and squeeze my cock like a hand.

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I feel your body tense as you pull me totally inside you. You hold me deep as wave after wave flows through your body. Every muscle feels the electricity as you cum.

All you can do is submit to the feelings. I am not finished though.

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Before the rush leaves your body I roll you over. You understand immediately raise your ass in the air and I return my cock to it's place. Once again slamming into your cunt with a force I did not realize I possessed as you tell me to fuck you like an animal. I grab handfuls of your hair and use it to force myself into your body. You love the feeling of being taken and the fullness it gives you. You are in a place you didn't know could exist. One orgasm after another runs through your body.

Tears flow down your face as the feeling increases. Every stroke feels like an eternity. You can't take much more and you realize I have not cum yet. You beg to ride me, to make me cum, to feel it shooting inside you.

You pull yourself off of my dick and force me to my back. Once on top of me you sit on my cock forcing it to the very back of your pussy. You are so hot, so tight, so wet. Your juices are flowing down my cock and soaking me. You want one more cum before you get me off.

You reach down and begin rubbing your clit with one hand and pinching your nipples with the other. You are amazing. So slutty and full of desire yet so beautiful at the same time. I once again feel your breathing change. This time it is different though. You are cumming so hard you body has complete control of you now.

Your moans and screams are barely squeals as your body spasms. Your pussy is no longer squeezing it has a vise like grip refusing to let go.

Your whole body tenses up and you scream for me to cum inside you. "Please give it to me, I have to feel you cum in deep in my little pussy" I can not hold back any longer. I push all of my dick inside and shoot load after load into your cunt. Over and over my cock swells and releases into you. I can't believe the amount of cum I have built up waiting for this moment.

After what seems an eternity the feelings start to fade. You lay your head on my chest and catch your breath. As I watch your breathing return to normal you show me you have one more trick up your sleeve.

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You smile and tell me you want to help clean me up. You slither down my body and take my softening dick back into your mouth. Tasting both our juices you slurp, cleaning me lick a cat drinking milk. When you are satisfied there is nothing left you return to my face and let me taste our juices on your lips.

You look up at me smirking and ask me if there is anything left n my tank. I respond like most normal guys and tel you "after that I need a little time to recover". You just grin and tell me to make it soon.

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You still want to taste my cum and see it shoot onto your tits. With that I can already feel the blood returning to my dick. You take a deep breath and lay your head on my chest.

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I smile at you and ask "how do you like your new fuck buddy my dirty little girl?" Almost inaudible you look into my eyes and whisper one word. A M A Z I N G. For S, hope you enjoyed.