Alex Blake ride that large meaty dick

Alex Blake ride that large meaty dick
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As John and Paul had sung so very many years ago, she was just seventeen. Kim was a natural beauty. She was tall at almost 5' 9" and she weighed 120 pounds. She was shapely and sexy with totally black hair that had a natural bit of curl and very dark brown eyes. Her skin was flawless and she appeared permanently tanned. Her father was of Iranian descent (Persian, as Kim liked to say): he was dark skinned and swarthy (in a handsome way) and her mother was a true American beauty (blonde with blue eyes and quite pretty), but Kim had inherited all her features from her dad.

But even with all her natural beauty she was a bit shy about herself. She NEVER wore anything revealing. No tank tops, no halters, no shorts and no short skirts. In fact, I never even saw the girl's legs until the night we were first intimate (they are quite beautiful and shapely BTW). The simple fact is that she was gorgeous. But I must digress. Kim was a high school Freshman and I a Senior when we met in the summer of 1974.

She was almost fifteen and I would be seventeen later that fall. (If my age sounds a bit young for a Senior, it is because I started first grade at the age of five. The result of having a teacher for a Grandmother. She started teaching eight grades a day in 1919 in a one room school house in a rural village in southeast Ohio.

Neither my sister or I ever left her house without lessons. I could read (thanks to my work with the McGuffy Readers my grandmother had) and write (print AND cursive), do addition and subtraction and even some multiplication and division before starting Kindergarten (at age four) and so I was allowed to start first grade early even though my birthday was too late in the year.

Geeky as it may sound today, in high school I was the hot shot field commander of our school marching band. (Back in those days that was considered to be an honor.almost as cool as being quarterback!

((Damn.being in the band isn't 'cool' anymore? Guess you have to have physical talent, not artistic)). Kim caught my eye the first day of band camp the summer before my Senior year. (No, I'm not going to go on and on ad nauseum about band camp the way they do in that one know the one I mean).

Kim was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was assigned to my squad (I made sure of that) and she was smart and talented. She was second chair trumpet and was always the first to memorize her marching routines and the first to memorize her music (In college, our band director had been in the 'Best Damn Band in the Land' and required all his students to know their parts from memory or they did not march (we had a large pool of alternates).

True sports fans will know the school of which I speak). I made it my mission that late Summer to get to know the lovely girl that had caught my eye. I made a point to instruct her personally at every opportunity and she always smiled at me when I was close. We found time to talk and get to know each other and eventually I got up the nerve to let her know how I felt about her. She seemed to be pleased and told me that she had developed feelings for me as well and was as happy as I was about our blooming new relationship.

By the week before Homecoming, I had actually asked her out. We attended a Midget League football game (no smart assed remarks, Kind Readers. This was what they called the Junior High League in our area), and we had hit it off quite well. We even kissed for the first time that night as I took her home. I was in Heaven. I invited Kim to Homecoming and she accepted.

This was to be the beginning of a three year whirlwind romance that I will never forget. OK. I was your typically horny teenaged guy.

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I had my stash of jerk material (Playboy, know the stuff) hidden in my room and I made good use of it. Any guy that says he didn't do it at that age is either lying, gay or dead). For some reason, I just never thought of Kim that way. Sure it excited me when we held each other or kissed good night, but I never thought even once of making a sexual advance on her. I guess I just loved her too much. I was thinking that if our love progressed that way, it would happen in its own time.

What I remember now after all these years is a feeling of pride.proud that such a wonderful, beautiful girl would want to be with ME. In short, I respected her. I still do to this day.

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Kim and I dated throughout my final year of school (her freshman year). We attended the Senior Prom and I was so amazed at how lovely she looked that night. Her dress was ankle length and was crafted of a very light, airy material patterned with tiny peach roses that hugged her curvy body and accentuated it like I'd never seen before. I bought her a nice bouquet of peach roses to carry that matched the ones on her dress and she seemed so thrilled.

So was I. Even though I had my own car (a powerful Mercury Cougar XR-7), I talked my dad into trading cars for the day and letting us use his Lincoln Continental for the dance (I wanted us to arrive in STYLE).

We enjoyed the dance and the after-party (even though Kim fell asleep and I actually had to tickle her to wake her up so that I could take her home on time).

It was still a beautiful night, but a short time later, the problems started. Just a few days later, I graduated from high school. We had a small party at my family's home and Kim and her parents attended.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, even her folks, but the next afternoon, Kim called me in tears. She said her parents had forbidden her from seeing me ever again. I was so distraught that I nearly burst into tears myself. I was instantly pissed off and couldn't speak for a moment. "Why?", I asked when I was finally able to talk. Kim replied, "They said they want me to be with someone my own age". "I'm not THAT much older than you, Kim", I replied. "There must be something else.". Kim told me in a whisper, "Mom said that she doesn't trust you.

She thinks you just want me for sex". "Where in the hell does she get that idea?", I asked. "What does your dad say?". "He's not talking to me at all", she responded. "I don't know what's going on here". I was stunned. "Have you told them that we have never done anything other than kiss good-night?" "Of course I have", Kim replied through her tears. "They don't believe me". "This is ridiculous", I said. "Any fool could see that I love you and have nothing but respect for you AND your family.

Why would they do this to us?" "I love you, too and I hate this. But what am I supposed to do". Kims voice was cracked as she sobbed into the phone. At that moment, Kim's mom must have heard us talking and she stormed into the room.

She obviously ripped the phone from Kim's hand. I heard Kim cry out at the intrusion and at once her mother screamed into the phone in no uncertain terms that I was not to see or contact her daughter ever again. She even threatened police involvment saying that they would get evidence of statuatory rape (looking back now and knowing what I know after taking pre-law in college, there was no way that Kim's mom could have proven statuatory rape in our state.

Even if we HAD had sex (which we hadn't), Kim and I were BOTH underage throughout the time that we dated in high school (I would not turn eighteen for months after this initial fiasco).

Sex between a male and female at that age was not considered statuatory rape, but misdemeanor sexual misconduct. BOTH juveniles were elligible for fines (rarely happened). One partner had to be over eighteen for the act to qualify as statuatory rape. I'm not certain if that is the case now, but it was then.

I tried to tell Kim's mom that I would never do that to Kim. She shouted me down over the phone. I thought about telling her that they could search all they wanted and they would NEVER find any evidence of sexual contact between Kim and myself, but I just shut up. Here was a woman, a mother, a person that had always been kind to me, that I had admired, but was now being a total bitch. I couldn't figure it out so I tried to ask what I had done to make her act this way.why did she think so baddly of me?

No answer. I reminded her loudly (in response to her tone of voice) that I had always had Kim home on time, had always been a gentleman with Kim and had always been respectful of her and Kim's dad. But she responded by slamming her phone down and leaving me heartbroken and more than a little confused. After a year of being apart, the desire that Kim and I shared for each other got the better of us both and we secretly made plans. Early Summer 1976. A time for outdoor activities and fun in the sun.

It had been almost a year since Kim and I had seen each other or even talked on the phone. Through mutual friends, we had been able to get a few messages to each other and we planned our first clandestine meeting. Our home town had a big Fourth of July Festival each year.

It was attended by tens of thousands and Kim and I decided that we could get lost in the crowd if only for a moment. My little garage rock band was to be the featured entertainment on the last night of the Festival, and we managed to get together after my show.

Kim was crying as I took her into my arms for the first time in nearly a year. We held each other close, kissed passionately and had to part almost as quickly for her parents were at the festival, but had no intention of watching me perform.

(In fact, they had forbidden Kim to go either, but a clever fib from her best friend to her folks got her there).

The longing I felt in my heart for her only got stronger that night after not seeing her for so long. But it would be another seven months before either of us discovered the TRUE reason why her parents were trying to seperate us. As it turned out, it would be yet another three months after THAT before we saw one another again.

As I said earlier, Kim's dad is from the middle east and even though HE had married a girl of his own choice, he had unilaterally decided that HE alone would decide who his only daughter would marry. He convinced his wife that they would choose the guy they found competent to marry their daughter.and it sure wasn't going to be me. (I have never received a reason for their actions). That Islamic bullshit troubles me to this day. (Let me interject at this point that I know that Islam is, at its heart, a peaceful, if a bit misunderstood religion (I, myself, also practice a peaceful yet misunderstood religion.Wicca).

I personally feel, however, that Islam is backward in its treatment of women and I don't agree with that. I know that I am not alone in this belief, but it is a different culture. When faced with that part of the religion, I must say I am dismayed. If any further reference to Islam in this tale seems offensive to those of that faith please remember that some of your radicals seem to have a fascination with the killing of Americans (and I KNOW that they are the minority, so don't jump me on this one).

Just a few numbers for those radicals. 9.11. Enough said on the topic.


Now back to the story.) Somehow, Kim's parents found out that we had seen each other that night at the Fourth of July Festival and started keeping a closer watch on her. She and I had little contact for over half a year and we missed each other deeply. There were a few calls and some notes passed through mutual friends but little else. I missed her so. Kim turned seventeen in February and her 'proud' parents announced to her on her birthday that they had found her the perfect mate.

He was a native of Saudi Arabia, thirty years old and they told her that he would be her ideal husband. His family had oil money and she would be well taken care of. They were to be married on her eighteenth birthday. Kim was livid. Kim spat, "I have already found MY match and you two don't want him near me. He's kind, hard working, respectful and loving. And he's not some jerk I don't even KNOW. And this guy you expect me to marry is THIRTY?

What the hell is wrong with you?". "In our culture, men marry girls much younger. Besides, you will grow to love him. And even if your don't, you will marry and respect him", her father shot back. "OUR culture?", Kim shrieked. "I'm not Muslim!

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I'm AMERICAN. And what about that shit you gave me when you broke the guy I REALLY love and I up? Too old. That's what you said. Are you hippocrites or what?" "You will not speak to us like that and you WILL do as we say!", her father said in his authoratative tone. " I'll say it again", Kim said. "What about that shit you gave me about my guy being 'too old for me'? And now you expect me to marry a thirty year old man that I don't even KNOW? What's wrong with the nineteen year old guy THAT I DO LOVE?".

She got only silence from her parents. Kim stormed out of the room, ran down the hall and slammed her bedroom door even as her folks approached, barged into her room and tried loudly to reason with her.

She refused to listen. Kim told me later that she told her parents that she would kill herself before she married the 'Saudi prick' (her term, not mine) that her parents had chosen. Her mom and dad were so pissed and confrontational that she actually thought her dad was going to hit her, but Kim stayed mostly silent and eventually her parents left her room with the admonition that THEY were in control of her life.

As the girl child of Islamic parents, (or at least ONE Islamic parent in control of the whole household) she would do as THEY said and like it.

She didn't. It was several days before Kim got a message to me about her parent's plans for her but I will never forget just how upset the both of us were. I was devastated and she was still quite pissed judging from the language in her note. (Kim hardly EVER swore, but this note was damn near blue with her expletives).

After all these years, I can't help but wonder if the thought of giving me her virginity had arisen from her parent's decision to marry her off to a man she didn't love and didn't even know or if it was from her love for me.

I tend to prefer the latter. She never told me. (I know now that a woman from that Middle Eastern faith who has lost her virginity is NOT a satisfactory mate for a male follower of Islam.yet for some reason those radical jerks think that if they kill enough Americans (and themselves in the process), they will inherit seventy-something virgins in the afterlife.

what a crock). All I knew then was that the seeds of our teenaged affair were planted within days of the announcement and plans started to be made for our first of many rendevous. May 12. Three months after Kim's seventeenth birthday. I, myself, was now nineteen.

After hearing little from Kim for some time, I began to wonder if she had simply resigned herself to her father's selfish wishes. I still could not believe that her mom would simply go along with that shit.her mom had always seemed to like me right up until they tried to break us up. I just couldn't figure it out.

I just had to guess that she was being manipulated by her hard-hearted husband and wasn't strong enough to argue. I have never found out for sure. Anyway. I got a call from Colleen, our mutual friend, telling me something so unreal that I can hardly believe it even today after all these years. Kim's parents were leaving on vacation, her brother was going to summer camp and KIM WAS GOING TO BE LEFT ALONE AT HOME! The first thought I had was that this was far too good to be true.

It was. However, it turned out that Karma would go in our favor for the first time in well over a year. It all came together like this. Kim was to stay at home to receive instructions on Islamic culture, marriage and the role of women in that culture. She was to be tutored (tortured, Kim said) by a woman whose husband attended a mosque near Middletown, Ohio. (For those of you who don't know, that town is in the 'middle' between Dayton and Cincinnati, two of Ohio's largest cities: only Cleveland and Columbus are bigger.

The mosque is just a bit south of Middletown.) The woman (whom I will not name (poor, misguided girl)) was to be brought to our town by her brother (women of that strange, male oriented faith cannot travel by themselves), stay in a nearby motel and preach Islamic, sexist crap to Kim for sixteen hours a day while her parents and brother were gone.

The woman's brother was to watch the house while his sister slept to be sure that Kim didn't stray. Kim was to be taught how to respect her husband, obey him, bear him sons and even die for him if necessary. Funny as it may sound, this is where the Summer got fun. Kim's dad made a critical error the day before he and her mother left for their trip to Florida. While doing one of her household chores, emptying the small trash cans around the house, Kim found a business card he had apparently dropped on the floor next to the luggage her parents were packing that contained the name and phone number of not only the mosque that the woman was reporting to, but her name and number as well.

Kim instantly thought it was a trap but she went out on a limb and called Colleen while her parents were out and asked her to call me. She told her the information she had, asked Colleen to repeat it for accuracy and told her to ask me to devise a plan.

Anything. Colleen and I HAD to find a way to keep this woman away. Kim's parents were to leave early on Friday morning and the woman from the mosque was to arrive at noon. Colleen had relayed the info to me that she had gotten from Kim very early on Thursday. What were we to do? I got gutsy. I asked Colleen, "can you fake Kim's mom's voice on the phone?".

"I can sure as hell try. What have you got in mind?", Colleen said. "I'm not completely sure yet, but I think I can come up with something. You know, Colleen, that anything we do about this is gonna get us into trouble". " I know", she said. "But Kim is my best friend and she loves you. We can't let this happen if we can help it". A thought came to my mind. I had no clue if it would work but I had to try.

"Colleen", I said, "can you get Kim on the phone the night before her parents leave?. If you can, tell her that she is to not say a word. Just listen quietly". "I'll do all I can", she said. "What's the plan?". "Put the phone on 'conference' with Kim and then call the Islamic chick. Tell her, in your best 'Kim's mom' voice that the flight has been delayed and she won't be needed until Sunday.

That should screw them up a bit and it will give us some time to think this mess through. I know it's a long shot, but we have to stop this bullshit.

We have to do it just before her parents leave or they could get wind of it if that woman calls back. Kim has to know what we're doing or she will be confused. If this works, Kim's folks will go on with their trip and the Islamic woman won't come for another couple of days. That gives us some time". "Ok", I'll give it my best shot". "You can pull it off, Colleen. You have to know how much I love her and I could never let this Islamic crap happen to her. If she believed in that faith, it would be different, but she doesn't.

Make the call as late as you think you can get away with on Thursday night. That way we may have some wiggle room if it doesn't work. I know you can do this, Colleen", I said. (But I don't think I had much enthusiasm in my voice. Most likely desperation.) "I know.

I'll do all I can", Colleen said and she rang off. I sat for the whole night and most of the next morning and sweated through my clothes worrying about the results of Colleen's efforts.

Turned out, we got a big break that Thursday night. When Colleen finally called me back on Friday morning it was with good news. The woman from the mosque had been detained for at least three days (her brother's ancient Dodge POS had taken a crap and needed repairs) and she was about to call Kim's folks when Kim's 'mom' called her. Colleen (with Kim on conference call) learned that the woman could not possibly arrive until late Monday.

Colleen (acting as Kim's mom), told her that that would be fine as they wouldn't be leaving until Sunday anyway (due to the bogus rescheduled flight) and they had others keeping an eye on her daughter. The woman assured Kim's 'mom' that she would do all that she was asked and she promised results. Colleen must have been convincing because Kim reported to Colleen in a discreet call later that there had been no contact from the woman on Thursday night.

I guess Kim had to have been in a near panic by nine on Friday morning as her parents prepared to leave. Still, nothing from the Islamic teacher.

According to Kim (a bit later), her folks and brother left her without a word. They just walked out the door, got in the car and never looked back at her even though she was crying in the doorway. Kim told me later that day (as we snuggled together naked for the first time) that she had paced the floor for the first two hours after her family left. She was worried that her 'teacher' would show up anyway and she was so scared.

After those two hours she steeled herself and picked up the phone. She dialed my number for the first time in almost two years confident that no one was looking over her shoulder or listening to every word she spoke.

"Baby, it's me", Kim said and I could hear the tears start to flow. "Please come to me.I need you". To be honest, I felt a bit misty myself, but I had yet another plan. "Kim, I will be there as fast as I can. Is the garage door still open?". I asked. "Yeah. We always leave it open", she said. "Why"? I told her that someone may be watching and that we couldn't get caught. The garage door was at the rear of Kim's house and invisible from anywhere in the neighborhood.

The way the home was laid out, there was a circular driveway that ran all the way around the house and the garage was on the ground floor against a hillside that was heavilly wooded. I told her, "Don't get spooked if you hear noise in the garage in about an hour". "OK", she said. I could hear a bit of confusion in her voice as we hung up our phones.

Now for a little geography lesson (very brief I assure you). The small town where Kim and I lived had a nice set of hills running nearly down the middle. I'm not talking little mounds, I mean thousand foot high hills.

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Today, those hills are capped by fine homes, but back then, they were simply wooded areas. The best part was, my house was almost exactly opposite Kim's with just the hills between us. Now as a youngster, I loved roaming those hills. My best friends and I had paths to several interesting rock formations and caves and we often explored and camped up there.

What my friends DIDN'T know, and unknown to Kim and her parents as well, was that I had found a route over the the hills and through the forest that would lead me unnoticed right to Kim's house. (OK, I wasn't stalking her or anything like that.

I just thought the path might come in handy someday. It did.) It was just past noon as Kim and I finally hung up our phones. Being a Friday, both of my parents were at work and my younger sister was out with friends so I had no one to tell where I was going. I left a note on the kitchen counter telling my parents that I was camping out alone that night on the hills (something I did often). I pulled on my best Levi's and a decent T-shirt then grabbed some sweats and stuffed them into my smallest backpack.

I strapped it on, tied on my hiking boots and headed up Kineon Avenue which ended at the base of the hills on my side. My biggest fear on that part of the trek was that one or more of my friends would see me with that gear and think that I was going on one of my usual excursions up the hill and would want to tag along. Luck stayed on my side. I was in pretty good shape back then, but I was really making tracks up the path and I was huffing and puffing as I reached the crest of the hill.

The path was well defined, but quite steep. Also, it was a warm day and our part of the country gets a bit humid even in late Spring. I left the path that my friends and I used on a regular basis and set off on the secret route that I had scouted that would drop me out of the woods at Kim's garage. Being careful to observe that no one was about, I sprinted from the woods into her garage.

Even though it was broad daylight, the proximity of the garage to the wooded hillside made the interior quite dark. I nearly tripped over the riding mower and I cursed loudly.

The door from the basement rec-room opened suddenly and I nearly freaked for a moment. There was Kim, eyes wide and a smile coming quickly to her beautiful face.

"I've been waiting right here ever since we talked on the phone", she exclaimed. "When I heard someone yell I thought maybe my folks had come back to surprise me or that a neighbor had caught you. Where is your car?", Kim said. Catching my breath, bent over with my hands on my knees I said, "I didn't drive". "What did you do? Did you hike over the hill"?, Kim asked. "Yeah, I did", I panted. "Did anyone see you come into the garage?", she asked.

"I don't think anyone saw me", I replied. I was catching my breath once again. At that, she ran to me and we hugged fiercely and kissed with more passion than we ever had before. Kim broke the kiss, took my hand and led me into the house. We had usually spent our time together at her home in the basement where her parents had a TV and piano. I loved to play piano for her and she always said that she loved it, too. She didn't lead me to the basement couch as I thought she might (we HAD spent a good deal of time making out on that piece of furniture).

Instead, she took me straight upstairs, through the kitchen, down the hall and into her room. I was taken a bit aback at her boldness. I had never been in the back hall of her home before, much less in her room. I could tell at once that this was to be an experience both of us must have dreamed about but had never even spoken of to each other. Once inside Kim's room, she closed and locked her door (to this day I don't know why, although I had a fleeting thought that almost made me laugh.was she keeping someone out or keeping me IN?

There was no way in hell I was going to try to escape! I managed to muffle the giggle). She walked to me and kissed me with more fire than I thought possible. I kissed her back as passionately as I could and we stood like that for some time. (When I was with Kim, time always seemed to stand still. I have NEVER had that experience with any other woman in my life even though the events related here took place over thirty years and four ex-wives ago).

The kiss lingered for I don't know how long, but after a little while I started to notice the effect that Kim's passion was having on me.

For the first time since we had been dating, I found myself getting hard. Sure, I had felt a twinge before, but I had always managed to control it. I never wanted Kim to get the wrong idea.

Not this time, though. I just couldn't help it. She was so passionate and my body just responded the way it was made to do. I knew that Kim had to feel it, too, but she wasn't moving away. Was it my imagination, or was she pressing herself against me? She was! I decided to try something.

If I was wrong, I could always apologize and wait again for her lead. I did a VERY slow grind of my pubic bone against hers.

To my delight she moaned loudly into my mouth through our now very wet kiss and quite obviously pushed and ground back against me. OK. Was this it? Were the two of us about to lose our virginity to one another right here. in her bed? Kim practically answered this unspoken question by dropping one of her hands to my ass and began stroking it. Instant excitement and instant panic.

I held the kiss for a few moments longer enjoying the way it felt as Kim and I pushed our bodies together. Then I decided to get bold once again and dropped both of my hands to her shapely ass and cupped her cheeks.

I squeezed them gently, pulled her even closer and then broke off the kiss. "Kim", I asked, "do you want to make love"? She turned her gaze downward as she always did when something embarrassed her. She stepped back out of my arms and in a whisper she said, "Yes". "It will be your first time and mine as well", I said.

"We can only have one 'first time'. Are you really sure"? She started to tear up, took my hands in hers and looked straight into my eyes. She said, "I have really wanted to be with you like this for a while.even before my folks tried to break us up. And certainly long before they set me up with whoever the hell this jerk is that I am supposed to marry". Her eyes dropped again as she said, "I thought we would have lots of time to get ready for it.

That we could take our time and wait for the exact right moment. I have always felt as though you thought the same way. You never made any kind of move on me before and you sure never asked me. before today. I just don't think we have time to wait. I love you, I want to be with you and I want to make love with you". With that Kim raised her teary eyes to mine and I just melted. I kissed her lips gently and said, "if you're really sure, I would love to be with you today and forever if we can".

She shook a bit and sobbed. "I don't know what will happen after that Islamic bitch finally gets here or what my parents will do when they find out all that you, Colleen and I did behind their backs". "They're sure as hell not gonna be happy", I said.

"Truth to tell, Kim, I don't care if they're happy or not as long as YOU are". That finally brought a smile to the beautiful face I adored so intensely and Kim stepped into my arms once again.

She kissed me briefly then stepped back and started to unbutton her shirt. I took a deep breath and pulled my T-shirt over my head. Kim dropped her shirt by her bed and shyly smiled. The bra she was wearing was certainly not something her mom had bought for her.


It was black, VERY lacy and underwired. With her loose fitting shirt on, I could not really see much detail underneath, but this bra pushed Kim's full breasts together and upwards in a very delicious way.

Damn her tits were beautiful. Her face was getting a bit red and I knew I was openly staring, but she pushed onward. She reached behind her back, undid the fastener and slid the sexy bra off her shoulders and away from her breasts. I nearly creamed my jeans at the sight of her lovely young chest.

Her tits were quite large and firm ( I had always known they would be. I could tell when hugging her). The skin of her breasts and belly was the same semi-dark yet even tone that made her face so lovely. Her nipples were not too large, but dark brown and QUITE erect. (I wonder if our little make-out session had done to her tits what it had done to my cock?

I hoped I would find out soon). I asked her, "Kim, would you please let me finish undressing you?". Down went her eyes once again but not before I saw a cheeky smile come to her lips.

She whispered, "do you really want to?". "Yes, if it's OK with you", I replied. "To be honest, even though we have never even talked about this, I have thought of it". "So have I", she responded. At this point Kim got this funny look on her face. "OK", she said. "You can undress me ONLY if I can undress you". That kinda threw me for a loop.

I didn't expect that at all. But hey, let's face it.I AM a guy. And what guy doesn't want to be undressed by the girl he loves. I sure was nervous, but I was so in love with her that I simply nodded my agreement.

Kim stepped into my arms once again and for the first time I felt her large, firm, naked breasts press against my bare chest. Instant boner. I had never in my life had a feeling so exquisite. Kim held me tight for several minutes like that with her head resting on my right shoulder.

I held her gently and slowly stroked her bare back as my cock grew more uncomfortable in my jeans. She seemed to sense this for she let me go, dropped to her knees on the thick carpet and began untying my hiking boots.

She told me to sit on her bed (a place where I thought I would NEVER be before that day) and she pulled the boots off one by one. Kim wrapped her hands around my right ankle and slipped off my sock, then did the same with my left. Now clothed in only my briefs and Levi's, I stood and took Kim's hands and pulled her to her feet, then turned her around so that I could sit her on the bed.

I knelt and removed the shoes and socks that she was wearing and even bent to kiss the tops of each of her feet as her socks came off. She exclaimed, "Yuck! Why are you doing that? It's gross!". "Kim", I said, "I love you. And to me, that means all of you. Why would you think that my kissing your feet is gross?".

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"Well", she replied, "I guess I just didn't expect you to do that". "Loving you means loving ALL of you", I said. That brought a smile to the face that I loved so much. I took Kim's hands again and urged her to stand. I could feel her palms starting to perspire as she stood and I knew that she had to be nervous. I asked again, "Kim, are you REALLY sure?". She said, "I have to admit that I'm scared.

I've never done this before and from what you tell me, neither have you. We're both in uncharted waters here, but I want to be with you and I want it to be now". "If you're sure, then we go on", I told her. "I'm sure", she said. I gently unfastened her jeans and unzipped them. I tried to be careful to not take her panties down with them, so I slowly pulled her jeans down her lovely legs. Funny.I didn't feel any other material around her hips as I pulled her jeans down. I was looking at what I was doing, not at her at the time.

I missed it. Perhaps she was wearing a string bikini or a thong (to match the sexy bra that now lay on her bedroom floor) and I had just missed feeling the tiny strip of fabric as I slipped her pants off. As it turned out, I need not have worried about Kim's panties.she wasn't wearing any! What a shock and a surprise. Here was this lovely girl who wouldn't even wear shorts in public (or private for that matter) wearing nothing under her pants!

I knew at once.she had done this for ME! I nearly died as Kim's beautiful pussy was uncovered right before my eyes. I had expected that I would be providing her some anticipation after taking her jeans off. I truly believed that I would have some time to tease her a bit, encourage her, and make her more comfortable with being almost naked in front of me before I took her panties off. But what I got was a splendid view of the fullest, lushest bush I had ever seen. (Remember, I had never seen a LIVE girl naked before.

All I knew of naked girls was from the stash of pussy pics in my room, but none of those girls had ANYTHING compared to what was now in front of my face.

In fact, most of the girls in the pics I had were shaved. I personally prefer a natural girl, or at most a trimmed one). Kim's dark bush barely concealed her labia. Her lips were so swollen and prominant that they almost called out for attention.

Her dark skin and jet black pubic hair was a sight to behold. I don't know what made me do it (I guess it was just nature), but I leaned forward and planted a kiss right on her outer lips.

Kim jumped back, almost tripping over her not-quite-off jeans and said, "What?". "Hmmm", I moaned. "That was nice". I hadn't tasted pussy before and now that I had, I liked it. Kim tasted sweet. Kim almost shouted, "I'm not saying it didn't feel good although it did feel a bit strange, but why did you do that?'.

I replied, "I'm not totally sure, but I liked it. It just seemed right. Would you like me to do it again?". "Let me think about it for a minute", Kim said. "How about you get those jeans off me so I don't fall on my ass?". "My pleasure. I would hate for anything to hurt that pretty ass", I responded and helped her take each of her feet out of the jeans. She blushed at my comment and I tossed the jeans onto the floor near where she had dropped her shirt and bra and once again stood in front of her.

Kim was now totally naked and I once again took her into my arms. She kissed me quickly and said, "I am gonna have to do this fast or I may lose my nerve". That said, she dropped to her pretty knees once again and unsnapped and unzipped my Levi's. She pulled them quickly down and asked me to step out of them. I heard her sigh as she grabbed the waistband of my tighty-whiteys and pulled them off.

I stepped out of them as Kim once again looked at the floor. "Kim", I said, "it's still not too late to change your mind. I would never force you or pressure you". "I know that, Honey", she said. "This is what I want". My cock bobbed in front of her and she slowly looked up at it.

She didn't reach for it as I hoped she would, she just stood up again and held her arms out to me. I knew that she was now VERY nervous about holding me with my dick sticking out like that. I was unnerved as well but we both took a deep breath and stepped toward each other.

I took Kim gently into my arms and pulled her slowly toward me. She sighed as my stiff cock touched her firm belly and a trail of pre-cum followed the head of it along her skin from her pubis to her navel. She finally melted her body into mine.

I asked her one more time, "Kim, I love you and I want you to be certain". "I am, Honey. I'm just scared.

I don't know what to do but I want to make you happy". "Kim", I said, "I don't really know what to do either. I mean, I think I have the general idea, but as for the details, I have no clue. I just know that I want to make you feel good". Kim smiled a bit and said, "I've seen some movies".

"You have?", I responded. I grinned at her and said, "I've seen some, too". For the first time since we both had gotten naked Kim looked me right in the eye and said, "I think I know what a girl is supposed to do". Kim didn't say another word. She released her grasp on me and slipped to her knees once again. For the first time she took my rock hard cock in her hand and stroked it gently.

It felt so wonderful. She took it to the next level a moment later as she wrapped her soft lips around the head and quickly sucked almost the entire length into her sweet mouth. I didn't know if I was going to cum or die. It didn't matter to me at that point. What Kim was doing felt so good.

I placed my hands gently on her head as she sucked me softly. I let her continue for several minutes and then pulled her away and stood her up. I kissed her with all the passion that I had and then turned her around and sat her once again on her bed. I dropped to my knees, took Kim's pretty thighs in my hands and spread them as far apart as they would go.

I stared into the lush bush before my eyes and leaned into her. Kim took my head into her hands and tried to stop me. She said, "Baby, you don't have to do that". "Kim, I want to", I replied. She let me go and seemed to relax a bit. I kissed her all around her bush and nuzzled her mound a little before getting serious. I got brave and planted a sloppy kiss directly on her pussy lips. Kim groaned and pushed her pelvis off the bed toward my mouth.

From my reading of men's magazines, I knew that a girl had a VERY sensitive spot at the top of her pussy. I decided to try and find Kim's. It didn't take long. One long lick along her slit earned me a moan and a convulsion that I will never forget. Kim came instantly as my tongue found her clit (I know what it is called now) for the first time. She grabbed my head, pushed her pussy into my face and screamed my name. I loved it. I licked up and down her sweet gash for some time and she seemed to love it.

Her lovely hips rose and fell in time with my ministrations. I looked up from between her legs and saw that her eyes were closed and her hair was getting matted down from her perspiration. I decided I was doing something right and decided to continue. I ran my tongue around Kim's tight opening several times, then returned to licking her clit.

As I did, I gently slipped just one finger into her. I thought she was going to hit the ceiling. Her eyes shot open and she nearly screamed. But just as quickly she settled back onto the bed and moaned softly. "Are you alright, Sweetheart?", I asked.

"You just surprised me", she said. "It feels good. In fact, I think it's time.". "Kim.", I began, but she cut me off abruptly. "You don't have to ask me again. I'm sure", she said. I got off the floor and Kim turned herself around on the bed to make room for me. I lay down next to her and took her into my arms.

Kim's large pretty breasts were crushing against my chest as she hugged me tight. I could feel her wet, furry mound brushing against my thighs. My cock was straining against her belly and this time she was not shying away. I heard her take a deep breath, then she kissed me quickly and rolled over onto her back. I took the hint and moved between her parted legs.

She surprised me once again by reaching down between us and gripped my cock at the base. She moved it between her vaginal lips and then let it go. I pushed forward just the slightest bit so that it slipped between her lips and just barely inside of her. She was wet, tight and wonderful. Everything a young man could ever imagine. Kim's eyes were wide but I could tell that she was feeling some discomfort.

But without a word, she nodded her head and I understood. This was it. I pushed just a bit deeper and felt resistance. I knew that this was her hymen and it meant her virginity. I didn't care about me, I was worried about her.

I looked down into her face. She just nodded again and I went for it. I tried to be gentle as I pushed into her, but I could tell it hurt her.

That made me instantly sad and I almost softened. Kim stiffened for just a moment and then sighed once again.

I saw a smile come to her face as she spoke for the first time in several minutes. "God, this is wonderful", she said. "Just go slow, OK?". "I will, Honey. Anything for you", I replied. She kissed me softly and lay back on the bed. I stroked Kim's sweet pussy gently for what seemed like hours. After just a few thrusts she started to push her hips up to meet mine.

Wow! I liked that! After a time, Kim started to moan again like she'd done when I was licking her. The sounds she was making drove me to the edge as well. I was still trying to be gentle with her, but the passion became too much. As I started to lose control, Kim did, too. I drove my cock deep into her sweet body and she pounded herself back against me. I let go a blast into her just as she orgasmed.

We both climaxed with loud shouts and after we came down, we kissed with more love than we ever had before. I collapsed beside Kim on her sweat and pussy juice soaked sheets and took her into my arms. "Well", she said as she sucked air, "we're not virgins anymore!". "We sure aren't", I replied. Two hours and another splendid love making session later, I headed home for the day.

There was no way that I was going to camp out that night. Kim had worn me out and although I would have prefered to sleep with her (and she asked me to), I knew I couldn't. We had already taken enought risks. Kim and I had made plans for another rendevous, but it never happened.

The woman from the mosque showed up on Monday night and had to literally confine Kim to the house.

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I never saw her again, but my love has not died.nor has my memory of our first time. Afterword Kim and I were found out shortly after that and her folks managed to get a restraining order against me. Her parents forced her to marry the Saudi on her eighteenth birthday. Even thought they had not sex yet, they convinced him that Kim had broken her hymen in a biking accident.

The stupid shit bought it and the ceremony went on, but Kim disappeared during the reception. Her body was found seven months later in her totalled car at the bottom of a ravine a hundred miles from her home. The police found no signs of violence or sexual trauma and her death was ruled accidental.

I knew better. Kim had killed herself, just as she said she would, to avoid being used as a toy for some rich jerk. She never talked to me about this, but I knew her. She would not be used. To this day I miss her with all my heart. I blame her parents for her death. They had no right to treat her as they did.

People have the right to choose who they want to be with. Anything else is ancient and barbaric. Shame on those who still live in the past! This story, so long in coming, is dedicated to Kim's memory. George in Cincy October, 2007