The girls shared a guy

The girls shared a guy
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Once I turned 18 my mom put me out. She said that I was to big of a problem & was no longer her responsibility so I had to go. My cousin Shayla was just 18 same as me but she had her own place with 2 extra rooms.

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She was nice enough to let me move in since I had nowhere else to go. She was my favorite cousin after all. It wasn't until I started living with Shayla I started to see the real her. She had a boyfriend but he wasn't the only guy she'd bring home in the middle of the night.

She would always leave the house in these short tight dressed. I figured it was what most girls did to get attention from the opposite sex. One night I was walking into my room coming from using the bathroom. It was a little after 2am & Shayla was just getting home. I was about to turn on the lights & greet her when I heard a guy speak. I peeked around the corner into the living room to see if it was her boyfriend she had brought home with her. To my surprise it wasn't. It was a tall dark guy who looked to be at least 10 years older than she was.

He lifted up her dress exposing her bare bottom. She had on no underwear & was clean shaved. He turned around & bent her over & started fucking her raw. I watched the entire time this guy fucked my cousin & enjoyed the show. It happed 3-4 times a week sometimes the same guy would come & sometimes it'll be a new guy. One night I was in for the shock of my life. That shock turned me on to the max & it made me do something I'd never think I'll do.

My sister came to visit for the weekend. Since there was an extra unoccupied room she used that one for her stay.

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It was close to 10pm & Shayla decided not to go out, her dad was coming to visit & she hadn't saw him in weeks. That was cool because I liked her dad, we always had cool conversations.

I guess he decides to stay over because here it was 1am & he was still here. I offered to take the couch & let him have the room but Shayla said it was ok. I went into the room & went to sleep. I forgot to go before I went to bed so I woke up to use the bathroom. I took a piss then went into the kitchen to grab a drink.


Before I hit the corner I heard whispers so I stopped & listened. It was Shayla & her dad talking. "Shh. You dont want to wake your cousins do you?" "No but this is bad we can't do this. Your my dad." She said. "I know. More reason you should do it.


You want to make your daddy happy dont you?" He asked. "Of course. But what will people think?" "Who will know?" "Mm your right." I watched as she slide her hand into his shorts & pulled out his dick.

She fell Dow to her knees & took it into ger mouth & started sucking it like she does every guy that comes through that door. "Oo yea that's a good girl.

Mm fuck suck daddy dick like the little hoe you are." He had his hand on the back of her thrusting in her mouth. You was barely able to see his dick so she must have taken alot in. He was looking down at her watching her suck away. He finally closed his eyes & came in her mouth. She swallowed it like it was nothing then stood to her feet.

She turned to walk off & he pushed her over the counter & held her by her waist. He rammed his dick inside her pussy & started fucking her. He was in her so deep & pounding so hard she started to screw uncontrollably. He was groaning & moaning with her. "Mm daddy yes ri-right there oooh fuck this pussy" She screamed. Her moaned made him speed up & you can here their bodies clapping.

I couldn't take it anymore. I went into my room to jerk off.

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I pulled out my dick & started to stroke. I didn't even notice I walked into the wrong room until the bed wasn't where I expected it to be. My sister was laying there looking so cute & so fuckable I couldn't dare leave. I pulled my boxers down just below my ass. I stood in front of her & placed my dick head on her lips. She stretched & yawned giving me entrance to her mouth.

I slipped 2 inches in before she closed her mouth. She opened her eyes & looked at me unsude oc what was going on. I didn't say anything I just slowly slide in & out of her mouth.

She didn't suck or anything she just stared in shock. "Suck if sis. Your brother is hurting & I need your help.

I grabbed the back of her head & shoved more in there. She started sucking & rolling her tongue around. I'm sure this was her 1st time doing this but she knew exactly how it should be done. "Oo yea good girl." I rubbed her head as I trusted slowly in her mouth. She pulled back taking her warm mouth from my cock.

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"What are you doing?" I asked. "That's bad." She complained. "Its only bad if we get caught. No one will know but us sis." I sat next to her on the bed.

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She was in a tshirt & no bottoms but panties. I sat her on my lap with my dick between her thighs. She instantly started to hump my crotch. It was feeling good so I sat back & let her. "Mmm." She moaned. "It'll feel better with your panties off." I whispered. She shook her head no continuing to hump.

I let her enjoy her little ride & felt up & down her thighs. She placed her hands on my knees & bounced faster.

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Her pussy was sliding up & down my dick feeling so great but it wasn't enough. After what I just witnessed I needed more. I lifted her up & laid her on her stomach. Her legs were still on each side of me & my dick was pressed against her pussy. I pulled her panties down just enough to see her ass crack & continued to slide my cock up & down her slit.

"Mm Quise please dont tell mommy. I'll get in trouble for humping please." She begged in a moan. "Dont worry I wont. But you have to suck my dick for me to keep it a secret." "Ok." I was finally about to have a chance to get a nutt off. I stood to my feet. She sat up & turned my way the got off the bed. I pulled her by her hair forcing her to be inches from my dick. She gripped it with both hands & stroked it slowly as she licked the tip. She licked every drop of pre cum that came out them took almost every inch into her mouth.

"Oo shit yes." I moaned happily. Her little mouth was so wet & warm it felt like a pussy. I bent my knees a little so that I was more at her size the gripped a hand full of her hair. I was slamming my dick in & out of her mouth like I was fucking a pussy. She didn't gag or choke she just tried her best to hang in there.

Its almost like she was a pro at it. "Mm im about to cum. Keep sucking until you feel it running down your throat." She did what she was told. Cum started to slowly shoot out.

I can see she was starting to choke so I pulled my dick from her mouth & nutted in her face. "Mm that tasted good." She said licking her lips. I looked down at her & smiled. She was looking so sexy with my cum all over her face. Just seeing that was making me horny again.

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