Bondage boy gets anal fucking from ladyboy Honey Trent

Bondage boy gets anal fucking from ladyboy Honey Trent
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This is a long story, one that will be told in different chapters.


This is the first, telling of how it all began. Let me know what you think, and please trust me, it will get MUCH better as we go.

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But I needed to get the area set first, and so we have this first chapter. If you just want sex scroll to the last 3 or 4 paragraphs. Otherwise enjoy the beginning and enjoy the series as we go! It started about two years ago.

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There were reports now and then, steadily increasing in regularity for about three months before the story broke officially. The Undead. zombies, really? None of us believed it at first. And then when we were forced to face it we didnt want to believe it. In the past year we've finally gotten to a safe area in a locked out compound. No undead in, no one out.

no one useful at least. More on that later. When the Panic first hit we ran blind. I managed to get a backpack loaded with some heavy clothes like sweathshirts, one spare set of jeans, and a few t-shirts. From survival training I knew clean socks, at least once in a while, were a requirement as well as clean boxers now and then. I got enough to carry me for two or three weeks if I changed once every two or three days.

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That was the rough plan. I had plenty of ammo, but it got real heavy after a few days. Luckily the gun stores had only been looted for weapons and ammo, so I got a few larger military style packs which make it easier to carry heavy equipment over long distances because of how it sits on your back.

Anyway, as time went by I did what I could to survive, but saw some horrible things. Families eaten, the father clutches his little girl, trying to protect her but really condemning her to dying a painful death. As the days trickled by and the hoards of the undead grew I continued to travel, hiking most of the time, occasionally finding a vehicle that still had gas and was usable. Fast forward a few months. After looting grocery stores and clothing stores as the need arouse I started thinking about finding a permanent address.

I found it in the mid-west, near what used to be the heart of Nebraska. They had turned a set of homes that were at the end of a dead end into a compound.

It took some talking and wrangling, but I was finally allowed into the area. The work they had done was amazing. They had about 20 acres fenced in with heavy duty fencing, boards with metal braced for strength against them. There were covered walk ways around the entire field, set up to check for any breaks in the fence in any weather.


They were smart, they knew any form of sickness, no matter how trivial in the Old World, could be a mortal danger in the New World. The field backed up to a mall, which simply had a fence and road running between the field and the building.

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They saw the possibilities of the mall, knowing what could be gained by taking it back. We worked for weeks trying to build a safety fence.

After two months of intense labor we completed the connection.

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It was a large mall that serviced a fair sized city which was nearby, only about 20 minutes by car. It took us three solid days to clear the building of any zombies that might be hiding, but we did that only as a precaution as the mall was occupied. There were 29 people locked in the mall to maintain their own safety. Little did they know they would have been safer if they had killed us as we came across the road building the fences. The original compound had been locked down, and the only ones there had been men, at least when I got there.

About 20 of those in the mall were females. We descended like hungry wolves. As we got into the mall the first time we checked every door, took wood from the home supply superstore and blocked the doors completely from the outside. We braced the thick gauge plywood with 4x8's against the stairs near the doors. And then the fun began. For us at least. The women were tough, they had survived the end of the world, so they had to be. Some of them were older, and ass ugly, but still had some uses.

A fair amount were younger, and decent looking, a few very hot. And there were 4 girls who were very young, the tenderest the tender had somehow survived this holocaust.

Now it was time to see if they could see the horrors that we were about to stick them in. The women and men came up to us as we entered the building, insanely excited. After a few months any contact with someone from the outside is great. When the women came to give us hugs we copped feels of their asses and tits. They were pissed, but not sure what to do. The husbands were instantly pissed.

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They came at us swinging. Those of our group that were standing near the back leveled their weapons at the charging men. They froze in fear. "Nice try dickwads" They were terrified, all of them.

We had the power, and we were going to use it goddammit. "On your knees whores!" the order went out to the general group, but only those with guns in their faces dropped. "Good enough for this time. We took flex cuffs and locked up the entire group, including those on their knees.

They were the only ones that we didnt cuff at the ankles as well though. Every one of them screamed when they saw their husbands and children cuffed in front of them. There were only 4 of them on their knees, so they would get used, extremely hard. We whipped out our cocks and went to down. All 4 of the little whores were soon gagging on our cocks while the others felt their asses and cunts. "This ones soaking wet! Im gonna rip her little pussy wide open!" yelped Jim, one of my buddies.

The women were soon bent forward with out cocks still down their throats. The panties were ripped down the taut, smooth legs that begged to be caressed. The soaking wet cunt holders were soon wrapped around their faces, leaving the mouths open and available. The pussy on the girl I was using was soon being pried open by three fingers and a tongue on her clit.

Her screams felt amazing around my cock and I was soon shooting my cum down her throat, making her gag even harder.

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WE took turns that day, enjoying the feeling of the tight asses and cunts that were tied up and waiting for us to plug with our hard dicks.

There was never an empty hole for more then a few seconds as one guy slid out and another hopped up and slammed it home. I know that I personally came 5 times in various holes. The men were in tears watching their wives, daughters, and friends getting violated repeatedly by our rag-tag band of men. But this was only the beginning as the worst is yet to come. The pain would be unbelievable, and the terror would be like nothing they had ever experienced. It would surpass even the ripping fear that enveloped you when the Undead were ripping into your friends with no mercy, which was the same amount of mercy we'd be showing them as well, but much worse as we could think, plan, and torture instead of just eat them.

More to come, let me know what you think of the beginning of this tale please!