Hot gay sex Handsome and studly youthfull newcomer Austin Ried is

Hot gay sex Handsome and studly youthfull newcomer Austin Ried is
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I returned to the bar the following night and waited for about three hours but Bobby didn't show up. When I asked people if they had seen her, they replied that they did not know where she was. Neither did she appear the next two nights and I went home pissed off after having waited for her on each night for several hours. On the third night, I decided that I would only wait an hour.


After an hour, when she still didn't show up, I got ready to leave. I paid for my drinks and started for the door. As I opened the door, I was startled to see Bobby standing there, looking up at me. My heart skipped a beat as she flashed me a really bright smile and a breathy "Well hello, baby! Fancy meeting you here!" A montage of emotions washed across my chest in rapid succession, - happiness at seeing her, anger that she had kept herself away for so long, and finally, relief that she had come back to me.

Or - had she merely just come back to the bar and not specifically to see me? I wondered. "You're not leaving, are you?", she asked in that same sexy voice as she put her hand on my shoulder and leaned forward to kiss me lightly. "I didn't think you were coming back", I blankly replied. Then, with a little more emotion, I said, "I've been here for three nights, including tonight, waiting for you!

Why did you make me wait? Where have you been"? She sighed and replied, "Honey, I haven't made you wait.

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I have a life you know, and things to do. I came back here as soon as I was able. I am here now and I was hoping that you would be here too." "Well", I said, still pissed, "You might have given me your number so I could call you.

Then I wouldn't have had to waste my time sitting here night after night. I ALSO have a life and things to do." "Aw", she smiled, throwing her arms around me. "You sound mad. Are you mad at me?", she asked as she planted little kisses all over my face. "I am so sorry that I caused you to be unhappy.

Please, baby, let me make it up to you." Then with an intake of breath, she looked into my eyes and asked, "Aren't you going to invite a girl inside for a drink?" Then she smiled and my heart relented. How could I keep being angry with her when she was acting like a complete adoring sweet pussycat? "Sure I am", I smiled back at her. "Let's go inside and get that drink." We walked back into the bar and I lead her to a table in the corner where the lights were romantically low.

The waitress came over and took our order. Bobby and I reached out simultaneously and clasped fingers and stared at each other. Her voice wads low and serious. "Darling, please forgive me. It was very thoughtless of me to act so bitchy and not give you my number. But you know, I run into all kinds of creeps and sometimes even the ones who seem to be ok are really not nice people.

I had to think very carefully about whether or not to trust you. But the day after we met, I asked around about you and folks seemed to think that you are ok and not a dangerous nut to a girl. I am sorry that we were not able to contact each other over the past few days though." "Well", I interrupted, "I don't intend for that to happen again. You definitely have to give me a number where you can be reached.

I'll be happy to give you my own number so you know I am legit, so you know I am ok." "Of course!", she smiled. "We will definitely exchange numbers before we leave tonight." "And", she added, "I do intend to make up for the loss of the days we have missed each other, and believe me, baby, I HAVE missed you too." Before I had a chance to respond, the waitress returned with our drinks, and I toasted Bobby.

"To a really sexy and sweet girl I should take home to meet mother", and I smiled. She smiled back and replied, "Well you should get to know me better to see the complete other side of me and then you can decide whether I am the sweet girl next door that your mom would approve of." I sipped my drink and winked at her. "And when do I get to know that other side of you, Bobby?" "In a short while", she answered.

"Let's finish our drinks and go outside for some fresh air." We drank our drinks and just looked at each other, holding hands across the table. She sighed and smiled again, a kind of secret sort of smile.

I raised my eyebrows and asked, "What? What's going through that pretty head of yours?" She looked down at her glass, rasing her eyes slyly, and whispered "You'll see. You won't be disappointed." Our drinks were finished and paid for. Bobby took my hand a led me out back to the alley behind the bar. "Come", she said. "It's time for our breath of fresh air.

Even in the South West, its chilly this time of year and because the sun had gone down I felt shivery and knew that Bobby must also feel that way because she was so scantily clad. She was wearing an off the shoulder low cut thing, and her shoulders and chest were bare.

"It's chilly out here", I said. "Let me hold you because I feel chilly too." She came close and put her arms around my waist while I put my arms around her shoulders and upper back, rubbing her skin to keep her warm.

She began to purr like a kitten. "Mmmmmmmmmm, that feels really good", she said. "Don't stop". I continued rubbing and caressing her skin all over and pressed her against me. She lifted her head and whispered, "Kiss me, baby, kiss me. I have missed your arms and your mouth." I did not need more than one invitation. I took her face into ny hands and kissed her mouth, softly at first, and then more passionately.

We stood there together, in the chilly night, in the back alley of a bar, holding each other and kissing. I kissed her face and lifted her chin so I could kiss her neck and upper chest. "Oh baby!", I moaned.

"I missed you! Really I did. I thought about you all the time since that night we met and danced together. I wanted to feel you in my arms so badly, so much. Wanted to feel you ank love you. Wanted to feel you touch me and kiss me too!

Wanted your caresses and your mouth" "Oh! Oh OH BABY! Yes! You will have my mouth. Oh yes. I have been dreaming of giving you my mouth." "Have you been dreaming of kissing me, Bobby?" "Oh yes", she purred, "But much much more than that, darling. MUCH MORE!" I must have looked puzzled because she smiled and said softly, as she rubbed her hands up and down my back and over my buns, "Don't worry, sweetie.

Soon all will be revealed. I will warm you up good. My mouth is yours, all yours." "Well then, kiss me again and again", I said. "Oh I will, baby, I will", she replied, "and in a way that you will never forget." Her hands slipped down over my ass and between my thighs.

She began to caress my balls and stroke down my cock. "I want you real hard!", she whispered in my ear.

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"Real hard, baby! Harder than you have ever been with any girl or guy. Oh yeah, I NEED you to be hard for me." She looked up at me and said, "Feel my throat.

Feel how soft ans warm the skin is. I know you love that. I know you love the feel of a girl's silken neck. Go ahead, baby, take me and do what gets you rock hard." My hands responded automatically and my fingers wentto her neck, my thumbs caressing her soft white throat, and my cock bulged out an extra inch.

"Oooooo, good!", she moaned. "Good! Good, baby! Now THAT'S what I call a hard bulging thick dick." She looked down and her fingers started to undo my belt and zip open my fly.

I stood there transfixed as she knelt down and lowered my pants and slipped my shorts down around my ankles. "Now baby, now I will make up for making you miss me.

Oh yes, darling, I will more than make up for it. Give me what you got, baby. Give mama what you got there." She began to lick my balls and then ran her tongue up and down the shaft of my hardon, kissing it as she moved her lips over it. My precum was already dripping out and she licked and swalled it. I sighed and just stood there, letting her take over and do what she wanted. And she wanted, really wanted me in a hungry way, I was soon to find out. I was breathing hard as she parted her ruby red lips and engulfed me.

She moved so slowly up and down my shaft and teased my balls as she went. Soon her fingers found my ass hole and she probed slightly, moving her fingers around the rim. One hand was holding my balls and the fingers of the other hand were working my asshole like a feather, and her mouth, Oh that sweet mouth, was working me more and more hungrily as though her whole mouth and throat were preparing a feast of hunger.

She pulled her head back and smiled up at me. "Hey baby", she said, "Just relax into this and let me bring you to heaven." I sighed and moaned. "Oh baby", she whispered, "You sound so good. I am really going to enjoy working this grand huge tool and listening to you make those sweet delcious sounds." With that, she took me back into her mouth and worked me seriously deep in.

Her hands were now both on my ass and she was pushing me into her throat. I felt the lips and tongue that she was using on me. Lips and tongue working me like never before. I know how it is with blowjobs.

No matter how good a woman may think she is when she sucks a man, she can never be as good as another man, and as much a woman as Bobby is, she is also a woman with a cock and she knows the feelings of a cock, both inside and out, and knows how to blow a man as only a queer or tgal can. So good. So sweet. A man could drown in her mouth. A man could get lost in that delicious mouth, lost in between those lips, lost with that tongue licking at the piss slit and all around the cut head.

I breathed heavily and started to slip into a tantric meditative trance as she blew me. My mouth must have opened and my head must have fallen back. She had positioned me against a wall to give her more leverage, to keep me upright.

I let go inside. I let my mind contemplate the feelings of mouth and lips and tongue. I let the knowledge of being sucked in enlighten me and bring me to a new plane of consciousness. Sucking! SUCKING! My consciousness either collapsed or expanded.

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I don't know for sure. My whole universe was becoming nothing more than mouth, lips, drawing me out. Fingers in the background of my mind caressing and probing behind me, and the universe a giant mouth whose only purpose in life was to suck a man completely dry, and he was helpless to resist.

Oh God! Oh God, I thought, if you could call it thinking at that point. She was right, I knew, when she mentioned being brought to heaven. It must have been an angel using her mouth on me.

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Yes, an angel down on her knees before me, adoring me, worshiping me with her mouth, her wings outstretched and fluttering as she gave me her whole life energy, or was she draining me of mine? It was hard to tell.

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I was barely conscious of reality. There WAS no reality beyond a gaping hole that wished to swallow cum, to swallow every drop of cum in the world. My throbbing fuck rod enveloped and being pulled by magical divine lips.

Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby, you fucking cunt whore bitch, suck me! My brain is screaming! SUCK ME you fucking bitch, you angel, you whore, you madonna! Oh yeah, I love you, my sweet angel, I love you, you cunt, you sweet cunt! Don't stop that!

Not for one minute! Don't stop! Suck the strength and the life out of me! You cock-sucking fucking bitch cunt whore! DON'T YOU DARE STOP SUCKING ME!, I screamed. At least, I THINK I was screaming. Someone was screaming and moaning and making all kinds of sounds. Meanwhile from somewhere else, from somewhere between a man's thighs, someone was moaning and maybe crying but crying with an open mouth.

Breath heaving! A man, his head thrown back, his eyes rolled up inside his head, his mouth open, croaking, sucking the air into his lungs. Oh let the waters flow. Yeah let the river run to the sea. A river of milky white, let it stream out into the ocean of a cunt-bitch-angel's throat. He hears screaming from somewhere inside his head!

"Let go, let go, you son of a bitch mother-fucker. Don't you dare hold back and be stingy. Don't deprive me, you cocksucking bastard fucker. Let go of that milk. Let it squirt out of that little piss hole, you fucker. Let go, goddam it! Don't stop it. let it run out. Let that cocksucking cunt swallow every drop in your balls!!! Her mouth is a cunt, a cunt with lips and a tongue and a throat that devours men! You are my goddess, my divine sucker, Bobby! You are given to me to service me in all ways!

This is my body! Take! Eat! This is my blood! Take! Drink! For the remission of your sins, my beautiful cunt mouth bitch cock sucking whore slut. Oh yes! Your mouth was made for this.

This is why you were born, for this moment! To get down on yoru knees where you belong! On your kness, you fucking whore! On your knees you goddess, lover, angel, Madonna! Oh God! is there no end to those lips?

Sucking me to death. Your blowjob is so good, my sweet little tgirl bitch angel! It is divine! You are divine! Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you!

Suck me, cunt! Love the Lord with all heart and all your soul and all your might! Suck me, you fucking bitch! HolyMary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and in the hour of our death! Suck me, you dirty filthy cocksucking fucking whore bitch! Love me tha way I love you! I love you! Bobby! I love you! Down on your knees before me, worshipping me, you are making me love you as I have never loved before! Love me! Love me, baby, with that golden honeyed mouth! Suck me, my beloved sister, my mother!

Suck me, love of my life. Let it cum! Cum! Cum! Cum now! NOW! YOU FUCKING WHORE BITCH! NOW! MAKE ME CUM! I am screaming! Screaming out loud, and the milk is flowing out of me.


I am getting weak. My knees are buckling. Bobby is moaning now. She is also lost in the void. But her universe is cock! Thick bulging throbbig fuck meat stuck deep down in her throat whose muscles are sucking and drawing all the milk out of me, making me weak, making me cum . I am breathing heavily but I seem to be calming down.

All the passion has been drained out of me. My cock is getting limp in my sweet lover's mouth. Yet she holds on to me. She continues to hold my prick in her mouth, sucking and kissing it, loving it, loving ME!

She pulls her mouth away and looks up. She looks so happy and contented. She is smiling up as I raise her up to her feet and put my arms around her and lay my head on her shoulder. She strokes my head and asks softly, "Did you like that, baby? Oh I hope you loved it as much as I did. Oh yes, baby, I loved sucking you. I love you, baby! I want you to enjoy being with me.

Love me now!" I breathe more easily now and I no longer feel cold. I feel very warm even though my pants are still down and my bare ass is exposed to the night air.

But Bobby has made me feel warm and good in her arms. We are holding each other tightly and my hands are caressing her back all over. "I DO love you, baby, and I loved that blowjob.

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It was the most wonderful and beautiful blowjob I ever have had. What shall I say? It was like . like a religious experience." Bobby laughed out loud at those words and I smiled.

"I mean, it was tantric! Like out of the KAMA SUTRA!" "Really!", Bobby squeals in delight! "Yes", I assure her. "It was heaven on earth." "And am I now forgiven for making you wait all those nights to be with me?", she asks, pulling me closer to her.

"Yes! Yes, you are forgiven, completely, my angel." I sigh. We stood there, in the night, in the back alley of a dimly lit bar, holding on to each other, and we kissed.