Hot and bothered Asian slut getting her pussy toyed

Hot and bothered Asian slut getting her pussy toyed
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Camping gone right by Barron I felt the warm sun baking my face through the tent. I lifted my head from my pillow and saw the other guys were still sleeping. I slowly crawled out of my sleeping bag, grabbed my swimming trunks and went through the tent opening. I instantly felt the rough grass that grew on the front lawn of Ryan's childhood home.

I had came here with my youth group and just got here last night. I slowly stood up and put on my shoes, after tying them I started to sprint across the lawn toward the fence of the lake. When I got there the sun still hadn't risen completely, I changed into my swimming trunk on the side of the water.

I backed up a bit and then jumped into the water. There was just something about the feel of the water with the slight chill of the morning. I was having such a good time swimming that I barely noticed Ary had been watching me from the edge of the water, I stared to swim to her.

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"Why are you up so early?" I asked when I got to her. She stood there with her arms crossed under her large breasts, I had found out while a while back that she was a DD cup. So every chance I could get I would sneak a peek. "I heard you when you walked past the girls' tent." She said, telling me to be more careful. "So want to join me?" I asked, climbing out of the water.

"No, I didn't bring my bathing suit." She said. We sat on some rocks that were smooth enough to sit on without it hurting your butt. We talked a bit more before I made a comment about her wild personality playfully and she pushed me into the water.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her in with me when she reached out to help me up. I got up and laughed as she scolded me and tried to pin me down but I tickled her sides and she let go. We went back and forth, she ended up drenched so we went back to the shore. As she get out of the water I sneak up behind her and kiss her neck. We sat on some chairs that were away from the water.

Ary glared at me for kissing her neck and I just smile innocently. We talked just a bit more, I noticed how her shirt stuck to her skin. Her bra was clearly visible through the fabric, I had to shift to hide the hard on that was forming. I thought of an idea "you know, you're going to get sick if you keep a wet shirt on." I said, she looked down and covered herself. "you would like that wouldn't you." She laughed. I sighed then got up to go grab my towel. "here." I offered it to her, she thought for a second then smiled.

"fine, I'll take my shirt off." She said and put the towel around her shoulders. She used the towel as a wall and lifted her shirt off tossing it to a nearby rock. "that's better, right?" I said "now you're not freezing with a wet shirt." She hit me but laughed.

"I know you are enjoying this." I shrugged "doesn't matter if I am, you have a good body anyway." She grabbed her stomach "fat." Honestly it was more of just a little bit of chubbiness, on her it was cute though.

I shook my head "no, you are still thinner than me." We went back and forth "don't lie." She said. I shake my head "fine, you don't." She made a sour face "well I think I do asshole" I looked at her in disbelief.

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She then started to giggle and smiled. "just kidding but I do have a great body" She gave me a wink raising her arms to show off her body. Her white bra still hid her breasts, I finally couldn't take it anymore. My mind started to wander.

"hey, can I ask you for a favor?" I asked She looked at me almost reading my mind. "what?" she said. "can I see your boobs…" I said quietly. Ary just glared at me but I was sure she didn't hear what I said. "what did you say?" I gulped, I knew she would get it out of me one way or another so I said it again a bit louder.

"I want to see your boobs." She glared at me more and I tried to keep my composure. She shook her head "nope, you know I can't do that." I felt the rejection but I knew her composure was weakened. "Come on, it's not like I haven't seen them before. I promise I won't stare." I pleaded. I remembered it was at an overnight event we both volunteered for, we ended up stuck in one of the storage sheds so to pass the time we played truth or dare.

I had swayed it so I could see them that time. Either I was right about her composure or I was just lucky but she reluctantly agreed. "fine, I guess it won't hurt, since you already saw them once." I contained my joy as she sat up, took off the towel and reached behind her back to undo the clasps of her bra but she stopped and looked at me with a mischievous grin.

"here, if you want to see them then you have to unclasp on the back of my bra." She said smiling, either messing with me or thinking I would give up when I couldn't do it. She turned around and I grabbed the clasps, I undid it quickly.

She had pulled the same thing at the event and I almost couldn't get it. She grabbed the front so it won't fall in the dirt. She then turned back around to face me. She took the bra completely off and I saw them. Round and supple with nice dark pink nipples in the middle. It was only for a second though because she covered them with the towel she had in her lap. I looked back at her face, she was slightly blushing and had her tongue sticking out. "can't I look some more?" I asked, she looked me in the eyes then moved her hands again.

"well fine, but be gentle they are…sensitive." She sat back in the chair and stared at the sky. I swallowed hard then I reach out and touch her right breast softly. I was amazed by how soft they were, just like a pillow.

I go straight for her nipple, rubbing it til it sticks up more. I do the same to her left one. All the while she is breathing heavy but letting me do as I please. I look at her then put my lips on your right nipple and start sucking it gently, alternating with making circles around the edges with my tongue.


I alternate to her left breast and lower my hand to her pelvis. I look at her to see if she is watching me.

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But she was still looking upward so I continue downward and start rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She looks at me and I stop dead in my tracks. "Do you really want to do that?" She asks, she wanted it too I heard it in her voice.

I nodded and she smiled mischievously at me "then take them off." I unbuttoned her shorts and she lifted her butt so I could pull them off. I laid the towel on the floor and had her lay on it. I pulled off the shirt I was using to swim with and leaned over her again.

I continued to massage one of her breasts while my other hand rubbed up and down her slit through her panties. It didn't take much longer for a wet spot to form right in the middle of her panties.

"someone feeling turned on?" I grinned and she covered her face. I ran my finger up her pussy again til I found her clit. I rubbed it roughly and she hit me again.

"That's not a toy, be more gentle." She tells me so I just start to make little circles with it. "now whose being a tease." I move her panties to the side and slowly stick a finger inside. I barely get half my finger in before I feel her muscles tighten up. I look up and I see her face is tightened up too "are you okay?" I asked She nodded "yeah just take it slower." I went back up her body and started to kiss her neck again as I slowly pushed my finger in and out.

After a little bit she loosened up enough for me to move a bit faster. I moved down and kissed her clit which made her gasp again. I started to eat her out, darting my tongue into her pussy while I hooked my finger inside. I could tell she was enjoying it by the way her pussy felt like it was sucking on my finger. Eventually she grabbed my head and just held it against her pussy. I felt her juices flow into my mouth, it was a tart but sweet taste.

When she let go I sat up "so, how did I do?" I asked and she sat up too. "not bad, now stand up your turn." She said and I got up. I pulled down my trunks to reveal my fully hard dick.

"oh I can tell someone is really turned on." She laughed at me. I looked away and she put her hands on it. She jerked me off a bit as I continued to play with her breasts.


Then she did something I didn't expect she put my dick in her mouth. I almost came right there but I held back. In all my wildest dreams I never imagined it would feel this good. She smiled when she saw I was having trouble holding on, I softly grabbed her by the head and pushed my dick a bit more into her mouth.

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She got a good amount of it inside her mouth and sucked it magnificently. After a little bit I stopped her and had her take off her panties. I then had her climb on top of me in the 69 position, that way we could both have fun. This time while she continued to suck my dick I started to eat out her pussy again.

One thing I noticed was the small amount of hair she had around the top of her lips, it didn't bother me too much I half expected she would be shaved.

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I kept fingering her while using my tongue to play with her clit. Suddenly she stopped and turned to face me, from the look in her eye I knew we were thinking the same thing and we were already past the point where we could stop.

"do you want to do this, Ary?" I asked bluntly. She nodded, so I put the towel on the chair and had her sit on it. I had heard it can be pretty messy when a girl loses her virginity but I didn't know for sure. As my dick touched her hole she looked at me. "take it slow, please…" I heard both a bit of fear but also excitement in her voice.

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I pushed slightly, her pussy pushed back but all the moisture helped me push through. It took a second before I felt the head pop inside. I had to push in and pull out a bit and repeat till I got in deep enough. I only got a little bit in when I felt her hymn blocking my way. I looked at her and she was preparing herself, her eyes were open, filled with a mix of lust and fear. I got an idea, I pulled back a little bit til just the head was wedged inside. just as I was thrusting in to go through her cherry I nipped on her neck which both surprised her and distracted her from the pain.

She gasped and sank her nails into my back, I did my best not to bite down on her neck. I looked down and saw the blood.

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"I'm in." I whispered in her ear. "just hold still, it still hurts a little bit." She whispered back, I stayed as still as I could just enjoying the feeling over her pussy muscles squeezing my dick. Honestly if it wasn't for the break I would have came right then. After another minute she nodded and I started to slowly thrust in and out. As I gradually increased my rhythm I heard Ary start to moan louder. I had to quiet her a bit or the others might hear so I bent lower and she moaned into my shoulder.

It worked out for both of us because her bouncing boobs ended up rubbing on my chest. After a bit I stopped "do you want to try a different position." I asked and she nodded. We switched so she was in my lap, it felt good having her set the pace. I just sat back and steadied her as she bounced. My mouth started to water watching her boobs bounce in front of my face so I reached out and started to suck on her nipple as she continued to bounce.

We were both enjoying ourselves. After a bit I felt like I was going to cum soon, but there was another position I wanted to try before that happened.

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"hey. Ary, have you ever heard of doggy style?" I asked and she smiled. "let me guess, you want to try it?" She said as she just sat in my lap. I nodded and she sighed "fine, help me off." We stood up and she got on all fours, I got on my knees behind her and teased her pussy with my dick.

Sliding it up and down her slit before she started to complain and tell me we would stop if I didn't hurry up and put it in. So I thrusted in all at once, both surprising her and almost pushing myself over the edge. "oh, you are evil." She said.

"just wait till we do anal." I said with a laugh but she glared at me. "in your dreams. bunny." She said laughing too. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting again, I tried to angle myself to attempt to brush her G spot. After another minute I felt myself get the urge to cum again, I gritted my teeth and increased my speed a little. "Ary, how close are you?" I asked quickly. "almost there again." She said through heavy breaths. I continued to thrust in short hard bursts while I used one hand to reach under and rub her clit.

I pulled out almost all the way and pushed back in all the way to my pelvis, I felt the bottom so I pulled back and came near the entrance of her pussy as her pussy muscles squeezed the life out of my dick. I thrusted a bit more and then pulled out, I fell beside her and we laid looking at each other.

"so, was that everything you hoped?" She asked through gasps of air. I nodded "that was amazing, thank you so much." I said, I grabbed the other big towel I had brought and covered us both. I looked up at the sky and then checked my watch, it was about 8 am. People would start wondering where we were.

We quickly cleaned up and got dressed, using the other towel to clean the cum that was still on Ary. As we started back she looked at me and said "we never speak of this again, understood?" I could see the fire in her eyes, she enjoyed it but I'm more than sure she would kill me if I brought it up again so I just nodded.

"understood." "on that note though&hellip. I wouldn't mind doing that again." She said confidently. For the rest of the retreat we acted like nothing had happened, we played games and around others we acted normal.

However when nobody was looking we looked at each other knowingly and smiled.