Jaw dropping teen leaves her panties on

Jaw dropping teen leaves her panties on
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James grinned and opened the ice cold water and told me to turn around. I did as instructed and said that if I moved a muscle he would take a piece of my clothing off, I braced what he was about to do next lying face down into my pillow and I felt a shockingly cold, wet feeling on the back of my neck. Instantly I did what I was not supposed to do, move. I instantly shuddered and then tensed as this happened I knew he would notice so I took my punishment which happened to be my socks and a whip on the chest from the phone charger.

"You better master the whole moving thing quickly or you're going to be very humiliated with that tiny little dick of yours"! Trying my best to not get into trouble I replied with a "Yes master" as he chuckled as he knew I was completely defenceless to anything he threw at me. He grabbed my head and planted it face down on the pillow in my original position. I didn't think I would be able to resist moving at the shock as it was incredibly hard. James returned with something new, I couldn't see it as I had not moved since he placed me where he wanted me.

He lifted my swimming trunks up and placed an ice cube on my ass crack. Trying to control my breathing I thought that was going to be it but he caught me unexpectedly with the water on my feet as in shock I kicked them up into the air. Shit I thought as I would most probably be taking off my shirt this time. As I predicted my shirt was whipped off and thrown onto the floor, I had received my whipping and he turned me around so I was now facing up.

I saw him with another ice cube as he pulled my swimming trunks up and placing an ice cube head side of my hard six and a half inch dick quickly feeling the water trickle through my pubes and off the side off my body. I was certain that I was not moving at all. He then went to fake punch me in the face making me flinch moving my head out of the way and it quickly came to me that he may of counted that as my shorts. heard James sighing with a cheeky grin on his face which made my cock pulse even more than it already was.

"I'm sorry to say this Callum but that's your last life"! Whipping me on the chest as I grunted quietly "But you made me flinch" I interrupted in defence which in the look of his eyes is exactly what he wanted me to do.

"Oh dear or dear, THIS one has a bad attitude on him, you know the rules son we will have to think of some way you can prove you're sorry because saying it isn't enough" I thought to myself damn you cheeky son of a bitch!

but I enjoyed it and I only hoped that my way of saying sorry is what I thought it was. By this time you can see because of his speedo's he had a raging hard on which looked painful to him considering how tight they were.

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He slowly with his back facing to me pulled down his speedo's to his ankles and turned to me. His dick was amazing, must of been around four point five to five inches long, fairly thin, uncut like mine and hairless. Using a very well thought of trick against me: "You have made me feel bad on my birthday, you have shown me no respect which isn't acceptable.


You will now show me how good a slave you are". Stroking his rock hard dick slowly he approached me and hopped on the bed, one leg either side of my chest. He leaned forward a bit resting his bone on my right nipple.


I was unsure if we would go straight to sucking which I soon would find out he would torture me even more by not allowing me to touch the cock. He lowered his nipple to my mouth and said strongly in a very stern voice "Suck it" No doubts about it I did what was asked and started sucking.

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I made no noise and you could James' breaths getting harder which made me even hornier. It felt weird, not like I had expected but I guess I didn't exactly know what to expect really but it felt no doubt good. I wanted to put my hands on his butt cheeks but I thought he would punish me for it so I decided against it. He pulled away and as you looked at his left nipple you could see it had gone red from my 4 or so minutes from sucking it hard.

James then walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was kind of puzzled at first but just thought it would be something about water but didn't exactly add up as there was water in the fridge. He peeked his head around the corner looked at me with a devious smirk "Get up, come here"! he ordered which I followed him into the bathroom naked along with him. Both our dicks were both still rock hard after what we had just done, the feeling of his warm butt cheeks sat on my upper chest felt so good.

He shoved me in the shower and he followed in. He found the shower gel and threw it out of the room. "Oh no we don't appear to have anything to wash with" he said sarcastically with a serious face on which was easily changed to his very horny cheeky smile. He said that I would need to use my tongue to clean him which sounded unique and horny.

He made me start with his armpits which tasted like sweat due to the heat that Spain had at the end of summer. Was this disgusting? I didn't find it disgusting, I found it horny and obviously so did he.

then a quick over his nipples down around his chest to his belly button then he turned around and ordered me to go on all fours and clean his ass crack out. This seemed horny and I started at the bottom and worked my way very slowly up to the top accidentally slipping my tongue into his unusually large asshole.

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He ordered to put more effort in and just in out of the hole for around a minute. It felt like I was licking a very warm Cornetto which is kind of bizarre but that's what I felt. he then laid me down face up on the floor of the shower and sat on my face. then said it might get a bit stinky as he let a fart rip.

The vibration made my nose tickle and the smell wasn't that bad until around 10 seconds after he did it. He then pulled me up to my knees and I was hold his hot cock in my mouth. I knew he was going to try and humiliate me the best he could which he had succeeded with so far. He started to piss into my mouth "Spill one drop and I'll stick this up your ass" pointing to wards a long narrow body spray can.

It was incredibly warm and I had a tough job not spilling it as there was so much, it must of been like 7 mouthfuls which didn't taste good at all. James then insisted I dripped and we got out of the shower got dry and he tried shoving it into my ass. It definitely wouldn't fit so he laid on me for a couple of minutes. This was seriously such a brilliant feeling.


The warmth of a blonde 13 year olds body on top of mine under the covers. He made me rim him again out of the shower which to be honest felt much better and he shoved his cock into my mouth hands on my head face fucking me, hard. I sucked and sucked to my hearts content to which at this point we had stopped playing the game and were just doing this off my own accord. He was getting faster and faster so I asked him if he wanted to fuck me, he said he would if I was fine with it which I was more than happy for it to happen.

"Just as your about to cum, pull out and stick it in my mouth, suck me first and make me cum near to when you cum" I asked politely and he gave me a caring smile back. I seriously thought I was in heaven, how could a boy who was perfect have sex with me?

At that point I didn't really care about justifying it. I felt my dick enter a warm moist hole which was James' mouth. He started sucking and I couldn't describe how it felt, but I can assure you it was the best! He spat on my dick and rubbed it in using it as lube and then asked me to spit on his asshole which I did and he rubbed it in.

I lied on the edge of the bed lifting my legs into the air revealing my Virgin hole. He aligned his dick up to my asshole which was perfect height luckily. "Ready baby" I heard and I looked up to him, smiled, and then nodded slightly. I tensed and put my head back knowing this would hurt preparing for impact but It wasn't that bad.

I could feel the tip inside me and it felt awesome.

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I let out a quiet moan and James took his attention of his dick and onto my eyes and smiled, then reached forward to me pushing his cock further in my glory hole. I forgot how his cock wasn't too big so it didn't hurt that much and felt really good. James reached forward until we were face to face and he went in for a passionate kiss.

I instantly kissed him back and we stayed there for around half a minute. He started pumping and after what seemed like no time at all he was just about to cum so he stopped completely I licked the pre cum off him like a lollypop as he let off a fairly loud moan.

He started to lick my balls and then wrapped his tongue around my cock as we transformed into a 69. We both sucked harder and harder with suppressed moans. He let off one big moan then hot spunk jumped from his cock into the depths of my mouth, it was a big load maybe about 5 spurts which made my orgasm even more intense, well that and the fact James was sucking the hardest he could. I held it in for as long as I could and then my legs weakened as I shot my load into his mouth.

ten seconds after him. We both swallowed at the same time and collapsed onto the bed cuddling up to one another. James had to go as he had stayed thirty minutes over he was supposed to be in my room. "Well that was the best fucking birthday present I'm ever going to get" he said with that hot cheeky smile of his, "see you tomorrow, love you" he said quietly as some people outside walked past. "Love you too" I lip-read back.

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Thanks for reading? This is my first full story, took me two hours to write, please leave feedback.