My Wife Getting Herself Off

My Wife Getting Herself Off
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----------------------------------------------------- Blackjack! Part 2 ---------------------------------------------------- Annie was still awake. She was far too horny to get to sleep. She couldn't masturbate with her mother right beside her, however, so her pussy was dripping wet the whole night. It stained the sheets with a massive dark patch.


The effect of the alcohol was beginning to wear off, but she was still a little tipsy. The excitement of the night was the thing that made her so turned on. She had loved stripping down for Dan, right in front of him, staring at the massive bulge in his boxers, looking his toned muscular body. She also loved the way he had looked at her when she was stripping. There was a great sense of longing and lust that she found, and she felt the same way about him.

She knew that it was so wrong, but she didn't care. She wanted him so badly. Annie was ready. She had decided from the moment she had saw the lust in his eyes. She wanted to have sex with Dan tonight. She was extremely nervous, as she was still a virgin and didn't know much about sex.

Also she knew if her mother found out then she would be dead. But she needed him now. Whether it killed her or not.

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She had taken off her boots to make herself quieter. She was completely stark naked. She firstly checked her mum to see if she was asleep.

Yep, completely out of it.

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Next, she had to get out of the bed and negotiate through the room to the door without waking her mother. She slowly drew the duvet back and sat up. She then swiveled her legs around and slipped off the bed. After pulling the duvet back over where she had been, she then crawled on all fours toward the door. Keeping a low center of gravity meant she spread the weight evenly; meaning none of the floorboards creaked.

When she got to the door, she opened it quickly, wincing at the loud creak it made, as it swung open. She then continued to crawl across the landing to Dan's room. She opened the door quickly, again wincing at the loud creak it made. There was no turning back now. She had to do it. As she slowly crawled into the room, she found him fast asleep on the bed.

The sheets were pulled over his body still. She made it to the bed and got up onto her knees. She quickly rubbed her pussy to keep it stimulated as she looked over his sleeping body. She glanced his handsome face with his long dark hair, in a scruffy style. She took in his slim body with his nicely tanned chest and tummy. The duvet only covered his bottom half. She reached for the duvet and pulled it back slowly, desperately trying not to wake him. She prepared herself to view Dan's long mighty cock.

She was secretly hoping it wasn't too big, as she was still very nervous. She gasped as she finally revealed the massive hunk of meat to her eyes. It was still hard from earlier, proving just how turned on he had been. She was even more nervous when she saw the size of it! It must've been at least 7 inches long! She had only seen one other cock for real in her life, and it was only 5 or so inches. It was also very thick, about 2 inches diameter.

His foreskin was pulled up, concealing the round sensitive head. Of course it wasn't the largest in the world, but to a young, inexperienced teen virgin like her, it was gigantic. She didn't have much experience at sex at all, the most she had done was masturbate with a boyfriend on webcam; but she had seen a few porn movies. One was where a girl woke up her sleeping boyfriend by sucking his cock. She didn't have a clue how to give someone a blowjob, but figured she'd make it up as she went along.

So she wrapped her hand around Dan's huge penis, her fingers curling around the shaft. She then rubbed her hand up and down it softly. A soft moan escaped Dan's mouth, but when she looked up he was still asleep.

She then pulled the foreskin down, revealing the deep red bellend beneath.

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When her fingers brushed over it, Dan moaned even louder. Feeling very nervous, she then bent down with her head just above Dan's cock. It smelt strongly of what her pussy usually smelt like when it was wet. Salty and of sex. She then opened her mouth wide, then, just as she was about to take his cock into it, she hesitated and sat back upright. Who was she kidding?

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This was madness! It was illegal! She had already taken it too far. She should just go back to bed. Suddenly, another moan escaped Dan's lips, and she was startled when she felt his hand press into her ass. It seemed he was willing her on. She got another boost of confidence and looked over him; his handsome face, his tanned body and his giant penis.

With her regained determination, she went onto all fours, with her head just over his cock and her ass in the air next to Dan's body. She moved quickly, not wanting to chicken out again. She opened her mouth and bent down. Holding Dan's cock in her hand, she quickly inserted the warm head into her waiting mouth.

Hearing another moan from Dan, she swirled her tongue around the head for a while, making him moan more. It tasted rather salty in her mouth, and had quite a rough texture. The tip of the head had a particularly strong taste from some precum that had been there.

As she sucked her confidence grew, and so she started to move further up Dan's cock, taking in more of it as she went. She didn't know if she was doing anything right, but it felt good to her. She also started bobbing her head up and down, like she had seen in various porn movies. She was beginning to enjoy it thoroughly, and all her worries vanished after a while.

She had got around 6 inches into her mouth when she nearly shat herself as she felt a hand on her ass. She quickly took Dan's cock out of her mouth and looked behind her, mouth wide open.

Dan was awake. He had awoken to find his cousin sucking his cock. Annie did nothing. She could only sit there, with her cousin, both naked on his bed. He didn't move his hand from her ass.

"Oh, why did you stop?" Dan whined, with a slight grin on his face. Annie giggled and said, "I'm sorry, were you enjoying it?" "Fuck yeah!" Dan replied.

She smiled, turned back to his cock, and continued sucking. While she sucked he started rubbing her ass behind her. She moaned softly as he did it, trying to be quiet, so not to wake her Amanda. As she started to rebuild the rhythm she had built up earlier, she felt his other hand rub the outside of her thighs, moving around to stroke the inside of her legs. His other hand began to slowly work down to also rub the inside of her legs, until they both met at the place where her legs joined. He assigned a hand to continue rubbing her ass, as the other rubbed her crotch, rubbing over her asshole occasionally and brushing past her pussy lips.

As he did this she continued to moan around his hard cock, which she had now managed to consume the whole thing in her mouth. She gagged a little when she felt it hit the back of her throat, but it still felt amazing. As she continued to suck, she gasped as she felt a finger begin to rub her stimulated pussy. She'd never been touched by another person in that way, and when Dan's finger connected with her wet crotch, it sent an electric jolt through her, and she moaned even louder around Dan's massive dick.

Dan quickly shushed her to be quiet, and continued to rub her increasingly moist pussy. It was nicely shaved and smelt delicious. He spread the lips apart and found her clit. It was nice and juicy and pink.

When he rubbed it, an even greater electric shock ran through Annie, and she had to suck extra hard on Dan's cock to muffle her moans. After playing with her clit for a while, he inserted a finger into Annie's virgin pussy. He heard her moan around his cock and swirl her tongue around the head of his cock. Her pink hole was warm and wet, and very tight. He twisted his finger around in it as he pushed it further into her.

She heard her muffled moans as her tight vagina muscles relaxed a little, allowing him to insert another finger into her. He began pumping both fingers in and out of her quickly, and before long he felt her body shuddering as she came all over his hand. Her pussy tightened as she felt a wave of pleasure spread through her whole body. Once she had calmed down from her orgasm, Dan sucked her juices off his fingers.

She tasted sweet and sexy. Once his fingers were clean Annie had gotten tired of sucking cock. She wanted more. Almost reading her thoughts, Dan got up and moved her so that she was lying on her back on the bed. He spread out her legs and kneeled down between them. He then reached out and squeezed her soft milky tits. They were very mature for her age and she giggled as he poked the flesh and tweaked the nipples.

He then put an arm either side of her head and lied down, slightly raised above her in the missionary position. Using one arm he positioned his cock so that it was aimed straight for her pussy. She looked very nervous as he rubbed his cock up and down her tight pink vagina. Just as he was about to push his cock into her, she quickly grabbed his cock and stopped him. He looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. "Wait.

I don't know if I'm ready." She said, obviously having second thoughts again. "C'mon, it'll be fine. It may hurt a bit at first but then it's just feels amazing." Dan tried to reassure her.

"I don't know. It's really big. And my pussy's so tight. And it's illegal." She said, a tear running down her cheek. "Don't worry baby. No one will find out. And if you don't like it, I'll stop." He said, wiping her cheek and smiling at her. "O-okay, but please be careful." She said hesitantly, trying to smile. Dan gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before taking hold of his cock again.

He aimed it at Annie's pussy again and pushed in. Time stood still. Nothing moved. They just lied there, looking into each other's eyes. This was the moment they had been waiting for all night.


Annie winced as her pussy stretched to accommodate Dan's large cock. Dan was in heaven. He was finally inside her. He had wanted this for so long. He had only inserted the head. But it felt so good. After a while Dan began to push further into Annie. Both their breathing quickened as Annie winced under the uncomfortable feeling in her pussy. "Dan, I don't like it." Annie said. "Hang on, we've only just begun.

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Wait until we get going, then you'll love it." Dan replied as he suddenly reached an obstacle in the tight path of Annie's vagina. It was her hymen. "Okay; I've reached your hymen.

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Now, this is gonna hurt a little, but afterwards it's gonna feel amazing." Dan warned her. "Do we have to?" Annie pleaded. "If you actually want to have sex, yes. Anyway, you'll only have to do this once in your life. Now, you ready to pop your cherry?" He asked. She simply nodded, bracing herself.

He gave her a pillow to bite on as he pulled back a bit. He then pushed in fairly quickly, straight through her virginity. He heard her muffled screams through the cushion as he quickly stopped once he was through. A small amount of blood trickled passed his cock and dribbled out her vagina, staining the sheets. After a while she calmed down and removed the pillow from her beautiful face.

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She looked down and saw Dan's large cock buried halfway into her tight cunt. She then looked up at him to find him smiling down at her. She smiled back and announced that she was ready to continue.

He acknowledged and pushed his penis a bit further in. He then pulled out slowly so only the head was inside. He then thrust his hips back into her, burying his cock a bit further. He kept repeating this motion, pulling in and out, each time adding another bit into her, each time increasing the pace. Meanwhile, Annie lied there, breathing heavily and making more muffled moans. Soon all of Dan's cock had been consumed by Annie's tight hole, and he was moving at a considerably fast rate.

She had put the pillow back in her mouth to muffle her loud moans again. Dan was also grunting softly as he felt her pussy begin to tighten around his dick. She was about to cum. This stimulated his cock even more and he began to feel his balls tighten and his climax approaching. "Shit baby, I'm gonna cum!" Dan warned.

"Don't cum inside me! I can't get pregnant! Cum on my tits!" Annie said through the pillow. Nothing would pleasure Dan more; so as he felt Annie begin to flood his cock with sweet juice, he quickly pulled his dick out of her and began rubbing it quickly. Before long he too was trying his best to stifle his moans, as he felt the warm gooey liquid run down his penis.

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He squatted just above Annie and watched as thick white ropes of semen shot out from the tip of his cock. He'd never squirted so much. He kept on milking his dick until he was sure all of it was covering Annie's juicy tits. When he had finished he stepped back and admired his beautiful cousin, naked on his bed, pussy soaked with sweet juice, boobs covered in his thick creamy cum. He was confused when he saw her face; her eyes were wide, her mouth straight, looking straight at the door.

He turned around to follow her gaze and his face turned to the same expression.