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Busty ebony handjob babe tugging cock
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Aruni knew very little about the world.

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She knew what she learned up until the fourth grade, and to her, that felt like an awful lot. She knew how to spell all of the states, what a verb is, and multiplication tables. She knew how to work the DVD player, and how to jump rope to 137. But Aruni still knew very little about the world. Aruni had thick auburn hair that shined like copper in the sun.

She didn't like the way ponytails felt, so her hair was always tussled wildly on top her head. It fell passed her shoulders curling every which way. Her father said that her hair made her lucky, and that he had learned that from a book. That made Aruni feel very proud.

Aruni did not like wearing dresses and skirts. Being different made her feel very special. Aruni was just discovering a new emotion in her chest. She felt queasy and unsteady sometimes. She might be brushing her teeth absentmindedly when her heart would start thumping wildly in her chest. She worried about that for a long time. When she asked her mum about it she said that Aruni was probably just getting too excited and that she need not worry. Aruni was falling in love, and neither she nor her mother knew.

When Aruni was nine, her family moved to a new house. She liked her new room, but she missed her old friends. Summer was lonely and it was hard to make friends in a new neighborhood. "I'm boored," Aruni whined. "Why don't you ride your bike?" her mother asked. "Because it's hot," Aruni complained. "Okay," her mother said, but it was not ten minutes later that Aruni was complaining of boredom again. So her mother sent her out of the house toting a water bottle and her helmet and forbade her from coming back inside until she met someone new.

Aruni pouted until her mother was out of eyesight, and then smiled. It would be so much more fun if she found someone to play with. She rode around the block, but every kid she passed looked busy; playing in the sprinklers, chasing other kids around with sticks.

One was even crying while his older sister picked him up. Aruni felt really shy every time she thought about approaching anyone. Disheartened, she set her sights for home when a cocker spaniel as black as the night and as shiny as silk darted in front of her bike. She quickly yanked her handle bars left, and her tires skidded out from under her.

She tried to stand and not fall, but she hopped on one leg three times before she finally toppled backward and landed on her hands. Her face felt hot and tears of shame welded up in her eyes.

She quickly tried to wipe them away. She heard laughter and looked up to see a girl her age standing over her. "You should have seen your face!" she hollered and roared laughing again. Aruni tried to let out a small chuckle but a little squeak came out instead. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry," the girl smiled. "Need help?" Aruni shook her head no, afraid to open her mouth. She got up and tried to wipe the dirt from her skinned palms. "Bad dog, Yippie! No! No!" she scorned suddenly.

"I was supposed to be watching him, but he ran out." "That dogs a he?" Aruni asked. "Why's he wearing that bow?" "Oh, my Momma said he don't know any better, so I can put that bow on him if I want to," the girl smirked. "Don't he look pretty?" "I guess," Aruni held out her hand for the dog to sniff.

She had never had any dogs because of her father's allergies. The dog sniffed her hand, then licked her fresh cut. "Ouch," Aruni yelped. "I have a band-aid inside if you want it," the girl said. "No, that's o-" then she remembered her mother's instructions, "Actually, okay. I could use a band-aid," she decided. "Good, the cat behind the house just had kittens. Let's go play with them." The little blond grabbed the dog's collar. "What's your name? Mine's Joelle." "It's Aruni." "That's weird.

A-runi. I think I like it though," and with that she was off leaving Aruni to follow her. "Thank you for the band-aid," Aruni said.

She watched with jealousy as Joelle reached inside a fish bowl filled with candy. Joelle house had a funny smell to it, almost like stale bread. It felt too messy and dark for Aruni to be completely comfortable. Dishes littered the counters, and the laundry was half-folded in the dining room. "You can have some if ya want," Joelle shrugged and unwrapped a big lollipop.

Aruni grabbed a blue one and follow Joelle out the back door. "Where's your parents?" she asked. "Mom's at work. My brother's home though." Joelle's little nose wrinkled at the thought of him. "He stays in his room, so hopefully you don't have to see him." Joelle ran behind a white shed. Her backyard was big, and to Aruni, it looked like the best playground she had ever seen. There were two fat rabbits huddled underneath a bench to her left. Joelle had an in ground swimming pool and a trampoline.

Aruni thought that Joelle would make fun of her if she saw how excited she was, so she bit her lip and followed Joelle behind the shed. "Hey-lo! Hey!!" Joelle cooed to a cardboard box. Aruni could hear the soft high-pitched mewing. She peered over the edge and saw four kittens pushing themselves around in the box.

Aruni had never seen a kitten before, but in pictures they looked cuter, she decided. These kittens were small, and their faces were smushed in. They could not stand, or see very well because they kept pushing themselves into one another. "What's wrong with them?" Aruni asked shyly. Joelle shrugged. She popped her red lollipop out of her mouth. "Mama said they're ugly cause they were just born, but one day they'll get bigger," she reached a finger out to pet an orange kitten on his head.

Just then, a big fluffy black cat landed in the box. The cat looked defensively at Joelle, its tail swishing back and forth. "We best go, that mama looks mad," Joelle backed away. Aruni agreed. "So…" Aruni said while trying her best to look nonchalant. "Do you swim a lot?" "Huh? Oh. Yeah, I mean I guess. It's boring to swim by myself and my brother don't like to swim too much. I guess you could swim with me if you wanted, but we'd have to wait until my mom got home.

Else my brother would have to come with us." "Oh," Aruni tried to hide her disappointment. She never had a swimming pool. She sucked diligently on her lollipop and looked up. "Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he came.

We could just ignore him," she said. Joelle pushed the blonde hair away from her face. "Well, it is really hot. Come on, I got a swim suit you can put on!" She skipped back inside, Aruni giggling behind her. They ran up the wooden staircase and into Joelle's room. "Your room is cool," Aruni said politely. Joelle's room was painted dark blue. She had a bigger bed than Aruni, with a red and white striped blanket on top.

Aruni sat down on the bed while Joelle dug through her closet. "Here," she said and threw the garment at Aruni. She held it up. It was a white one-piece bathing suit that glimmered a little in the light.

The back had a heart shape cut out of it. "I got a prettier one last week anyway," Joelle said as she held up her purple two-piece. Hers was indeed prettier; it had purple flowers sewed onto the fabric on the top piece.

The bottom was in the shape of a short skirt. "You can change in here, I'll use the bathroom," Joelle said and then left Aruni to change. Aruni stripped naked and stepped into the suit, but when she pulled it up to her shoulders it was a little tight. It pulled the fabric tight between her legs. Aruni decided that it fit okay though; mostly she just didn't feel like going home. Aruni buddle her clothes up, hiding her pink panties underneath her shirt and then stepped into the hallway just in time to see Joelle come out of the bathroom.

"Let's go get Rudy," Joelle said. Joelle knocked on the last door in the hallway as she pushed it open. "Rudy!" she yelled. Aruni timidly peeked around the corner and saw a tall, lanky, black-haired boy sitting at his desk.

Yippie had made his way upstairs and was sitting at Rudy's feet. His headphones were in his ears as he typed away on his computer.

"Rudy!" Joelle yelled louder this time.


The boy looked annoyed, then surprised to see the two girls in the doorway. His eyes lingered on the girl with the rust colored hair, covered in freckles. He saw, but didn't mean to see, a small mound of skin peeking out from between her legs in the bathing suit that was too small. Rudy had never seen a naked girl that wasn't at the end of the computer screen, and he decided that he very much liked the sight.

Aruni saw his eyes dancing on her skin and she felt very exposed. Her face flushed red.

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Rudy pulled the earphones from his head. "What do you want?" he asked his sister. "You have to come sit outside with us. We're going swimming," she said with her arms crossed. Rudy pursed his lips and rolled his eyes. "Fine, but not for long, I'm busy." Joelle scoffed and stomped away, Aruni close behind. As she turned, Rudy saw the small curve of a cheek coming out of her swim suit.

He rearranged his now stiffening cock, and grabbed a book to follow the girls. "Come on, Yippie," he said, scratching the dogs head. "He can be such a jerk!" Joelle murmured when she thought they were safely out of ear shot. Aruni didn't know what to say to console her new friend. "I don't have a brother," she said. "Good! Let's hope you never do!" Joelle said frowning. She picked up a pool noodle and threw it in the water.

She gave Aruni a wicked grin. "CANNONBALL!" she announced with a running start and a leap into the water. Aruni giggled. "ME TOO!" she exclaimed and followed. Rudy had come out just in time to see the girls disappear under the water. He sat at a pool chair with his book. Aruni had taken swimming lessons last summer. She loved being in the water.

She pretended she was a fish and swam around the bottom of the pool. There was a funny feeling between her legs as she kicked and the too-small swim suit collapsed further into the folds of skin. She came up for air to see Joelle leaning against a green water noodle. "Hmph. You a good swimmer, but I think I'm better." She grabbed two plastic rings from the side of the pool and dropped them in the water. "Wanna race?" she grinned.

The girls dived in the water. Aruni liked the feeling the fabric was giving her in her private parts and spread her legs further apart as she swam with her new friend.

Rudy tried his best to focus on the page in front of him. But every time the girls came out of the pool, he could see more of Aruni. He found himself day dreaming. Thinking about what it would look like if he pulled the fabric all the way aside. Thinking about if she had freckles everywhere on her body. He thought about if any hair she might have grown down there and wondered if it would be rust colored too.

Rudy was not usually so perverse, but he had stumbled on a website with naked girls on it last week.

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The thing he was most curious about was kissing a girl between her legs. Rudy still knew very little about sex though. His appetite had become inflamed as he learned more. Where he used to touch himself a few times a week, he found that he could touch himself a few times a day. Watching the girls splash around in front of him was more than he could take. "I have to go to the bathroom," he announced.

He shuffled inside using the book to conceal his erection. Yippie followed close behind. "Whatever," Joelle yelled annoyedly. She quickly focused her attention back on trying to catch Aruni in a game of Marco-Polo.

When the sliding door closed behind her brother, Joelle hopped in the water. "Can we take a break?" she asked. "Yeah," sighed Aruni. She was really enjoying the feeling of swimming around. The pressure on her privates was similar to the touching she did sometimes at night, but being in front of her friend and her dark-haired brother made her feel a new excitement she had not known before. Joelle settled on her favorite spot in the pool.

She folded her arms on the concrete and felt the familiar jet of water spraying on her vagina. Joelle knew it wouldn't take very long for her climax and would be finished before her brother came back. She smiled and sank into the pressure innocently laying her head on her arms.

Aruni noticed her friends face was red and her breathing was heavy. She thought she must be very tired from running around the pool trying to catch her. She straddled the green noodle and floated in the water. She was feeling bold with the water hiding her bottom half and her friend looking away. She started rocking back and forth. She bargained that it would look innocent if anyone should see her. Her small pussy lips rocked back and forth and she squeezed her eyes tight, humping and pleasuring herself.

Rudy stood behind the staircase peeking at his sister with his hand slipped in his shorts. The blond hair on her head was wet and pressed to her forehead.

Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were red. He imagined that she might make that face if he was kissing her pussy. He imagined that maybe she was making that face because Aruni was kissing her pussy under the water. That was a new thought—that women could be together like that— and it sent Rudy into a fit of ecstasy. He unzipped his pants and looked disappointingly at his still hairless crotch.

His penis was hard even though he had cum twice this morning. He rubbed himself to orgasm thinking about Aruni touching his sister on her breasts, kissing his sister, kissing him, kissing his sister between her legs. He imagined Aruni kicking Joelle's thighs with her finger pressed inside Joelle's hole. He imagined that he would press his penis into the pink folds that he had seen this morning of Aruni's vagina. He would hold her bum cheeks and rock back and forth behind her.

He would shoot his cum there pressed deep inside of her while Aruni licked his sister in between her legs.


The children all masturbated, together, but alone. And none of them felt the least bit guilt of their lust. Rudy moaned and three long streams of clear cum shot out of his penis. He leaned against the wall, ignoring the wetness rolling down his hand. He took a moment to catch his breath and then looked embarrassed at the puddle he made on the hardwood floor.

Yippie sniffed curiously at the liquid. His pink tongue quickly darted out for a taste, and then lapped it up eagerly. Rudy looked curiously at the dog then laughed, ignoring the small tingle in his limp penis. "You stupid dog, that's gross!" he said. Rudy decided that it was okay though, because now he didn't have to clean up his mess. He shrugged, zipped up his pants and went back outside to join the girls. The children were all very tired and all for the same reason.

"I think my mom might be wondering where I am," Aruni said apologetically as she climbed out of the water and grabbed a towel ignoring Rudy's innocent glance. "Hey. You should ask your mamma if you can spend the night here," Joelle said with a wicked grin. "Then we can swim some more." Aruni tried her best to hide her excitement and failed. "She'll say yes, I know she will!" "Good," Joelle smiled. "Um, you can go change. I'm going to keep resting," Joelle said, her face turning pink again.

"Sure," Aruni said, thinking her friend must be very tired. Yippie was sitting by the door, looking at Aruni as she approached it. "Do you want to go inside, puppy?" She opened the door and walked up the stairs, Yippie at her heals. In Joelle's room, alone in the house, Aruni felt out of place. She closed the door behind her, Yippie still following close behind. "Are you a sweet puppy?" Aruni said to the dog looking up at her happily.

She reached out to scratch the dog's ears, and the towel wrapped around her arms fell to the floor. Yippie's tail slowly thudded up and down on the carpet.

That made Aruni feel pleased. She squatted down to better give Yippie some attention. As Aruni's legs parted, the little dog's nose started to open and close, taking in the new scent. He moved his head closer to the source, and pressed his black nose into Aruni's still wet private parts. Aruni gasped.

That spot between her legs was throbbing painfully from the orgasm she didn't have. Yippie pressed his nose more frantically, butting her over again. His paws danced on the carpet from excitement. Aruni was nervous and embarrassed from the attention Yippie was giving her, and she fell backwards for the second time that day.

Yippie did not miss a beat as he followed her to the ground. Aruni knew that she should push him away, but the thought of anyone else, even this dog, touching her in her no-no spot thrilled her.

She could feel his cold nose on the outer lips of her vagina that were peeking out from the white fabric. Yippie begin to whine and scratch at the floor. Aruni had never had a dog and wasn't sure what to make of the attention she was getting.

Yippie pushed his nose under the wet fabric and all at once a small pink tongue darted at her moist folds. Aruni felt two overwhelming feels, pleasure and fear. Yippie's wet tongue felt very good but her father had told her once not to play with strange dogs because they might bite her, and Aruni did not want to be bitten.

She pushed the dog away gently with her foot so that she didn't hurt Yippie's feelings. Aruni changed into her clothes and Yippie whimpered and paced around the room restlessly. Aruni thought maybe she hurt his feelings but walked downstairs to say goodbye to her friend. She could see Joelle in the same spot that she left her.

Her eyes were closed tight and her mouth was open just a little. She was facing away from her brother who paid her no attention. Aruni opened the door and Joelle jumped back, kicking away from the sidewalk. "Jesus, you scared me!" Joelle said defensively. "Wait, lemme give you my cell phone number before you go." Aruni was too embarrassed to admit that she didn't have a cell phone, so she tried to hide her jealousy. Aruni rode her bike home, Joelle's number in on a post-it in hand.

"Why is your hair wet?!" her mom exclaimed worriedly. Aruni told her the story of her cool new friend. She highlighted the cute animals, the trampoline and the pool and left out the part about Yippie almost biting her no-no spot. Her mother wrinkled her brow. "It makes me nervous for you to be there without any adults, Aruni," her mother said.

"Mooom! It's fine! Her brother was watching us and he's very responsive!" Aruni whined. Her mother cracked a smile. "Do you mean responsible? I sure hope he's responsive!" she laughed, but Aruni didn't understand the joke. "You can spend the night tonight, but I'll drive you over there so I can meet her mother." Aruni told her mom thank you and ran to pack her bag.

She was very excited to spend time with her new friend. PART TWO Aruni's heart was dancing in her stomach on the way to Joelle's house. "So what's this girls name again?" Her dad asked for the eighth time that night. "Joelle, Daddy!" Aruni said grinning.

"Jo-o-ellllle, Joe-elllle! Her name is Joelle! Dad can't remember 'cause he's getting old!" her dad sang to the popular Christmas tune. "Daaad!


Don't sing that in front of her!" Aruni shrieked. "Aruni, don't get your underwear in a knot," her mother scolded as they pulled into Joelle's driveway. Aruni tried her best conceal her excitement as her mother rang the doorbell.

There was the click of heels, and the door opened to reveal the most beautiful woman Aruni had ever seen. Joelle's mom was classically pretty, with high cheekbones and a square jaw. Her hair was thick and dark brown gathered in a messy ponytail. It was apparent that she looked immaculate when she left the house this morning, but the long work day had taken its toll on her perfection.

Her clothes were wrinkled, and her mascara smudged a little under her dark eyes. Her lipstick was still a pretty coral pink. "Hi, you must be Aruni. I'm Misty," Joelle's mom said. "Hello Miss Misty," Aruni said. Just then Joelle's head peaked from around the staircase. "Come see something!" she whisper-shouted. Aruni bounced up the stairs following Joelle's footsteps. "Mom said that they can sleep inside tonight cause it looks like rain," Joelle said after flopping down next to a cardboard box.

Inside were the kittens. Aruni thought that they still looked very ugly. The silky black mom was lying on its back with her paws stretched out while the kittens nursed. "What are they doing?" Aruni asked. "They're eating. The suck on the momma's nipples and milk comes out." "Nipples?" Aruni asked.

"Cat's have boobs?" Joelle laughed. "Yeah, but they don't look like ours!" Aruni wondered if milk would come out her nipples if the kittens sucked on them too. The girls played with the kittens for a while.

Every time Aruni would pick up the orange one, the big cat would grab the kitten with her teeth and put it back with the others. Aruni and Joelle thought that was very funny. They put the kitten in harder and harder to reach places and every time, the mom wiggled behind the pillow, pounced on the dresser and dove under the bed to retrieve the orange kitten.

"Bye Aruni!" her mom shouted up the stairs after awhile. "Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad!" Aruni yelled back. "Can we play in the pool again?" Aruni asked her new friend. "Okay, we can change in here," Joelle said and then closed the door. Aruni felt nervous about changing in front of Joelle, but was too embarrassed to protest. She had brought her own swimsuit, but remembering how nice the other one felt she asked if she could wear that one again. She turned away dutifully as her friend lifted the shirt she was wearing over her head and dropped her skirt and panties to the carpet, not caring if Aruni saw her flat chest or her small bum.

Aruni hoped her friend wasn't looking at her nakedness as she slipped the cold slightly damp suit on. The children bounced down the stairs into the living room. Joelle's mom was curled up on the couch watching T.V.

with a huge white fluffy blanket. "Momma, we're going swimming," Joelle announced. "Okay girls." Misty's eyebrows rose at Aruni's too-small swimsuit but didn't say anything.

"Go put some sunscreen on." "Mom, it's getting dark! What does it matter?" The blankets around Misty's lap began to shuffle. A little black nose poked out from underneath. "Okay, I guess you're right.

Ya'll be careful." Joelle's mom reached down to pet Yippie and he laid his head on her chest contently. The girls had a lot of fun playing in the pool. They raced rocking on the pool noodles like horses and played eight more rounds of marco polo.

After the sun went down the pool lights came on. They changed colors, turning the pool purple, red, yellow and green. Yippie came outside to join them. Joelle would splash him every now and then and he would bark playfully, jumping up to catch the water in his mouth.

The girls got hungry after a while and dried off enough to go inside to heat a frozen pizza. Rudy had replaced his mother on the couch. He nodded his head hello at the girls when they passed him. He shifted around so he could peek at Aruni in the kitchen. She had a towel wrapped around her waist. He imagined he could see her nipples through the white fabric and he felt a tingle in his groin.

Rudy thought she looked impossibly adorable.

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Her red hard was dark and wet; a few unruly curly strands rebelled from the crowd. They caught the light and looked golden, framing her pretty freckled-face. He liked the way her lips moved when she talked, and especially when she laughed. He wanted to kiss the small bottom pink lip so bad his chest ached at the thought.

He reached his hand under his shorts but above his underwear and pressed his erection close to his stomach, trying his best to contain the urge to touch himself. He decided that it would be better to wait until he was alone, then he could moan, and that always made his orgasm feel better. Aruni was having so much fun with her new friend.

She thought she was funny and smart. Joelle told Aruni jokes that she learned from a book. She entranced Joelle with stories about her pets and her cousins. Aruni thought her life was boring compared to Joelle.

Joelle had gone on adventures and vacations. She had seen birth (the kittens) and death (her white bunny Cotton). Joelle liked the attention she was getting.

Her mom and brother never listened to her as much as Aruni was today. When Joelle got bored of talking she asked Aruni if she wanted to watch a movie with her. The girls went upstairs to change. "We're going to be using the living room in a minute so you need to leave," Joelle said matter-of-factly at her brother before walking up the stairs with her nose turned up. Rudy weighed his options and decided that he didn't feel like arguing with Joelle in front of Aruni.

He waited until the door closed upstairs before getting up, overly cautious lest someone see his arousal. Joelle dropped her towel and took off her top in one swift motion.

Aruni was intimidated by her complete lack of humility when it came to her nudity. She didn't want to seem uncool or prude in front of her friend, so she tried to strip as nonchalantly as she could. Joelle almost changed into her pajama's, but decided to slip on the skirt she was wearing before again. Aruni noticed that Joelle didn't put any panties one and she thought that was a little strange. Aruni didn't wear skirts and always wore underwear.

Aruni changed into her sleeping shorts. She wanted to look cute in front of her new friend. She picked out pink shorts and a white shirt with gold polka dots. Joelle didn't have the same thoughtfulness though, and wore the closest shirt she could reach which unfortunately didn't match.

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The girls giggled their way into the living room, laughing about an embarrassing story about Rudy losing his shorts at the water park. Joelle turned on the DVD player and pushed the ottoman up to the couch, then settled into the same white, fluffy blanket her mother and brother occupied before her. Aruni sat on the other side of the small couch, sharing the big blanket with Joelle.

"Yippie!" Jo called. Not three seconds later the sound of the dogs nails running on the hardwood echoed in the hall. The dog happily jumped on Joelle's lap, licking her face.

Joelle giggled. Yippie paced between the girls, happily getting scratches from them both before burrowing under the blanket and sitting on Joelle's lap. Aruni noticed he and Joelle shifted around a lot. "Dog, just pick a spot already!" Joelle said to her lap.

She sincerely hoped Aruni wouldn't think any suspicious thoughts. "Do you have any pets?" she asked Aruni. "No, my dad's allergic." "That seriously sucks." Aruni nodded in reply, distracted by the movie. A small gasp escaped Joelle's lips as the sweet puppy's nose touched her naked crotch under her skirt.

If Aruni noticed she didn't act surprised.

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Joelle spread her legs wider as Yippie's paws pressed her thighs apart. He sniffed her for a while. The longer he waited the more impatient Joelle got. Her nails pressed her palms in her fists and she slowly wiggled her bum further towards Yippie's face. His cold wet nose sniffed her legs and her mound. The feeling of the breath blowing over her skin gave Joelle goose bumps.

She was flooded with relief when his wet tongue finally brushed her hot skin. He licked the dry parts of her flesh, her outer lips and her inner thighs first. Joelle had zero interest in the TV.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed her nightly bath. Yippie diligently licked his master. Her sweet pussy was covered in downy blonde hairs that had not yet darkened and lengthened. Joelle turned the volume on the TV a little louder, as she knew her whimpering would be hard to control. The puppy's teasing tongue felt painfully good on her skin.

He always licked everything before licking the wet part of her vagina. Joelle liked it that way. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as Yippie lapped her soft flesh closer to her center. He gently took her outer lips in his teeth and danced his tongue there.

He pushed his nose against her bum hole and then drew it straight up to her clitoris. His tongue followed the same pattern. Joelle's eyelids fluttered as Yippie licked her cunt in broad steady strokes. He would press his tongue into her holes every now and then and Joelle whimpered every time. Each time he would dig gently into her asshole or vagina, Joelle leaked more and he would eagerly lap it up. Joelle's toes curled.

She fought every instinct she had to moan, gasp, cry and whimper- painfully aware of her friend's presence on the couch. Yippie made her feel good in ways she was never able to replicate on her own. Joelle reached down to Yippie's head and she held gently on his soft ears. Every time he focused on her clit she would scratch his head, encouraging him to continue.

She slipped in and out of a pleasure coma, and over time almost forgot about her friend as she was pushed closer and closer to coming on Yippie's small tongue. The more juices she leaked, the more frantically Yippie licked her.

He started to drink her wetness desperately and faster. "Is Yippie still sitting with you?" Aruni's voice jolted Joelle into awareness. "Mh-hm," was all she could manage. She scooted up to try to discourage Yippie from continuing. Joelle could not have stopped Aruni from reaching over to her side of the blanket.

It happened too quickly.

"Hello, puppy!" Aruni cooed and lifted the blanket from Joelle's lap. Her skirt was pushed up. In the soft lamplight she was completely exposed. Yippie did not stop. His black paws still pushed Joelle's thighs apart and he continued licking his young master's small hairless mound, his head bobbing between her legs. Aruni's face wrinkled in embarrassment, but Joelle wasn't entirely sure of the morality of the situation.

She made no effort to stop him, in fact having Aruni witness her pleasure made lust radiate from her core. Yippie's attention had never felt better. "W-what is he doing?" Aruni whispered. "Um, I think he's cleaning me," Joelle answered truthfully. "He licks himself on his crotch and momma said that he cleans himself like a cat." Her voice cracked as he passed over her clit again.

Aruni could not pry her eyes away from Yippie cleaning Joelle's no-no spot. "He won't bite you?" she asked worriedly. "No," Joelle whispered. Aruni was mesmerized. She had never seen any one else's no-no spot before. The sight of her friend made her own panties feel moist. She sat on her leg, pressing her heel into her crotch.

Her hips rolled, feeling the wet panties dance in between her legs. Joelle closed her eyes and moaned; not having to worry about Aruni any more, she lifted her hips to Yippie's face. Aruni's eyes widened as she watched Yippie lock on to Joelle's button. Joelle started breathing harder. He licked her quickly and steadily. Aruni didn't blink and humped her foot harder, not trying to hide. Joelle whimpered and pressed her head back, giving into the inevitable. She knew Aruni was watching her and it thrilled her.

She whimpered and felt a single bead of sweat roll down the back of her thigh. Yippie massaged her clit with his tongue frantically, his claws pushing into her small thighs. Finally she came, unable to control her last moans. She moaned softly and ran her hands over Yippie's head. Aruni gulped, her pussy pulsing frantically. Joelle's cheeks were flushed. Yippie licked the increased wetness that came from Joelle's hole. He knew better than to keep licking her clit though. After he had drank most of the moisture he dutifully backed away knowing his master was satisfied.