Large Woman Being Fucked By Her Husband

Large Woman Being Fucked By Her Husband
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Amy, I Love You The events of this story all started about 8 months ago. My name is Tom. I am 45 years old, married and have 2 kids. My wife is a successful Dentist and so based on our busy work schedules we hardly get time for each other except for when we get vacations. I am a project manager at a construction firm and so the work load is heavy. My two kids, Jim (16) and Lucy (12) are adorable and I am quite ok with things in my life.

My story begins at my work place when I was handed a building project for a wealthy businessman and so this job was going to pay well.


About three weeks into the project I had the opportunity to meet this wealthy owner named Mitch Jones and so he was quite friendly and down to earth. He was about 55 and looked very smart. A few days later I went to my favorite bar to have a few beers before heading home I met up with Mitch and his advisor and we eventually joined up to have a few beers.

We all got along well until finally Mitch invited me to visit his home out of town the following Sunday. I agreed and so our evening ended well. After discussing with my wife and kids I found out that on the same Sunday my wife had to go and visit her grandmother. So we had to make a decision and so she was taking Jim along with her and I would take Lucy for my day at Mr. Jones. So I called up Mitch and he was ok with me bringing my daughter along.

Sunday arrived and we all went our separate ways. Upon arriving at Mr. Jones house, Lucy was wowed at the beauty of his property. So beautiful and relaxing I said to myself. As we entered, Mitch came and then introduced us to his girlfriend (he's divorced by the way) and then his 15 year old diva of a daughter.

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Her name is Amy. She was a sight for sore eyes. Immediately after Lucy and Amy met, they were now best friends. Amy took Lucy to show her around and Mr. Jones girlfriend went and prepared lunch while we men talk a little business and cool out in the pool house. After about 5 beers, I noticed that Mitch started to get a little shaky and so we started to talk about women and sex and I was surprised to find out that Mitch likes young girls.

I mean young, like around 13-18. I was a bit scared to talk about young girls but he had some quite interesting points but I still did not read too much into it. Anyway, lunch was ready and so we all made way to a nice setting under a wooden gazebo. Lucy and Amy came from the house and I noticed that Amy had changed and had on a very short pants and a very thin vest on. I took a few peeps at her but kept my cool. Lunch was great but I noticed Amy was biting her lips a lot every time we made eye contact.

No one noticed and so I was happy for that.

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As the day continued Mitch showed me some of his business plans while the girls were getting on quite fine. Suddenly I had to excuse myself to go to the washroom and so Amy was going to escort me since it's a huge house. Everyone was still outside cooling out. As Amy brought me to the bathroom door she grabbed my hand and said "Tom, can I share a secret with you?" I said "sure why not".

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Amy said "I have a crush on you and would like you to be my lover". I was shocked and yet I was entertaining the idea but since I was drinking since we arrived I was brave to say "maybe we can talk about this another time". Amy was quite happy about that and so we exchanged e-mails and phone numbers.

Finally my time was nearing a close and so Lucy and I were ready to make our way home. Mitch and I became good friends and so did Amy and Lucy but what happens next is beyond wild and erotic.

Two days later (Tuesday) I got a call from Amy and I was nervous since I was at work and sober headed. We chat a bit and decided that we will talk first and see how things go.

For the next 2 weeks Amy and I had been secretly taking but no physical contact.


My nights at home were now occupied with thoughts of Amy and her luscious teenage body and here cute face was so intoxicating, it always gave me a small erection just thinking about her. I had to come up with a plan. Luckily, a few weeks later Mitch called me up and he had a request of me. He wanted me; yes me, to stay at his house for a weekend while he and his girlfriend make a trip to a nearby state to seal some business deals.

I was willing but had to discuss with my wife. So I did and Tina (my wife) was ok with it except for the kids who would have to come with me and Tina was just not into it so we agreed that I would take Lucy while Jim would stay home since he has practice.

All went well and Lucy and I drove off. Upon arrival, Amy was dressed in black tight jeans and Mitch and Katy were ready to leave. We got all necessary info. needed and so since Amy was home with us then all would be ok.

I knew deep down that this was my opportunity and so did Amy because she had a wild yet sexy smile on her face. Since it was Friday, I told the girls that they can stay up and do whatever they want while I enjoy the in house bar and Jacuzzi. I was so relaxed. About 10 pm the girls came by me to watch some TV on a massive custom built wall unit. The TV must have been about 10 FEET wide. Anyway, Lucy was now ready for bed since she was tired and so Amy took her to bed.

Now I was so nervous since I knew that Amy and I would be alone for the rest of the night. As I was relaxing I can hear Amy coming down and she just ran and jumped on me and said "we are alone".

I said "yes we are". I asked her if she drinks and she went and took a bottle of Patron and we then started to get very wild and careless. I had 4 shots and she took 2 and about 1 hour lately we were both drunk and we were both laughing and having a ball of a time.

It was now 12 midnight and I told Amy lets go and have a late night swim and she agreed. Now the house is 8000 sq. ft and the yard space is incredible.

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The closest neighbor lives about 300 meters away. So we went outside and I took off my shirt, then my jeans, then my watch all the while I was watching Amy in her eyes. She kept biting her lips and was now constantly rubbing her left leg. I then removed my boxer and my slightly erect cock came forward and Amy's eyes lit up with excitement and I went in the pool slowly since the water was very cold. About a minute later I called her in and she was now ready to get undressed.

I wanted to savor this moment and came close to the shallow end of the pool and ready to feast my eyes on this young and healthy young girl before me. She slowly unbuttoned her black jeans and then removed her shirt with her hair loose and over her face. She removed her blue bra and I got so aroused and was like a horny dog now. Her breasts were so young and firm. When she removed her blue silk panties and revealed her cleanly shaven cunt, my mouth was running water from hunger and thirst for pussy.

As she came in the pool slowly and I held her body against mine my cock grew to its full 7 inches. Amy reached down and as she held my cock in her hands I was experiencing something I never did and so since we were cold as ice we got out and went into the house.

We walked to my room naked and I led her into my room. It had a king sized bed and we went straight to bed. Since our bodies were cold we found it more erotic to hold on to each other. I layed down and gazed at her beauty for a short while and then moved closer to her. As I drew closer I had to ask her, "have you done this before", she said "yes, but not with a man but a girl younger than me".

"So you're a virgin?" she said "yes". I said it's going to hurt a bit but you will have the time of your life. With that said we kissed passionately like animals. I then layed down and Amy professionally took my cock and put it in her mouth and started to suck on my cock as if she was born to do it.

I layed there with my cock up her mouth and she was doing it so good I was being warmed by the heat from her mouth. I have never felt so much passion and lust for a woman before. My cock was harder than it ever was in my entire life. Amy was having a time of her life. After she ate my cock for about 5 minutes I was ready to cum and held her hair and started to fuck her mouth with speed. I blew about 4 loads of cum in her mouth and she licked and drank it all like a porn star.

I then got up and lay her down and spread her smooth legs apart. As her cunt opened up I can clearly see her pink walls and her pussy was small and right away I knew that I had to be gentle. Yea right, lol. As I drew closer, her cunt had an aroma that possessed me immediately and as I stretched my tongue and made contact with her pussy lips she let out a loud groan and the first thing that I registered was her taste.

It was pure and innocent. She was clean and I licked her cunt with passion and purpose and Amy was in a trance of orgasmic bliss. It was so obvious for she was groaning and screaming out my name to lick her pussy. My daughter could not hear us since her room was about 50 meters away. I cleaned her cunt well but she was dripping cunt juice a lot and so I had my work cut out. A few minutes later Amy was ready to explode and so she did.

Her body shivered with tension and as she got her first orgasm from a man it was more than she can handle. She let out some real loud groans and as her orgasm subsided Amy looked at me and said "I want to experience this everyday Tom".

I said "my baby, there is more to come". I quickly took her right hand and repositioned her across the bed and moved my body over her. I asked if she was ready and she was hungrier for cock than I thought. Since Amy had an enormous orgasm I knew her cunt was well lubricated from all the way inside.

We kissed passionately and I took my cock and started to run her cunt lips and clit very hard. Her pussy was hot and soft it sent tingles up my cock, my back, brain.

It was intense. I slowly and gentle pressed my cock head on her cunt hole and pressed my head in slowly. With every millimeter that I entered I can feel her walls opening to accommodate my cock. It was just heavenly, amazing, and erotic and mind blowing. I then made contact with her cherry and Amy was just moaning and she said "Tom, fuck me now".

I looked her in her eyes and said "Amy I Love You", and gave a quick push and there I broker her hymen and blood ran out and then I pulled out. She had small drops of tears in her eyes but the pleasure was overbearing and so I went in again. This time I went all the way in and started to fuck her cunt.

She was so tight. Every time I pushed my cock up her, her pussy had to stretch open so I can go in and when I pulled out her cunt walls would squeeze me out.

Every part of my cock was feeling the pressure from her tightness. Her pussy was so smooth and wet.

I fucked her with passion and our bodies were bonding. Here I was at 45 years old making wild love to this 15 year old flower. As we made love I tell she is enjoying herself. I pulled out and layed on my back and told her to straddle my cock and she did with ease.

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Amy sat on my cock and as I saw my 7 inches disappear up in her she was so possessed by pleasure her eyes were closed the whole time. Our perspiration mixed along with my cock and her pussy juice. It makes our session all the more wild.


As she rode my cock up and down I was ready to cum and so I told her and she said "Tom don't cum until I get one last thing", I said "name it baby", she said "fuck me in my ass, please bury your cock in my hungry ass". Off course I agreed and she rolled off me and I stood up and held her hand and led her into the doggy position. As she was on all fours I moved behind and just rubbed her pussy juice in and around her anus.

It was pink and so tender. I told her this would hurt more and she said "fuck me now". I did not hesitate and rammed my cock up her ass and she screamed out in pain and I did not stop but continued ramming her in and out like a wild animal and she stopped crying and was now feeling the effects of her ass being ripped open.

She bled a bit but I did not care and fuck her little ass and it felt so good. She was even tighter than her pussy and she was now going into over drive with her moaning.

My cock felt strangled but I was once again ready to blow my load and I held her waist and fuck with a force and rage I never knew existed. I came with such passion and pleasure I just let the tightness of her anus milk my cock of every drop of cum.

She was an amazing fuck. As my cock went limp I pulled out and we just fell asleep in each other arms. As I was sleeping I opened my eyes to the light of the morning and guess what? Amy was stroking my cock and since it was morning my cock was fully erected and she quickly climbed on top me and guided my cock up her now well worked cunt.

We had another amazing fuck and this is where we are at present in our secret relationship.