BBW skips the school to masturbate

BBW skips the school to masturbate
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​ Dearest Diary, I have never wanted to get home to you more than I did this morning. I have a whopper of a story I want to tell and I can't tell anyone but you, at least right now. I am still in shock and disbelief as to what I saw, and it was the most stimulating and intense experience I have ever seen. As you know Tracy has been my friend since kindergarten and we are the best of friends. We got even closer back in the summer after our 8th grade year when her mother died in a car accident.

She had always been very close to her mother and it was not easy for her to adjust and she began to act out a little bit, or at least I thought that was what was going on. We had always been good girls and stayed away from the "bad" kids. We dressed in our proper best and both excelled at our extra-curricula activities; from dance class, to drama, to gymnastics and volleyball. But after her mom died, while we remained the best of friends, Tracy began to act different.

This attitude change for her had made us a bit more of a yin-yang pair. In some ways we were always that way. I am a bit short for my age and Dad is Guatemalan and Mom is Mexican, I have chocolate colored skin, long straight black hair, and when we head into our Junior year at school in a few months, I will have one of the larger bra sizes at 30C. I have a caboose large enough that I feel a bit self conscious about it, but my tummy is fit and if I wear heels, which I don't often, my thicker legs look a bit more slender.

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Tracy of course followed after her mother and has her fair Irish skin, with light blonde streaked brown hair, green eyes, a few freckles and has really filled out over the last year.

She has swelled to 34 B cups and her thighs thickened to where she doesn't have much of a gap between them anymore. She is still in great shape, my tummy is fit but not flat and firm as hers. I am having trouble deciding what to write first, I don't want to miss anything, so instead of the order all things happened in reality, I have decided to spill it out onto these pages the way the information actually came to me.

Like I said, Tracy had really taken on a new attitude back during that summer, and I sometimes found it hard to keep up, because I didn't understand the driving force behind it, though I do now, and boy is it a force to be reckoned with!!!! Of course back then we were smaller, shorter, skinnier and neither of us had much in the way of boobs.

Though Tracy did start before me in that department, and I overtook her over the next year. Anyway, she began to wear skirts above her knee, then above mid thigh, and the bra and panties she had in the gym locker room changed from plain designs to more frill and lace and two toned colors.

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She began to talk with dirtier language, began to tie up her hair, put on makeup and wore tops that plunged deeper and deeper into her beginning bosom. Anyway we stayed good friends even though I only followed her slowly into her decent of deviance, as my parents are devout Catholics and I wasn't looking for trouble.

I actually thought she was rebelling about her mother's death, but I found out different this weekend. Everything makes much more sense and I am dying to find out more. Tracy invited me to stay over on Friday. Her Dad is pretty well off. He isn't rich exactly but he wrote some kind of software a number of years back and gets good royalties from it. As long as they didn't go crazy on spending, they had enough to cover all living expenses.

Also, he had a older kid from his first marriage before he and Tracy's mom got married and had her. Or so I thought, but found out later, it wasn't quite as I had been lead to believe. Anyway we met yesterday after school over and Jenny's house and played on her ping pong table until Tracy's Dad Bill was back from some errands he ran. He picked us up and we stopped at Round Table to grab a pizza before going to their house.

We ate and then watched a couple of movies on pay per view before Tracy and I went up to her room on the second floor.

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We talked about boys, movies, did some facials, did each others hair and then Tracy wanted me to try on some of her newer outfits, the ones that were a little more risque and revealing. I admit I liked how they looked on me and hope to borrow a few, though my bigger behind does make some of them a little too tight, though Tracy said that will just make me look hotter to the boys at school. For all her big talk about boys, she never seemed to actually want to date any of them.

Before we were gonna go to bed I asked Tracy if I could check my email since my phone was acting all goofy. She said sure and I turned on her desktop which had been in hibernation. When it came back on I was stunned to see what was on the screen. It was on a low volume but it was a pretty hard core porno with the two actors in a pretty weird position. "Holy shit Tracy, were you watching this?" "Oh gosh, sorry, yeah I forgot that was on there.

You can just close it Nika." "How come you were watching this?" "For fun, don't be such a prude!" "I am not a prude Tracy, but this. .

. .this is kind of. . aggressive looking, and the guy is ugly and out of shape. Just surprised you picked this one." "Well I just picked that to see the positions they did, see if there were ones I didn't know." "Didn't know? How many do you know? Are you, are you having sex with someone? Why wouldn't you tell me?" "Oh nothing like that, just you know. . educating myself." I accepted that answer and didn't bring it up again. Soon after that we were snuggled up in her bed, we always slept together, and I was asleep in no time.

It was when I awoke at 1:45 in the morning that is causing me to write to you diary. I woke up with that crazy dry mouth you get occasionally when you sleep.

I snapped awake and grabbed the glass of water on the bed side table to quench my thirst. As I laid back down to sleep, I realized Tracy was gone. I wondered where she had gone but didn't care that much and closed my eyes to drift back off, but instead that was when I heard the noise. It was a creaking noise, followed by what sounded like our dog Heidi whimpering for dinner.

I at first dismissed it but the noise didn't stop. The creaking actually was becoming more common in occurrence. Then after a bit I heard a louder whimper that almost sounded like pain.

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I decided to investigate and slipped out of bed. The creaking was significantly louder in the hall, and I realized it wasn't a creaking so much as a moaning spring. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what would be causing it so I crept closer to where the noise was coming from. As I rounded the corner I could see a blue light flickering against the wall, and the creaking spring became much clearer, but so did the other noise.

It wasn't a whimper, but a moan. It was quiet and controlled but it was definitely a moan. "Oooh god daddy, oh my god I am so full." It was Tracy talking in a very sultry and slutty sounding moan. I kept walking towards the door the noise was coming from. Blue light lit the entire crack of space around the door.

Another few steps and I could see partially through the crack and realized the tv was on. I thought maybe I goofed and her dad Bill was watching something dirty until I heard another moan.

"Oh god, it's so fucking big. I can't believe it fits", there was no doubt that voice was Tracy's, and she was obviously doing something sexual. I remember so many thoughts go through my head. Was she masturbating in there? Or talking to some boy on the phone? It was all I could figure, but couldn't figure why she was in her dad's room. Because it couldn't possibly be. . but it was. I saw the shadow of them first, moving around drastically on the white duvet.

As I got close enough to the door to really peer through the crack I finally saw it just as I heard, "Oh my gosh daddy! Oh it's all the way in!" "Yeah it is baby girl, you finally did it, I can't believe it, not even your mother ever pulled that off." That second voice was most definitely Bill's and it validated what I saw through the crack.

Someone, Bill I had to assume, was laying horizontally on the bed, his legs hanging over the side at the knee. His lower legs were bouncing off and on the side of the mattress due to the motions of the female atop his body. Seeing the back and butt of the woman I was absolutely certain it was Tracy, even though I could not see her face.

"Oh Jesus, it's so deep in me. God I feel like it is pushing into my stomach, oooooooo!" Tracy moaned softly, obviously trying to stay quiet.

I had my face all they up to the crack in the door, my eye practically through it. The tv light reflected off of Tracy's back and backside and that was when I finally saw it. I hadn't seen a penis in person before, and I couldn't see much of it, but I could see the part that was jutting out from below her ass cheeks, the part of it that was not inside my best friend.

I have seen some pornos in my life and I heard they had oversized genitals, but not if I went by Tracy's Dad Bill. His cock looked like a banister on the stairs. I am sure the flickering light caused some optical illusions but the thing looked like it was 5 inches across the bottom and God only knows how long it was.

It was more like a forearm than a penis and I remember how fast I felt a dribble down my leg. I reached into my seat pants and began to masturbate my sopping wet pussy. I knew I should leave, I knew it was wrong to watch this, maybe as wrong as them doing it, but I couldn't peel myself away. I continued to strum myself watching Tracy raise up on her knees and then settle back down.

Every time she did she would make another comment about his immense size. I couldn't believe she was fucking her Daddy! Was she sick? How could she fuck him? I couldn't imagine sex with my Dad, even if he had a cock that size. "Oh my God Daddy! Oh shit! OH SHIT!" She gasped, her voice going super sonic. "Daddy, oh my god, you are touching it! Oh! OH GOD! OH DADDY!" That last one was loud. "You gotta be quiet baby, don't wake your friend!" Bill said in a harsh whisper.

"I can't help it, oh-woah-oh-woah---mmmphf!!!!" Her moans were cut off when Bill grabbed her and rolled her onto her back, his hand clamped over her mouth. He got up on his knees and toes, and would push up onto his toes and push his hips back and pull that python of a dick out of Tracy, before releasing all of his weight and ramming his massive fuck stick back into her stretching labia.

I couldn't believe that thing could fit inside my best friend, she was a petite girl, even after she started to fill in. His huge cock was shining in the tv light reflection, covered in god knows what liquids. I had never really thought about the importance of lubricant, but watching that huge penis ravaging Tracy, I could only pray that something was helping it get inside, other wise I figure Tracy would have been split into by the giant sex ax.

Tracy was screaming bloody murder under Bill's hand, each thrust unleashed another muffled cry. Of pain or pleasure I couldn't say for sure. But as I watched Bill hoist her legs over his shoulders and watched her feet bouncing this way and that as he fucked the hell out of her tiny slit.

"Urrrgh! Oh jesus Tracy, oh shit baby, I'm gonna fill you!" All Tracy did in response was moan and scream under his hand but with the way her fingers were gripping his arms, she didn't seem to mind, though had I just walked in on it, I would have sworn she was being raped out of her gored. "Oh, oh god, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Bill howled, obviously not concerned anymore about waking me up down the hall.

I watched his cock slam down into Tracy one last time and hold firm. His feet and lower legs were twitching and his hips were jumping slightly.

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Due to my inexperience I didn't realize at that moment that what I was watching was a man expelling his semen into his mate. But I soon realized that was what was happening. But first it just seemed like an odd pulsing of his back muscles, bucking hips and pained grunts he was making. "Aoh! Aoh! Ahhhhhooo!!" With these loud final grunts Bill did move his body again, pulling his engorged cock out a bit before pressing back in with a lot of force two times, and on the third freezing up.

"OH Damn! Shit baby, I didn't know I had that much in me! God if only your mother could milk me like that! But she was nowhere near as tight. Uuuuuuooh!" He grunted one last time as he pulled his gargantuan cock all the way out of Tracy and collapsed onto his back beside her, just out of view from the crack in the doorway.


I kept my gaze on Tracy, and it was something to see. Her chest was heaving, her arms were into her chest, seizing in conjunction with her stomach muscles. It was like her body was still trying to have sex with a penis that was no longer there. And that was when I noticed her vaginal opening.

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I could only really see it when the tv got bright for a moment but it was clear as day. Her opening was stuck open. Her labia were still spread. On top of that, there was a slim, slow, but constant drool of white gooey liquid seeping out of her and gathering on the duvet, creating a wet spot.

I was still playing with myself and seeing that white stuff, cum, for the first time in real life, and finally fully realizing that not only was Tracy fucking her Daddy, but that he had let himself risk impregnating her and watching that risk ooze back out, well it was more than my senses could handle and I had my own massive orgasm out there in the hall.

I ended up falling down onto my butt out in the hall from the power of my own orgasm, and I was glad they were too spent to notice the noise my stumble caused. I was able to pull myself together and made my way back to Tracy's room. Once back in bed I had to masturbate again and this time I imagined it was me getting ravaged by that insanely huge cock attached to her father.

I came very quickly this time and zonked out for about an hour. Jesus, just writing this is making me tingle and I want to go masturbate again, but not before I get down the conversation I had with Tracy when she came back to bed so I don't forget any of it.

It was an hour after I had pleasured myself that I felt Tracy getting into the bed. I turned over towards her and she looked me in the eye.


"Oh sorry, did I wake you?" "You mean now or before?" "Before when?" "You know when you were making all that noise with your Dad." "With my Dad?" "Yeah you know. When you guys were having really loud sex!" I hissed in a whisper, kind of upset that she had kept this from me.

"Oh my god!" Tracy whispered with horror on her face. "You, you saw us?" "Yes I saw. What the fuck are you doing Tracy? How can you have sex with your Dad? That is so gross, and I saw him cum in you." "You saw. . how long were you watching?" "That's your question? How long I was watching you screw your Dad?" "Wait, look, he isn't my Dad." "What?" "I found out the night after my Mom's funeral. We had to go to the will reading and that was were they had to tell me that Bill was technically not my next of kin and would have to adopt me if I was gonna stay with him." "Really?

Why didn't you tell me?" "Because. . well . . because that night was the first night we were. . together and I didn't want to make the mistake of letting people find out about everything that happened." "But Tracy, how the hell did you end up having sex with your D-- um, well Bill?" Tracy took a big breath and sighed.

"Ok, here goes. . " Dammit, sorry Diary, I HAVE to masturbate with the toy Tracy gave me, I will finish this as soon as I am done, I promise!