Mi amiga me lo mando

Mi amiga me lo mando
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Stephanie VanDeven had thought for a bit now about how to steal her niece's boyfriend. She was thirty eight and pretty, a curly headed brunet with a cute kissable mouth, and great boobs. He was a cute thirty year old guy, he was tall with a nice smooth face, even nose and and slick dark hair. Stephanie was a witch, something the rest of her family knew nothing about, she belonged to a group called The Dark Moon Coven, which was not the wicca organization, but was a devil worshiping cult dabbling and more in the black arts.

Stephanie and some of the other women in the coven were trying to establish the Cult of Isis, which was a demonic force, a female sex demon that could be summoned from the great void. The women were striving to by whatever means they could, cajoling, talking into, seducing, hypnotizing certain men into conjuring this demon and having blasphemous sex with it. Jade Wilke's was his name, and he and her niece Ashley habitually ate lunch at a sandwich place called Quesnas almost every day.

Stephanie left her job at the hospital at one and drove over to the place, which was right off of Interstate 70. Her plan was to see if she couldn't find Jade alone and turn him on to the idea of conjuring the demon Isis, to get him alone long enough to see if he was a good candidate for the plan, she felt he was, but wanted to see for sure.

They had a spot in the back that they usually sat at, and her heart thumped a bit when she saw he was alone. She ordered something and strode back there. "Hey handsome, what's up?" Stephanie asked and looked down at Jade's crotch. She hoped he would get her little double entendre. "How have you been doing," Jade replied brightly.

"Good," she said, "how about you." "Fine, I had a little trouble with my car," he said. "Oh fuck!" she said. "Why don't you sit down?" he asked. "Oh sure," she replied taking the invitation. "Is it working okay now," Stephanie asked. "Oh yeah." From past experience, Stephanie had thought that Jade would be a good candidate for an introduction to Isis. There wasn't any easy way to approach the obscure and weird topic of conjuring spirits to a non witch, so she usually opted for the direct approach.

She said, "Hey, my sister's son made a painting recently, you wanna look at it?" "Alright," Jade said in a noncomital voice. "It's a pornographic picture so I thought you might like to see it," Stephanie replied lewdly. She took out an 8/10 photograph of a painting, it was a picture of a young woman leaning back on a bed, with her legs spread provocatively. The girl was stark naked, blond with a beautiful bitchy looking face and gorgeous figure.

The woman had small horns that stuck up out of her head and a long tale that wrapped around her like a snake. "Wow, that's an interesting picture, what imagination," Jade said. "It's not imagination," Stephanie replied provocatively. "What do you mean," he asked, his expressive face looking intently at her. He stopped eating to stare at her. "I mean that is a demon that my nephew learned how to conjure, it's witchcraft," Stephanie said.

"Whoa!" Jade said shaking his head. She said, "You could be taught how to conjure spirits." "Well I don't know," Jade replied. "He hooked up with a witch's coven, so now he's been fucking that demon every day now for months," Stephanie said.

Stephanie checked his face for reactions. She caught him looking at the picture again. "She's called Isis," Stephanie said. "Do you wanna fuck her?" Stephanie asked boldly. Jade looked down at his sandwich he said," What?" Stephanie said, "You heard me, do you want to fuck her?" "I wouldn't know how to do that," he said quickly.


"You could learn how to conjure spirits," she replied. Then she said, "My nephew said she was a Goddamn beast! She's got a tongue like a snake, he said that after he summoned her, she jumped on top of him and fucked his motherfucking brains out, he said he couldn't move for an hour after their fuck." "Wow!" Jade exclaimed, taking a drink of soda. Stephanie ate part of her sandwich. They sat there for a minute with neither one of them talking, then Stephanie said, "You could conjure her, I could teach you how to do it." Jade heart was racing, he was getting excited hearing about all the talk about sex demons.

"Yeah, I'm interested," he said finally. "Good!" Stephanie replied enthusiastically, "we'll go out to my car in a little bit and I'll tell you some things to do." They finished their food quickly and went out to Stephanie's car. "Now, you may not be able to do this at first," she said. "Okay." "Light two candles and sit between them, try to empty your mind and concentrate on the demon," Stephanie said.

"Right," he replied.


"Okay, you know what she looks like, try to visualize it, you know her name, try saying it many times, like a chant," she said. "Alright." Jade's mind was going a mile a second. "You may not be able to summon her the first time you try, but keep at it, concentration is the key to black magic," Stephanie said. "Yeah," he replied. "You could maybe get a crystal or something, and look at it, and imagine that you see her in it." "Right, Isis is her name," Jade said.

"Yeah, just try it a few times, and I'm sure you'll be able to do it," Stephanie replied.

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"Maybe you could be there," Jade suggested. "Oh God," she said, "I'd love to watch and see her conjured and then see her pin some guys ears back, but I can't." "Why not?" he asked. "She usually won't appear if there's another woman around, and I've heard of her killing another girl if she's present," Stephanie said breathlessly. "Is it that dangerous?" Jade asked. "Yes!

Don't piss her off," Stephanie said. "Alright," he replied. "Well, I got to go," Stephanie said, "call me." "Sure." Part 2 Jade was so excited that he was really anxious to try the demonic conjuring, later that night after it got dark, he got out candles he had bought, lit them and began concentrating.

After awhile he started chanting but nothing happened. He tried it every night for four days but he couldn't make it work. Later he looked up articles on black magic on the internet. He decided to change tactics a bit, and drew a pentagram on the wooden floor of the spare bedroom, he put two lit candles on either side of it He was so excited his breath was coming hard.

Jade stood in the pentagram and grabbed his penis, pleasure went through his body as he thought about the bitch goddess. His cock was as hard as a rock thinking about the devil girl. "She's so evil," he said to himself. Jade thought about what she looked like, and began thinking about her name over and over again in his mind.

He stared at one of the candles. He closed his eyes, masturbating. When he opened his eyes again, he stood looking at the same candle. Then a stream of green smoke started coming out of it.

A little at first, then more. "Shit," he said softly. Fear mixed with desire is a potent mixture. The smoke was a sort of solid cloud that didn't move. Jade looked at it, hypnotized. Then the smoke began to take shape. It did have the shape of a woman, tall and rawboned with big shoulders.

The figure had medium length blond hair. She floated in the air above the candle. The devil girl was stark naked, with a long tail that slinked around her torso. She was tanned with perfect tits, her slim middle then snaked out into rich supple hips, a leggy curvy ass and a blond cunt that he couldn't take his eyes off of. She was stunningly beautiful with hypnotic eyes and a pretty, kissable mouth. Jade stood with his mouth open, absolutely transfixed by what he was seeing, what he had brought forth was stunningly seductive, almost unbelievably so, amazingly so.

Her eyes snapped with some type of electricity and small horns rose above them. Jade stared intensely at the hot glistening pussy that was right in front of his head. "Who calls me? What's your name?" "Jade." "What do you want?" "I'm not sure exactly," he said shyly.


The figure moved and then stood on the floor looking at him. Jade alternated between staring at her hypnotic face and that incredible pussy.

"I want to make love to you, that's what I want," he muttered after a short bit where he didn't say anything. She pointed a finger at him and said, "You want a fuck." "Yes, I think so," Jade said, embarrassed.

"It's a fuck, call it a fuck!" she commanded.

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"Right, sure," he said quickly agreeing with her. She glared at him and then grinned. "Why don't I just kill you instead, you stupid little peasant." Jade stared at her, not knowing what to say or do, she was a goddess, a bitch goddess, and the more he stared at her, the more excited he was getting! "Are you dedicated?" she said in a mocking sarcastic voice, "will you give yourself up to me, make me your God?" she flashed pretty bone white teeth in an evil grin.

Isis turned around quickly, grabbed him behind the back of the neck and stuck a long hot tongue in his mouth. The girl's tongue was amazingly long, and it went over his face like a cross between a cat and a snake. She gave him one scalding hot satisfying kiss after another, it was like kissing a hot tasty snake. She was muscular and hot to the touch but not unbearably so. His cock was so hard, he felt like he had a hammer in his pants.

She broke away from their kiss and stood in front of him. Then she grinned at him. "Ask me for that fuck," she said. "Okay," he replied. "Get down on your hands and knees and beg then," she said.

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She smiled an evil sort of leer, "Beg me, you little peasant." He got down on his hand and knees before the vixen, "What exactly do I say?" She had a very pretty mouth, she flashed a shit eating grin at him, she said, "You want that fuck, ask for it." She stood so that her hot pussy was right in front of his face again.

Her tail hung around the incredible body. "Suck my tail," she said. "What?" he said, surprised. "Suck it," she commanded. It twisted around her and he took it in his hand and put it in his mouth, the tip was hot and sharp, but it didn't seem dangerous, he licked it and caressed it with his tongue. He moaned appreciatively after a few seconds, grateful for any taste of this incredible creature. She yanked the tail out of Jade's mouth and stuck in in his hair. Jade stared up at the devil girl, she had beautiful pouty lips over rows of equally pretty teeth "Beg me," she said again, "Please Isis," he began,"I need this." His swollen cock was begging for release.

"What do you need?" she said sarcastically. She tossed her blond hair around like a girl on the beach. "I need to be with you," he said sincerely. Isis put her hand down and stroked his chin, "Ask for a fuck." "Please fuck me Isis," he said. "Beg me again," she said and laughed at him.

"Please fuck me Isis," he said with even more emotion. "Well." she said and then laughed. "Straighten up," she said. Jade stood up next to her again. "I could just kill you," she said laughing another evil laugh, "but I want another disciple." Her arms went around his neck and another burning hot kiss started.

"And you are going to be my disciple aren't you,"she said between a kiss. "Oh yes of course," he breathed. She was completely irresistible, Jade knew that from the moment he first saw her. Her tongue was so long, she could have easily stuck it down his throat and choked him to death. She broke away from their kiss again and pulled at the front of his shirt and ripped it off.

"See what I can do to you," she said, arching her eyebrows. "Yes I see," he replied. She turned her head sideways as though she were going to kiss Jade again and instead shoved him and he fell backwards, he almost lost his balance but caught himself in time. The girl laughed at him again then quickly walked over to where he was standing and threw him on the bed.

She moved very fast and jumped on top of him. The long tongue came out of her mouth and began licking his lips. She pulled his belt and pants off in one motion, then after pausing briefly, pulled his boxers down. The kisses started again, one hot burning kiss after another, so hot that Jade was a little afraid that his face would be burned.

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She again broke away from their kiss and said, "You're not going to be burnt, stupid, if I wanted to, I would just kill you and be done with it." "Can you read thoughts?" he asked, shocked. She said, "Fuck you, do you want the fuck or don't you?" "Of course I want the fuck," he said emphatically.

"Okay," she said with a satisfied look. She leaned back down and began kissing his ears, going from side to side of his face making butterfly kisses. His throbbing erection rubbed against her thigh, so close to that cunt.

Isis kissed him again, the hot tongue exploring his mouth in detail. She lifted herself up a bit until she was right on top of him, in a good spot for sex. He felt her pause a second or two. Then he held his breath as her pussy slipped over his cock, velvety smooth, and again hot, so hot he was afraid it would burn his dick.

She said, "You're not going to get burned you little fuck, I told you that once already." "I understand," he said, trying to please her. "I'm not trying to be a smart alec," he said, "I really like you." She said, "I know how much you like me, that's why you're getting your fuck." Her arms went around his shoulders and she started kissing his neck. Jade groaned out in pleasure and kissed her back on the neck and cheek. Her hands groped his hair and ground into his neck.

She stopped a kiss and said, "You want to enjoy your fuck, don't you?" "Of course!" "Then get your arms around me good, squeeze hard!" Isis said loudly. Jade squeezed her back, shoving those great tits against him even harder than they already were. Her snatch felt incredible, surrounding his fully erect cock as she moved back and forth building up a rhythm. Jade felt Isis pull herself up higher on his chest and wrapped her legs around him even tighter. She reached down kissed him again in another one of her hot kisses and let Jade return the kiss on her beautiful mouth.

"What if I kill you now, you little shit?" she said laughing at him. "Well, I guess there could be worse ways to go," he said panting. "Pretty good answer," she said, kissing him hard on the mouth, kiss after kiss after kiss, her hot tongue going half way down his throat before she pulled it out.

Jade put his lips around that amazing tongue and eagerly sucked it on every kiss. Her ass and legs were strong and she quickly built up to where they were having a good humping fuck. On and on it went, harder and harder, her ass making deep penetrating thrusts, and his erection getting harder.

On each thrust Jade pushed his ass up to get his cock deeper into her burning ass. On and on, faster and harder, he thought that his cock might melt in that pussy.

He felt like there were little bits of flame licking at his penis, his sexual excitement was overwhelming. Jade was high as kite now, and he moaned gratefully in anticipation of reaching his orgasm. Their asses ground together in a hot satisfying fuck. Her tongue went in and out of his mouth again and again, and again, her kisses were scalding hot and tasty. "Ohhhh wow!" he said, eagerly returning each hot kiss. Jade pulled Isis harder into his body, getting her as close as possible.

Her pussy felt as hot as an oven, as his cock went into her velvety snatch harder and harder and harder! She ground away at him, each thrust harder than the last, Jade didn't believe that she could keep pushing harder, but she did. Jade panted from his excitement, he was now only seconds away from shooting his load into that burning hot tight pussy. He pulled her even tighter and her ass screwed into his again. Emotion came over him like a thunderclap, as he reached the peak of orgasm, then, he shot load after load of hot sticky cum into her fiery burning cunt!

Isis didn't stop thrusting until every drop of his cum had gone into her hot ass. Then Jade laid there spent, his mind absolutely blown by their fuck.

She laid there quietly, the way they had finished, all wound together. After a few minutes, Isis said, "Kiss my horns." "What?" he replied. "Kiss my horns, you have to kiss my horns after a fuck," she said and leaned her head over his head. "Okay," he said, a little shocked. Jade kissed first the right and then the left horn. They were done now, and the girl stood in front of Jade pointing two spectacular tits at him, "I can only appear once every twenty four hours, conjure me again when you want another fuck," she said.

"Yes, yes of course," he said quickly, "I know I'll want to see you again." "I know for certain that you'll want another fuck, and another and another, and another after that," she said with an evil look and a knowing smile. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him, "Oh you'll want another fuck, I can guarantee it." "Mm mm," he said, locking his lips around her hot tongue for the last time. Then she said, "You build a shrine to me," she said pointing her finger at him.

"I'm not sure I know how to do that," he replied. The vixen held her tail up to his face, "Figure it out, it's what I want, so do it," Isis said decisively. "Okay," Jade said, not wanting to aggravate her.

She said, "I have to go now." "Goodbye," he said. Then she put her left hand in the air and disappeared into the same sort of cloud of green smoke that she had come in. The smoke dissipated very quickly, in a few seconds, leaving no sign. Part 3 Jade didn't know how to do a shrine, but he did know how to do graffiti. He wrote 'I love Isis' with an upside down pentagram on the wall over the building around the corner from where he lived.

Then on another building he wrote 'I love Devil Girl' with a pentagram next to it. He wrote 'I love Devil Girl' on several buildings the day after he'd first conjured her. Jade was a little tired, but in a good way, the fuck session was more satisfying than anything he'd ever known, and could barely wait to do it again.

He got a heart shaped box and drew a picture of her and put it in the box, then he drew a heart on another piece of paper and put Jade loves Isis in the middle of it.

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From then on he conjured her every day for forty days, she would come, fuck the absolute living shit out of him, demand that he be her disciple and then disappear. Part 4 "How have you been Ese," Roy said and put his arms around his beloved cousin. "Good," Jade said hugging him back. "Did you get the Rams tickets?" Roy asked. They sat in the living room of Jade's house.

"No, I didn't." "Female carbon units," Roy said contemptuously. Jade had been having sex with the succubus Isis every day for over a month, and he was able to do his electrician work, but he was having trouble thinking of very many things other than conjuring her and then having sex.

"I'll do it next week," Jade said. Roy said, "The Bears won't be here next week." Jade said, "It'll be alright." "What's the matter with you Ese?" Roy asked sharply. "Nothing," Jade replied. Roy wasn't convinced and he stared at his cousin, this sudden obsession with trim was bothering him.

Well he didn't know that's what it was, but that's what it usually was with a man, that or dope. Jade was acting so spacey that Roy abruptly got up, "I'll see you later dude." "Okay." Then he left. Part 5 It was a week later in late October with a high bright almost full moon. Jade was looking forward to his nightly rendezvous with Isis. He stood on the witch's sign and began masturbating in anticipation of the sex. He put up the candles and began the incantation. But instead of her appearing out of the smoke as usual, nothing happened.

His stomach jumped, What was wrong! He tried again and then another time, nothing. Jade looked around the room in fury and desperation. He picked up a vase to smash it. Then there was a knock at his door. Jade put the vase down, zipped up his clothes, went to the door and peered out. Then he opened it. "What's up Roy?" he said and tried to sound casual.

"I got to talk to you Ese." "Right now?" "Yes right now, why are busy with one of your rituals?" Roy said. Jade's mouth dropped open, "How do you know about it?" "I left my Blackberry over here last night, your mom gave me the key so I could get in, I came in the morning while you were gone, do you have any idea what you're messing with, these stupid Satanic rituals?" Roy said.

Jade looked at his usually angelic face, "Alright, just because you're my cousin doesn't give you the right to order me around." "I saved your life buddy," he stood leaning against the wall in Jade's kitchen. Jade had knot in his stomach the size of a basketball, "How do you figure that?" "I saw what you were into and I knew I had to do something, I threw holy water on that pentagram," Roy said loudly and belligerently. "Where did you get holy water?" Jade asked.

"I had an Episcopal priest out in Fenton bless something for me," Roy replied. "So that was why she didn't come," Jade said and stared at the wall. "Have you gone out of your mind, this would have killed you before long," Roy said. "Yeah either that or the boredom. Where do you get off doing this to me?" "I saved you." "Yeah I know, whenever anybody has too good a time you people show up to save them," Jade replied angrily. "I don't believe I'm hearing this crap, have you gone out of your mind?" Roy said incredulously Roy had a smooth angelic face, very nice looking, he looked like Jade only much lighter.

"You shouldn't have done this doc," Jade's heart was racing. He had never been mad at Roy before, but now he was furious, it was unbearable.

Jade balled up a fist and punched Roy right in the head, then he got a knife out of a drawer and went after Roy with it. Roy had a sweet face, but he had a mean spot for women in general, and he felt betrayed, he got into a southpaw stance and sent a whistling right hook into Jade's face. Then he smashed Jade in the head with a left hand and knocked him cold. Then he took the knife out of Jade's hand and stabbed him with it in the chest.

He stood watching the blood run out, and came close to suicide from guilt, tears ran down his face. "I'm sorry Carnal," he said.