Cumshot compilation Cum swallow teens

Cumshot compilation Cum swallow teens
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Summer was very hot that year. I had just turned seventeen and spent most of time in my room reading, waiting for my senior year to start.

I wasn't popular so I didn't have any friends to spend time with, so there was no doubt that the summer break was going to be freaking boring.

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I needed new books so I decided to get my ass out for once and go to the library. I guess for the geek that I was, it was pretty normal to feel at home in a library, I headed to the science fiction books section, they were my favourite, it didn't take me long to find a couple of books I wanted to read. As I was walking back between the shelves, my eyes locked on the coolest guy I've ever seen, he must have been about 6 feet tall, about 20 years old with nice curly red hair, his athletic figure showed under his shirt: he had a tennis player chest and arms and his tight jeans let me see his perfectly shaped ass.

I guess he felt that I was staring at him because he lifted his eyes from the book he was holding and looked right at me, his eyes were a captivating bluish green and he had full lips.

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He grinned at me. I had to look away as he caught me checking him out; I felt my face burning from embarrassment. From the moment I had realized that I was gay about 2 years earlier; I've been very careful not to get busted staring at guys in school and especially in the locker-room, it was enough to be bullied for being a geek; there was no way that I was adding the gay factor to the lot.

And here I was, caught staring at the hottest guy I've ever seen in this town, I started walking quickly keeping my eyes on the floor, to afraid to meet his beautiful eyes again, as I walked fast passing him, I could smell his sweet perfume that made my mouth water, I stormed out of the library like if I was chased by a life threatening menace, only stopping to register the books at the librarian desk.

That night, I jacked of thinking about the library guy, actually; I couldn't stop thinking about his him, his perfect body, his handsome face and his lovely smile. I finished reading the books in no time so I had to go get new ones, at least; that's what I tried to convince myself of, while I knew very well that it was a lame excuse to see him again. I told to myself: will I meet him again? Probably not. Will I run away again like a coward? Probably yes. I felt really silly, just like a little girl having her first crash.

How could I ever consider talking to him, I shouldn't even be thinking about him, he was so hot and I was a total dork with my 5'2'' tall and skinny body, my glasses and my fade brown hair that covered my pale face.

He was totally out of my league, what the hell was I thinking? Yet there I was heading to the library, hopping for a miracle. When I arrived to there, my eyes started scanning every corner every table and every chair looking for him, hopping for a glance at his handsome face and smoking body.

I felt pathetic and excited at the same time.

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I took a random book from a random shelf and sat on at a table in the far corner of the library praying for the impossible. 30 minutes later; he was entering the library, I couldn't believe that he was actually there; I had butterflies in my stomach. He was even hotter than in my fantasies, his shirt was partially unbuttoned at the top letting a part of his spectacular chest show.

I was spying on him while hiding behind the book I was holding, it was like a seen from a cartoon. He stopped at the librarian desk to give back the books he borrowed; he started looking around so I immediately put the book on the table pretending to be reading, after a couple of minutes I lifted my head from the book but he wasn't at the desk anymore, I started looking around and I spotted him retrieving a book from a shelf close by, he then started walking in my direction, holly crap; he was coming to my table, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking, I looked down at the book again tying to actually read it this time.

I heard the chair next to mine pulled and it was him sitting few inches from me. My heart was beating so loud that I was sure he could hear it. He turned to look at me and said: "hi my name is Mike, what's yours?" I managed to say: "Sam", I wondered if he really talked to me or was I having an other day dream? Mike said: "I am in college, physics major" showing me the book he was holding, it was a physics book.

I couldn't help but smile as I was president of the physics club at school. I stared to feel a little more relaxed as the nerd common point kicked in.

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I answered easier this time: "physics are awesome, they're one of my favourite subjects in school, I'm about to start my senior year in high school by the way". A hush came from around the librarian desk. We both smiled. He then leaned to whisper in my ear: "follow me". He stood up and walked towards the far side of the library, I followed him hesitantly wondering what he wanted to tell me or show me.

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He sopped at a section I didn't know existed, nobody but us was there. He turned around to face me touring over me, he then reached out his hand to remove my glasses and put them on a shelf on hid right.

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My heart was beating so fast that I thought I was going to faint. He looked at me and said: "I saw you checking me out last week". Damn; he noticed and remembered. I was speechless and as he realized that I wasn't going to replay, he continued: "you're so cute Sam, I like your eyes" he bent over a little to lock his lips with mine, my thoughts and feelings ware a mixture of disbelief, pleasure, surprise and excitement.


His tongue parted my lips and reached mine, I responded by rolling it in his mouth and around his tongue. I stood on my toes and put my arms around his neck while his were on the small of my back.

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After few minutes, we broke of to catch our breath, an involuntary smile spread across my face; he lowered his hands to grab both cheeks of my ass and kissed me again. I was so turned on, my cock was rock hard and I felt Mike's hard on touching me. He moved his hands to unbutton my jeans, kneeled before me and in one movement slid my pants and boxers down to my ankles freeing my cock, he kissed its tip making my whole body shiver, then he put half of my 6 inches dick in his mouth and started sucking it, deepthroating it and I had to bite my lips so that I wouldn't groan loudly, the pleasure was so overpowering; I had to brace myself not to cum right away, Mike kept sucking my dick and stroking my balls, going faster and faster until I couldn't take it anymore.

My whole body tensed in ecstasy, my head fell back and my cock was throbbing before releasing 4, 5 then 6 spurts of my jiz as he kept sucking on it giving me the best orgasm I've ever had.

Mike got up sliding my pants back on and kissed me passionately allowing me to taste my own cum in his mouth even after he had swallowed it all. I wanted to return the favour so I got on my knees just as he did before and unbuttoned his jeans revealing a beautiful circumcised about 8 inches cock. Precum was leaking from its tip and I wanted to taste it so badly.

I grabbed the base with my right hand and started licking the tip, the taste was weird but good then I licked the shaft before shoving all I could of his dick in my mouth, I made my tongue roll over the head and my lips tighten up and down his cock. His moans encouraged me to keep going, he put his hands on my head stroking my hair then guided me to suck him deeper until his dick was reaching my throat, I was afraid to gag but to my surprise I didn't, I actually enjoyed having his cock filling my mouth and the salty taste was agreeable, he started humping my face now faster and faster as I felt his penis shiver inside my mouth, I knew what was coming so I prepared myself, I received 5 then 6 cumshots of his warm tasty sperm in my mouth before he retrieved his cock, as I was trying to swallow his nectar bit by bit some of it was dripping from my mouth.

Mike lifted me and licked his cum from the corners of my lips before kissing me and taking what was left of his sperm from my mouth then he put his pants back and gave me an intense kiss that left me breathless. He winked at me saying "see you soon" and walked away leaving me light-headed trying to process what happened: I just had an amazing sexual experience with a hot stranger in a public place. I took my glasses from the shelf, my head was a little fuzzy, put them on and read the title of a book in that section, it was a theology book, I was thankful that nobody walked on us.

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