Japanese Karin Tsubaki has her furry muff punished

Japanese Karin Tsubaki has her furry muff punished
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Well let me tell you about a story that happened to me this summer. My name is John, i'm 18. I'm about 6'0" 200. I had been dating Jessica for about a year but we started slipping a part.

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We were hanging out and having fun at times but our intimacy had dried up and we weren't having any sex anymore. Sex was huge for us, it was amazing and we loved doing it but lately it had seemed like we weren't doing it at all.


We were in love but our love was starting to fade just a little bit. That's about when i met Emily. Emily and I had been in the same classes at the local college, studying the same major. She was nice about 5'10", blonde, but pretty plump. I didn't care, she was a cute girl and had a great personality, we liked almost everything the same! We started hanging out from time to time, just playing a video game, or watching a movie or just talking on line on occasion.

I never really had any intention of moving past that as I was still with Jessica. Emily was also dating a guy named Jacob and through many conversations we found out both of our relationships were at the same stalemate. It was Friday and Jessica was going out of town so i knew my weekend was going to be pretty boring.

Now even with my constant flirting between Emily and I we didn't have those feelings which is why this weekend became much much better. I was alone at my apartment and Jessica had just left for Michigan for the weekend, when my phone started ringing. "Hello," I answered. "Josh, its Emily," she said. "Hey Emily, whats up?" "Oh nothing i was just bored, Jacob is out with his family this weekend and I was wondering if you might want to hang out?" "Oh weird, Jessica is gone too, well i wasn't doing anything, you want to come over and play a game or something?

I bought the new gears of war." "Sweet, i'll be right over." I waited about a half hour and finally she came in the door. She had a little bag in her hand and i was a bit curious about it. "Whats with the bag?" "Oh its nothing i didn't know how long i'd be over so i brought some things for myself." "Oh ok, well come on in. Lets play." We played video games for an hour or so but decided to go get some lunch. We went to a pizza place and got talking about sex some how.

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We both had found it had been almost 2 months since i had gotten any and nearly 4 months for her. "I so need a good fuck," she said aloud.

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"Haha too bad we're both in a relationship or this might get weird," i told her. "Why would it be weird?" "I don't know, you and I are both in heat, we're alone for the weekend, and i'm getting pretty uncomfortable over here." I told her while motioning to my crotch. We were pretty open so she just giggled and looked back up at me.

"Maybe we should head back to your place and watch a movie or something, the night is young still." she said referring to it only being 7. The car ride got even more heated between us, we started talking about some of our best sexual times and some of the weirdest things we had done.

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I had sex in a library with Jessica, where as Emily had sex in a K-Mart bathroom. Emily had looked over and noticed that i was getting very hard. I kept having to readjust my bulge while driving. "You may have to take care of that when we get home," she said while patting my bulge.

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"I don't know its not fun on my own," i winked at her right as we pulled in. She gave me a little squeeze and then got out of the car.

On the way up to my apartment she walked in front of me wiggling her ass with every step i was getting ready to explode. We got to my door and when i went to go around her to ope n the door she wouldn't budge and just pushed her ass into my crotch and grinded as i put the key in.

That's when it happened, we both let a out a deep moan of pleasure and then we kissed. We were making out and groping at each other like animals as we tried to get into my apartment. "Wait," i stopped her. 'What?" she asked. "If w'ere going to do this, then i have one rule!" "And that is?" "The entire time we're here, no clothes allowed!" I winked at her and started to lift off my shirt.

"Sounds good to me." We both started stripping each other as we made out frantically. AS her shirt came off my hands were like magnets and flung to her breasts kneading them in my hands. Her large nipples began to grow rock solid in my finger tips. Our tongues were twirling in each others mouths as her hands took down my pants and boxers in one swift motion.

I gasped at the freedom for my cock as it flung into the open air. Then she grabbed it, her hand was so soft and so warm on my fleshy member that i almost came right there. i took my que and took down her pants as her hand started rubbing up and down my shaft. "That feels so good Em." She started pushing me backwards until i fell onto the couch.

Her hand went right back onto my dick as she climbed up onto me. I felt her breath on my dick i wanted it bad.

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And then she put it in her warm mouth. She gobbled on my cock like a big girl flocking to pizza. It felt great her tongue going up and down my shaft, slobbering it up as she planted little kisses on my balls. "Suck on my balls Emily, take'em in your mouth." She giggled and winked at me then opened her mouth wide placing my balls deep into her mouth.It felt so good, her mouth was so warm and wet it was the best blow job i had ever recieved.

Tongue flicking on the tip of my cock. I was getting close to cumming and i didnt want it to end. She took my cock from her mouth and put it between her breasts.

And started rubbing them up and down while flicking the tip of my dick in her mouth. I reached down and took her breasts in my hands squeezing them while she grabbed my ass and started to make me titty fuck her hard. "Oh Emily i'm so close," I said. "Wait! I don't want you to cum yet!" she said in a teasing manor. She started to pull away from me so i pinned her down on the couch and started kissing her again.

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My hand dove into her pussy pushing my fingers inside slowly letting her get used to them. First one, then two, after awhile i got four in there, and I have biggg hands!

I slowly started making my way down her body. To her neck, sucking and kissing her collarbone, down to her breasts taking each nipple slowly into my mouth nibbling on them one by one, giving little bites to her. She shivered at my touch. My mouth started moving down her stomach to her pelvis planting little kisses all the way down spreading them out while having fun.


Then i reached it, the fond smell, the juices were amazing. So i flicked my tongue in, tasting her for the first time. She tasted sweet and sour it was amazing. I just dove in probing her with my fingers and tongue. I could see her starting to twitch as my tongue flicked on her clit. Her gyrations got harder and faster and then she screamed as she came on my face. She was in pure ecstasy. I looked up at her smiling, as she looked down out of breath.

I started kissing my way back up to her. "Are you ready for this?" "You want to ask me that now," she said. I took her words with a smile and drove my dick deep inside her, now 6 inches may not be huge but i have a little bit of girth and being uncircumcised it looks a little longer.

It glided right up her, she was still soaking wet. Just pounding into her slowly at first but harder than ever. She pushed back with every thrust. I knew i wasn't going to last long and she did too. I started going faster getting into a rhythm and after about ten minutes of constant plunging i exploded. I shot atleast three big spurts of cum deep inside her womb.

And i realized i wasn't wearing a condom and was kinda worried, but thought to myself she's probably on birth control, i hope! As my cock dick started to soften inside of her we lay there out of breath and we collapsed into each other on the couch. "That was amazing, definitly the best i've ever had." "Well its not over yet," i told her. "What?" "I've got you here all weekend long and we're going to have plenty of time to try to make that look like foreplay.

We're just getting started." "Oh good because we have plenty of things left to try," she said as she wiggled her ass into my cock. I knew what she was implying and i had never really thought of doing it before, but with her i was going to have to tap that ass before the weekend was over! She turned over and put her head on my chest, her hand trickling down my body lightly touching my penis.

I saw it twitch at every touch she made. She kept playing and after a few minutes i started growing again. SHe looked up at me and kissed. "You ready for round two?" she asked. "Depends on what you had in mind?" "Well meet me in the back and you'll find out." she said as she got up and jogged into my bedroom. Her ass jiggled at every step. "You better hurry or i'll start without you!" she called.

I just smiled to myself, locked the door and ran after her my cock flowing in the wind as I ran. To be continued. Please leave comments its my first story in a series. I have plenty of stories to tell you all.