Twmoms and one guy office

Twmoms and one guy office
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before you start getting your panties in a twist and commenting bitchy shit, just know that I DO NOT SUPPORT RAPE! This has incest rape in it so be warned! Now please continue and just remember that I do not support nor do I encourage it. He looked at her a way a brother shouldn't look at a sister.

Every time she walked around in her short shirts or tight-fitting shirts, it drove him mad. Her big 34DD breasts were always so inviting along with her wide hips that were begging him to grab ahold to as he plunged deep inside her virgin pussy. He watched her from the living room as he saw her sway her hips back and forth to a song she was playing while she cooked.

Thinking of what it feel like to sway her hips on his dick as he pounded into her sweet pussy entered his mind. His cock was straining in his pants begging for his sister's pussy lips to be wrapped his shaft as she rode him like a cowgirl. "Aiden, do you want me to cook something up for you while I am in here?" His sister, Emily, called out from the kitchen. Her seventeen year old body looked sexy in the huge t-shirt she decided to wear today, probably not wearing any shorts.

His dick twitched at the sound of her calling his name. "Yeah, go ahead," he called back at her with a far more deep and huskier voice. She hadn't noticed his aroused voice which made him relieved a little, but his hard-on began to hurt wanting to be relieved itself. He rubbed his hand against his throbbing cock to try and get some relief, but he didn't recieve any as he continued to watch his little sister swaying her hips to the music. His hard dick wouldn't allow him to think of anything else other then what it would feel like to have her warm, and tight pussy pounding against his thick ten inch cock.

He got up from his seat on the couch and turned the music up to its maximum volume just in case she resisted and decided to scream. She didn't care about how loud I turned the music up and continued to sway her hips to ever beat. Slowly, he started to walk up behind her, each step causing his dick to thump harder in throb. After years of waiting for this moment he was going to have it.

His mother and father were out on a week long business trip, and it was perfect for his time he wanted to share with his little baby sister. He placed a hand on her hip which finally gained her attention. "Aiden?" She asked as she turned around and her eyes were downcast looking straight at my hand until she shifted her gaze into his lustfilled hazel orbs. She gasped and tried to walk awaybut he wasn't having it.

He quickly placed his other hand on her other hip locking her place as he turns her around and bends her over the counter. Aiden quickly turns off the stove which had a pancake cooking in a pan. He placed his hard dick right in between the mounds of her huge perfectly rounded ass.

"Aiden, what are you doing?!" She shouted over the music which was booming throughout the house. "Im doing what I always wanted.


You don't know how much I wanted to fuck your tight little pussy when you walked around in those tight ass shorts," he groaned leaning against her planting his bare muscular chest against her back which was covered by the huge shirt, spooning her. Immediately, he ripped the shirt off of her and was happy at what he saw.

She didn't have a bra on, and a black thong was the only thing that covered her. "No! Stop it! You're disgusting! You're my brother for fucks sake! Get off of me or I'll tell mom and she could put your disgusting ass in jail!" She shouted thrusting around trying to get him away from her body. He grabbed ahold of her wrists and placed them behind her back and pulled out a charger cord - immediately tying her hands together with the charger.

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"You won't tell mom, because if you do I will kill her and anyone else you think about telling," he whispers in her ear. She started thrashing around again, making him pull her hips toward him and groan as his dick grew harder. "Get off of me! Get off of me! Get off!" She screamed. He chose to ignore her and start sliding her thong off of her, which really got her screaming and trying to pull away.

He slapped her in the face resulting in a loud sob to erupt from her, "stop fighting you fucking whore! You know you want this!" He shouted, and with those words he worked his finger into her dry pussy.

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He felt her tight wall against his one finger and couldn't wait to have his dick shoved up in there. When he started to gain some lubrication he began going faster shoving another finger inside her tiny virgin hole.

"no stop!" She moaned. He pumped his finger in and out of her pussy loving the slurping sound it gave before pulling out completely before she could come close to cumming. She was wet and ready for him, and he was hard and ready for her. She strated crying hysterically as she felt him slide his basketball shorts off.

She tossed her head to the side and saw the blurry reflective refrigerator reveal his monster size through his boxer briefs. She watched as he slid them off in horror.

"No! Stop Aiden! Please!" She cried begging for some kind of mercy from her brother. She watched as he grabbed ahold of his length and place it in between her wet folds. Sliding up and down on her slit with his precum leaking from his huge cock.

"No!" She screamed trying to get away, but it only brought her pussy down against the head of his shaft which was what he thrust into her. "Look at that, you're so wet for me you fucking slut! You want my cock fucking your pussy don't you?!" He shouted as he slapped her ass.

He kicked her feet wider apart. He pulled out of her and slid another inch inside her. She was so tight and it felt so good. "Stop!" She sobbed trying to push away. "Fight me again, then I will fuck you so hard not even caring that you are a virgin!" He shouted in anger at the fact she didn't want him to fuck her. "No! Leave me alone!" She screamed trying to break free of the restraints on her arm.

His anger bloomed ten fold as he thrust his half of his length into her, popping her cherry making her no longer a virgin. She screamed in pain and tried to get away. "Stay still, if you want the pain to ease," he groaned loving the feel of his sisters warm pussy. She was wet and he didn't need to produce much lubrication as she mainly produced it all. Then he pulled out her tight pussy only to slam back in with a groan.

"Fuck! Take my cock you slut!" he shouted out at her. He slipped his hand to her pussy lips and toyed with her clit as he rammed the rest of his cock into her, she screamed in pain with a loud sob. He started going slow and hard, but when she let out a cry/moan it motivated him to go faster as he picked up his pace.

Her body rocked back and forth against the counter as he groaned. She watched in sadness as her big brother raped her pussy, taking her virginity. She hated the way her body reacted to it, as she saw him grab ahold of her of her shoulders, pulling her to him to meet each thrust. "Shit! Yes! Scream my name, whore! Scream it or I'll make you suck my cock! " He screamed at her while slapping her ass again making her whimper in pain.

"Aiden!" she screamed not wanting him to force his dick in her mouth. She continued to watch and saw his thick tan cock slide out her pussy with her pink lips pulling back along with it only to shove it back in.

She squeezed her lower body trying to make him stop, but it only excited him more as he groaned again pumping his cock harder into her and much faster, "damn slut, don't stop! Don't stop! Yeah cunt, massage my cock nice and good. Ohhh yessssssssssssss," She was disgusted by his action and tried with every fibe in her body to stay against the counter and not allow him to pull her down onto his shaft.

He must've noticed because he slapped her ass again, "FUCK ME BITCH!" He shouted shoving his finger up her asshole. She didn't comply which made him slap her ass again.

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She cried as she pushed back to meet each thrust. "Oh, yes!

You bitch, take my hungry cock!" he groaned. Then she felt her legs be lifted up. He was holding her thighs giving him better access as he pounded harder into her tight pussy hitting her g-spot. "Such a good fuck! FUCKING WHORE! YOU'RE FUCKING YOUR OWN BROTHER!" She moaned before sobbing, "Yes slut! You like that, huh? You like your brother cock up your tight pussy hole, you nasty cunt!" He shouted at her slapping her ass. "Tell me how much you love it when I fuck your slut pussy! Tell me bitch!

You love it!" He yelled slapping her ass again while slamming his fat cock into her tight hole where she tried to squeeze hopefully to hurt him, but it made her pussy feel so much better. Her wet cum was coating his cock and he loved every second.

He stretched her wide and open and his cock swelled with hunger for his thirsty cunt sister. Finally her walls started to tighten around him and he knew she was going to cum. He slowed down, and thrust his dick harder in her wet tight walls. She moaned as the cum came squirting out her pussy and all over his dick. He forced her to ride out her orgasm as he turned her over onto her back with him still buried deep into her tight pussy.

He fondled her huge boobs, and planted his lips on her nipple, sucking the life out them He twirled his tongue around the nipple head, as he groped the other one. He then, shifted onto the next boob where he copied his previous action. He groaned as he felt the tightness in his ball, he knew he was going to cum. He buried himself deeper into her haven causing his balls to slap against her ass. Until he finally came with a loud groan, emptying his seed deep inside her pussy.

"Damn your a good fuck, slut," he told her while playing with her nipple, his dick still rammed inside of her. "Y-You had your fun!

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N-Now, g-get off o-out of me!" She sobbed shifting her upper body to het his hand off, but she unintentionally grinded against his cock, which immediately gotten him semi-hard again. "No! Get off!" She screamed probably feeling how thick his cock got. He smirked before pulling out of her warm cunt with a loud pop only to throw her on the ground. "Get on your knees, bitch," he told her, but when she didn't move his anger got the best of him as he grabbed her hair and tugged her blonde strands of hair, dragging her up on her knees.

"I'm going to give you a choice, it seems my cock can't get enough of you baby sis, so, I can either fuck your pussy again, fuck your sexy plump ass, or you can suck my cock nice and good - either way I will fuck one of your tight holes - so which hole do you choose?" he tormentingly asked rubbing his cock to get it fully erected.

She looked at his cock and couldn't believe it fit inside her virgin pussy, it was long and thick and still glistened with their mixed cum. "None! You're my brother you dumb, sick bastard!" She shouted and immediately regretted it as anger was evident in his eyes. He grabbed her head and banged it on the floor cause her to black out ---- She woke up with her body rocking back and forth but she couldn't see anything everything was black, and as she inspected a blindfold was what blinded her vision.

Before you know it, she stated to hear voices.

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"Damn man, you were right her pussy is so good," a voice she began to notice sounded familiar. "When is she going to wake up, I want to hear her screams," promoted the boy again.


That was when the feeling in her lower region began to gain the pain that she was feeling. A cock rammed in between her lips and it stretched her to the max, it was way thicker than her brothers and she found herself screaming in pain. "There she goes," my brother said from somewhere in the room. "Damn look at these big tits," exclaimed the boy as he toyed with my boobs. "No! Stop please get of me! " I cried sobbing out of control at the pain and the fact I was being used over and over again.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch and take my cock. Fuck!" He rolled his hips thrusting into her tight hole. She didn't know how long he had been pounding into her raw meat but she heard him scream before dumping his seeds into her wound. "Damn! I'll pay extra if she sucks my cock," he muttered. Suddenly the strands of my hair was being pulled again as he pulled out her pussy.

She was in a compromising postion as she felt a hand harshly pulling her mouth down. "suck his dick, slut, or I'll tie you to a bed and fuck you 24/7 until mom and dad get back," he yelled at her as he brought his hand over to choke me. I tried to gain air in my lungs but he wouldn't let me until I nodded my head. [PART TWO CUMING SOON!!]