Spicy babe gets her naughty mouth full of guy protein

Spicy babe gets her naughty mouth full of guy protein
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Nikki wanted to dine at the Tower Club but none of the men, she had went out with could afford to take her there. It is an exclusive club where the richest of Dallas and other wealthiest people from around world went.

It is a club with a well-known reputation for seeing the sexiest, youngest women with the wealthiest older men in the world. Where Multi-Million deals were negotiated every day. A friend of Nikki's made arrangements for her to have dinner.

For her eye catching outfit she wore the most risqué sexy slingshot dress. The dress is absolutely sinful, showing every, sexy inch of her. The material is sheer white and had two thin straps that crisscrossed her neck, exposing her entire back. The straps barely cover her nipples, exposing her firm, suckable 34B tits. The straps crisscrossed her tits and attached to the side of the very, very, short mini dress, that displayed every inch of her long, sexy, tapered legs.

She wore a pair of tan, thigh high stockings and a pair of black, high heel pumps. When she walked out of the bathroom my eyes were riveted to her body. I was imagining fucking her all night and all day. Nikki approached the bar when my assistant stopped her and indicated I wanted her to meet her and have her join me for dinner. Nikki is so thrilled to see my huge bulge through my pants at the sight of her.

" So sexy lady, I'm John Malone. Please sit here next to me." I said as she walked to me. As soon as she came to me I took her in my arms kissing her, running my hands all over her.

I released her, Nikki looking at me in shock. This is such a turn of events for her, she had never had a man do that before. Nikki sat down I leaned over whispering in her ear " Lets leave and go to my place. We can get dinner there later." Nikki nodded and we got up and left going to the Ritz Carlton of Dallas. Entering the room I closed and locked the door. We kissed as my hands were all over her body, turning her on and driving her insane with lust. We were in a deep, sexy kiss for over 10 minutes when she feels me push the tiny, thin straps off her nipples.

Her bud-like nipples are on fire as I begin masterfully kissing, licking and sucking each one. Her pussy is dripping as I kiss her nipples then run my hand over the lace tops of her stockings and begin squeezing her ass and spreading her firm cheeks apart. " Oh M God," She groans, as I take control of her body. " I've got to suck your pussy," I said, then spun her around and bent her over the bed.

I squatted down pushing her tiny thong to the side and began eating her, going from her pussy to her asshole. " Oh fuck baby," She moans over and over as I ate her masterfully, while my fingers play with her extended clit.

We stayed this way for a half an hour, and she is going crazy as I skillfully ate her. The way I use my hands to turn her on, running them up her stocking covered legs to the tops of her nylons, raising the level of heat in her body drove her crazy. Nikki cannot believe that the man she just met is a master at fucking. " Oh fuck baby, you are driving me crazy," She moans as my hands run up and down her thigh high stockings, softly, sending sparks through her body and deep into her wet pussy.

" Oh god baby that feels so sexy." Finally after a half hour of this luxurious eating, her pussy shuddering a long minute, then slow cumming. After she came I pull her up and we continue our kiss. Nikki is so hot from my aggressiveness that she groans as I push her up against the wall. Our mouths lock instantly in a deep kiss, that had our tongues flying inside and outside our mouths hungrily as my hands roughly push the sides of her slingshot straps of her dress off her tits, to the middle, between her cleavage.

For two minutes I went crazy, as I greedily suck and bite her hard nipples, as she tossed her head back groaning. " Beautiful tits," I said. " Oh fuck baby, bite em," She groans, encouraging me to keep biting her nipples. As I hungrily bite her hard nipples.

she feels her thong being pushed to the side and my fingers thrusting up into her pussy. She is so wet from being taken so aggressively, she feels her pussy build-up fast thens close her mouth down hard on me and threw my head back as she snarl, " Cumming," in a throaty voice.

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As she came she feels the backs of her feet come out of her high heel pumps, from cumming so hard. As soon as she came, she squatted on her pumps pulling down my pants. " Oh fuck, she cries out, as she looks at 9 inches of flesh that shot out through the bottom of my underwear.

As soon as she saw it she knew I had a huge cock. Nikki started kissing and licking over the flesh that came out of my underwear, then pulls the rest down and watches it transform into a freakish cock, right in front of her eyes. " Oh fuck baby," she utters in a state of shock, as it continues to balloon out menacingly.

Within seconds it is nine inches long, and very fat around.

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" Such a huge cock baby," She said as she spit on it then pumped it with both hands, wishing she had four more to help work my massive shaft, and to please it. Nikki pumped me up and down as she continues to spit on it with her hot saliva, while looking up at me with a sexy smirk. " Oh yes baby, you like my big cock," I said in a voice that let her know.


" Oh fuck yes baby. I love a man with a big cock," Nikki said as she looked up at me while pumping my huge shaft that is coated with her saliva. I pull her up and we kiss hard for a minute as our tongues wrap around each others in a wild fuck-fest. " I've got to fuck you now, you are too sexy," I said in a voice that is commanding, leading her by her hand. Nikki is so caught up in my aggressiveness and my hunger to fuck her, she does not protest. I walk her to the other side of the sitting area.

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I spin her around and she reaches out grabbing the edge of the table, exposing and bringing her ass to me. My nickname is the bull I tell her. I spread her legs then wedge myself between them. Nikki is now feeling fearful and she is pleading with me to let her leave. I take my cock in my hand guiding it between the lips of Nikki's pussy.

Finding I'm not able to enter her immediately, I begin to rub my cock up and down her slit.


Finally I force my large cock head inside the labia of the now frightened woman, pushing my monster cock up into her very tight pussy. " STOP," she cries out in fear and not wanting to continue being taken by me. " No, don't do this to me, John, please stop I don't want this." Nikki is pleading in fear of what she knows is about to happen. Now I'm about to forcefully take her. Now I have half of my cock inside buried inside her, I feel her tightness obstructing my cock from sliding in further, and knew it is her narrow channel.

How many nights had I seduced women who were virgins or who had not had sex in while.

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With a force of brute strength I drive my monster cock deep inside her. I love hearing her scream as I tore through her tight channel.

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" Nooooo, stop it hurts, Oh God it hurts," Nikki screams as she feels the searing pain of my cock stretching her and attempting to split her open. " Please, oh please, won't you stop before it's too late?" Nikki then feels me shove hard into her ramming my cock all the way.

Pain shooting through her as she is stretched wider then she ever imagined possible. She screams, " GOD NO, TAKE IT OUT, OH PLEASE STOP I CAN'T STAND IT, IT HURTS, NO." Tears streaming down her face as then she passes out from the pain. For more than twenty minutes I continue to force my cock in and out of her.

With a brutal thrust I shove up inside from behind, then she feels my hot load filling her. Nikki stood bent over the table as I pulled back then rammed myself back in deep and hard into her.

She keeps whimpering for me to stop when I finally explode again sending load after load inside her. Nikki sobbing and leaning over the table lifeless. Just as Nikki is about to rise up from the table, I move back between her legs looking down at her, " Damn, looking at the blood running down her inner thigh from her very tight pussy being split." Then I stretch her ass cheeks apart. Nikki realized what I'm doing as I force her down on the floor on her hands and knees, I mount her from behind laying my body on top of her back wrapping my arms around grabbing he breasts.

She is not able to get out from under me as my weight holds her in place. I lay over her taking my hard cock putting the tip against her ass hole.

Nikki tells me " No John. don't do it there. I have never been touched there. please leeeaaaa." Just as she is about to say those words I push my cock with the same force I used on her pussy. Her words became screams ".leeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaveeee meeeeeeee.aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. it hurts." I fuck her tight virgin ass brutally till I came in her ass.


After I got up to see a beautiful woman fucked brutally in both her holes but still her body is wet with sweat making her look sexy. She went to the bathroom crying.