Frisky czech chick opens up her narrowed fuckbox to the bizarre

Frisky czech chick opens up her narrowed fuckbox to the bizarre
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Payback can be fun (Chapter two) As they drove away from my home, Ruth burst into tears, ruining what was left of her makeup. Laura glanced at her before looking back at the tree lined drive that ran up to the big wall lined house. "What's the matter with you, you stupid cow?" Ruth sniffed as she searched for a handkerchief to blow her nose. "I've I've never done anything like that before.

I mean sucked a mans balls or licked a woman's…" She stopped as if the very word would start her crying again. Laura gave her a look of distain before replying. "I know, my brother tells me your idea of sex is to lie there with your legs open and your eyes shut. No wonder he goes elsewhere for real sex. If it wasn't for the fact it would have cost him a fortune, he'd have dumped you years ago." "He, he wouldn't go elsewhere," Ruth sobbed. "He wouldn't. You are just saying that, and he wouldn't tell you about our sex life." "We share everything, and I do mean everything." By now they had driven through the village that lay just outside the walls of Franks new home, and were travelling along the B road that led to the major one that would take them onto the Motorway.

Laura suddenly hit the brakes of the Jaguar she was driving and swung off down a small track that was all but hidden by trees and bushes. "This will do." She stated as she brought the car to a halt deep enough down the track to be out of sight of anyone passing the end of it.

She reached across and opened the glove box and took out a packet of wet wipes, before getting out of the car. "What are you doing?" Ruth asked as she realised her Sister in Law was removing her clothing. Laura stood there in just her stockings and suspender belt, and them looked at Ruth as if she was stupid.

"If you think I am driving home, and more to the point stopping for petrol with my face covered in your cunt juice, you are very much mistaken." She started to remove the now dried mess from her face, before taking a fresh wet wipe and started to clean the mess from between her legs and off her cunt.

"God, if I stepped out of the car smelling of this, I'll have every dog on heat trying to shove its nose or something else up my cunt." The blond threw the wet wipes across the car to Ruth. "Here clean yourself up, your face is a mess and I can smell the come on you from here." Then Laura looked at her tits. "God you made a mess of these when you grabbed them. They'll be bruised for weeks." Ruth cleaned her face and still sitting in the car, lifted her skirt and started cleaning the now dried cum from around her legs and cunt.

Then she remembered the word scrawled just above it. Hers said Twat, and Laura's read Cunt. "what do we do about these?" She lifted the shirt higher to expose the lettering. "We can sort that out when we get home, meanwhile we need petrol." Laura started to dress again, then climbing back behind the wheel of the car, placed it into reverse and backed slowly back down the track. From there they drove quickly joined the motorway, stopping only to fill up with petrol. A few hours later they arrived back at Laura's home, there they both showered, both scrubbing off their new names until the skin above their cunts was red raw.

***** "Now what?" Ruth asked as they sat at the large dinning room table discussing the days events. "Now nothing." Laura replied. "If Frank expects me to be his whore, then he will find out I'm going to be an expensive one.

Today's payment was an insult, we'd earn more than that doing quickies outside some bloody pub." "I, I couldn't do that." Ruth responded, Laura stood up, walked round to where Ruth sat, and slapped her, hard across the face. "You'll do anything you have to, to bring my brother back. Anything do you hear." Ruth cried out and lifted her left hand to her reddening face. "And your husband? "Fuck him," Laura responded. "He doesn't know it yet, but he's on his way out.

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My brother is the one that counts, nobody else." ***** I allowed the two women a few days to get used to their new role as my slaves before ringing them again. Ruth would be no problem, she was the type of girl that joined the bully's gang at school to avoid being bullied herself. Laura though was different. She would fight. She answered her mobile on the forth ring and I said simply. "Three hours from now for the two of you to be standing naked in my hall." "Well that's not going to happen." Laura replied.

"If you want us, then we will need to re negotiate the terms." With that, she hung up.

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I smiled, if she wants to play that game, then so be it. ***** Laura rang Ruth and told her what she had done, and suggested she came round to her home. Ruth knew better than to refuse.

A request from Laura was a command, and god help her if she refused. An hour later, Ruth drove up the short drive leading to Laura's front door, and seeing it open, stepped. In. As she did, she was grabbed from behind, a cloth placed over her nose and mouth, and then, nothing.

Ruth awoke to find she couldn't move, and her tits felt as if they were on fire. She lifted her upper body, and more pain ripped through her nipples causing her to cry out.

As she did, she heard a second cry of pain, and she opened her eyes. She was tied face down naked on the big dining room table in Laura's house.


Her legs were tied to two legs, exposing her cunt and arse to anybody who wished to look at them. Her arms were tied to the centre section, and her tits, were squashed below her, but they now had very painful clamps attached to them, and from each clamp, Ruth could see a nylon fishing line stretched tightly to the other side of the table to where they were attached to the nipple clamps on Laura's tits.

If either of them moved, it stretched the line, pulling their nipples further out, and sending more pain through them. Laura moaned and then looked around her dinning room trying to find a sway out of their situation, then she realised that she and Ruth were not alone. Standing in the doorway was the biggest man she had ever seen, He almost filled the whole door, while behind him, she could just make out two or maybe three other large men. "Who are you? Untie us at once." The giant smiled, but the smile never reached his eyes.

"You owe my boss a lot of money. Your husbands have vanished, so you owe him." "But we don't," Laura responded. "We've made an arrangement and Uncle Frank has agreed to pay off our debt." "Our boss says. He rang him and there's to be no more money. He says he can do what he wants with you. So…" The giant moved forward and reached over grabbed one of the nylon fishing lines connecting the two women, and pulled it hard. The two women screamed as their connected tits stretched until both women decided that the man intended to rip their nipples off.

"I wonder if? Boris, get over there and grab the other line." "No, please no," Ruth whimpered. "It hurts." "Then it will hurt some more. The giant said as Boris grabbed the line. "Pull." The two women screamed as their tits were stretched in opposite directions, their nipples already engorged with blood taking the brunt of the pain. Then the giant nodded to Boris, and both men let go of the nylon. The man smiled again. "I wonder what would happen if we tied another line to your clits?

That could be fun." Laura shook her head. "Please no," She pleaded. "I'll ring Frank again, we'll come to some sort of an arrangement. "Perhaps later. Meanwhile it seems a shame to waste what we have.

Or what you are about to get." He undid his trousers and dropped both them and his underpants to his knees and allowed his prick to rest on the table. "So ladies who wants this first?" Both Ruth and Laura stirred at the monster prick in deep disbelief.

It was over a foot long, and neither woman could get her hand round it. "It wouldn't fit. Laura gasped. "Strangely that is what all you women say. But I have never found one who couldn't take it. With a little help of course." He moved round to Laura's rear and lined his massive prick up with her dry cunt and simply ploughed into her. Laura screamed and arched upwards, tightening the lines joining her tits to Ruth's.

Ruth also screamed, then started sobbing. "Boris, why don't you offer the young lady some distraction." Boris grunted, and moved behind Ruth, dropped his trousers, and like his boss, ploughed into the dry cunt.

"Let's get the timing right my friend, it will be more fun. Well for us at least." Boris nodded, then both men drove their massive pricks into the women's cunts at the same time, once again forcing them to arch and stretch their nipples to almost breaking point. Then for a split second as the men pulled back, the pressure eased, only to be redoubled as both men drove into the stretched cunts. Laura felt as if she was being split in two as the man she had named the giant, lived up to his name.

The massive prick was reaching almost into her womb, and her tits, she couldn't take much more of the pain. Then she felt her abuser speeding up and then he exploded inside her. Ruth's womb too was being splashed with sperm, but she was past caring.

As he came and then withdrew from her abused cunt, she simply collapse on the dining table, squashing the nipple clips into her breasts. But their torment was not over. There was four men, and the other two required their piece of the meat on offer. A second man who had a face only a mother could love, then only if she was drunk, stepped up behind Laura, and looked at the gaping hole that was her cunt. "Christ Boss, you've ruined it for me.

I could drive Russian tank up there and not touch the sides." "Well improvise, I'm sure our new toy won't mind. And even if she does, who cares? The sex club these two are bound for like to hurt their slaves." "Good idea," The ugly one responded as he spat on Laura's pink star shaped arse hole.

Before she realised what was going to happen, the new attacker rammed his thick prick deep into her shit hole, causing Laura to once more scream as she tried to lift off the table, and in doing so once more put more pressure on her badly abused nipples. Ruth also screamed out in fear and pain, as her attacker introduced her to the art of being fucked in the arse. Then she just sobbed as the prick in backside settled down to a steady pace, with each stroke adding more pain.

But her attacker decided she wasn't in enough pain, so he gripped her shoulders and as he slammed into the abused bleeding rectum, he pulled her towards him, once more stretching both her and Laura's nipples a good two inches out from her breasts. It was more than Ruth could take. "The bitch has fainted on you," Ugly sneered as he continued to pound Laura's arse. "She needs some water to wake her up." "Good idea," The Boss replied, and grabbing her by the hair, lifted her head up and pissed over Ruth's face.

"That should do it." Ruth came round spluttering as the water ran down her throat. Then she opened her eyes and realised it wasn't water, it was piss. She was being pissed on. It ran down her mouth and neck, and then mixed with the sweat that had pooled under her body, so every time she was pushed forward by the prick ramming into her arse, she slid along the pool on the table, only to be dragged back again.


At last though she could feel her abuser speeding up and knew that her torment would be over soon. The Russian gave out a cry and Ruth felt his cum explode deep into her bowels.

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Her torment was over. Or was it. As Ugly finished with Laura, he pulled out a knife and cut, first the nylon cord that tied them to the table, and then slashed the twine that connected the two women by the tits. He the took hold of the two lines that were still tied to the blond woman's tits, and dragged her in front of him, before presenting his blood and shit covered prick to her face. "Clean it." Laura shook her head, but Ugly lifted her up by the nylon still connected to her nipples.

"Clean it or I'm going to hang you up by your tits." Laura gulped and opened her mouth and started licking her own shit off the mans prick, while across the room, Ruth was doing the same to her abuser.

"All of it you cunt." Ugly snarled, yanking the two lengths of twine as he did. Laura whimpered but carried on cleaning the foul tasting mess while fighting back the urge to be sick. At last the prick was spotlessly clean and the anal rapist allowed her to slump to the dining room floor. "The boss says he wants these two cunts ready to start earning later tonight. They'll put on a show for an hour, Girl on girl, or maybe he'll bring in a dog or, remember that bitch he had mounted by the donkey?" Laura's eyes widened so wide, Ruth thought they would pop out.

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But her eyes also widened at the thought of having sex with any animal. "After that, they'll provide Extra Services to paying customers for the next hour or two. Then they'll put on another show. They should be good for twelve hours a so a day." "Do you think they'll live long enough to pay off their debt?" Ugly asked. The gang leader laughed.


"They won't even scratch the surface on the interest." He laughed. "So who wants seconds?" Laura tried to talk with the taste of shit in her mouth, but it was dry. She swallowed and tried again. "If you let me make that one phone call, I'm sure your boss will get the money he needs." "Seems like a plan," The gang leader replied. "The boss would rather have is money than two screwed to death cunts. Meanwhile have a look round the house for anything of value.

Just in case the phone calls a waste of time." Laura gulped as the leader handed her the phone, and she quickly punched in Franks number.

***** As Laura's number came up on my phone display, I allowed it to ring out a few times before answering it. "Yes." I simply said.

"I' er we have thought over your offer, and I'm sure we can…" I cut across her. "I cancelled my arrangement with the people your husbands borrowed money from and I assume they are on their way to visit you. Unless of course they are already there. Goodbye Laura, enjoy your new life." "WAIT." She screamed down the phone.

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"Please wait. We'll do anything, anything you want. But please don't leave us in the hands of these people." "You will both be standing in the hall of my home at 9-0am tomorrow morning. One minute late and the deal is off. Refuse one order, the deal is off. You even look at me wrong and… Well I think you get the picture. Now if you have visitors, give the phone to their leader." Laura handed the phone to the giant towering above her.

"He wants to speak to you." The giant held the phone to his ear. "Yes?" "I assume they have been taught a lesson?" "Yes." "Good, you'll have the other half of your fee by courier within the next few hours.

Now say goodbye to your toys." The giant put the phone down on the table and smiled. "It seems you are not to join our little group of sex workers. Pity, but before we go, you both can give us blow jobs." He presented his massive prick to Laura who struggled to get her mouth round it, but fearing what would happen if she didn't comply, somehow managed.

Later, the giant removed the clamps and both women cried out in pain as the blood flowed freely back into the swollen abused nipples. Then the gang was gone, leaving to two broken women holding each other for comfort. **** I placed the phone down and stared down at the naked red headed teenager who was kneeling in front of me, her young lips wrapped firmly round my prick.

I smiled and went back to playing with her tits. This was one student who wouldn't have to worry about student loans when she started at her university in a few months. I could feel my balls tightening and squeezed her tits hard.

She knew what was about to come, in more than one way, but carried on sucking as I exploded in her mouth. Oh the joys of having money.