Mom son teaching xxx sex for daughter

Mom son teaching xxx sex for daughter
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I regret doing it, but I don't. Sounds weird right? I'll tell you what happened, but I need to show where it started. Feburary 14th, 2009: As any other horny 15 year old does on a late Friday night, I was in my room jerking off.

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The only difference was I was doing it to the thought of my mom. She was an amazing woman, she has a nice ass, nice boobs, she was skinny and sort-of tall. She had blonde hair, and was lonley after Dad left her. I've always fanisized about fucking her, now the senario was perfect! She's a lonely woman, in need of a lover, and I'm her only kid, and the only other person in the house. Tommorow for sure I will make my move. maybe? I was going fast and hard, more than usual, and right as I finished, I looked over and saw my mom, staring right at me, I froze.

She stood there looking at me for a few moments and quickly ran away. How did I not notice her? Was she there the whole time? How did I not here the door open? Does she feel the same way about me as I do her?

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Millions of questions raced through my mind as I cleaned up and I put some clothes on. I didn't know if what just happened would ruin what I had planned or if it would speed up the process. I thought to myself that if she already saw my dick and obviously injoyed it, I might as well do tonight what I had planned for tomorrow.

I waited til around 10PM to talk to her, my heart was racing and so was hers as I started the conversation.

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"Mom, I didn't mean for that to happen." I said. "No, I should be the one sorry, masturbating is a normal thing in a kids life, Joey. You shouldn't stop just because I walked in on you." She said, tripping on her own words. I scooted closer to her, our thighs were touching. "Mom, can I ask you something?" My dick was becoming hard and I tried to cover it.

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"What is it honey?" She asked. "First you need to promise that you wont tell anyone." "I swear I wont tell." She said, sounding more and more curious. "If I ask you and the answer is no, I want you to promise you wont see me any differently." My heart was pumping so hard and loud that I thought she could see it beating in my chest.

"Okay, what do you want to ask?" I took a deep breath. "Mom, I love you.


More than a son should, I can't take not knowing if this could work out, but I'd like to at least try." I took another breath.

"I wasn't mad about you seeing me- you know- because I actually wanted you to see. I've wanted to make love to you for a very long time, because you are the most beautiful woman in the entire world, everytime I hear your name, I blush and my-" I paused. "-dick gets immediatly hard." She looked confused, she was either relieved that I felt that way, or she was creeped out that I said it in front of her.

"Joey, you know this is wrong." She started. "I know Mom, but I don't care, every time you turn around, I stare at you and imagine me making love to you." It's very weird saying to dirty of words in front of Mom, but I'm slowly getting over it. "I can't hold it any longer, and since you've already seen my dick, I thought we might as well try it out." "Let me think on that okay Joey, you're asking a big thing from your mother and I-" I kissed her, trying to force my toungue into her mouth.

She was resistant at first, but soon I managed to get it in and connect it with hers. We held this long passionate kiss for a few minutes, before Mom broke it off. "Joey, that was the most amazing kiss I've had in a long time." She started.


"Meet me in my room, I think we can work something out." Is my Mom's horny mind taking over? If so, I love it, because my dream of fucking Mom is now coming true! She was already in bed, naked by the time I came in, those large breasts where hard to ignore, as I pulled my pants down revealling my boxers and a 7 in dick that was about to be released.

I pulled my boxers off and my Mom just looked in awe. "Mom I want to do your pussy." Boy, talking like this in front of my mom will take long to get used too. Mom agreed and laid back down and gave me a perfect veiw of her nice pussy, which looked like it was shaved only a few days ago. There where little stubbs of pubes, which I thought was sexy. I teased Mom with the head of my dick, rubbing it around the lips of her vagina, and continued for a minute or two and I started to put the head in.

I didn't know how it would feel to have my dick go back up the place where I fell out of, but it was amazing. I slowly increased my speed as My entire cock was now in my own mothers pussy.

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It only took 15 seconds for me to release my entire load. It felt like I was in heaven, however, that feeling didn't last. I just realized I wasn't wearing a condom, and Mom wasn't taking birth control, she quit after dad left. There was a high possability that I just impreginated my mother. CHAPTER TWO: We both fell asleep that friday night around midnight and woke up around three in the morning, both set on the mind, that I moight be the father of my own sibling.

"Mom, since we're both up, can we go at it again?" I asked, desprated for mor of my mom's pussy. "Not my pussy, if I'm not already pregnant, I don't want to be, we can try anal, if you want." "Actually, can we try Oral?" I suggested.

"Uhm. I don't- OH! GOD! DON'T STOP PLEASE!!!" I started eating her pussy, and it was so good, I couldn't stop. It was weird, awesome, and indescribable on how incredible her pussy tasted. To be truthfull, I don't remeber much after that.

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I remeber waking up around noon, with my dick in her ass, almost glued there by my cum. Just seeing that, my dick got hard, making her anus swell with my dick, and trying to sqirm out only made me release another load into her. TO BE CONTINUED(This isn't the end of chapt two!) Tell me how I did please!

This is my first story.

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Any suggestions and ideas for improvement are greatly appreciated!