Josh sucking hairy bear dick

Josh sucking hairy bear dick
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I smiled to myself as I coolly walked back over to the pool steps and waited for my brothers and my dad to catch up.

I couldn't believe this. Just last night, I was apart of a normal family that did NOT fuck each other and I had a sexy ass dark-skinned, muscle bound boyfriend.

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Now that I think about it, my ex-boyfriend Brandon looked a lot like my brother James. I had always secretly liked my older brothers a little more than what was normal for any sister to like their brother. I made it over to the steps and sat down to watch the guys finish their first stretch and dive back underwater to continue their laps. I watched as they kicked their sexy legs and bare assess bob on top of the water as they continued swimming. I ducked my head under the water to completely wash my face and hair out.

They were coming back towards me when I pulled up, and I noticed movement from inside the house. Before I had time to ponder on it, Jamal smacked the edge of the pool and raised up to cheer. He looked at me and said, "I won Jazz. You know what that means baby?" He was walking while he spoke and we was now directly in front me.

He walked up to the bottom of the steps and leaned in to rest both hands on the step I was sitting on. He loomed over me for a while with that sexy smirk of his. "No," I whispered to him while shaking my head back and forth. My long wet hair brushed my shoulders and splashed water on Jamal's chest and arms. "Come on boy. We're waiting!!" my dad called from his relaxed stance on the ledge deemed the finish line for their race.

Jamal grinned wider and shot a look towards my dad before finally answering. "That means I finally get to fuck this sweet pussy, baby, and I can't fucking wait." He leaned in and roughly kissed me, forcing his talented tongue into my mouth.

He moved his right hand to the juncture between my legs and I moaned into his mouth as his left hand palmed my tit. He played with my pussy lips for a minute, getting me wet, while he sucked on my tongue.

He pulled his mouth away, softly sucking on my bottom lip, making my lip stretch out until it finally slipped from between his lips. He worked two fingers into my pussy as he kissed and sucked on my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist so I could hump his hand while he sucked hard on the tender spot just bellow my right ear.

"Ohhh Jamal, I'm gonna cum soon." He trailed kisses down to my tits and took one into his mouth. Unlike last night when he softly sucked and played with my tits, Jamal now sucked hard on my tits while he fucked my pussy with his fingers. "Could you please just fuck her already?" James sighed from his spot next to my dad. Jamal kept his fingers moving like he hadn't heard his brother and switched tits.

He added another finger to my pussy and I cried out my climax. Jamal swiftly removed his fingers to thrust his dick into me before I could recover from my orgasm. Jamal gathered me into my arms, holding my ass as he moved slowly in and out of my pussy. My arms were placed behind me on the steps for balance, but now that he held me, I wrapped them around his back to dig into the hard muscle under my fingers.

"You're so fucking.ohhh yea.tight, baby. I don't.ahhhhh.wanna.hurt you." he groaned into my ear. His hot breath caressed my ear, adding to my pleasure. "You're not," was all I could manager to gasp out as he moved slowly in and out of me.

He started to pick up speed inside me. I turned my head slightly to see glance at my brother and dad and was shocked when I saw him kissing our dad with one hand under the water and another hand playing in my dad's chest hair. I closed my eyes as Jamal kept stroking me. His pace was furious now as he pumped into me. "Ahhhh. I'm about to cream all in this pussy baby," he yelled.

He came two seconds before I came apart in his arms scratching my nails into the skin on his back.

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He set me back on he steps as he tried to catch his breath. "With his head laying on my shoulder, Jamal breathed heavily with his chest hair tickling my hard nipples.

"You done bro?" James asked. "Cus I got next." I looked over at my brother. He was sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet hanging into the water with my dad sucking his dick.

My mouth dropped open as my dad deep-throated his son. James rubbed his hands over my dad's head and shoulders. His head was thrown back and his thick lips were parted as he breathing turned shallow.

I watched as James licked his lips and bit down on his bottom lip. My dad lifted his hands from James's thighs to softly push him down to the ground. Jamal had softened and started to slip out of my pussy.

He looked over to his dad and gave me one more hard kiss on the lips without taking his eyes from the action. James layed down on the ground while his dad swallowed his dick. I got up and walked up the remaining steps and over to James. His eyes were still closed and he had raised his right leg out of the water so he could hump my dad's face.


"Ohhh yeaaa dad. Keep sucking this dick. Mmmmm just like that," he moaned. I kneeled down James and started to rub my hands along his chest. He opened his eyes and stared at my face. "Sit on my face and let me taste you Jazz," he whispered to me. I did as he asked and lowered myself over him facing my dad as he kept sucking on James. James began to lick my pussy and I braced myself with a knee on each side of his head.

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I looked up to see Jamal standing beside my dad with one hand one James's thigh and another moving under the water as he sucked on James's balls. James grabbed my ass to spread my cheeks apart as he dove into my pussy. I fell forward a little and rested my hands on James's chest as he licked my pussy. "Ride me!

" James said and smacked my ass hard for emphasis. I started to move on his tongue. "Faster!" he growled. I whimpered when he smacked my ass again. This time a little harder.

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I rode his tongue to my dad's rhythmic sucking. I pried my eyes open to see my dad and Jamal working on James's dick head. They both licked and sucked on the head, letting their pink tongues caress. Dad pulled away and tilted the dick towards Jamal to as he dipped down to suck James's balls into his mouth. I slowed my movements to watch Jamal gag himself on James's dick.

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James smacked my ass again, telling me to speed back up. Then he groaned against me, " Ahhhhhh SHIT.

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I'M CUMMING!" He latched on to my clit as my dad jerked him off. I came on James's face as I watched his cum hit my dad and Jamal on their faces and chests. My dad and Jamal licked the cum off each other's faces. I looked closely into the water and also noticed that they were jerking each other off.

I climbed off James's face and watched my dad and Jamal kiss. My dad pulled away and moved his hand faster on Jamal's dick.

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"Fuck yea, boy. Cum on my hand," he said against Jamal's lips. "You like that don't you? Huh? Answer me boy!" My dad said as he stared into Jamal's eyes. "Yesss. I love it dad!" Jamal shouted. He started to jerk my dad faster. "You like it too huh? Oh yea you love my hand on you don't you?" My dad threw his head back and groaned as he and Jamal came together. They kissed and hugged closely before climbing out of the pool. James had led me over to one of our cushioned lounge chairs a few seconds before my dad and Jamal climaxed.

I faced away from James and guided his dick into my pussy to ride him reverse cowgirl. I put my feet on the lounge chair in between his thighs while his legs rested on the ground.

I started to ride him as Jamal and Dad walked over. Jamal's dick was starting to harden again. Once they were close enough, Dad brought a nearby chair close to James and I and plopped down to stroke his dick. Jamal sat down on the end of the chair James and I were on. James suddenly gripped my thighs and lifted me off his dick. Jamal bent his head and started to lap at my pussy while he stroked himself. I leaned my head back onto James's shoulder and let my eyes drift close.

Then I felt his tongue move to my tight asshole. "Ohh," I said in surprise. He licked my tight rosebud as James held my legs open for him. Jamal inserted a finger and I realized his intentions. He was going to fuck me up the ass. Jamal kept licking until I opened up enough for him to fuck my ass forcefully with three fingers. I knew sooner or later they would want to DP me and I was expecting some discomfort. I was not expecting it to feel this good.

I moaned loudly as Jamal kept it up. "Well look at that, baby girl.

Your ass opened right up." He could hear my dad close up to me but I paid little attention. Jamal pulled back and grabbed James's dick. James lifted me higher until his dick was at my ass. Then he dropped me unto his dick. I screamed loudly and Jamal rose to kiss me. James ground against my ass as Jamal continued to kiss me and enter my pussy. He moved in and out of me while his tongue stroked the insides of my mouth. He started to slam into me lifting and lowering me on James's dick in my ass.

The pain in my ass started to go away. I wrapped my arms around Jamal to move with him. Jamal moaned into my mouth as James started to move as well. I gasped at the new feelings. "Ohhhh. This feels so good," I moaned. My head fell back unto James's shoulder as he picked up speed.

He and Jamal were now hammering in and out of me now. With my eyes closed I heard the smacking of lips and low moaning close to my ear. I opened my eyes and peeked over to see my brothers locked in a passionate tongue kiss.

They both had their eyes closed as they smacked lips. James groaned and his body stiffened below mine. "FUCK!" he said as he worked my ass. He and Jamal kept kissing and my head was turned away. My dad shoved his now hard dick into my mouth with both hands in my hair. I moaned around his dick as he fucked my mouth. "Ahhhh fuck baby girl. Daddy's gonna cum," he yelled with his head thrown back and eyes closed. James was the first to come. Spraying his seed into my ass.

Dad came next. He pulled his dick out and sprayed his cum all over my face before putting his limp dick back into my mouth. Jamal kissed one side of my neck while James kissed the other after Dad pulled back. Jamal pounded my pussy hard and I came as he reached down to pinch my clit. He came seconds after me, grinding against me while his dick filled my pussy with cum.

He fell on top of me, but soon got up to sit lay back in another lounge chair. I crawled forward to lie face down with my head in the cushions of the chair and my legs straddling the sides of the chair. I felt the cum dribble out of my pussy as I tried to catch my breath. And then the glass door separating the backyard from the house slid open.

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"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON OUT HERE?!!!" I couldn't believe my luck. I turned to see my mom and my little brother, Justin standing with their mouths hanging open. I was too shocked to move.