Tools for virgin immodest cleft

Tools for virgin immodest cleft
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Dr Shaun Lee,opened the bottle of fruit juice.He retrieved the small,tightly folded piece of paper from his top pocket.Hands,shaking with excitement and heart pounding.Shaun,unfolded the paper and poured the contents into the container.He,had ground the four tablets into a fine powder.Hand,unsteady.He spilt a liberal dose around the rim of the bottle.He cursed under his breath.As he hastily,ran his finger around the rim to remove any traces of the schedule five sleeping pill.Gathering the powder on his finger.He dipped it back into the liquid.Shaun,replaced the top and shook the bottle violently.Holding the bottle up,he scrutinized it.

He wiped his sweating brow with his shirt sleeve.Glancing,at the kitchen clock.5:15 pm. It was a race against time and he was enjoying every minute of it!He placed five glasses on a tray, around the juice bottle.His cock was starting to swell as he took the refreshment to the TV room.

The door was closed and he heard his stepdaughter,Mellisa laughing loudly as he approached.He took a deep breath and knocked. ''Yeah?Come in!''.Mellisa yelled. Shaun greeted them cheerfully. ''Hi,Mr Lee! How ya doing?''Demi asked.The girl was fucking amazing! He was gonna have so much fun with her.! ''Well thanks Demi.I brought you girls some juice.Hot isnt it?'' Mellisa,looked at him with that superior,annoying look.She had inherited from her mother.''Okay,thanks Shaun.We watching a movie!'' He had married her mother when she was sixteen and had waited patiently for seven years to strike.He couldnt wait to buttfuck the conceited bitch!

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He placed the tray on the coffee table to a chorus of ''Thank you!'' and looked the assembled women over fleetingly before leaving.As he closed the door behind him.Shaun felt his anticipation begin to build in his chest.An intense mixture of emotions.excitement,longing,lust,debauchery and fear.What he had planned for so long was under way.Heaven help them he thought as he headed for his study.

Shaun,waited for the mobile to ring.He had bought a new sim card and only Michael and Jason knew the number.It rang as arranged at 5:30 pm. ''Hi!''.Shaun could hear his voice,shaking.Nervousness,was chewing at him. ''We fifteen minutes away.You taken them the drinks?'' Michael sounded normal.Not a hint in his voice that they were about to do something.That would surely get them locked away for life and maybe worse.His,demeanour had a calming effect on Shaun.

''They should be out within 30 minutes.I dont have to tell you how powerful that shit is,Dr!''Shaun said. He was feeling alot better.The three of them had been buddies since Med school.

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Getting up to all kinds of shit together.Before he had married Yvonne.They had often travelled to Bangkok on what Michael,called their anual sextour.They had started on whores and when they tired of that.They paid bundles of cash to gangrape young fifteen year old virgins brought in from the countryside.They had stoped going.When Jason,firmly rooted in a young Thai girls pussy had gone beserk and throttled her.They had paid the pimp,who turned out to be her uncle.A fucking fortune to dispose of her and shut his trap about what happened.

''Good,Shaun.Take it easy and phone as soon as they out.This is going to be A Fucking amazing,bro!''.Shaun Lee,glanced at his watch and gave the drugs another twenty minutes to take effect.What he had given them would knock out an elephant. They were the longest twenty minutes of his life.He paced the study as the time dragged.Large sweat marks visible under his arms.Jason had come up with the idea more than two years back.His friends knew him well and saw how he looked at his stepdaughter.Over a game of poker.Jason had suddenly blurted.''Hey Shaun.Hows Mellisa,doing?Why dont we abduct her and fuck the crap outta her?''They had all chuckled.The way Jason,said it made it sound a perfectly natural thing to do.It had started as a sick joke amongst three sick men.It was now a reality having blossomed to not one but a full house of women.He picked up the bag and on shaky legs made his way to the TV room.

As he expected,there was no answer when he knocked.Mellisa,was stretched out on the sofa.Dead to the world.Her black eyelashes,closed over her beautiful green eyes.She was on her side,still holding the TV,remote in her hands.Drool,ran down her chin and she looked pale.Shaun,took her by her short blonde hair and lifted her head gently.He leaned over and kissed her on the mouth.His cock was straining,heavily in his pants.So he undid his zipper and let it free,angry and twitching to the side.He dialed Michaels,number.


''Yeah?Everything go okay?Ya ready for us?'' Michael had always been their Mr Cool. ''Yip,Im waiting.'' Shaun,replied.Panting with excitement as he summed up the sleeping womens bodies.

Shaun placed his hot cockhead against Mels lips.Moving it to and fro,pressing at them with his crown.They parted and he felt her pearly white teeth against his spout. He chided himself.There was no time to waste and work to be done.Removing,the gags and box tape.He gagged Mel and then turned her on her belly.He smacked her jeans clad buttocks and squeezed them angrily.Fuck!He wanted to cum.he bound her wrists together.Unzipping her boots and removing them with an effort.Her white socked feet,gave him evil thoughts.

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Mel,restrained and time of the essence.Shaun,bound and gagged Tracey,Demis fourteen year old sister.She was wearing a light blouse,long skirt and sandles.Not as breathtaking as her 19yr old sister.She was nevertheless a budding little thing.Shaun took the opportunity to look under her skirt.Tracey was wearing a tight thong and the sight of her protruding camel toe,made him gasp.Precum,leaked from his tip.

Rachel,the fairly plump and dark skinned Israeli.Who worked with Mellisa was slumped in the chair.Shaun,took her under the arms and lowered her,face first to the floor.Rachel,was a buxom,26yr old and he thought a likely closet dyke.He bound her tightly. Shaun,eyed sleeping 19yr old,Nusrat.He had an near overwhelming desire to shaft her.Indian,she was however very light and green eyed.With long brown hair and a stunning figure.He tied her up.Fighting the lust that ran through his veins.

He had just finished with Demi.The most gorgeous of the lot when they arrived.They laughed when they saw his straining and erect organ.They worked together like professionals. Shaun,besides having a very profitable practice,he was one of the most sought after plastic surgeons.

Had along with his brother inherited a massive family fortune.His home was in a very upmarket neighbourhood and secluded from prying eyes.As the men loaded the women into the stationwagon they perspired in the summer heat.Mel,had fetched her friends so there was only her car to worry about.Their handbags,mobiles and accessories had been bundled into a dirtbag.Along with the tray,glasses and juice bottle.When they left.Shaun,cleaned up.Wiping down the surfaces.Checking thoroughly that they hadnt missed an earing or the likes.He vaccumed the carpet.It was 7:02 PM.

Jason,who was divorced had purchased the place nearly a year back.It was ideal for what they had planned,situated in the middle of nowhere.The three of them had worked tirelessly to get the hideaway in shape.They were going to have a fucking ball!

Jason,returned at 7:40.Shaun had showered and was pouring a drink.''Everythings,sorted out.No need to fret.Michaels trussing up the bitches as we speak.'' Shaun smiled and gulped his drink down.

His brother arrived at 8pm.Toms wife,Cherryl had been close to Shauns late wife Yvonne.Everyone had been devastated at her sudden passing.That is inwardly everyone except three certain doctors.They knew exactly why Yvonne had collapsed and died from a massive coronary.At her funeral as her coffin was being lowered in to the ground.Michael winked at him and smiled darkly.Shaun,was happy to be rid of the goldigger bitch!

When Tom and Cherryl walked in the two men were playing snooker.Later,when they asked where Mel was.Shaun,told them she had taken a group of her friends for pizza.

Alarm bells started ringing just after midnight.Demi and Traceys father phoned looking for his daughters.He sounded worried that they werent answering their mobiles.Feigning concern.Shaun,phoned the police at 3am. It made national news.Cops,swarmed all over the place. Citizens,gathered for massive search parties.''Poor Dr Lee! Such a model citizen! A pillar of the community!

Known for generous donations to charitable organization! He loved his stepdaughter like his own! etc etc. Gulliable, cunts is what Shaun Lee thought.The Police Commisioner,visited him personally.Shauns family had donated to the police orphans fund for ages.Shaun,portrayed the grieved parent masterfully.He went on TV with the other girls families.Elected as spokesman,he beseeched the public for information.Begging for their release.So believable was his performance that Rachels mother consoled him in front of the cameras.He offered a reward of 2 000 000.Stories banded around.Kidnapped for ransom.

Taken as sexslaves to the Far East. They belonged to some weird cult. Slaughtered by a serial killer/killers. Even abducted by fucking aliens.The most hardened detectives who questioned Shaun Lee didnt suspect him in the slightest.The good Dr had no mottif.It had worked out fucking perfectly. The only drawback was that he had to wait a month to get stuck into the bitches, playing it safe.The wait was excruciating.Knowing his friends were balling the cunts on a daily basis.

9:35 - pm. Michael,had loved the young kids reaction.He presumed she was about fifteen?She was tiny and gorgeous.After securing the other three he had undressed the youngest girl.She had shoulder length dark hair and blue eyes.He thought the skinny girl had the cutest little nose and her small firm breasts were a treat.As for her vagina.WOW! A tuft of pubic hair above tight vulva.


Her white thong had aroused him to a solid magnificent erection.Of the three men he was by far the most well endowed.He would tear the little wench apart.When he saw she was coming too. Michael,threw a jar of water over what Shaun,had told him was her sister.Demi screeched as the icy water washed over her.He had untied her hands and removed her gag.She, looked at him with what could only be described as abject terror.She screamed crazily at his attire.He was dressed in operating room garb.Demis younger sister also yelled at the top of her lungs.Pulling at her restraints.

Tracey,was so pettrified that she peed.Her urine warmly flowed down her ass and collected under her.Demis,screaming and the man looking at her nakedness,tied to the cold steel table.Made the fourteen year old sob and whine. Michael reacted fast.He removed the surgical gloves and face mask he had worn for impact.Shaun,was right the older of the two sisters was exquisite.He grabbed the crying Demi,by her long dark hair.He placed her infront of him and put a scalpel to her throat.''Shut up!

Both of you.Or I slit your throats and you bleed like stuffed pigs!'' His words and the evil looking scalpel.Made them sillent.''Come here,bitch'' Michael,forced Demi to the side of the operating table and cuffed her. Her tears,rolled and she whimpered quietly. The control was AWESOME and Michael swam in it,savouring the power.

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Demi,looked down at her baby sister.She,looked so vulnerable in her nakedness.Demi mouthed.''PLEASE.dddont.hurt.her!'' Michael was pleased.The younger girl was pathetically pleading that she would be a good girl.He laughed loudly.''Demi,shuffle those sexy legs apart!'' He removed her sneekers and socks,admiring her pretty feet.The ankle chain and pink nail polish on her toes made him even more horny.He undid the button on her jeans.They were tight fitting and he struggled to pull them down.He got her to step out of them,handling her foot.She sighed in defeat when he pulled her underwear down.She was so scared for her sibling and herself that she was almost robotic.Uncuffing her,he took off her denim jacket and tank top,revealing really nice solid tits.He cuffed Demi back to the table.The chick,smelt like sweat and he breathed in her body odour.Her body was sheer perfection.

''Now.Listen up Demi and uhhhhuh.Oh thats it Tracey.Just do what I tell you and behave!''Tracey,cringed as the man suddenly reached out and stroked her pee drenched pubis.He rested his hand on her young vagina.The mans palm covering her vulva,hand warm against her tender flesh.Michael,expertly lowered his middle finger. He massaged and opened the hood of her clitoris,finding her bud.He manipulated it gently.It didnt take long before Tracey moaned.''NNhhhhhhh.Aahhh!'' The mans touch felt good and Tracey hated him for that.The way he had spreadeagled her made her powerless to do anything but accept his fondling of her cunt.Micheal,wanted to rape her.Control!

Control!.he thought to himself. All the while working the girls cunt.Michael,asked Demi nonchalantly.''How many guys you fucked?Remember that scalpel!''Demi squeezed her eyes shut.The man was playing with her sisters fanny and it had moistened as she watched. ''Open your eyes and tell me,Demi.Now!'' ''Okay.okay.Geez!Two guys.I fucked two guys,alright.'' ''Uhuh?Tell me about it and make it good!'' Michael,placed a thumb eirther side of the girl on the tables clit.He leaned his head forward and whipped her little boat with the tip of his tongue.The kid shuddered violently and her butt lifted off the table.Involuntarily her cunny lunged forward into the Doctors face.She was real sweet and Michael,licked and sucked greedily.''Talk Demi or I cut'' Demi stared in shock at the guy muffing her sister.Trace,was biteing down on her lip.Her tied,clenched fists were drumming against the steel under her.Demi watched hypnotised.

''Okay.ummm.Mark.Mark.was my first.I was still at school.A cheerleader.HE DID ME AT HIS PLACE.One Saturday .after the game!'' Michaels mouth,chin and nose were sodden from the girls now soping vagina.He was sure he could get her to cum.Her little breasts heaved and her face was flushed.Michael,stripped naked,his penis really huge.It had never been so taut and ready for action he thought as he examined himself.He was way above average,bordering on 23cm.Shame for the girls he thought.

Demi,had stopped talking when the man began to undress.He was so hairy from chest down to his navel.She,clenched her legs together when she saw his surging dick.IT SCARED HER.The guys she had been with were nowhere near that size!Was he gonna rape them with that thing!

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Michael,enjoyed Demis shocked look when she saw his cock.He,lifted himself onto the table.Positioning himself between Traceys, outstretched legs.Undoing her leg restraints he lifted her feet up.Placing a heel of each foot against his chest.Opening her nicely before him.''Carry on Demi! Make it pornographic and dirty.Then I do little Tracey,here slowly.Make it crappy and boring.Well then you will have to watch me stitch up her ripped cunt,wont you?'' Demi,couldnt believe what she was about to witness.The thing looked like a great big cucumber!She saw her sisters size 4 feet against the mans hairy torso.Down there he was moving closer,his knobhead was ugly and swollen.It met the flesh of her sisters vagina and started exploring her entrance.

Trace,moaned.She lifted her head as far as she could to see what the man was doing between her legs.''No!NO!.Plllease Mister!Dont put that thing in me!NOOOOOOOO!'' Traceys,pathetic pleading,brought Demi to life.'' me! It wasnt nice.he .uhh.undressed me.Naked,he kept his clothes on.He undid his zipper and shoved it into me. It hurt like hell and I screamed. We were on his bed.

His folks were home.He put his hand over my mouth to silence me.I bled and he just humped.his face was bloodred.looked like it was about to burst!'' Micheal,had been ready to charge into Tracey.She could thank her lucky stars her sister had started blabbering.''More and dirty.Everything.All your experiences.'' Demi,watched her sisters eyes close and mouth open wide as the mans big ugly head sank into her.That gnarled shaft if shunted would fuck her sister up for life.So Demi spoke.

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''So.I said.Hey dont cum in me.I dont want no fucking baby! Hurry up,finish! My pussys he heaved atop of me going in real deep.Then he pulled out and shot over my tummy.He threw me his briefs to wipe it up with.The guy was an asshole!'' Michaels,head was entrenched the girls vulva wrapped around his glans.The girl felt awfully hot and tight inside.Tracey was moaning and moving her head about.The guy was stretching her!Not really hurting her just FILLING her.

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Demi,gasped at the mans cannon head inside her sisters virgin hole.''Then I met Gavin.He was sooo sweet.We did it in a field first time.He wore a condom.It was nice and he made me.uh.cum.I wanted to suck his thing.I just had to.So after he came in the condom.I sucked him and played with his .testi.I mean balls.He squirted in my mouth.I was so horny.I swallowed it all down.Salty and tangy'' Michael,moaned and slid further into the girl below him.His cock was putting her tight cunt under pressure,forcing here canal wide.He pierced her hymen.She yelled with a jolt of pain.''OWWWWW !!!!'' Demi,knew he had just popped Traces cherry.''So we did it a couple of times.Then one day.nobody was we got into my bed.Cozy under the covers,buck naked.First time we did the deed in a bed.He licked my.pussy and I felt like so.ummm.ripe!

He wanted to buttfuck me.and I let him'' The girl beneath him was moaning,face strained.Michael,gave her the last bit-Hard.She hollared,he reckoned he was as deep as he could go.There was no more space for the last inch or two.He started a steady hump of her newly broken in twat.Beating his meat into her.Drawing moans from the girl.Her facial expression resembled a porno movie starlet.One whos been gangbanged and has had enough already.He continued nailing her steadily.

''Soooo.I got on all fours.He kept carrying on about what a nice ass I have.The sensation was kindda uncomfortable.After awhile I began to like it.I masturbated while he did my ass.He fucked it real hard.and came inside me.I could feeel it spurt in my bum.'' Michael,squeezed his asscheeks violently and erupted heavily inside his young victim.He groaned loudly as his semen let rip.Beside herself,feeling stretched and stuffed to capacity.Tracey felt a flooding sensation inside her.It took her a moment to realize what was happening.When she realized the man was shooting his hot wad.against her own will and failing to understand why.She came loudly and animatedly.

Demi,saw them both climax.She groaned for her sister.Traceys face told the whole story.She had been drilled good and solid.Demi,worried for her sister,she was menstruating already.The guys dark looking hammer must have let forth a torrent of jism.Trace was probably pregnant.

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Michael,extracted himself from the kid with a wet sounding plop.He was still erect and wanted more.He uncuffed Demi,who without a doubt was the most gorgeous naked women he had ever laid eyes on.She knew resistance was pointless so Demi did his bidding.When he pushed down on her shoulders,she knelt before him and took his cock in her delicate long nailed hand.She jacked it,wet from her sisters hole.She stuck the tip of her tongue out,his tip beating against it.

Demi,could taste pussy and sweaty cock in her mouth.He didnt give her a chance to really start sucking him.He got her on her feet,back to him and midriff squashed against the cold steel of the table.He searched between her legs,moistening her vagina with his touch.She readied herself for his assault.Knowing that the thing he had between his legs was a fucking weapon.She screamed and cursed at his size when he rammed into her. ''Oooh.Ahhh.HEY!.FUCK,COOL IT MAN.GEEZ YOU ENORMOUS.Ahhhhh!''Michael saw the bitch was raised on tiptoe.''Take it cunt!Feel it,huh?'' ''YES.course I can fucking feel it.Slow down!

For fucks sakes you hurting me!'' Although she was being taken by force,raped.Like it or not.Demi,knew this guy would make her cum.It was all cock and stretched pussy.She couldnt believe how big and hard the fuckheads dong was. HE WAS FUCKING RODGERING HER.

Thrusting into her warm depths.Michael,wet his thumb and went to work on her delightful ass.He shoved her head into her sisters cum leaking quim.

Before she knew it Demi,had her face in Traces pussy.It was real wet and warm.She got the mans jism and Traces blood all over her face.It was freaky and gross!

When Michael,sodomised her.Demi,went haywire he was to big and filled her gaping ass.She begged him to stop but her pleading just made him go at her more strongly.Michael,pummeled his cock into both her cavitys making full use of her honeypot and bunghole.Driving her shit on his dick into her cunny and then her pussy juice into her ass. She called it.Sweating and cursing about to loose his 2nd salvo in her ass.The girl screamed out.''OOOH,Please dont cum in my cunt!!'' He withdrew from her ass and drove into her pussy.She swore and shouted,alarmed.''NO!NO!.not there!Ya gonna make me pregnant!'' Michael,buried himself to the hilt.He emptied with abandon into Demis wriggling and struggling body.

End of part 1.Many more chapters to follow.