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Gay male sex porn tv boys Josh Obrian Tops Sam Northman
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Jessica Part 8 - The Blue Bird Story After several encounters with my best friend's wife, Jessica, she had decided that she wanted to try some really different sexual experiences. I had shared her with her husband, Tim, and we had explored both bondage and pain, and she found she loved everything we did.

She had also learned to love eating cum, both mine and Tim's and her own. But, after all that, she wanted more. She had expressed a desire to have a number of men fuck her, and to learn to eat pussy, but she was still a little hesitant to go forward, until I explained my idea of doing it in costume. After some discussion with her, and later including Tim we decided to go forward with a plan. The first step was to create a costume that would so completely disguise Jess that she could feel that it wasn't "her" letting all those cocks inside her, and that when she started learning to eat pussy it wouldn't truly be "her".

I suggested a bird costume, since Jess was so tiny and petite, and since it gave an opportunity to make her body fully available when in costume. Jess agreed and we set to work. Jess decided that she wanted to use her two favorite colors, blue and pink for the feathers.

The costume consisted of a headdress which came down around her eyes, mostly blue with a pink stripe from her eyes back and a blue plume over her head.

There was a small beak which attached to the front of the headdress. In accordance with her wish that the costume should replicate some sort of bondage, the wing sleeves held her arms tightly folded back on themselves, with long blue and pick striped plumage trailing down and attached in such a way that when she held her arms out that the wings unfolded and spread and when she tucked her arms in they furled next to her body.

A cape wrapped around her upper body, blue with narrow pink bands, to hide the strap that ran from the back of the headdress to the tail connection. Two slits in the cape allowed the attachment of long plumes to the piercings in her breasts to add to her stimulation when in costume. Her legs were encased in stiff ostrich leather boots that ran to her hips on the outside and slightly lower on the inside of her legs.

The boots were formed to keep her legs flexed, and had a heavy stiffener that velcroed into the back of her legs to force her to keep them bent. The "feet" of the boots were four-toed bird feet, three forward, one back, and over 20 inches long, the "shoes" had four inch heels so that she would be on tiptoe inside them. The wing "spreaders" attached to rings at the top front of the boots, and I contrived a cord that clipped to her nipple piercings and attached to the boot rings to keep her bent forward.

Finally, there was the tail. We had a hard, clear plastic butt plug made with a "handle" that ran along her tailbone with a ring at the top. A large spread of long feathers was arrayed like a fanned tail between the butt plug and the handle.

The ring in the handle attached to the strap from the headdress to force her head back and up, and to hold the plug securely in place and the "tail" upright. We had tried all the of pieces on her separately but never all together, so that Jess couldn't be absolutely certain what it would look like until the actual event.

It was clear that she would be a masterpiece, although somewhat uncomfortable and off-balance. The only parts of "Jess" that would be visible would be the tops of her inner thighs and her beautiful pink pussy. While Jess and I had the costume pieces made and fitted, Tim arranged the other participants. Jess told him the kinds of people she wanted and Tim searched out five couples who fit the requirements that Jess would agree to.

She wanted the women, in addition to being fully bisexual, to be smaller and fit, as she is. The men also had to be fit and appear "respectable" whether dressed or naked. She wasn't concerned about endowments as much as she wanted guys like Tim and I. It took a while, and the three of us had several wonderful nights together, but the big night finally arrived.

Tim and I had written a "legend" to go along with the costume, and I had one final piece made to fit the story, a large, soft "egg" vibrator with a remote control and a "handle" that could be used to help pull it out when the time came. We agreed that everyone would be made comfortable, and naked around their living room, with a bench in the center of the room. Tim and I would escort Jess in, wrapped in a robe with the headdress and beak already on. We would drop our robes, and then Tim would introduce Jessica, and remove her robe and explain that he would read them the "legend" that we had written while I got her into the costume.

When she was in costume, the women would attend to her, then the men would take their turns at her pussy and mouth, and finally the women would retire to the bedroom for Jess to try to satisfy all five of the other women.

While I greeted the guests at the door, wearing a pair of silk shorts and a simple silk shirt, Tim and Jess prepared each other upstairs in their bathroom. I knew Jess wanted everything about her to be perfect, and she had no reason to worry. She is as nearly perfect as she can be.

I explained the rules of dress and conduct and had each quest draw a number from one of two piles, pink for the ladies and blue for the men, to determine the order in which they would get their first turn at Jess. When everyone was inside and comfortably naked I rang Tim's cell phone so they could make their entry.

I heard them coming down the stairs and opened the door. Tim led Jess in by the arm. She kept her head down and I could see that she was blushing a little. Tim led her to the center of the room and turned her to face the guests. I announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the participant of honor, Jessica." I paused to allow the guests a moment to appraise her and Tim leaned over and whispered to me, "She insisted that I bind her arms behind her.

She wants to feel a true bondage experience from the start." Jess glanced at me and nodded and I did also. I dropped my shirt and Tim and I dropped our shorts, so that the only person wearing anything in the room was Jessica.

I started the explanation. "You all know that you've been invited here to have sex with Jessica. You've drawn a number from one to five to give you the order in which you'll take your first turn. A second turn will be at Jess' discretion, should she feel that she wants more after the first turns. As you can see, Jessica is a little embarrassed, so she won't actually be participating this evening.

Instead, I'm going to take her into the next room, and when I come back you will see the "Blue Bird". Tim will explain what the Blue Bird is, and what you'll be expected to do to participate. And now, so that you can see what you'll miss, we will reveal Jessica, just this one time.

Tim?" We grabbed the shoulders of Jess' robe, Tim undid the tie, and we lifted the robe up and away. Jess hands were bound behind her back so that her breasts thrust forward proudly, even though she kept her head down.

Her legs were spread, exposing her pussy. A couple of people gasped, and one of the women, a tiny blonde named Kim blurted out, "Oh God! Will you look at that pussy? And I drew number three. I have to wait for two of you to get a taste of that." Her husband, Tom was just sitting quietly, but I noticed he had started stroking his erection.

I took Jess' shoulder and guided her away, while Tim got a chair and the "legend" document so he could read to the group. As I took Jess into the bedroom where we'd stored the costume I asked her, "Are you still sure you want this?" Her words were muffled through the beak, but she said clearly, "Oh yes. I want all of them." I grabbed the boots first, since they were awkward and helped Jess step into them.

I closed the zippers up the back, then slid the braces into the pockets and sealed them. Jess now had to lean forward to maintain her balance, while her knees were kept bent slightly.

Next I slipped her right wing on, then the left. A stretch sleeve pulled her hands together behind her neck, I fastened them there, and clipped the wing spreaders to the rings at the tops of the boots. I wrapped the body cape around her shoulders and closed it in the front, then I pulled her nipples through the slits and attached the feather tufts to her piercings, dropping the cords down inside the cape.

I stepped back to admire her as she looked at that moment. "There are just a couple more things to do. Are you ready?" "Yes. I want to get started." "Okay, lean forward." I grabbed the egg and lubed it a bit. I checked her pussy and she was already very wet. "Okay, Jess. Egg time." I slipped the egg between her pussy lips and pushed.

It was somewhat flexible, but it was still about three inches in diameter, far larger than any cocks I'd seen inside her. I pushed firmly and it slipped inside her slowly. I gave her time to adjust to being so full. When the end of the egg was inside I paused.

"Okay so far?" "Yes." She breathed. "I feel full, almost like both of you are inside me." "I'm going to push it the rest of the way in, let me know if I go too far." Jess just nodded and I pushed.

When the egg stopped I slipped my fingers out of her cunt and picked up the tail. "Okay Blue Bird, here's your tail." I put a little lube on the tip of the plug and pushed it against her anal ring. Jess relaxed and let it in, and I again slipped it in slowly. When Jess' sphincter closed around the base of the plug I stopped and gave her a moment.

"Okay, head back." I pulled the end of the strap through the ring that held her tail in place and tightened it so that her head was forced back, her back arched forward, and her ass held high. I velcroed the strap in place and lowered the cape across her back, attaching the ends of it also to the tops of the boots. Then I knelt beside her and pulled the cords from the feather tufts and clipped them to the boots. I knew that each step she took would pull on the opposite nipple.

"One last thing babe." "Yes?" I picked up the ring gag from the bed and unclipped the beak. "A bird cannot talk, so we'll fix that now." I put the ring in her mouth and adjusted it then clipped it behind her ears and replaced the beak.

I clipped a pink collar around her neck, a chain to lead her, and gave a short tug. "Here we go." I opened the door and led the Blue Bird into the room. I led her once around the room, close to each person so they could see her up close. I noticed most leaned forward to look into her pussy as she went past. I led her back in front of Tim and turned her away from him to face the room. Tim had the best view in the house for a moment.

"Now, as you've heard, the Blue Bird has an egg hung up in her vagina. The ladies will attempt, one at a time, to give her an orgasm sufficient to dislodge the egg. Only when the egg has been delivered can the Blue Bird have sex, and as you've heard from the legend, she must have a lot of sex.


Since there are no male Blue Birds around, the guys here will have to do. Each of you will have sex with her, and when you've cum inside her you will present your cock at her mouth for cleaning, semen being a Blue Bird delicacy. Any questions?" Seeing none, I asked, "Which of you ladies has number one?" Bobbi, a brunette, with long hair and a dark complexion stood up. "Lay down on the bench, face up, and I'll bring the Blue Bird to you." Bobbi lay down and grinned. "Oh yummy!" I led the Blue Bird around the end of the bench, she was stepping very carefully, and stopped when she was positioned over Bobbi's face.

"Okay Bobbi, you have five minutes. See what you can do." Bobbi lifted her face to the Blue Bird's cunt and started licking and sucking noisily. I had given Tim the remote control for the vibrating egg and left it to him to determine when to turn it on. Jess was clearly moaning even around the gag, and after several minutes I saw her stiffen.

A glance at Tim suggested that he'd flipped the vibrator on. The Blue Bird spread her wings and moaned very loudly, almost a scream. A trickle of liquid ran down each side of Bobbi's head and onto the floor as she slurped noisily at the juice. Then the timer dinged and Bobbi lay back. Tim and I slid the bench out as Bobbi grinned at us.

We helped her up and she said, "You didn't tell me she's a squirter. She is just so yummy!" Bobbi bounced back next to her husband and I didn't have to ask for number two, Jackie was already there. A redhead with spectacular breasts and a bubbly attitude she lay down and grinned at us.

"I have got to have some of this." We slid her under the Blue Bird and she immediately began to suck loudly. The Blue Bird had barely stopped panting from the first orgasm when Jackie's talented mouth had her back for another.

The moans increased until it was obvious that the vibrator wouldn't be needed this time. She shrieked into another orgasm and drenched Jackie's face too. Jackie drank the juice down and didn't wait for the timer. She lay back and said, "Oh my god! This girl is just the sweetest ever! I want more of her pussy." Kim was standing at the bench before Jackie could get up.

"Finally I get to taste that pussy." She was ready and buried her face in it before we could even stop the bench. Not only was she enthusiastic, she was apparently very talented. The Blue Bird was shrieking her pleasure again in moments. Tim looked at me and showed me that the remote was off, then he grinned.

Wings spread and flapped, and the Blue Bird went rigid with the largest orgasm yet. A flood of juice from her pussy left Kim gasping too, even as she attempted to catch and drink it all.

A puddle formed on the floor, something Tim and I had not planned for. Kim was busy licking the juice from every part of the Bird's legs that she could reach when the timer finally went off. We slid her out and she jumped up. "She came so hard it made me cum too! I've never tasted anything so good in my life!" Carrie had pulled her long blonde hair back into a ponytail and lay her tight, slender, athletic body on the bench.

She looked a little serious, like she was taking this as a personal challenge. She nodded when she lay down and we slid her into position. She licked and sucked, and we could see fingers working too.

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The Bird was panting hard and moaning, then suddenly she seemed to go limp and fall forward. The juices didn't flow as hard as with Kim, but when Carrie put her knees up to catch the Bird's shoulders we realized that she had passed out from the orgasm. Carrie stopped playing in the Bird's pussy, and she slowly came to.

Since she couldn't actually fall she had only rocked forward and Tim and I helped her up and she looked at us with awe. She couldn't speak, but it was clear she was enjoying the attention being given.

Tim asked, "Ready for the last lady?" The answer was an enthusiastic nod. Joan was the oldest of the five selected, and very experienced. She lay down and we slid her into position. Not only did she pay attention to the pussy in front of her, she had realized the potential of the tufts of feathers. She played with both and soon had the Bird shrieking through one more very wet orgasm.

She drank all the juice she could, and was just finishing as the timer went off. We slid her out and she kissed Tim as she stood up. "You are one very lucky man. That is a fabulously tasty pussy." She returned to her place and grinned at everyone. Tim knelt next to the Bird's head and asked, "Do you need anything?" She turned her head slightly and I heard her whisper just one word, "Cock." "Then you'll have some." We helped her onto the platform so that her vagina was at the right level for entry and invited the girls to pull the egg out.

All five jumped up, and while they pulled on the handle they pushed against her thighs, and Tim flipped the switch, the egg popped out, humming and vibrating. Kim and Bobbi had the handle and they held the egg between their faces and started licking it. Joan just knelt behind the Bird and started licking the juice right from the source. We gave them a few minutes, but it was obvious the guys wanted their turn. John, Joan's husband had drawn number one, and he was standing behind the Bird, waiting patiently and stroking his erection.

He had a nice cock, about six inches in length, but fairly thick, and he was ready. "Ladies, the Blue Bird needs cock now, and the first one is ready, so if you'll make room, he can get started." Joan turned and gave John's cock a kiss and he stepped up to the Bird.

I explained, "Tim is going to catch whatever of your cum runs out so it doesn't go to waste, and any of the Blue Bird's cum, which she will also want to drink. You may choose how you want to screw the Bird's cunt, just make sure you empty your load inside her." I knelt next to the Blue Bird's head and warned her, "Here comes the first one." John stepped closer, lowered the end of his cock to her cunt lips, rubbed it a couple of times, then sheathed his length fully inside her.

"Oh my god! She is so tight! And sooo hot!" I told him, and the others, "Then you need to do her cunt justice. Fuck her the best you can and give her your cum in tribute.

If you do a good job you can make her cum too. She'll flap her wings when you do well." John gripped her hips and started stroking in and out of her cunt. The Bird started by extending her wings and flapping them slowly. As John picked up the pace so did she. Soon she was moaning and flapping and John was moaning and slamming into her cunt. Suddenly John stiffened and called out, "Oh god! Yes!" and pushed himself deeply into the Bird's cunt and drained his balls inside her.

I watched Tim as he held the bowl to catch their cum, a little trickled out of the Bird, hers, while John held himself tightly inside her and groaned his orgasm. When he neared his finish he gave a couple of short strokes then held himself in again. "Wow. That was great." The Bird had stopped moaning so I whispered in her ear, "Do you want the beak on or off when they fuck your mouth?" She whispered back, "Off." So I removed it.

"Now, John, bring her your cock to clean, and number two, when you're ready." Number two was Kim's husband, Matt. He had a slightly larger cock, close to seven inches and about the same girth as John's. By the time John had moved to the Bird's head, Matt was in position behind her. John held his still mostly erect cock out and put it against the Bird's lips and slid it in her mouth.

At the same time, Matt slid his cock into her cunt without any preparation at all. They bottomed at the same time and they both groaned. Matt immediately set a strong rhythm, grabbing her hips and pounding her cunt with the full length of his cock. John pulled back and allowed her to slurp their mixed cum from his cock. She quickly cleaned John's cock and nearly buckled his knees. "Oh god! Even with the ring her mouth is great.

I can't imagine how fabulous she'd be if she could give full attention to a cock. You are one lucky man, Tim." Tim was watching Matt's cock pound his wife's pussy. "I know." Was all he said in reply. He got the bowl ready, and just in time.

A spurt of girl cum came out of her, followed by Matt's scream, "Oh fuck! Yes!" As he bucked his hips hard into her and started cumming deep inside her. John sat back down next to Joan and she dipped her head into his lap and sucked on his cock. Matt finished cumming and smiled. He turned and looked at Tom, Bobbi's husband and said simply, "Next." As he walked around to present his cock at the Bird's mouth.

Tom didn't wait, he simply stepped up and slipped his cock fully into her cunt and started stroking. His cock was also about average, in both length and girth. He used long slow strokes but after a minute he paused and said, "I just can't believe that after the two of you used her cunt that she's still so tight and hot." Then he started stroking again. Meanwhile, Matt had presented his cock at her mouth and she sucked it in and started cleaning their cum from it.

He was surprisingly gentle and considerate and tried not to force too much of his length down her throat. After a couple of minutes she took the choice away from him and dove forward against him, taking his entire length down her throat. Matt left it there for a minute in surprise and delight, but quickly realized that she couldn't get back off his cock, so he pushed her shoulders back and removed himself from her throat before she gagged.

She waved her wings and slurped at his cock until he took it away from her. "I can't take any more. I hope that's enough for you." She nodded, but her attention turned to Tom's cock in her pussy. He didn't have size but he did have talent and endurance. It was good that Matt had moved, the Bird was panting hard and waving her wings.

Suddenly she screamed with an orgasm, just as Tom did the same. He gripped her hips and slammed into her, shooting all he had as far as he could. Tim caught the cum that gushed from her, then Tom's cum that dripped out when he stepped back.

Tom said nothing, just winked at Mark, who stepped forward as Tom went to her head. When Tom presented his cock at her mouth he said simply, "You're going to love this next one." Then he put his cock in her mouth. Mark's cock had seemed impressive when I'd seen it semi-erect and laying against his leg earlier. When he stepped up behind the Blue Bird I realized it was easily the biggest erection I'd ever seen in person.

At least ten and a half inches long but more impressive was the thickness. It was at least three inches in diameter at the head, and nearly as thick at the root. He rubbed it thoroughly in the juices dripping from her cunt then parted her lips with it and started in slowly. She had been concentrating on cleaning Tom's cock and wasn't paying full attention to the monster approaching her from behind.

That changed when Mark pushed the head of his cock into her cunt. She paused in her ministrations to Tom's cock, then her eyes got wide as more of that huge cock went inside her. When he had jammed about half his length in he paused, impressed, then he pulled back slightly and pushed more of that monster inside.

The Bird closed her eyes and started flapping her wings wildly. She swallowed deeply around Tom's cock then started moaning and came.

Hard. Tim caught the juice that gushed from her cunt, and Mark still hadn't even finished pushing his cock inside her. He paused and groaned, "Oh god she's tight. Even for me. And cumming already." He went back to pushing that big cock into her cunt trying to see how much he could put inside such a tiny woman. She was panting around Tom's cock, licking when she could, but concentrating, obviously, on the monster pushing into her.

Mark paused and pulled back slightly again. "Okay baby, last little bit now. See if you can take it all." And he pushed forward hard. She moaned long and low around Tom's cock and juice, a mixture of more of her cum and the first three loads dumped into her cunt dribbled from her into the bowl Tim held.

Mark gripped her hips and held himself inside. "You've got it all baby. That's awesome. Not every cunt can hold this cock." He grinned and started stroking inside her, pushing all the way to the bottom on every stroke. She couldn't stop cumming and she pushed him over the edge quickly. "Oh baby, I can't hold it. You're so good I'm going to cum. Ready baby?" And he moaned and cut loose with his own orgasm. The swellings and pulsations drove her into another screaming orgasm.

His cum had no place to go and ran freely back around his cock and into the bowl in gobs. Tom finally stepped away and let her finish cumming while Mark held her hips and kept that monster cock all the way inside her while his cum pulsed its juice out and the excess spilled into the bowl Tim held. When Mark was finally finished he slowly pulled his cock from her cunt, a stream of cum followed it out and plopped into the bowl.

Mike stepped into position and simply slipped his large cock into the void left by Mark while Mark brought the monster around to her mouth. Even partially deflated it was impressive as he slipped the cum coated head of his cock inside the ring and into her mouth for cleaning. Mike, on the other hand was also impressed. He'd barely gotten his entire cock inside her cunt when she clamped down on him and took his breath away. Mike was gentle and considerate, he simply held his cock in her cunt and gripped her hips while she concentrated on cleaning Mark's cock.

It took a while, and Mark was coming back to full erection when he finally pulled back and took his cock away. The Bird seemed to whine a bit when the cock was gone, but Mike started stroking in her cunt and she was quickly happy again to have her cunt pleased.

While Mike fucked the Bird, Mark sat back down next to his wife, Jackie and told her, "I couldn't believe she could take the while thing. She's just incredible." "Better than me?" Jackie asked. "No, baby, of course not. But pretty damned special.

Thanks for letting me do this." Jackie just leaned down and swallowed his cock and sucked. Attention now turned to Mike, who was driving all eight inches of his cock in and out of the Bird's cunt, pulling on her hips to insure he got as far in as he could. She was screaming her orgasm, flapping her wings and gushing around him.

Suddenly Mike called out, "Here it is, baby. Saved the best for last." And he drove deeply into her cunt and exploded. He worked himself in and out with each spurt, and he just kept cumming.

We kept expecting him to stop, but he kept pumping, ten, then twelve, and still more. Carrie said, "Show them all what a load of cum is baby. Give it all to her." As she said that, the Bird's cunt overflowed, semen running out and dripping into the bowl, and still he pumped more cum in.

Finally, after what must have been twenty shots of cum, he slowed and stopped. A long stream of semen, mixed with her juices, dripped from her cunt and into the bowl. As Mike relaxed he slowly removed his cock and brought it to her face. He held it up so that she could catch the string of cum hanging from the tip, then slowly pushed it into her mouth. We could hear her "Umming" around his cock as she cleaned the cum from it.

When Mike was satisfied that she'd cleaned him he stepped back and took her head in his hands and kissed her nose. "Thank you for a wonderful fuck." Then he took his place next to Carrie, who stroked his cock lovingly. I whispered in the Bird's ear, "Do you want more cock?" "No. Pussy." "Ready to drink the extra cum?" "Yes." "Tim, bring her the cum to drink." I directed, as I removed the ring from her mouth.

Tim surprised us both, as he slipped two fingers into her cunt and scooped even more cum out and into the bowl, before pouring the mixture into a glass for drinking.

He brought the glass around and knelt next to his wife's head and kissed her briefly, then put it to her lips and tipped it for her. She closed her eyes and drank the mixture of her own cum and the five loads deposited and dripped from her cunt. When the glass was empty Tim took it away. "Thanks baby. That was yummy. I love lots of cum." Tim just leaned in and gave her mouth a long deep kiss. I could see that his tongue was in her mouth, sharing what she'd tasted.

"I love you baby. Anything that makes you happy makes me happy." Then he stood up and handed me the leash. "You've all had a chance with the Blue Bird, now she is leaving for the night. But, the evening isn't over. Ladies, someone wants to return the pussy eating favor, so if you will adjourn to the bedroom in a few minutes, we'll see how good she is at eating pussy." I led the Blue Bird out of the room and closed the door behind us so that Jessica could reappear. I took off the costume carefully and stored it for a future return engagement, finally leaving just the tail and headdress.

"Okay, Jess. You know what's going to happen when I pull the tail out. I'm going to hold it in after I unhook the strap, that way you can pull the headdress off. When you've done that we can get you to the toilet." And we did. In minutes a naked Jessica was standing in the bedroom, fully ready to try eating pussy, five times. I opened the door. "Ladies, if you would, Jessica wants to see how good she is at eating pussy." The ladies filed in, one at a time and stopped and gave Jess a hug and kiss, somewhat surprised to see her completely out of costume.

They sat on the bed and waited for Jess to speak. Finally she said, "I realized that I want to do this, and can do it as myself, I don't need to hide from who I am. I want to taste each of you and try to please you as you've done for me tonight. I want to go in the same order as you went with me before.

Bobbi, you're first, right?" Bobbi nodded and slid up on the bed and spread her legs, holding out her arms. "Come to me baby. Show how good you can be." Jess crawled onto the bed and hugged and kissed Bobbi. "I hope I'm as good as you." Then she slid down and started licking at Bobbi's pussy. "Oh girl. You are a natural. Just like that and you're going to make me cum." Jess stayed focused on Bobbi's cunt and soon Bobbi was squealing with delight, and a juicy orgasm of her own.

As Jess licked and sucked, Bobbi bounced and squirted girl cum in Jess face and mouth. Jess dutifully licked it clean while Bobbi held her head. Finally Bobbi pushed her away. "Enough. Please. Do that to someone else and let me rest a minute." Bobbi looked around and said, "Jackie, you're next right? Get in here and let this girl show you how to eat pussy." Bobbi swung her leg over Jess head and rolled away.

"Don't you move honey. Lay right there and teach Jackie how to eat pussy." Jackie lay down and was ready, Jess dove right in to her pussy and repeated what she'd been doing with Bobbi. Jackie was obviously pleased as she held Jess' head tightly to her cunt and moaned into an orgasm herself. "Oh god. Put a finger in me. Yes, that's it. Wiggle it. Just like that. Oh Gawd! Yes." By the time Jackie finished moaning through her orgasm, the guys had squeezed into the room and were standing around the bed watching, about half stroking their cocks.

Jackie finally opened her eyes and pushed Jess back. "Like that guys?" Then she looked at Kim. "Next pussy." Jackie swung over Jess and Kim stretched out in front of her, presenting her pussy for eating. "I like fingers too honey.

Show me what you do." Jess stuck fingers in Kim's cunt, and I thought I saw one headed for the rear, but her head got in the way. Regardless, Jess made quick work of Kim. Between the finger work and what seemed to be expert licking and sucking, Kim was squealing with delight in just minutes.

Kim came hard and fast, and wet, which seemed to delight Jessica, as she buried her face in Kim's cunt and licked up every drop she could. Finally Kim pushed Jess' head up and kissed her deeply. "Baby, you're fantastic but I need a break. Besides, it's Carrie's turn." Carrie lay down in the spot Kim vacated, but instead of getting up, Kim stretched out next to Jess and started licking and rubbing her back.

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Jess responded enthusiastically to the pussy in front of her and the attention to her back, wiggling her ass in the air as if inviting further attention. Meanwhile, Carrie squirmed and moaned as Jess expertly guided her to a long moaning orgasm.

Carrie finally also had to push Jess head up to stop her. Jess actually seemed to resist, but Carrie put their faces together and kissed her hard and deeply. Jess was really squirming when they broke the kiss.

Carrie was staring into my eyes, watching me stroke my cock. "You know, it looks like Rich could use some relief, and maybe Tim too. Should one of us fuck them for you?" "No. I want to save their cum for me." "You've still got one more pussy to attend to. How about if I get Rich's cum and let you eat it out of me?" Jess glanced at me, then at Tim and seemed lost in thought for a moment. "How?" "I'll get him to cum inside me when you're done with Joan, then I'll get above you in a sixty-nine and let you eat his cum out of me while I eat you." Jess grinned.

"Okay. Joan, get over here. Bobbi, would you do the same for Tim, but wait until I get almost done with Rich's cum in Carrie." Carrie rolled over and knelt on the bed with her ass in the air for me.


"Here you go, let me get that for you." At the same time, Joan climbed up and presented her pussy for Jess to eat. I needed no further invitation. My cock was so hard it hurt, so I buried it fully in Carrie's waiting pussy. I watched as Jess turned her attention to Joan, and it was quickly clear that Joan was also impressed by her pussy eating skills. While I stroked slowly inside Carrie's tight cunt, Jess was bringing Joan to a moaning climax with fingers and mouth.

Joan suddenly whipped her legs up and gripped Jess head between her thighs, locking her heels under Jess arms and pulling her tighter, while her hands held Jess head locked against her pussy.

Joan shook violently as Carrie leaned forward and grabbed one of Joan's nipples in her mouth. Joan just moaned and shook through a strong orgasm, and Jess just kept licking her. Finally Joan couldn't take any more and she opened her legs and pushed Jess away.

"My god baby. Are you sure you've never eaten pussy before tonight? You must be a prodigy. I've never been eaten that good." She leaned forward and grabbed Jess face and gave her a long kiss. "When you're ready I want more of that." Meanwhile, Carrie looked at me and asked, "How soon for you?" "After that, not long." And I started stroking quickly.

Carrie was ready too. She started bucking back into me and moaning as her own excitement built. She was getting us both off. "Oh god.

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Here it comes. Yes." I shouted as my cock spurted inside Carrie. She dropped her head to the bed and moaned and shook as she came too. When we both finished she looked up at Jess. "Okay babe, climb up here and lay on your back." Jess did as she was told and Carrie looked over her shoulder at me, then crawled away and straddled Jess head.

"There's your man's cum, eat it up while I get seconds." And Carrie dove into Jess pussy as Jess raised her head to get my cum from Carrie's pussy. Jess locked her lips over Carrie's cunt lips and sucked. Carrie raised her head and squealed.

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When Jess had a mouthful of cum she lay back and giggled. "It's better this way than from the cock." Carrie ducked her head, took a long suck at Jess cunt while Jess giggled. Then she raised her head, looked back at Jess and agreed, "It is better this way." They both laughed, then went back to licking and sucking on each other's pussies.

Bobbi climbed on the bed in front of Tim and waved her ass at him. "Better get in here before they run out of cum." Tim needed no encouragement, he simply shoved his erection fully into Bobbi's cunt and started stroking her.

He even reached around and rubbed her clit. Meanwhile, Joan dropped to her knees in front of me, looked into my eyes and said, "They can fight over that cum, I'll clean this for myself." And she did. Kim and Jackie were likewise occupied with two of the other erections in the room, and simply ignored the rest of us. Tom and Mike looked very happy with the attention, and I was certain they'd be filling some mouths with their cum soon.

Jess seemed to look for more cum, even sticking a finger into Carrie's cunt to see if she'd missed any. Bobbi looked at Carrie and said, "Hey, leave some for me." But Carrie ignored her.

More, she stuck a finger deep in Jess' cunt, wiggled it, and pulled it out coated in cum and stuck it in her mouth. Carrie looked at Bobbi with her finger in her mouth and smiled. Then she stuck her finger back inside Jess, pulled it out and stuck it in Bobbi's mouth. Bobbi sucked on Carrie's fingers and that was enough for Tim.

It also worked for Bobbi. She spit Carrie's fingers out and screamed as Tim roared his own pleasure and filled her cunt with his cum. Jess stopped to watch Tim emptying his juice into Bobbi, and smiled at him when he opened his eyes. "Good pussy, baby?" "Yes, Jess, but not as good as yours." Carrie rolled off of Jess, and Bobbi looked back over her shoulder, said, "Gee, thanks." And spun around to position her dripping cunt over Jess' face.

Jess dove into Bobbi's cunt with the same abandon she'd attacked Carrie's and started sucking her husband's cum from the juicy cunt above her. Carrie laughed and said to Bobbi, "You left some." And she attacked Tim's still erect cock, slurping the cum from it. On the other side of the room, Jackie and Kim had changed partners, having emptied the balls of the men they'd been sucking, Kim had Mark's cock in her throat, and Jackie was gulping down John's.

Joan had thoroughly cleaned my cock and had turned her attention to Tom's, who looked lost in pleasure as she expertly got his tribute from him. Bobbi may not have found any cum left in Jess pussy, but there was plenty of pleasure, as Jess' hips bounced around on the bed and she lost her focus on the pussy she was emptying.

Between her own orgasms she put her mouth on Bobbi's cunt and sucked long and hard. I saw her swallow at least twice. Bobbi cried out in pleasure, holding tightly to Jess' legs. When the orgasm subsided she laughed at Jess and said, "Hey don't suck my cunt inside out.

Okay?" Jess smiled. "I just don't want to leave any of Tim's cum in there. I love the way he tastes." Then she stopped and thought for a moment. "But I think it's even better mixed with pussy.

I really like pussy juice." Bobbi laughed then. "I can tell. Did you get all his cum?" "I think so." Bobbi turned around and lay on top of Jess, and kissed her.

The kiss just went on and on, then their fingers started exploring. Finally I said, "Are you two going on without us?" They broke the kiss, look deep into each other's eyes then they broke out laughing. Finally Bobbi said, "I'm just making her a promise for next time." Jess looked at her, "Next time?" "What? You think I'm only going to get my face in your pussy once?

Or your face in my pussy? I want to do this again with you, and the sooner the better.

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You are too good to eat, and too good at eating pussy for me to not want more of you." Kim and Jackie nodded and said, "Amen." Carrie looked at Jess and Bobbi, "Don't you dare leave me out." They glanced at Joan. "I want to be included in the next one too." She leaned down and kissed Jess on the lips. "I don't know if I like the way you eat pussy better, or eating yours, but I know I want to try to decide again soon." Joan stood up and looked at all of us.

"Jess looks a little worn out. Let's leave and give her some time alone with her guys. Maybe she really will invite us back for more." She winked at Jess and Jess grinned back. Bobbi stood up and grabbed Tom, first by the hand and then his cock. "Let's go. If we give her time to recover maybe she'll invite us back sooner." Jess stretched and groaned. "Some quiet time to recover sounds good.

Then I can decide when to have you back." The group filed out to get dressed, although I noticed that not much underwear was going on. I looked at Tim, then at Jess laying there quietly. "Tim, why don't you carry her upstairs and get her tucked in? I'll be up in a few minutes." Tim slipped her arms under Jess and lifted her easily.

She looked at him and he leaned down to kiss her. She looked at me and said, "Don't be long, we can't start without you." "Put her to bed, Tim." They headed upstairs, but as Tim turned I saw Jess slip a hand around his cock. I thought that it must be difficult to focus on carrying her like that. I got everyone out the door with lots of good-nights and good-night kisses, and several loving strokes of my cock. Everyone made sure I knew that they wanted to be included if Jess ever decided to try something similar again.

When they were gone I locked the door and used the downstairs bathroom. I decided against washing up, I just went up to the bedroom.

Tim and Jess were curled up on their sides, face to face and talking quietly. I watched for a moment, and Jess looked at me. "Where do you want me?" Jess flipped open the covers behind her and patted the bed. I slipped in and snuggled close behind her. Tim said, "We were talking about what happened, and how much we enjoyed it. Thank you for helping set this all up." "I thought I'd like doing men and women, but I never expected it to be so good." Jess said.

"I want to do it again. The sex was fabulous." She sighed. "But it was sex. And now I want my men inside me, and I want your love, not just sex. Because sex is great, but love is even better." Jess rubbed back against me, feeling my erection against her back. "Lay back. Please?" I rolled over on my back and Jess climbed onto me.

"I was jealous when you two put my cocks in someone else." I snickered. Jess frowned. "Don't laugh, because that was what I realized. I was jealous of someone getting my guys' cum, while I had five different guys cum inside me. It does seem silly when you think of it that way." She lifted her hips and aligned my cock and sat down on it. "Even so, I like it better when my cocks are inside me, not someone else." Tim knelt behind her and waited.

Jess moved gently on my cock and looked into my eyes. "You still like my pussy best?" "It's still the best pussy." I agreed. Jess bent down and kissed me, then stretched her legs out and spread them. "Now, Tim. Please?" Tim had the oil ready and he quickly lubed his cock and Jess' ass, then slipped inside her.

Jess moaned as he went in. When he was fully inside she asked, "Can we just lay here for a while like this? I want both of you inside me and just hold me." So we lay still and held her. After several minutes she started to move around on our cocks. "I can't help myself. I love you both so much inside me, but I want you to fill me with your cum. Fuck me and fill me up. Please?" So we did. I grabbed her hands and spread them out to the sides and held her hands while Tim drove himself in and out.

His movement stimulated all three of us, and after a while we were all ready together. Jess came first, moaning into my chest, then Tim was ready. He just grunted, "Oh god." And I felt his cock pulsing against me inside her. That set my cock off and I came too, moaning against Jess' head. When we had all calmed again Jess kissed me and whispered, "Thank you." Then she turned her head and kissed Tim too.

"Thank you, too. I needed that." She lay quietly for a minute then asked, "Can we roll so we lay on our sides, but keep your cocks in me? I want to feel both of you against me, but I don't want to crush Rich." I thought for a moment. "I think so. Tim come down here." I wrapped my arms around him, and we rolled to the side.

It worked, our cocks stayed inside her, mostly, and we held her little body pinned tightly between us. It would have been difficult to even see Jess, pinned between our bodies with our arms wrapped around each other.

And that was how we slept.