Sexy skinny blonde gives blowjob in threesome

Sexy skinny blonde gives blowjob in threesome
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For thousands of years before western civilization invaded the American plains, its native people hunted the buffalo. Having only basic tools, the death of each animal was a battle hard won. As such, the hunters carried a degree of respect for the beast, and a tradition of using all parts of the animal was established. While its flesh served the obvious purpose, its skin made warm clothing and provided shelter, and its great bones made structural supports, weapons, and tools.

It is the same mindset with which the Native Americans used the buffalo that lives on today in the relationship between Jenny and her father. Her legs burned. Firm calves throbbed from the repeated motion. The balls and sockets of her hips complained with increasing anger. And… it was glorious. The fifth time Jenny ran home from school, everything changed. The first four days were painful and tiring, each thud of her pink Nike's shaking her small frame, jostling her fluttering heart within her chest.

But now, on day five, she broke through that barrier. The pain was still there, but it was secondary in her mind to the pure joy of exercise. Two blocks from home, she slowed to walking pace, and it all came back to her. The run had allowed her momentary peace from the fear of what had happened at school that day, and what awaited her at home. She stopped and took a few more deep breaths; taking notice of the sweat running down the crease between her full breasts.

They had always been an obstacle, being more than a bit too large for a girl of her size. Jenny was a very pretty girl, with a small round head and a stout pug nose flanked by piercing blue eyes. Standing only a little over five feet tall, her blonde mane stretched down the small of her back, terminating a few inches above her waist.

She was newly sixteen years old, but aside from her well-developed chest, her looks suggested a girl several years her junior. Glancing down further at her legs, she saw they were trembling. Not from the run, she thought, but from nervous trepidation. She was home. Opening the side door, she entered the kitchen of her modest home. All surfaces were sparkling clean, as a direct result of her labors last night.

"Daddy, I'm home!" The kitchen was to be cleaned top to bottom twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Her father kept a clean house. He was an engineer, who at a young age had built a very successful company on the manufacture of lightweight and reliable fuel pumps. Last year he sold it. Her daddy didn't discuss matters of business with her, but she overheard a conversation between him and his lawyer in which he said something about "eight figures" being a fair price.

She dropped her backpack at the kitchen table as her father walked in. "Hey babe, how was your run?" he said, a smile on his face.

He wore a slimming grey v-neck and basketball shorts. His hands were covered in grease, undoubtedly from another one of his basement projects. "Good daddy, really good! I'm glad you decided I should run home." "Yes, it was a good idea, wasn't it?" His elbows settled down on the table as his hands intertwined in front of them.

Her daddy had the same blue, piercing eyes that felt like they could see right through to her soul. His straight and unimposing nose was superior to a well-trimmed, thin moustache. His lips formed a lopsided smile that curved upwards and to the right.

She'd always thought her daddy was very handsome. "Okay Jen, why don't we both clean up and get started?" he said, his smile widening.

The warmth from her run quickly left her face, leaving behind a cold layer of sweat. Her legs subtly began trembling again. "Yes daddy, I'll go clean up right now." She turned away from him and walked out of the kitchen, down the hall and to the bathroom.

Jenny closed the heavy walnut door behind her, pressing down on the center of the brass doorknob. The girl turned to the mirror above the sink and inspected herself with a critical eye. She turned on the water, cupped her hands below the faucet and filling them with cooling liquid. Her hands and face came together as she washed the perspiration from her smooth, pale skin.

Lifting the towel from the chrome holder on the wall, she passed it over her visage. The luxurious Turkish cloth absorbed the moisture in one swoop.

After quickly using the toilet, she left the bathroom and returned to the kitchen. Her father was waiting at the table, with a towel in his clean hands and a scrutinizing look on his face. Satisfied with what he saw, his features again assembled themselves into their typical half-smile.

"Much better Jen." He said, motioning for her to come closer. His daughter walked over with quick, small footsteps upon the white linoleum. She stopped two feet in front of him.

"You know what to do." Jenny started with her pale blue tank top, peeling it off her still moist body. As it rose upwards, her firm, flat belly came into view. It passed over her ribs, and then her firm, lush titties. The twin mounds rose proudly from her chest as the tank cleared her head and was dropped to her side. Her father nodded approvingly, signaling her to go on. Jenny's face flushed red. It was far from the first time her daddy had seen her like this, but being exposed like so never failed to embarrass her.

Her pink nipples filled with blood and her breasts swelled inside her lacy beige bra as she brought down her yellow cotton short shorts and stepped out of them; one dainty little foot after another. All that was left was her bra and panties, covering her womanly treasures. "Turn around and bend over", her daddy said.


"Daddy, please…" she whimpered. The smile left his face. "Turn around, and bend over. I'm not going to ask again." Jenny did as she was told. Her round, blemishless asscheeks jutted out from her slim waist and her pussy mound oozed out from between her youthful pink thighs. Her daddy came around to her side and placed his hand on her lovely ass.

His coarse, rough skin kneaded her toned flesh and she involuntarily began to squirm. "Stop that", he said firmly, but without raising his voice. Jenny took a deep breath as she tried to take control of her protesting body. His hand traveled lower to the crease between her lovely ass and upper thigh, though, it wasn't even really a crease. The transition between her full buttocks and coltish thighs was a simple curve, a sign of her blossoming youth.

His hand traveled to her bulging cunt mound and squeezed firmly, eliciting a dog-like yelp from her lips. She trembled as a single tear flowed down her cheek. He chuckled to himself, "You like that, Jen?" "Daddy…" she said breathlessly, her deep, newly ragged breathing a symptom of her growing arousal.

She hated how her body reacted to his touch, but it was simply beyond her control. He released his grip of her pussy as his fingers found the hem of her yellow nylon panties, pulling them over her ass and down to her knees, where Jenny raised her shins off the tile, one by one, and her panties left her body.

Jenny's father deposited his daughter's damp underwear on the side with her tank top and shorts. He unclasped her bra and put it in the pile with the rest, releasing her rounded tit orbs from their cotton prison.

Her perfectly formed milk sacs bounced and swelled even more. The distended pink nipples at the center of each breast stood a full inch from her silver dollar sized areolae.

Jenny had always been ashamed of her nipples. Every time they became engorged, she flushed with embarrassment. She had no hope of hiding them, regardless of what clothes she wore. Her father's manly paw found her right breast and squeezed it roughly.

"Mmm, nice and full, aren't they? Your production is going up." He was referring to her milk. Since she got her breasts two years ago, Jenny's father had, through a drug cocktail administered to her titties once a month, been putting her generous chest to good use. It was only two days ago that he introduced a new, more potent formula to her body.

He'd dragged her naked to his basement laboratory, as he had many times before, and ordered her onto the metal surgical table in the center of the room. As she quietly sobbed, begging him not to preform their monthly ritual again, he strapped her wrists into the strong leather cuffs at the sides of the table. She didn't resist.

She was a little girl, and her daddy was a big man. Resisting would only make it hurt more. He finished restraining her hands, and then set about doing her slender ankles. Soon Jenny was tied spread eagled on the table. There was very little room to move, as her daddy always tied her as tight as was possible without injuring her. Sweat pooled on her smooth tummy and between her breasts beneath the harsh medical lighting above her.

Jenny's hair matted to her brow. She raised her neck and looked down between her upthrust titties to see the thin, golden fur of her pubic mound. It too was damp, though not from sweat. The girl laid her head back on the unforgiving metal table and looked to her right, where her father was preparing a syringe. She started to shake. Her pink, youthful legs and arms quivered with fear.

The needle looked to be over two inches long, and it was much thicker than she was used to. He pulled a vial filled with clear fluid from his jeans pocket and stuck the needle through the metallic seal. He pulled back half way and retracted it, as he walked over to his trembling little girl and sat down on his doctor's stool. "Daddy…daddy please, it's so big." As the words came out of her mouth, her sobbing picked up, and the tears flowed from her beautiful eyes.

"I know baby, but this is a new formula. You'll just have to bear with it." He looked down at his daughter with warmth that belied his dark intentions. "It'll be over before you know it." "PLEASE DADDY, PLEASE DON'T DO IT", she sobbed. "I have to baby girl. It's been a month." He firmly grasped his daughter's swollen tit orb.

Then, with surgical precision, he centered the needle on the sobbing girl's engorged nipple and began to push. She screamed in terror, the pain excruciating. Every muscle in her body franticly contracted in a futile effort to escape the thin steel rod pushing deep into her meaty breast. Though it felt like hours to Jenny, it was only seconds before the needle was completely buried in her breast; the syringe resting on top of her tumescent nipple.

She watched in horror as her father thumbed the plunger, and pressed down on it. Her tit flesh burned inside the taught skin of her rounded breast mound and her scream heightened in pitch. The flame persisted even when her father withdrew the needle and began to refill it.

A red drop of blood erupted from the tiny hole in her nipple, as her father reached across her chest and grabbed her other breast. By now, Jenny was nearly hysterical. "DADDY PLEASE, NOT AGAIN! PLEASE DADDY, DON'T DO MY OTHER TITTY!" she screamed in terror.

Her father ignored her, plunging the needle deep into her fleshy mound. Again, her eyes watched in stupefied horror as the steel rod pushed through her nipple and into her swollen breast.

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Jenny swung her head side to side, crying hysterically as the clear liquid was forcibly injected into her bulging titty. The needle withdrawn, she sobbed at the sight of her youthful breasts, both very swollen, as she bled lightly from both nipples. Jenny could see the white marks left by her father's large hands gradually diminish on her crimson skin.

Her titties would swell up even more, she knew, as the drug took effect over the next few hours. She continued to sob quietly as her father discarded the syringe and the empty glass vial.

Her torment was not over yet. Nothing was said as her daddy pulled his jeans down his strong legs and began to unbutton his shirt. His slim but robustly muscular physique came into view. Her eyes widened as he removed his white cotton underwear. This part of the ritual she knew well. Her eyes followed his distended cock as he stroked it to full erection.

Though Jenny had never seen another man's penis, having been unilaterally banned from dating of any kind, she knew her father's cock was above average in size. It stretched over eight inches in length, and was almost as thick as her wrist.

"Daddy, can I please take care of you with my mouth?" She knew it was futile, but she had to try. "Nice try Jen, but that just won't cut it. You'll be fine.

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Hell, you'd probably enjoy it if you just got out of your head." "But daddy, it's so big…" she said, in her little girl voice that she thought she'd outgrown.

Her dad ignored her pleas and climbed onto the metal table. He straddled her trembling body, completely blocking out her view of the ceiling with his large frame. Jenny felt so little every time her father stood over her like this.

"Ssshhhhh baby", he whispered, face against her cheek, "Everything will be just fine." Jenny squirmed in her bonds as his left hand roughly squeezed her swollen titty, and a moan burst from her throat. She felt his raging erection against her pulpy cunt mound as he grabbed her shoulder with his strong hand and began to push. Jenny groaned loudly as his massive cock forced apart her cuntlips.

Even after two years, accepting her father's cock into her girlish cunt was a painful endeavor. Deeper and deeper it traveled into body, forcing apart the tight velvet walls of her cunt. Silent tears fell down her face as her father plumbed her silky depths.

Her pussy rippled and grasped at the throbbing organ. A loud moan escaped her lips as she shuddered from the stinging pain and the intensity of the pleasure that came with it. Before long it had reached the end of her pussy, but much to her dismay, there remained two inches of thick cockmeat outside of her cuntlips.

Sometimes this was enough for him, but not today. He wanted it all inside her. His hips pulled back three inches and Jenny's tight, youthful cuntlips were pulled along with it. She felt his hand tighten on her shoulder and she gritted her teach. Then, his hips thrust forward powerfully, lodging all eight inches of his cock in her trembling girlish belly. Jenny yelped at the sudden pain and she arched her back and legs off the table.

Her cunt tunnel was stretched far beyond its capacity. Her daddy began pumping back and forth in her spasming cunt. He grabbed one titty and squeezed it like a stress ball. His mouth came down on the other, suckling her nipple deep into his mouth. His teeth encircled her long pink nipple, and then bit down. As he tortured her titties, his cockmeat continued ripping through her raw hole.

He hammered forward again and again, eliciting a desperate yelp with every thrust. He fucked his daughter with longer and longer strokes, his heavy balls slapping her ass with increasing violence. Jenny's small body shook as her daddy pounded her into the tabletop. She couldn't avoid grunting and mewing from the sheer power of each thrust.

His hands left her abused titties and encircled her waist, his fingers almost touching. Each brutal thrust of his tumescent cock into his daughter's agonized cunt mound felt more painful than the last, as he hammered faster, and unbelievably, deeper. The room was filled with the sounds of Jenny's painful ordeal; the slurping of her daddy's fuck spike thrusting in and out of her belly, the slaps of his balls against her ass, his grunts of extreme pleasure, and her sobs and yelps of discomfort.

His thrusts picked up again, and she could feel his manhood swelling to even larger proportions high up in her belly. She squirmed in her bonds against the renewed pain, whimpering in time with her daddy's movements. One hand dropped to her thigh, digging into her pink flesh.

She writhed against her daddy's fucking and squeezed her eyes shut. Suddenly, he groaned loudly and thrust his cock deep into her belly. His grip tightened as he pushed as deep into her cunt as he could; she felt a torrent of cum pour into her screaming hole, soaking her cervix and gushing into her womb.

His thrusts continued, and he gasped in ecstasy as he inundated her insides with his seed, before collapsing on top of her. Both Jenny and her father lay there on the table for a few moments catching their breath, before she realized that her daddy was crushing her.

Her squirming beneath him finally registered in his lust-filled brain, and he pushed himself up and off of her. As his cock left her gaping pussy, a deluge of semen rushed forth from her depths. Father and daughter were without words as he got a roll of paper towels and cleaned their juices from the table. Jenny's crotch burned, throbbing with each beat of her heart.

Her titties felt like they'd been used as a punching bag. Her arms and legs ached from being restrained. But despite the pain, she was not injured. Her father removed the last of her bonds and helped her up and off the table. He lifted her up to eye level, where she wrapped her arms around his neck. One of his arms supported her youthful ass and the other circled around her back, pressing her aching tit mounds and abused pussy to his body. "I love you baby girl", he said warmly. "I love you too daddy." She tightened her grip around his neck.

Her daddy kissed her on the cheek, still wet with tears, and carried her out of the room. Jenny stood on her hands and knees as her daddy squeezed her round titties. "Mmm, nice and full, aren't they? Your production is going up, little girl." "I guess so, Daddy", she said, trembling slightly as he mauled her chest. It had been two days since her injection, and her milk sacs were filled to the brim. The swollen mounds ached beautifully as her father played with them, bringing forth a passionate moan from her lips.

His hands left her titties, and he walked over to the cupboard, his impressive cock hard in his pants. He opened it, and pulled out a grey metal machine that she was all too familiar with. Jenny's stomach fluttered as her father put it down on the tile and began to assemble it.

From the side, he pulled two plastic tubes with glass cups at the end. The cups were rounded, designed to match the curvature of firm teenage breasts. A shudder went through Jenny's small frame. Her daddy flipped a switch and she could hear a faint motor whir.

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The cups began to make alternating suction sounds. "Alright baby, here we go." He took one cup in each hand, centered them on her long nipples, and pressed them up into her hanging tit mounds. A squeal rose in her throat as she once again felt the incredible force of the machine on her breasts. Her nipples grew red and expanded to nearly twice their size. The machine alternated between her right and left titties. Every time the cup's suction turned on, her entire breast shook, burning in pain.

Jenny broke down into quiet sobs as the machine sucked on her meaty tits. Her nipples burned and the tubes below her turned milky white, as her thick milk surged through the tiny holes of her teat. The pain gradually lessened as the consistency of her milk became more liquid.

Jenny looked over at the box, and saw within it the customary glass jar filling with her milk. This was her life. Every day, Jenny came home from school and was milked by her father. She cried softly in a pool of self-pity as the machine tirelessly sucked on her rounded tit orbs. Her daddy came to her side, one hand on her shoulder, and the other grasping her warm little cunt. He began to massage it firmly, toying with her pussy, her sparse hair tickling his palm.

A finger found her little clitty, strumming it like a guitar. Despite the pain in her chest, Jenny couldn't help but let out a moan of arousal. When he pushed a finger between her pink lips into her soaking hole, she let out an even bigger moan as her little body quivered with stimulation.

Her daddy brought his head down beside hers and he said reassuringly, "It's okay baby. Ssshhhh. Stop crying Jenny. You're okay." He took his hand off her shoulder but continued massaging her cunt, as he shuffled over to her backside. The rhythmic torment of her swollen titties was interrupted by the sound of a belt buckle being undone and pants hitting the floor. "Daddy, what are you doing?" she whimpered. "I'm gonna fuck you, baby girl." His hands dug into her pink thighs as he positioned himself behind her.

"Please, Daddy. My pussy is still so sore from last time." "Now honey, who said anything about your pussy?" A moment of confusion dissolved into apprehension as she realized what her daddy meant. "I got an unwelcome call from your math teacher today.

You know how I asked him to keep me in the loop about your test scores?" The fine, near invisible blonde hairs that covered her smooth pink body stood on end. Jenny was a straight A student, her father made sure of that. But the latest test in AP Calculus had been so hard; more than half the class failed it.

She got a C.

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Jenny had hoped it wouldn't be enough to warrant a call home. "I'm sorry honey, but I'm going to have to punish you." "No daddy please." she said, tears running down her face, "Please don't fuck my ass. It hurts SO much." "ENOUGH. You should've thought about that before you went to class unprepared." Her daddy rarely raised his voice, but when he did, she knew not to speak further.

He tightened his grip on her youthful thighs as the machine continued to suck away at her bulging titties, and centered his cock on the crinkled star of her asshole.

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Nestled between her two perfectly rounded, full ass cheeks, her father's thick cock looked absolutely obscene. Jenny closed her eyes and took a deep breath in through her mouth, held it, then exhaled through her nose.

She tried to relax, but remained tense, for she knew from experience the pain she was to endure from her father's thick, unlubricated cock tearing into her bowels.

Her daddy's eyes roamed her luscious backside and he began to go crazy with lust; electrified at the sight of his massive cock between the globes of his daughter's girlish ass. He could wait no longer. His hips charged forward and drove his cockmeat through her clenched sphincter, forcing the air from her lungs into a shrill scream. He performed his fatherly duty with all the necessary brutality, plunging inch after inch into his daughter's rectum; pulling back and pushing in deeper with every thrust.

Jenny screamed, begged; sobbing uncontrollably, but it was for her own good. "PLEASE DADDY STOP! I'LL BE GOOD!" Her pleading only turned him on more.

He brought his hands forward to her lush, hanging tit mounds and began to squeeze them roughly as the machine continued to extract her white bounty. Though her mind was awash in the throbbing, cramping pain of her father's anal discipline, her tortured brain registered the huge surge of milk in the tubes beneath her that accompanied each brutal squeeze of her titty.

He used his handhold on her chest to exact further leverage, forcing the rest of his eight-inch manhood into her swollen rectum. Jenny let out a piercing scream as her father seated his fuckmeat deep in her colon. He groaned loudly in satisfaction as his entire girth was buried in her buttery asshole, and then stopped.

The act of pushing his incredibly thick cock into his little girl's ass had taken it out of him; he needed a moment to rest. Though his movements had ceased, his daughter still sobbed audibly, her body shaking from the combined force of the cups pumping her soft, swollen breasts and from the trauma of her unnaturally stretched anus. Tears ran down her face and mixed with snot and dribble from her mouth, forming a trail of clear slime that dripped from her chin.

She was so ashamed of herself. Though she'd been punished the same way on countless other occasions throughout her sixteen years, every time felt worse than the last. The feeling of being forcibly filled, stretched beyond her worst nightmare always caught her off guard. She felt the mass in her bowels recede a few inches, only to slam back into her slippery colon; she moaned loudly in protest until her chest pushed out a few more choked sobs.

"Oh God baby, your ass is so tight. You sure are Daddy's little whore, aren't you?" He said it with such enthusiasm. Jenny knew there was nothing her daddy liked more than fucking her babygirl asshole.

"Yes daddy. I'm your little whore," she said between teary gasps. "Mhm. Damn right you are. All right Jen, half time's over. Let's finish this." He punctuated his statement by plunging deep into her clenching shitchute and pulling out again, only to stab his wide cock back inside of her. His cruel thrusts stepped up in intensity, the force of his wild incursions pushing his slight daughter all over the kitchen floor.

A loud, pain filled scream accompanied each throbbing entry into her belly, as the magnitude of his ramming cock pushed her off her hands and onto her face. The glass cups, still greedily sucking on her ripe, bountiful hillocks, dug into her tit flesh, cruelly pinching them as her chest was forced onto the cold kitchen floor. With the twin globes of her ass high in the air, Jenny's father bucked deep into her throbbing fuckpit.

He stroked into her, fucked his sobbing child hard and fast, filling the kitchen with the sound of hips slapping together, his gasping moans, and her muffled animal screams. She could tell his climax was close. His fleshy cockmeat filled her anus again and again, in and out faster and faster, until his plunging cock reached maximum speed.

Propelled by his eager hips, it fucked in and out of her bruised asshole twice per second, fucking so fast that she couldn't even scream; the force and voraciousness of his thrusts making it impossible to take a breath of air. Her titties howled in pain as they were beat against the tile; the cups pinched and prodded her swollen milk sacs and sucked her little nipples until they felt like they might burst.

Suddenly, his monstrous cock came out of her shitpipe, leaving only the tip inside, then thrust deep into her buttery depths; her father moaning in ecstatic bliss as he let loose a torrent of hot cum. He pushed down on the small of her back, forcing her globes even higher into the air as Jenny's teary face was crushed against the floor. His thrusts were short and fast as he came in her intestines, moaning uncontrollably as he relished his daughter's youthful body.


He fucked in and out a few more times, then collapsed on top of her; their tired bodies falling together to the side. It was over.

Both Jenny and her father were panting loudly, covered in a layer of sweat. Her little body fit perfectly within his as he spooned his baby girl, his big hand caressing her tummy. Jenny was still crying quietly. Dried tears covered her round head, from her blue eyes down her flushed cheeks, to her little chin. Her daddy's cock was still embedded in her swollen, throbbing asshole. The whole tube pulsed rhythmically around his softening penis. Jenny gasped as his hand moved up from her belly and gently palmed her swollen titty.

She glanced down at her brimming chest to see her daddy's hand smooth over the skin of her breast mounds, dancing around the cups, which were sucking the last streams of whiteness from her body. She wasn't surprised to see her turgid nipple swollen to almost two inches long in the tube.

Bringing over her dainty hand, she saw it was thicker than her thumb. Her daddy reached over with the arm not caressing her swollen breast and turned off the machine, it's whirring sound coming to a stop. Then he gently plucked the glass cup from her mound, each detaching with a plop, jiggling her fat titties. Free of the cups, her daddy's hand closed over her still-engorged nipples, and squeezed gently.

Jenny moaned in response. As one hand tweaked her nipple, the other traveled south, following the curvature of her hips to the globes of her ass; still forced wide apart by his half-hard cock. "I love you Jenny" he said. Her eyes closed as her father's big hand tickled her clit.

His thick index finger pushed inside of her, causing her to shutter uncontrollably. A moan escaped through her closed mouth. As his finger pumped in and out of her gushing cunt, his thumb strummed back and forth on her love button. The huge cock in her ass had only softened slightly, but it no longer caused her pain; just a pleasant fullness. Jenny's breath quickened. Even after all the pain she'd endured, she could feel herself quickly building to a massive orgasm.

Embarrassed, Jenny tried to hold back her squeals of pleasure, but failed once again. Her father chuckled to himself and quickened his pace. "Oh god, daddy, don't stop" she said breathlessly. Sparks shot off inside her groin, emanating through her small body as if it were electrically charged.

Her skin was bright pink, flushed from her taught thighs to her swollen breasts to her round face. Suddenly her eyes flew open, and all the muscles of her body contracted. Jenny's vagina gushed around her father's finger and her ass clenched tight on his manhood as she squealed in uncontrollable pleasure, her body exploding on every down stroke of his thumb on her clit, then exploding again when it came up a quarter second later.

For ten seconds she didn't breathe, didn't think, and didn't feel anything, other than the incendiary pleasure burning through her loins. Finally, she came down. Her muscles relaxed and her breath slowed. Jenny's father caressed her tummy, which still fluttered with the blissful aftershocks of her orgasm. For the first time since she came home that day, a smile crept across her face. The thick organ, since softened, fell from between her round buttocks.

Jenny rolled over on the now-warm linoleum tile, facing her father. They looked into each other's eyes for what felt like forever, then settled into a warm embrace.