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Anal dildo and squirting chubby teen
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Ok If you read part one of the story I am picking up where it left off. The next morning I woke up and noticed that Jessica and my aunt and uncle were already gone.

So much for getting to talk to her about the previous night. I was ready for the next weekend to get here already. There was several times that I jacked off in the morning and even a few nights in bed.

Friday night came and my aunt and uncle called my parents and cancelled. I was really bummed out about this and my parents even stayed home the entire weekend. I called my aunt's house several times to try and talk to Jessica. But there was never a good time for us to talk about it. So I was afraid that was the end of things between us.

The reason they cancelled was Jessica injured her leg in a volleyball game. So another week passed and I was getting hard several times a day now and not firing blanks. On Wednesday my mom was going to my aunt's house and I asked to tag along. Jessica had a big brace on her leg and was staying in her bedroom all the time. So I let the adults talk and went to visit her. She was grumpy as hell about missing school and being stuck in her house.

She perked up a little bit when she seen me and we were able to talk some about what happened. "So what have you been doing?" She asked me I looked around and grinned. "Me and Rosey have got to know each other a lot better." I chuckled. "Is that so and does she like you?" She chuckled "We talk about 2 maybe 3 times a day now."I replied walking closer to her bed.

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"And how have you been doing thru all this?" I asked making sure she seen the hard-on I had sprouted up since I walked in. "Not to good have to wear this thing for 2 more weeks. So I don't know if I can stand it anymore." As she pulled the top of the brace my eyes following her hands she flashed me her panties. I was close enough to whisper."have been thinking about you every day now." "That's so sweet of you to think of me while talking to Rosey." She giggled "Will you teach me more?" I questioned "Maybe we will have to see?" She said as my mom was coming in the door.

My heart sank with those words because I had my hopes up.

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I tucked my self away so my mom would not see. But Jessica did and smiled at me. My mom and her talked about stuff and said we were going home.

I followed my mom and looked back at Jessica who grabbed her shirt and raised it really fast to show me her tit's. I could not help but smile all the way home. The rest of the week I was constantly thinking about her.

Friday night came up and I wasn't expecting for my mom getting ready to go out. When my aunt and uncle showed up I had to do a lot of promises of doing most of the work. Jessica came in on crutches and got comfortable on the couch.


I did everything like normal getting my siblings into bed and did everything for Jessica she needed. Then came time for us to watch Tv I was going to sit in the recliner and Jessica huffed.

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"I been gone for two weeks and your sitting over there. Has Rosey stolen you already?" she asked "No with your leg like that I can't sit in my usual spot." I replied "Find that blanket again and get over here." She demanded At first I was worrying about hurting her leg she already had a solution to this. She moved down the couch a little bit more and moved her pillow.

I spread the blanket out across her and she leaned forward. "Sit there and I will use your lap as a pillow." She stated So I did what she wanted and it turned out to be better place to sit. I can't remember what movie was on because I didn't pay attention to it.

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My focus was on the rise and fall of her breast and lips. I was fighting with myself about where to put my hands. One was playing with her hair and the other was massaging her arm and neck. She was looking at me and licking her lips. She leaned up and scooted back. She was sitting on my lap almost as she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to mine.

We started kissing after a few minutes she started to force my lips apart with hers. I took the initiative to let her tounge in my mouth. We started kissing like that for what felt like forever. She broke the kiss to breath and put her arm around my neck.

"Your not the best kisser but not the worst I have kissed. Play with my tongue more with yours as enter my mouth as well. Just follow my lead and I will teach you." She said as she closed back in to kiss more. This time I did what felt right feeling her move her tongue back and forth. We really got in to making out. We were holding each other then her hands started moving around me and I did the same.

I noticed when I touched her tit's or sides she kissed me harder. Her hands traced my back and arms and I had a severe hard-on pushing in to her lower back. After she was done kissing me she slid her shirt off I could not resist the urge to suck her hard nipple in to my mouth. She moaned softly in my ear and pulled my head in to her harder.

I started to explore her breast with my mouth and my hands roamed all over her and touched her crotch. She pulled me away and said she wasn't ready to go this far yet. She then scooted back down the couch and laying her head back on my lap. I was completely lost to what just happened between us so I went back to playing with her hair and now naked tits. After awhile she put her hand under her head and played with me. I was in heaven as she jacked me off and I twisted and rolled her nipples.

This went on till a sex scene came on in the movie we were watching. Her hand shot under the blanket and then. "I need you to get out from under me and sit on the floor please." She stated as she leaned forward a bit I was not happy about this sudden change but went along with it. "So am I not able to play with your tits now?" "You are that's why I moved you.

Now you can kiss and suck on them easily. Hurry up and get to it." She demanded as she pulled my face to her tit's My lips made their way around her nipples and chest.

My hand made its way to my dick to finish what she started. I decided to stop for a second and started to move away.


Jessica rolled her head towards me and in suddenly harsh manner spoke. "What the hell are you stopping for?" She asked "I need some lotion because my dick is dry and it doesn't feel the same." I stated "No you don't just lean over my body and suck my other nipple for a few moments. And don't touch your dick or nothing like this will happen again." She stated flatly in a no bullshit kinda tone I really didn't want this to stop but I really wanted to jerk off.

I was giving her the attention she desired but denying me the same thing. I wasn't happy about it but I did as I was told as I leaned over her and started what she wanted. Suddenly I felt her hand grab my dick and stroke me it was slick and warm.

I returned the favor by working her chest even more with longer sucking and squeezing. That was until I heard her sigh and she stopped playing with my dick.

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"Go get the lotion you're going to need it now." She stated pushing me away from her. "What did I do something wrong?" I stammered "No it's not you it's my fault I can't get to the point where I need to get with just one hand.

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So you gotta take care of yourself." she huffed at me. "I can help you with my hand if you want me to." I muttered not thinking she could hear me as I walked away. I came back and she had changed the direction she was laying down.

The leg that had the brace on it was against the back of the couch. I was just going to watch her do her thing and I was going to do my thing like she said.

She was beautiful laying there with her chest raising and falling with every breath. Her 36c tit's where nice and firm her deep pink areolas where about the size of a pop can topped with her nipples the size of a nickel. I could not resist the urge to suck on them more and moved my mouth to them again. I opened the lotion and was about to put it on my free hand. Jessica grabbed my wrist and pulled it down to her pussy.

"Stick out your first finger and let me guide your hand." She said moving my finger around her soaking wet pussy then I felt a spot almost as big as her nipple.

"Right there is the only thing that I want you to worry about right now. Use your fingers and spin them in a circle pushing it down." I followed her instructions the best I could in the tight restrictions of her shorts.

It was difficult to do but she seemed to like what I was able to do. She then took the lotion and put some on me and slowly stroked my member. I went back to playing with her chest until I got weak in the knees because that little bomb went off again cumming all over her hand. This caused me to slump down to the floor and pull my dick from her grasp. I kept trying to get her to the point she needed but failed as she pulled my hand out and used her own.

She brought herself off in a matter of moments and forced me away from her chest. "I am sorry that I didn't help much." I said meekly as I put my clothes back on I also handed her shirt to her. "It was good for your first time trying that. You just need practice is all but you are learning fast. You are doing great at playing with my tits and maybe I will make use of that later." She said as she pulled me in for a kiss. "Now get to bed they will be home soon." That's how the weekend went for me and Jessica because our parents didn't go out Saturday night.

The next chapter will tell of what happened the weekend after her brace was allowed to come off.