Pinay sex scandal gumawa ng sex scandal ang mag jowa

Pinay sex scandal gumawa ng sex scandal ang mag jowa
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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) 2013 by The Technician [email protected] Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use.

Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = * * * * * * * * * * * * As the sound of Ron and Kevin's snowmobiles faded, Sara said, "Well, it looks like it's the four of us for supper. Everything is ready so why don't we go ahead and eat." When supper was finished and the girls were sitting sipping wine around the table, Julie said, "Uh.

I. uh. have a favor to ask." "This sounds serious," commented Joan. "What do you want?" "I want to give Kevin something special." "A 'hero fuck' for Super Rescue Man?" asked Sara. Julie turned more than slightly red and answered softly, "Something like that." "When Kevin was talking about being in control and how being in control turned him on, I was imagining letting Kevin be totally in control of me." She turned a deep shade of red.

"And God, that turned me on! I thought I was going to start dripping on the floor through my clothing." "Welcome to the sisterhood," said Sara.

"I've never felt that way for anyone else - ever. But I do about Kevin! I want to give myself totally to him. I want him to know that he is totally in control and can take me in any way he desires." "And you need us because?" asked Judy.

"I don't know what to do. or how to do it." "I think the carousel crowd is going to go roller coastering in the basement tonight," said Joan.

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"We've got almost two hours before they get back. Let's all warm up for a while in the hot tub and then we will take our bondage virgin downstairs and prepare her to be sacrificed to the conquering hero." Julie could not meet any of their eyes, but her breath was starting to come in shallow gasps and it looked like she was almost on the verge of orgasm. "To the virgin offering," said Sara, raising her glass in a toast. "To the virgin offering," replied The Three J's.

= = = = = = = The Three J's and an S sat in the hot tub drinking wine and talking. Julie was trying to build up her courage for what she wanted to do, and the other girls were trying to release the tension of the events of the day. "I think we need to shut you off on the wine now," Joan said after Julie had finished her glass.

"You don't want to get sick." "Yeah," added Sara snickering, "throwing up really puts a downer on the mood." "Not to mention the fact," said Judy, "that you are going to be bound and gagged when Kevin arrives back tonight. Throwing up into a ball gag is a real downer." "OK, OK," answered Julie. "I'm just trying to get totally in the mood." "If you want to get TOTALLY in the mood to give yourself completely to Kevin, I think you should be the one to take the empty bottles back out to the box in the snow." Joan added, "And do it like Sara would.

one bottle at a time." "How many bottles are there?" asked Julie? "Five," answered Sara. "I never got around the taking the bottles out from last night." "OK," said Julie. "Five trips out through the snow barefoot and bare assed, just like Sara loves so to do so much." "Wait a minute," said Sara. "You need to get your fire burning first in order to enjoy the cold." She slid over to Julie and pulled her body against her own. "Just pretend that this is Kevin for a moment," she said as she pressed her mouth against Julie's and slid her hand between Julies legs.

In just a few moments Julie was squirming and panting. "Whoa, Sara," said Judy. "Don't take her over the top. She needs that fire burning hot enough to melt her way through the snow." Sara slid back away from Julie and took a deep breath.

"You are insatiable," said Joan. "But good to have around when you need your fire lit," answered Sara. "Get going," Joan said to Julie. As Julie started to climb the steps out of the hot tub, Judy swatted her hard on the ass. Julie gasped. "Was that pain or pleasure?" asked Judy. "Not sure," answered Julie.

"You're getting there," said Sara. Julie picked up the empty bottle of wine that was on the table and walked out through the snow to the two boxes buried by the picnic table. She put the bottle in the open case and returned to the deck. "Pain or pleasure?" asked Judy again. "Both," answered Julie. "Closer," said Sara. She went into the cabin and returned with another empty bottle. As she walked out to the picnic table, she moved off the path that she and Sara had worn in the snow so that she was walking almost waist deep through the compacted powder.

On each of the next three trips, she again pushed a new path through the snow. As she came up onto the deck after returning the fifth empty to the boxes in the snow, Judy again asked, "Pain or pleasure." "The pain's still there," she answered, "but the pleasure is overwhelming it. and me." "She's ready," announced Sara.

"Let's go get the virgin ready for sacrifice," said Joan They stopped in the kitchen so that Julie could write a note to Kevin. Joan wrote "KEVIN" in large, block letters on the top of a piece of paper with a black marker and then handed the paper to Julie. Julie wrote, "Kevin, when you were talking about how turned on you got by being in control, I was thinking about me letting you be in total control of me and I got REALLY turned on.

I am downstairs. The girls are going to tie me up and get me ready in some fashion - they won't tell me what they are going to do. I am giving myself totally to you tonight. I am yours completely. You may use me in ANY way you desire. Don't think at all about my pleasure. My pleasure will come from giving you pleasure.

I don't want our relationship to always be like this, but for tonight I am totally and completely in YOUR CONTROL." "Wow," exclaimed Judy. "If this doesn't get him going that boy is dead." "OK, let's put that on the door to the basement and go down and get you ready." The four naked girls walked down into the basement.

The chains were still hanging from the two beams from the night before. "We don't need all of these," announced Sara as she began to remove the second set of restraints. "Stand here," ordered Joan, indicating beneath the beam, "and put your hands above your head." Julie stood where Joan had instructed her and raised her hands above her head.

Judy wrapped one of the cuffs on her right wrist while Sara wrapped the left. Then they both clipped the cuff to the hanging chain. "Time for the feet," said Joan as she began wrapping one of the ankle cuffs on Julie's leg. "Spread 'em as wide as you can go," she instructed and then clipped the cuff to the chain. After she had done the same with the other cuff, she announced, "Not tight enough," and went over to the wall to move the clip up the chain several inches.

Julie was now tightly bound with her legs spread almost uncomfortably wide. Sara walked up behind her and whispered in her ear.


"You realize that you are now totally vulnerable, don't you?" Julie took a deep breath. "Kevin will be able to stroke your breasts as much as he wants." She ran her hands over Julie's breasts and slightly tweaked one nipple. "And he can run his hands over your body. ANYwhere. over ANY part of your body." Sara ran her hands across Julie's buttocks and down the backs of her legs.

She then started up the insides of Julie's legs rubbing lightly with the backs of her hands as she moved upward toward where her legs joined together. When she got to the top, she turned her hands over and rubbed her fingers against Julie's slit, sliding two fingers between her dripping pussy lips.

Julie inhaled sharply as Sara's hand found her throbbing love button. "Just think what that will be like when it is Kevin doing it," whispered Sara as she removed her hands from Julie's body and stepped back leaving Julie whimpering softly. "These are the controllers," Joan informed her as she fastened the two belts around Julie's waist. She placed the two controllers on the outside of Julie's back, one on each side just above her ass cheeks. "I put fresh batteries in them so they should be good for six or seven hours of continuous use." "This is a ball gag," said Judy.

"Notice the safety air hole so you won't choke if your nose gets clogged." "And this is a blindfold," added Sara as she slipped it over Julie's eyes. "There are also some earplugs, but that might be too much for your first experience at bondage submission." Julie felt someone moving the controllers slightly and then felt wires against her back. "These are the nipple clamp contacts." It was Judy's voice. Julie felt the pressure as the clamps closed on her nipples.

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"We will set them at three," said Joan, and Julie immediately felt a tingling sensation. "This is a pussy popper," said Sara. "Actually, I think they call it a vaginal shield electro-stim contact plate, but pussy popper is more fun - and probably more accurate.

We are going to set that for three also. for now." Julie felt the cold of the lube as the metal tube was inserted in her vagina, and then the greasy cold feel of the contact plate as it was pulled tight against the outer lips of her sex. Almost immediately after it was in place, she grunted slightly as the first tingling shocks hit her. "And this is an anal torpedo." The voice sounded like Judy's, but with the distraction of the nipple and vaginal shocks, Julie couldn't be sure.

She was still trying to figure out what an anal torpedo was when Joan began inserting the dildo shaped butt plug up her ass. She wiggled her butt trying to escape the intruder, but Joan slapped her sharply on the ass cheek and said, "Anything means anything, and you said ANYTHING." Julie tried to say "I said KEVIN could do anything," but all that came out were grunts as Joan slowly wiggled the electric dildo into her rectum.

"For this to truly be effective," said Sara, "it has to be set fairly high." Joan turned the control to eight. Julie grunted and gyrated as her anal sphincter began to contract tightly in time with the electric pulses. Although she had never experienced the real thing, it soon felt like someone was fucking her in the ass.

"One more thing," said Judy. "We are going to glisten you up. This is baby oil gel that I am smearing all over your body." Julie began moaning as Judy rubbed the thick gel all over her body.


"And this is regular baby oil," added Sara as she poured copious amounts of the oil over Julie's shoulders and began to mix it with the thicker gel that already covered her body. Julie was now bucking and grinding in time with the electric pulses. "We are going to let you stew a while," said Joan. "Kevin should be here in about a half hour. If he gets delayed, we may have to do something else, but for now, this should work fine. We're going back upstairs to the hot tub." Julie was vaguely conscious of the sound of the girls going back upstairs.

She definitely heard the door close solidly at the top of the stairs. "What would you like to do until the guys get back?" asked Joan. Judy replied, "We might as well get back into the hot tub until they arrive.

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I think Ron and I will go back into the bedroom at that point." She looked at Joan and Sara and smiled broadly. "He deserves a 'hero fuck' too, even if I'm not throwing myself at him cunt first." Sara giggled and said, "She is kind of doing that, isn't she. Does that upset you?" "Only because I didn't think of it first," answered Judy. "Only because I didn't think of it first." As Joan started to step back down into the hot tub, she asked, "Sara, would you like to go get us some more wine?" Sara paused and for a moment Joan thought she was going to say, "No," but instead she said, "Why don't we try the beer.

That way we can honestly say that we didn't sit around and drink several bottles of wine every night for the whole time we were up here." "You just want to bring the beer up here one bottle at a time," laughed Judy, "but a beer does sound good." She paused and added, "And then after Ron gets back I won't be mixing my liquors and end up sicker than a dog." "So you're going to be doing doggie-style hero fucks tonight?" asked Sara in mock seriousness before dissolving into fits of laughter.

"Have YOU ever done doggie style?" Judy asked Sara in response. "Kind of hard to do with two women unless one of you is strapped, and I've never done a man." She paused and looked very thoughtful for a moment and then continued, "Never done a dog either, but I think it would be about the same to me since I'm not really attracted to men or dogs.

If I were horny enough, though, I would probably do either or both." She paused again and then added, "Never done a machine either, though I've gotten pretty wet watching some of the ads on the porn sites." "Are you answering Judy's question or making a bucket list?" asked Joan.

"I think that would be a fuck-it list," answered Sara as she returned with the first of the beers. Like Julie had done before her, she was now making a totally new path through the snow on each trip out to the cache of beer and wine on the picnic table. When she returned with the second bottle, Judy said, "I thought Lone Star bottles didn't unscrew.

that you had to have a bottle opener." "You can get them that way," answered Sara, "but most people want to be able to open them without an opener, so except for certain special runs, they are twist offs." She held the bottle down to her pussy lips and mimicked twisting it open.

"I saw this leather thong on line once that had a ridged depression right here," pointing to her cunt with the top of the bottle, "You could set the top of the bottle in it under your skirt and twist the cap off. The idea was to make it look like you were opening it with you pussy lips. I almost bought them, but couldn't figure out where I would ever wear them and who I would be drinking beer with that I could do that trick for." "I've seen beer bottles there before, but they were already open, and there were no thongs or panties in the way." said Joan.

"It would give the beer a distinctive flavor, I imagine," said Judy. "I'll have to try it some day," responded Sara as she twisted the cap off with her hand and gave th bottle to Joan in the hot tub.

A minute or so later, she was back with the final bottle of beer. She stood at the top of the steps into the tub, twisted the cap off and threw the it over onto one of the deck chairs.

Then she lowered the bottle down to between her legs and inserted it into herself several times. "Love the sensation of cold inside me," she said, and then after taking a deep swig from the bottle added, "and it does, indeed, add a distinctive flavor to the outside of the bottle that you pick up on your tongue as you drink." She looked over at Judy and said, "I'll have to ask Ron his opinion on it in the morning." Judy merely tipped her bottle at Sara in a salute and said, "You never know.

You never know." "Speaking of Ron," said Joan, "I think I hear the snowmobiles now." Seconds later the two bright orange snowmobiles and their towed ambulance sleds came into the yard. Ron and Kevin walked over to the deck carrying their helmets and began to climb the steps.

"Ron, could I speak to you a moment over here," said Judy. Joan said, "Kevin, Julie is waiting for you downstairs." "I finally get brave enough to travel outside of my comfort zone and go full monty in the hot tub and she's not feeling adventurous tonight," he responded.

He sighed deeply and added, "I'll never understand women." "That's probably true," Joan replied, "but tonight isn't what you think. Julie is definitely feeling adventurous tonight - just not in the way that you expected." Judy held her finger up to her lips to tell Ron to remain quiet and said to Kevin, "Julie is feeling very adventurous tonight and might be willing to travel well outside her comfort zone." Sara added, "She might even be willing to travel all the way around the world, and you're not going to find her that adventurous very often." "There's a note that explains everything on the door going downstairs," said Joan.

"Just hang up your things, read the note, and go down on her.


I mean to her." Kevin looked very confused, but mumbled, "OK. I guess." He turned to say something, but instead muttered, " . women," and walked into the cabin. "What is going on?" asked Ron. "Julie noticed that Kevin gets turned on by control," explained Judy, "so she decided that she would let him totally control her tonight.

We helped her get ready and." Judy couldn't continue for her snickers and giggles, so Sara completed the explanation. "Julie is downstairs chained to the beams, naked, blindfolded, and gagged with both electro-stim controllers pleasure pulsing the nipple clamps, the pussy cup, and the anal torpedo. Right now, she is probably hornier than a three peckered billy goat and would a deep throat a cactus and screw a doorknob both at the same time. If Kevin thought he had a wild ride this afternoon, just wait until he gets downstairs." "I was thinking more along the lines of a few beers and then an evening of quiet thought and reflection," said Ron.

After a long pause and long drink from the long neck, he stroked Judy's breast and added ". of course screwing my brains out has always helped me to clear my mind and focus my thoughts." "I think that was a hint for us to go inside and start reflecting," said Judy. Sara began to get up out of the hot tub and said, "I'll get you a couple of long necks to go. Thinking always makes me thirsty." She returned shortly with four bottles, surprisingly bringing them in one trip.

As she handed them to Ron she said, "We were discussing earlier about why some people like to put a lime in their beer bottles. Joan thought that it was to give Dos Equis or Corona a tangy over taste. Judy thought there was a better way to give a tangy over taste to Lone Star." She smiled over at Judy.

"Maybe she could explain that to you sometime tonight." Judy smiled back and mouthed, "I will get you for that!" Sara just stuck her tongue out at Judy and handed the four long necks to Ron. "Have a good discussion and reflection," she called out merrily as Ron and Judy disappeared inside.

Meanwhile, Kevin was slowly walking downstairs as he read and re-read the note he had taken off the door without really understanding for sure what it meant. When he got to the bottom of the steps he stopped, frozen, watching Julie writhe and buck in her chains.

Her body was glistening with gel, oil, and sweat. Her head was thrashing from side to side and she was moaning continuously through the red ball gag that filled her mouth.

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He stepped up behind her and examined the controllers that were strapped to her waist. Tracing the wires from her nipples clamps he shut off that half of the controller and reaching around her removed both clamps at the same time. Julie stood up as straight as she could and thrust her breasts forward trying to recapture the tingle.

Instead, she felt Kevin's hands close around her breasts and felt his fingers circle her aureola and tug slightly on her nipples. "Give me a minute to get out of my clothes," she heard Kevin say and the hands left her breasts.

She began whimpering and thrusting her breasts forward. In a few moments she felt Kevin's body press against her from behind as his arms wrapped around her and fondled her breasts.


He continued to tug gently at her nipples while at the same time rubbing his chest against her back. She was now moaning shrilly through the gag. She felt his hands on her waist and suddenly the pulsing between her legs stopped. Kevin released the belt on one of the controllers and lowered it to the ground. He then untied the strings which held the vaginal cup in place and tried to slide it off her body. He was surprised to discover that attached to the plate was a long electrode which was deep inside her, but as soon as he saw it, he changed from sliding the cup off her body to pulling it straight away from the opening of her pussy lips.

Then, still standing behind her, he began to rub up against her and to stroke her entire front. His hand traveled from tweaking her nipples to sliding between her legs and grazing her clit to pressing against her abdomen as he moved back toward her breasts. She was trying to tell him, "No, I want you to have all the pleasure," but nothing understandable could come out past the ball gag.

Besides, she could tell that he was also enjoying what was happening because his rigid prick was rubbing between her legs. The thought crossed her mind that she hoped he couldn't get shocked by the anal plug, but it didn't matter since he had now already moved around and was standing in front of her. He pressed himself fully against her front. Her breasts were crushed against his abdomen. His erection was pressed between their bodies just above her pubic bone.

His hands were kneading the globes of her ass, and he was starting give out short, guttural moans as he rocked against her. Stepping slightly away from her, he ran his hands down the length of the outside of her legs and then back up to her breasts.

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After doing this several times, he bent his knees slightly and pushed himself between her legs. Reaching under her arms and putting his hands up and over her shoulders from the back, he pulled suddenly and thrust himself upward into her quivering cunt. She exploded in an immediate orgasm, and continued to go higher as he thrust hard and fast for several minutes.

Just when she thought that she could stand no more, he suddenly thrust very hard upward and held himself tight within her. Julie felt like she was being impaled by his prick and being lifted off her feet. She wasn't wrong. With him pushed tightly inside her, she was on tip toe with barely anything touching the floor. He held himself, and her, like that for at least a full minute and then dropped down and lowered her to back onto her feet.

Julie thought he might stop and let her down so that they could go into the bedroom at this point, but instead, his hands began to again slide over her body. The combination of the heavy baby oil gel and baby oil and their own sweat had made her body extremely slippery. Kevin rubbed his hands across every inch of her body. The sensations ran from sensual to soothing to painful and back to sensual.

She began to come down from her orgasm, but remained in an extremely elevated sexual state. And as Kevin continued to stroke her, she felt herself climbing once again toward climax.

This time, however, it wasn't a rapid rush as before, but a slow, steady, continuous increase in the fire within her. Kevin again moved around behind her as he continued to stimulate the entire surface of her body. She felt movement of the second controller belt and heard it, too, being placed on the ground. Then the sensations in her anal canal lessened. Kevin was slowly turning down the level of the pulses. Somehow, the lessening of the pulses made Julie more, not less, aware of them.

It was no longer a sudden tightening of her anal sphincter, but it became rather a series of prickly shocks deep within her. As the level continued to slowly drop, it subsided to tickling tingles vaguely between her legs. Finally it was just a strange tickling sensation that seemed to be both inside and on the surface of her rear.

When the pulses were totally gone, she felt Kevin's fingers gripping the T-shaped base of the anal torpedo. He tugged steadily and twisted it slightly back and forth as he pulled it out of her. She felt his finger slide into her as soon as the torpedo had come out, and was surprised that it did not feel as if there was much resistance to that intrusion.

She must have remained slightly open after the dildo was removed. Kevin stood behind her and again began rubbing his body against her.

He was once again rigid and erect - as only a virile, young man could be in so short a time. With one hand he reached up and began to loosen the straps which held the ball gag in place. "I want you to be able to say no to this," he explained. "And if you say no, I will stop, regardless of how far along we are." He dropped the gag onto the floor and rubbed against her back with his body while kneading and massaging her breasts with his hands.

He began rubbing his dick up and down in the crack of her ass cheeks and moved his hands down so that he was both pulling her more tightly into himself and rubbing her cunt and clit.

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He dipped down slightly, and the head of his prick slid down into Julie's ass cheeks. He moved back and forth to aligned the head with her virgin rosebud.

He thrust forward slightly, not enough to penetrate, but enough to apply pressure and slightly spread the puckered opening. "Yes, yes," she moaned. "Tonight, I am yours. You are in control. Use me however you want." It took all the control Kevin had not to slam himself fully into Julie upon hearing those words.

Instead he rocked back and forth with her, penetrating her slightly more with each thrust. As his member slowly slid in, Julie began moaning louder and louder. She turned her head and tried to kiss him as he stood behind her, but all she succeeded in doing was to touch tongues for a few fleeting seconds.

Kevin was now fully within her and he continued his slow steady strokes as both he and Julie began moaning louder and louder. The push of his hands against her cunt and his thrusts into her ass became faster and then more and more frantic until Julie was suddenly once again taken up onto tiptoe and beyond.

Her feet were now totally off the ground, pulled down only by the tension of the chains attached to the wall. She wailed and shook and vibrated as Kevin held her impaled in his grip. She felt the warm sensation of him ejaculating inside her and screamed out in uncontainable pleasure. Upstairs on the deck, Sara and Joan were rubbing against one another in the hot tub.

Sara stopped, looked over at the cabin, and said, "That didn't sound like a carousel. That sounded much more like a roller coaster." "So, my little roller coaster rider," murmured Joan. "How would you like to finish the evening? With a coolie?. a hottie?. or a not-so-quickie in the bedroom?" "I think I will take one from column A, one from column B, and one from column C," answered Sara, and then laughing she ran down the steps of the deck and threw herself into an area of undisturbed snow in the back yard.

Joan raced behind her and dove after her into the snowbank. Kevin, meanwhile, was unwrapping Julie's wrist and ankle cuffs in preparation to carrying her into the bedroom to complete their world tour.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = END OF DAY FIVE, PART 2 The saga of "The Three J's and an S" WILL continue. We have yet to find out what Sandy and Mandy keep in that closet of theirs. And there is that DRPP qualification test that Kevin still has to pass.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =