Swathi naidu nude and sharing her new contact details

Swathi naidu nude and sharing her new contact details
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"Honey? There's something I have to tell you. Something I should've told you before we left, but.I thought you wouldn't understand until we left," I said to my wife of barely a day. "What is it, babe?" Alexis said, understandably looking worried. My 23-year old Mexican-American wife looked incredible. With her slightly tanned and toned body, D-cup breasts, seemingly long legs even though she's five feet four inches tall, and long raven hair, she was a knock out.

Alexis loves to workout too which did wonders for her body, especially her ass, thanks to the Brazilian butt exercise phenomenon. The perfect woman. And now I risk losing her, over something I never could have imagined. God, how am I going to say the next words? There is no way she will go for this. And what's worse, we just got married yesterday! She's going to freak out. How did it come to this? How could I do this to her?

This is all my fault. She would leave me for sure. Hell, I would, if I was her. "There's something about me I never told you. Something embarrassing. I was too ashamed to tell you ever since we started dating. But I figure since we're married now, you have a right to know." "God, Robert you're scaring me. What is it? Just tell me." Alexis demanded. I am lucky to be with a woman like Alexis, not only because she was very beautiful, but how she was such a caring person. I knew other women from my past who looked just as attractive as her, but with an ugly personality.

So it was such a huge shock to me that Alexis gave me the time of day to know me better. People who saw us together thought she was way out of my league. Hey, I agree, but I sure wasn't complaining about it. Here goes nothing. "I have.uh.this.fantasy." I started off saying. "Yeah?" my wife said, suspiciously. Just remember what Alan said, and you'll be alright, I thought.

"And.I think it's important that you respect it as best as you can. Otherwise.," I swallowed hard, ".otherwise, I think we may have rushed into getting married." That was hard enough to say already, and I even haven't gotten to the worst part yet. "Wait, what? Are you kidding? If you're joking, then this isn't funny, Robert. Okay? So, just stop it." Alexis said, looking pissed. I always thought it was funny how her accent gets thicker when she's upset. Even now, I wanted to laugh but the situation I'm in reminded me how this is not a laughing matter.

"I'm not kidding, Alexis. I'm telling you the truth. In hindsight, I should've told you before we got married, but I'm telling you now." "I can't believe what I'm hearing!

You've never acted like this before, Robert! You're talking about our marriage already being over while we are in our honeymoon? What the fuck?!" She shoved me hard, making me hit the wall hard behind me. For a 5'4" Latina, she was very strong.

All those years playing different sports in school made her athletically gifted. Her perfect ass was evident of that as she started pacing back in forth in our hotel room, speaking in spanish angrily. Even upset, she looks amazing. Her naturally tanned body was already tight and had just enough muscles on all the right places.

If that wasn't enough, she had a face of an angel. Well, more like a demon now that she's angry with me. But she was still stunningly breathtaking.

Her long raven hair, with dark brown eyes, a killer smile, and dimples could actually kill a man! She was your typical Mexican beauty.

My thoughts were interrupted when Alexis stopped her pacing and glared at me with her arms crossed. "So?" "'So'.what?" "What's this stupid fantasy that's SO important it could cost us our marriage?" This next part is going to be twice as bad. But I have no choice. The ring on her finger with the small diamond I gave her, glittered, as if warning me about the consequences that might happen.

"Just promise me, you'll keep an open mind, will you?" I pleaded. "JUST.tell me," Alexis was on the verge of losing her cool. What I'm about to say next will do the trick. With a deep sigh, I continued. "Do you know.what a.'cuckold' is?" "A what?" Alexis asked. "A.cuckold?" I repeated. "Cuckoo? What the hell is that?" I was really hoping to avoid explaining the details. "No, cuck-old," I corrected her.

"There's no easy way to say this, babe. But to put it simply: a cuckold is someone, usually a husband, who likes to watch his wife.with another man." I didn't think our fight would ever end. Alexis had quite a few choice of words for me after I told her what a cuckold is. I knew she was really upset when she started yelling in spanish. Alexis' argument consisted of how disgusting I and the fantasy was, and how I would let another man be with her instead of me.

While my argument was mostly me trying to calm her down. I couldn't tell her the real reason why. If I did, then I would be in much, much bigger trouble. I would've relented after taking such a verbal beating, but I had to stick to my guns. When Alexis saw I was not going to change my mind, she threatened she would leave the resort and the island altogether.

Unfortunately, the next cruise won't come in until a week from now. That was the only way to enter and leave the resort on the island.

In a huff, she stormed away, leaving me alone in our room. I was also upset. Upset at myself and the situation. This was all my fault. I went over to the mini bar and drank two bottles when I heard a knock on the door.

I thought it was room service but when I opened it, there was my boss, Alan McCarthy. It was strange to see him in any other attire besides business. He wore a red t-shirt with swim trunks and sandals. His shirt was a little too tight for his upper body with how I was able to see his muscular physique through it. I know Alan participates in plenty of marathons and competitions that tests his physical abilities.

With his trunks, it was evident he did not skip leg day. His calves looked more like chiseled stones. I had to look slightly up since he was 6'3". To top it all off, the man was extremely good-looking.

I have worked for Alan almost a year. I applied for the job after I finished college with a bachelor's in business.

It was a steady job with plenty of opportunities if I worked hard. Alexis got hired from a small company as a bookkeeper. We were living a normal life with no complications and had a plan for our future. It certainly did not involve my boss interfering with our lives. "Rob, how you doin', buddy?" Alan said, letting himself into my room, slapping me on the shoulder. "What are you doing here, Alan?" "Just seeing how things are going.

I see you've started the party without me." Alan commented on the empty bottles I just drank. "I told her." "Told her what exactly?" "That I wanted to be a.cuckold." "And?" Alan drank one of the liquor bottles. "She's upset, obviously. She just stormed out of here. I don't know if she's coming back." "Of course, she's coming back. She married you, didn't she?" Alan joked. "Did you not hear what I said?

She's pissed off at me. And for good reason." "Relax, Rob. Everything is going according to plan. Any woman like Alexis would be angry, of course. It's a Latin thing. She'll be back, trust me. You just make sure you do your part." Alan walked some more around my room. "This is a cute room." "What's the point of trying to convince her I want this if she doesn't want to hear it. It's hard enough when I don't want to do this." "Well, you'll just have to figure out how to sound more convincing then.

As for your wife, I got that covered." "What do you mean? What are you going to do?" I asked with trepidation. "Your wife doesn't know who I am, right? I'll be be the perfect gentlemen she runs into by 'accident'," Alan used his fingers as quotation marks, "and carefully convince her to follow her husband's perverted fetishes." "Don't hurt her, okay?

If you do anything-" I started to warn Alan until he cut me off. "Or what?" Alan's casual demeanor changed instantly. "What are you gonna do, Robert? Huh?" Alan shoved me a few times, forcing me to answer. I just looked down and away. I knew he had all the power. "That's what I thought, pussy. Just remember what I got on you. You think this is bad now? Just say the word and I'll make your fucking world crumble!" Alan yelled at me. I just looked down, feeling defeated.

My mind went back to the day when he called me into his office and coerced me to follow a plan he had for my then fiancee.

My world already crumbled on that day. And what made it worse was the false evidence he has against me. But it looked credible. Alan went through so much trouble just to sleep with my wife. Alan barely noticed me ever since I started working for him. We would exchange the usual "hey" with a wave whenever we crossed paths. I had a picture of Alexis that I hung up on my cubicle from day one. And then one day when Alan passed by my desk area he noticed that picture and asked me who she was.

He didn't assume Alexis was my wife. I could hear the surprise in his tone when I told him we were engaged. Not to mention the numerous times I had to tell him she was in fact with me and that she wasn't a relative. Which I find odd now, since I'm white and she's Hispanic. How could he have thought we were related? Alan wasn't the only person, nor will be the last, to be surprised she's with me.

I'm not the worst-looking guy out there but I can admit I do look average at 5'9", brown hair and eyes, and barely works out. Alexis tries to get me to exercise with her but I usually don't.

I get tired really fast and am not in the mood at all. It boosts my ego, though, when people are surprised I'm with Alexis or if they say that I'm lucky. I do enjoy showing her off, I have to say. I've never felt such pride in a long time. I know the kind of guys Alexis used to date. Alan would've fit perfectly in that category. At 32, Alan is a good-looking guy. A good-looking guy in great shape no less.

Before he worked for the company he spent time in the Marines as well. In other words, he was the type of guy all women wanted. I know for a fact he's been with plenty of women. For a guy like him, it isn't hard to find a woman. As for me, I'm the complete opposite. I've had a fair amount of dates over the years and even had a girlfriend or two, but none of which led to sex. It was usually because they weren't ready to have sex or our relationship wasn't mature enough.

I think that last part is BS. But I digress. Now that I finally found someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, Alan stepped in with his own plans. Looking back it now, I should not have told Alan I'm a virgin. He said it was icing on the cake. He wanted to sleep with my wife before me, in our honeymoon. It was that day in Alan's office did I see his true colors. He's not a good man at all. "I hate to resort to threats, Robbie, but if you keep stepping out of line, you'll force my hand." Alan said.

I am stepping out of line? Who does this guy think he is? He's going to ruin my marriage just because he wants to get his rocks off humiliating me. "Why are you doing this, Alan? I thought you were a good guy?" I begged. "What are you talking about? I am a good guy. I'm not going to hurt anyone. This is all in good fun. It's up to you how you want to take this. You'll still be with your wife and I'll have another trophy to add to my collection." "What if my marriage can't handle it?

What if Alexis leaves me?" I cried. "Then perhaps it wasn't meant to be. If Alexis doesn't stick around afterwards, leave the bitch. A wife should always stick by her man no matter what. That's something in the Bible, right?" Alan sat down on the livingroom sofa, making himself comfortable as he ate one of the expensive room snacks while flipping through channels.

I wanted to yell at him for calling Alexis a "bitch", but I was too afraid of what he would say or do. "Do you remember my number one rule?" Alan quizzed me. It pains me that he's going to make me say our number one rule while we were here at the hotel.

My honeymoon. "Yes." I answered meekly. "And?" "I am not allowed to sleep with my wife until you get to have the pleasure first." I said flatly. "No, no, no. Those were not my exact words. Do I need to remind you what they are?" Alan threatened. I know what that meant. It wasn't a habit but Alan would sometimes physically harm me to teach me a lesson. When it came to any part of my body, from the neck down, he would go to town using fists or strangulation.

But when it came to my face, he would always slap me. Usually with his backhand. He says he only punches men on the face and slaps bitches. Another blow to my masculinity. "I am not allowed to fuck my wife until you have the pleasure of fucking her first," I rephrased. "There you go, sport! If you keep being a team player, you and I are going to be alright. Go get me another bottle, will ya?" Obeying his commands were nothing new to me. At the time when he blackmailed me, it was still months away from our marriage.

If we were already married Alan would've started the motions to sleep with Alexis. But he said never slept with a bride on her honeymoon before. It would be worth the wait he said.

In the mean time, life at the office was hell. Alan would always make me do things for him just to remind me of my new position, using his false evidence as my motivation to comply every time. I was once a well-respected employee, liked by everyone. Alan took care of that by spreading lies about me. Like how he caught me wearing women's clothing, or looking at gay material online.

Of course part of his blackmail entailed I couldn't quit either. There was no escape. After retrieving him another bottle from my mini bar, I sat down on an available seat. "Did I say you can fucking sit down?" Alan barked. I shot up immediately saying, "Sorry, Alan." I don't know why I apologized.

I shouldn't be sorry I was sitting down in the comfort of my own room which I paid for. Yet, Alan had all the power. And I know what he would do with that power. I tried going into my bedroom but Alan stopped me. "Where the fuck are you going?" He barked again. "I.I was just going to my room." Alan stood up and approached me with an angry look. I backed up a few steps. "I don't like your attitude or insubordinate manner, Rob. Do you forget who's in charge here?" "No, Alan, I-" SLAP!

Alan slapped my face hard with his big right palm. It happened so fast I didn't see it coming. I stumbled a few feet away, dazed from the assault. Without giving me me time to recover, he grabbed my by the shirt with both of his hands and slammed me on the wall, banging my head on it. "Listen you little shit! You don't get to call me 'Alan'. Only people I respect has the privilege to call me by my first name.

I sure as hell don't respect you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, hoping you would correct your mistakes but you haven't. So here's me reminding you what your place is and what is mine. You're a weak little bitch who can't protect his wife, which makes me above you.

So from here on out, you best call me 'sir' or 'Mr. McCarthy.' You got that, asshole?!" Alan yelled at my face. "Yes, yes, I'm sorry, sir! It won't happen again, I promise!" I said, fear running through my veins. I've never been yelled at like that before. It scared me. The look on his face says he'll kill me if I keep disrespecting him.

It was humiliating but I was also scared for my life. And Alexis' too. He shoved me hard on the wall before letting me go. I took the time to soothe my hurt face and my back. Alan composed himself and went back to his calm demeanor. "Don't make me do that again, Robbie.

I hate when I get like that. That only happens when I don't get what I want. So you better make sure I never get to that level again." He looked at me with sharp eyes, reminding me why he was here in the first place. "Yes.sir." I replied. "Good. Now that we got that sorted out. We can move on without any more incidences.

Right?" I nodded my head in affirmation. He smiled again making me a little relieved. "Make sure to keep your phone on. Text me everything. Your whereabouts, your plan, anything. I'll make sure to be there being my charming self. With your support and my moves, your wife can finally be with a man she deserves.

Wouldn't that make you happy?" I nodded forcing a smile. Which wasn't that hard to do, surprisingly. The thought of Alexis being with a man who could actually save her and protect her gave me a sense of relief.

I definitely did not feel like that guy at the moment. He left without saying another word. I felt sick to my stomach. Like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have an angry wife on the one hand and an egotistical boss on the other. There's no way to win from this situation. I sat down on the couch trying to occupy my mind while trying to watch tv. It didn't help.

I kept thinking, what am I going to do or say to convince my recently married wife I want to see her with another man before I sleep with her?

It's just not possible! Then there's Alan who is toying with my future if I don't get my wife to sleep with him. How did it get to this? Even if by some miracle Alexis does sleep with him, AND she doesn't leave me, then what? Will I still work there? Under Alan? Will he end up holding his side of the deal and not falsely accuse me of heinous crimes? Why would he? Knowing him, he'll probably make me do more humiliating things for him.

Hearing the door open snapped me out of my train of depressing thought. I looked over at the room's digital clock to see over 2 hours passed since I sat down. I didn't realize how deep in thought I was.

It was Alexis. It's amazing how incredibly beautiful she looks even when she's upset. Since it was the summer time, she wore a revealing white top that only covered her breasts and a long white skirt that covered her legs completely.

She even still had on the flower she put on her right ear before we left. Without speaking or looking at me, she made a bee line towards the bathroom, shutting it behind her. After some time, she exited the bathroom and went to our bedroom. Where it was located, I couldn't see what she was doing from my position on the couch.

I was way too nervous to talk to her. I figure if she talks first then I'll talk. She was in there for a long time I thought she decided to go to bed. Until she finally came out to the living room wearing more comfortable clothes for sleep. She had on her college shirt and short shorts, revealing her thick and long legs that goes on for days.

I never understood what guys meant when they say they could literally take a bite out of a woman's thick, sexy legs before I met Alexis. I sure do know what they mean now. She turned the tv off and sat down next to me on the couch. "We need to have a serious talk, Robert." Alexis said calmly. "I know, I-" "Stop. I meant I need to talk and you need to listen. Okay?" I nodded. "I don't know what's going on with you now but this is not you.

I don't know why you're acting this way on our honeymoon. But whatever it is, it needs to stop. Now." I still remained silent. "Because if you ever bring up that stupid fantasy again, I am leaving you. Do you understand me? The next words out of your fucking mouth better be, 'Yes, dear, I understand'." "Yes, dear, I understand," I immediately said.

"Good," Alexis sighed, looking relieved. "Let's just forget this ever happened and move on, okay?" Alexis said sympathetically as she put her hand on my face. I put my hand on hers in response, nodding and smiling.

I was relieved myself. She went in for a kiss which I gladly accepted and returned. She got up, taking my hand, pulling me towards the direction of the bedroom.

"C'mon. This day could still end on a good note." She had on a sly mischivious smile. My smile quickly melted. I am not allowed to fuck my wife until you have the pleasure of fucking her first. "Uhhh, actually, babe, do you mind if we just go to bed." "That's where we're going, silly," she giggled.

"No, that's not what I meant. I meant, can we just go.to sleep?" She stopped, looking at me with a confused look. "What do you mean, just go to sleep?" "Yeah, I'm not really feeling it. After everything that just happened, I feel pretty bad about it." Alexis put on a smile again. She rubbed her hands on my shoulders and chest. "Well, let me make you feel better then, babe." Alexis moved her hands to my butt giving it a firm squeeze. "No, you know what? I actually don't feel good either.

I hate to say it, but I think I'm coming down with something and I don't want to pass it on to you." God, this was hard. I can't believe I'm making excuses to avoid sleeping with my wife on our honeymoon. This was horrible. "Really, Rob? You really can't just suck it up for one night? It's our honeymoon for God's sake. We haven't even had sex yet!

And you don't want to because you're feeling a little sick?" Alexis stood there, looking defensive with her arms crossed. "I just.I just don't want our first time together to be a bad experience.

I want my first time to be special with the woman I love. You understand, right, honey?" I rubbed her shoulders, trying to make her feel sympathetic to my plight. Instead, she just rolled her eyes and pushed my hands away. "Whatever, Rob. I just don't understand what's going on with you. I really don't." I watched her turn around and head to the bedroom. I just stood there not really knowing what to do next.

Guilt embodied me. I let out a deep sigh before following her to the bedroom. She was on her side facing away so she didn't have to see me when I came in.

After putting on some more comfortable clothes, I got into our queen-size bed, making sure to stay on my side. I may have a lot on my mind but I was tired.

The past few hours wore me out. And this was only the beginning. When I woke up the next day, Alexis was not in bed. For a moment, I thought she left for good until I saw all her belongings were still in the room. She probably went to work out. Either jogging on the beach or exercising at the hotel gym. I laid there for a few minutes, mentally preparing myself for today. I don't know what's going to happen, but I just knew Alan was going to try to do something today. After forcing myself out of bed, I decided to take a shower.

It felt good to have the warm water hit my body. It almost felt like it was washing away all the guilt and dirty things on my body. I was so deep in thought I didn't even notice Alexis coming into the bathroom.

I jumped when she pulled back the curtains. She looked incredible naked. Even better when she's covered in sweat. She also looked hot. In more ways than one. Alexis stepped in without saying a word and quickly planted her mouth on mine.

She was giving me quick and passionate kisses as her hand started stroking my penis. I grabbed her by the shoulders as she pressed her body onto mine. God, she felt amazing. It took seconds for her work on me to get me hard. She pulled her kiss away and started nibbling on my ear. "Fuck me, babe. I need your dick inside me, now." I was lost in lust, ready to have sex with my beautiful wife for the first time until reality smacked me in the face.

I am not allowed to fuck wife until you have the pleasure of fucking her first. "Um, hon? Don't you want to do this in.oh, God. in the bedroom?" Even with water, her hands felt really good on me.

I needed any time I can to lose my erection and then come up with some plausible excuse as to why we can't have sex. "No, I can't wait.

I need you inside me. We've waited for so long." She repositioned herself, so that her back was to me while she used the wall to brace herself. There she was: wet and naked. She looked even more amazing from behind. With a strong back, skinny waist, and plump ass, it was hard not to accept her invitation. But I had to. I needed to. The head of my dick was less than an inch away from her pussy. She even backed up a few times, bumping her ass on it. I was running out of time.

Any second now she'll take matters into her own hands and shove my 5 inch dick inside her. I did the first thing that came to mind. Being careful, so I didn't have to hurt Alexis, I purposely slipped on the tub floor, making myself fall backwards onto the bathroom floor. I took the curtain down with me to make it look more convincing. I used my left arm to break my fall, feeling little to no pain. Alexis didn't see me fall so I was able to make it seem like I really hurt myself by groaning in pain.

"OW! Damn it!" "Oh my God, babe, are you okay?" "Yeah, just landed on my arm pretty good, but damn it hurts like hell!" Still naked, I clutched my left shoulder, making groans and painful faces, selling my hurt state.

If anything, the cold floor bothered me more. Alexis, still naked too, hopped out and crouched next to me to check if I was okay. Seeing her naked was still a turn-on for me.

I had to look away and close my eyes so I didn't have to see her. With my eyes closed I pictured things in my mind to help me lose my erection. Remembering walking into my naked grandma when I was little did the trick. "Do you need to go see a doctor?" Alexis asked. "No, I don't think so.

I can still move it." I showed her flexing my arm, that it was okay. "That damn tub is too small! We shouldn't have tried to have sex in it." "Well excuse me for trying to have sex with my husband on my honeymoon." Upset at me, yet again, Alexis re-attached the curtains and resumed her shower, after making sure I was okay.

God damn it. I got up and dried myself off before exiting the bathroom. After getting dressed, I made myself a cup of coffee and took to the livingroom to watch some tv.

Thirty minutes later Alexis came out. Alexis was dressed in a one-piece white summer dress designed with flowers. The dress was tight enough that it showed every curve she had on her body. "Look, let's just try to have a good day, alright? Let's just forget about yesterday.

I want us to have a great time during our honeymoon, before we have to go back to reality. I'm sorry if I'm acting like a bitch. I just love you and want to show you how much I love you." I smiled. "I love you too, babe. I'm sorry too for acting like a jerk. I'll try to be better I promise." "My clumsy fool," Alexis teased. I laughed, feeling joy finally.

For a moment, I forgot Alan and his devious plan to sleep with my wife in our honeymoon. After I got dressed, we both went down to have breakfast at the resort's dining room. There were already plenty of people there getting and eating food. It took a good while to get our food before heading to an available table. Which was another hassle. There were so many people, there didn't seem to be any available table or seat.

We were about to head to the outside part of the diningroom when I heard a familiar voice. "Hey, Alexis, over here!" We both turned around to see who called Alexis and to my dismay, it was Alan. "Oh, hey Alan!" My wife replied with glee. How did she know Alan? She's never seen him before. I least I thought so. Did she always know Alan was my boss? Alan was sitting alone at a table for four eating breakfast. "Come sit over here with me." Alan waved his hand, gesturing for us to come over.

I didn't want to move, but had to when Alexis started walking towards him. I quickly caught up with her before she could reach him. "You know him?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah, we met this morning. We were jogging the same route along the beach." Thank, God. I don't know if it would be harder if she found out he was my boss. "Hey, there," Alan stood up and reached his hand out to me, "You must be, Robert, right?" he asked me, pretending not to know who I was. So I played along. "Nice to meet ya! Alexis told me all about you. I'm Alan." I shook his hand. He gave me a death grip as he shook it. I winced in pain, but I don't think Alexis noticed.

"Nice to meet you too." I sat down, reluctantly, after releasing my hand. "How was the rest of your run?" Alexis asked. "Great! Ran another 5 miles and tackled the Hill." Alan said. "Wow, look at you! I was already wiped out after my jog." Alexis said impressed. "Don't worry about it. It's the humidity here. It'll do it every time. You look like you're in great shape." "Thank you" Alexis said.

"You're a lucky man, Robert. Don't let this one get too far or someone will snatch her right up!" Both Alan and Alexis laughed. The best I could do was force a half smile. Alexis and Alan were eating right along talking more about fitness. One of the things Alan had me do was provide him with a long list of details Alexis liked and didn't like, making it easier for him to have her like him if not seduce her. Every time he brought up a different topic, Alexis would be surprised because she had the same interests as he did, not realizing I gave him all the information I had on her.

He didn't talk to me at all. Alexis didn't seem to mind he was just talking to her. I didn't even eat a bite of my food. "So what are your plans for today?" Alan asked my wife. "Not sure, really. We got pamphlets on what we can do here on the island.

We'll probably do some of them today." "That sounds great!" Alan whipped out his phone. "Whoops! Hold on a second, it's work." He started typing away on his phone. "Must be hard running a company, huh?" Alexis asked. I felt my own phone buzzing. I took it out to see I got a text from Alan. As he was answering my wife's question, I read the text he sent me. "I'm going to offer you both to be your guide today while you're on the island. Make up some excuse so that you can't come.

Or else." I read that text a few more times. I'm supposed to leave my wife alone with a man she just met who happens to be my evil asshole of a boss? How can I do that? What husband would do that? I snapped out of my thoughts when Alexis grabbed a hold of my shoulder. "Hon? Are you alright," she asked me. "Huh?

Oh yeah, I'm fine. What were you saying?" "Who was that on the phone?" she asked me. "It was my mom. She was asking how things are going." "Oh, okay.

Well, I was asking what do you want to do today?" "Umm, I'm not sure really. I have to look at those pamphlets again to see what we can do." "I don't mean to impose, but," Here it goes, "if you like, I don't mind showing you two a good time around here. I always come here on vacation. This place is incredible. So much to do and see.What do you say?" "Really?

You don't have any plans of your own while you're here?" Alexis asked Alan. "Not really. As a matter of fact, I usually offer up my services to newcomers.

It's been a rewarding experience. Something about trying out an attraction with new people feels like I'm trying it for the first time." Alan replied sporting a killer smile. "Well, if you don't mind, I guess we could try that out for today and see how it goes.

What do you say, Rob?" I hesitated for a second. I looked at Alan with an unsure look. He still had that charismatic look on him, but his eyes told me he was ready to destroy me if I didn't asnwer correctly. "Sure. Let's try that out and see how it goes." I said, trying to sound supportive.

"Great! You guys are gonna have a great time I promise!" Alexis looked happy ad excited. So did Alan. I on the other hand was feeling terrible. I only managed to take two bites of my food by the time Alan and Alexis were done.

Alan offered to pay for the entire meal to which Alexis tried to stop him but he insisted. "So, I'll see you both at the entrance of the hotel in say.an hour from now?" Alan suggested. "Sure, that sounds good. We'll see you there. Thanks for doing this, Alan. We really appreciate this." "No, problem. See you both soon!" With that Alan walked away, going back to his room, I guess.

We walked back to our room when Alexis said, "Why were you being rude back there?" "What?" "You barely said anything to Alan at the table. You let me do all the talking. And you didn't eat your food." "You know how I get when I meet new people." I answered back. "Sometimes I wish you would get over that.

I really do." Alexis said with annoyance. I didn't know what else to say. I didn't want to say anything else, until I got an idea. "Actually, I'm not feeling too good, Alexis." "Why? What's wrong now?" "I didn't want to say anything in front of him, but the pain in my arm is coming back.

I think the fall this morning did a number on me. On top of that, I think I am coming down with something." "Damn, babe, you should've said something! C'mon, let's take you to see a doctor." She stopped walking and did a 180, towards the hotel exit.

"Actually, hon? I think it would be a good idea if I just go alone to see the doctor.

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I don't want to ruin your fun today with Alan." "Forget that. We'll do that another time. I'm taking you to see someone about your arm." "Babe, please, you don't have to do that.

Why don't you go ahead with Alan and after I'm done with the doctor, I'll catch up with you two? How does that sound?" I asked, sounding hopeful. "Stop it. I'm going with you and that's it. Stop acting weird." Every part of me hated trying to convince her to spend time alone with Alan, but this had to be done. The alternative was not an option. "I just feel guilty for ruining our good time ever since we got here. You deserve to have some fun while we're here. I seem to keep messing it up.

Do this for me, please." "I just don't understand-" "God damn it, babe! I'm trying to be a good husband by making up for the wrong I did to you. This is something I want for you and you're rejecting it. Could you just please do this one thing for me please. Please!" At this point I was desperate. I even sounded desperate. The look on her face was evident that I delivered a convincing performance. Alexis thought about it for a few seconds before answering. "Okay, babe, if it means that much to you." she said with uncertainty.

"Thank you. I promise, as soon as I'm done, I'll catch up with you okay?" "Okay," Alexis said with a smile. I smiled back. We went our separate ways after a kiss. I headed towards the direction of the infirmary while Alexis went back to our room to change. When she was out of sight, I took out my phone and texted Alan. "She's going to the room to change. Convinced her to go without me," I wrote. It took 30 seconds to get a reply. "Excellent! Hope you have something planned for the whole day on your own.

cuz we'll be gone for the whole day. Have a nice day robbie!" Alan wrote. With a heavy heart I put my phone back in my pocket. I waited approximately for an hour at the bar before I headed back to the room, thinking enough time has passed for Alexis to change and leave. Sure enough, when I got to our room, she was not there. I spent the rest of the day in my room. I didn't feel like going out.

I was sick with worry. I tried to occupy my mind by watching television and on my laptop, but my mind was still filled with guilt and fear. What if Alan hurt her? What if he mentioned the false allegations he has against me to Alexis?

Or worse, what if they are actually having a good time? It's hard to imagine Alexis stepping outside of our marriage to hook up with someone, even if he was successful and handsome. I know she loves and would never do anything to hurt me.

But now that she thinks I wouldn't mind seeing her with another man, would she actually do it? Knowing her, she wouldn't. For as long as I've known her, she isn't really into anything kinky. She mentioned her last boyfriend was a freak and always pushed her into crazy sex acts but Alexis never budged.

It just never interested her. After her last boyfriend, she knew she wasn't into anything crazy like that. Blowjobs were barely something she liked doing. Although I'll never forget the times when she did give me a blowjob. It was pure bliss. Her soft, velvety mouth always had me reaching an orgasm in a minute.

I would have to warn her every time so she could aim the head of my penis in another direction. Usually in a paper towel. Everything about semen bothered her. She said she let her last boyfriend cum in her mouth but instantly spit it back out.

The idea itself freaked her out so badly, she couldn't remember what it taste like. Probably for the best. Thinking about Alexis giving me a blowjob was turning me on.

I was already horny this morning when we were in the shower together. I whipped out my dick and started massaging it into erection with the help of imagining Alexis giving me head.

It was when I got fully hard did I hear the alert from my phone that I received a message. It was Alexis. "Where are you? Are you almost done?" It read. I looked at the time on my phone to see over 3 hours had passed since the last time we were together. I wrote, "Sorry still waiting. Lot of people in the doctor's office today. I think there's a flu going around the island." My bullshit was getting better.

"Sorry babe. We're about to go on a boat ride with other people from the island. Wish you were here!" "Me too. I'll try to be there soon, Have fun though!" "You better! Love you <3" was the last thing she wrote. She sent a picture that was a selfie of herself smiling, along with a smiling Alan, and a few others I've never seen before. More people from the island I'm guessing. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I was relieved to see other people were there with them.

I thought maybe Alan wouldn't try anything if people were there. Who knows. He's a pretty bold guy. But I know Alexis better. She wouldn't let any man mess with her. It's no surprise she's had her fair share of creeps hitting on her.

Guy's like Alan would always approach her and say some lewd things to her. Even when I'm there with her! They think I won't do or say anything to stop them. It's embarrassing to say, but I think that would be the case. Alexis would always defend herself without needing my help. It was a relief I was with such an independent strong woman. I wish some of that confidence rubbed off me. I always wonder why Alexis decided to date me in the first place.

I certainly wasn't the hottest guy in the world. It did surprise people when they would see us in public kissing and holding hands, no doubt thinking I was one lucky s.o.b. I had to agree with them. What she did like about me was my innocence. It dropped her guard around me and opened herself up to me. We also shared the same interests, from comic books to hockey. She's a L.A. Kings fan, and I a Washington Capitals fan. Alexis mentioned of all the guys she's been with, I was the only one who actually took an interest in her besides her body.

I never admitted to her that I secretly did and that the only reason I didn't do anything about it was because I had no idea how to approach a girl like Alexis. Lucky for me, she made the first move. Alan would've been like all the other guys in her past who would just hit on her, focused only on one thing. But thanks to my help, he now knows almost everything about her to win her over. It would definitely help him but still don't think it will work.

And that scares me. Because of it doesn't, then I'll be facing consequences that may lead me to prison. But what's worse? Prison? or losing a wife? It was still a no-win situation. Alexis texted me again and again as the day went by. Asking me where I was and why I was still taking so long?

I was running out of excuses so I just kept telling her the same ones. She didn't say so, but I knew she would be upset. She wouldn't understand why I took so long. I'll just have to sound convincing when she comes back.

I didn't get anymore pictures from Alexis but Alan started sending me pictures. He sent pictures of Alexis. Judging by the photos it looks like they were done in secrecy. He sent multiple pictures of her ass and chest. Alexis decided to wear her jean shorts with a white tank top. She looked amazing as always, pretty sure driving Alan insane with more lust. There was one picture he sent that was a selfie of him right behind her as if he was about to hump her.

She looked like she was looking at something that wasn't in the picture. Alexis was pointing at something from the island. The selfie also showed Alan's face with the evil smile I knew too well. I didn't bother to reply back.

He knew how I felt and I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. It was around 7 P.M. when Alexis finally came back. I was in bed trying to read from my nook. It was still hard to concentrate but I was getting tired now. "Robert!" Alexis yelled. Aw, shit. "In here," I replied in the bedroom. She stormed in the room with an incredulous look. "Where the fuck were you!? Huh!? Did it seriously take you that fucking long to get your arm checked out?

You were gone the whole fucking day!" she yelled. "I know.I'm just as upset as you are. I got out of the doctor's almost an hour ago. I'm sorry I didn't feel like going out afterwards. I just thought I'd wait for you back at the room." "What kind of shit is that? There is no way you were gone the whole day for a hurt arm and being sick.

What really happened? And don't lie to me. I want the truth!" I hope my acting skills were still up to par. "You won't believe me." "Try me," Alexis challenged. For a moment, I wanted to tell her the actual truth. But Alan mentioned never to tell Alexis his plan or else, not only would he ruin my life, but he would ruin hers as well.

Something I definitely couldn't live with. "I was going to surprise you. I had plans for us when you came back.

But it didn't happen. Not that it couldn't but I just didn't have enough time." "What do you mean? What surprise?" Alexis crossed her arms in front of her. I loved when she did that. Her chest were so big that she had to put her arms underneath them when she crossed them, making them stick out more. "I was going to have one of the chefs here cook our very first meal together. I thought it would be romantic." "Our first meal together was at McDonald's.

You were going to have him make McDonalds for dinner?" "No, I meant our first dinner as a couple," I corrected. "I think that was also McDonalds," she said. Was it? Damn, it was! "No, what I meant was I was going to originally-" "You know what, just stop.

Okay? Just stop! I've had enough of your lies. We've been here for two days and we haven't spent hardly any time together or had fun as husband and wife. Today, you're lying where you've been and you know what? I've had enough." I didn't know what she meant by that. The next thing she did was packing her luggage with her stuff. I got up immediately. "Wait, hon, don't-" I started to say. I grabbed her by the shoulder which she slapped off.

"No, don't! Don't touch me! I'm leaving until you get your shit together." "But there's no way to leave the island until next week!" I tried to reason. "I'm going to buy another room, idiot!" she retorted. "Please, don't go! I'm sorry! I'll do whatever you want but please don't go!" "You made me do this, Robert. You just deal with whatever you're dealing with and then come find me!" It took Alexis minutes to get all her stuff together.

"I'm not dealing with anything! I just.I just." I had no idea what to say. "That's what I thought.

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Goodbye, Robert." I watched her go with all her belongings, slamming the door shut behind her. I sat back on the bed, burying my head in my hands in dismay. I was in the verge of crying when I received a text message.

"Head's up, bud. Your wife is on her way and she is pissed. Where were you all day?" Alan wrote. I really didn't feel like talking to him but I felt he needed to know the plan was over. "In room all day," I wrote. "Alexis was already here. We fought. She left. Going to buy another room." I didn't hear back from Alan. I didn't care. I had other things to worry about. Although, a small part of me thought the reason he didn't write back was because he started the process of revealing false, yet convincing evidence of me doing something horrible to authorities.

Alexis didn't come back. She was true to her word. I spent an hour sending her texts to come back, but no reply from her. I stayed up past midnight with plenty of morbid thoughts when I got a text from Alan, finally. "Meet me at the main bar. Now." That's all he wrote. I didn't want to leave the room in case Alexis came back, but Alan seemed adamant. I put on some quick clothes and headed out the room to the main bar of the hotel.

I came down to see Alan siting down in one of the booths from the bar. There were several other people at the bar which was probably why he was sitting so far away. I slowly walked up to him and sat down on the other side of the table. "Jesus, pal, you look like shit! Rough day?" Alan took a sip from his drink.

"You look like you could use a drink yourself." He said pointing at the drink in front of me. I didn't even notice it. I took it and drank all of its content in seconds. Whatever it was, it was strong. And he was right. I did needed it. "So what now?" I asked him. "What do you mean?" he said. "I'm guessing you're here to tell me it's over and you're going to ruin my life now." Alan laughed.

"Not at all, bud! Everything is still going according to plan." He took another sip from his drink. I didn't understand. "Did you not get my text?" "No, I did." "So, you know Alexis is gone. She's mad I was gone the whole day and we haven't spent any time together." "Yeah you, should've been there. We had a really great time. I think me and your wife are getting along really well." "It doesn't matter now. She's gone and won't be coming back until I tell her the truth about everything.

She's not going to want to do anything with you if she's fighting with her husband. She just wants us to celebrate our marriage together like a happily married couple." "I know. She told me the same thing." It took a few seconds for those words to sink in.

Without even waiting for me to ask, he said, "Alexis couldn't get another room so she hit me up asking if she could stay with me for the time being to which I gladly obliged." "Wait.

She's staying in your room?" "That's right, bud. All part of the plan." I was in shock. She could be in danger right now. Alan, being a strong guy could force her to do anything she wanted. The idea scared me. "Look, Alan, I'm-" SLAP! Alan once again slapped me hard across the face.

The blow almost knocked me out. Luckily, the other people at the bar were far away that they didn't notice a big man slapping a small man. "I hate doing that to you. I really do. But this is for your own good. The only way you'll learn is through corrective action." I rubbed my face to soothe the pain.

"Now, what were you saying?" I collected myself the best I could before answering. "Please, sir don't hurt my wife. Don't force her to do anything you she doesn't want. I can still convince her to sleep with you. Just don't hurt her, please?" Alan looked insulted. "What kind of guy do you think I am? Do you think I need to force myself on a girl to be with me. Is that what you think?" Alan was waiting for an answer. "I-I-I didn't mean anything by it. I just." I was afraid Alan was going to hit me again.

Instead, Alan laughed. "You crack me up, Robbie. You really do." Alan downed the rest of his drink, He motioned the bartender for another drink. "Listen, relax, okay? I've never put my hand on a woman if she didn't consent to it." Hearing that made me relax a little. "I can see why you would think that. I do look like your typical wife beater, don't I?

Believe it or not, I don't take any pleasure of hurting women. It's not a turn-on for me." I let out a deep sigh, already assuming he's telling the truth. "Well, that's not completely true.

You'd be amazed how many beautiful women enjoy pain. In which case I'm happy to help with their selective pleasures." It wasn't that hard to imagine Alan playing the dominant role, having his way with a beautiful woman. I couldn't help but picture Alexis as his sub, bound helplessly, begging him to use her. I shook my head to clear those thoughts. "Okay, fine," I said. "So what's next then?" Alan's response was taking out one small white pill and placing on the middle of the table.

"That's what's next." I looked at it and only one thing came to mind. "Your plan is to drug her? How's that not rape? Just because she's not fighting back doesn't mean it's not rape." "You don't have to school me what does and doesn't constitute rape. And if you take that tone with me again, I'm gonna shove this glass so far up your ass, you'll be shitting broken glass for weeks!" Alan whispered angrily.

I look down at the table in guilt. "Now stop fucking interrupting me, and just listen! This drug is not a roofie nor any kind of drug that knocks people out." He picked up the pill holding it between his index finger and thumb. "This right here is the future.

I won't tell you what it's called. For your own safety, really. If you decide to google the name, you'll fine some very unpleasant people from the government showing up at your door step, asking you what you know about this drug." "What does it do?" "In a nutshell?

It heightens a person's susceptibility for a certain period of time. It's very complicated. Even I don't know the full scientific terminology for it.

All I know is what it does." "So how is this going to help you?" "Us. Help us. We're in this together, man. Don't you forget." I hate how he talks like I want any part of this. "Anyway, whoever takes this pill, is an open book for any ideas. So let's say Alexis takes this pill, whoever is around her can give her ideas of things to do.

If it's a small idea she'll perform it rather quickly, but if it's an abdsurd idea, it will take longer before she caves." I tried processing what Alan just said. It sound like a weapon secret agents use in movies. "You mean mind control? That's a mind-control drug?" "Not exactly. You can't just make anyone do anything. Let's say you take one, and I say, 'hey, you ever wanted to suck cock before?'.

At first, you'll say, 'no.' But if you keep taking this drug and I keep bringing up the idea of you blowing another guy, your defense will break down until you have no inhibitions on sucking cock. You see what I mean?" The waitress brought another glass of alcohol to Alan and me. Alan accepted them gladly. I was still stuck on Alan's scenario. It disturbed me greatly that such a drug could exist.

And what's worse is that guy like Alan had access to it. Who knows what serious irreparable damage he can cause? A pill that could make anybody do anything they want them to. It was insane. What kind of people would make this drug? It's something that could be use for warfare. Not convincing a married woman to step out on her marriage for a one-night stand! "Have you given this to, Alexis?" "Not yet. Now, not a good time. She's too upset because of you." Alan took a swig of his drink.

I still haven't touched mine. "No, I think I'll let you do the honors. Since she is your wife and all." "Me? I don't want to drug my wife." "I'm afraid you have to, pal.

Normally, I wouldn't give anyone this drug, but we have a deadline. You two leave in six days, so I'll be needing your help to drug Alexis so that we move things in a faster pace." Now he's making me drug my wife? This is going too far now. Blackmail or no blackmail. "But what if this stuff makes her sick?" Alex rolled his eyes in annoyance. "There are no negative side effects. She won't get sick. It's odorless and undetectable if she takes a blood or urine test.

It's perfection." I knew I was already going to have to go through with this, but I still wanted to argue against it. "Try to give this drug to her when she's not around other people. It might not be a good idea for more than one person to give her suggestions. Probably wouldn't end well." "I just don't feel right drugging Alexis. My wife. If you do this, that means you didn't get her on your own. You had help. You need this pill to sleep with my wife.

That'll always be in the back of your mind." I thought for sure he was going to hit me or yell at me again. But he didn't. Instead he just smiled. "I don't care.

It isn't so much as sleeping with another man's wife that gets me off. Being with a beautiful woman is a bonus for me. No, I get off humiliating people like you." I didn't know what to say to that. He took another swig from his drink before talking again.

"I can get any woman I want. It's not a challenge for men like me. Point one out to me, and I'll have her screaming for God in five minutes.But what really gets me off, what gets me harder than steel, is knowing the husband knows I'm fucking his wife and there isn't a damn thing they can do about it.

That kind of power is addicting." Alan was more screwed up than I thought. It didn't have to be me. It could've been anyone. I was just at the right place at the right time. "I don't believe you deserve a woman like Alexis. Hell, no. That kind of thing pisses me off. To see an ugly, weakling who call himself 'a man,' be with a beautiful woman is a crime against humanity. So think of me as the police, bringing justice back into the world." "But you don't even know her.

It's not just about looks. We love each other. It's deeper than vanity." "That doesn't matter to me. This is the jungle. The stronger and smarter primate will always prevail no matter what. Love has nothing to with anything about survival of the fittest." I was speechless. He was a lunatic. No sane person would have that way of thinking.

Why does he care who ends up with who? He should mind his own damn business! "If I had my way, I'd hook you up with a fat, ugly bitch, who has no respect for you, but pities you because she knows you haven't been with a woman.yeah." I could tell Alan was starting to get a little drunk. "This is for your own good, Robbie. You know you don't deserve to be with Alexis, right?" Alan asked me genuinely. "Yes," I said meekly. I hate to say it, but there was some truth behind my answer.

Alexis is too good to be true. I guess fate slipped up and sent Alan to correct it. How cruel life can be. "Good. Then I know you'll give her that pill, and start planting the idea of sleeping with me, to fulfill your fantasy of being a cuckold. Got it?" I nodded. "I want to hear you say it," he ordered me.

"After I make Alexis take the pill, I'm going to start suggesting she sleeps with you, to fulfill my fantasy of being a cuckold." I said it like I was in a trance. It felt like a bad dream. "And why would you do that?" I knew what he wanted me to say next. "Because.because I don't deserve to be with a woman like Alexis." Alan was all smiles. "Couldn't have said it better myself!" He down the rest of his drink in one gulp.

"Damn, that's good! Make sure you don't let that go to waste," he said referring to my own drink. Alan reached into his pocket and took out a clear bag of more of those special pills. He had a lot! "Im going to give you 10 pills. That should be enough.

I'll be giving her more when she's with me. It's best to break the pill and empty the drug in one of her drinks. It won't leave any evidence behind, but make sure she doesn't see you." "You're going to give her those pills too? Won't she overdose?" "Nope! You can't with these. Another great feature. Anyway, I'm gonna get going. It's getting late. Who knows? Maybe we won't need the pills and your wife is waiting for me on my king-size bed naked! Wouldn't that be something? Have a good night, Robbie." He left me there with an untouched drink and 10 pills for me to use to drug my wife.

He's so sure I would use it. Because he knows I have no choice. I gulped my strong drink down, put the pills in my pocket, and headed back to my room. I woke up to someone saying my name. It was Alexis. She came back. "Alexis?" "Yeah, it's me." "What time is it?" "It's almost 12 in the afternoon." I sat up, rubbing my tired eyes awake.

"Where did you go?" Pretending not to know. "I told you, I was getting another room to stay in, after what you said last night." Why did she lie? Was she afraid to tell me she slept in a room with another man? I kept up the charade. "Oh, yeah. I'm glad you're back though." "Me, too. I had a hard time sleeping last night. Did a lot of thinking. I think I owe you an apology." Not what I was expecting. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah, I thought about everything that has happened and I realize it's mostly my fault." Now I was really curious to hear her explanation.

"How so?" "We started fighting the moment you mentioned about your fantasy about seeing me with another man. And.I may have blown it up more than I should've" Wow, she was taking some of the blame. Didn't think I would be off the hook this easily.

"Well, I did mention it at the worst time." I tried taking some of the blame back. "True, but you were opening up to me something very personal, and I should've been more understanding." "I shouldn't have said anything in the first place. You're perfect." I leaned in for a kiss which she happily returned. "Thank you for being so understanding," she said.

"Thank YOU for being so understanding," I replied. We both hugged for what felt like forever. It felt good to hold her like that again. Another moment, where I forgot the dilemma I was in. But just for a moment. "I'm in the mood for some coffee. Do you want some?" I offered. "No, that's okay. Did you want to get lunch at the buffet?" "No, I just want to relax for a little bit here before we start our day. Is that alright?" "Yeah, sure.

I actually planned our day already. You remember Alan?" My heart sank hearing my wife say his name. "Yeah?" "He's going to take us to do fun activities the Resort has to offer. I thought I saw the best there was yesterday, but according to Alan, there are better stuff to do!" "Oh okay, sounds like it could be fun." I made my way to the Keurig and poured myself some coffee.

I was trying to think what could I offer her to drink so I could pour the drug in. "Babe?" Alexis said from our bedroom. "Yeah?" "There's a fruity drink I got yesterday, in the fridge. Could you give it to me, please?" Thank God. "Sure thing, hon'." I split one of the pills in half carefully letting it spill in the drink. I used the straw that was already in it to stir it up really well.

Alan said it was undetectable, but one can never be too sure. Satisfied the drug was mixed in well with her drink, I carried her spiked drink in one hand, and my coffee in the other, to the bedroom. She was sitting down on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed, typing away on her phone. I didn't notice the dress she was wearing. I know this dress well because it's one of my favorites. The top of the dress ended almost covering the top part of her dress which went around her back. It was a little tight so the top of her boobs would bulge, looking like it's about to spill out.

"Here you go, babe." I handed the drink to her. "Thank you," she took it showing thanks. "Who are you texting?" "Alan. He's wondering when we should meet him. I really like him. He's a good guy. Me and him have so much in common, which is a huge relief. I thought I've known guys like him my whole life. I was waiting for him to hit on me or put his hands on me but he never did." "That's good. He does sound like a good guy." I assured her.

I just stood there looking dumb with my coffee at hand, waiting for her to take a drink.


Luckily, she didn't seem to notice. "He wants to meet up in an hour. How does that sound to you?" She looked up at me waiting for an answer. "Uhhh, yeah, that works for me." "Great. I'll let him know." Alexis still hasn't drank anything yet. I was getting anxious, not really knowing why. "What kind of drink is that?" I asked, hoping to move things along. "A special signature cocktail created by the island.

Alan bought me one, and I loved it. I wanted to save it for later to enjoy." Finally, she took a long sip of her "special" cocktail. "Did you want to try?" She offered. "No, thank you. I'll stick with the coffee." I took a sip of my own drink. She took another long sip as she finalized her texts to Alan. "Okay, it's all set.

We'll be meeting him along with other tourists we met yesterday for another great day." "Can't wait," I lied. She got up walking seductively towards me. "So what do you want to do for an hour?" She started rubbing her hands on my chest, trying for the umpteenth time to initiate sex. Instead of trying to stop her, I tried starting a conversation.

"You know, I have to say, I am really impressed you took the time to understand my strange interest. Not many women would, I think." "I try for my man." She said, now giving me kisses on my neck. "Do you want to know why I have that fantasy? Why I want you to do something like that for me?" She stopped her kisses and looked me in the eye. "Yeah, now that you mentioned it. I should've asked you that. So tell me." With her hands around my waist, she waited for a response.

"You're just so beautiful. You're everything a man wants. I feel so blessed that I want to share the wealth, so to speak. It's almost a crime to have you all to myself." I used some of the cruel words Alan said to me last night as reinforcement. "Aww, that's kind of sweet, in a strange way," she teased. "Yeah, well, it's not that hard for me to picture you with another man.

It doesn't get me upset at all. It gets me really hot and bothered." "Really?" "Oh yeah. In fact, I think you should be lucky. Not too many husbands will share their wives with other men, you know?" Alexis looked confused at first, then looked like she was giving it some thought.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I do feel lucky you're not like other insecure men who can't stand for their woman to be with another man. You're an amazing man." She planted on a long kiss on my lips. It felt just right.

I planned my next move after we broke our kiss. "This crazy idea came to me last night when you were gone. I'm not sure I should mention it but since you accepted that part of me, I.I don't know," I said pretending to sound unsure.

"What is it, baby? You can tell me anything. I promise, I won't blow up like I did last time. I swear." "Thanks. That's good to know.

The Fate of Hinata Edited Version

Okay, well, last night when I was in bed thinking about where you were.I secretly hoped.that you.were with.Alan." It was harder than I thought to say that last part. She gave me a very surprised look. "Really?" She sounded like she couldn't believe her ears.

"Yeah, I mean, I also could see you two being together. I'm not insecure to say he looks like a hunk. A hunk with you by.his side." Alexis laughed. I almost laughed myself. I sounded so lame. "I have to admit, he's a good looking guy.

And I had thought about whether I would be with him or not." "And?" "Yeah, maybe. A different time, a different place, perhaps. Who knows? But in this life I'm yours." "Of course, you're mine. But I could definitely see me giving you permission to be with a guy like Alan. Just for one night." Alexis was surprised yet again. I think was looking to see if I was kidding or not.

"Wait. You want me to hook up with Alan? Like now? During our honeymoon?" "Yeah. It wouldn't bother me at all. I really do want to see you be with Alan. Just for one night." God, I hope Alan is right about this drug. Alexis let me go to walk back to the bed to sit down. I couldn't tell if she was upset again. She just sat there staring into nothing, thinking. I didn't dare say or do anything. My heart was beating so fast. After what felt like an eternity, she said, "Wow, Robert, I don't know what to say." Still had no idea if that was a good or bad thing.

"I thought maybe this was something we would try years from now. If we ever do! I didn't think it would be now on our honeymoon." "So.you would do it?" "No!" She looked at me angrily. Damn. "Robert, what am I supposed to think that my husband would rather watch another man sleep with his wife before him? Huh?" Good question. "I think of it.as a sign of trust." "What?" "I just told you something very secretive and personal about me.

That wasn't easy to do. It would show not only you respect my beliefs but also trust me in a whole new level. If anything, it would make me love you more." Alexis scoffed, not really knowing what to say. She didn't say anything for awhile. I couldn't stand the silence. "What are you thinking about now, Alexis?" "Honestly?

I don't know. And that scares me." "Why?" "I really want to fight with you again but the things you're telling me.doesn't sound so ridiculous." Oh my God. ".yet it makes me question your manhood if you would let any guy have his way with me. Your wife." "You shouldn't think of it like that." "Then there's another thought, well, more like a feeling.

A feeling I can't shake away." "What's that?" "Excitement." She finally looked at me. "It makes me feel excited." Holy shit the drug worked. Alexis began to cry, running to the bathroom, closing and locking the door. I debated whether or not I should press my luck and keep convincing her. I checked my watch to see it has only been approximately 26 minutes since she took the pill. I walked up to the bathroom door, pressing my ear on it.

I could hear her quietly sobbing. "Hon, it's not the worse thing in the world. Nothing would change between us." "How can you be so sure?" She said, barely hearing her between sobs. "Aren't you afraid I'll stop loving you?" "Of course, but you know what? I can tell you right now, I'm not afraid I will stop loving you.

That will never change for anything in the world." Checked me watch. Less than 2 minutes to go. "You say that now, but will you say the same thing when the time comes?" "When", huh? Wow. What's in this drug? I felt conflicted as I felt relieved that Alan's plan was working but turmoil that my wife is willing to sleep with another man first before me. It's not what I wanted. "I know I will." "Is that why you won't sleep with me?" I checked my watch.

Less than 20 seconds now. I hope. "Kind of. It hurt, that you felt disgust for me when I mentioned my fantasy. I think subconsciously I didn't want to have sex until you prove to me you're sympathetic to my wishes." Time. The effect of the drug should wear off by now. Just for good measure, I waited for another minute before I spoke again.

"Forget I mentioned it, babe. I don't know what I was thinking. C'mon, let's get ready to meet up with Alan so we can have a good day, alright? What do you say?" Her sobs died down, followed by her clearing her nose and throat. "Yeah, we should probably get going. Let me change first." "Okay, hon'." I waited out in the living room watching television while I waited.

I was thinking what could wrong with Alan's plan? It was still a no-win situation for me. If Alexis doesn't sleep with Alan, I would be in some serious trouble. But if Alexis does sleep with him, I risk losing her forever. At the end of the day, I would rather sacrifice her than myself. Alan was right. I'm not a man. A man wouldn't let his wife take the fall. He should protect her and put himself before her.

And I failed. Two days being a married man and I failed. I was just about to cry when Alexis finally popped out. "Hey, you ready?" I said, rubbing my eyes to fight back the tears. "Yeah," she said. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I was just a little.overwhelmed. Let's just try to have a good day, okay?" "Sure, babe." I held her hand as we made our way to the hotel entrance. Along the way there, I got a text from Alan. Lucky for me, Alexis did not care to glance over to see my texts.

"The plan today: spend very little time with Alexis. I'll keep her company. You're in charge of holding all water bottles.

When Alexis wants a drink, spike it with the pills I gave you. It's gon be a long day =)" This was getting out of control. And yet, what else can I do? Alexis was already feeling the effects from the drug.

The idea of turning my fantasy into a reality doesn't sound so crazy anymore. Instead of being upset, she feels guilty. Guilty for thinking about being with another man first before me on our honeymoon. If she keeps taking the pills involuntarily, by the end of the day, she'll probably beg me to let her sleep with Alan!

I have to be strong. And strong for Alexis. It's a morbid feeling to hope she doesn't succumb to his whims and that she does.

All I texted back was, "ok." When we got to the front lobby we saw Alan along with several other people. Alan saw us coming and waved hello, to which Alexis waved back happily. The group waved hello to us as well. "Hey, Alexis! Robert! Glad you could make it buddy!" "Thanks," Alan shook my hand hard, just like last time.

Alexis introduced me to everyone else in the group, but I made no effort to remember any of their names. I assumed they were all couples who were on vacation as well. I imagined Alan, being so charismatic, was able to convince other tourists to come along. "Hey Robert, can you do me a favor? Could you carry this bag for the us? It has water bottles for all of us the rest of the day." "Sure thing, sir." I don't know why I called him "sir." It's not like he's going to do anything to me in front of all these people.

Alan gave me a satisfied, evil smile. I looked away to avoid his stare. I noticed Alexis giving me a strange look. Was she wondering why I called him "sir"? Why would she find that weird? Alan was going over today's agenda. It sounded like it would've been fun to do. If Alan wasn't here. The whole day was spent exploring different parts of the island. One of the other guests was explaining they only explored one part of the island yesterday and that alone was a great time.

The bag of water bottles I was carrying was fairly heavy, but got lighter as the people in our group requested water. No one seemed to notice me struggling most of the trip. Especially Alexis. It wasn't her fault entirely. Alan made sure to keep Alexis busy throughout the day. As soon as we stepped out of the hotel, Alexis asked for a water bottle. The good thing about the bag being heavy, was that it forced me to set the bag down on the ground in order to open it. I made sure to use my body to hide my actions.

Luckily, it didn't take long to take the pill out, break it, and pour it into the bottle. I gave it a little shake before standing back up. I handed it to Alexis, never noticing what I did. She said thanks before Alan stole her again, showing her more of the island. I was behind them the whole time. You would've thought they were the couple and I was their help. After Alexis took a big gulp from the water bottle. As soon as she did that, I saw Alan whispering something into her ear.

She didn't seem to mind. I couldn't tell since I was behind them, but I think giggled whatever Alan had said to her. I can only imagine what he was telling her with the drug coursing through her system. Whatever he said to her, she didn't seem to notice my presence.

Every time she took a drink from her water bottle, Alan would whisper something to her, his words sinking into her subconscious. I seem to be the only one who noticed them acting like husband and wife.

The other couples in the group were too busy admiring the wonders the island had to offer. As the day went on, it got hotter, which meant the group going through water like.like water.

Alexis too would get tired and requested more water. And every time she did, I would make sure to drug her water before handing it to her. She was never the wiser. Her grabbing a water bottle from me was the only interaction we had during the whole trip. If you were to ask me what I saw that day, I couldn't tell you. My focus was only on Alan and Alexis.

My mind kept wondering what they were talking about. It bothered me so much, that I came up with the idea to drug Alexis with the pill in order to make her tell me what she and Alan talked about during our trip. It was around 4pm did the trip finally end, and we returned to the entrance to the hotel. I was exhausted and so was the rest of the group. They all said their thanks and showed their gratitude to Alan for showing them a wonderful time.

I didn't. But I don't think anyone, especially, Alexis noticed. When everyone left, it was just us three. Alexis still kept talking to Alan. By now she probably knows his entire life! "Thanks again, you two for coming along. I had a great time." Alan said. "No, thank you very much! We both had an amazing time thanks to you." Alexis exclaimed, speaking for the two of us.

"Don't mention it. It was my pleasure." Alan went in for a kiss on her cheek, which Alexis did the same for him.

Then, she gave him a big hug with her arms around her his neck. He was so tall, Alexis had to be on her toes, to get her arms around him. Alan was looking at me with a smug look on his face.

His arms were so big, he was able to wrap them around her bck. She looked so small and fragile next to him. How could Alexis feel any kind of pleasure from a behemoth like that? Their hug seemed to last longer than it should've. But when it did end, Alan grabbed her hand, and gave it a kiss. I was surprised to see that she didn't want to let go of his hand as he was walking away!

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Was she really infatuated by him now? We both didn't talk at all on our way to the room. I felt like a ghost, she couldn't see, just following her around. It wasn't until we got in the room did she finally talk to me.

"I'm going to take a shower." She said on her way to the bathroom. "Okay, hon'." Was all I could say. I laid down on the bed staring at the ceiling and imagined the unthinkable. What if Alexis was really going to sleep with my boss during our honeymoon? Well, that's what you wanted right? No, I mean, yeah. I mean.I don't know. You agreed to this. Now you have to see it through or else Alan will ruin you. I'm ruined either way. He has me in a corner.

There's no way out. Have you ever thought of just letting him expose those false evidence on you? Fighting him with Alexis by your side?

You don't think she would stick by you and help fight against Alan? I don't know. Yeah, you're probably right. It's better to just drug your wife and convince her to sleep with your boss during your honeymoon. Can't miss. Shut up! As I was arguing with myself in my mind, I got another text message. I made sure Alexis was still taking a shower before I read the text. "Great job today!

Believe it or not, I think she's ready. Mention your fantasy one more time. It doesn't matter if you give her the pill or not. Let me know what she says afterwards." It's not my fucking fantasy! I thought. Why does he keep saying that? I don't want her to sleep with another man. She's my wife. I know she loves me and would never do that to me. If it wasn't for those pills, she would keep arguing that she has no interest in it!

That's not what I wrote. Instead, I just sent, "ok." I waited for another ten minutes before Alexis stepped out. She was wearing the hotel's bathrobe and had a towel around her head. She didn't seem to notice me when she walked passed me. She rummaged through her clothes to see what to wear. "H-He-Hey, Hon'?" I said nervously. "Hmmm?" Was all she said, still rummaging through her clothes. "Did you- Did you have a good time today?" "Oh, yeah! I had a fantastic time. Isn't Alan great?" She still didn't look at me.

"Yeah, he's a great guy." I lied. "I, uh, I wanted to talk about him actually." "What about him?" She asked. "Well, you remember what I said about him, right?" "Not sure. Remind me." Alexis put on some panties, without taking off her robe. "You know.about my.fantasy?" This finally made her stop and look at me. "Yeah?" she said. "Do you think it's something you.you want to do?" I didn't expect what happened next.

Alexis looked like she got out of trance. She grabbed her head as if she had a headache. Something important was going through her mind. Then she looked back at me in shock. "Oh my God, Robert. What happened to me today? I felt like I was someone else. I just realized, just now, I completely ignored you throughout the entire trip! What's wrong with me?" Alexis hurriedly went over to me and sat down on the bed with me. "No babe, I had a great time today," I said, trying to sound reassuring.

"Really? But we didn't spend any time together. I didn't even talk to you. I spent the entire time with Alan and.and." She didn't say anything else. I don't think she wanted to say the next words. "It's okay, babe. Really." I was debating whether I should say the next words that were on my mind.

"I.I'm glad you spent so much time with Alan." She had tears running down her face. ""Really? You don't think I neglected you?" "Of course not. I.wanted you to spend time with Alan." Alexis looked at me carefully. "I wanted you two to get closer. I's the perfect opportunity." "I don't understand. You.still want to see me with another man?" I thought about how I wanted to answer that. "I do. But only if you want to. I will never make you do something you don't want to do.

But I saw how you were today with him. You were happy. It made me happy." I took her hand in mine. "It's just.It's so." "I know. I know, babe." We both remained silent for a bit, before I continued.

"Can I ask you something?" "What?" She sniffled. "Are you attracted to Alan?" Alexis looked surprised I asked her that. I was expecting her to start yelling at me but she didn't.

Instead, she looked like she didn't know how to answer the question. I thought maybe she would try to lie or come up with some excuse. Then she flat out said, "Yes. God, help me yes." "Okay. Would you.sleep with him? For me?" I added that last part thinking it would be easier for her to answer.

"I.I.I don't know. I'm just so confused." Alexis buried her face in her hands. I rubbed her back to make her feel a little better. "I mean the whole thing is just crazy! When you first brought it up, it was something I would never do!

But now, I feel like it's not so crazy after all. I don't know. With you trying to convince me and Alan looking sexy and saying all the right things, I just.I don't know." This was the first time I heard Alexis referred to Alan as "sexy." I don't think she even noticed.

"I think it's good that you feel unsure and guilty about it, babe," I said, going at it with another approach. "What do you mean?" "I mean, if you were quick to do this, I would've probably thought you really didn't love me and regretted getting married. But seeing you in a mess," I chuckled, "Well, it just means you really do love me, and you care about me." Alexis smiled, putting one hand on my face to caress.

"Of course I love you, you idiot. I wouldn't have married you if I didn't. You're the best man I know. I just have trouble seeing how me being with Alan would make you happy. You're saying you wouldn't get jealous? Not even upset?" She inquired. Again, I had to think what I wanted to say next. "Not at all. In these times, people cheat on their significant others all the time.

It's sad. If you did cheat on me, hiding it from me, I would be devastated. Devastated because you had to keep it a secret from me. I don't want any secrets between us. Which is why I told you that part about me. I didn't want to hide anything from you." Alexis looked surprised. "Wow. I never thought about it like that before. It means a lot you would share that with me." Alexis and I didn't say anything to each for a full minute.

I was going to ask how she was feeling now, until she spoke again. "How do you start it?" "Start what?" I asked. "You know?.Your fantasy? Where do we begin?" "Are you saying.you'll do this?

For me" I asked anxiously. Alexis took a deep breath before answering. "I'm not saying 'yes,'. but I'm not saying 'no,' either. We're just.still talking about it." I think my heart skipped a beat. "Of course, babe." "You need to make me a promise.

Right now, Robert." "Okay. What is it?' "You need to promise me, that no matter what happens, you will still love me. If we do this or not, that doesn't matter. I want you to promise me that you love me and always will." Alexis looked at me dead set in my eyes. I knew she was being serious. "I promise you, no mater what happens, I will still, and always, love you." I assured her. Alexis looked relieved.

We both kissed and embraced each other in silence. She may have been at peace but I wasn't. We were one step closer to completing Alan's plan. When I was alone, I updated Alan through text. I could tell through his texts, he was excited. I told him Alexis was going to call him in a little bit for all three of us to have dinner tonight.

Her plan was to leave it up to Alan to see if he would be up to making my fantasy into reality. If he agreed, we would try to make it happen.

But if he didn't, then I I had a feeling Alexis was secretly hoping Alan would say no. Robert took this opportunity to head to one of the restaurants first, in preparation for us. Sure enough, when I heard Alexis talking to Alan on her phone, she was surprised to hear Alan was already on his way to a restaurant for dinner.

She told him we were on our way. I was so nervous. I don't think my heart has ever stopped beating a million times per minute since we got here. Alexis dressed somewhat moderately. All the clothes she bought were summer wear and rather revealing outfits.

Alexis was not afraid to show off her gorgeous body. She worked hard at it and felt great every time she went out. I don't blame her. I felt proud she was my wife and lucky to be by her side when we were out in public. I thought after I married her, no one was allowed to have the same pleasures I have with her.

Boy, was I dead wrong. We saw Alan sitting alone in a big table, dressed rather fashionably, with a jacket and khakis. He was all smiles and courteous when we reached his table. "Hey, I'm glad you two could make it. I hate eating alone, so I really do appreciate this." He shook my hand, greeting me. Alan went in to exchange kisses on the cheek with Alexis. "Please, sit. I hope you don't mind, but I order wine for us." I did notice it as we approached the table.

I assumed he spiked Alexis' drink before we got there. "No, not at all, Alan. Thanks." Alexis said, gratefully. After sitting down, Alan made a toast. "To new friends." We clanked glasses and drank. As we drank and ate our meals, Alan talked a lot about himself. Mainly his hobbies and work. He made sure to leave out the fact that he was my boss.

When he was talking, he spoke mostly to Alexis, to which she answered respectfully. Alan kept complimenting Alexis by telling her what an amazing woman she was and how beautiful she was as well. Every so often he would add what a lucky guy he was. He kept making suggestions about what he would do with Alexis is she was her man. Nothing inappropriate. Mostly how he would take her to different places and how he would treat her like a queen. Alexis was absolutely flushed. I could tell by her reaction.

His words were making her melt. "So, what made you two want to have dinner with me? Not that I'm complaining! I'm just surprised you invited me. Are you two up to something?" Alan joked. It's crazy how his demeanor can completely change when he's not being an evil asshole. If he wasn't trying to trick my wife into sleeping with him, I would've liked the guy. Even if he wasn't good-looking, his charisma would've won me over.

Alexis gave me a weird look. Like she was waiting for me to say something to him. It was too awkward for me though. "Is there something wrong, Alexis? Robert? You two look like you're afraid to tell me something?" Alan said with concern.

Alexis decided to speak up. "Alan. Me and Robert have been talking about something. Something.unusual." "Okay, what is it?" Alan asked. Alexis tried to find the right words to say the next part. "Robert mentioned something, uh, to me on our first day here. Something about him I never knew about." "Hey, listen, you don't have to tell me anything that's personal.

It's none of my business," Alan said. "Actually.it concerns you." Alexis replied. Alan looked at her with a stupid confused look on his face. Like he didn't know what she was talking about. "This is pretty embarrassing. Not really. Well, it is but it isn't. I just never been in this situation before." Alexis fumbled her words. "Well, whatever it is, I'm sure it's not the worst thing in the world." Alan assured her again.

"Okay. The thing is, Robert has this, um.fantasy." Alan remained quiet, waiting for Alexis to say the next part. "He has this fantasy where.where.," she looked at me asking with her expression if she should say the next words. Reluctantly, I nodded. ".where he wants to see me with.another man." Alan looked at me with surprise. "Really?" he said. I nodded, without looking at him. "Wow, I don't know what to say. I've never met anyone who had that kind of.interest." This son of a bitch really did like to make me look bad.

"I didn't know Robert was that kind of guy either." Alexis agreed. "Wait a minute," Robert was looking at both of us now. "Are you saying?.," he pointed at Alexis, ".and?" then he pointed at himself. Alexis didn't know what to say.

Neither did I, so we just nodded quietly. "Oh, wow." Alan looked at nothing in particular. He looked like he was having trouble trying to wrap the idea around his head. Give this guy a freakin' oscar already. Alexis took a longer gulp of her wine, getting a brand new dose of the drug at the same time. Alan then looked at Alexis with concern on his face. "How do you feel about it?" He asked. "Honestly? Funny." Alexis laughed a little. "Why funny?" "At first, when he mentioned it to me, I was very upset.

That was two days ago. Now, I feel more open to the idea for some reason. It's just funny how fast feelings can change." "Does that mean you have feelings for me?" Alan inquired. "I'll say.I am very attracted to you." Alexis looked at me to see if that was okay to say. I just smiled. "If I wasn't with Robert, I would definitely try you out," Alexis laughed again. Alan joined her. "Well, thank you madam, I'm very flattered.

Look, you guys, I've had my fair share of being on the kinky side. I'm no stranger to wild sex, if that's okay to say. This is just new territory for me." Alan admitted. "I've never been with a married woman before. No, that's a lie.

I did but I didn't know she was married at the time. I never want to go through that again. Especially with an angry husband." "We understand. Honestly, I didn't think you would. This is a strange and offensive request. I wanted to show Robert how ridiculous this whole thing was.

That's all. And besides, Robert said it wouldn't make him angry or jealous." "Is that true, Robert?" Alan asked me. I nodded, shyly. Alan chuckled in disbelief. "I have to say, Alan, I am very surprised. If I had a woman like Alexis, I would be very territorial. I don't think I could ever do something like that." Alan said before drinking another sip of wine.

"You see, Robert? He doesn't want to do this. I told you," Alexis said to me. "Now I didn't say I wouldn't be open to the idea." Alan opened up. "What?" Alexis asked, turning her attention to Alan. "Alexis, you are a very beautiful woman. I've only spent 2 days with you but I know I like you a lot.

I too would've tried my chance with you. But I respect the sanctity of marriage. With that being said, however, I am open to the idea of being with another man's wife, as long as I get both of their permission." Alexis was speechless. So was I. This guy was so charismatic, you couldn't call his bullshit, bullshit.

He was that convincing. "I think if we are all in agreement, I would love to take you out on a proper date. Before we, uh, 'seal the deal'? Is that alright to say?" Alan looked at me when he asked me. I nodded nervously. "Robert? Are you SURE you want to do this?

Do I have your permission to take your wife on a date and let whatever happens happen, with you knowing full well of what that means?" This was it. The point of no return. I can still be a hero to Alexis. I could shove the wine at his face and say no, grab Alexis, take her back to our room, and finally make passionate love to my wife, damning any consequences. But this isn't a movie. This isn't a fairytale. This is reality. And reality can be a real bitch sometimes. "Yes, Alan, you have my permission to do whatever you want with my wife." I said, trying to sound credible as best I can.

"And what about you, Alexis?" Alan focused on my wife now. "Do you want to fulfill your husband's fantasy and be with me, during your honeymoon?" Alan stared at her eyes so intently, it looked like he was staring straight into her soul. "God, help me.yes. Yes, I do, Alan." "Okay, then. Well.I guess I'm on board too," Alan laughed. "I have to tell you, Robert: you're one of the most grounded men I know.

I know a good amount of men who would go crazy if a guy even spoke to their wives. You're one in a million. Thank you for this opportunity, really." "You're welcome," was all I could say. Alexis looked shocked. She took a couple deep breaths, before laughing in relief. Alan rubbed her shoulder to calm her tension. "Hey, you're still with us?" Alan asked her. "Oh my God, are we really doing this?" She covered her mouth with her hand.

"That's only if you want to. I don't want you to feel like we're forcing you. I'm sure Robert feels the same way." Alexis looked at me for confirmation. "I do." "Plus, it goes without saying, you have the right to stop everything, at any time. Okay?" Alexis nodded with a blank look. "What.what happens next?" Alexis asked the both of us nervously. Alan answered first. "Well, I hope you two don't expect anything to happen tonight." I never really thought about it. But now that he mentioned it, I was kind of surprised he didn't want to do it as soon as possible.

"Call me old fashion, but I like to take the women I have an interest in on a date first before we get intimate. At least one date. I know you two are leaving next week. Plus it gives you both some more time if you really want to go through with this. That way, there are no regrets afterwards. Is that fair?" Alexis looked at me for an answer. I know this was Alan's way of turning the knife he stabbed me with, prolonging the pain. "Yeah, sure. That's fair. Thank you for that." I said. "Of course.

I know this is more for you two so I want to make sure you two are in agreement throughout the entire time." "Thank you, so much, Alan.

I'll be honest. I don't know what to expect. I'm really nervous." Alexis admitted. "Don't be, Alexis," Alan said. "If this is what you want, I'll be a perfect gentleman. I promise you, I'll make you feel the same way Robert makes you feel." I could tell that line comforted Alexis. It made her look more relieve and happy. "Now that I think about it, I know what we could do tomorrow on our date. I promise it'll be fantastic. What do you say?" Alan asked Alexis. "That sounds wonderful," Alexis looked giddy.

I think she was still having some trouble with the idea of being with another man besides me. Yet, it looked like it was bothering her less. She looked at me now.

"Is that okay, babe?" I noticed the hopefulness in her tone. "Of course, hon'. I just want you to be happy." "And I want you to be happy too. This is much for you, as it is for me." Her words made me die a little. I saw Alan looking at with his evil, satisfied smile. The next morning we both woke up at the same time. Alexis was getting ready for her date with Alan. Every time she looked at me, I gave her a quick smile to let her know everything was alright.

It wasn't. I didn't want my wife to have a sate with another man on our honeymoon. I secretly hoped she would go back to being ballistic with the idea of cuckolding me. But thanks to that damn drug, her defense weakened and now she's all for it. Alan was step closer to sleeping with my wife and there was nothing I could do now. The closer it came the more regret I feel. This whole thing was a mistake. I should've man up and fought Alan.

I may have been in some serious trouble, but at least Alexis would've been by my side. At least, I like to think she would've. "What do you think?" I was so busy with thought I didn't notice Alexis standing in front of me. She posed with one hand on her hip. Alexis always looked breath-taking. It was another summer dress that showed all her assets. She straightened her long, black hair. With makeup on, she looked ten times better. She looked like a goddess. My little Mexican Goddess with legs for day.

I coudn't help but hear Alan's voice reminding me I don't deserve her. The more I hear it, the more I begin to believe it. "You look amazing babe. Alan's going to be thrilled." I felt I needed to say something just in case there was any doubt Alexis might have had. Alexis smiled in relief. "Oh, thanks, hon'. I still can't believe we're doing this. I'm doing this! This is a honeymoon to beat all honeymoon stories, huh?" "Yep. You got that right." Alexis grabbed my hands.

"Are you sure you're okay with this? Because if you have any doubt or second thoughts, we can stop this." She assured me. "I should be telling you all this." I joked. "I'm serious." "I have no doubts or second thoughts. I want you to do this. Not just for me. But for you too." Alexis nodded in agreement. "Just make sure Alan is good to you. I just hope he's not putting on an act just to get into your pants." "I'm pretty sure he's not the type.

And if the small chance he is, well, you know how I can take care of myself." "I do. Which is why I'm not completely worried about you." "Remember, I can stop it whenever I want. I'll call or text you if I need any kind of help." With a kiss and a hug, she left. It was hard to keep myself occupied the whole day. I tried watching tv, going to the pool, the gym, and even tried to check out the features on the island. I ended up walking on the beach trying to clear my head.

I had hoped to run into Alexis and Alan but I never saw them. I spent a long time sitting on the beach staring at the ocean, wishing for a lot of things. I wished Alexis was with me now. I wished Alan was never my boss. I wish I was a better man for Alexis. I wish I wasn't so insecure. I came back to the room around 6pm. I never received a phone call or text message from Alexis. By this point, I already assumed they had sex already.

Why wouldn't they? Alan wanted it. Alexis was curious about it. Any time now, I'm expecting Alan to text me to say he fucked Alexis, good and hard. Knowing him, he would have recorded the whole thing with his phone and sent it to me. He did text me when I got back to the room.

"Alexis is on her way back. She's going to suggest something to you. For your sake, and hers, agree with what she is going to ask you. See you soon, buddy!" It goes without saying, I had another very bad feeling about this. I was back in the room for five minutes, before I heard my door open and close.

I rushed to the livingroom to find Alexis standing there. "Alexis, you're back. Is everything okay?" I asked. She didn't respond right away. It took her a moment to break free from her trance.

"Yes, everything's fine, hon'. Um, can you sit down with me, please." I nervously sat down on the couch with Alexis. She's been out under the sun for so long these past few days, she was getting noticeably darker.

"Alexis, what's wrong? What did Alan do? Did he hurt you?" I asked frantically. She then looked puzzled. "No, we had an amazing time together.

He was a gentleman the whole time. Where is this coming from?" "Sorry, I just haven't heard from you all day, I started thinking the worst." I reasoned. Alexis relaxed a little. "Sorry. We were pretty busy the whole time. I keep thinking we've just about seen everything there was to see at this island, but Alan always takes me somewhere we haven't been to yet." "So, then, what's up?

You look worried about something." "Ummm.Alan, uh, he, uh." Alexis couldn't say the next words. "Geez, babe, did he hurt you or not?" I was growing impatient. "No! God, babe, he kissed me, alright! There I said it!" There it was. She finally kissed him. Or he kissed her. I had to process that fact for a few seconds. "Okay.so you kissed him. Did you kiss him back." Alexis looked uncomfortable.

I don't think she wanted to tell me any details about their date today. "This is so weird. Telling you I kissed another man." She sighed. "Yes, I did kiss him back. It felt.right." I'm not sure what that meant but it pained me to hear her say that. Everything was happening so fast and yet time seem so slow. I felt like a year has passed already. "What do you mean?" "I don't know, Robert.

I.I don't want to say the wrong thing to you." I grabbed her hands to comfort her. "It's okay. You can trust me. I still love you. And I know you love me." That seem to do the trick. "Like I said, today was amazing. He was always kind and respectful. He didn't make a move til the very end.

But Robert." "Yeah, hon'?" "I don't know how to explain it but.he seduced me with his words. And I don't mean he hit on me. Every time he opened his mouth.I would get so turned on." It must've been a side-effect from the pill. It had to be. This was so unlike Alexis. In the past she would admit to guys she thought were attractive, but would never let them seduce her or let herself be taken advantage of.

It didn't help that Alan knew how to talk smoothly with plenty of knowledge of Alexis. "He just said normal things like, 'the weather is beautiful' or 'let me help you out there.' You know? And yet I couldn't help myself." I didn't want to hear any more, but I was waiting for the question Alan warned me about. "I fought it as hard as I could. But when he made the first move, I didn't resist him." Alexis looked at me. I quickly exchanged my expression to curiosity.

"Are you even a little upset?" She asked me. Hell, yes I am. "Not at all, babe. Go on." "Okay. We kissed for a long time. I don't know for how long but I know it was long.

He had to stop kissing me. God, I didn't want it to end. And that scared me." "Don't be afraid. It's not a bad thing at all. You still love me, right?" I said. "Of course. With you it's pure love. But with him.it's pure lust." She said. There was a glow on her face I didn't notice til right then and there. It was hard to tell with her tanned face. If I didnt know any better, I'd say she was horny. "What else did Alan do? Or say?" "He said he wanted me.

And asked how I felt. I told him.I told him I.that I wanted him too." I felt I was part of soap opera. It felt unreal. Never thought I would have this conversation with Alexis. My wife. "Then what?" "I suggested we go back to his room.

I thought I would text you what happened and where I will be. That was if you still wanted me to go through with it." "I do" I said painstakingly. "But he said he couldn't. Not just yet. He said something wasn't right." Alexis looked embarrassed again by what she was going to say next.

"What was wrong?" I asked. "He said.you needed to be there." "Where?" "With us. In the same room. So you could watch us. He said that's what guys like you wanted. To watch another man make love to your wife. He said that's the part that excites them. Is that true? Is that how you feel?" WHAT?! He wants me to watch him have his way with her?! Is he insane? Why would I agree to that? I don't want to see them at all.

His threat, however, from his last text was on the back of my mind. If I didn't agree to this, then all this would be for nothing. I had to remind myself this was only going to happen in the honeymoon. No one we know will ever know what happened here and he will not reveal those false, yet convincing, evidence of me performing a henious crime. I just wanted this to be over with, for God's sake. "Of course, honey. It would be an honor to watch you two. I didn't say anything about it before because I was afraid you wouldn't want me to be there." "You really have no problem watching me have sex with another man?" She studied me closely, waiting for my answer.

"Absolutely not. It's an intimate feeling for me to watch my beautiful wife have sex with someone else. I can't explain it but it gives me.it gives me a whole new thrill. It's like looking at art." I was stilled amazed at myself for sounding so convincing.

It scared me a little. Where did all these acting skills come from? "Damn, babe. This is a whole new side of you I've never seen before. It's.something else." Not sure that was a compliment or not.

"So what do you say? Do you have any problem with me there watching you?" Alexis looked unsure. "I want to say I do have a problem with it, but Alan said I have to respect your wishes if it's something you want." "If it makes you feel better, I'll try to be quiet as best as I can.

You won't even know I'm there." Alexis thought about some more before she spoke again. "This is a point of no return, Robert. You know that, don't you? After tonight, no matter how much we love each other, we'll never be the same. I'm not sure if it'll be for the better or worse. Ready to find out?" Of course, not!

I know this will change us. Every time we hear anything about honeymoons, we'll remember ours as an unusual start to our marriage. I know I'll try to forget it. I hope Alexis does too. "I know all that, hon'.


And I'm certain it will not hurt our marriage. We're going to be fine. I promise. Okay?" Alexis still looked unsure, but she seemed she made up her mind already. "Okay. I guess this is it then. Are you ready to go?" No. "Yeah, I'm ready." The only thing I took with me is my phone, even though I didn't need it.

Force of habit. When I did grab my phone, however, I saw Alan texted me again. "Bring your phone." Not sure why, but I was going to anyway. I didn't know why he wanted my phone. I followed Alexis out of our room, and towards Alan's room. I assumed he had a room too, but I discovered as Alexis took us closer to our destination, we were going to where the suites were. Of course he has a suite. The resort had a limited amount of suites.

When we got to the elevator, Alexis had a special key card to which she used to in order to get the elevator moving. Alexis didn't say a word. I tried making small talk but Alexis just gave a me a quick and forced smile. I heard my phone vibrate, indicating I received another text. I was about to take it out of my pocket to read it when the elevator finally stopped.

I thought we were going to step onto a floor. Instead, we stepped into an enormous room. I stared in awe as we scanned the beautifully decorated room.

Upon first glance I saw a decent bar on the left and A big living room on the right with a wide flat-screen tv on top of a fireplace. Up ahead were more rooms but we had to walk a bit further to see what was in them. I could see a pool table in one of them. Alan came out of nowhere holding two glasses of wine and that charismatic smile in his face.

He had on a white, long-sleeved shirt and cargo shorts, with slippers. "I'm glad you can make it, Robert. Although I have to admit, I had second thoughts about you joining us, but in the end, I knew it wouldn't be fair to you if you missed out on your first time seeing your wife with another man." He handed me and Alexis a glass of wine.

"Thanks. I appreciate that." I swallowed my pride along with the wine. Alexis followed suit. "Please have a seat." Alan insisted. Me and Alexis sat next to each other, while Alan sat by himself on a couch next to us. I noticed he wasn't drinking. "I feel like I have to ask this question again. I know you've mentioned plenty of time how you agree to this, but in my line of work, you can't take things for granted.

Even if it risks killing the mood. But before I do ask, I'd like you meet someone." Alan opened up a laptop, I hadn't noticed, from the coffee table. He turned it on to reveal a middle-age, overweight, balding man with glasses on the screen. He looked like he was all business. "This is my lawyer, Henry. Henry, can you hear us." Alan said. A few seconds passed for Henry the Lawyer to retrieve his message.

"Yes, Alan, I can hear you, loud and clear." He said clearly. The video quality was a little grimy but I heard what he said perfectly. "Great. We're ready, Henry. Okay, Alexis. Adam. I need you two to agree, in front of Henry, on a live feed, that you agree to consensual intercourse between me and Alexis. I know this is weird, but this is mostly for my safety. If you two plan on using what happens tonight against me, I can refer to this video recording and Henry, that you two formally agree to our arrangement.

Alexis, why don't you go first?" "I can say that in front of him. Is anyone else going to see this?" Alexis said with worry. "Not at all. The only time anyone else will ever see this is in court. And the only way we ever go to court is if you two planned some kind of scheme to hurt me in any way. For example, you could say I raped you." "But I would never!" Alexis exclaimed.

"I know you wouldn't, Alexis. Again, this is more for me and my safety. I hope you two would understand. If you don't, then I'm afraid we can't go any further.

I'm sorry." Alexis looked at me, asking with her expression, what I thought. I thought this was madness.

If we go through with this, that means he will always have proof that we consented with him having sex with Alexis. I could never say he took advantage of her. If for some reason, I decided to legally fight him, he will always have this over us. Alan thought of everything. "We've already gone this far. I understsnd what he's doing. He's just being careful. Believe me, sir, we're not up to anything bad. I promise. But if this is something that has to be done, then I'll say it." "Excellent!

I took the liberty of jotting down the words to say to make this legal. Here you go, Robert." Alan handed me a small notecard with a line he wanted me to say.

I read it out loud. "I, Robert Pullman, give Alan and Alexis Pullman, permission to engage in sexual intercourse, and that I will not use their action in any way to harm Alan or else I will be found guilty of serious allegations and will face legal consequences." "Thank you, Robert.

I appreciate you saying that. Alexis? Are you ready?" He was holding her card in front of her. She just stared at it looking nervous. When she looked at me she was unsure. But when she looked at Alan, Alexis expression relaxed a bit.

I guess something from Alan's face had a calming effect on her. She silently took the card from him and read the card clearly and slowly. "I, Alexis Pullman, give consent to Alan for sexual intercourse and in no way am expecting any kind of exchange, or else I will be charged with prostitution. Nor will I tarnish Alan reputation by claiming any unwanted sexual action." "Thank you, Alexis." Alan took the card back.

"That's it. The hard part's over. Thanks for sitting in Henry," Alan said waving goodbye to his lawyer. "Sure thing, Alan." With that, Alan shut his laptop. "I hope that didn't kill the mood. I don't like it myself, but you can never be too careful these days." Alan looked at me when he said that. "Why don't you finish the rest of that drink and come sit next to me, Alexis?" Alan tapped the cushion next to him.

Alexis quickly downed her wine, set it down on the coffee table, and stood up to walk over Alan, and sit down next to him. Alexis sat down shyly, with her legs closed and hands placed on top of her knees, looking down. Alan propped his right arm on top of the couch behind her.

"It's okay, Alexis. Don't be scared. We may not have known each other for a long time, but I feel like I got to know you really well.

Enough to know I like you very much. So much in fact, that I would never do or say anything to make you feel uncomfortable.

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Okay?" Alexis nodded. "You can still leave, as a matter of fact. Just because you officially agreed to have sex with me doesn't mean you have to. You can go whenever you want. No hard feelings. I'll always have that kiss we shared tonight. I'll never forget it." I was begging Alexis in my head to take up on his offer and the two of us could just leave.

I can live with her just kissing him. It's not that bad. Please, Alexis. Resist him! She looked up at me with a look I've never seen before.

Little did I know, that's the look she gets when she's insatiably horny. Alan gently tilted her head by the chin using his index finger, to face him. He gave her one look before moving in to kiss her. Alan planted a small kiss to which Alexis returned. It was smaller than his at first, probably still being shy. Her kisses started getting bigger as his kisses got bigger. Alan gently grabbed the back of her head, motioning her head forward so he could give her deep kisses.

When he did this, he made her open her mouth to let his tongue in. She let out a moan of surprise. Alexis opened her eyes too see my reaction, but Alan quickly intercepted.

"Don't look at him. Look at me. Tonight your mine and I am yours," he whispered. She stared deeply into his eyes before continuing their passionate kisses. I just sat there, dumbfounded. Even watching it happening in front of me, I couldn't believe it. It was surreal. Like watching a movie. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that my evil boss, Alan, was making out with my wife, on our honeymoon. This was only the beginning. Their kisses slowly intensified.

Alan's hand moved from the back of her head to the side of her body. He was massaging her hip and thigh as he continued kissing her.

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Alexis cupped the side of his face, never stopping her kisses. After massaging her side for a bit, he decided to take a chance and grab her right tit.

She slightly hesitated, grasping his hand as if she was going to pull it away. Instead, she just placed her hand on top of his as he began to massage it.

Her moans were becoming clearer. Their breathing got heavier. Everything stopped when she made a grab for his cock, which was evident was becoming hard. He stopped kissing her. For a second, she looked drunk with lust before looking concerned. She quickly took her hand away from his crotch. "I'm sorry! I didn't- I mean, I thought you- I-" she stammered. "It's okay, beautiful. I just think it's time to take this to the bedroom." He said.

"Oh.okay," she responded shyly. They both stood up. Alexis was already walking but Alan stopped her by the hand. She turned around fast to see why he stopped her. Without say a word, he effortlessly picked her up and held her with both arms. She yelped from the sudden movement and went to grab his neck with both arms.

"Come along, Alan" he said before planting another kiss on my wife's lips. He looked like a gladiator about to claim his prize. Alan walked slowly, still making out with Alexis. She was really getting into it. I tried carrying her once just for fun. Couldn't get her off 2 feet from the ground before we fell down. I stood up and followed Alan carrying my wife to his bedroom. On the way, I passed other features the suite had.

It had it's own sauna, workout room, bowling alley, a jacuzzi and a pool right outside the patio. This beats our hotel room any day of the week. When we finally got to the bedroom, I wasn't surprise to see a huge room with an even bigger bed to go with it.

The king-size bed was covered in black and white linen. The outer sheets looked like it could've been satin, the way the light reflected from it. I also noticed the lights to the room wasn't on. The room was illuminated by scented candles. It smelled sweet. Something fruity. I couldn't put my finger on it. It made the bedroom environment that more enticing. Alan really wanted to make sure this night was memorable for everyone.

Including me. There were several different chairs in the room and I just randomly chose one. It gave me a corner position side-view of the bed. I wasn't sure how to sit. I didn't know whether to be comfortable or sitting up at attention. It didn't matter really, because it had no effect on what was happening in front of me. I had to take my phone out of my pocket because it was in an uncomfortable position as I sat down. When I did, I noticed an unread message on my screen, remembering I received a message back at the elevator.

It was from Alan. "Use your phone to record what happens tonight. You'll know when to ;)" I don't think I have ever experienced such cruelty from another human being before I met Alan. Sure, I got picked on a lot growing up, but this was on a whole new level.

Did he think I would want to remember this night?No. Most likely Alan will have me send the footage to him afterwards. Sick bastard. I was so overcome with dread, that I forgot what was happening in front of me. Alan gently laid Alexis on the edge of the bed. Alexis just laid there as Alan stood up to take off his shirt.

I realized I've never seen the man shirtless before, which didn't matter because I think I'm going to see him completely naked soon.

The man was in great shape I kind of figured he was even with clothes on. His chest and arms were big, along with his six-pack on a small waist. I could never have that insane amount of discipline to reach that body type. With his shirt off, he crawled on top of Alexis. He grabbed both of her hands and swung them on top of her head. He used only one hand to pin both her hands down, before going in for another kiss. With his free hand, he caressed her chest and stomach. I can hear her moans getting louder, along with her breathing.

Alan used his free hand to grab her neck. I couldn't tell if he just placed his hand there or if he was squeezing her neck. Her legs were fidgeting, as he had his way with her.

I imagined her, in that position, kneeing him in the groin, escaping his grasps and leaving his suite with me. Instead, she just laid there, kissing my boss, passionately.

After their second make-out session, he stopped, let her hands and neck go to get off the bed. Alexis propped herself up on her elbows to see what he was up to. She still had that lustful look on her face. She didn't look at me. I don't think she remembered I was there. Alan proceeded to take off her nice sandals, one by one. He tossed both footwear on the spacious, carpeted ground. Alan grabbed her left leg by the ankle, bringing her foot to his face.

He planted slow, kisses on her ankle, at first. Then, he left a path of kisses down her leg, sometimes swinging her leg on the other side of his head and back, making sure to cover all of her leg. Alexis looked like she was on cloud nine. I never knew such a simple act of kissing someone's leg could affect someone like that. Alan continued all the way down until he stopped right before her nether region.

Alexis' breath quickened as he got closer but stopped when he stopped. I think my breathing quickened in anticipation too, only I was relieved he didn't touch her down there.

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Yet. He set her left foot down, and picked up her right foot to deliver the same treatment. Again, he stopped kissing her right at the border of her pink panty.

After dropping her legs back on the bed, he grabbed both of her hands to sit her up so that her face was at his chest. He cupped her face with his hands, kissing her again. She held onto his big arms as they kissed. She explored his arms and back as they continued making out. Alan stopped suddenly to whisper something in her ear. It was too quiet that I couldn't hear. Whatever he whispered, he hopped off the bed but stood there waiting. Alexis maneuvered herself on the bed so that she was on her knees.

She smiled at him, biting her lower lip, as she hid both of her hands behind her. I realized she was unzipping the back of her dress. After unzipping it the whole way, she pulled down the top of her dress to reveal her matching black bra.

She looked incredible. No matter how many times I've seen her naked, I'm always mesmerized by her body. I thought I was the lucky guy who would be the only one allowed to touch it. Like life had decided to make up for years of bad and awkward relationships by sending me this Mexican beauty.

I forget life could have a sense of humor too. Alexis was about to slip off her dress by pulling it down to her waist until Alan shoved her, falling on her back. She gasped when he pushed her but laughed a little after falling comfortably on the mattress. Alan laughed along with her as he tugged her dress forcefully until he got it off her.

He added her dress to the collection of clothing articles on the ground, which I know there will be more of. Alan crawled back into bed with Alexis, returning his position on top of her. He must really like kissing her. Either that or he wanted to prolong the torture of me watching. I hate to say it but I wasn't really all that upset. Instead, I was getting a little turn on myself.

Suddenly, I remembered my cell phone and what Alan wanted me to do. Maybe I will want to watch it again later. She just look so god damn sexy right now.Who knows? Maybe Alan did want me to record what happens tonight just for me to re-live it. I turned on the video recording app on my phone and began to film my wife sleeping with another man. I couldn't explain it. I know I must be angry to what Alan forced me to do and what he is doing right in front of me, but I could not help but feel excited.

To my horror, I was getting hard! I covered myself as best as I could, just in case either of them saw me. But they didn't. They were too focused on themselves, I don't think they cared I was there. I made sure to hold my phone still as I kept recording them. This was a whole new level of embarrassment.

How could I be excited watching Alexis with another man? What kind of a husband does that to his wife? Alan lowered his kisses to her neck. Alexis tilted her head to the side and would've been looking at me if her eyes were opened. I could see her lustful expression as Alan mauled her neck. She had her hands spread across the bed letting him do whatever he wanted to her.

When Alexis did open her eyes, she only saw me for a split second before Alan swung her body upward so that she was saddling him while he was the one on his back. "Oh my God, is that your cock?" Alexis asked. I saw she was slowly grinding her hips, where she can feel his hard cock. "That's right, baby. Just for you.

Now let see me those beautiful tits." I thought Alexis would get upset at his request. She usually gets upset when I try to make some lewd, yet respectful, comment about her body. Instead, she giggled and reach the clasp from her bra from behind to release it.

Alexis held onto her bra, making sure not to let it drop. "How bad do you want to see them?" "Enough to spank that ass hard, if you don't show me!" He warned. "Is that a promise?" Alexis yelped when Alan reached for the bra and yanked it out of her grasp. Alexis quickly covered herself up with her arms. Alan tossed the bra onto to the pile of clothes. "Put your arms down. Now." Alan commanded. From my position, I couldn't tell if Alexis felt intimidated or scared.

Hell, I was scared for her. She slowly lowered her arms down for Alan to see naked chest. Knowing this was his first time seeing her naked chest, I felt I was seeing them for the first time. It reminds me of my actual first time. I was literally speechless and motionless. It was definitely better than looking at boobs through a screen. Alan grabbed her tits with both hands, massaging them, making sure to pinch her nipples.

Alex placed her hands over his as he felt her up, throwing her head back as another man was touching her. "Fuck me, you have amazing tits," Alan said as never stopped his groping. Alexis responds in more moans. Then, Alan sat up and elevated Alexis by her legs. She instinctively grabbed onto his shoulders for leverage, which in turn forced her chest to come closer to his face.

When she did, Alan grabbed a mouthful of her right tit. He moved so fast I thought he was going to bite it off!

But he didn't. As soon as he had his mouth on her, he started sucking on her nipple, hard. Alexis groaned even louder as my my boss assaulted her tits. After he spent enough time on one, he went to the other for the same treatment. Alexis at some point moved her hands to grab a hold of Alan's head pulling him closer to her. "Oh, my God," she would frequently say. I could hear the sucking noises Alan made as he went to town on her boobs.

Pretty sure he did that to make sure I could hear what he was doing. He seem to love my wife's boobs. Could I blame him? They're amazing. Au naturale too. I made sure to zoom in for a clearer picture.

Soon after, Alan maneuvered their bodies so Alexis was on her back again, and Alan on top of her. Alexis giggled some more. I'm guessing she loved the way Alan was taking control. He went down to make out with her some more. I could perfectly see how entwined their mouths were. Their mouths were so deep in each other, I'm sure their tongues were going at it like there was no tomorrow.

Alan moved both of his hands to cup and massage Alexis' tits some more. He started gently at first which quickly escalated to manhandling them roughly. Alexis didn't seem to mind. Her escalating groans were evident she was enjoying how rough he was being. Her arms were always at her side, never making no attempt to stop or resist him. She would swing her head to the left and right as waves of pleasure coursed through her.

He moved his kisses once again to her neck, making sure every inch of it was covered. After doing so, his kisses went down to her chest. He kissed all over her boobs except for her nipples.

He made sure to give plenty of attention to the rest of her tits before finally going to her nipples. Alan once again went to town on them. I saw him flick her nipples in fast movement with his tongue.

When he wasn't doing that, he bit down on them hard enough to the point where Alexis would give out a sleight whimper. Sure enough, her nipples hardened as they were pointing out thanks to him.

What felt like an eternity, Alan moved on from her tits. He kissed passed her tight stomach until he reached her underwear. Alan straightened back, bringing both of Alexis' legs up together in front of him. He rested her legs on his left shoulder, as he grabbed a hold of the only article of clothing she had on left. Alexis made no attempt to stop him, but I could see she was nervous. Alan grabbed each side of her underwear and slowly lifted it up to slide it past her long, tender legs until he took it off completely through her small feet.

Alexis covered her face with her hands as Alan took off her underwear. I'm not sure if it was out of embarrassment or fear. Alan grabbed her legs and spread them apart. It looked like for a second she resisted him as he spread her legs apart.

But he was so strong, and she was already weak from lust, Alan had no trouble forcing them to part in front of him. Alexis revealed her face to show she was smiling, filled with giddiness.

Alan repeated the process of applying small, short kisses to her legs, one at a time. He concentrated his kisses on her inner legs. I saw Alexis massaging her boobs, playing with her nipples at times. I've never seen her do this before. This was very much starting to look like a porno. All that was missing is the raunchy background music you hear in porn. When Alan's kisses reached down close to her pussy, he stopped to admire it. "I love how your pussy looks. And I love how I made you so wet." He lowered his head close to it but never made contact.

Instead, he just blew on it a little before continuing his kisses on her other leg. Alexis groaned in disappointment. I don't think she could handle anymore teasing. Once he reached the top of her foot, he went over to make out with her some more. Alexis gladly accepted his invitation again, with more passion this time. I also saw her grab his crotch with hesitation. She started stroking it through his shorts.

At this point, I was getting agitated. Why can't he just get it over with already? But I already knew why. There's no harm in me wishing, is there? He whispered something to her again before he hopped out of bed. Alexis scooted backwards until she reached the bed's headboard. She rested her head on the pillow with her arms spread out and legs close together.

She looked so tiny on that bed. The mattress must be really soft because almost half her body had disappeared into the bed. Alan reached for his belt to unfasten. Oh God. I was about to see my boss's dick for the first time. If fate had any mercy on me, I hope Alan was average size. Oh, how fate loves to make fun of me. I saw only a side view of his penis as soon as he dropped his cargo shorts. Only half erect, and he was already huge.

I don't know why, but I couldn't look away at first. I'm not gay, but I've just never seen a big dick like that before except in porn. Without even thinking, I zoomed into his growing penis. My mind was trying to digest it all.

I heard Alexis gasp. "Oh my." she trailed off.

I looked over to her see a shocked look on her face, with her mouth open. That made me realize my jaw had dropped too. "That's right, baby. It's all just for you." Alan said. He stroked his cock a little bit before it became fully erect. If I had to guess, I'd say he was seven or eight inches. I'm only 5 inches myself, and that's if I'm rock solid.

Alexis remained speechless as she continued to admire my boss's cock. Alan just stood there for her take it all in. I did too. Alan was a perfect example of the Alpha male. He's masculine, intelligent, hard-working, charismatic, and handsome. I'm pretty sure his huge cock was a big factor when it came to acquiring those traits. No doubt he has plenty of stories to tell involving escapades with different women over the years. And now my wife was about to be added into his collection.

Another trophy he won. Another notch on his belt. "Are you ready for me to consummate your marriage?" Alan asked her. She nodded slowly, still not saying a word. I was a little hurt that Alexis didn't snap out of it. I thought for sure she would as soon as he reminded her that she was married to me and in our honeymoon. It didn't faze her one bit. Maybe she did know and just didn't care anymore. I was brought back into reality for a second when he asked her that question, but immediately lost myself again when I saw him climbing into bed.

So this is it. The moment I've been dreading for the most part. Yet, now, I'm feeling more anxious. Like I was excited. All that anger and jealousy I bottled up over the passed few days seem to disappear. Or at least, set off to the side for the time being. I married Alexis. I'm the one who's supposed to sleep with my wife. I'm the one who should be naked in bed with my own naked wife, consummating OUR marriage.

Instead, another man who is better than me in every sense, is going to have the honor, and pleasure, of doing it for me. Well, for himself. The whole thing was just surreal.

I don't even care of hiding my own erection which was poking the inside of my underwear and pants. When Alan was able to reach Alexis' legs, he grabbed her ankles and pulled her effortlessly towards him. She gasped again as her body slid more to the center of the bed and underneath Alan who crawled on top of her.

Her eyes were wide as she stared at his eyes in anticipation. He looked like a predator who was hungry with lust and was seconds away from eating his prey. "Put your legs around me," he commanded her.

She complied without taking her eyes off him. "Now, put my cock inside you," he ordered one last time. Slowly, Alexis went to grab his cock. The reality seem to hit her hard when she touch him. I thought maybe she knew what she was about to do and there was no definitely no going back now. Satisfied his cock was in the right position, Alan slowly lowered his hips into her.

My wife gasped yet again with her eyes widening even more if that was possible. Alexis held her breath as Alan slowly sank into my wife. She must've been really wet. It felt forever until Alan bottomed out inside her. His hips just kept sinking and sinking. I thought he was going to kill her if he went any further!

But no, he stopped after every inch of his cock was inside my wife's pussy. Alex let lout weird sounds as he sank in her.

She was making distorted groans. When Alan was penetrating her, instinctively, she grabbed for his shoulder, bracing herself. She still hasn't blinked yet or took her eyes off him. When Alan buried his whole dick inside her, he just stayed like that for a moment. I think he wanted Alexis to get used to it before he gave her the pounding of a lifetime. I'm sure that was coming. It's just like all the porn I've seen since I started watching. Guys with big dicks love to fuck their women with such vigor.

Finally, Alan started his rocking motion, fucking my wife. He started off slow, perhaps for her benefit or for his, who knows. It didn't matter. Alexis moaned loudly as Alan fucked her.

Her legs were spread fairly wide thanks to her flexibility, giving him more access as he plowed right into her. With that monster of a cock, I'm sure he was feeling every square inch of the inside of her pussy. "OH.MY.GOD." Alexis said breathlessly, between his thrusts. "You like that, baby? You like how I'm fucking your married pussy?" ".uh huh." was all she could say.

"Yeah? You ready for the pounding I'm about to give you?" She nodded again. With that, Alan increased his effort two-fold, going faster and harder. Alexis grasped the bedsheets tightly and wrapped her legs around him. This time she grunted every time he slammed into her. Indeed, he looked like a primal beast fucking his woman.

He never slowed down or took his eyes off her. When Alan escalated his fucking, Alexis closed her eyes tightly to endure the pounding she was receiving.

I can tell Alan focused all his concentration on fucking Alexis senselessly. Her whole body shook every time he would thrust into her. Her gorgeous tits would bounce up and down because of it. She looked so small and fragile under him, I was afraid he was going to break her. Alan lowered his head to whisper something in her ear. I couldn't hear what he said, but he had to slow down a little so that she could hear him properly.

Afterwards, he resumed his speed again. "Fuck my married pussy," Alexis said softly. "Louder," Alan commanded. "Fuck my married pussy!" Alexis yelled. "That's right, whore. You like the way I fuck you as your husband watches?" He said loudly. "Yes! Oh God, yes!" She answered back. "Do you still love your husband?" He kept asking his questions, never slowing down his thrusts. "Yes!" "Do you love my cock?" "Yes!" "Say it." "I love your cock." She answered breathlessly.

"Are you happy I'm fucking you first instead of your husband on your honeymoon?" "Yes! Yes! I'm so happy! Oh, God, I'm about to cum! Fuck me! Don't stop!" "That's right. Cum for me. Cum on my cock.as your husband watches. Cum on my big cock on your honeymoon. I want to hear the whore you are when I cum!" Alan went even faster, like a piston going on over drive. Alexis grabbed Alan's body with her arms and legs, holding onto him for dear life. She looked at him in complete shock, her body tensing up.

She stayed like that for a few seconds before letting out a strange groaning noise that did not sound human. Her orgasm took forever to subside. Didn't help that Alan never stopped fucking relentlessly. Geez, this guy had a lot of stamina.

I think maybe Alexis might've had multiple orgasms in a row. When she got quiet again, Alan stopped. He got out of her which Alexis gave out a deep exhaled. "Move," he said. Without thinking twice, Alexis scooted over to the side and Alan took her place on the bed on his back. It was an enormous bed which could easily have 5 people sleeping shoulder to shoulder. I didn't understand why she made him move when there was already so much space. "Now it's time for you to do some work.

Don't stop til you come again on my cock." Alan said. Alexis looked a little nervous but she slowly stood up from the bed and positioned herself over Alan's pole. She still looked incredible naked. With the dim setting and candles lit, it almost felt like I was in a dream.

Alexis began to kneel, resting her knees on the bed when Alan stopped her. "No. I want you to stay on your feet first. Squat down and ride me." Alan ordered her.

Alexis didn't seem fazed by it. She once again stood back up and lowered herself to Alan's awaiting dick. She grabbed a hold of his dick to steady it as she impaled herself on it. Once she was able to pop the head inside her, she brought herself slowly down.

With her being on top, Alexis had complete control. She took her time as she let Alan's cock sink deeper into her.

She didn't go all the way down, stopping when there were only 2 inches left on his cock. Alexis put her hands on Alan's big chest to hold herself steady as she started pumping away on him. It was an erotica look, to me. No doubt at that angle his cock was touching parts of her deep inside. Alexis moaned in pleasure as she continued to ride him. Her head was hung down, letting her long hair drape over his stomach. I could see the muscles as she worked to get herself off.

Alan still had that satisfied look on his face as he watched my wife continued to bob up and down on his dick. He looked over at me to see if I was still watching them, which of course I was and still recording them.

He made an evil smile, winking at me. It didn't make me upset. I was starting to get really turned on watching them have sex. I think Alan could tell. "Look at me.

Look at me as you ride me." Alan commanded. Alexis lifted her head up to look at him. Her hair covered some of her face which Alan brushed away to the side.

Alexis never stopped fucking him. Alan stuck his thumb in her mouth which Alexis sucked on without being told to. He kept it in there for awhile, exploring her mouth. Most likely playing with her tongue. "Mmm, your mouth feels perfect. Can't wait to have those pretty lips on my cock. Would you like that? Would you like to suck my cock some day?" "Yes.Alan." Alexis panted.

That was the first time I heard her say his name while they had sex. It's beyond a reasonable doubt that she knows what she's doing. It made me even more hotter. I unzipped my pants and took my own hard dick out to stroke as I watched my wife fucking my boss on our honeymoon first before me, while I recorded them on my phone. I didn't know if it was okay or not with Alan to do so. But I had a feeling he will not stop pleasuring my wife to teach me a lesson.

Hell, he's teaching me a lesson right now: How to fuck my wife like a real man. Alan noticed me from the corner of his eye and was delighted to see me jerking off to them.

"Look at your husband. He's enjoying this as much as we are." Alan informed Alexis. She didn't skip a beat when she turned her head to look at me. Her face was filled with lust. I stopped for a second, thinking she might get upset with what I was doing. She just smiled when she saw me, then returned to look at Alan. "Let's not disappoint him. Cum for him." With that, Alexis doubled her efforts.

This time she swallowed up his entire cock with her pussy making her feel much more in ecstasy. She rested her knees on the bed and grinded him, gyrating her hips in a fast motion. Her mouth was open as she let out deep breaths when she took on his entire cock.

"I'm.about.to cum.again." Alexis panted breathlessly. "Look at me. Every time you cum, I want you to look at me." Alexis stared at him with the same lustful expression on her face. Alan grabbed her waist, helping her get off. It did the trick as Alexis had another mind-blowing orgasm. She even cried out a little this time.

Alexis stopped moving, but Alan was still moving her hips, stroking his own cock with her pussy. As her orgasm died down, she swung her head back to take in the sensation she was feeling. I loved how her long dark hair hung down, barely brushing the bed with it. "That's it, baby. Stay with me," Alan said. Without getting out of her, he sat up into a sitting position. Alexis quickly wrapped her hands around his neck, looking at him with the same lustful look.

"Lock your legs around me," Alan said. Alexis did so. With her arms wrapped around his neck, her boobs were crushed on his chest. They were both sitting up facing each other, with Alan's dick still impaling my wife. When she was ready, Alan rocked her body up and down on him with ease. He was so strong that I don't think Alexis did any work. She had the same look of shock on her face. This moment looked so intimate. Two lovers looking at each other as they made love. It was driving me wild. They both just seem to stare at each other as Alan fucked her harder and deeper before Alexis planted a kiss.

They kissed with intense passion for a bit before Alexis stopped it and rested her chin on his shoulder, grabbing him tighter. How small and fragile she looked compared to his big physique. "Oh God! Fuck me! Keep fucking me, I'm about to cum again!" Alexis yelled. "OH. MY. GOD!" Alexis hung on to Alan's body for dear life again as she came for the umpteenth time. I noticed whenever she did orgasmed, she would stay quietly. All I could hear were Alan's grunts, the mattress softly squeaking, and their pelvis slamming into each other.

It wasn't until she started coming down did she let out a groan, catching her breath. "Jesus Christ, you're one of the best fucks I've ever had. You're amazing." Alan said looking into my wife's eyes. She giggled still coming down from her high. He kissed her forcefully as they were still locked in the same position. When he stopped kissing her, he told her to get on her hands and knees. Alexis carefully got off of Alan's dick, before falling onto the bed.

I could see they were both covered in a thin layer of sweat. I could barely see her chest as it rose up and down from her panting. Alan leaned back as he waited for Alexis to get into the next position. Alan was still rock hard. He may have been covered with sweat but he did not look tired at all. Alexis on the other hand looked like she was ready to call it a night. But whatever energy she had left, she slowly rolled over to her side and propped herself up onto her hands and knees.

From where I was sitting, I had a front-side view of their position. She was in front of him, offering her ass to Alan who was right behind her. She rested her head on the bed, trying regain her energy before the next round.

The woman was insatiable. I hope I have enough stamina in me when we make love. Alan reached out to grab my wife's ass with both hands.

He rubbed deep and long, discovering just how plump it is. "Damn, you have a nice ass too. Something to grab and look at. Thanks for that baby." Alan remarked.

Alexis didn't say anything. I knew Alexis liked to work out a lot. She did a lot of butt exercises to make her ass round and firm. She hated it but loved the results and continued to do so. I didn't complain. Sounds like neither did Alan.

He got closer to Alexis and rubbed her pussy with his cock. Next, he placed it on top of her ass between her cheeks. He looked at me to make sure I was still watching.

I can't believe Alexis was able to take all of his cock inside. He was big in every way. No matter how you look at it, his cock was big. After teasing her a bit, Alan, aiming carefully, sank his cock inside Alexis.

As his pelvis touched her bare ass, Alexis' head shot up with a look of pleasure. Her eyes were closed and would've been looking directly at me if she hadn't.

In no time Alan was fucking her like a jackhammer. Alexis dropped her again, clutching the bedsheets tightly, as she experienced the pounding of a lifetime.

In that position, I could not see the actual penetration, but I could see the determination from Alan's face as he slammed into my wife's backside. Her voluptuous ass would bounce every time he hit her. I loved how her waist look so small with her firm back to got with it. I was getting close myself, never slowing down my strokes. "Oh yeah, baby. I'm almost there. Fuck, you feel incredible." Alan moaned.

He was finally feeling his own orgasm coming. He thew his head back, feeling the pleasure he was getting from Alexis. She was giving off a mixture of cries and moans herself, as she was nearing another climax.

I picked up my pace. I wanted to cum the same time they did. I don't know why that was important to me that I did. "C'mere, baby," Alan said. With one hand, he grabbed a hold of her stomach and with his other hand her shoulder.

He lifted her upper body up so that her head rested on her shoulder. Alexis was incredibly limber that she arched her back so that Alan could still fuck her from behind. Alan propped his left leg up for better access which Alexis held onto while he had her in that new position. She was holding onto his head from behind with her other hand. Alan reached around with his left hand to grope her tits as he kept pumping away in her.

It was such a hot look for them. I secretly admit that they look like the perfect couple. The way they were embracing each other as they made love just seem so right. Alan being the Alpha male and Alexis his beautiful trophy. I was jealous. Jealous because I could never be who Alpha was and Alexis deserved a man like him.

I don't know what she saw in me. I still love her. And I knew she loved me. This was pure lust. Even if it was modified by Alan and his drug, they both had the same drive and passion. I may still be a virgin, but I have a feeling I was not going to perform as well as Alan. Seeing them like this did not help my confidence.

With Alexis' head tilted back on his shoulder, Alan went to town on her ear and neck, giving them careful bites and kisses. Alexis just went on moaning and crying in pleasure. The sweat from them was more prominent now. "Oh yeah, baby, I'm about to cum. I'm about to cum in that married pussy." Alan panted.

I can't believe Alan could still keep going like that. Once he goes at a fast speed he never slows down, nor stops unless they're about to change positions. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Keep going, don't stop!" Alexis cried. "Oh, God, here it is!" Alan yelled a primal cry as he ejaculated inside my wife. While the thought of STD's did not cross my mind, I was not afraid of Alexis getting pregnant since she was on the pill.

He sounded like an animal who just claimed his prize by marking his property. He gave long deep thrusts as he used her to milk his cock. Alexis' body shook and trembled uncontrollably as he pumped into her for the final time. When he finally stopped, they both stayed like that.

Alexis must be feeling some kind of euphoria judging by her expression. She looked drunk. Alan looked at me with smugness. It took me a minute to realize I already came myself. I looked down to see my cum all over my hand and pants, not realizing (or caring) I recorded that too when I did. How did I miss that?

I must've been so into watching Alan and Alexis having sex, I missed my own pleasure. I looked up just in time to see Alan moving Alexis' face towards his as they shared another passionate kiss. She rubbed his hair and massaged his face as she kissed him. Alan embraced her from behind, not getting enough of how her body feels, I'm sure. She put her left hand over the hand he was using to cup her breasts. At that moment, I saw a perfect view of her wedding ring.

The ring that symbolized our marriage. Our love. For better. Or worse. This was my honeymoon. Not what I expected. Although I am glad Alexis was having a good time, at least. I wonder if there are, or were, any guys like me who went through this? Did there marriage survive? I hope so. I still loved Alexis and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I hope she feels the same way. I hope Alan will stick to his word and let us be when we go back home.

Knowing him, he will always have this over me and will bring it up whenever he can. Well, at least I'm the one married to Alexis and not him.

I'm lucky that way. I just realize we still have another three days left on our honeymoon. Tonight already felt like an eternity. I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious what the next three days will have in store for me and my wife.