Playing with my wifes creamy pussy

Playing with my wifes creamy pussy
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I (Tom) was just turned 13 at the time when I was left at home with my older twin sisters Sophie and Kate who were 16. Our parents had gone out for the evening and at about 9.30pm they phoned to say they had been invited by some friends to go on to a party and therefore wouldn`t be home until late the following day. They were quite happy to leave us alone as we were reasonably sensible (or so they thought) and could be trusted.

After a day of sports at a local club I was very tired and headed up for bed at about 10pm leaving my sisters downstairs watching television. I soon drifted off into a deep sleep. The girls meanwhile had switched over to the adult porn channel and were getting turned on by what they saw.


Although my sisters are twins, they are very different in character. Sophie is very outgoing and a born leader while Kate is much quieter and basically does anything her twin asks.

What happened next is only what I was later told as I was asleep at the time.

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At about 1.30am the girls decided to head for bed in a somewhat excited mood after watching a porn film. They decided to check on me and quietly opened my bedroom door.

It was a warm evening and I was wearing a tshirt and underpants and was lying on my back with just a sheet over me. "He looks fine" said Kate. "I think we ought to check closer and see how deeply he is sleeping" said Sophie, knowing that once asleep I am a very heavy sleeper and it takes a lot to wake me.They walked over to the bed and slowly lifted the sheet.

"what are you doing" asked Kate, "we are going to have some fun with our little brother" she replied. Sophie lifted my tshirt above my chest and started slowly licking one of my nipples indicating to Kate to do the same to the other.

"what if he wakes up, he could tell mum and dad" asked Kate. "don`t worry it would be his word against ours, and anyway he would be too embarrassed to say anything" Sophie replied. They continued slowly licking my nipples then Sophie started running her tongue around my chest and stomach finally concentrating on the area around my belly button. My body was beginning to enjoy this attention and my cock was starting to swell which Sophie noticed immediately.

She then started rubbing my cock gently through my underpants and it began to stiffen more and more. "Looks like Tom`s enjoying this" she said.

"I think for the next bit I need you to stand near the top of his bed and hold his arms in case he wakes up". While Kate did as she was told, Sophie stood over me with a hand each side of my underpants and in one quick movement pulled them down revealling my firm young cock. With this I finally began to wake up to find my arms pinned down and my sisters using me as a play thing.

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I asked them to stop but as usual this only encouraged Sophie to go on. She took my cock in her right hand and started to slowly jerk me off. I tried to fight them off but they were both a good bit bigger and stronger than me. "ok" i said just jerk me off if thats`s what you want you perv then we can get back to sleep" I said."not that easy" Sophie replied. She let go of my cock and said kate could let go if I promised not to struggle. I agreed thinking to give in quietly was the best option.

She then told Kate to strip off which she did revealling a beautiful body with lovely firm tits which I had seen a few times before when ppeing through a gap in her bedroom door.

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Sophie told kate to stand near my chest so I could feel her tits which I started stroking gentle making her nipples go firm and erect. My cock was throbbing harder and harder with the excitement of what was going on.

Kate bent forward so one of her tits was in my face and I started licking her nipple with the tip of my tongue then moving a bit more in my mouth each time until her whole tit was being sucked on.

While I was doing this, I became aware that Sophie had started running her tongue up and down my throbbing shaft. I felt her tongue moving slowly around my circumcised cock head and then as she held it in her hands she guided it inside her warm wet mouth. I nearly came straight away but tried to hold out.

Kate meanwhile had manoevered into a position so that her pussy was against my hand.I instintively started feeling the mounds of hair with my fingers then I found her love slot.I rubbed it a couple of times and it was already moist so my fingers slid in easily.

As I pushed deeper I could feel Kate`s body tensing as she started fucking herself on my fingers while I was sucking her tit as if trying to get milk out of it.

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Sophie then stopped doing what she was doing while me and Kate continued. How I desperately wanted Sophie back on my cock though. I glimsed over Kates shoulders and could see Sophie undressing.

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Her bodywas just as beautiful as Kate but I noticed she had no pussy hair. It was all shaved off. My cock sprung up as if to say please give me some attention but Sophie was having none of it. She just stood and watched and started fingering herself as Kate finally came. I could feel her hot juices running over my fingers. She got off me and Sophie said. "ok it`s my turn." She climbed on to my chest but this time her pussy was placed just in front of my mouth as she told me to start licking.

My tongue immediately started licking around her lttle mound then along the length of her pussy. She pulled the lips apart so I could slide my tongue inside and I started moving it flicking it from side to side.She was very wet inside and I could taste her wonderful juices.

My cock firmed up as I suddenly felt it being guided into Kates mouth.She wasted no time and was soon sucking harder, much stronger than Sophie who had been more teasing me. As sophie was getting more and more excited by the tongue fucking she was getting, I was on the verge of cumming but holding back as best I could.


Finally, Sophie`s body tensed as she hit a strong orgasm her body trembling and she was screaming "oh yes yes yes" and my mouth fillied with her juices. At this I could hold no longer and shot loads of hot sticky cum into Kates mouth. She continued sucking until she coul get no more out.

Sophie got off me and headed to the bathroom without saying a word. I then suggested to Kate that it was time we gave Sophie a taste of her own medicine when she got back and Kate agreed.

By the time Sophie was back my cock was hard and ready for more action. I grabbed hold of sophie and put a leg behind hers pulling her backwards and down on to the floor on to her back.

Kate immediately sat on her chest pinning her to the floor as I sat on her legs. Kate then moved on to all fours with her pussy in Sophies face and her ass facing me.Sophie started licking her twin`s cunt and from where I was I got a fantastic view which really turned me on more.

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Her tongue was going deeper each time and I got the impression this was not the first time they had done this. I then placed my raging cock against Sophies pussy lips.


"No Tom," Sophie said " that is going too far it`s not on". "You bet " I said "after what you did to me you are fair game big sis". I then thrust my cock inside her pussy which was still moist from earlier and easy for me to get in. Sophie had stopped protesting and was back licking Kates pussy out as I kept thrusting in and out of her own juicy pussy.I could hear her juices sloshing inside as I pushed.

Kate had soon come again sending her juices in Sophies mouth. She got off her and just sat watching me fuck Sophie while she played gently with Sophies tits. Having already come a few minutes before,I was able to keep thrusting for several minutes moving around in circles inside her cunt as I pushed in and out.It wasn`t long before Sophie tensed again and started trembling as another orgasm engulfed her body.

I carried on and on until finally I shot my cum, much less this time, into her warm wet cunt. I pumped and pumped until I went soft then pulled my cock out and moved up to Sophie`s face making her lick my cum off my cock meanwhile Kate did the same with Sophie licking her cunt clean lapping up any stray cum.

We then all got up cleaned off and headed for Sophies room where we all huddled up together in her double bed sleeping naked together all totally worn out.

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More was to happen next morning when we woke up but that`s a story for another day.