Lux supp get ganked by Illaoi while Ezreal is DC on botlane

Lux supp get ganked by Illaoi while Ezreal is DC on botlane
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I have never written a story about my life before, and having shared my secrets with my partner, he insists that I share my very amazing past with the world, so here goes.

I have always been inquisitive where sex is concerned even from an early age. I am now a grown woman of 27 and enjoying a very varied and healthy sex life, the sky is the limit.

When I was younger, like all young girls I guess, I always had fantasies about meeting this man who would show me how to be fucked properly in every position and show me the right way to enjoy every aspect of sex. I just love it. My early days were very naughty to say the least, but my inquisitive mind never seems to let me down.

My mother and father split when I was very young. I lived with mom and saw dad at regular intervals, summer holidays Christmas Easter etc. Dad was always saying how beautiful his young daughter was, he constantly told me to be careful with men as they were only after one thing, 'daddy your daughter is only after one thing too' I used to think to myself. I wanted to be fucked and I was sure there was no way that I was gonna wait until I was 16.

He was always in fear of me losing my cherry at a very young age. How right he was. When I was eleven mom got herself a new man. His name was Terry; about the same age as mom, around 30ish. He worked on the building site as a labourer so he kept himself pretty fit. I would treat Terry as a big brother and we got on really well. I had a very high desire for sex even at this age. My friends all talked about playing after school games and the like.

I wanted to play after school games as well, but not the same as they did. Terry was good to me; he used to help me with my homework and always commented how I would grow up to be a lovely young lady.

I was flattered by his attention and found myself responding in more ways than one. My earliest vivid memory of anything 'really' happening was when I was still eleven. One day whilst Mom was preparing dinner, Terry assisted me with my homework. I had my books spread out on the table as I always did. I was aware of him being very close and felt rather curious as to what he was up to. I never pulled away as I wanted to experience anything that was on offer.


I was looking at this one question when his hand came over to rest on my shoulder and he drew himself closer 'to get a better look' at the question, yer right!!. Just the closeness of him made me have butterflies in my stomach. His hand somehow found its way down my back onto my very firm ass.

I was shocked in a way but at no time did I complain, in fact I felt myself moving my ass to the feel of his hand. "Now come on you pair, I thought that you were supposed to be doing homework"? Mom's voice came as such a shock as she was standing behind me observing it all. "Sorry" Terry replied with a smirk on his face "Got a bit carried away there". He looked at Mom who was also smiling, and planted a real hard kiss on her lips. "My my someone is turned on" she chuckled and then walked back to the kitchen to attend the dinner.

I looked at Terry in shock but he just smiled back and said "Relax me and your Mom know the score". What did he mean? I was totally confused by it all, I gathered my books off the table and made my way to my bedroom. How come Mom didn't say anything? How come she was so calm about it? And how much did she actually see? My heart was racing and my stomach felt all tight. I lay on my bed thinking long and hard about what was going on. But in the mayhem of my mind I still came back to the feel of Terry's hand caressing my ass, I was so turned on by this that my hand was now rubbing my virgin cunt through my panties.

I started to slip my hand into the waistband of my panties to feel my flaming cunt. "Dinners ready" Mom shouted from downstairs, which bought me back to reality. I jumped up off the bed; I was so worked up now that I know my face would give me away. I looked in the mirror and flicked my blond hair out of my eyes, as I did so I caught the scent of my juices on my fingers.

It smelt heavenly and I looked in the mirror at myself as I sniffed at my fingers and then slowly put them to my mouth. A sharp intake of breath shocked me really as I didn't expect my self to react that way. My other hand was rubbing my throbbing aching cunt. "Did you hear me Sally, your dinner is on the table" "Coming Mom" I never said a truer word, I would have been I'm sure if her voice hadn't have stopped me.

I somehow pulled myself together and mad my way downstairs, as I did so I could feel my wet panties rubbing against my clit. I sat down to dinner not saying a word and unable to look Mom or Terry in the eyes. "How's school these days?" Mom broke the silence "Ok thanks" I answered sheepishly. "You're not embarrassed of what happened earlier are you" Mom said with a big smile on her face, "Think nothing of it, I haven't". But why?

I asked myself, did she not love this man, or was she trying for something else?


There wasn't an hour went by that I didn't think of the way that mom and Terry reacted in their relationship, were they true to each other? I used to think.

Nothing 'major' happened since that incident, but I still couldn't get the thought of his hand caressing my ass out of my mind, although it had been over a week since it had happened. After another boring day at school I came home and let myself in as usual, mom and Terry being at work. I had thought about nothing but the feel of Terry's hand on my ass. I had been in the state of 'arousal' all day to say the least.

It was around 4 p.m. and as I had the house to myself for at least an hour I went to my bedroom to read a 'dirty' magazine that I kept under my mattress.

I was reading this one story of a young girl who was having an affair with her neighbour's husband. I imagined it to be myself and Terry in the story. At this young age I had never experienced an orgasm, well not a proper one or had any sexual experience whatsoever, but there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't wonder what it was like. The story in the book was written with the words that I understood, like caressing, pussy, erection etc, but I liked to use the words that made me feel tingly inside.

Words like wanking, fucking hard on etc. I used to substitute these words in my head as I read the story out loud to myself. This used to get me unbelievably aroused. I was so engrossed in the magazine and never realised the time, my hand was rubbing my virgin cunt on the outside of my panties, and I was feeling warmer than I ever felt before.

I suddenly stopped my heart beating so hard that I could feel it bursting at my temples. I heard my bedroom door creak as it opened slowly. There in the doorway was Terry. My stomach knotted with the thought that he had seen me with my hand frigging my crotch. I shot up sitting upright on the bed not knowing where to look. "Whats all this then" Terry said smiling as he neared the bed.

I couldn't speak I had no spit in my mouth to even swallow. He sat on the bed and reached out to touch my foot which was still covered by my white socks that I had to wear as part of the school uniform. "No need to be afraid, we're all human and have these feelings" he said. I looked up at him and he smiled back at me, I faced him, still unable to speak. "No need to get upset Sally, you're only doing what is natural, don't worry" "But what about you telling mom?" I answered, "What will she say?" At that moment my Mom entered the room, my heart filled my throat.

"What about Mom?" she said as she approached the two of us on the bed, "We were both watching you for quite a while". Oh My God, I cannot be hearing this, my own mother and Terry standing there watching me rub myself. Mom smiled as the look on my face was one of horror; she sat by me on the bed and brushed my short blond hair from out of my eyes.

"I knew this would happen one day, and it looks like today is the day". At that she looked at Terry and nodded. They both stood up and undressed completely. I had seen mom naked before but Terry never. He stood there, his muscular body suntanned. I couldn't take my eyes of his prick. It was hanging down a good six or seven inches and it wasn't even erect. Mom and Terry laid either side of me on the bed, now I was not that naïve but I felt really awkward in fact frightened.

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It was as if there were no oxygen in the room, I was gasping for air, I don't know whether it was fear or arousal. Mom put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me back to the bed, I resisted at first but she said "It will be alright baby, don't worry".

I resisted as mom pulled me backwards to the bed. I lay there in between them, with my hands clasped behind my head, not knowing what to do or say. They both started to gently caress my body, mom propped herself on her arm and with the other started stroking my face and then worked her way down to my breasts. Terry had also reared himself onto his elbow and his hand was stroking my thighs and my very flat stomach. "If at any time you wish us to stop sweetheart just say and we promise we will" mom whispered to me, "You are very safe Sally, but Mommy thinks it's time for you to become a young woman".

I was breathing deep and just looking into space. I had fantasised about me and Terry, but this was so bizarre with my own mother being here, but in a strange way I was loving every second. "Relax Sally" Terry assured me "As your Mom said, if you don't like it we will stop" I felt a little better now and my breathing was improving. I don't know how long the caressing went on but it felt like an eternity, and I didn't want it to end. My body was reacting to every gentle touch from their hands.

I sensed from the way Mom and Terry were reacting, that they had discussed this day for a long time. I was very relaxed now as their hands continued to work there way over my body. Terry's hand got further and further up my thigh each time until his hand gently stroked my cunt, it was like an electric shock going through my body.

I jumped as if struck by lightning. I never knew my body would react in that way. "That's nice sweetheart just relax just relax" moms words were making me feel better by the minute. I felt her hands gently unbutton my school shirt and let it fall away either side of me. She ran her fingers over my undeveloped titties sitting in my bra. I drew another short intake of air as the feel of another person touching me, I knew it was so wrong but it felt oh so nice.

She had me sit up momentarily so that she could remove my shirt and in the same instant she flicked the clasp of my bra. I lowered myself back to the bed as I did I felt the zipper on my skirt being undone; I waited a moment before I raised my ass off the bed to willingly assist Terry to remove it. There I was lying there in only my panties and school socks. Mom reached down and started to remove one of my socks.

"Leave them on babe, she's still looks like a schoolgirl" Terry said in a low gentle voice. Mom stopped what she was doing and leaned over to kiss Terry very passionately.

I could tell that they were being turned on as much as I was. By now I was getting really turned on, I had this feeling in me that I never knew existed.

Mom reached over and licked the nipple of my left breast. I nearly exploded with desire, and I had to bite my lip to stop me from screaming out. Terry's body was now pushing against mine and I could feel his hard prick pushing at my side. He clasped my hand and slowly guided it to his very rigid prick.

I looked at mom who smiled encouragingly. As I touched his throbbing prick I couldn't control the moan that escaped my lips.

Mom looked at Terry and they both smiled. "Looks like your little girl just got her first feel of a mans prick" Terry said in a calm voice, mom just smiled and let out a little groan.

By now I was breathing erratically again, "Is this the first time you've held a mans prick baby?" mom asked almost in a whisper "Yes" I whispered back. "Let her see it close up honey" mom said to Terry, "That's if you want to Sally", Mom said looking at me.

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"Do you?" Mom looked me right in the eyes, "Well baby do you?" "Yes oh yes" I said in between sudden intakes of breath. At that Terry knelt beside me with my hand still on his rock hard prick he positioned himself a few inches from my face.

"What do you think Sally?" mom asked. I couldn't take my eyes of this enormous weapon that was in front of me. My tiny hand could only span about three quarters of the way around it.

"Well what you think baby?" mom asked again, getting herself into a kneeling position. "Gorgeous" was my reply. "I think she wants to play with it, what do you think honey" Terry said smilingly to mom, "She sure looks that way, go on baby stroke it nice and gentle" Terry slowly moved my hand up and down his enormous weapon, moms smiles encouraging me.

Terry removed his hand from mine as I continued to rub his enormous cock. "Mommy loves that right in her pussy hole and it has to be nice and wet to take it, here feel" At that mom took my other hand and place it on her lubricated cunt.

God she was wet, my hand started to rub moms wet slit. There I was, a virgin that had never even seen another person naked before, and now I was here with my moms cunt in one hand and her lovers prick in my other.

Mom and Terry were making wonderful moaning sounds, then mom said suddenly "Well just look here" she signalled with her eyes to Terry and they looked down at my panties. I never realise but the attention I was giving the two of them I had forgotten about my own throbbing aching cunt. "Just look at how wet my baby's little pussy is, her panties are wet through".

Terry's hand reached down and gently touched my over sensitive cunt. His finger just stroked my cunt slit on the outside of my panties and I had my first ever real orgasm. "Aaaaaarrrghhhhhhh" I screamed out my body shook and I trembled on the bed right there in front of my own mother and her lover. "What a sensitive little cunt you have Sally" Terry smiled, "Like mother like daughter" My hand was still working on Terry's prick and unconsciously I was still frigging my mom.

Just at that moment my moms body started to shake. "Oh my God Ooohhhhhh" Mom cried out as I felt for the first time another person orgasm, she grabbed my hand and pushed my fingers further inside her to reach her final goal. Her hands were frantically pulling at her nipples. Her body was shaking as she reached her orgasm. My hand was completely inside my moms cunt and she was pushing harder down onto my hand.

Terry had removed himself from my side and was now licking me through my panties. God this felt good, never in my wildest dreams did I think my first time would be half as nice as this. Mom raised herself up from my hand and positioned my arm so that my elbow was now resting on the bed. "Clench your fist baby" she said in between taking short sharp breaths. I did what I was told and at that my mom positioned her now drenched cunt onto my fist.

OMG she will never get that in to her cunt not with my fist closed !!!!!! "Are you sure mommy?" I asked, she just smiled and lowered herself onto my waiting hand, moaning as her eyes closed as she felt her own desires take over her body. I felt the lips of her cunt forcing their way onto my hand. Terry stopped licking me and watched in amazement as my mom lowered herself onto my hand. The pressure of her cunt walls made my fist hurt that I flinched and started to unfold my hand.

"No baby" she said breathing frantically and raising herself from my hand "Mommy knows what she wants" at that she pushed down on my fist yet again only this time it went easily into her saturated cunt. I couldn't believe it. She was moaning deeply in her throat now and kept on shoving down on my hand until her cunt was only a few inches from my elbow. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that a woman could take anything so big inside her. She raised and lowered herself onto my hand moaning in ecstasy, "Fucking hell" Terry shouted in shear delight.

He stood on the bed,and made his way towards mom, as he did mom reached for his prick and sucked on it for all she was worth. " Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmm" I heard mommy moan, I'm sure she would be screaming if it wasn't for Terrys enormous prick in her mouth.

I could feel her cunt muscles tightening around my hand as she let out a scream as she orgasmed again and again. "Cum in my mouth babe " she begged. "No babe this is for your baby daughter when I fuck her" no sooner had the words left his mouth than my mom had an almighty explosive orgasm, her cunt muscles gripping my hand so tight it hurt. She knelt there shuddering for what seemed like an eternity, her cunt juice was now running out of her and down my arm onto the sheets.

I hadn't realised but my other hand was working on my swollen clit and I was on the verge of my own orgasm. I started to moan and seeing my mom sucking on his prick while I fisted fucked her cunt, was all too much for me, I had this burning trembling, sensation starting to sweep my whole body. "Oh fucking hell Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiinggggggg Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I exploded into a fantastic orgasm, I couldn't focus on anything the room was spinning and I was totally in seventh heaven and still short of my twelfth birthday.

Mom eased herself from my hand. My fingers were plastered in this wonderful juice that was still dripping from her gaping hole. She held my hand to her mouth and started to gently lick the juice of her own cunt from my hand, then she bent down and kissed me on the lips so that I too could taste her cunt juices.

"Mmmmm that tastes better than I have ever had" Terry joined her in this frenzy of lust, he also licked at moms fingers, my god they were two real randy people!!!!!!! I'm pleased to say. I lay there watching Terry and my mother going through this exotic act and they both truly enjoyed it. I looked down at Terry's semi-hard prick, there was this liquid that was gently oozing from the hole, at the time I had no idea that it was pre-cum.

My hand reached out and took the fluid in my fingers. It seemed oily and shiny. Terry broke away from his cunt juice licking with mom and looked at me on the bed. I was just slowly coming back to reality. "Just look at this poor little girl that we have neglected here" he said as he and mom looked down at me lying there in my soaking panties and my school socks.

"Oh baby I'm sorry, mommy got a little carried away there, but now it's your turn" My body was getting back to normal after the orgasm I had just received.

The thought of what was happening kept going over in my head, I knew it was naughty but I didn't want it to stop. Terry got between my legs and pushed my thighs slightly apart. I didn't resist, his hand went to the waist band of my panties, I started breathing in short gasps knowing that I was going to expose my cunt to another person. "Stop" mom shouted my heart sank, she's changed her mind I thought.

"Wait there I'll be right back" she left the room and within a few seconds returned with her camera. "O K carry on. I just want to capture the moment" she wound the film on and was positioning herself just to the side of Terry. He gently pulled my panties down. "Just look how wet you are baby" mom said excitedly as she flashed the first of many pictures. "Baby the juice from your little pussy is clinging to the panties and leaving a stream from your pussy to your panties" Flash another picture.

I was breathing uncontrollably heavy now, my god they are staring at my virgin cunt. Terry carried on slowly pulling my panties down I could feel them nearly to my knees.

I felt him breathing heavy on my thighs as he carried on. "That's a beautiful little cunt don't you think Tina?" Mom agreed and said that she had always dreamed of this day.

My panties were now off and I was naked except for my socks. Terry held my panties to his nose and smelled as hard as he could "That's virgin cunt juice if ever I smelt it" Flash another picture of him sniffing my panties.

I was drifting into heaven I'm sure I was. This can't be happening I kept on trying to gather my thoughts, I never want it to stop.

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Mom's voice shattered my magical state. "Now baby remember what I told you, if at any time you want to stop just say", mom was saying this as she pushed my legs gently into the air. "Just hold your legs here baby" she said indicating for me to hold them in the air with my hands behind my knees. She leaned down and kissed my small erect nipples, "You are gonna enjoy this Sal, I know you are" "Just look at that little cunt, it's ok if I call it a cunt aint it Sally?

Or do you want me to call it a pussy?"" Terry said as he positioned his head right above my juice filled cunt. "You haven't answered me yet Sally, what do you want me to call it?" He was motionless awaiting my answer. I knew he was playing a game with me, but I just wanted him to carry on. "Please" I heard my self saying "Pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee" "Please what?

What shall I call it?" "My cunt, please lick my cunt pl……………&hellip." His tongue came out and licked the tightly closed lips of my hole. "Ohhhhhhhhhh Yesssssss Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee" I found myself saying involuntarily.

I held my legs tightly in the air as his tongue licked lightly teasing my virgin hole. Flash! mom had another picture of my hairless cunt close up. I opened my legs slightly so that I could see Terrys tongue licking my juicy cunt, "Don't stop pleeeeeeesssssse don't stooppppp" I heard myself saying time and time again. Terry was now kneeling between my thighs his enormous prick rubbing up and down the lips of my defenceless cunt.

"Let me get one last picture of my baby's virgin pussy before she loses it" Mom got in so close I'm sure she was going to push the camera inside me. Flash! then she kissed Terry hard on the lips and said "Now make my baby a woman". Mom went and sat on the chair that I kept in my bedroom by the dressing table. She positioned herself so that she had a keen view. Camera at the ready. Terry positioned himself between my thighs.

His arms either aide of my legs which were now opened fully and my knees were resting nearly on my shoulders. He raised himself fully on his arms and toes so that our bodies were hardly in contact. I felt the knob of his gorgeous prick at the entrance to my dripping cunt. The position I was in I could feel the juice flowing out of me down the crack of my ass and then run on down my back to the bed. "Are you sure Sally, this might hurt a bit" "Yes please fuck me Terry" I said without hesitation.

With no more prompting from me, I felt him starting to push slowly at the small opening of my cunt. I was awaiting with anticipation not knowing what to expect.

He seemed to hold himself there above my body with the only contact between us was the knob of his rigid prick. He very slowly started to lower himself as he did so his prick started to enter my virgin cunt.I let out a slight scream as his enormous knob entered my cunt. Mom raced to the side of the bed. "Stop Terry you're hurting her" I could feel my hips being forced apart as his monster knob forced its way inside me.

"Do you want him to carry on baby?" mom asked her voice seemed very concerned "Ohhhh godddddd Yessssss" as his prick forced its way into my little hole. "ARGHHHHHHHH" I cried out. Terry stopped himself holding his position and waiting for me to come to terms with the pain I was feeling. Mom leaned forward and whispered "Just say if you want him to stop Sally" Terry started to ease his enormous tool into my tiny cunt. "Fuckking hhheeeeeeellllll" I couldn't help it the pain was tremendous "Do you want him to stop Sally?" I didn't answer "Sally are you sure" mom was getting aroused but also worried that her little girl was hurting.

Sure I was hurting but it was hurting good. "Sally" she asked for the third time "What do you want?" By now I imagine he had at least half of his enormous prick inside me. "I want him to Fuck me" I shouted out "Do you want any more?" Terry asked "Yes Yessss Yesssssssssss" at the invitation Terry pushed all the way into my tight cunt. "Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fffffuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" I felt my hymen tear as he fucked my none virgin hole.

I wanted to scream out loudly as the burning searing pain filled my sore cunt. Terry fucked me for all he was worth. I could hear a moaning from my side where I looked over and saw mom frigging her own cunt. Terry was ramming into me so hard I thought that he was going to rip me in two. I felt this wonderful sensation taking over me again.

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"Oh fuck me Terry please fuck me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as I went into an enormous orgasm I felt my cunt muscles tighten as the orgasm ripped through my body. Mom was coming as I heard the unmistakable cries from her. Then Terry started to quicken his rhythm he began groaning and humping going deeper into my little hole. I felt his prick squirt his hot spunk into me, and again and again, it felt wonderful as I felt for the first time the hot semen surging into my little cunt.

"You tight little cunt" he cried as he held himself there motionless, but his prick kept on throbbing emptying his load deep inside me. Mom positioned herself as Terry slowly withdrew his now softening prick from my red raw hole. Flash! Mom took a picture as his prick flopped out. As Terry moved away I went to put my legs down on the bed. "Wait" said mom and continued taking pictures of the white fluid oozing from my sore hole.

I eventually lowered my legs onto the bed, OMG I never realized that sex could be that nice. I searched the bed for a dry place to lay myself, but the sheet and mattress were truly saturated. "Well baby how was it for you" Mom said as she knelt by the bed stroking my wet hair from my face, "You seemed to enjoy it". I just smiled and closed my eyes as I felt Terry's juices running out of my hole.

I was still on cloud nine, as if it was all a dream. But I opened my eyes to reassure myself it was not. I reached between my legs to wipe myself with a towel "Ouchhhhh" my poor little cunt was red raw and it hurt me to even touch it lightly.

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"It hurt me on my first time" Mommy reassured me. I dozed off into a sleep. I don't know how long I was asleep for but I was awaked by the feel of something pushing into my cunt.

I was startled to discover that Terry was lying next to me on the bed with his head resting on my ass and his fingers slurping in and out of me. I heard my self moaning at the pleasure he was bringing me. He pushed me gently so that I was lying face down on the bed. As I rolled over I felt the wetness of the sheet under me from the fucking I received earlier. Terry pushed my legs slightly apart and continued fingering my sore cunt.

I flinched with the pain that his fingers were giving me. "The poor girl will be red raw tomorrow if your not careful" I heard Mom say. "Do you want me to stop Sal?" Terry said reassuringly. "No please carry on, that's lovely" I answered hoping that the thrill would overcome the pain. His fingers worked gently in and out of me as he carried on getting me more aroused. I could hear myself moaning as I pushed back onto his very busy fingers.

I could feel another orgasm starting inside me. "Oooooohhhhhhh" I heard myself cry out "OH Terry don't stop don't stop" I heard myself screaming as I started to explode into another orgasm. Just as I was reaching my climax Terry shoved his finger into my ass hole "Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkiiiiinnnnnnnnnggg hhhhheeeeeeeellllllllllll" I screamed at the top of my voice, I shoved my face into the pillow as I screamed uncontrollably "AAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhh" I had never had anything like it in my life.

How can this be so Terry shoves his finger into my ass hole and I reach new heights. I orgasmed time and time and time again until I had to beg him to stop. My body was in such a state of exhaustion I couldn't take anymore. "Was that a wonderful experience for you my baby" Mom said as she covered me over with the quilt and left me to sleep it off.

"Maybe we can do this again hey baby, that's if you really want to that is" I just smiled at mom as I closed my eyes thinking of what the future had in store for me.

Surely things can't get better than this. How wrong I was.