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Spawn and Lady Raven Pt.

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3 (Dueling Death) "Well that was refreshing" Lady Raven said licking her lips as they exited the pub. "Yes that was refreshing" Spawn said to himself. The way his hellpower surged through his body made him stronger.

The clock struck 11:30 p.m. and the moon was out in full view. Street lights glowed like an airstrip in the night. Spawn and Lady walked down Dawson St.

Just then a figure stepped into the street and lit a cigarette. He had on a black shirt, blue Phat Farm jeans, and boots along with blood red dredlocks. "Well, well if it isn't the legendary Spawn" the man said.

"Who are you?" Spawn demanded, green eyes glowing. She had looked at the man and said "Lucius is that you?" "Yep" I said yellow eyes glowing through the cigarette smoke.

"But I'm not the same Lucius you knew ten years ago." "Of course you found some hellpower and now you're a badass!" Spawn guessed, clenching and unclenching his fists. "More than a badass they weren't stolen but given to me by Clown." "Let me show you how real hellpower and vampiric power combined feels!" Lucius' fangs shone, eyes went from yellow to crimson, and his cigarette fell on the pavement, finished.

I threw the first punch which sent him into a nearby newspaper box. "Now I'm pissed!" "Figures Batman said you were formidable in a fight but damn you fighting like a pussy guess he was right about that." I taunted. Rising up off the now useless newspaper box he said: "You want a fight?

then I'll give you one!" Spawn's armor wrapped itself round his burnt face in rapid succession. I watched in complete awe and fascination as the chains enclosed his mangled face. "Now that is some cool ass shit!!" I laughed.

Then two long chains protruded from behind his back. They were bright silver with sharp tiny mouths the size of my fist. "Don't kill him" Lady warned stepping off to light a cigarette of her own.

"Whatever" he said dismissing the question. Fangs gleaming from the streetlights, Lucius laughed. "He has no idea what's in store for him" I thought. Then a smooth breeze raked through my scarlet dredlocks.

The next instant they ran at each other head on. Both of us jumped at each other, mid-air and his spiked fist punched me hard, cutting my face. Then Spawn slammed Lucius into the street, breaking the foundation, leaving a small crater in the middle of the street. Kicking Spawn off of me, I jumped up and gave him a super kick to his head. He stumbled and fired a surge of hellpower at me. I deflected it saying "Come on I want the real Spawn who shows no mercy, not the pussy action figure!!!!" Next Lucius and Spawn unleashed blows of unchained anger and hate upon each other.Spawn tripped me and with one of my arms he grabbed it and slammed him savagely into a Chevy Caprice, destroying it completely.

Blood, red and green alike was spilled everywhere. "Where did you get such power from?" Spawn said lifting a bloody Lucius up with his chains. "Gift from Violator, asshole!" and Lucius spat scarlet blood into Spawn's face. "Insolent Fuck!!!" barked Spawn and he hurled me into a plate glass window of a lower office building. It was now 1:13 a.m. Saturday morning. Turning his back to the office building he said "That's done with" But it wasn't.

Glass shards tinkling onto the ground, Lucius climbed out of the broken window. Cut up, bloody, half-drained of hellpower, clothes torn in tatters, Lucius Draken spat and said "Wanda would've been better off with your friend anyway I can see how she dumped a fucking pussy like you!" Shirt half gone from his right shoulder, Lucius snapped his fingers not once, but three times, and three new figures appeared out of a swirling hellpower green colored mist.

They were Predator, Alien, and Spawn's killer, Chapel. Jumping on top of a streetlight I crouched and said "Admit Spawny boy you can't defeat all of us by yourself can you now?" I cackled.

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"But how can they be here now there all dead!!?!" "I can resurrect anyone I please thanks to Violator's little gift!" "Well Spawn you want a second chance at killing me again?" Chapel's deep voice taunted. The seven foot tall ink black colored Alien hissed and swished it's deadly tail back and forth.


Predator switched to chameleon mode and disappeared. And Chapel leapt at Spawn followed by Alien. Chapel come up short and fell flat on his skull covered face.

"You know I always hate it when a fight goes down and I'm not invited." Batman said holding a line on Chapel's legs. "Took you long enough" Spawn sighed. "Goody, Goody more fighting competition!" I clapped. Lady Raven stood against the pub window and watched wanting to join the fight but knowing that she would be killed the instant she engaged any of them. "Whut happened to you Lucius?" she whispered to herself as she lit a fresh cigarette.

Chapel grabbed the line and yanked pulling Batman down into a streetlight which broke sending bright yellow sparks up in the air. Alien leapt at Spawn but was vaporized by a hellpower blast to it's head, acidic cyan blood rained out from where it's head use to be.

Spawn cried out in pain and said "You son of a bitch!" I stood in front of him and grinned evilly "That's right I play dirty!" The smell of burning flesh twinged my senses making me thirsty for that metallic taste of blood.

He stood up and back-handed me into Chapel who was fighting Batman, five feet away. "Hey watch it!" barked Chapel.

"Piss off and kill him already!" I got up and ran at Spawn who was entangled with an invisible Predator. "Take that" and Predator was slammed down hard onto a fire hydrant which went through his bronze plated armor for an instant kill.Then the fire hydrant top exploded off, sending a geyser of cold water high in the air. Spawn leaned down and ripped off his head, then threw it into the street.

Two down, two to go. Chapel brought his sword down on Batman but he caught it. Batman turned his sword so it punctured Chapel's chest, killing the 6'5 giant. Before his last bit of life left his body, Chapel punched through his enemy's chest, killing him slowly. Lucius speared Spawn through the pub's window.

Lady Raven had moved just in time to avoid glass hitting her radiant face. Both of them went through glass, dead corpses, and the wooden bar. Bottles of JD, Bud, Zima, whiskey, and other things broke upon hitting them. Pulling Spawn, the 6'8 giant to his feet, Lucius hurled him into a corner.

Clang! Clang! the clock stuck two. The twin chains lanced out and pulled me down hard onto the beer-slicken floor. Blood poured fresh from the back of Lucius' head. Next he flew out the front door and into the flooded street. Spawn pounced him as he struggled to get up and shake off the dizzying blackness.

Unleashing an onslaught of punches, kicks, chain stabs, & whatever else he could use, Spawn was beating me viciously.

Hellpower diminishing, strength faltering, defense dying, I was at death's door. Then I felt his chains pierce my shoulders and lift me up and slam me down hard, breaking more bones in my body.

Spawn retracted his chains and held up his right hand. "Now you die vampire!" And a surging energy ball of hellpower rested in his palm. The next instant Lady Raven was over top of Lucius. "No ! You promised Al that you wouldn't kill him!" Tears were flowing out of her seaweed eyes as she challenged Spawn's gaze.

"Why shouldn't I kill him after everything he's done? TELL ME!!" "Because he's my sire that's why!!!!" and no longer able to hold in the grief she wailed sending cries echoing through the alleyways and empty streets.

Using whut remaining hellpower I had Lucius split it between him and Batman. She gazed into his eyes and looked for a hint the Lucius that she once knew. Then she saw it and caressed his bloody cheek, crying for him. "Lucius why did you do it?" she whispered so gently that I couldn't even hear her.

The next instant Lucius' bloody, cut up, tattered clothed body vanished in a swirl of blue smoke.

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The blue vapor drifted over to Batman's dying corpse and healed him. "Spawn!" croaked Batman. "Lady will---------" began Spawn. "Leave me the Fuck alone!!!" and she went into the night. Spawn went over and helped Batman to his feet. "You know what?" Batman groaned. "What's that?" "Consider the hatchet buried." Lower East Side of Queens Apt. 4B 2:47 a.m. Lady Raven had found his apartment after following bits of blood here and there. Standing outside of Lucius' apartment building, black low cut dress swaying lightly, Lady wept heavily.

Reliving that final act of desperation by saving Batman's life, Lucius gave his own life and vanished in his beloved's arms. That sight weighed heavily on her heart that she fell to her knees crying, begging for the sun to come and take her life away.

Standing up she didn't wanna believe that her sire was gone. Approaching apt. 4B, furiously wiping away tears, Lady Raven reached out with a shaky right hand it wrapped around the doorknob, turning the knob the door creaked open. The apt.

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was dark, except for the streetlights and brightly lit billboards which gave way to some illumination. Walking in she gently closed the door. She sat down on an upside down crate and wailed with her head in her lap. Ginger hair spilled down over her face giving a sort of private curtain in which to cry. There was a mix of blood, magnolia, and pink roses along with death in his apt. Ten minutes later there was a cough followed with a splat of blood, accompanied by "Dammit!" and a groan.

Quick as a rabbit, Lady got up and said "Lucius is that you?" "Yep" I groaned and limped out of the shadows. "Oh My God your alive!!! Jesus Christ you're a Fucking train wreck!!!" Next she enfolded me in a lover's embrace but then backed away in horror. "You've got holes in your back!" cried Lady looking at her blood covered hands. "Why did you do it?" "Wasn't in control.Needed little power boost.uuuhhhhhhhhhh." And he fell against her left shoulder, K.O.'d.

"You MotherFucker! Don't you die on me! Not Now!" Lady Raven cried as she slapped his cut up face to awaken him. "Fuck Stop it!" I moaned in pain.

"Where are your fangs at?" "Gone smashed out from the fight uhhhhhhh I need to feed please help me!!!" I grimaced. "Hold on Baby" Half-walking and half-limping I made my way to the bed with her help. "You need to get out of these clothes your gonna get sick and die on me!" "Uh-huh" Gently and carefully she ripped off his tattered shirt, followed by his jeans and then his boots. Laying against the wooden bed frame, Lady Raven helped ease me into her lap.

Bloody back against silk dress, I groaned in pain and sighed. Cutting her right wrist with a switchblade, Lady put her bleeding wrist to my dry lips, and slowly I drank from her blood. At 4:57 a.m. Lucius was sound asleep and half-healed from her blood offering. Wrist wound closed, Lady covered both of them with a maroon sheet. The sun was starting to rise which was bad for her because she wasn't a daywalker like her sire.

On the night stand lay a small silver remote with a red button in it's center, pressing it all of the windows turned pitch black in the bedroom and with that she fell asleep, her head resting atop his. I awoke at 9:45 saturday night feeling groggy and half energized, getting up I felt beyond exhausted but he had to get up.

Just then Lady walked in from the kitchen wearing one of my shirts. "Good your awake how are you feeling baby?" "Fucked up" "I'm just glad your alive Lucius" Just about all of his wounds had healed up halfway but still Lucius had to learn how to become a vampire again, and she would teach him.

At 10:30 Lucius was sitting in the bathtub letting the hot water wash away dried blood, muscle ache, and pain. Lady Raven walked in, soap and soapbrush in hand plus her hair was in a loose bun with two strands hanging down on either side. "Lean up I gotta do your back" Softly she scrubbed off the dried blood and rinsed his body clean. Bawling the sleeves up, she leaned his body back against the warm ceramic bathtub.

Then she began massaging his shoulders.

I moaned and smacked my lips together and said "That's the ticket" Still massaging his shoulders Lady leaned up and kissed him fully with love. I kissed back, coaxing her soft, silky hair. Breaking off the liplock I said "We'll have to do again sometime after I've healed up completely." "Yea I guess so" she replied handing him a towel. Then after a tasty brunette that she had brought up for him, he fell asleep in Lady's arms. Over the next four months Lucius trained long and hard, day and night to become a vampire once again.

His teeth grew back, instincts had improved far better than before. Lady moved in with Lucius for awhile. In late May while Lucius slept one night, Spawn paid a visit. Up on the roof, Spawn was taking in the smooth night air, his pristine fire engine red cape was blowing out behind him, he sighed contentedly. "Hello Spawn" she said approaching him. "Lady" he answered, bowing in respect. "How is Lucius doing?" "Pretty much 100% and he said that he wasn't in control" "If not him, then who?" "He said it was Violator controlling him." "That ignorant little shit!!" "But he admitted to having made a deal with him to destroy you by any means possible" They talked some more and Spawn left saying "At least in the end he tricked Violator through his sacrifice and that tell him I said thank you" "Your welcome Spawn" I said leaning against the roof's door entrance.

Clothed in all red except for his black jacket, he back-flipped off the rooftop exploding into a flock of bats. He got back home round 3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning after hitting a few bars and feeding off a pretty blonde girl named Julie. Creeping into his bedroom he undressed down to his silk black Phat Farm boxers and climbed in bed. Draping an arm over her stomach, I pulled her close to me."Have fun, love?" she said rubbing his right hand. "Uh-huh" I yawned. Then her eyes shot wide open.

"Tell me that is a flashlight on my ass" "Nope not at all" I grinned. Then my hand moved to her right breast which I caressed smoothly. "You're a horny little toad!!!" God why didn't you lose your dick when you were fighting?" "Because I would be lost without out it" Come mid march Spawn went to hell and confronted Violator and after a grueling 45 mins. of blood and carnage Spawn emerged victor. On April 15th at 6:30 p.m.

Monday evening Lady Raven was taking a hot bath. I walked in and crouched down behind her. Lucius had on a black NY muscle shirt, blue faded jeans by Tommy Hilfiger, and black Lugz. My hands crept up to massage her damp shoulders and at first she jumped cause I startled her but then she relaxed. Sliding underneath the bubbled surface she untied her hair and shook it out then resurfaced to shampoo it. "Hurry up" he said rubbing her neck. "Why?" Lady replied applying Garnier Fructis to her wet ginger hair.

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"Get dressed we're going out for a little fun" then I kissed her neck and walked out. Sitting on the leather couch I flipped round the t.v. to find something to watch. Lady walked in the room then wearing a towel round her body, her ginger hair clung to her shoulders half dried. "I'll be done in ten minutes or so." "A'ight" I said glancing at her lovingly.

In his room, Lady put a window up and a comforting breeze blew in, dropping her towel to reveal her luscious naked body, she invited the wind upon her. The wind raked over her body giving her goosebumps, perking her nipples, making them erect, and blowing her hair this way and that.

The moon shone on her like a movie star. For five minutes she stood there and then she got dressed. Approaching him from behind, Lady let her fingers run down his firm, taut, muscular chest. "You ready to go?" "Yep" and she kissed me lightly on my scruffy cheek. They got into his 1978 Mustang GTO T-Top and drove off into the night.

Arriving at St. Elmo's Bar in Queens an hour later they parked and went in. She got out and straightened her green sweater and brushed off her blue Lee jeans. she ordered a screwdriver (O.J. & Vodka) for herself and a club soda for Lucius while he sat in the corner booth, smoking a cigarette. Five minutes later they finished their drinks and Lucius lit another Newport with his Zippo.

"Well are ya ready to go?" she asked "Yeah" and they left. But as they were leaving two burly heavy-set cowboys walked in and one of them smacked her ass. Grabbing him, I picked him up and growled "What's your name?""Lester!!" he stuttered out.

"Please put me down!" And I dropped him on his fat, smelly ass. "Don't you ever touch me or any other woman like that again or you'll be sorry!!" Lady warned and she kicked him hard in the balls. Then we left out, tires squealing. Speeding through alleys and side streets we arrived at Wall St. At 8:30 p.m. Wall St.


was semi-filled then in the day. An attractive, green-eyed woman in her 30's was walking down the sidewalk. Her bright blonde hair was in a tight glistening bun, a fur coat of mink covered her body, diamonds covered her ears and fingers, plus she wore a white dress. Lady launched herself at goldilocks. Then shoving her into the wall, she savagely sank her fangs into her neck and drank hungrily.

After sometime had passed I walked up and Lady first dropped the drained blonde and then pounced me. "What's gotten into you pet?" "I think she had some of that Niagra juice and it's having a very profound effect on me!" she giggled and kissed me blood on her lips and breath. "Great your horny!" Lucius said throwing his hands, laughing. "Guess so and I wanna fuck!!" Lady said as she pinched my ass. Taking the dead blonde's coat, jewels, and money, the two of them went home.

Bursting in the door, Lady Raven and Lucius were kissing each other madly. Lucius shut the door and backed Lady up against it. Breaking off the liplock I said "Slow down! Damn!" then I walked over to the couch and sat down, tossing my coat onto a chair along with the dead ladies things. It was 11:38 p.m.

when they got home. She came over and sat down, stroking my neck playfully. Next she leaned over and began kissing my neck, I was relaxed and all but Lady was moving so quick and fast. Then she sitting in my lap, kissing my lips. So I gave into her seduction, lips meeting lips, tongues massaging tongues. My fingers ran all over her succulent body then she stopped kissing and ripped my shirt open, in turn her icy fingers danced all over my chest and stomach.

Lady giggled and bit my lower lip. Then she unzipped my fly and grabbed my dick. "Mmmmmm" she growled in a lustful smile. Unzipping her fly I let her glide my dick into her hungry clit. Then she was riding me, gripping my shoulders tightly, but I ignored the pain. Cries of "Oh My God!", "Yes!!", and "More Lucius More!" was like music to my ears.

My hands snaked their way up the front of her sweater to caress her soft, smooth, large breasts. Squeezing them, Lady moaned in sheer pleasure. Then my left hand moved down to hold her right thigh and five minutes later I cummed.

"Holy Shit! That felt good!" I said panting heavily. "Same here me too" Lady replied wiping her face. Next she pulled her ponytail out and ginger hair swirled around like a smooth breeze.Then I ripped off her sweater and her breasts jutted forth. Covering them up she said "Naughty boy caught your hand in the cookie jar!" "I'll give you cookie jar!" and I vigorously tickled her sides. She screamed and tried to stop my tickling fingers, but couldn't to no avail. Then she got up and ran away.

I got up and followed her around the apartment. After ten minutes of chasing I pinned her against the entrance to my room beside my door. Breathing heavily, both of us laughed. "You wearing a bondage thong?" "Yea pink with little metal clips on the front." she answered pulling up two pink straps with her thumbs.

"Cute so now whut do you want to do now? Fuck me with a dildo?" "The idea had come to mind" Lady Raven turned then for the bedroom and I pinned her against the wall, gently.

With her back to me I leaned against her, kissing the right side of her neck. My dick was pressed against her ass, bent down. "Now I know that isn't a flashlight!" she moaned, left hand coaxing the back of my head. Slipping my hands underneath her thong straps I squeezed her hips. I let my dick bend up and pressed it against her ass this time, dry humping. Five minutes later I stopped and she tugged at my jeans, pulling me in the bedroom. Then we got in bed, fully nude, and I went on her doggystyle.

She winced at first but then she relaxed. Moans, groans, panting, and gasping followed throughout the night. Next she growled, grabbed my right arm, and fed from it. Blood dripped onto the sheets but I didn't care. I stopped and laid down next to Lady. She climbed on top of my dick which went into her hungry clit.

Reaching up I grasped her tender cold breasts and erect nipples. Then she french kissed me as I squeezed her chest. Moving my hands she placed them on her firm butt, which I gripped tightly She bit my right shoulder and drank of my blood, I moaned and gasped, digging my nails deeply in her butt.

Then I had a three minute turgid erection. Releasing her bite, Lady moaned and gasped in ecstacy. Sweeping her hair back I asked "Are you okay?" "Just peachy" she laughed. "What's so funny?" "Your cross-eyed" Blinking several times my eyes straightened.

Lady rolled onto her back and pulled the sheet up to her chin. Both of us were caked in sweat. Twenty minutes later I fed from her nape. Two hours later we were at it again. After many orgasms, cries of ecstacy, Lady fell asleep after I tasted her juices. Lucius sat on the windowsill wearing his jeans, with his left leg on the sill and his right on the floor. It was 3:42 a.m. as Lady rolled over to find that the bed was empty.She got up and covering herself with the bedsheet, she walked over to Lucius and kissed his cheek.

"What's wrong?" she asked worried. "That shouldnt've happened" I answered gesturing at the bed. "Well it did my dear and your right about that." He then stood up and held her right arm which was across his neck and kissed it and affectionately. Then the two of them got back in bed and fell asleep in each other arms in a dreamless sleep. THE END