Lewd blonde chick gets fucked on lawn

Lewd blonde chick gets fucked on lawn
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#Michelle &Jamie ## #Shelly and I have always been together; we are the same age and grew up next door to each other.

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She is as closer to me than any of my own siblings. We spent our weekends either at her house or mine playing games or sharing gossip about school mates and boys. It was a Friday night on the second or third week of our freshman year.

Shelly had avoided me all day. I finished my homework and went next door to see what was wrong. I walked in and Gail, Shelly's mother told me she was up in her room.

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My brother and her's were in the living room playing video games as I walked through. I went up to her room and went right in. I gasped at what I saw, and she squealed, as I entered. Shelly was lying, naked on her bed with her legs and spread wide. She had a magazine in one hand; the other was rubbing over her pussy.

"Excuse me" I said, and turned to leave.


"Don't go" Shelly called out, "I need to talk to you." "Yeah, that's why you've avoided me, like I have the plague, all day" I said stopping in the door way. Shelly covered herself with a sheet and said, "I couldn't talk about it in school. It's too personal." I sat on the bed and picked up the magazine she had been masturbating over and looked at it as I said, "Well you could have come over and said something." She had been looking at a layout of two girls going at each other hot and heavy.

"I couldn't" she sobbed, "I wanted to but I couldn't bring myself to face you." "There has never been anything you couldn't talk to me about" I said, "What is wrong Shell? Who is he?" She began to cry harder. I put the mag down and reached out for her. She rolled away from me sobbing up against the wall.

"You know what they say about us at school, what they call us and whisper when they think we can't hear." She said, between sobs. "Shelly you can't let a few rumors in school get to you. Those ignoramuses have called us lesbians sense before they knew what the word meant." I stated. She sat up and said, "Jamie, it isn't what they say that has me upset. Something happened last night. I think I'm gay." I looked at her for a sign that she was putting me on.

She was dead serious. "I have slept in the same bed with you every week for at least ten years. You never so much as tried to kiss me. I said, flabbergasted. "How can you be gay?" "That doesn't mean I don't want to." She replied. "Shell why do you all of a sudden think you are gay?" I asked. "Last night," She started then taking a deep breath said, "I found this book." She picked up the porno magazine.

"I was curious and started reading it. It got me so horny that I had to get myself off as I read it, but as I played with myself all I could think about was you." My best friend was sitting there bare assed naked, telling me that she had been fantasizing over me.


I didn't know what to say. Shelly continued, "I thought, if I told you, you would run off and never want to talk to me again." "Shell, I have had fantasies about making it with other girls, even you, but that don't make me gay or a lesbian" I told her.

She just pouted at me.

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So I continued. "I get wet watching Beverly and Cathy changing and I have to rub my clit or go crazy.' I laid down beside her and said, "Shell if you want to I won't stop you." "You are going to let me do anything I want?" She asked, a smile creeping across her face. "If you are gay, then I want to be your lover." I told her. She got up on her knees and put her lips to mine.

Her kiss was as passionate as any I had received from guys. I opened my mouth to her and her tongue invaded. I sucked on it and traced my tongue around it. Her hands were opening my blouse. She broke the kiss and undressed me.

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She tweaked my nipples with her fingers as she exposed them, and unfastened my jeans. "You could at least raise your ass so I can get them off Jay" She said as she pulled at my pants.

I lifted up and let her take my pants off. Then she put her hand to my crotch and cupped my pussy. "You're just too much" Shelly quipped. "Your soaked, you bitch. Lie there and pretend to be doing this just for me and you are wetter than I am." Her fingers spread my lips and slid between them.


She quickly found my clit and tickled it. I let out a moan and said, "Shell you had me wet when I walked in and saw you masturbating. Are you going to eat me or what?" She rolled my clit with her finger one more time then lowered her face to my twat. I was cumming as soon as she licked my slit. My juice spurted out and washed her face.

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She licked it all up and crawled up beside me. Smiling she said, "Jamie you squirt when you cum, how come you never told me? You taste real good to." "Let me taste" I said, kissing her mouth, pushing my tongue in to explore. I kissed my way down to her tits and sucked her nipples and then I slid down and kissed her pussy. Finding her clit I tongued her till she was squirming.

I inserted a finger into her pussy hole (Something she had not done for me) and fucked her as I tongued her clit.

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She moaned and spasmed as her orgasm rolled over her. She pulled me up and kissed me, tasting her cum in my mouth. I guess we are Lezzies after all. Jme69