Lurid gratifying with hot honey homemade hardcore

Lurid gratifying with hot honey homemade hardcore
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It is Saturday nightyour sister is staying over for the weekend. We are relaxing around the house. I said "Cadee what would you like to do tonight?" You look at me kind of mischievously and say "I think I want to watch a movie." I know you are up to something. ButI am not worried. I usually like your surprises. I say "OK, pick one out." You answer, "I already have it in the CD in the bedroom. Let's watch it in there.

Itwill be more relaxing lying on the bed." You and your sister head for the bedroom. I follow.In the bedroom I lay down in the middle of the bed. You lay down beside me on my left. Your sister lays down on my right. We are all sitting up leaning against thebig pillows on the bed. You pick up the remotes turning on theTV and CD player. The first thing I see are the previews that areat the beginning of a porn movie. Like most previews there are cocks going into pussies,womensuckingcocks, men eatingwomen, etc.

Then the title comes on the screen, "My Sisters Boyfriend." I look at you and you are smiling. As the movie progresses the sisters on the screen are both sucking the boyfriends cock.

My arm is around you. I am light rubbing the side of your breast through your shirt. You reach down and start rubbing my cock through my pants.

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Thenyou are unbuckling mybelt and unzipping my pants. You reach in and pull out my hard cock in full view of your sister. You wrap your hand around my cock starting a slowup and down movement on my cock. I look in your sisters direction. She is watching you. You lean down and kiss the head of my cock. Then slowly open your mouth sliding your lips over the head and down my cock.

The suction from your mouth feels real good. As you move up and down on my cock, you do this a few times. Then stop. Taking my cock out of your mouth you look at your sister and say, "Well are you going to help me? She says, "I was waiting on you to invite me." Crawls over and starts kissing you right abovemy cock.

Youre French kissing. I can see your tongues twirling around in each others mouth. Then you stop and both kiss the head of my cock on each side. You slide your tongues up and down the sides of my cock.

My cock is throbbing this is so hot. Then your sister comes back up and slides her lips around the head of my cock.

She starts sucking on it as you are licking on the side and playing with my balls. You both start taking turns sucking my cock while the other is licking the shaft and playing with my balls. At this point I have my hands on both of you. I am rubbing up and down your backs. Trying to let you each know how good this feels to me.

Reaching under as best I can, I start playing and massaging each of your breasts. I can feel the nipples on both of you.

They are hard as a rock. So I know this is turning you both on. Finally I tell you both to stop are I am going to cum.

I don't want to cum yet. You both stop and sit up. You look at me and say, "Kiss my sister, and then takeher clothes off." I move over to her as you watch.

I take her face lightly in both my hands. Bringing my lips to hers I start kissing her lightly to start with, then with more passion as I slide my tongue into her mouth. She meets my tongue with hers. I then sit back a little, look at you and reach down. Looking back in your sisters eyes I slowly pull her shirt up over her head. Her breasts are very nice as I look at them for the first time, I lean down cupping her left breast in my hand.

I massage it as I kiss the nipple. Sticking my tongue out I run it all around her nipple. Then I suck the nipple into my mouth. I feel movement on the bed. You are next to us taking her other breast into your hand. You are licking and sucking her other breast. We do this for a little bit. Then I sit up and ease her down on the bed. I reach down. Unbuckle her pants, and unzip them.

Then taking them by both sides I ease them down off her hips. Then pull the legs off her feet until I have them off her. Now she only has her panties on. They are light green and written across the front they say "Enjoy the view".

I can see the outline of her pussy lips, made even more noticeable by the wetness. I reach down looking from you to her and back. I watch you both as I slide her panties down off of her.

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I then lay down between her legs. Not wasting any time, because I know she is already hot. I stick out my tongue. I start licking from the bottom of her slit up to her clit and back down. I can smell how hot she is.

She smells so sweet. You have taken off your clothes. You move up the bed, positioning your pussy right over your sisters face. You push it right down to her mouth. She sticks out her tongue and starts licking you, and sticking her tongue inside you. Finally settling on your clit, and sucking it hard.

Meanwhile I am doing everything I can to make her cum. As I lick her pussy I pull some of her juices down to her little brown hole to get her ready. I have eased one finger into her ass, another into her pussy. I am fucking both with my fingers, as I am also sucking hard on her clit and alternately licking her. I can hear you moaning. Telling her how great it feels to you. Then she starts Cumming hard. She is pushing her pussy up against my mouth and fingers.

She is squirting her juices out as she cums. She is Cummingso hard that she has stopped eating you. You are just looking back watching her cum. Finally she falls back into the bed and goes limp. She has cum so hard. I sit up looking at both of you. You sit down beside her. We are both lightly massaging her body, you her upper part and me her legs. We relax for a few minutes. Then I look at you and say, "I want to watch both of you eat each other.

You say, OK." You lean down and kiss her: French kissing. Then you work your way down to her breasts and start nibbling on them. Gradually you work your way down to her pussy.

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You get her to slide down on the bed. Then you swing your body around and place your pussy above her face in the classic 69 position. You push your pussy down into her face. She sticks out her tongue and starts licking you. First she licks up and down your slit. Then she is sticking her tongue inside you.


Then back out and sucking your clit. You are doing the same to her. Alternately sucking on her pussy and licking her clit.

I sit back and watch this for a few minutes. I can see that both of you are getting closer to your peak. I can see your juices on each others mouth. You are both moaning loudly. I move over on the bed and get behind you.

I line my cock up with your pussy. Your sister reaches up and grabs my cock. She pulls it down and sucks the head into her mouth for a few seconds.

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Getting it all wet. Then she guides it back up. She rubs it up and down your pussy lips, spreading them with the head of my cock. I push forward, and start sliding into your pussy.

Youre very wet, but still tight. I pull back out to just the tip of my cock. Then push back in. Gradually I am going deeper into your wet pussy until I am buried to the hilt. I stop for a minute buried in your pussy. I can feel your sister sucking on your clit. She is licking both of us where we are joined together.

I pull back out until just the head is in. Then push back in deep. Over and over I start fucking you. I can see your head between her legs. Youre still eating her pussy.

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Both of you are moaning loudly. This keeps on. I am fucking you hard. I hear your sister say she is Cumming.

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A minute later you rise up and yell, "I am Cumming." I feel your pussy gripping and releasing on my cock. I know you are Cumming because of your sister sucking and licking your clit, along with my cock in your pussy. Finally as you both stop Cumming. I pull out of your pussy, and lay down beside your sister. You rise up off your sister collapsing beside me. You reach over and put your hand around my hard cock. Saying, Its time for you to put this in my sister.

It's time for you to fuck her." I look into your pretty blue eyes and say simply, "OK." Your sister is still lying on her back. I get up andkneel down between her legs. She is watching me. Not saying a word. I reach down under her knees and lift up each of her legs. So that they bend and her feet are flat on the bed. I push them out so that she is spread open before me.

I can see how wet and ready she is. I look back at you. Then I lean forward and kiss her. I push my tongue between her lips and hers meets mine.

I can feel my hard throbbing cock rubbing up between her legs, anticipating entering this hot pussy for the first time. We are kissing passionately. I feel your hand on mythrobbing hard cock guiding it to its designation. You rub the head up and down her slit, like she did you, teasing her. Then you part them with the head of my cock and tell me to "Do it." I push forward a little and the head of my cock pops into her pussy.

We are still kissing. I start pushing my cock in and out, going a little deeper each time. She moans into my mouth.

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Then I am there, buried as deep as I can go in your sisters pussy. I rise up and look into your sisters eyes. As I start fucking her. You are sitting beside us. Rubbing and playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples just a little as we fuck. She is moaning and begging me to fuck her harder. You can see how wet she is by all the juices that are on my cock every time I pull out of her. You can hear the wet slapping sounds of a cock and pussy as they slam together.

You lean in and start nibbling on one of her nipples. I have reached down gripping her ass checks in my hands holding her. As I drive my cock into her as hard as I can, over and over. She looks up at me and says, I am going to cum, fill my pussy with your cum. Then she is Cumming and Cumming very hard. Youre still nibbling on her breasts. I can feel her pussy pulsating around my cock trying to get me to cum in her.

She is yelling, I am Cumming. I slam my cock deep into her pussy and hold it there whiles she cum's. Doing everything I can not to cum yet. As she starts coming down from her orgasm, I pull my cock out of her pussy with a loud plopping sound. Then I roll her over on her side and lay down behind her. I reach down and lifting up her right leg, setting it so that her pussy is open.

Then I reach down and guide my cock back into her hot wet pussy. I look at you and ask you to eat her, while I fuck her.


You lie down in front of her in the classic sideways 69 position, with your pussy near her face. You start licking her pussy and my cock where we are joined. Then reaching up and sucking on her clit. She reaches out and grabs you by the cheeks of your ass.

She pulls your pussy into her mouth and starts doing the same to you. I am pumping and moving my cock in and out of your sisters pussy.

The sound of sex is filling the room. We are all moaning. I feel you licking us. I know I cant last much longer. Your sister is begging me to cum and fill her pussy with my cum. Then she is Cumming, and yelling that she is Cumming. That sets you off. You push your pussy into her mouth and start Cumming.

I can feel her pussy grabbing and releasing my cock. Milking my cock the way a woman has always done, trying to get me to fill her up with my seed. I am holding her by her hips and pounding my cock in and out of her. Then I am there. I cant hold it back anymore. I push my cock as deep as I can into her pussy. And start Cumming. You are still licking us were we are joined. You can feel my cock pulsing and see my ass cheeks clinching together each time, as my seed travels up my cock and out the end deep in her pussy.

After four or five pulses I am done. I hold my cock in her. I can feel the final throbs of her pussy milking the last drop of cum out of my cock, as she comes down from her orgasm. My cock is slowly going soft inside her.

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As we all lay there in that post orgasmic bliss. Finally I pull my cock out of her pussy. You take my cock into your mouth. You suck our mixed juices off my cock. I pull out of your mouth and lay back on the bed. You can see a little bit of cum leaking out of your sisters pussy that is stillgapingopen.

You lean in and lick up my cum and her juices then stick your tongue into her hole trying to get more. After you can get no more into your mouth, you stop and crawl up beside me and kiss me. You feed her and my combined juices into my mouth. I can taste my cum and her pussy juices. It tastes good. Then you pull back looking into my eyes and say, That was great Hun. You lay down on my other side. Your sister says, Oh yes it was!

I reach down and pull the sheet up over us. I put my arms around both of you and pull each of you up close to me. You put your heads on my shoulders. We lay there in that post Orgasmic bliss talking about what just happened and relaxing. The next thing I know we are waking up in the morning. Someone is sucking my cock. But thats another story. We never did see the end of the movie!