Fucking my boss after work so painful

Fucking my boss after work so painful
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Precious Gem Twin Sisters Ch 3 - A sensual 3some We had agreed to meet at Ruby's condo, as it was by far the most comfortable and private place for the 3 of us to play. Both Diamond and her twin sister Ruby had decided they wouldn't work at the strip club that night so that they were rested and ready to play tonight with me.

We were going to decide who was the better sister in bed, though I was kind of afraid to choose one of the other. I instead came up with a plan to crown each of the 'queen' of some sexual act and hopefully appease them both. I saw Diamond's car already there when I drove into the parking lot. Not a big surprise, they were sisters after all, and probably were preparing and preening each other in anticipation of tonight's games.

I rang up and was greeted with an excited "Hello, come on up" by one of them. When I arrived at the door, it opened and both sisters were standing there, wearing black robes. They smiled at me and I looked back and forth at them, a bit dismayed. I couldn't tell who was who!! They both began giggling at my reaction and the look on my face.

The little minxes has not only dressed identically, but they went and got their hair cut and styled and coloured exactly the same too!! Both had their hair cut so it was straight and just touching their shoulders. It was now a deep brown but with light blond streaks.

I smiled and said "Good evening ladies, I see that this is going to be a night of guessing games!" They laughed and both came forward and I kissed each of them and hugged them as I came into the apartment.

It was then that I noticed two other women there who were smiling. One of the sisters introduced them "This is Sandy who did our hair, and this is Angela who did our makeup. We wanted to look exactly the same for you tonight, so we had a couple friends from work come and do up each of us identically" I nodded to each and commented on what a fine job they did.

I also took note of their sexy bodies and made a mental note to watch for them next time I was at the strip club so I could have them dance for me and I could tip them in appreciation. The girls all then hugged and gave little pecks on the cheeks and Sandy and Angela made their way out the door, wishing us a fantastic time.


I got the feeling that they wanted to stay and watch, or maybe even join in. Something to inquire about at a later time. Once the door closed, the twins turned to me and smiled wickedly. Then they opened their robes and dropped them to the floor to show what they had on underneath.

These two sexy angels were of course dressed identically. Sexy sheer black bras, black lacy thongs, as well as garter-belt and black stockings. They began to slowly walk towards me, strutting seductively. One grabbed a remote and suddenly music with a soft but solid beat was playing on the stereo. I stepped back a bit, and they split up, taking different paths that would trap me in the living room.

Not that I really wanted to get away! They circled me, running hands over themselves and also me, grabbing my ass and crotch and arms. My hands also reached out, touching and fondling. At one point they cleverly unbuttoned my shirt together as they each passed by and suddenly it was off. Then they stopped together in front of me and together pushed me back until I fell back into the big plush couch that I had fucked Ruby on the week before.

I expected them to climb on to join me, but instead then turned together and moved to the centre of the room.

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There, the sisters turned to face each other, wrapped their arms around one another, leaned in and began kissing deeply. I nearly shot my load without even touching myself. I had been with two girls before, and I loved seeing girls going at each other, but seeing these hot, sexy, scantily clad twin sisters sensually making out right in front of me was such an incredible high and was making me hornier than I'd ever been before!

It sure looked like it wasn't the first time they had done this either, which was even hotter. Soon, they had each others bras off, and were grabbing at each other's ass as they kept up the deep kissing, tongues exploring, as their breasts pressed together and nipples rubbed.

As they continued their passionate makeout session, hands slipped inside panties and soon the sisters were rubbing each other as they began to moan and writhe. Soon panties were pulled down and one of them knelt before the other and began to lick her sister's pussy. She nearly collapsed as she said "Oh god, I forgot how good that feels" "Why don't you two come sit on the couch beside me while you continue your little 'show' for me" I beckoned.

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The sister standing smiled and grabbed the other's hand and brought her over and sat her down. Then she knelt between her legs and dove in with a fever to reciprocate. I leaned over and kissed and fondled the tits of the one receiving oral pleasure. As I did that, I realized that this was Ruby, and that her tits felt different.

Turns out the sisters both had enhancements, but one wasn't as natural feeling as the other. Ruby's tits were softer and more natural, where Diamond's were very firm and felt very much like they were fake. Diamond was using one hand to finger fuck her sister as she licked her, and her other hand I could see was busy between her own legs, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

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I decided she might need some help, so I got off the couch, dropped my pants and went behind her. What surprised me was seeing 3 of her fingers jamming hard into her ass and not her pussy. So I pulled her hand away and lined up my rock hard cock and shoved it all the way in deep with a single thrust.

Diamond let out a howl of joy as I began to fuck her ass hard and deep. Soon she was grunting in rhythm to my pounding of her ass, though she kept pleasuring her sister with her tongue.

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Her hand freed from fingering herself, was now reaching up and playing with her sister's breasts. Ruby lay there enjoying both the licking and watching me fuck her twin sister, utter lust in her eyes. I felt Diamond's ass begin to spasm around my cock, and soon she was letting out a long wail as she enjoyed her first anal orgasm of the night, her hips twitching as it subsided. I had to pull out for a few moments after that, else I was going to shoot my first load way too soon for the night.

As my cock left her ass, she quickly replaced it with her own fingers, and she never stopped eating Ruby's pussy. Soon it was Ruby's turn to go over the edge and she began to grab Diamond's head, pulling her harder to her pussy and crying out. I jumped up and fed my cock into her open mouth and as her orgasm washed over her body, she sucked my cock hard.

I told the girls to switch positions so I could fuck Ruby as she licked Diamond. Ruby said no problem, just fuck her pussy instead of her ass. I asked if she minded me cumming inside, and she said "Of course not silly, I was hoping for that" So Diamond laid back, but she still had one hand jamming fingers up her ass.

Seems she's quite the anal whore. Ruby eagerly began licking her, and right away Diamond was crying out loudly in pleasure. I got behind Ruby and put my cock up against her very wet mound. When she felt me back there she pushed back hard, and half my cock slipped in easily, though her pussy did still grip me firmly. I pulled back and popped out, which made her moan in disappointment. Then I pushed back in about half way again.

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I fucked her like this for a few minutes, partly to tease her, partly to help my cock calm down and not explode. Finally, when I pushed in one more time, instead of pulling out, I pushed again until I was fully buried in her wet hot cunt. I then began to pick up the pace and pistoned in and out almost all the way. Ruby really enjoyed that and she was devouring her sister's pussy even more vigorously. Then Diamond began to orgasm again, with Ruby sucking her clit and her own fingers playing in her ass.

I could see as she spasmed that she was actually squirting too! Ruby didn't seem to mind at all and kept up the intense oral attack. Just as Diamond seemed to be recovering, she let out another shout that she was cumming again! I could see that Ruby had worked some fingers into her sister's cunt now too, so the double action really set her off.

I guess getting her sister off excited Ruby just that little bit extra, that accompanied by my fucking, she had an orgasm as well. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my hardness as she peaked, and that drove me over the edge too.


With a shout and a few extra hard thrusts, I blasted my first load of the night deep into Ruby's pussy. She really enjoyed that as her own climax was prolonged by feeling mine inside of her.

As she was coming down, Diamond asked if I came as well, and when Ruby said yes, she jumped up and laid down under her sister so her head was right below where my cock was still buried in Ruby. Diamond asked me to slowly pull out of her sister, and as I did, I felt her licking my balls and along my shaft.

It felt incredible, and I could not believe how dirty Diamond was. but then as my cock popped out, she didn't take it into her mouth, but instead she locked onto her sister's gaping cunt, shoving her tongue deep into her. She was eating my cum directly out of her sister's pussy!! My cock twitched as I watched this, and then Ruby beckoned me to come around in front.

She sat up, with her pussy still directly on Diamond's tongue, and she pulled me towards her and took my creamy cock into her mouth, licking as much of our combined juices as she could find. This was just so fucking incredible. Ruby was obviously enjoying having her sister under her, and after she had sucked my cock good and clean, she told me to get down and fuck Diamond up the ass some more.

Hell, I didn't need to be told twice. I spread her sisters legs and put them on my shoulders. I lined up my cock with her ass, which was still gaping slightly from all the hard fingering, and I just slammed my cock home in one hard push. Diamond let out a scream, though it was not one of pain. As I began to fuck her hard and fast, Ruby leaned forward and used one hand to rub her sister's clit rapidly, and the other played with her sister's tits, pinching and pulling at each nipple.

We kept this up for quite awhile, and then suddenly Diamond's back arched and she went totally stiff. As her ass somehow managed to crush down on my cock, she let out a scream, announcing her 4th orgasm of the night, but this one being a very powerful multiple orgasm. It was too much again for me, and I shoved my cock one last time deep into her ass and shot my second load of the night, bellowing. I collapsed back against the couch, and watched as Diamond gave her sister one more orgasm, while jamming her fingers up her own ass that I had just creamed in.

As Ruby climbed off her sister, Diamond brought the fingers from her ass, covered in my sperm up to her lips and she licked them frantically. Ruby came over and we moved up onto the couch and she lay down on my right, grabbing and stroking my softening cock.

We watched Diamond lick up my cum as she kept fingering her ass and scooping more out. Then Diamond got up and came over and lay on the couch on my left side. The little minxes then began to suck on me, taking turns on my shaft and head, their tongues mingling as well as they give me a double blowjob. I couldn't believe it but my cock actually started to harden again.

My hands were caressing their bodies, and eventually my fingers found Diamond's asshole and Ruby's pussy. I slipped 2 fingers in each of them as they knelt on the couch so they could still get at my cock while making it easier for me to play with them. Soon they had me laying back, and as Ruby was doing her best to deep throat my cock, Diamond moved down and was licking my balls.

I moaned in appreciation, and then she moved down slowly with her tongue pressing firmly, and I groaned louder as she teased me. When she reached my asshole, she didn't hold back and she pushed firmly against my hole. I love being rimmed, but so few girls do it. So as one sucked my cock, the other twin sister was gently tongue fucking my ass. I was getting so turned on, it was like a dream come true this night. I let the two of them continue to suck and lick me all over, until I didn't want to hold back.

I got up and had them both kneel before me, faces together. I stuck my cock in each of their mouths in turn, back and forth. Then as I could feel my load about to shoot, I pulled back and started jacking my cock furiously. I let out a cry as I began to shoot my third load for the night.

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The first two spurts landed squarely in Diamond's open mouth onto her waiting eager slut tongue. After that I turned slightly and a couple more shot onto Ruby's face. I could see Diamond swallowing greedily as I did this, and soon she pulled my cock back to her mouth and she was sucking any remaining cum from my cock.

After she finished with that, she leaned over and licked her sister's face clean, and the two of them kissed some more. Feeling satiated at last, I asked if we could go lay down in Ruby's bed. Soon we were all cuddling together, and the girls recounted to me how as teenagers they has started putting on shows together for horny rich men, but found that they really enjoyed it but did feel a bit guilty about it at the same time. I told them that anyone watching them get it on together would quite willingly change whatever rules or laws necessary to make them feel happy and enable them to keep at it!

They laughed and said that it was nice to experience each other's bodies again. Then they asked me who was better. I knew better than to get caught in this trap, else I wake up with one less testicle. So I went to my bag and brought back two tiaras. I put the first on Ruby, calling her the Queen of Sensuality, and then I gave Diamond her own tiara and gave her the title of Queen of Raw Sexuality.

They both laughed and we talked some more. Diamond did admit to us that even tonight wasn't as rough as she sometimes likes to get in her sex life.

I was shocked and Ruby commented that the only way she could see her sister getting any kinkier would be to get tied up and forced. Diamond smiled at that and agreed. We had all chuckled a bit and fallen asleep shortly after.