Getting you hard with my perfect feet

Getting you hard with my perfect feet
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Good Vibrations By Missy Younglove (based on a true story submitted via PM) Gender: Female Age at First Vaginal Intercourse: 11 Partner Age: 11 My best friend Mike and I were in the back of his family's SUV, riding home from a pro baseball game.

His dad was driving but his mom and two little brothers has already conked out. We'd originally gotten into the third seat, then crawled into the small space behind it so that we could lie down and sleep through the two-hour trip. We had pillows and a blanket, but were pressed together so tightly in that confined space that we couldn't keep our hands off each other. At first, we were just horsing around, tickling each other while trying to remain totally silent.

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Then he tried to win by tickling my barely budding breasts. I smacked him but he wouldn't stop. Since he didn't have breasts, I went for the win by gently grabbing his crotch. Instead of crying out, he just went completely still. I suddenly found myself holding the warm little lump inside his baggy shorts and feeling a strange mixture of mortification and sexual excitement.

I almost immediately let go and put both hands over my mouth in horror at what I had done. I relaxed when I saw his trademark impish grin flickering at me as we passed under a series of streetlights. Then he bent forward and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead to silently let me know it was OK.

After that, we just lay quietly facing each other, gazing fondly into each other's eyes until there were no more streetlights and we were once again shrouded in darkness.

That whole time, my heart was hammering in my chest and I wanted nothing more than to feel his soft, warm maleness once again. As if reading my mind, he gently took my wrist in his hand and guided my hand back to his crotch. He did this with such tenderness that I couldn't resist. Once again, I gently cupped the wonderful warm bulge between his legs.

Now I felt a hardness down there, too, pressing warmly against my wrist. I realized that I was beginning to pant softly with lust as my heart threatened to leap from my chest.

Then, with horror, I felt lubrication begin to flow inside my virgin vagina. That didn't stop me, though. In fact, I eagerly began to fondle him, fascinated by the warm gelatin-like feel of his little boy balls. After a minute or so, he gently laid his hand on my hip. I knew what he wanted and was in fact eager for it, so I silently raised a knee and moved my pelvis toward him in invitation.

Fluids were already seeping into my panties and my clitoris was fully erect and throbbing. When his warm palm gently cupped my pubescent vulva, it was by far the most wonderful thing I'd ever felt in my life.

I gasped softly, but was in no danger of being overheard with soft rock music playing on something like 12 speakers.

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I continued to fondle him while he awkwardly massaged my dripping young pussy. His tentative, erratic movements made it all the more pleasurable due to their unpredictability.

My hand eventually moved up to explore his hard penis. He immediately thrust himself against my hand so I could tell he really liked that. His erect penis seemed to be about as long as my hand was wide, three inches or so. His scrotum was about the size of a golf ball. We were soon gasping and panting with lust while trying to be as still and silent as possible. He tried to kiss me on the lips but we were both breathing so hard that we couldn't hold it. The fact that his whole family was in the car with us somehow made it all seem extra exciting for me.

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Then his hand left my excited crotch and began to fumble at his waist. He lifted his T-shirt slightly and unsnapped his shorts. Once again, he took my wrist; this time, he guided my hand to his unsnapped waistband. Once again, I knew exactly what he wanted and was eager to comply if it meant he could go back to massaging my pussy. I placed my palm against his flat tummy, then snaked it underneath the waistband of his boxers and down to where I knew his eager boyhood awaited my touch.

I couldn't feel a hair anywhere as my fingers slipped underneath his straining erection, then split around it to feel his tight, spherical ball sack.

I was surprised by how cool it felt, skin to skin. His scrotum was very soft and perfectly smooth as I gently wiggled the cute little eggs inside. Awkwardly, he reached underneath the hem of my own little T-shirt and rubbed his palm against my tummy. When I made no objection, he gently slipped in inside my stretchy shorts and panties, running his fingers down as far as my puffy mons. There, just above the top of my slit, he encountered the scant patch of downy little hairs that I'd recently started to grow.

He seemed fascinated with them, tugging them gently between his fingers. Meanwhile, I wrapped my fingers around his little rod and instinctively began to milk it.


I marveled at how soft the skin was and how smoothly it slid over the incredible hardness just beneath -- a hardness that I later learned only a young boy could produce. Then his fingers suddenly dove lower, scraping deliciously along my throbbing clitoris and quickly finding my wet entrance. His hand momentarily jerked back in surprise, then eagerly went back for more.

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Soon, his middle finger was making lewd squishing noises as it explored the tight heat of my dripping virgin hole. I felt like I was in heaven as I began to thrust myself back and forth on his finger. In my excitement, my hand began to pump faster on his little cock until we were both panting as loudly as we dared. I doubt this lasted 30 seconds before his wet hand flew out of my shorts and firmly grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand out of his pants. "I'm close," he whispered.

Then he tugged gently on the waistband of my shorts and I quickly slid them and my panties down my legs. I pulled one foot out and carefully placed my upper leg over both of his, being careful not to rock the car. He slipped his own shorts and underwear down just far enough to reveal his virgin cock and balls, then thrust his pelvis gently forward.

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I did the same and soon felt his throbbing little erection lay itself firmly along my slit. We hugged each other tightly and groaned quietly as our genitals touched those of the opposite sex for the first time in our young lives. His penis throbbed delightfully against the inner meat of my vulva and I felt myself leak a big glob of viscous girl juice onto his tight little nut sack as it nestled against the sensitive little petals of my inner labia.

I felt his soft palm move to my bare buttocks and pull me tightly against him. He thrust his penis along my slit three times, very quickly, and I gasped as the soft underside of his erection scraped the hood away from my ultra-sensitive clitoris and made my pelvis jerk against him in blissful agony.

Then he went perfectly still and held me even tighter. I felt his entire penis swell between our bodies, especially the fleshy mushroom-shaped head that was pressed tightly against my sensitive mons.


"Mmmph!" he grunted softly as a thin stream of watery fluid squirted from his penis and squished between our tightly pressed tummies. I put my own hand on his soft little bottom and instinctively pulled him even tighter against me. "Mmmm," he moaned a second later as his penis flexed again, sending another strong squirt of wetness between our bodies. After that, the spasms came more quickly but his ejaculation diminished with each one until he was just dribbling his boy juice onto my peach-fuzzy mons.

I knew he was finished when his whole body went limp against mine. His penis softened between our bodies until it was merely firm. I held him against me, listening to his breathing as it gradually returned to normal. Experiencing his powerful orgasm with him had made me hornier than ever, but I also felt very content as he held me snugly in his arms.

I could smell the gentle odor from our sex fluids wafting from underneath the blanket and became concerned that his dad might smell it, so I wrapped the cover more tightly around our bodies.

I had barely finished before I felt renewed hardness in Mike's penis. As it happened, he hardened in such a way that the puffy circumcised head pushed itself almost perfectly between my inner labia.

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A slight shift of my pelvis placed it in perfect alignment. He became instantly hard the moment he felt the tip of his penis enter my hot, wet tunnel. He didn't even need to thrust. He just sort of hardened into me until he was about an inch deep.

I felt no discomfort at all, so I pushed myself onto him. He pushed back and I felt myself filled almost instantly with his boy meat.

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The feel of his firm, cool ball sack against my bottom told me he was in all the way. I was no longer a virgin and neither was he. The thought brought a strange sense of giddy delight. I was lying in the back of a SUV with a boy's penis completely inside me for the very first time and all of his was family present for the event. I smiled and almost giggled.

Our bodies jerked with our instinctive urges to thrust, but we knew we had to hold still or risk losing control at the worst possible time.

I realized that by slowly moving my vaginal muscles a certain way, I could milk his penis with my pussy. It felt wonderful and I imagined that I could feel every contour of his probing young penis as my tissues lovingly caressed it.

After a minute or so, I gradually became aware of the road vibrations travelling through his body and causing his penis to quiver delightfully within my vagina. I clamped my outer vaginal muscles tightly against the base of his cock and bent it slightly downward so that I could feel those wonderful vibrations against my engorged clitoris.

It only took a few minutes of that before I felt my own orgasm swelling inside of me. As the feeling grew more intense, I clamped down on his sturdy young cock with all of my might, gritted my teeth, and squeezed my eyes shut in an effort to hold off the explosion for as long as I could.

But it was just too much for an inexperienced little girl to handle and my loins ignited, sending strong waves of purest ecstasy rippling between my clitoris and nipples. My vagina began to tug fiercely on Mike's little erection, desperately trying to make him fill me with his immature semen. He gasped and tried to pull out, but I grabbed his bottom and held him tightly inside me.

I knew I was still a long way from being able to get pregnant and wanted to feel this special moment as completely as possible. I don't think he would have gotten it out in time, anyway, because he immediately pressed himself hard against me, squishing his smooth balls against my bottom. Once again his penis swelled, this time deep inside of me. "Mmmph!" he grunted. Then I felt his penis jump strongly inside of me. A second later, it jumped again. "Mmmm," he gasped, and his penis began to jerk more quickly.

I felt a growing warmth deep inside my vagina and that set me off again. I pressed my mouth against his shoulder and squealed quietly against him has my hot little pussy began to spasm around his invading young cock once again.

I felt it grow softer each time I squeezed it, but I couldn't help it. I very much wanted to keep it in there forever but I just couldn't stop cumming.

After about 10 spasms, I felt his limp little noodle get squeezed out of me with a wet smack. I continued to cum with an empty vagina for a few more spasms, but it wasn't nearly as satisfying. I gave Mike a grateful squeeze for taking my virginity in such a wonderful way and giving me the two best orgasms of my life by far. We took turns carefully getting our clothes back in order, then gave each other a satisfied smile and instantly fell asleep with the smell of our virgin mating drifting into our noses from beneath the blanket.